South Florida recruiting a staple for McElwain

Jim McElwain says South Florida players have been key to UF's past success in football. (Photo by Brad McClenny/Staff Photographer)

When former Florida assistant Travaris Robinson left for Auburn, it was a major blow to UF recruiting.

Robinson had been widely regarded as the school’s best recruiter and, as a Miami native, kept the Gators relevant in the talent-rich South Florida region.

Robinson accompanied Florida coach Jim McElwain on the majority of his initial recruiting visits, and his departure was expected to hurt McElwain’s efforts in the 2015 cycle.

No T-Rob?

No prob.

McElwain and his assistants put together a top-25 class in little time, adding 15 of their 21 prospects in the final week and a half.

Seven of the 11 in-state prospects who joined the class late were from South Florida.

“I think we answered some things from all kind of corners of the state, and that’s a good thing,” McElwain said on signing day. “Whether it be up in the panhandle, whether it be in this mid‑section or whether it’s down in the Miami area, I think our guys worked their tail off getting out there and getting to as many places as we could and breaking some doors down. So that’s a real positive.”

McElwain said in December the Tampa area was one he wanted to “take back,” but the most immediate and impressive recruiting results have come in South Florida.

UF signed a trio of four-star offensive prospects — wide receiver Antonio Callaway and running backs Jordan Cronkrite and Jordan Scarlett, a lifelong Florida State fan and former Hurricanes commitment who wanted nothing to do with a Gators when the previous staff was in place.

“We got our playmaker that we were looking for when we were able to go down into Miami, so that was really exciting,” McElwain said of Callaway. “Obviously (Cronkrite and Scarlett) are good running backs, right. And you know, any research you’ve done, I’m not real big on just a guy carrying it 40 times. I believe you need to have a one‑, two‑ and three‑punch when you’re going in there.

“I really like the way these guys interacted and understood how they can help each other and push each other through competition to be better.”

With area recruiter Randy Shannon leading the charge, Florida landed two Miami defenders for 2016 on Wednesday and should have a chance at several more this year.

“Well, obviously Randy is a guy that everybody knows and has been down in that area for a long time,” McElwain said of the former Miami coach. “And yet, as we took all the coaches down different positions, I felt that we did a great job down there.

“That’s in an area where, when Florida was really rolling, they were getting guys from, and they were getting the right kind of guys from there. That’s an area that we’re going to continue to go back to.”


  1. With Shannon’s history at SCum and his, “this will help us more than you’ll ever know,” comment, I wasn’t keen on this hire. But, I think Coach Mac may have replaced T-Rob with no drop off in performance. At. All.

  2. Our previous staff recruited wonderfully on defense, mostly missed on offense, all well chronicled. They missed, also, in major recruiting hotbeds including the Tampa and south Florida areas, as well as the Panhandle. With McElwain there’s been a well-stated objective if putting the whole state back in play, as the coach says , “Everything within a five-hour radius” including Atlanta. Coaching in any top program is tougher than we fans realize. These guys and their families live crazy lives. Not too many set themselves apart from the rest. Will Muschamp did many good things for us, just didn’t build a winning program. Certainly McElwain seems to have the acumen and perspective of someone who will.

  3. South Florida has more talent in it than 25 states combined….and that’s not an exaggeration…..they need to do whatever they have to do, hire the devil himself if it means winning the recruiting battle for south Florida. Shannon is a must have on the staff. I have a very good feeling about Coach Rump too. I hope the new WR coach as well as Skipper can be the up and coming coaches they have been pegged. Too much Florida talent leaving the Sunshine State. Keep these kids home!

  4. A big factor is if Miami continues to struggle and has to fire Golden. FSU will continue to get players it wants, for the most part, from South Florida, but UF can get it’s share as well, especially if Miami falters. Getting Scarlett was huge, but both Miami and FSU already had backs, Mark Walton and Jacques Patrick, that they rated higher, so it’s not like UF pulled off some kind of coup. IF UF can pull in someone like Sam Bruce, that would indicate they are a force in South Florida, as he is the kind of player that the other state schools would die for.

  5. When we signed a kid who a month prior “didn’t want anything to do with Fla”, then it sounds to me like Mac and staff did an incredible job. My guess is that until we win 4 titles then ntcrze will continue to be unimpressed by the staff.

  6. ntcrze will ALWAYS denigrate Florida. It’s apparent that securing Jordan Scarlett was a coup for Jim McElwain and the Gator program . Adding Jordan Cronkite made it all the sweeter. Taking time to read articles about Mac , Nussmeier, Rumph, Callahan and so forth is revelatory. It’s not only informative about their individual coaching accomplishment. Some research reveals a lot about the calibre if men these guys are. Florida and McElwain will catch up with F$U and others on the recruiting trail. That’s a function of time to build relationships and attendant success. At this early stage it sure looks as though Jeremy Foley has come through with a big time coach and staff.

  7. Tim Tebow wasn’t from S.FL, or Tampa, or the panhandle. Percy Harvin wasn’t even from the state of Florida. What I want is Top Character STUDENT/athletes that WANT to be Gators and represent the University of Florida in a Positive way. In the past, UF has taken from 1/4 to 1/3 of their recruiting classes from out of state, and I’d like to see that kind of diversity continue. What I don’t want is selfish prima-dona student/ATHLETE/THUGS. I don’t care how talented they might be on the field. (I want Lawrence Wright and Ben Hanks, not AH)
    IMOHO, Steve Spurrier’s greatest accomplishment was him proving that UF could win SEC-C’s and mNC’s while still doing things the RIGHT WAY. I’d really hate to see that change in any significant way. With this staff led my McElwain, I don’t believe that’s going to be a worry.

  8. “I really like the way these guys interacted and understood how they can help each other and push each other through competition to be better.” — Coach McElwain

    The Gator’s have twice had 3 RB’s that all rushed for over 500 yds in a season.
    They have also once had 4 players that all rushed for over 500 yds in a season.
    They didn’t steal playing time from each other, they insured both Gator and NFL success.
    IF a RB is a prima-dona that demands ALL of the carries, then let him go elsewhere to be a locker room cancer…
    >>> That was another failing of Muschamp’s imo, he left RB A.Lane sitting on the bench for 2 seasons.

