Notes from Miami Opening Regional

Vosean Joseph checking in at the Nike Football Opening Regional in Miami. (Photo by 247Sports/Luke Stampini)

The Nike Football Opening Regionals opened Saturday in Miami as hundreds of recruits camped hoping to earn an invite to the elite July combine held annually at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon.

Florida linebacker commit Vosean Joseph worked out along with Miami Norland teammate and Florida State linebacker commit Emmett Rice, who received an offer from UF on Feb. 13.

Joseph stood out at his position and was “one of the better prospects in coverage,” according to 247Sports’ scouting report.

Four South Florida wide receivers who were offered by the Gators in February competed in the regional — Binjimen Victor, Joshua Hammond, Cavin Ridley and Keyshawn Young.

Some scouts viewed Victor as the most impressive 2016 receiver in attendance, and Ridley, the younger brother of Alabama 2015 signee Calvin Ridley, told 247Sports he grew up a Florida fan.

Another receiver, speedster Sam Bruce, was one of four campers invited to The Opening. Reportedly “about 60 percent” committed to Miami, he is the close friend and high school teammate of UF signee Jordan Scarlett.

Here are some clips of the aforementioned recruits in action Saturday.


  1. I agree. Jordan Scarlett was as vital as getting CeCe Jefferson, and Jefferson was a huge “get” for McElwain’s first class. As good and even as great as McElwain’s and Nussmeier’s QBs, receivers and passing attacks have been, they have been built at their core on strong running games and a string of outstanding backs. After Martez Ivey I expect Scarlett to be the biggest early impact freshman. And he opens the door for other south Florida playmakers to follow him to UF.

  2. I have no expectations for any particular person in this past class. I do have the expectation that we can expect some of them to make a contribution, but I’m not prescient and have no idea who it will be. The coaches also have no idea, only hopes. There is no way to know who will be ready, and the number of stars they have no bearing on who will be mentally ready to transition toe next level. Only two of them are going to participate in Spring, and they are the ones who have an advantage in being able to learn what is expected of them. The ones that can adjust quicker mentally, are who will contribute. It’s a big change to go from living with your parent(s) and having the freedom of college life. I think that’s the reason that you’ll never hear a coach talk about any particular freshman playing immediately, because they have no idea who will be ready. An example is Scarlett, there’s a lot more to being a running back than running the ball. It’s the exception, not the rule, for a true freshman to do anything meaningful. Perhaps some of you should keep that in mind before having visions of grandeur for any particular, it might be more useful to look at the redshirt freshmen to make a difference, that will be far more likely.

  3. Leave it to nutcase aka ntcrze to be one of the first ones to chime in on another Gator story. That in and of itself is sad enough since this assclown is a semihole but sadder still is the load of manure he passes on as commentary.
    I agree gatorade and mac that Scarlett was a very good get and so was Ivey. I may add that all the offensive players we got were far more important than any specific defensive player. It is the offense that has been neglected during the Muschump Mistake. Guys like Antonio Callaway and Jordan Conkrite were also very good gets as well as the many O line players we got besides Ivey.
    BigMac and company will do just fine for Gator Nation.

  4. Yeah, it seems nutcase & snowboy are from the same litter… they rear their ugly heads at the most opportune times to throw in their ignorant,useless, negative and unwanted input.
    Which I’m absolutely fed up with… Look guys , you are obviously NOT wanted
    here ! cant you just go somewhere else? go get a hobby ! anything !
    JUST GO AWAY !!!!!!

  5. Isn’t it interesting that fsux trolls have to come here so often? Cleary the clowns are worried about the Gators and the gains that UF is making. It is so funny to see them so anxious. If they weren’t so worried, they wouldn’t feel a need to be here.

