Gators host, offer several recruits over weekend


Florida had its second round of unofficial visitors for the 2016 recruiting cycle over the weekend.

After hosting a handful of prospects Jan. 31, the Gators brought in at least a half dozen recruits this past Friday and Saturday.

Jacksonville Raines wide receiver Rick Wells, Florida’s lone verbal commitment for 2016, visited Friday along with with teammate Michael Pinckney, a Miami linebacker pledge, and Orange Park Fleming Island running back Trey Sneed.

On Saturday UF hosted a pair of ESPN300 and Top247 members in offensive lineman Parker Boudreaux (Orlando Bishop Moore) and Suwanee (Ga.) North Gwinnett wide receiver Josh Imatorbhehe, the younger brother of Florida 2014 tight end early enrollee Daniel Imatorbhebhe. Boudreaux holds more than 70 scholarship offers, with his most recent one coming from Alabama.

Daytona Beach Mainland offensive lineman Marcus Tatum also visited Saturday and received an offer from Florida following his trip.

In addition to Tatum, in recent days the Gators have offered Georgia running back commit B.J. Emmons (Morganton, N.C./Freedom), wide receiver Keyshawn Young (Miami Senior), defensive end Eric Mitchell (Miami Central), FSU linebacker commit Emmett Rice (Miami Norland) and cornerback Chad Clay (Suwanee, Ga./Peachtree Ridge).


  1. We did a darn good job against Miami this year imo. Against fsu, we really didn’t have a lot of head-to-heads with them, and honestly, they were never getting Jefferson.

    Re-establishing ourselves in OFFENSIVE recruiting in the state after Muschamp left us wanting on the offensive depth chart is important. I think Coach Mac will do that.

  2. This is going to be the year the recruiting gets back into swing against everyone FSU, UM, Ala, Auburn all of those guys will see Head up Coach Mac and his Staff is going to be HELL to recruit against in this STATE. GO GATORS!!!!

  3. This is the year Mac flexes his recruiting muscles and sends a message to the world. That message: you better pray Florida isn’t going after the same recruits you are or else you better get that backup plan ready. It’ll also be exciting to see the Auburn-Florida battles now that the playing field is leveled

  4. Remember Leo Jefferson’s comment that after NSD this staff would go on vacation? Not this staff! They’ve attacked recruiting for 2916 as though the next National Signing Day is week after next. It’s apparent that McElwain and his coaches realize there’s immense ground to make up and don’t plan to let up on their efforts. If these guys coach with the same spirit they’ve brought to recruiting we ‘re going to see our Gators step forward in a big way.

  5. We’ll have to see how this staff does against it’s rivals in the state. Right now, FSU and Miami are far, far ahead of UF when it comes to 2016 recruits. A particulat school to watch is IMG Academy in Bradenton. The school probably has the finest collection of talent, at one school, in the country. FSU already has commitment from two of them, arguably the best quarterback and tight end in America, but there’s a lot more there. Let’s see if UF can get someone from IMG, then I’ll be impressed.

  6. Aux, you wouldn’t be impressed by anything our Gators and university accomplish, and I don’t think any Gators on this site care what you think. If course UF has “ground to make up.” We have a staff about a month into its work, a staff completed only a week or so ago. F$U and the Canes have a head start of several years. But we’re really not that interested in your school in the Panhandle or the declining program near South Beach. We can only focus on what our guys get done. Meantime, success is cyclical. Given Florida’s massive superiority in alumni, fans, contributing boosters and rank and file fans, the day will surely come when “the U” and the Noles are looking up at UF again. You are as Auburn is to Alabama. Florida will soon return to its place in the SEC and nationally.

  7. By the way, Aux, this is nothing personal. You’re welcome to express your opinions here, of course, per the site’s rules. Most likely your only motive is enjoying getting under some Gators’ skin. Do you also post on a Noles site? I hope so because it would be a shame for you personally to only express yourself so negatively. Wishing you the best.

  8. Aux, do you really think Duh U is far, far ahead of UF? If so, you reliving up to your rep as a “delusion-nole.” IMG is pulling talent from all over the country, but they aren’t playing at the college level, so it doesn’t matter how well Stinky Weinke pushes the kids to go to halfassedu….

  9. Yes, UF is far behind Miami and FSU right now. UF has one, just one, commitment from a player not ranked highly anywhere. Do you folks that hide in your head in the sand actually bother to learn anything? I’m aware that UF is not “massively superior” to anyone and that UF is teetering on the edge of a decade of being irrelevant in football. The comparison between UF and Tennessee, after they fired Fulmer, is a real and looming possibility. It’s been over five years since UF went to Atlanta. During that time, a team hat was scoffed at, Missouri, when they joined the SEC, has been to Atlanta twice. Missouri also embarrassed UF on Homecoming, a year after Vandy did the same. UF may get to Atlanta soon, but it’s just as possible that McElwain is not a better coach than Muschamp, and UF will go another five years without a trip to Atlanta. If that happens, that will mean a full decade of futility and starting over again with a new coach. No one has a crystal ball, all I can go on is what actually happens What is happening now is that UF is far, far behind it’s rivals. For all the bragging about this past recruiting class, it was still below most of the SEC and paled in comparison to FSU. That’s why I think it’s imperative for UF to get some kids from an IMG that is loaded with so much talent. When I see that, I’ll brag too. But getting your brains blown out on the field and in recruiting is not something to brag about. September 26, when UF hosts Tennessee, is when we will learn if anything has really changed. I still don’t think anything will be learned from the two paid scrubs and Kentucky that UF opens the season with. UF hasn’t lost to Tennessee in a decade, if UF loses to them at home under the latest miracle worker, McElwain, what will be the excuse then?

  10. Florida State’s troubles stem from low ethical standards. Sooner or later, and more likely sooner, that lack of sound judgment will show up again in some shameful pandering to athletes. So far the school out west hasn’t taken measures to address its core values that became a shameful identity across the country. It is a culture of contempt for the non-athlete students and convention. Eventually it will lead to the undoing of the program. Miami, meantime, faces more of the coaching turmoil we’ve endured at UF. Noles trolls such as Aux can’t see these things because they are blinded by “winning at ALL costs”. Yet I know of good folks from FSU who remain embarrassed, disappointed and unhappy about their coach’s and administration’s lack of courage and character.

  11. Gatormac You live in a fantasy world that dreams of “lack of character” when it doesn’t exist. Winston, for example, has been pilloried for no good reason and has been exonerated numerous times. If it’s a “lack of character” to stand up for your players when they are the victim of a witch hunt, it’s an example of the twisted thinking that you, and others, have. It’s precisely Fisher’s courage to stand up for someone when the easy thing would have been to throw his player under the bus, like UF shamefully did with Treon Harris, that has endeared him to many parents, and was cited as a reason why some of the best players chose FSU. There is no one with any grsp of facts that is embarrassed, but you probably talk to delusional people like yourself and avoid facts. UF is going to have to work hard to get back on the level of FSU, just lke FSU did when they were in the same position when Urban Meyer was at Florida. But whining about nonexistent fantasies like “character” is just an excuse for failure. It’s time some Gator fans woke up to reality and realize that other teams, including rivals, are capable of being superior to Florida, and it’s due to something other than a fantasy inside your head. As for Miami, have you actually looked at their commitments compared to UF’s in 2016? If so, you’d realize that they are at a much higher level than UF, and fantasizing about the hot seat that Golden’s sitting on is just an excuse to get whipped by them as is the reality now.

  12. auxsissiy2 there must be something else you can do with your time… ask your mom to drive you to the mall & “jus hang wit da rest of em’… its Ok if your voice is cracking and your a little scared of girls… relax & enjoy your life as you reach puberty.. nothing to fear, its all about your maturity… yes you have a ways to go.. but you must admit it.. life is a blur for you right now but one day you’ll be able to think on your own & make adult decisions.. just put down the mouse & slowly back away !as you have become more than tedious!