  9. Tim Olmstead *****
    Bobby Sablehause *****
    Louis Oliver **
    Chris Doering **
    I’ll just trust the current coaching staff until they’re proven incompetent.
    BTW, which recruiting service reporter suckered the Joker into a recruiting violation, and what happened to him for his ‘unethical’ actions?

  10. Sorry Da-Muddler I have to disagree with you on the Tampa, and SFL thing where it is ok to recruit a few out of state kids but the mecca from our SEC and National championship winning teams have come from right in the I-4 ,75 and 95 south areas.
    The Caldwell Brothers
    Darrell Jackson
    Eugene McCaslin
    AJ Jones
    Reidel Anthony
    Javon Kearse
    Fred Taylor
    Louis Murphy
    Pouncey Brothers
    **Sorry I can’t continue the list it just get’s better***
    My apologies to those I didn’t put on here yet..

  11. No offense da-muddler, but it is a PROVEN FACT that 4 and 5* players are much better than 2 and 3* players in college. Look at all the statistics that show how 4/5s do in college versus 2/3s. Only the teams that aren’t getting any 4/5s make that (erroneous) arguments. Just because you can come up with a couple of anecdotal examples of where a 2* turned out to be a stud doesn’t change that fact. We are not going to win with 3* players. I am cautiously optimistic about Mac and his staff. I think they closed “okay” this last recruiting class given that they didn’t have much to work with, but everyone saying how great we are doing in SoFla because of a couple of 3* recruits? Come on. How far have we fallen when we are excited about 3* recruits?

  12. da-muddler You are a great example of the ‘paranoid’ Gator fan who always blames others for when UF fails. You blame Muschamp for not playing Adam “I crapped my pants” Lane, implying UF would have been a better team with him, when all we have seen is him play one game. Also, Phillips wasn’t “suckered” into anything. He was widely known as someone pushed the envelope when it came to recruiting, and he got caught because of his own lack of character, not because of anyone else “suckering” him. Let’s get real, Phillips was fired because he cheated, plain and simple. UF was not penalized, and rightfully so, since they fired Phillips immediately, which let the NCAA know that they didn’t condone Phillip’s transgressions. Let’s see UF stand on it’s own two feet and not make excuses, like saying Deondre Francois didn’t come to UF because his high school coach, Chris Weinke, pushed him to FSU. Weinke is now gone to the Rams, what excuse will now be made for not getting players from IMG, possibly the top school in the nation in terms of talented players? Enough with the excuses and the recital of high school statistics.

  13. So blaming the then coach of UF is a perfect example of Gator fans blaming others for when UF fails. I actually think that would be a very poor example. If muddler was blaming the refs, the SEC, the media, that would be a much better example. Muschamp is obviously greatly to blame for UF under acheiving the last couple years.

    Again if you do not like what UF fans are posting here, why not leave and post on FSU’s recruiting blog.

  14. Stan we aren’t winning championships with 4 and 5 star guys either. A good coach can win with what we have and once we start winning then those 4 and 5 star kids will start coming in droves again.
    Muschump was a 2 star coach and failed miserably let’s see what Bigmac and company can do.
    Go Gators!

  15. 305 forgot to put his name #1 among azzclowns. As far as UF taking South Florida…..oooohhhh I am sure UM and FSU are really worried about those 2 and 3 star players coming to UF. Shannon really started off well in those categories. With recruiting like that, Mac will last about as long as Musty, and end up as a Big 10 assistant somewhere. South Florida players don’t get excited about a buck tooth Coach trying to be cool in the hood with his Buck Owens and Grandpa persona asking “Whats for supper?” Maybe if the UF gig doesn’t work out for Mac he can get a job as a side vendor boiling peanuts.

  16. Aux you may have only seen the “1” game that adam lane appeared in. But, if you had ever paid attention you would have known that he killed it in the orange and blue game and was constantly raved about by his teammates in practice. Pay attention and you might understand the hype…

  17. Miami already has more 4 stars verbally committed than a lot of schools have total verbals for 2016. We need to win the head to heads with FSU and Miami and not allow out of state schools cherry pick 5 stars from Florida.

  18. Well you finally said something I agree with. 305 does not need me to fight his battle. He especially does not my help to counter your”banter”. I have yet to see you post an intelligent response backed up with facts. You only seem to post some form of stupid trash talk.

    Watch what happens to the UM verbal commits if it looks Golden will be fired. There recruiting class will be picked apart by other schools including UF. Coach Mac did fairly well in South Florida with only a few weeks to recruit. He will do well with an entire year to recruit.

  19. Albert…… and Mac have something in common…..neither one of you can put two sentences together intelligently. Miami kicks your butt all over the field. You need to worry about your back yard than worry about who’s going to kick your azz in the SEC….because that is most everyone this year.

  20. I see Miami has eighteen commits, FSU has nine, UF has three. I know it’s early, but it is a lot easier to get the bulk of your work done early, rather than scrambling to put together a class. I’m still waiting on a quarterback to say yes to UF, and it’s not too early to look for that to happen. Most of the better quarterbacks will be locked up before the season begins, and, as seen this past year, it’s a risky proposition to rely on poaching a quarterback from another school. It worked with Treon Harris, but the jury is still out whether he’s really a quarterback or will be switched to another position. I still don’t understand why UF has not offered a legacy, Rex Culpepper. That makes about as much sense as McElwain not even bothering to give Sheirron Jones a phone call last year, and UF ended up striking out on a quarterback.

  21. @ntcrze, please remember these coaches just got here and they pulled a magic trick with two weeks to NSD, they needed to breathe. the other two schools were ahead of them for more than ayear now to know what other players they would go after, our guys will come in very strong. some of those same commits that have FSU or UM on the side of their name will have UF on their letter of intent come NSD. Be patient and have faith. GO GATORS!!!!