  6. I find it amusing to see that, once again, fans are getting excited about nothing. Scarlett, Ivey, Calloway, etc. are not any bigger offensive recruits than Taylor, Humphries, Fullwood, etc. The only thing that has changed is that the new offensive coordinator has an additional title of head coach. The names have changed, but the unrealistic expectations have not. Hargreaves was an instant success as a true freshman, but he doesn’t have much company, does he? Instead of being paranoid about FSU, how about being realistic about Florida? Sooner or later, it will be the time to not blame the coaches, injuries, or the man on the moon for why UF’s football program is in the state it’s in. It might be the most obvious and simple thing, UF is just not very talented, and that’s not going to change overnight. What if Grier and Harris both are bad quarterbacks? Who are you going to blame then? FSU?

  7. Her’s another fact for you pumpers to digest. Emmet Ricea linebacker out of Miami Norland, and the highest rated player on his team, said he was going to commit to the first school, from Miami, FSU, & UF, that offered him. UF signed a player from his school this year, Rayshard Jackson, but failed to offer him until, you guessed it, FSU offered and got a commitment from him. Now, one of you pumpers please explain to me how a kid at a huge position of need, linebacker, was scooped up by FSU when Shannon must have seen him play when recruiting Jackson? UF could have his commitment right now, but were a day late and a dollar short once again. I just see that as another sign that UF is behind, and has some serious catching up to do. McElwain better worry about players, not facilities or coaches, because it’s not the X’s and the O’s like some of you seem to think, it’s about the Jimmies and Joes. I guess you can whine about FSU on this one, they were a little quicker on the draw than UF.

  8. You know what is really amusing? An assclown who feels the need to post constantly on a rival’s blog.
    You know what’s really sad? That same assclown has nothing new or relevant to say, she just posts crap for the sake of posting.
    There is a big change in Hoftown. A new sherrif’s in town. Someone who knows how to play offense.
    I believe it is more useful to talk about those players who are already on the team, like Scarlett and Ivey than to bloviate about a 2016 verbal.
    Here is a fact for the assclown to digest. Emmet Rice can easily change his mind and become a cane committ, or better for him, a Gator signee by the time NSD 2016 rolls around.
    Only a moron would be bragging about a 2016 verbal in March 2015, only someone like nutcase.

  9. The article was on the upcoming 2016 class. It flies in the face of those that have already ragged on Mc for taking commits from what the biased rivals-recruiting calls 3 star recruits. Last year they also
    had 3 star labels on HS AA’s and Nike ‘Opening’ participants. (rivals = biased or moe-rons)

    Actually, 3 Gator EE’s will participate in the Spring. Many either forget or don’t know that UF got a Rubio 5 Star Long Snapper walkon (LS Ryan Farr 6-1 190) from Nevada. Just because Mc didn’t have to give him a ship, doesn’t lessen his importance to the 2015 Special Teams overall success. Farr is currently the only LS on the roster.

    Nutt-case, your sniveling BS claims are NOT-FACTS!

    UF has true Freshmen end up as starters nearly every season, and the all time list of them is long…. Even the one’s that don’t start can get significant playing time in the rotations. Are you new, or just
    the average azzclown/troll/criminole? PS – We also have no positive expectations for you,,, dumbazz!

    J.Bullard *****, D.Fowler *****, B.Poole *****, D.J.Humphries *****, V.Hargreaves III *****, A.Anzalone *****, K.Taylor *****, J.Tabor *****, D.Sharpe*****, C.Jefferson *****, M.Ivey *****.

    Any listed 2015 Roster Jr’s with 2L’s , or Sr’s 3L’s played and lettered as Gator Freshmen.

