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7:00 a.m. — Good morning from The Gainesville Sun. The letters of intent for UF will start coming through the fax machine this hour. I’ll update this blog as soon as they come in and also when Florida’s targets make their decisions.

In case you missed it, check out The Sun’s signing day predictions as well as thoughts from Tom Luginbill and Mike Farrell on Florida’s 2015 class.

We also have our prospect profiles for the verbal commitments and soon-to-be signees at recruits.gatorsports.com.

Here are the results for today:

DE Byron Cowart* (AUBURN)
WR Antonio Callaway (FLORIDA)
WR Ryan Davis (AUBURN)
WR Derrick Dillon (LSU)
QB Deondre Francois (FLORIDA STATE)
OL Tyree St. Louis (MIAMI)
OL Martez Ivey* (FLORIDA)
QB Lamar Jackson (LOUISVILLE)
ATH Javarius Davis (AUBURN)
DE Keivonnis Davis (FLORIDA)
DE CeCe Jefferson* (FLORIDA)
RB Jordan Cronkrite (FLORIDA)
OL Nick Buchanan (FLORIDA)
ATH D’Anfernee McGriff (FLORIDA)
* — Televised by ESPNU


4:00 p.m. — DE Byron Cowart faxes in his LOI to Auburn.

2:33 p.m. ATH D’Anfernee McGriff signs with Florida over Miami.

2:19 p.m. OL Nick Buchanan commits with Florida over Georgia.

2:19 p.m. RB Jordan Cronkrite commits to Florida over West Virginia.

2:11 p.m. DE CeCe Jefferson commits to Florida over Ole Miss and others.

1:31 p.m. DE Keivonnis Davis flips to Florida from Oregon State.

1:02 p.m. — ATH Javarius Davis commits to Auburn over Florida.

12:12 p.m. OL Fredrick Johnson is in.

11:51 a.m. — QB Lamar Jackson sticks with Cardinals.

11:41 a.m.TE Camrin Knight is in.

11:37 a.m.OL Martez Ivey signs with Florida over Auburn.

11:03 a.m. — OL Tyree St. Louis signs with Miami.

10:42 a.m.LB Rayshad Jackson is in.

10:24 a.m.OL Brandon Sandifer is in.

10:21 a.m. — QB Deondre Francois signs with FSU.

10:05 a.m. — Two of Florida’s top WR targets go elsewhere.

9:53 a.m.ATH Kylan Johnson is in.

9:47 a.m.CB Chris Williamson is in.

[youtube CNDqzw0WLnw 580]

9:45 a.m. — DE Keivonnis Davis, an Oregon State commit considering Florida, delays his decision.

9:36 a.m.WR Antonio Callaway signs with Florida over Miami.

[youtube 3lF1qSu2vps 580]

9:15 a.m.DL Jabari Zuniga is in.

9:04 a.m.DE Luke Ancrum is in.

8:45 a.m.OL Richerd Desir-Jones is in.
[youtube dbIX2FJrmmk 580]

8:40 a.m. — OL Mike Horton has signed with Auburn, flipping from Florida.

8:05 a.m.RB Jordan Scarlett is in.

[youtube zEgz7dXcTQ0 580]

7:33 a.m. — Father of DT Andrew Ivie says his son’s LOI is in.

7:13 a.m.OL Tyler Jordan is in.


  1. Has the feel of a really good day for this class. If so, an amazing turn-around for our coach. Can’t wait for the great returns on Jim a McElwain’s first full year at the helm in recruiting next February 3. And it’s fitting that Tyler Jordan should be his first guy in this grand Gator day, a good young man with “leadership” coursing through his blood.

  2. Congratulations to all the new Gators who decide to join THE University of Florida and provide the foundation of the revival of the Gator Nation! And to the rest of the recruits congratulations and I hope you all make the right decision for you whether it be with the 2015 #gatorgang or another school. Go Gators, back to the top!