  13. Aux2, for someone who seems to talk about “facts” all of the time, you sure don’t seem to know a whole lot of them. For instance, you said, and I quote, “I’m aware that UF is not “massively superior” to anyone and that UF is teetering on the edge of a decade of being irrelevant in football.” Last time I checked, a decade is 10 years, and in the last 10 years (2005-2014), UF has won 2 National Championships, 2 SEC Championships, had four seasons in which they only lost 1 regular season game or less, and gone to two non-championship BCS Bowls. Think before you type.

    Here are a few other facts for you.

    Fact: Miami had a consensus worse class than UF this year. Any argument you make about them being ahead of UF as a program is both wrong and irrelevant.

    Fact: Its not about where you start, it’s about where you finish.

    Fact: In about a months time, McElwain and Co. took a class that was ranked by most recruiting sites in the 80’s or worse and turned it into a top 25 class.

    Fact: There is almost a full year worth of recruiting to be done, much more time than they had this year.

    Fact: McElwain has a history of developing and recruiting elite talent at pretty much every position on offense. If UF shows even modest improvements on offense this year, next year will come with a monster haul.

    Your doom and gloom predictions for signing 2015 were far off base, and your 2016 predictions will be no different. You clearly understand nothing about the recruiting PROCESS, and need to learn that it is a marathon not a sprint.

  14. Silly aux, the top 3 assclown, doesn’t know what a fact is. You guys have set the record straight but let me hammer the point once again.
    It is extremely asinine to say the Miami is ahead of UF in anything football related. The dumb Miami fans spent all last year crowing about the “top 3” recruiting class they had coming in 2015 only to have most of their top commits go elsewhere on NSD. That includes the two Jordan RBs, Scarlett and Conkrite that came to Florida instead.
    To say that anyone is ahead or behind in 2016 recruiting in February 2015 is extremely ignorant at best.
    What is clear is that Florida has a coaching staff that has brought hope to the fans and energized the players and recruits and seems to be on the way back to the top.
    Miami is wallowing in more than a decade of mediocrity with a coaching staff most fans despise and FSUcks has peaked and now that Shameous is gone has no where but down to go.

  15. McElwain took a pathetic CSU program from 3-8 in back to back seasons with no talent to 10-1 in three seasons. He did it in Fort Collins Colorado- a beautiful place, but not a hotbed for football or the kind of college party life young players seek out. That is a cold, remote place to recruit to- and then to retain players. Mac did both and established a winning program. With the talent and resources at Florida, he will turn it around faster than semenholes and dawgs want to believe.

  16. aux – You are living in a fantasy world if you can’t see that Golden is on the hot seat. Another year of disappointing results and it would be a major surprise if he was not fired. I live in South Florida and can tell you that there are a lot of dissatisfied UM fans. As far as their edge in recruiting, verbals are nice but a lot can change. We are just under from signing day and a lot can change. If Golden gets fired, lets see how many of those verbals stick with UM. Even if he isn’t fired, there will be players that end up signing elsewhere.

  17. Years ago, we ALL realized that winning the ACC was no tough challenge. Florida State owned an inferior league, simply dominated for a little more than the first decade the Noles belonged to that conference. The ACC in those days prided itself in its provincial relationships in the Mid-Atlantic, it’s claim to be sort of a Southern-style version of the Ivy League academically, and its admittedly outstanding level of college basketball. Everyone knew that Florida State only played two or maybe three challenging opponents per year, which annually included Miami and the Gators. So who’s the Noles’ big competition now? Check the schedules of recent years as the FSU program has resurrected. Clemson? The Tigers always fall short of expectations. Miami? Uh, no. Florida State has feasted while the Gators and Canes have been down. It’s easier to reach “championship status” when you play a soft line-up and no Southeastern area team has benefitted more than the Noles from their inferior conference opponents. McElwain has a history of success, keeps rising higher in his career, and will even the playing field soon with Florida State. Then we’ll see how Jimbo and company fare. Meantime, Miami has significant challenges ahead, not just focusing on the future Al Golden.
    Florida’s significant hits on the recent Canes class are only the beginning of a Gator resurgence in South Florida.

  18. For what it’s worth, I’ve lived in the North Carolina Triangle almost 20 years, closely following ACC teams here and throughout the conference. It’s telling to compare the advantages Florida State has over their conference opponents with the stronger SEC. NC State, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech struggle to discover the keys to building winning cultures in football. The entire environments is much less intense and competitive than you find everywhere in the SEC except for Vanderbilt.

  19. this is the situation, all you guys saying this class is an A or an A+ are completely delusional and uneducated. This class is a B or B- at best. Yes, no doubt Mac and the staff pulled out some great accomplishments at the end, however the class is very incomplete. tremendous areas of need were not even addressed (QB, LB, WR)
    this first full class of McIlwain must be a top 5 class, no excuses. We live in the most talent rich football state in the nation. We let WAY too many players get away last year. IMG Academy alone has 6-8 top 300 players in the nation. We need to lock these kids up. Recruiting should be #1, 2, and 3 priority. If we don’t secure a great class McIlwain’s tenure could be a short one. So go ahead and slam me because I didn’t think they pulled off the miracle everyone else did….they did a good job, no doubt, next year they need to do a GREAT job.

  20. The last time I checked, Miami beat UF the last time they played and it’s not Miami that is scared to play UF, it’s the other way around. Also the ACC whipped the SEC last year, so demeaning the ACC is also foolish. I think the SEC is the best football conference in America, bit’s ridiculous to think that other conferences don’t also play. It’s just nonsense that the SEC blowhards continue to proselytize. For example, the SEC West was, supposedly, this juggernaut that was unmatched. Well, we found out that in actuality, not the fantasy world, that the SEC West was highly overrated. I see someone mentioned Georgia Tech, but didn’t they whip Georgia and Mississippi State’s ass? Let’s not facts get in the way of fantasy, though. If UF was superior to Miami, why is UF afraid to play them? It’s embarrassing that UF is chicken to play Miami, but it’s understandable, because Miami whips their ass. I about had a heart attack when UF scheduled Michigan because it’s so out of character for Foley to be brave at anything.

  21. Primo, I haven’t seen anyone calling this class an A+, although I’d say it’s probably most realistically about a B+. That said, we got some great building blocks for the future, and added talented depth at key positions. If you think that the turnaround job Mac did at CSU wasn’t impressive, then you are the delusional one. You can’t use things like the fact that he didn’t beat SEC caliber teams against him, because that’s comparing apples to oranges. He took a program that was not beating those teams you listed and made them into a program that beat all of those teams, and there is no reason to think he won’t make the same turnaround here

  22. I agree that McElwain did a great job at Colorado State, but look at who he was playing, so to automatically think that means he will be as successful at UF is foolhardy. Perhaps he will, and I’m hoping he does, but it’s a big step up he’s taking and the competition is fierce. We won’t know for a few years. If you recall, Muschamp was the SEC coach of the year in just his second season, but that turned out to be an anomaly. I just wonder how long McElwain will have before the seat gets hot under him. For those of you who protest about UF heading for a decade of irrelevance, you need to know they are already halfway there, it’s been five years since UF has went to Atlanta. I don’t think anyone thinks UF is going to win the East this year, that’ll be six. Do the math, if McElwain is not the answer, it’s easy to see how UF becomes Tennessee after Fulmer was fired. By the way I see that Roper was hired as a consultant with the Cleveland Browns. I wonder if that clears UF having to pay him, or does he have the same type of contact that Muschamp had and UF will keep paying him?

  23. Not sure why I’m answering your questions or discussing anything with you, Aux. Just boredom on a day when we’re frozen in place in North Carolina, I guess. Tennessee was in a far different situation than Florida’s found itself. The athletic director and department went into debt for $200,000,000 by overspending, and the AD and university president had not one but three bad hires on their hands: Kiffin and Dooley, then Pearl, as it turned out. If you want to make such comparisons, it would be as valid to link FSU’s national championship to Auburn’s when Cam Newton was the Tigers’ QB. Both Newton and Winston are big, athletic guys who elevated their teams well above their otherwise expected levels of success. Each guy won a Heisman. Two years later the wheels had come off the Auburn program and the university on the Plains fired the coach. Could it happen to Jimbo Fisher at FSU? I don’t think so because he’s a far better coach than Gene Chizik. But a good case might be made in a couple more years that Jameous lifted the Noles a little higher than Jimbo Fisher can without such a gifted QB in a singular type of season that Winston had in 2013 but could not replicate in 2014, My hunch is that Jimbo isn’t quitter as great a coach as you Noles hope. Meantime, we’ll certainly find out about McElwain, who brought to Florida a stronger resume than either Muschamp or Fisher carried into their first head coaching stints. You shouldn’t be too smug about your program out west. Instead, be happy about what your team has achieved and find some humility. As for Gators, we’ve probably all seen and known FSU long enough to recognize that your school operwtes with a different set of core values.