  22. Creek Gator I think you’re right if UF looks better on the field next year and Miami continues to struggle and FSU comes back down to Earth with the departure of Winston. The record doesn’t have to be dramatically better, but getting embarrassed by Alabama and Missouri, or losing in the manner UF lost to South Carolina is something that needs to not happen. It’s not a crime to lose, everyone does at some point, but the way it happens makes all the difference. UF must look competent, even in defeat, and not leave one scratching their head like what happened in the aforementioned games. If that happens, UF will get it’s share of the top players because some will picture themselves as the person that would have made the play to win the game. The future can be bright if UF has hired the right coach, we just won’t know he answer to that question for a long time.Patience is a virtue, but it’s not something that fans, particularly Gator fans, seem blessed with.

  23. Nothing funnier than some idiot bragging about 2016 recruiting in Feb 2015. Shows how ignorant some people can be.
    “Miami has more 4 star verbals than most other schools”
    Good for you bud, expect that don’t mean a thing. Last year at this time Miami had verbals from 4 star RBs Jordan Scarlett and Jordan Conkrite.
    How that turn out for you fool?
    BigMac and staff have proven they can come in at the last minute, at a huge disadvantage and still do better than Miami and most other programs.
    Miami should not be mentioned here at all, they are in a 12 year suck fest with no hope for improvement. Wether they fire Alverage Golden or not it won’t matter in recruiting we are way ahead of them.
    Funny how all the asscowns got riled up around the same time.

  24. 305 gator Don’t you actually have to beat Miami when you play them to boast? I remember that Miami whipped UF’s ass when they played and Miami isn’t the team that is scared to play UF, it’s the other way around. You talk big, but the facts don’t back you up. We’ll see if Scarlett or Cronkite are better than Mark Walton, who was the top running back on Miami’s board.

  25. ntcrze, I agree with you on both your last two post. WINNING and being a better coached team will determine much of the future recruiting at the UF. I tend to think (on speculation
    0 that we will accomplish both of those this year, although the bar is not set that high after Muschamps coaching. GO GATORS!!!!

  26. Daz- he actually recruited very well for Miami- lots of NFL players now from Shannon’s time at Miami. Yes McElwain needs to take advantage of the UF dental insurance- not sure what that is about but the guy has neglected his teeth for years.

  27. ntcrze not sure where you see me boasting about Miami. I merely stated the facts. We did better than them in recruiting this year and every other year in recent history. That is a fact according to those who rate recruiting classes. Another fact is the both Scarlett and Conkrite were cane verbals but ended up being Gators. So what if Walton was rated the top RB of the 3, all of them were rated highly and sought after by many. It is sore loser talk now that you lost 2 out of your 3 recruits to say that you didn’t need them anyway. Sore loser.
    Facts actually back up what I say quite nicely, what alternate assclown universe do you come from?

  28. Talking about teams scared to play each other is ludicrous when it come to the Gators and canes. The Gators do not need to play the canes, we have traditional rivals, we play in the SEC and we have solid fan support. We play teams much tougher than the canes every year.
    The canes do need to play us though. The only traditional rival they have is your FSUcks and that rivalry is second rate compared to Gators & noles. they play in the crappy ACC and have no fan support. Last time the Gators came to Miami it was the biggest game of the year for the canes. The stadium was sold out thanks to us, they overcharged the Gator fans and took full advantage of all the Gator fans. That game was a great revenue source for the sorry canes, a game atmosphere they can only dream about duplicating. And yes the canes won that game, barely and thanks to multiple turnovers by Driskel in the red zone. Take what you want from that but that same year Georgia Southern also beat the Gators. So the canes were as good as Georgia Southern. big deal.
    Last 2 times we have played each other we are 1 – 1.
    This is a game that is played infrequently and the canes lucked into playing us on a historically bad season.
    That is old news though. Now we look forward to a new era with BigMac at the helm and many good things to come our way.

  29. Sorry yourself KG…..
    The majority of our recruits always come from our home state,,, Duh!
    The article made a big deal about the S.FL area, and then Tampa.
    While those areas are important, imo they are no more important than anywhere else.
    What you want to avoid is being ‘EXCLUDED’ from any area, and with that I can agree.

    I simply pointed out that many of our best have come from the N.Central and N.E. part of Florida, along with many great players from out of state. I don’t want to ignore any area of Florida, or of the U.S. for that matter. I told you what I wanted in a Gator student/athlete, and that I don’t really care where they come from. That was my point, for those that missed it the first time around.
    TE T.Allen – TN
    WR R.Anthony – Glades Central
    DT E.Badeaux – LA
    WR T.Baker – Gainesville, FL
    MLB J.Bates – TN
    OG C.Blackshear Jacksonville, FL
    FS T.Brown Miami, FL
    OG P.Browning Tampa, FL
    DE T.Bullard Live Oak, FL
    OT C.Carlisle MS
    RB D.Carroll PA
    DE D.Chambers N.C.
    DT E.Chester ILL
    DE W.Cohens Starke, FL
    OT M.Collins N.C.
    K B.Edmiston Pensacola, FL
    SS T.George OH
    WR J.Green GA
    WR I.Hilliard LA
    TB/LB T.Jackson Gainesville, FL
    QB Doug Johnson Gainesville, FL
    OG R.Kalich TX
    TE E.Kinney VA
    CB A.Lott Jacksonville, FL
    DT R.McGrew Mayo, FL
    WR T.McGriff Gainesville, FL
    FB D.Mobley Brooksville, FL
    LB M.Peterson Alachua, FL
    CB S.Showers Alachua, FL
    RB F.Taylor Belle Glades, FL
    CB F.Weary Jacksonville, FL
    QB Wuerffel – Ft.Walton Bch, FL

    That team with Wuerffel depended on having great WR’s and TE’s, so where were they from?
    TE T.Allen – TN
    TE E.Kinney VA
    WR R.Anthony – Glades Central
    WR T.Baker – Gainesville, FL
    WR J.Green GA
    WR I.Hilliard LA
    WR T.McGriff Gainesville, FL
    As to the Backs:
    RB F.Taylor Belle Glades, FL
    TB T.Jackson Gainesville, FL
    RB D.Carroll PA
    FB D.Mobley Brooksville, FL

    While that’s not the entire 1996 roster, it shows that S.FL (Miami) was no more important than any other area, and 13 of those I listed were not even from Florida. In fact, the Ocala to Live Oak to Jacksonville N.E. area of Florida is just as important, if not more so, than anything we get from S.FL. While being able to ‘cherry pick’ those top OoS players is also very important. My point is to get the ‘RIGHT GUYS’ and don’t worry so much about ‘WHERE’ they live now or where they grew up.
    And I could do the same for the 2006-08 rosters, but they are there for anyone who’s interested to look at.