  3. No matter who signs or doesn’t sign, our new coach has shown a lot. I like the direction and the excitement that is returning to Gator football . WM may steal a few recruits from us today, but it won’t happen next year. That science experiment is now gone and we have a real coach that knows how to leave his ego at home. The future is bright. I gotta wear shades

  4. Bang up job by BigMac and his staff so far after starting at a disadvantage. I believe it is a success already with the new staff, with Jake MaGee coming back and with Scarlett and the rest of the recruits coming in today.
    It’s always great to be a Florida Gator!

  5. So, I am just asking this question: If Foley and company are so smart, why was there not a clause in Muschamps contract about not recruiting for a year. He gets fired, gets paid millions of dollars after being fired, and is taking recruits. Does not seem right to me.

  6. On top of that gator nation was falling all over themselves to say nice things about Messchump. We showed class and talked about him being a nice guy. Hi remember him whining and fuming when Meyer went after a couple of his recruits.

    But the two faced leg jumper went all out to screw the Gators, even during his last weekson the payroll. Looks like the chump really is a ll. can you say two faced sleaze.

  7. Steve…….An assistant coach would not be hired by another school if he could not recruit at that school. You can’t do things to keep people from being employed, especially when you fire that coach. Muschamp has done a good job about not being in the media spotlight after leaving Florida. All is fair in love and war. And recruiting is both. Go Gators.

  8. Steve, there is a clause that he cannot recruit anyone that wasn’t already a target to go to Auburn. So that’s why he can go after a lot of the same guys is because they were recruited by both schools.

  9. Actually Tampa… It happens all the time in other industries. It even happens when college athletes try to transfer. Non-Compete Clauses are standard practice. Florida should have one if they were going to keep paying Muschamp after they fired him. And yes, Muschamp is showing his true colors.

  10. Cowart to Auburn. Just call it a feeling or intuition, but I think he’s not going to be a great player and it’s not a big deal to lose him. The other two whales out there, Jefferson and Ivey, I get good vibes from them and, hopefully, UF may get them.

  11. 2015…..Apples and oranges comparison.

    Crier…..that applied only if he took a HC job. And Muschamp was involved in the recruitment and flip of Horton, and Auburn did not recruit Horton until Muschamp arrived at Auburn.

  12. Read a very interesting perspective on Cowart. His dad is serving life in prison and has not been involved in his life. Muschamp has been involved with Cowart for years and has become like a father to him, and his mother sees Muschamp that way as well. Knowing that, it makes total sense that he signed with Auburn and Muschamp. I just hope Jefferson tells Ole Miss no and signs with the Gators. But I do not have a good feeling about that as well. Just keeping my fingers crossed for Ivey. He is a must get for Florida and will be a difference maker for this class.

  13. Texas got it right. They learned enough about Messchump to keep him “IN waiting” and never let him take the reins. Foley got it wrong with the chimp and let Texas off the hook. The leg jumper is gone. We’re moving on!
    Goooo Gators!

  14. This will not be a big day for the Gators, it seems, but I have no doubt that McElwain will put in a recruiting strategy and plan that will bring in a big class next year, especially if he ramps up the offense to go with what is going to be a very good defense in 2015. Go Gators.

  15. Backup…….Cowart just said on ESPN that Muschamp had very little role in him signing with Auburn. He said they were recruiting him before Muschamp got fired and they were in his top 5 all along and visited during the Iron Bowl and it just felt like home to him and his mother. He seemed very sincere in his statement. Good guy. Wish him well, other than when and if he plays vs. Florida.

  16. Will Muschamp is the worst thing to ever happen to Gator athletics. Foley should be ashamed of himself and I’m sure this morning he is steaming. Stood by that pathetic head coach last year after the debacle (Ga Southern???) and then spoke nicely of him after letting him go this year. And what does Muschamp do? Bad mouths Florida and “gets revenge” according to some sites. Awful awful person no matter what anyone says. At least Urban the snake wins championships. FSU is no longer our biggest rival.