    ILB Alex Anzalone 6-3 234 Jr 2L
    DT/ED Jonathan Bullard 6-3 277 Sr 3L
    OLB Jarrad Davis 6-2 229 Jr 2L
    WR Ahmad Fulwood 6-4 208 Jr 2L
    CB Vernon Hargreaves III 5-11 198 Jr 2L
    ST/RB Mark Herndon 5-9 193 Sr 3L
    DT Joey Ivie 6-3 293 Jr 2L
    OLB Daniel McMillian 6-1 227 Jr 2L
    ILB Antonio Morrison 6-1 225 Sr 3L
    FS Keanu Neal 6-1 209 Jr 2L
    WR Latroy Pittman Jr – Sr 3L
    CB/Nic Brian Poole 5-10 208 Sr 3L
    WR Demarcus Robinson 6-2 197 Jr 2L
    RB Kelvin Taylor 5-10 209 Jr 2L
    WR Chris Thompson 6-0 171 Jr 2L
    That’s 15 current roster that played and lettered as true Freshmen.
    Now add in these 3 early departures to the NFL:
    D.J. Humphries (projected 1st Rnd)
    Dante Fowler Jr (projected 1st Rnd)
    Matt Jones (projected 2-3 Rnd)
    That’s 3 more that played and lettered as true Freshmen, bringing the total to 18.
    You really are this stupid/ignorant aren’t you? (rhetorical)


    FSUcks signs kids all the time that UF wouldn’t offer. Academics and thuggery come into recruiting for UF, unlike Deion Rule / Shameous Jameous, Clown-U.

  10. “FSUcks signs kids all the time that UF wouldn’t offer. (Poor) Academics and (History of)thuggery………………….”are tolerated and in fact sought out at FSUcks/Clown U.

    Once again da man puts the hammer down on the semihole assclowns!

  11. Well UF fans you have heard it from ntcrze. We are not supposed to get excited about the recruiting class. I am sure he has gone to every other teams’ recruiting message board and posted the same message. I am sure his fellow FSU fans are not getting excited about their incoming class. Either that or he has warned them not to be excited.

  12. da-muddler Once again, you show you live in a fantasy world. UF doesn’t have higher standards for football recruits than any other school, they are all recruiting, and accepting the same players. It’s hard to say such blatant nonsense when UF signs a player, D’Anfernee McGriff, that Auburn jettisoned because they had concerns about him due to academics. It’s one thing to letter and play as a true freshman, it’s quite another to make a difference like Hargreaves did. It’s a sign of how dire a football team is when they are counting on true freshmen to do anything, that’s the case with UF right now, or have you not remembered UF’s record and the reason there is a new coaching staff in place? It’s amazing you have the nerve to list plays like Chris Thompson as examples of freshman who letter, since he is a prime example of a player who has done nothing. It’s like when you attack Winston, you don’t have a clue when it comes to facts or relevance.

  13. Hey moron, the only thing true freshmen will be “counted on” is to provide depth. Period. Even a super frosh like Hargraves was used in the 2 deep and did not start. Shows how much you know. Talk about a clueless assclown living in fantasy world, look in the mirror, it is you.

  14. ntcrze – First you say you have no expectations for in coming freshman and now you UF starting them. You seem to be contradicting yourself. If freshman are good enough they will make an impact no matter where they play. Scarlett could make the same impact that Cook did. Maybe FSU is in dire shape because their leading rusher was a true freshman.

    Would love to hear you answer honestly why you post here.

  15. gator863 I post here because i like to see the Gators become a great football program again, but think it’s prudent to be realistic when looking at the team. I just find it is necessary to sound the voice of reason when others choose to ignore the results on the field, which actually matter, not the number of stars they have. I was the one who said that it didn’t matter who was the coach when Jeff Driskel continued to be the quarterback, and the visions of offensive greatness that were promulgated after the hire of Roper were ignoring that the players didn’t change. Now we are hearing the same thing with the new coaches, but the players haven’t changed, and there is zero evidence that either Harris or Grier can play a lick, along with the mediocre offensive line, running backs, and receivers. Some of you will disagree with that assessment, but the fact is the offensive line returns Trip Thurman, no one’s idea of a great player, as the anchor of the line, Taylor has been an average back, at best, the receivers have been horrible with the exception of Robinson, and even he doesn’t show up some games. McElwain, like Roper and the rest, is not a miracle worker, and if the Gators don’t have a decent quarterback on campus now, things are not going to change next year. It takes players, and I think it’s troubling that UF missed out on a guy like Emmett Rice when they had an advantage by taking a teammate of his that FSU and Miami didn’t offer, but failed to take advantage of it. I think it’s a very low chance of getting someone to change their pledge to UF, it’s much better to get them committed to UF first. After all, did UF flip anyone from FSU last year? It wasn’t because of a lack of effort. If you think that what happened with Rice is a good sign, I think you are burying your head in the sand. If I was McElwain, I’d be chewing Shannon’s ass out because he didn’t bother to make the guy an offer when he saw him play. But I expect results, not talk, I guess I’m different than many of you.