  30. Skipped a few day and now I see that I need to catch back up.

    “No offense da-muddler, but it is a PROVEN FACT that 4 and 5* players are much better than 2 and 3* players in college.”

    You make the same mistake that so many do. There is a VAST difference between 5 Star players as a group, and any INDIVIDUAL 5 star player. Things that are true for the group, are not automatically true for the INDIVIDUAL.
    My listed example of Olmstead/Sablehause vs Oliver/Doering PROVES that point.
    It’s my contention that the AVERAGE star rating for the entire class is important, while the individual star rating for any one recruit can be either a Boon or a BUST. Don’t confuse the two different positions.

    Orangutan60 — UF 10-0 TN — WM 2-0 vs Derri-lick Doo-little
    WM 2-0 vs Head-BJ
    TE T.Allen – TN —- MLB J.Bates – TN
    Corey Brewer – TN — Casey Prather TN
    Those that would rather be Gators than LOSERS!
    The Head BJ’s last two classes = ZERO 5 STARS from anywhere….

    Hey nuttcase, anyone worring about the 2016 class this far away is an IDIOT, so stand up and take your bow…. As to afraid to play, both FSUcks and the scUM had the chance to join the Mighty SEC and play UF every year in conference. Instead, both chicken-chits ducked the real Season-Long competition to join the Almost Competitive Conference.
    Let us know when the ACC wins 7 NC’s in a row, or even 2 in a row…. lmao

  31. da mudd is da man. Dude thanks for a good laugh, first it was “nuttcase” and now “Orangutan60”.
    If you trolls insist on posting here you need to learn not only to bring facts to the table but to be original and have a sense of humor like my man d muddler. Read and learn trolls.

  32. ACC ain’t winning any more NC anytime soon. That was a once in a lifetime deal with Shameous. No other conference will ever win anywhere close to the SEC’s 7 plain and simple and definitively not with 4 different teams. No other conference has 4 teams capable of doing that.
    While I agree that you want the best players no matter where they come from it is also true that South
    Florida high schools have some of the best football players in the nation and thus the more we get form this area the better.
    It is also true that those bragging about or touting 2016 recruiting right now are imbeciles.
    It is almost 4 PM all the trolls come out after 4 PM. Or will we have a troll free blog tonight?

  33. You’re welcome 305, always happy when I can get a chuckle.
    I’ve been around since SOS was our QB, and one thing I’ve learned is that you’ve got to have a keen sense of humor when dealing with the ups and downs of college sports,,, something that the trolls rarely have. Hate gets you nowhere but unhappy, so try to keep a smile on your face whenever possible. :~))
    Florida HS are the ‘gold-mine’ so recruit the entire state, but be ‘choosey’ about who you bring in to be Gators.

  34. QB Shameous Jameous 4.97/40 — sslloowwwww
    DE/OLB Dante Fowler Jr 6-3 261 – 4.60/40 — Difference +.37
    DT Leon Orr 6-5 323 – 5.16/40 — Difference -.19
    You think that ole Crabby looked funny running from that LAC 12 defense, just wait, Lead-azz Shameous is gonna get HAMMERED in the NFL. lmao

  35. da-muddler You still know little about football, it shows again in your comparing 40 times between a quarterback and a defensive end. As seen in the game against Florida this year, Winston has enough athleticism to evade an unblocked Fowler coming straight at him and outrunning Fowler for a critical first down that helped seal the game for FSU. It also should be apparent by now that Winston will be the first pick in the draft because he is, far and away, the best player. He’s the best quarterback I’ve ever seen in college football, and it’s not close. There’s no logical reason for him to be ‘hammered” in the NFL, he was instantly the best player in college football the first time he set foot on the field, and while I’m not predicting he will instantly be the best player in the NFL the first time he steps foot on the field, I do predict he will instantly be in the upper echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL. The reason for that, is that unlike many rookies, Winston is smarter than almost anyone who has ever played the game. He’s a very fast learner, it won’t take him long to understand what teams are trying to do to him. I don’t know how bad your Gator loyalty blinds you to reality, after all you told us that Jeff Driskel was a great quarterback, but you are in the minority about Winston, a minority that gets smaller with each passing day. Winston is a great quarterback, when he is the first pick in the draft, something no player from UF or FSU has ever been, maybe you’ll finally concede that he can play. But, knowing you, you’ll still not acknowledge his greatness, even after he’s enshrined in Canton.

  36. Silly aux2 slow down with your Winston fetish. Let me correct a couple of your exaggerations.
    “Winston is a great quarterback”
    He was a great college QB for one season and a good one for another, period.
    “He’s the best quarterback I’ve ever seen in college football”
    Your biased opinion that is not based on facts or stats, who knows maybe you haven’t seem many other college QBs over the years or maybe your Winston fetish gets the best of you. Is your leg still tingling? Silly little assclown.

    Hey kerrdog what you say sounds good and all, it’s very nice but it’s extremely unrealistic and naive. If all we are going to get are kids who “have dreamed all their life of playing for the Univ of Florida” then we won’t be able to field a team cause we would only have 5 or 6 kids. Same is true for every other program in the land.
    What we need are kids who can play at a high level, who are smart enough to stay out of trouble and who realize that playing for the Gators right now is their best option. No matter what team they grew up rooting for.