  24. aux, its funny how you forgot that not too long ago fsu was a bottom feeder in fla…yeah yall won the title in 13′ but before that it was 99’…fsu benefits from a weak conference as everyone knows…how any acc team have a shot at winning it all each and every year? none…sec has about 6 teams that can contend for a title every year..just how bad was fsu from 99′-10′ they had to fire bobby of the greatest college coaches of all time got fired because fsu was horrible during a 10 year period…fsu wins 1 title and all of a sudden fsu is back and their the top of the class..sorry guest again…fsu looks like they are in the rebuilding mode with no qb no oline no dline and a half empty secondary…meanwhile uf has 2 title in recent memory 06′ and 08′ with titles in basketball, gymnastics,baseball, track and field and the list goes on…fsu had its chance to tot its horn as a dominate program and blow it against the i know your wishing to be like uf by trying to win 2 titles in 3 years but you wont…fsu will be back to its 00′-10′ days winning nothing!!!!GO GATORS!!!!

  25. Ha ha, Aux says it’s been 5 years since we have been to Atlanta. Meanwhile, FSU had 12 years of being irrelevent. I hope he has enjoyed the last two years because now is when time catches up with half ass U. Jimbo is not good enough to overcome the loss of 9 starters on offense and Kelly is not good enough to overcome the loss of 6 starters on defense. The next few years will have clown fans thinking of what used to be.

  26. I think F$U can dial up nine to 11 wins a year in this era of the ACC . Miami hasn’t contended for a title since leaving the old Big East. Virginia Tech has never been able to win outside its conference and now has slumped into a perennial also-ran. Besides Florida the Noles won’t likely play many top quality non-conference opponents. Where F$U is in some danger is feasting on lower calibre conference opponents and then getting shown up on the bigger stages once the Noles have to take on quality teams outside their conference. This became the pattern at Virginia Tech and is the situation at Clemson. Iron sharpens iron. There isn’t much iron to be found in the ACC.

  27. Gatormac I guess the game where Virginia Tech beat Ohio State, the reigning National Champion doesn’t count. It’s very hard to win games, no matter who you’re playing. That’s why very few teams finish undefeated, and is the exception, not the rule. By the way, UF has never had an undefeated season, so it’s silly to bash someone when they lose a game. The ACC is a very tough conference, as the SEC found out this past year when the ACC sent them running with their tails between their legs. Facts are funny things, they utterly destroy your argument. It’s funny how UF fans disparage Georgia Tech when they couldn’t even beat an FCS team, Georgia Southern. The same thing when they bash Miami, but then lose when they play them. One thing for sure, many UF fans such as yourself, talk a lot, but that’s about it. By the way, no one cares about any other sports, like track, gymnastics, etc. But even then you embellish UF’s resume, UF has never won any title in baseball, that’s just a figment of your fertile imagination. I’m sure visions of Will Grier being a great quarterback are dancing around, as well, but doesn’t he need to play a down first?

  28. Aux you’re so full of crap a port a potty can’t stand the smell of you! Jameis Winston has been exonerated numerous times?? Oh yes I remember when they proved it wasn’t Winston who screamed for her right in the p****! And now I’m remembering when it was proven the video footage of him stealing crab legs was doctored. And now it’s coming to mind that he was tried of rape and found innocent instead of the victim being bullied into dropping the case which then led to suing FSU. Oh wait! None of that happened??? See aux? Full of crap

  29. Azalus There is nothing wrong with shouting out a vulgar meme, it was dumb, but college kids do dumb things. Yes Winston did steal crab legs, and that’s the extent of his transgressions. He doesn’t have a record and has nver been arrested. As for the woman who accused him of rape, it’s always been about money and nothing else, and are blinded by your orange and blue glasses to not see that.Why did she wait for a year after the alleged rape to press forward after the cops found she lacked credibility? Because Winston was a star. Why did she try to extort money from Winston after she was, again, found to be full of crap? Because she wanted money. Why is she now suing after being found to be full of it for the third time? Because of money. She will again fail, and the money seeking parasites called lawyers will finally run out of ways to harass Winston. Winston is the victim, but he’ll get the last laugh when he id the first person taken in the draft because he’s the best quarterback I have ever seen play in college. There is no one in the history of college football that has been as good as Winston from his freshman season. So go on and hate, you’ll really hate when Winston is the op pick in the draft, something that no Florida player can claim.

  30. And I’m the one blinded by tinted glasses??? Hahahaha. Why did it take a year for her to press charges? Probably the same reason a hit and run got changed to a simple traffic citation when the tally PD found out it was football players. Because football I’d everything at FSU and if you get in the way of that you will be bullied or bought into submission. Let me ask you a question. If he’s so innocent why does this keep popping up? Why won’t it go away. See with most innocent people there’s no evidence so the thong goes away. Like with Treon in the same situation. He was innocent and the evidence overwhelmingly supported thar so it went away in less than a week and it hasn’t and won’t come back sense. See that’s what happens when you have a proper university that takes the right things seriously and will actually aid in investigation and investigate themselves even if it’s their own football players.

    Jameis is the best college QB you’ve ever seen?? HAHAHA HAHAHA. 1. Now you’ve proven who really has the absurdly tinted glasses. 2. James has had 2 years of college ball and only one of them was good. Admittedly it wasn’t just good it was spectacular and truly Heisman worthy, but the other year, last year, was not. Not only wasn’t it good, it was actually quite terrible. If it wasn’t for his Heisman the year before, the talent around him saving him and winning games, and for the lack of decent opponents then Jameis wouldn’t even have ended last season the starter. 3. Before you declare him the best ever college QBs, you should probably compare his numbers to other college greats. Start with Tebow. I can give you a link if you’re actually willing to take off the garnet and gold goggles and see the truth. Because I’ve seen the numbers and spoiler alert, Jameis’ don’t even touch Tebow’s. And that’s not even taking into account the better competition Tebow faced, or his superior leadership and will to win. If the NFL takes Jameis in the 1st round, much less number 1, I’d be very worried about their scouts. Not only should his character concerns be a red flag but really can only being good 50% of your career really be enough? Can only 1 good year really be enough? Then again the Bucs have the first pick and the Jets aren’t too far behind and both teams are as bad as they are because they have a history of making terrible decisions so then again Jameis could end up being just another terrible decision by one of those teams. We’ll see

  31. Looks like the aux2 propaganda machine is in full swing. We all have our heads in the sand because aux was on point with all his predictions last year wasn’t he. I didn’t follow recruiting closely until 2007ish but was the propaganda machine coming out of FSU always this strong and well organized? You guys really need to change your script every now and again because you are so so obvious. Are you the “bagman” too or is that sourced out to someone else?

  32. “Winston is the victim,……………………… he’s the best quarterback I have ever seen play in college. There is no one in the history of college football that has been as good as Winston from his freshman season………………………..”

    “I have a man crush on Winston…………and crap just flows out of my mouth…………….I get a tingle up my leg when I think about Winston………….”
    by aux2

  33. See where we just beat out Bowling Green for commit from an unranked 6′ 210 pound LB. That’s two commits for Randy Shannon, a two star and an unranked! That kind of recruiting will not get UF back on top in the near future! Im beginning to see why Shannon was fired at Miami!!!

  34. The facts are there 305 . FSU IS THE TOP PROGRAM IN THE NATION.
    I think all Gator fans see 10 years or until Jimbo leaves of pure agony. Are u guys glad FSU IS NOT in the sec?