  16. “I think it’s a very low chance of getting someone to change their pledge to UF, ”

    Treon Harris
    Dante Fowler Jr
    Both changed their pledge from FSU to UF

    Jordan Scarlett
    Jordan Conkrite
    Both changed their pledge from Miami to UF

    It happens all the time.
    But I deal with facts, not bullcrap, I guess that’s why I’m different than the many assclowns that infect this blog

  17. Lamarcus Robinson changed his pledge from Clemson to UF

    It is so “difficult” for this to happen yet it happens all the time and these are examples just off the top of my head I know there are many more.
    That is why I call you an assclown, you come here and pretend you are reasonable yet all you say is based on false premises like this one.

  18. ntcrze – You want us to be worried about a verbal commit almost a year before signing day. After how this coaching staff was able to finish off this past recruiting class, I feel fairly confident that they will recruit well with an entire year (not just a few weeks) to do so. They are still playing catch up on a lot of the recruits. They have only been recruiting for 2016 for a few weeks, while other programs have been recruiting these kids for a few years.

    You do realize there is a difference between realistic and pessimistic. Realistic means you look at the good and the bad. If you are always just posting the bad you are either pessimistic or your Seminole fan.

  19. Come on 863, it is well known that ntcrze aka nutcase aka assclown #3 is a criminole troll. That is why you can’t take him seriously or have an intelligent conversation with him.

    Thank you GatorMike but I borrowed that word from The Joe Rose Show on my local sports radio station. Just like I borrowed “nutcase” from da muddler. Have to give credit where credit is due.

  20. Yep, no comment or admitting to not knowing Jac-S about Freshmen playing time, duck & dodge.

    nuttcase, FSUcks has the record for recruits that didn’t get in due to test scores and/or grades.
    I don’t remember, and I don’t care enough to look it up, but I seem to remember it was 9 in one class.
    Just like FSUcks has the record for injuring out starting QB’s in a single season with 7.
    Hand stompin’ – Knee twistin’ – Donnell Dockett is the kind of player that the criminoles seek and sign whenever possible, the kind that like to ‘Play until the ‘ECHO’ of the Whistle.’ (read late-hit experts)
    And next you can put your player grad rates where your mouth is, or just keep on with your usual BS.
    How about a valid link to our RB’s test scores and GPA so we’ll all know that it’s not just more of your BS?
    But anyway, I remember UF taking Lawrence Wright and Ben Hanks, and both leaving UF with degrees and several SEC-C rings and a mNC ring. They were both ‘High Character’ – poor background guys that worked hard and earned their rewards. While FSUcks is infamous for the state having to make the ‘Deion Rule’ just to make sure that FSUcks football players at least attended some classes during football season. (UF doesn’t have ‘chair stacking’ classes either) I got your blatant nonsense swingin’….
    Chris Thompson’s contributions don’t show up in the stats, but in his value as a ‘team-mate’. Something you would be totally unfamiliar with. So far it’s been special teams with some limited use as a decoy WR. He has grown and physically developed and should be used a bit more in the offense this coming season, but he will continue to be a valued ‘team-mate’ regardless of his use as a WR. From his Gatorzone Bio — “2014: Played in 10 games on the season…Caught two passes for 17 yards on the year…Named the Special Teams Player of the Game and earned the Hard Hat award against Vanderbilt for his play on special teams. 2013: Played in seven games as a true freshman and > started the final game against FSUcks < at wide receiver…Saw time as a backup in the receiver rotation and on special teams on the punt block unit…Caught two passes for 13 yards on the season…Earned the Most Valuable Special Teams Scout Team Award." Runs a 4.37/40. (another under-rated rivals 3 star imoho)
    However – Shameous Jameous is EXACTLY what he appears to be, just like Clown-FSUcks is. Live with it….
    Lastly – Requesting an 'Honest Reply' from an FSUcks azzclown troll like this nuttcase is just funny, and I don't care WHO you R….
    Note: When Spurrier came in the players didn't change.
    When Meyer came in the players didn't change.
    Conclusion: You're a MOE-RONN….