  37. 30Gator “Winston is the best college quarterback I’ve ever seen.”-Ed Cunningham ESPN. It’s not a biased opinion, and stats are meaningless when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks. Winston was even better this past year than his freshman season. He’s the most accurate quarterback I’ve ever seen and he doesn’t just throw to guys that are open, like the stat boy, Mariota. He throws his receivers open and makes throws that others don’t make that are intercepted sometimes. He throws to a spot, and over 90% of the time, the ball goes exactly where he intends it to go at the proper speed to make it easy for the receiver to catch. He’s got all the pitches, unlike many passers who only have a strong arm and lack the ability to take something off to make the ball easier to catch, or the passer who doesn’t have a strong arm, Winston is not the strongest arm around, but he has plenty of zip to his fastball. If Winston is not the best quarterback to ever play college football, who is? Guys from the state who were great, Tebow, Weurfel, Ward, Testaverde, Kosar, etc. are not even close to Winston in accuracy, leadership, and knowledge. Winston is the smartest quarterback, he understands better than any other quarterback with the same experience, two years, how to defeat a defense. He also is the most pised and courageous quarterback I’ve ever seen. He keeps his eye downfield even when a rusher is coming straight at him. You see some quarterbacks do that occasionally, but I’ve never seen one do so with the same consistency as Winston, even in the pros. Even the great Tom Brady is not equal to Winston in that aspect of the game. He’s unflappable, even when things are not going well and his protection stinks, as seen in the majority of games, starting with the National Championship game. So don’t tell me about greatness, you don’t know the meaning of the word. It’s not biased, it’s just a fact, and you are too biased by your orange and blue glasses to see clearly. He’ll be the first pick in the draft, over a guy like Mariota, who is a very fine quarterback with one more year of experience than Winston. If he’s not injured, Winston will be in he pro football Hall of Fame, and it’ll be a no-brainer as much as it a no-brainer that he will be the first pick in the draft because he’s a once in a generation quarterback whose peers are Rogers, Manning, Brady, Marino, Elway, etc.

  38. Aux2 you silly infatuated assclown, who cares if Ed Cunningham has the same opinion you do. As if that proves anything.
    If Winston is the first pick in the draft as you say it only means that the team holding that pick is desperate for a QB and that there is no clear cut best player available. The NFL as a whole is desperate to find good QBs and teams gamble all the time taking guys like Winston.
    Winston is a gamble which is very far from being in the class of “Rogers, Manning, Brady, Marino, Elway, etc.”
    But enough about your man crush, this is a Gator site I don’t care about Shameous and I won’t respond to you anymore.
    Go Gators

  39. Aux2 – Please learn the difference between a fact and an opinion, Be hard pressed to find a fact in your post as it is almost entirely your opinion. I had to laugh at you calling others too biased as this post has to be among the most biased posts I have ever seen.

    You put a lot of importance on Winston being the #1 overall pick. In the last 20 years 12 times a QB has been the #1 overall pick. The list of those qb’s – Peyton Manning, Tim Couch, Michael Vick, David Carr, Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, Alex Smith, Jamarcus Russell, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton and Andrew Luck. Of those (in my opinion) only one no brainer Hall of Famer – a few busts and the rest some where in between, Being #1 does not mean you can play or that you will Hall of Fame career. Out of the list you mentioned, only two (Elway & Mannng) were #1 overall picks.

    Saying that stats are meaningless is silly. If that were the case, all the teams would not keep track of them. You can not use them solely, but use them in conjuction with what is seen.

    Out of curiousity, when did Ed Cunningham say that. Also can you quote anyone else saying this. If it were so obvious than all college football analysts should be saying it.

  40. Ox2, how many Ints did Shameous throw vs UF, while running for his life? Shameous threw more Ints in 2014 than Tebow threw in his 4 year UF career, and Tim was going against Top 10 SoS’s, not the Cupcakes.
    Tebow 88 TD’s to 16 Ints, for a 5.5 to 1 Career TD/Int Ratio vs Top SoS’s including SEC defenses.
    (feel free to review the SEC DB’s that went on to the NFL that Tebow played against while at UF)

    Show us how much you really know about Shameous vs his joke lower half SoS’s, with his TD/Int Ratio?
    Throwing accuracy – Defense reading – VS Quality of Opponents. Shameous was only above average imo.
    Any college QB can occasionally throw a top quality pass or two, body of work vs opponents is the real measure.

    Tebow’s 1st year starter, Soph season in 2007:
    Passing – 234 of 350 (67%) for 3,286 yds, 32 TD’s, 6 Ints.
    Rushing – 210 for 895 yds, 4.3 ypc, 23 TD’s
    Breaking the 20/20 TD Barrier, (P-32, R-23) with 55 TD’s.
    VS FSUcks P-19 of 28 for 262 yds, 3 TD’s, 0 Ints. R-13 for 89 yds, 6.8 ypc 2 TD’s, L-23 yds.
    IF Jameous Shameous is the best you’ve ever seen, then you’re blind, stupid, and/or live under a bridge…
    If you include Character, Morals, Citizenship, or Academics, then the gap is astronomical!

    Instead of just your own Max-Homer opinions and idiot speculations, show us the actual numbers/stats.

    Also feel free to list all of his awards for leadership – citizenship – academics,,,, arrests!
    Stealing crabs+ from Publix. Repeatedly stealing soda from Burger King. Shooting out windows. Academic Fraud at Clown-U, (an oxymoron). Sex Scandal (rape). Screaming obscenities from a table top. Selling his signature etc. and On and ON….
    Only the Clown-U Admin, the ‘Win at all Costs’ Jim-blow, the no-arrest tallycrappy cops, and the no conscience local prosecutor have kept this ‘Civic Disaster’ out of jail so far, IMOHO of course….

    Shameous Jameous would have been dismissed from anywhere but a criminole Clown-U like FSUcks in Tallycrappy. That’s his true legacy, not his Heisman vs the #69 (joke) SoS. And any NFL team that takes him knows that they are rolling a very costly set of ‘bad-character’ dice with this class-less idiot. He makes Johnny Football look like a sweet, honest kid by comparison. BTW, are you strong enough to carry his smelly jock, while holding it up over your head and screaming about how much your love him.? HYSTERICAL!!!

    We’ll have to wait and see if Shameous can take a team that was 4-14 with a 7-8 year Vet QB, to a 9-7 record with an NFL Playoff win over the NFL’s #1 Defense in his 15th start as a Pro, like Tebow did.
    I find your so-called ‘phootball nowledge’ very amusing and entertaining….

    As of 2010: Can you list all of the Heisman (17) QB’s in the last 25 years that have gone on to the NFL? Well, can you list all of them that have gone on to the NFL and also won an NFL Playoff game?
    It’s a real short list of one, (TT).