    Aux ,, continue with your posts as I find them excellent , backed up with fact versus 305, 813, Aulas, da mud and others dribble of pure imagination and wishful thinking. It’s over fellows.. It’s over

  35. Fischer, that “Best Team in the Nation” was only 5 pts better than a middle of the pack Florida. You lose half of your starting o-line, your star qb, and some key defensive talent. FSU won’t finish the season in the top 10 this year

  36. “The facts are there 305 ”

    Problem is you don’t know what a fact is


    Good example of fiction stated as fact.

    “I think all Gator fans see 10 years or until Jimbo leaves of pure agony. ”

    Jumbo is not responsible for your recent 2 years of success, Shameous was responsible for that short lived success but he is now gone.

    “Are u guys glad FSU IS NOT in the sec?”

    Better question is are you glad FUSucks is in the ACC?

    “Aux ,, continue with your posts as I find them excellent , backed up with fact versus 305, 813, Aulas, da mud and others dribble of pure imagination and wishful thinking. It’s over fellows.. It’s over

    by James Fisher”

    Yes you and aux, two birds of a feather, or two assclowns together……

  37. fisher…i wish fsu was in the sec because they would be a average team somewhere between vandy and tenn…the sec had a run of 8 or so titles including 2 by the gators…no team in the acc will ever come close to sniffing a title and thats a fact..before fsu won in 13′ you guys where dead to the world..fsu had its little run but now its over..and you say fsu is the top program in the nation based off wat? recruits?…titles is what matter and as of 05′-15′ fsu has 1(a very lucky one at that) versus 2 from uf..thats facts that cant be debated fishmouth!!!GO GATORS!!!

  38. Aux is right. Mac hasn’t proven he can be a really good recruiter yet. Don’t think the UF faithful will give him a chance when UF falls on its face next season with a 7-5 season or worse. Big MO has changed in the SEC east and it ain’t going the blue and orange way. Too many teams including TN, GA, SC, and MZ has recruited well in the past few years. UF will be sucking hind tata for a while. If Mac can’t come from behind FSU and UM in recruiting, then turn the lights out for several years for UF. Mac and the Buck Owens persona he portrays doesn’t go too well in South Florida. HEE HAW!!

  39. 813gatorboi well said, and remember the SEC NC run was 7 straight, but more importantly than that, it was with 4 different teams over those 7 seasons. There is no way the ACC or any other conference will ever match that. Right now the ACC is the most top heavy conference in the land with FSUcks and the other 7 dwarfs. No other ACC team will sniff another NC any time soon.

    orange60, anyone who starts a post with “aux is right” is automatically a moron.
    Anyone who says ” Mac hasn’t proven he can be a really good recruiter yet” is a delusional imbecile.
    Saying that TN, GA, SC and MZ “have recruited well in the past few years and equating that with Big MO in the East is stupid at best.
    UF has recruited well, heck better than most if not all those teams listed the past few years and what has that got us?
    Big MO has changed in the East and his name is BigMac.
    BigMac already raided UM’s recruits just this year and FSUcks is about to fall off the cliff.
    You sound like fisher, another assclown.

  40. Anyone who compares Tebow to Winston is not understanding what a quarterback is supposed to look like. Tebow was a great college quarterback, but he was more of a fullback than a passer. The reason he’s not in the NFL right now is because he can’t hit the side of a barn. Urban Meyer was a genius and knew how to use a quarterback like Tebow who is very limited in his ability to throw the ball. You don’t run over people in the NFL like Tebow did in college and the person who drafted him in the first round was very stupid to do so. John Elway, who knows something about what a good quarterback looks like, was embarrassed by having Tebow on the field and promptly got rid of him after him take the art of being a quarterback back to the days when they wore leather helmets. Ed Cunningham on ESPN said that Winston was the best quarterback he had ever seen playing college football, so someone else also sees how great Winston is. Statistics are for losers, and there are quarterbacks who have great statistics but are not even close to being as good as Winston. If you watch the only game he lost, Oregon, Winston was still far superior to Mariota in his ability to throw the ball. Both Tebow and Mariota are much better runners than Winston, but you get paid to throw the ball, not run. As for FSU only beating UF by five points, many of you fail to realize that a rival game is closer than the actual caliber of the teams playing. An example of that is when UF won by only seven points over FSU in 2006 when they won a National Championship. UF was a far superior team that year, just as FSU was a far superior team to UF last year. Every year is an entirely new team, regardless of the amount of starters returning. Things like chemistry, leadership, and complacency are just some of the factors that determine how good a team is. But right now, to compare UF, a 7-5 team, to FSU, a 13-1 team is not logical because there’s no comparison. UF has to change the culture from a mediocre program to a winning one. FSU already has a winning culture, there is a difference. As for the two commits UF got today, you have to start somewhere, and while they may not be highly rated, you need players like them in your class. When UF has something more than words to sell, the playing field will level and UF will get the top recruits in Florida that are choosing FSU instead, or at least get their share. I do find it disturbing that UF only offers a guy from Miami Norland, that they signed Rayshard Jackson from, after he is offered and commits to FSU. It’s just a recurring them of the past couple of years where UF is behind FSU in evaluating and getting players in the state of Florida.

  41. 305:
    Everyone can see who the assclown is. Mac couldn’t hold the jockstrap of any SEC coach right now let alone an ACC team. It’s obvious that Mac can’t recruit and UF fans are already saying so whether U like it or not…..maybe if you could read, you would see that. Mac and his merry men of misfits that couldn’t make it elsewhere will be on the Monster NCAA list of unemployed coaches within 4 years. Mac hasn’t proven a thing yet….talk about being delusional…tag…you’re it. You want to smackdown anyone who criticizes UF football…..maybe you should go take your shot at Foley, who had deer in the headlights actions during the last half of the season. Enjoy next season dimwit.

  42. 60
    I agree that everyone here can see who the assclown is, more to the point we can all tell wo the assclowns are: james fisher, aux, ncrzt and now you.
    Just ask the regular posters here and they will agree with me, I dare you.
    I don’t “smackdown all who criticize UF football”, I mere defend my team and my school from unfounded attacks by asslown trolls like you and the other 3.
    “Mac couldn’t hold the jockstrap of any SEC coach right now let alone an ACC team. It’s obvious that Mac can’t recruit and UF fans are already saying so”
    What kind of stupid thing is that to say. The guy just got here and hasn’t coached a game

  43. 60
    I agree that everyone here can see who the assclown is, more to the point we can all tell wo the assclowns are: james fisher, aux, ncrzt and now you.
    Just ask the regular posters here and they will agree with me, I dare you.
    I don’t “smackdown all who criticize UF football”, I mere defend my team and my school from unfounded attacks by asslown trolls like you and the other 3.
    “Mac couldn’t hold the jockstrap of any SEC coach right now let alone an ACC team. It’s obvious that Mac can’t recruit and UF fans are already saying so”
    What kind of stupid thing is that to say? Guy has only been here a few weeks, hasn’t coached his first S ECgame but he is already behind every other SEC and ACC coach? You say that and you deserve to be called an assclown so don’ complain.
    I haven’t heard any Gator fan complain about BigMac, only the trolls that come here an pose as such say those things.
    I have heard all the national media guys give kudos to Big Mac for a strong close this past NSD.
    But according to you it is “obvious” the guy can’t recruit. And he and his staff are all misfits” that ” can’t make it anywhere”. And you have the gall to call me a dimwit.
    So far all you have said is a bunch of made up B.S., no facts, no truth, not even an intelligent opinion.
    I will enjoy next season, just as I am enjoying this offeason. Get yourself a dictionary and find the meaning of “obvious”, “fact” and “dimwit” You may find your picture next to that last one. Assclown #4

  44. 60 – Did you miss the last week before signing day. He managed to bring a horrible recruiting class when he was hired to a top 25 class. Let’s see what he does with a full year. Mac was doing very well elsewhere. We will have to wait and see how he does at UF. You want to take a shot at Foley, let’s compare your school’s athletic program to UF’s. Yes, we are laughing at you.