  21. da-mddler You still don’t have a clue. You were one of many who was touting what a difference Andre Debose was going to make this past season after being injured the year before. Debose was even faster than Chris Thompson, another mediocre player you keep touting who has done nothing. You get a letter for breathing, which is why a mediocre player like Thompson lettered. Debose was an awful wide receiver, it takes more than being fast, but I guess you pay more attention to forty times than actual results. As for flipping players. it does happen all the time, but the percentage is miniscule compared with the number that stick with their commitment. It’s like thinking UF is going to win a division title this year, it’s possible, but the odds are overwhelmingly against it. If you don’t realize that UF and Shannon blew an opportunity to get Rice, there’s little hope that you’ll ever be able to see clearly. I just find it amusing that some of you constantly attack the messenger, an example of an ad hominem, used by those who can’t debate facts. Not one of you has come up with an explanation why Shannon failed to offer a linebacker he had obviously seen until FSU came in and scooped him up. Maybe Shannon did want him, but McElwain was too slow to give the green light. Whatever the reason, it’s just another example of why UF is still playing catch up to FSU. It’s not because of nonexistent academic standards, the real reason may be that Fisher is better at what he does. UF is now on it’s third coach since Fisher took over, is the third time the charm? It won’t be if FSU continues to be a smarter, and quicker, evaluator of talent than UF. By the way, FSU got a receiver, George Campbell, who is faster than anyone at UF, but I’m not silly enough to instantly project him to be a great player. I hope he isn’t, but I’ll have to wait until he actually plays a college game to make any judgement, not think he’s going to be good like the five star bust, Andre Debose.

  22. ntcrze – I obviously do not know the reason why they did not offer this kid. Since he verbally committed on signing day my guess would be that they were still busy trying to finish up on 2015’s signing class. The article I read said Rice had offers from Cincinnati, Kentucky and UCF, so it is not like everyone had offered him. Since you have no expectations on what recruits will do in college, you can’t be assuming that he is a huge miss by UF. We will see where he ends up signing almost a year from now and how good he turns out to be.

    If a fan of another team continually posts pessimistic messages on a team’s recruiting site, how can he not expect a negative response. I am sure Noles fans would do the same thing to a Gator fan if he did the same thing on their recruiting site.

  23. “Since you have no expectations on what recruits will do in college, you can’t be assuming that he is a huge miss by UF.”

    Ahh but that response to assclown #3 is too logical. On the one hand he keeps on harping about how we are “silly enough to instantly project him to be a great player” when talking about the 2015 class that’s already in the books but then he says “Not one of you has come up with an explanation why Shannon failed to offer a linebacker ……..just another example of why UF is still playing catch up to FSU.” when talking about a 2016 verbal.
    And he has the gall to say we don’t have a clue.
    Hey nutcase you are moving up the assclown board, congrats you just passed james fisher for #2

    Updated Blog Assclown Board:

    #1. aux2

    #2 ntcrze

    #3 james fisher

    #4 Orange60

    honorable mention: primo

  24. BTW, I can debate facts all day. Problem is you don’t bring any, you are just brimming with half truths, exaggerations and just plain bullsheet. Is that for an ad hominem attack? Do you even know the definition?
    I would refer you to my post on March 4 8:33 AM where I exposed one of your many false statements with fact. Not by attacking your character but by refuting your bullcrap with the truth.