  41. Gator863 For your information, I also saw Cunningham same that Winston was the best college quarterback he ever saw, and it was on the last College Football daily show of the season, sometime in January of this year. I just think it’s hilarious hat some of you are fighting the idea that Winston is a special , one of a kind quarterback. You’re really show your lack of knowledge when comparing someone like Tebow, who can’t hit the side of a barn, to a real quarterback like Winston. I think you’ll find that Winston will have a long NFL career that will see m enshrined in canton, not have a cup of coffee like Tebow, who is more of a glorified fullback than a real quarterback. Bless Urban Meyer’s heart, he knows how to coach, but Tebow was an embarrassment as a quarterback in the NFL, where you actually have to have some skill throwing the ball. But, judging from the response, it appears that aux2 is the only one on the blog that knows anything about what a quarterback looks like.

  42. As I said before, you guys are looking at the trolling all wrong. The only reason aux, Fisher, orange, and the rest post here is because they fear us. If they really think we are as bad as they claim, they wouldn’t waste their time with us. I highly doubt they are posting on dukes recruiting site. I enjoy their posts, it is innsite into the mind of the fsu fans, and they show that flu is so petrified of our future that they feel the need to post on the site of a team that isn’t even in their conference in a desperate attempt to undermine us. So to aux, nurse, Fisher, orange, and the rest, Thank you guys for confirming my thoughts that the future is bright in Gainesville, I personally used to think that we were still a year or two away, but after seeing how often you guys are on our site trying to undermine us, I’m starting to think that if flu is so worried about us, maybe we are better than I thought. Aux seems to know a little something about football, and if he is scared to death of us, we must have something pretty good going on in Gainesville. Keep the trolls coming guys, it’s very reassuring.

  43. ntcrze – I did not say he didn’t. I was trying to find out the context of when he said it. Was it hype for the bowl game. Was it a year ago after his freshman year. He may truly believe that to be the case, but also sometimes people get caught up in a moment. I think Winston is a very good quarterback, but saw him make too many mistakes to call him a one of a kind quarterback. I have no problem comparing the two in what they accomplished on the field in college. Would absolutely agree that Winston has a lot more potential as pro, but you do judge a college career by potential. I also laugh at some of you trying to making it sound like Winston played on offense that lacked talent. Winston had plenty of talent around him. Why don’t you and aux wait till he has played a few years in the NFL before enshrining him in Canton. H

  44. In recruiting news, LSU is, supposedly, getting a two year ban on being to accept early enrollees. That is a big deal since many of the top players are only around for three years anyway, and that lessens the time to teach someone how to play. I bring this up because LSU has a commitment from Salvion Smith, a corner who might be the top player in the state of Florida. If he wants to enroll early, that eliminates LSU and opens him up to other schools, including Florida. As for Winston, the tape doesn’t lie, and I doubt we’ll have to wait very long to see whether or not he’s a top NFL quarterback. If he’s Rookie of the Year, will that convince any of you that you were wrong about him? No one’s scared of UF, I hope UF fields a great team. It depends on the quarterback, and I’ve learned to not pay attention to Spring or Summer practice, remember the B.S. the coaches told us about Driskel? Maybe we’ll find out something when UF faces the same team they met in the bowl, I hope it’s a better game for UF, they pretty much sucked in the bowl, even with a win.

  45. Speaking of tape not lying and sucking in a bowl game, how about Winston’s fumble against Oregon. Had to be one of the top blooper plays of the year.

    I have never said that Winston did not have the potential to be very good. I just think there is also the potential that he will be less than a Hall of Fame level player.

  46. Gator863 You’re certainly right about Winston “driskeling” in the game against Oregon, and if that was something that wasn’t an anomaly, he would not be nearly a lock to be the top pick in the draft. You are also correct in there is a high potential that he won’t be a Hall of Fame player in the NFL, there have been a lot of Heisman winners, and others, that have not reached the level of greatness to make it to Canton. But I will point out that Winston was better than any of the guys that I think he’s on par with, the Mannings, Elways, Marinos, etc. in the short period he played college football. I don’t think anyone can say with a straight face that any of them performed at the same level as Winston when they were a freshman or sophomore. It’s for that reason that I think Winston will be an instant success in the NFL, we’ve already seen him make the transition from high school to college look easy, I can’t find a reason that he won’t be able to do the same, he’s got all the physical tools, and, as you heard at the combine, he’s the smartest quarterback that anyone has seen.

  47. Shameous career vs FSUcks usual list of no defense chumps:
    Opponents: 6 teams with 9+ wins, 15 bowl teams.

    2 Years P – 562 of 851, 66.0% for 7,964 yds, 65 TD’s, 28 Ints
    2 years R – 134 for 258 yds, 1.9 ypc, 7 TD’s
    Total Offense – 696 plays for 8,222 yds, 72 TD’s

    Tebow “can’t hit the broad side of the barn” this moe-ron claims.
    Opponents: 9 teams with 9+ wins, 21 Bowl teams.

    2 Years P – 426 of 648, 65.7% for 6,032 yds, 62 TD’s, 10 Ints.
    2 Years R – 386 for 1,568 yds, 4.1 ypc, 35 TD’s.
    Total Offense – 812 plays for 7,600 yds, 97 TD’s.

    Tim threw for 65.7% with a 6.2 to 1 TD/Int Ratio vs a Top 10 SoS.
    Shameoous for 66.0% with a 2.3 to 1 TD/Int Ratio vs a lower half SoS.
    Ole Dead-eye Shameous threw 12 more Ints in 2 years against the cupcakes, than
    inaccurate Tebow threw in his entire 4 year career at UF, while facing Top 10 SoS’s.

    “Winston is the best college quarterback I’ve ever seen.”-Ed Cunningham ESPN.
    So, is ole Ed blind, stupid, or just another glitz MEDIA-MORON talking out his butt???
    Apparently, it not only the criminole azzclown trolls that don’t know chit….