  45. Ntcrze – the person who was comparing Tebow to Winston was talking about how they fared in college, not their pro potential. Hopefully Winston and Mariotta have not been paid to play. You say stats are unimportant because it does not support your opinion. Mariotta by far had the better year last year. Take a look at the Heisman voting and you will see that it is not just Gator fans that think that Mariotta had the better year.

  46. Gator863 The voting was skewed towards Mariota before the season even started. A guy like Maycock actually said Winston was a better player than Mariota, but that he wouldn’t vote for him for the Heisman because he was influenced by the witch hunt against him. I watched them both play and Mariota wasn’t even close to being as good as Winston. Winston is a much more accurate quarterback than Mariota. If you actually watched them play, you’d have seen that Mariota rarely had to fit a pass in to a tight window or throw his receiver open. It’s not about being a better pro prospect, Winston is the best pro prospect since Luck and is a no-brainer as the top NFL prospect. It Winston’s accuracy, leadership, and football knowledge that makes him far better than Mariota. Mariota is a better runner, but Winston is smarter, stronger, and much more accurate. To even consider them being considered on the same level is a joke, and you’ll see that affirmed more every day leading up to the draft. As for UF, I don’t have any idea if McElwain will be a great coach, we have to see an actual game against someone other than a paid victim. It’s all about developing consistency, and that means performing much better than the last five years and going to Atlanta some time within the next five years. I just think he has an uphill climb because I don’t think Harris has the tools to be a good quarterback and the only other viable option, Grier, hasn’t played a down and couldn’t beat out Harris. It’s easy to make Muschamp a scapegoat, but he didn’t have Tebow, and it’s a miracle that he won eleven games one season with the awful quarterbacks UF has had since Tebow left. We’ll find out in the fall, but if UF continues to field bad quarterbacks, mediocre results will not end.

  47. Not the “stats are for losers” idiot again! Hey wanna know a secret? Shhh…. come close! It’s real secret. STATS ARE THE GAME! Literally stats are the recording of what happened in the game and how it happened. You know what else are stats? The final score is a stat. The win-loss record is a stat. Are those for losers? Though this is from the same hypocrite that would say Tebow was a bad QB in the pros BECAUSE of his stats, even though he won. You’re right about one thing, there is no comparison between Tebow and Winston. tebow is the total package, and so far Winston has only proven to be a one hit wonder. To clarify, we are talking about who was the better college QB. NFL has nothing to do with it. Plenty of legendary college QBs never made it in the NFL. Plenty of college QBs who never did anything in college became great NFL QBs. The failure in one level does not take away the accomplishments in the other. And if one thing is for sure you can not take away from Tebow that he was a LEGENDARY college football QB. THROWING and running. And Jameis Winston really doesn’t compare. Consider this, the biggest slight on Tebow is people say he is inaccurate. Well in college he had a better completion percentage than Winston. Tebow’s career completion percentage was 66.43 against Winston’s 66.04. Also Tebow was smarter and more careful with the football. In four years, Tebow only threw 16 interceptions and fumbled 17 times. In comparison, during his two years Winston threw 28 interceptions and fumbled 13 times (If Driskel did that yall would go nuts about how bad he is). That means Tebow averaged 4 ints a year and 4.25 fumbles, while Winston averaged 14 ints a year and 6.5 fumbles. Tebow was not only more careful, but he was more prolific in moving the ball down field and scoring. Tebow averaged 298.34 yards per game and 3.54 TDs per start, while Winston only averaged 294.47 yards per game and 2.53 TDs per start. And then again there’s the fact that Tebow is undefeated in his BCS/Playoff games while Jameis is only batting 50%. So as I said, there’s obviously no comparison in Tebow and Winston as college QBs. Tebow is clearly head and shoulders better!

  48. “Mariotta wasn’t even close to being as good as Winston.” Really? Because I’d say the guy who went 304/445 (68.3%) for 4451 yards (10.01 ypa) 42 TDs and only 4 ints, while rushing 135 times for 770 yards (5.7 ypc average) and 15 TDs was much better than the guy who went 305/467 (65.3%) for 3907 yards (8.4 ypa), 25 TDs, and 18 ints, while rushing 57 times for 65 yards (1.1ypc average) and 3 TDs. Seriously when last season did Winston ever play better than Mariotta?? Then there’s the time they went head up where Mariotta clearly outshined Winston going 26/36 (72%) passing for 338 yards (9.4 ypa), 2 TDs and 1 int with 8 rushes for 62 yards (7.8 ypc average) and another TD, while Winston went 29/45 (64.4%) passing for 348 yards (7.7 ypa), 1 TD, 1 int with 8 rushes for -15 yards 0TDs and let’s not forget the famous fumble! Seriously in what alternative universe did Winston play better than Mariotta?? I missed the part of football where turnovers are good and touchdowns are bad…

  49. “It Winston’s accuracy, leadership, and football knowledge that makes him far better than Mariota.” Yeah it must take a lot of accuracy and football knowledge to throw all those interceptions. And it must take great leadership to make poor selfish decisions to get yourself in trouble and suspended leaving your team high and dry, and it’s also great leadership to whine and complain about every interception you throw making your coach have to tell you that if you don’t calm down you’re gonna get benched. Yup great leader. I’m sorry, but this is not Gators putting on orange and blue goggles. This is you putting on garnet and gold goggles. I can admit when a Seminole is actually good. Like Dalvin Cook. he played tremendous for yall last season. Much more of the reason yall won than Jameis. I have friends who are seminole fans who will argue me tooth and nail about Gators vs Seminoles, but even every single one of them admits Winston played bad last season and was a terrible human being. They were praying for him to get kicked off the team. That’s how bad Winston was. Not even most seminoles support the dbag.

  50. ntcrze – You keep bringing up the draft in this discussion. Pro potential does not make him the better college player. You keep coming up with excuses for Winston. Personally I think the only reason Winston got any votes last year was because of his great freshman year. I saw them both play last year and agree it wasn’t that close last year. Mariota was definitely the better player last year. Winston at times looked horrible. Did you happen to miss the Gator game?

  51. Azalus Once again you show a lack of knowledge about football. Winston was better than Mariota in the game. He threw passes that Mariota could only dream about making. It’s one thing to throw to wide open receivers, anyone can do that, but it’s quite another to throw a receiver open and fit in a pass when someone is covered well. As for Tebow, what a joke to compare him to Winston. There’s a reason Winston only played two years and Tebow played four. It’s because Tebow wasn’t talented enough to leave early and the guy who drafted him in the first round was a fool and part of the reason he lost his job is because of the blatant stupidity of drafting Tebow in the first round. The folks you speak with must be as silly as you if they thought Winston was terrible last year. He was even better than his freshman year, a conclusion echoed by his coach, Fisher. But folks like you are blinded by stats, they don’t understand stats are for losers, which is surprising to think after watching UF in the recent past. remember the Miami game. Winston was better last year because he had to carry the team on his shoulders. He didn’t receive good protection going all the way back to the Auburn game. It takes courage to stand tall in the pocket and keep your eyes downfield when someone is coming at you. In that respect, Winston is superior to any quarterback I have ever seen. As for the interceptions, some were Winston’s fault, no one said he was perfect but many were the result of the receiver not being in the proper place. An example of that is the first interception in the game with UF. Winston, as he does almost always, put the ball exactly where he wanted to, but the running back failed to make the proper break and didn’t get to the spot. That happened a lot, where receivers quit on routes or weren’t where they were supposed to be. But unlike most quarterbacks, Driskel was a prime example, who fall apart when facing adversity, Winston never lost confidence and persevered. You, and any silly Seminole fans you converse with, don’t have a clue. Winston is the best quarterback that has ever played college football, and I don’t need statistics to know that, I watched him play. One play that you probably watched should have given you a clue. It was at Florida field that Winston evaded the rush and threw a pass that traveled nearly seventy yards in the air for a strike. Not a Hail Mary or a pass where someone just heaves it as far as they can, but just a routine pass. It’s apt that some coaches say he does things that no human should be able to do or how Muschamp praised him, he was an NFL All-Pro the first time he stepped on the field in college. But folks like you will never learn, even after he’s enshrined in canton, guys like you will say players like Tebow were better, you can’t help yourself. Yes, Winston did lose a game, but has anyone won every game they ever played? Winston is not perfect, but he is so far above everyone else that it’s ludicrous to compare him to someone like Tim Tebow.