  25. P.S.
    I would suggest you refrain from using “big words” or Latin phrases when it is obvious you don’t know their meaning. I know you are trying to impress others by pretending to be well educated, reasonable and intelligent but it is obvious to all of us you are the opposite. Your shtick may have worked well for you in elementary school but not in this venue. Give it a rest.

  26. 305Gator Again, you fail to make any sense, and I seriously doubt you even know what summa means, much less have it written on their degree, like I have. It is a failing to allow FSU to pluck a recruit that was ripe for the taking, at a position of extreme need, at a school that is Shannon’s alma mater and one where he signed a lightly regarded recruit this past class. Did he have blinders on when he looked at film of Rayshard jackson and didn’t see Rice? Alabama has also offered Rice, and based on Alabama’s recent track record of having the best classes in America, it’s obvious to most knowledgeable people that UF failed at evaluating this kid.

  27. Nutcase the only thing you have is the honor of being the biggest assclown on this blog, I will have to update The List shortly.
    Funny how you again try, and fail, to impress others with your pretend intelligence. LOL. You never learn how dumb you sound with your posts. I suggest you get off the boasting about 2016 recruiting at this stage of the game, you are a bit premature.
    Maybe you should see a doctor about that problem as well…………

  28. ntcrze – You are really stretching on this one to be negative. Alabama beat Florida by one day in offering him a scholarship. Alabama’s offer came over a week after he had verbally committed to Florida State. If we are basing when he was offered a scholarship on how well teams evaluated Rice, I guess only UCF, Cincinnati and Kentucky evaluated better than FSU.

    Again UF was scrambling to get recruits for the 2015 recruiting class. A month before signing day they had 7 verbal commits. I doubt they spent a lot of time visiting and calling on 2016 recruits until after signing day. We will have to wait to see if this is a miss or not.

  29. Gator863 The point is that UF should have been ahead of everyone based on their acceptance of Rayshard Jackson, who nobody meaningful offered besides Shannon. It’s just strange that UF didn’t offer him, and subsequently have a commitment from him right now, instead of FSU swooping in to pluck someone at a position of dire need. Who knows if he will be any good, it is a guess as much as the NFL draft is, but you don’t want to be late offering someone you want. Believe it or not, a lot of kids reserve a special place for the first major school that offers them, and is constantly cited as reason to remain loyal to that school. The excuse of scrambling to secure the 2015 class doesn’t fly, a good coach is always thinking of the future, on the field and off.

  30. ntcrze – I knew you would not accept my reasoning. I would see your point of view more if this happens again next February or if Rayshard Jackson was a verbal commit for 2016. I am just a little more realistic with my expectations of a coaching staff. In less than a two month period Coach Mac had to hire his staff and recruit 2/3 a signing class. They were starting from scratch with these recruits as none of them had met coach Mac. I am not surprised that they did not have a lot of time to start recruiting for next year.

    Believe it or not there are probably more kids out there that will go where they can get early playing time. As proven every year – many verbal commits end up signing with a different school.

  31. Gators/McElwain’s early start to the 2016 Recruiting Class:
    ILB Vosean Joseph 6-2 223 Miami Norland HS *** 78
    DE Eric Mitchell 6-2 231 Miami Central HS *** 78
    WR Rick Wells 6-3 194 Jacksonville Raines HS *** 78

    UF finished 2014 at #3 SECe, and #6 SEC at 4-4, 7-5, (8-5 without a weather cancel) UF was two 3pt losses from the SEC-C game, and 11 pts from a 10-2 record. UF lost @ #3 FSU by just 5 pts, and FSUcks had to get a comeback TD to win at home.