    Jameous smart??? Yep, he went to FSUcks where they would shelter and protect him from jail, that was smart of him. But did he win the Campbell Trophy, since he’s so smart? (crickets)

  48. da-muddler If Tebow could hit the side of a barn, he’d be playing in the NFL right now. He has most of the other qualities you look for in a quarterback, he’s big, strong, has charisma, has great leadership qualities, and is a winner. Why he isn’t in the NFL is because he’s not even close to being as smart as Winston, at least when it comes to reading defenses, and was embarrassing to watch throw the ball in the NFL. It’s not a reach to say that two out of three passes he threw were ridiculously off the mark. Once again, you cite statistics that are meaningless, but I guess you just can’t help yourself, you actually think statistics are the measure of a player. I suggest you switch to baseball, where statistics are important, and leave football to those of us who understand the game.

  49. Spring practice will be closed to the public. I think that’s a good idea, not because of any “espionage”, football is pretty simple and there’s not anything new, the team that blocks and tackles best usually always wins. I just think it’s great because we won’t be subjected to the babbling coming from the idiotic fans who think they’re “experts.” It leads some people to have expectations for players that has no basis in reality. McElwain has enough trouble with resurrecting UF from being a lower echelon team in the SEC without some blowhard fans thinking someone is better than they actually are, and the reason can only be “coaching” when they fail to live up to the absurd expectations. That doesn’t mean I’ll believe what the coaches say, they constantly lie, remember Muschamp’s mantra that UF was a “very good” football team last year. But at least I won’t have to hear the B.S. from fans who haven’t got a clue.

  50. now i know we’re going to be great next year!!the trolls on here are so scared..posting comments everyday like they were gator fans…please keep me more confidence that uf is on the rise and the other fla schools not so much!!!GO GATORS!!!

  51. Well put 813! They can say what they want, but the logic trail is clear. They are clearly here to undermine us, you don’t undermine a house that is already collapsed, therefore they must feel that we are enough of a threat to spend their time in our backyard. Simple as that. And no, aux, I’m not saying that uf is a great team and will win it all next year, I’m just stating the obvious, you feel that our future is bright enough for you to spend your valuable time on our website trying to undermine us. If I may ask, aux, how often do you post on Virginia’s recruiting site? Or even any of the teams in your conference? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about them than us if we are indeed the sec bottom dweller you claim? Why all the concern about little old us?

  52. No one is trying to “undermine” anything. Words have no effect on whether, for instance, Kelvin Taylor is another overrated back coming out of high school and is average at best. It’s just another sign of the paranoia that is rampant among many in Gainesville, they actually think that someone is worried about a mediocre team, which is what UF is right now. I’d like to see UF be a great team that would justify the rhetoric, but all I can go on is what I see on the field, and the fact is that UF is below the tenth best team in the SEC, that’s nothing to brag about and makes ridiculous the notion that anyone, even Vandy, is worried about Florida. Talking about how Will Grier, for instance, doesn’t make him a good quarterback, the same as saying, factually, how bad UF’s football team is right now doesn’t mean they are destined to remain that way. As I’ve said before, when UF gets a decent quarterback, things will change, but right now we don’t have any evidence that UF has a good quarterback. By the way, UF’s rivals, FSU and Georgia are in the same boat and they could become mediocre as well if they have bad quarterbacks like UF has had since Tebow’s departure.

  53. hey aux, you didn’t answer my question, how often do you post on Virginia’s site instead of the “10th” best team in the sec? How often do you post on the 8th or 9th best team in the sec? Never is my guess. You can try to twist it around all you want, but we all know you didn’t pick our name out of a hat, you are posting here for a reason. It’s ok to be concerned about us, we understand. You don’t have to hide your concern with thinly veiled trolls. Fsu had its little run, try to step aside with a little dignity.

  54. willgator -I figure there is something psychologically wrong with fans from other teams that post here consistently. They either enjoy being ridiculed or are miserable and want to try and make others as miserable as they are.

  55. gator863 I have to point out that UF being below the tenth best team in the SEC is not just one person’s opinion. It was shared by this newspaper and many other outlets after the season, with the Gators being only ranked ahead of Vandy and Kentucky. It is still an opinion, but it’s not a minority one, deal with it.

  56. Ntcrze – please share where I said it was a minority opinion. I said it was not a fact. A fact would be that the Gators finished third in the SEC east. That is fact. You or aux2 (or anyone else) saying they are behind the 10th team in the SEC is an opinion. Their record ( a fact) puts them ahead of that. Deal with the facts. You probably took offense to my opinion that there is something psychologically wrong with you. That is my opinion – deal with that!

  57. 863, I would give up trying to explain the difference between fact and opinion to these guys, as I noticed in your discussion above regarding Winston, every time you had a strong argument they would act like they didn’t read it and keep saying the same thing over and over again. What I want to hear is if how they can deny they have peaked if Winston is as good as they say, they seem to spend a lot of time talking about our abysmal future, but never want to talk about theirs. Granted, they don’t play in the mighty sec, so will get easy wins, I’ve given up with the conference argument, they would have to come play with the big boys to truly understand how difficult it is. They should be glad that the way college football polls punish a loss, the sec cannibalizes itself, drop each other out of contention giving lesser teams playing in lesser conferences the chance rise in the polls solely on wins and losses. For this reason, fsu will always have the opportunity to reach the playoffs, but only to be exposed as the best team among a group of sub standard teams that they are. Everyone always mocks florida state cause they were afraid to come play with the best, but I think they made the wisest decision for their program that they could. They knew they couldn’t hang with the sec, so they made the wise decision to take advantage of a system that would reward them for being the best of the worst. Now that they have to earn the championship by beating 2 teams, just getting to the championship game on warranted wins and hoping for one great game won’t cut it. I honestly have a very difficult time envisioning a scenario where fsu can beat 2 top 4 teams back to back after coasting against lesser opponents. And that’s not cause I’m a gator, it’s just a competition thing. It would be like putting the best team in the nba eastern conference into the western conference playoffs, as good as their record maybe, they are out of their league, pun intended, your welcome. Sorry for the basketball reference.