  52. “it’s ludicrous to compare…Winston… to someone like Tim Tebow.

    by ntcrze”

    I agree 100%. Tebow was by far a much better college QB. Azalus already gave you the stats that prove it. But just by watching the 2 play you would have no doubt. One had a fantastic freshman season followed by a more pedestrian second season and that was it.
    The other excelled on and off the field in his 4 years of college ball.
    More importantly in terms of leadership and putting the team on his back Tebow is far above anyone else.
    When the Nole assclown troll “analyses” the Gator QB situation he keeps saying that Treon is not good and that Treon beat Grier for the backup job so by extension Grier is no good either. In reality the backup job was always for Treon and Grier was headed for a redshirt season by design. Also it is unfair to Treon to say he is no good with the limited body of work he has had so far. Especially when he was “coached” and “developed” by The Chump who has no idea how to coach or develop an offense or any offensive player especially the QBs and WRs. The jury is still out on Treon and I am looking forward to the competition between him and Grier now that they are in the hands of coaches who have shown that they know offense and have developed QBs and offensive players at such places like Alabama.
    60 stop projecting, we are all laughing at you and your fellow nole troll assclowns.
    If you ladies insist on posting on this Gator blog at least come up with some facts or at the minimum an intelligent opinion. An intelligent opinion would be one that is based on some truth, one that can be defended with facts not the made up phoney baloney stuff you nimwits usually bring. Bring something solid to the table or stay away.

  53. I had to stop reading that about a quarter of the way through, ncblahblah. One can only endure so much retardation in one day. There’s really nothing more to say. I’ve backed up my argument with logic and proof. You’ve done nothing more than make the most ludicrous statements I’ve ever heard. Last year Winston was better than his freshmen year? Again I missed the part where throwing interceptions was good andon’t touchdowns was bad. Again Winston threw more interceptions last year than Tebow did his entire career. And Tebow faced much better competition. And if you wanna talk about throwing into tight windows check out Tebow’s college tape. Particularly from the 08 national title. But you won’t do that will you? Have fun in you’re delusional world where turnovers and being bailed out by defense, Dalvin Cook, and poor opposition somehow make you great.

  54. all of this nonsense about uf not recruiting and we dont have top talent needs to stop and take a look at our roster…the offense is loaded with 4star wrs that was never developed under the odd staff..we currently have 3 4star lbs not counting morrison that have some playing time under their belt with great talent..people ask wat has coach mac done in college football? well let me tell you…he was the one who was responsible for coming up with a great scheme and out coaching one of the best defensive minded coaches in the game today in charlie strong wen uf was looking to go back to back..then went out and changed a losing program with zero talent to a decent program that actually has some pro prosects…i think coach mac understands that we have the talent to win right away and is currently building depth for the roster and creating a buzz knowing that we can get every 5star kid in the state once we start winning which will come this year…its funny because im starting to see that the fsu trolls on this site arent really talking trash but are admitting that they are fearful of uf becoming a dominate program ruling the state once again for years to come…not just the 1 year fsu has trolls keep on trollin jus shows me that you know wats coming!!!GO GATORS

  55. ntcrze – Do you remember the recent UM-UF game? The most important stat from that game – turnovers. UF had 5 turnovers and UM had 1 turnover. UF wins easily if they do not turnover the ball in that game.

    The debate was about the better college football player – not who was the better NFL prospect. Tebow had a very good college career so is not ludicrous. Mariota won the Heisman and was unanimous All America team quarterback. Oh wait everyone else in the country is out to get Winston. It is a witch hunt. And the FSU fans say that we are the ones that are blind. Winston was a very good college football quarterback and may turn out to be even better pro, but let’s not make more out of his college career than it was. Great freshman year and a good sophomore year. He had as much talent around him as any college football quarterback. It is crazy to state that he was an All-Pro the first time he stepped on the field in college. He has the physical tools to succeed, but that does not guarantee success in the NFL

  56. Gator863 It’s amazing that you make the turnover excuse for the losing to Miami, yet ignore the same when FSU played Oregon. It doesn’t matter why, it’s just another example of why Steve Spurrier said statistics are for losers. It’s also ludicrous to say that Harris was “destined” for the back up job. You put your best player forward, and Harris beat out Grier. I said at the time the battle between Grier and Harris was not for the backup position, but was for the starting job because Driskel was a bad quarterback and changing coaches would not make any difference. It was nearly unanimous inn the response that I was wrong, I guess I had the last laugh. The “plan” was for Driskel to returning for his Senior year as a Heisman candidate this year and to not have even seen but a glimpse of either Grier or Harris. I hope one of them will become a good quarterback, since there is no viable alternative. But the fact is that Harris looked very limit in his ability to throw the ball and Grier was unable to beat him out, so we have no idea if UF’s run of lousy quarterbacks since Tebow’s departure will continue. The failure to get a quarterback in this year’s class will set UF even further back if both Harris and Grier are lousy quarterbacks. We’ll find out this season. UF needs to get a quarterback or two soon for the 2016 class, because if you pay attention, quarterbacks usually are locked in to a particular school earlier than any other position. if you bother to check, you’ll find that UF’s rivals have all secured commitments from top prospects for 2016. UF needs to catch up, and fast.

  57. After defending this spoiled brat and keeping his sorry azz outta jail(several times), Shameous Jameous stabs FSUcks and Jim-blow in the back.

    “FSU’s facilities are no where near as good as Michigan’s.”
    “I wish I could have played for a Coach like Harbaugh.”
    ROTF :~)) LMAO!!!!!

    Now I wonder what these criminole trolls will say about that…. (snicker)

  58. RE: Tim Tebow, Archie Manning called him “the best football player in the history of the SEC.” Without any question , Tim will be inducted into College Football’s Hall of Fame. Jameis Winston had a year to remember on field for FSU fans in 2013, however pocked by off-field controversies. He wasn’t nearly so sharp in 2014. Perhaps losing Kevin Benjamin, whose superlative talent, long reach and huge hands rescued numerous otherwise stray passes, told itself out in Jameis’ decline. Winston made some poor personal decisions while in Tallahassee. If you consider his sustained pattern of behavior you can’t avoid wondering about his character or, if not his character, then his judgment, awareness and conscience.

  59. ntcrze – Please share where I said anything about the turnovers in the FSU – Oregon game. I will say something about them no. Yes they definitely were part of the reason FSU lost to Oregon. The over 600 yards of offense and over 300 yards rushing their defense gave up did not help either. Spurrier said – What do they say stats are for losers and then quoted stats of what his defense allowed. All college programs and professional teams follow stats. I hear coaches all the time talk about 3rd down efficiency and red zone offense.

  60. Yo ntcrze assclown, I was the one who said the backup job was always for Treon and it was known Grier would red shirt. That is a true statement. Treon did not beat out Grier, Grier himself wanted to red shirt.
    We will soon see how those turn out.
    Hey da-muddler I didn’t hear Shameous say that but what a typical Nole assclown if he did after all that school and coach bent over backwards and looked the other way to allow him to play at all costs and now this is how he [pays them back. Well deserved I may add judging by the nole assclowns that infect this blog.

  61. regarding Winston….between the lines truly an outstanding player…
    between the ears & off the field…not so much of a high character person…not sure Jimbo would let JW babysit his children. The giant of a disappointment is that the majority of Heisman winners voted for him even when there is a statement of substance regarding high character in their charter. Now and forever that award is badly tainted.

  62. Yes, Winston did say that Michigan’s facilities were better than FSU’s. But, unlike many whiny Gator fans that seem to drown out the logical ones, I don’t think FSU fans arer scared of the truth. If Michigan’s facilities are better, then there’s no reason to whine about something that is true and attack the messenger. That’s what many of you seem to only be capable of, attacking the messenger. I’m sure Fisher won’t blame Winston, he’ll instead be a big boy about it and ask him why he thinks Michigan’s facilities are better and try to catch up. I wish many Gator fans would learn to do that, instead of making excuses or blaming coaches. Maybe some of you will finally figure out this year that UF is not brimming with talented players, but I doubt it. I’m sure we’ll hear people making excuses and blaming the coaches. Why, it’s just the nature of the most vocal gator fans. There are still many of you that think Jeff Driskel was the victim of bad coaching, right?