    I don’t know why or why not, or when they offer any particular individual a ship, and neither do you. Just like I don’t know which recruits will stick with any particular early offer/commit.
    But I’m not worried at all that getting or not getting

    ILB Vosean Joseph 6-2 223 Miami Norland HS *** 78 – committed
    OLB Lyndell Wilson 6-2 220 AL Carver HS **** 87 – offered
    OLB Keion Joyner 6-3 225 N.C. Havelock HS ****86 – offered
    I really don’t believe that getting, or not getting Rice, is any big deal.

    Nuttcase, you continue to duck and dodge direct question to you. You continue spewing BS opinions and claiming that they are FACTS, and everyone knows why. (negative-nancy – criminole-troll) You wouldn’t know a fact from a bs opinion if one ran over you, as they do here on a daily basis.

    WR/KR Andre Debose is in a 4-way tie for the SEC’s All Time Career KR TD’s Record (4). His career at UF was plagued with several injuries, 4 OC’s and 6 WR coaches.
    WR/ST’s Chris Thompson continues to win ST’s awards, while you claim he’s done nothing.

    RB Kelvin Taylor 5-10 209 Jr 2L is so far from AVERAGE at BEST, that it confirms your idiot claims.
    2013 Selected to the SEC All Freshman Team by the SEC Coaches.
    Freshman @ #2 FSUcks: 6 for 25 yds, 4.2 ypc
    Career – 227 for 1073 yds, 4.7 ypc, 10 TD’s, L 65 yds. Rec – 7 for 29 yds, 4.1 yds/rec, on only 6 starts. And he’s not the butter-finger fumbler that D.Cook has proven to be. Just like Tebow wasn’t the Interception Machine that Shameous Jameous has proven to be.
    As to winning a division title, the SEC is not loaded with Cupcakes like the ACC is. In any given year, there will be 6+ SEC teams with a legit shot at winning the NC, so UF will have an up-hill grade, just like usual.
    UF finished 2014 at #3 SECe, and #6 SEC at 4-4, 7-5, (8-5 without a weather cancel)
    UF was two 3pt losses from the SEC-C game, and 11 pts & a rainout from a 10-2 record.
    UF lost @ #3 FSU by just 5 pts, and FSUcks had to get a comeback TD to win at home.

    Muschamp’s FLIPS (2-4-7-9 = 21) An ESPN writer did an article on him calling him ‘FLIPPER.’ McElwain has already continued that Flipper tradition in his short time here. More to come….
    Fishes is better? But Shameous said that he wished he could have been coached by a Hard-blo @ Mich. where the facilities are soooo much better….. LMAO!

    And FSUcks has been and continues to play catch-up to UF since way back in 1958, but they’re still WAY behind and will continue to be. Clown-U is what you are and always will be, so get used to it….

    Even though UF is on their 3 HBC since Jimblo was hired, what’s his W/L Record vs UF? (4-4)
    The Zookster was 1-2, with his Big win coming on Ron Zook Field at Joke Shambles Stadium.
    Meyer was 5-1 vs FSUcks with 2 of the SEC 7 Consecutive BCS-NC’s.
    Muschamp was 1-3 vs FSUcks
    UF’s last 3 coaches (2002 – 2014) were 7-6 winners vs FSUcks losers.
    Jimblo Fisher has been the OC/HBC at FSUcks since 2007, giving him a 4-4 record vs UF, and he’s only gone against 2 UF coaches, Meyer and Muschamp.