  58. willgator Once again, you show you’re just a blowhard SEC fan, the fts from this past season make your argument a joke. The ACC had a winning record over the SEC, and the mighty SEC West, that you seem to think “cannabalizes” itself, was pathetic in the off season when they matched up against comparable teams from other conferences. Both teams that were rated number one for no good reason, Mississippi State were losers in their match up with the ACC and the Big Ten. Auburn, LSU, and Ole Miss also came up short when they faced a “real’ team not a pathetic blowhard SEC team. You live in the past, the SEC is not the dominant conference that you fantasize about, but don’t let the results on the field sway you, it sounds like talking big is what matters, and the SEC is the best at that. It’s hard to win games in any Power five conference, and it’s silly to think otherwise becuase if it wasn’t, how could the big, bad SEC lose to the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten? The SEC would probably lose to the Pac 12 as well, but, as usual, the SEC is usually scared to play teas out of conference that don’t he a direction in their names. I think the SEC is the best football conference, but it’s not head and shoulders above any other, I guess the games I recited don’t matter, you probably have an excuse, right?

  59. Not at all ntsrce. I was referring to the sec future, the sec doesn’t have to legitimise its past. You seem to put a lot of credence into recruiting rankings, so how did the sec do in recruiting this year? How about the last 3? The sec is going no where. I understand that you are confused by conference pride, it must seem like such a foreign concept to florida state fans, it’s not pride in the conference itself, per se, it’s pride in the fact that week after week we are tested by stiff competition and that our wins have value. It’s seeing your competition play on Sundays and knowing that every win was earned. I don’t know how to explain it to you, it’s kind of like florida state is the fan who is happy the opposing qb has the flu and can’t play cause they have a better chance of winning, where florida is the fan who is upset because they wanted to beat the team at its best, otherwise what’s the point. You would have to play a few years in the sec before you could ever understand, it’s rooting for wins on Saturday instead of rooting for your team to cover the 30 point spread.

  60. My thoughts about Randy Shannon was he was the most dangerous man for UF football when hi was at UM. Home grown and UM player. WITH CLASS AND RESPECT. He got fired in my opinion because of the Northwestern mirage. Miami Northwestern won the state and national title but when you have an All American wide receiver on one side it is going to make everyone else look better(UM signed almost the whole Miami Northwestern team)….the QB who I love because He took personal time out to hang with my son Justin at a bowl game, The other players that were on that team just were not like Streeter(soory dont know his right name) Bottom line we took all the studs from Lakeland High (Pounceys, Rainey etc) They were all great but sometimes when a high school wins big titles maybe a wide receiver that is really NFL material makes the QB look better and the other receivers look better makes a coach take everyone. Randy Shannon to me when I was living in S. Fl then was the most dangerous thing to the Gators. He is a Class Guy then and now and can recruit and coach. If UM would have kept RS today we would be hurting to get ANY PLAYERS from SF. Never met him but I was in Miami from 1979 til now and as a Gator there was no one that scared me more that RS at UM for their future. And when he was hired with the Gators……This is the largest hire for an assistant coach we have ever had. He is a God in South Florida and is automatically welcome in anyone’s home. To me this is the best recruit Coach Mac could have signed or hired. Give RS the $$ so he will never leave. He is a class act that UM F’ed up in firing. REALLY. We stole an All Pro to play for a College team. God Bless RS!

  61. Hey Aux, the SEC may have had a losing record due to the last week of the season to the ACC, but when games mattered most, the bowl games, the SEC had a winning record against the ACC, and a better overall bowl record. Forget that little fact did you?!

  62. Reading the Defense:
    Tebow 16 Ints in 4 years vs the best defenses in the Nation.
    Shameous 28 Ints in 2 years vs the biggest Cupcakes in the Nation.
    Ox2’s Claimed Fact: Tebow can’t read a defense. LMAO!!!

    During Tebow’s time in the NFL, he had a 2.2 to 1 TD/Int Ratio.
    At that time, Peyton’s Career TD/Int Ratio was 2.1 to 1. (I haven’t checked lately) After El’ Dimway dumped Denver’s 2 Top WR’s, Tebow still took them to the Playoffs and beat the NFL’s #1 Defense while breaking NFL Passing Records in his 15 NFL start.
    With El’ Dimway bringing in 30+ new players for Peyton, it still took him until his 33rd game as a Bronco to win his 1st NFL Playoff game, and he’s yet to get them the SB win that he was brought in and paid 100 Million Dollars to get. The Seahawk’s #1 D embarrassed him.
    Not just EGG, but a full Denver Omelet on their collective faces so far….

    The Jet’s Sanchize: 12 TD’s to 18 Ints.
    Tebow 75% Completions. Would have been 100% but 1 dropped and 1 nobody open throw-away.
    100% on his two 4th down fake punts, 1 running and 1 passing for 1st downs.
    Stupidimus-Rex, finally fired for being consistently LOSER incompetent.

    At the Pats, statistically out performed Ryan Mallet in the preseason. The Pat’s tried to trade Mallet (to keep Tebow) but could find no takers. He was already under contract, (had to pay him) so they kept him and released Tebow. They then dumped Mallet when his contract was up.

    The NFL wants dog fighters, child beaters, junk-flashers, rapists, durg/alcohol addicts, and other types of thugs, and Tebow is certainly NONE of those things, so the NFL has not yet hired him back, and that’s to the advantage of both ESPN and the SEC Network.
    In the NFL, Tebow has a winning record, an NFL Playoff win vs the NFL’s #1 Defense, several NFL and/or Bronco Team passing records, a 2.2 to 1 TD/Int Ratio, a 4.5 ypc rushing average, and he’s a healthy (NFL retired) Millionaire.
    Newton and Manziel only have the over-paid $$ of those things. Shameous Jameous is unlikely to get any of them either except for the over-paid $$. Of course, JMOHO on that. ;~)

    Ox2’s position is, ignore the on the field generated stats/facts, and instead just accept his own twisted/moronic opinions as IF they were actual facts….
    Ox2 — little Jimmy Wisher — nuttcase — priblo — orangutan60 = pee’s in a pot


  63. “Not just EGG, but a full Denver Omelet on their collective faces so far…. ”

    What a great line!
    Once again da man brings the hammer down on the trolls at the same time showcasing his originality and bringing a smile to my face.
    Bunch of Shameous-loving assclowns.

    Well said willgator but nutcase is too blind with ketchup and mustard glasses to understand your point. Or maybe he is too dumb.
    Shameous is gone, FSUcks is going down.
    BigMac is in da house, Gators on their way up.