  63. Another dose of reality. D’Anfernee McGriff has also signed with a Junior College in Arizona in case he is unable to make it into UF. It’s a smart move on his part. If Auburn jettisoned him because of academic concerns, it’s not going to surprise anyone if he fails to make it to Gainesville.

  64. I suppose it’s just a coincidence that the highly rated prospects on defense (and some low rated ones) panned out but none of the highly rated prospects on offense lived up to their potential. I guess that has nothing to do with coaching. I guess it also has nothing to do with coaching that almost every single one of those players actually regressed instead of progressing. Yup no way coaching has anything to do with player development. You know for a guy who likes quoting Spurrier on things he never said (yeah don’t think we’re fooled by your different aliases), you sure ignore some things he actually did say. He never put blame on the players. He’d say I guess we just have to coach em up better. And you KNOW Spurrier was never one not to tell it how it is. That’s why coaches get paid the big bucks. And that’s why the best coaches have their players pan out more time than not. It’s just common football knowledge. And you not grasping this elementary concept says a lot.

  65. Does the Gainesville Sun cover any sports besides UF athletics? We all love the gators but there is the NBA and many other sports going on that we also could read about. It is downtime for college sports( especially with hoops playing very poorly)

  66. Facts that criminoles always try to ignore,,, (but I won’t let them).
    FSUcks / Shameous Jameous played the weakest SoS in BCS history (#69).
    It’s easy to look great against a full season of lower half chumps.
    The Heisman voters got egg on their faces yet again, but at least not twice by the same loser.
    As to poor ‘picked on’ Shameous Jameous BS:

    These are JMOHO’s of course…. ;~)
    What do the ND Goldbrick and the criminole Shameous have in common?
    Both have been caught in some form of Academic Fraud, but both are still in school and playing.
    Clown-U and Neutered Lame, both in the same fraud (gold) colors too…. lol
    While UF has the only Heisman winners in NCAA history, that also won the Academic Heisman.
    (Wuerffel – Draddy Trophy — Tebow – Campbell Trophy)

    Tebow Awards/Credits that Shameous Jameous will NEVER have include:
    1. Nominated for the Florida Blue Key Leadership Honorary
    2. 20th Anniversary William V. Campbell Trophy winner.
    3. ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American of the Year x-2.
    4. NCAA Top VIII Award Winner
    5. Lowes’ Senior CLASS Award winner
    6. The Only 3x Heisman Trophy Finalist in NCAA History
    7. Named to the 2009 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team
    8. NCAA Top VIII Award Winner
    9. Named to the 2009 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team
    (his complete list is pages long)

    So, what will Shameous Jameous be remember for?
    1) Accusation – Academic Fraud.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it, I’d never cheat, how can you believe that I would? (wink-wink)

    2) Accusation – BB gun war, dozens of broken windows.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it. And besides, windows don’t cost that much.

    3) Accusation – Stealing Soda at Burger King.
    Shameous – Yeah, but I did bring my own cup to put it in over and over, what’s the big deal?

    4) Accuastion – Date (drug/alcohol?) Rape.
    Shameous – Yeah I did it, and yeah she was unconscious, but I KNOW she wanted it.

    5) Accuastion – Blatantly stealing Crabs+ from Publix.
    Shameous – I did it, but I just forgot to pay as I hurried directly out the front door. (wink-wink)

    6) Accusation – Standing on a table to scream out vulgar obscenities about women.
    Shameous – But I thought that it was funny and that nobody would notice or care.

    7) Accusation – THOUSANDS of $igned autographs on the authentication web site.
    Shameous – Yeah, I did it, but it was all for free, cause I’m such a charitable-giving guy. (wink)

    8) Demonstrated – On the field bumping/pushing of ACC official.
    ~ Not even a flag from the All Corrupt Conference’s excuse for refs.

    9) Winning against the weakest (#69) overall SoS in BCS-NC History.

    Shameous is more on a par with a Michael Vick type QB.

    Jimblow – BUT YAWL DON’T KNOW ALL OF THE FACTS!!!! (idiot or liar?)
    FSU Admin – Why can’t we just talk about something else…… (R-U-chittin-me?)
    The phrase THREE-TIME LOSER, has NO meaning at tallacrappy for the criminoles at Clown-U.
    But with their academics, maybe they just can’t count higher than 3….

    The Shameous Jameous legacy will be there forever, just like the Deion Rule forced on Clown-U. He looks like the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what it means to be a Criminole at Clown-U. And with his 2,000+ $ignatures, he might also help FSUcks back onto NCAA Probation, where they rightly belong. (bet Jimblow is feeling pretty stupid about now — LOL!!!

  67. Well, this has devolved pretty far down by now. Instead let’s talk about Jim McElwain’s recent interview in which he was asked about competing for an SEC title his first year . “I didn’t come for a participation ribbon,” said Mac. I don’t foresee how he can get it done with a neophyte group of offensive linemen this fall. All the same, the Gators will be better everywhere else on offense. At QB Treon will improve and if Will Grier beats him out, then Will has to be even better. Outstanding tight end, much more experienced receivers, and deeper, faster group of running backs. Could be much fun.

  68. I don’t see UF competing for an SEC title this year. UF only has 79 players of scholarship, 78 if McGriff doesn’t make it. Over half the team has never played a down. For a good offense, you need a good quarterback, and we have no idea if UF has a good one. I don’t think anyone can say Harris was a good quarterback last year, and I think he’s limited in in his ability to throw the ball. Grier, we have no idea. At running back, Taylor is the only proven commodity, and he’s been average at best. The wide receivers are mediocre, and even Robinson is not consistent. Outstanding tight end? Based on what? He hasn’t caught a single pass for UF and is coming off an injury that required him to miss an entire year, we don’t know if he’ll return to the same player he was at Virginia, where he wasn’t an all conference player in the conference Gator fans like to denigrate except when they get their transfer players. Tripp Thurman is the only returning starter on the offensive line, and no one has ever confused him with being a good player. Roderick Johnson showed promise, but the rest of the line has played very little or not at all. Maybe Martez Ivey can come in and play right away, but the last consensus top tackle that came to Florida, D.J. Humphries, was not a good player.
    On defense, UF returns Bullard at defensive tackle, and he played well there after being a bust at defensive end. The rest of the tackles have played very little. The defensive ends, Cox and McAlister have done nothing, perhaps CeCe Jefferson will be able to shore up that position in the fall. The linebackers are a bigger question ark than any offensive group. Morrison may not be able to play, and the rest of them have played very little and have not lived up to the hype. The secondary looks to be UF’s position of strength, but it is the only area on the team where there aren’t huge question marks. UF will be an extremely young team and will suffer for it because inexperienced players make mistakes. McElwain is saying the right thing, after all, there’s not a coach in America that won’t say he expects to compete for a conference title next year, but it’s unrealistic to expect UF to win the division title. UF is just too young and inexperienced, and even the veterans returning are part of the reason McElwain was hired in the first place. They aren’t good players, at least relative to the competition. UF is at 79 scholarship players now, I expect that number to further dwindle as the new staff weeds out some players at are the reason UF is presently a mediocre football team. Between attrition and inexperience, UF will yield a depleted team in numbers and have very few upperclassmen to show the younger players how it’s done. IF UF loses five games or more next year, it certainly won’t be McElwain’s fault, look at the hand he’s been dealt. The wild card is the quarterback, if Will Grier shows he’s another Winston or close to it, in his redshirt freshman year, UF could challenge. It’s amazing how a great quarterback can be the catalyst to players stepping up their game. We saw it at FSU with Benjamin, who was a mediocre receiver until Winston came along.