    UF’s so-called ‘DIRE NEED’ at LB — 2015 LB Roster:

    LB Antonio Morrison 6-1 225 Sr 3L ****
    LB Jeremi Powell 6-0 215 rsJr 2L ****
    LB Alex Anzalone 6-3 230 Jr 2L *****
    LB Jarrad Davis 6-2 225 Jr 2L ****
    LB Daniel McMillian 6-1 220 Jr 2L ****
    LB Matt Rolin 6-2 233 rsSo 1L ****
    LB R.J. Raymond 6-2 215 rsFr SQ ***

    #62 OLB Rayshad Jackson 6-2 215 4.5/40 *** Miami, FL – Dade Co. 2nd Team
    LB Andre Palmer 5-11 206 rsSo SQ **
    LB LeAndre Rembert 5-8 236 rsSo SQ **
    LB Stebven Stipe 5-11 210 rsSo SQ **

    UF only loses Sr Morrison from the 2015 Roster, returning at least 6 lettermen in 2016.

  32. 863 and da-muddler have laid out their case with reason and facts yet nutcase still doesn’t get it. On that note here is the new and updated Blog Assclown Board:

    #1 ntcrze
    #2 aux2
    #3 james fisher
    #4 orange60

    ntcrze by virtue of camping here for the last few days spewing the same tired bullcrap and inability to accept reason and reality has vaulted to the top spot. Congrats nutcase!

  33. I too believe that Scarlett’s impact for 2015 will me minimal at best. I watched him his junior year and came away feeling here’s a speed guy, that lacks the intangibles to ever become a between the tackles type RB. He does have top level D-1 speed and I believe if he is used properly will eventually become a role type back for the Gators.

  34. As the B-Ball season winds down, I’d like to insert a very positive note for my fellow Gator fans.

    The Gator’s Four Graduated and Gone Sr’s:
    PG Billy Donovan (Jr) 6-2 192 ** rsSr walkon – now becoming a coach
    SG Lex Edwards 6-2 220 ** Sr walkon, Full Academic Ship
    SF Jacob Kurtz 6-6 210 ** Sr walkon – the best W-O in Billy’s 19 yr tenure
    C Jon Horford 6-10 245 *** 1 yr Grad xfer from Mich.

    Current Roster, but Additions to the 2015-16 Playing Roster will include:
    #9 SG Brandone Francios rsFr 6-5 205 **** Jax, FL (NCAA 2014-15 Academic redshirt)
    C John Egbunu rsSo 6-11 266 **** (xfer USF, a 2014-15 sit-out redshirt)
    #34 PF/C Schuyler Rimmer 6-10 250 *** (xfer Stanford, a 2014-15 sit-out redshirt)
    #29 SG/SF DeVon Walker rsJr 6-6 203 **** 2L (a 2014-15 injury redshirt)

    2015 Recruits per ESPN: (replacing the 4 departing Sr’s)
    #13 SF Keith Stone 6-7 240 **** Deerfield Bch, FL
    #14 PF Noah Dickerson 6-8 237 **** Atlanta, Ga (early signed LOI)
    #17 PF Kevarrius Hayes 6-9 200 **** Live Oak, FL (early signed LOI)
    #18 SG KeVaughn Allen 6-3 170 **** Little Rock, AR

    That’s 8 upgrade additions to the 2015-16 Gator team:
    2 SG’s – 6-3, 6-5
    2 SF’s – 6-6, 6-7
    2 PF’s – 6-8, 6-9,
    2 C’s — 6-10 250, 6-11 266
    JFYI — 2016 Very Early Verbal: 1 ESPN Top 60 (37)
    #9 PF John Mooney 6-9 210 **** Altamonte Springs, FL (SOLID Commit – 9-28-2013)

    And the BEST thing about 2015-16 Gator B-Ball is,,, that BillyD will be back!!!

  35. Thanks again ntrce for giving all the florida fans who weren’t sure if our program was headed in the right direction or not the assurance that flu fans see enough good in our future that they spend their precious time trolling on our sebsite, trying to undermine us. Keep the negative posts coming, it’s very reassuring to know that you fear our future, it’s quite a confidence boost. You just show how powerful the gator brand is, even after 2 down seasons fsu fans still fear the the monster that is florida football so much that they they desperately try to do anything they can to undermine us. You might want to spend a little more time on your conference board.