  69. You guys are looking at the trolling all wrong. They are only here cause they fear us. If Fisher, aux, primo, etc. really thought we are as bad as they claim they wouldnt be wasting their time. I highly doubt they comment on duke or wakes recruiting sites. Follow the logic trail, one wouldnt attempt to undermine a house that is already collapsed. Enjoy every post from them for what it truly is, proof that florida future scares them so much that they have to go to a team that isn’t even in their conference in a desperate attempt to try to undermine us. I personally would feel much worse if they weren’t posting here, then we really wood have a dim future. So to aux, Fisher, nurses, etc. Thank you guys for confirming that the rest of the country, or at least flu fans know that the future is bright in Gainesville,

  70. willgator nailed it, as I’ve said similiar things many times myself.

    I like them because they give me a chance to extol Gator facts.

    Liar, or is nuttcase (ntcrze) just another clueless criminole twit?
    RB Kelvin Taylor “just average at best” stats.
    With only 2 starts he finished #2 on the team with 565 yds, 4.9 ypc and 7 TD’s.
    He also had 14 carries for 10+ yards. In the WLOCP, he ran for 197 yds, for #8 in UF single game history, (25 for 197, 7.9 ypc, 2 TD’s). That followed up the SEC Coaches selecting him to the Freshman All SEC Team in 2013. And he’s not going against the All Cupcake Crew.
    As to Kelvin 5-10 210 being “the ONLY proven commodity at RB, more BS.
    Adam Lane 5-7 222 was little used by the previous (fired) staff, but he was the Gator’s 2014 Bowl MVP. In his limited use, he rushed for 181 yds on just 24 carries, 7.5 ypc. As a redshirt in 2013, he Earned Most Valuable Defensive Scout Team Award. This ‘tough’ kid can play.
    Now add in 3 HS-AA 4 stars for depth. And if one of them has weak academics, then he’s the obvious choice to take a redshirt while getting up to speed in the classroom. It’s unlikely that they’d play 5 RB’s, even if all 3 Fr were game ready.

    So you’re still either a liar, or an ignorant idiot, you choose.

    As to Harris, IMO he’s not a good enough QB, and I would switch him to some other needed position or advise him to xfer, with Mornhinweg as Grier’s backup. Grier 6-2 200 4.55/40 comes in with Parade and Lemmings HS PoY Awards, and as the #2 QB-DT at Elite 11. So, while he has no demonstrated college game stats to look at, it’s also not like he just fell off the turnip truck and onto the Gator roster. He looked good to me in last years Spring game.
    Current scouting report on Grier: Athletic, accurate, with a lightening quick release on a cannon arm. HS Rushing: 2,955 yds, 31 TD’s, and in his entire 3 year HS career, only 7 LPF’s.

    DE McCalister led the team in TFL, and was 2nd in sacks behind projected 1st Rnd pick Fowler.
    Cox, Reed, and Bryan will battle with CeCe for the other DE spot.
    DT Joey Ivie played great imo and will likely be the starter opposite Bullard. Joey’s brother just joined the team and his HS coach says that he’s better than his 4 star big brother. UF is loaded on the DL for 2015.

    I could counter ALL of you usual BS, player by player, position by position, but why bother?
    2015 Gator Team Summary:

    12 Returning OL’men, 4 lettermen, plus 6 Fr

    12 Returning WR’s, 9 lettermen, plus 2 Fr

    2 Returning Slot/Jet/KR Combo’s – V.Showers & B.Powell
    4 Returning RB’s, 4 lettermen, plus 3 Fr
    6 Returning TE’s, 2 lettermen, plus 2 Fr
    5 Returning QB’s, 2 lettermen, plus rsFr Grier
    41 Returning on Offense, 19 lettermen + 13 Fr – Total = 54

    ~ 2 K’ers, 1 K/P, 1 P, 1 LS
    5 Special Teams Specialists, 2 lettermen, 1 Fr EE W-O

    5 Returning DT’s, 3 lettermen, plus 1 Fr
    1 Returning DT/DE, 1 letterman, plus 1 Fr DE/DT
    5 Returning DE’s, 2 lettermen, plus 3 Fr
    11 Returning on DL, 6 lettermen, plus 4 Fr
    10 Returning LB’s, 6 lettermen including both MLB’s, plus 1 Fr
    15 Returning DB’s, 9 lettermen including 3 ***** CB’s., plus 2 Fr
    (5 CB’s, 2 Nickel’s, 4 Safety’s, 4 SQ DB’s, 1 Fr S, 1 Fr CB)
    47 Returning on Defense, 27 lettermen + 12 Fr = 59

    2015 Gator Team – 92 Returning including W-O’s, 48 Lettermen, 9 *****’s
    ~ 22 Are 2015 Recruits, 3 are EE’s, 2 are *****’s (#1 LT, #2 DE)

  71. ntcrze…you talk a lot about who uf doenst have on its team but have you looked at fsu? you guys have no qb, no oline, no dline and no secondary…the only thing your right about is that uf does have a young team but your completely wrong stating that our young players have no game time experience…we have talented and capable red shirt freshman and sophs. along the oline wit rod johnson,david sharp, andrew mike harkless, dorsey who were all 4 star players…d line is stacked and players like brantley, ivey, bostwick,sherit ,cox, mcallister all have game time experience…our rbs have good depth and talent..people say treon didnt play well and i think thats bs…he played better as a true freshman than driskel did this past year..i believe treon has that it factor and thats why our entire team played much better wen treon was under center..our team rallied around treon and believed they could win with him under center..i think we can contend for a sec title this year with a lot of other sec teams losing qbs and elite players to graduation and the draft..qb play will be a lot better under this staff and the defense will only get better…GO GATORS!!!!

  72. IF the team played better for Harris than for Driskel, then that says more about the coaches than it does about Driskel imoho. And IF it’s true, there could be many reasons, other than Jeff’s ‘leadership’ abilities.
    I actually remember the good things that the players were saying about Jeff last August.

    When they benched Jeff, UF led the SEC in DROPPED PASSES (22).
    UF’s loss @ Miami was Trey Burton turning the wrong way on a timing route, not Jeff’s fault.
    (there are no stats on running wrong routes or failing to get open forcing a QB scramble, i.e. run for his life.)

    Jeff Driskel – 114 of 212 >>(53.8%)<>(49.5%)<< for 1,019 yds, 9 TD's
    Treon did run the ball better, proving that he is a better RB than he is a QB.
    And Jeff didn't miss any games due to being suspended either…..
    Speeding on campus in a 'borrowed' car, no drivers licence, and blowing weed…
    (showing good leadership my-azz)

    Anyone who believes that Harris 'beat-out' Grier for the job is either ignorant or delusional. There were 'other' reasons for Grier's redshirt. It's like claiming that Grier never went against Top HS competition in NC, while ignoring his #2 QB-DT Elite 11 performance against the best HS defenders in the nation. It's like some calling Grier weak or physically underdeveloped while ignoring their comparative size.

    QB-DT Will Grier 6-2 200 4.55/40 ***** Parade HS PoY
    3 Year HS Career Rushing – 2,955 yds, 31 TD's, only 7 LPF's. (weak huh?)

    QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 190 4.6/40 **** 2x FL 4A State Champs
    3 Year HS Career Rushing – 2,344 yds, 42 TD's, ?? LPF's
    * Their arm strengths and passing numbers are not even close….
    Grier/Harris HS Passing comparisons would only be embarrassing for Harris, so I'll leave them out.

  73. The boards glitz, not mine:
    Jeff Driskel – 114 of 212 53.8%) for 1,140 yds 9 TD’s
    Treon Harris – 55 of 111 (49.5%) for 1,019 yds, 9 TD’s

    Check their opponents strength.
    Harris vs UGly was 3 of 6 passing, that game goes to Taylor & Jones.
    Harris vs FSUcks 13 of 32 passing with 2 Ints.
    And holding Driskel out of the Bowl game almost cost them that game, which Adam Lane won for them.

    IMOHO, if Harris wants to play QB, then he should follow Brissett’s example.

  74. Steveee, this is a ‘grown-up’ site,,, mostly.
    You might want to look into Evelyn Wood’s program, instead of wondering then whining… ;~)
    That, or just skip over the loooong ones that take you soooo long to read. lol