  17. Callaway is a Gator!!! Yes. Excellent job closing out this class. We won’t know for a couple of years, but I think some of these late skill players could make an impact next year. Hope at least one of them can return kicks as well as Brandon James or Andre Debose.

  18. This is going to be a good class regardless of who signs. Coach Mac and company getting what we need not want. As a former player, rankings don’t mean a thing. This year we could have easily won 10 games with an offense. But, Muschamp……great strategy Coach Mac

  19. Let’s all be happy for these kids regardless where they sign. It’s a huge day for them, their family and friends. Congratulations to all you guys, all the hard work you put in during high school paid off and I wish you luck at the next level. But I’m especially excited about our new Gators and can’t wait to watch these guys play next year!! Congratulations Gators!

  20. I’m with Homer J. Cowart is this years Dalvin Cook. I found myself kind of happy he fumbled so much in the NC. But however these kids will still end up with an education and/ or rich playing in the NFL. But I only have a soft spot for my GATORS!

  21. We got Scarlett and Callaway if we get Ivey then this class is a success. Davis would be icing. Flipping St Louis from Miami and/or Francois form FSU would be even better.
    None of the 3 defensive guys matter that much Muschump is a good defensive recruiter it is not surprising some of them followed him and TRob.
    We will do just fine with the offensive talent coming our way.
    Go Gators!

  22. I’m Surprised Ryan Davis chose Auburn. I think it’s important for UF to get the other Davis, Javorius. As for Francois, has anyone noticed how small he is? I know about Russell Wilson, but he’s the exception. I don’t think losing out on Francois, if it happens, is that big a deal unless UF whiffs on Jackson too.

  23. I keep having to remind myself that few true freshman become stars in the SEC. Nearly all take time to develop. So, we just need a few key pieces here and there and we will be fine. Anything else should be considered bonus. We have enough talent to be good on the field next year, as long as we get some good online commits and get depth at RB and WR – it seems help is on the way.

  24. I hate to say it but its starting to look like the Gators will have a miserable signing day. Scarlett looks to be the best player we’ve been able to lure. If we don’t sign Ivey and Jefferson then I’d have to say this class will be the 11th or 10th in the SEC. I hope I’m wrong!!!

  25. The ineptitude to close is going to hurt us for years to come. How do you miss on cowart who was a lean the entire cycle, Ryan Davis miss, deondre miss, Horton flip, Dillon flip, we won’t get Jefferson, and Ivey I am shakey on at this point. Not good. Mcelwain hasn’t coached a game, but I hope his gamedayplan is better than his signing day plan. Absolutely horrible right now. If we don’t get Ivey, Jefferson, Cronkite and a surprise 4 star or better to commit this day is a monumental disaster.

  26. Mush……just relating what I witnessed live, and he was very sincere in his comments. Probably a lot more sincere and less bitter than you. McElwain and staff have not had time to create a culture at Florida yet. It is a major disadvantage for Florida right now. McElwain will get it done, long term. And kids will get to know McElwain and his staff this year, both on and off the field. And I think both will be very positive experiences.

  27. uncle leo……Cowart was not a surprise….and he and Ryan Davis were a package (friends). Locksley flipping to Texas from FSU sealed the deal for Francois for FSU. The Horton flip most likely means Ivey is headed to Gainesville and other OL are coming as well. Jefferson is going to Ole Miss. Scarlett is a Gator, making Cronkite not a must. That is the positive and realistic side.

  28. The jury is still out on McElwain but today has been a huge disappointment. We have only lost potential recruits today, we have not gained a single one. Ivey and Jefferson were always UF leans, even with them we have lost far more than we have gained.

  29. Why is there so much negativity this early in the day. Everything that has happened today has been expected for weeks now. People have been talking about Horton and Dillon flipping for over a month. We need to just relax there are still a ton of kids out there. We all knew Cowart was a 50/50 shot and we all knew that Davis and Holland were going to follow him. Relax

  30. relax…i we will be fine…if you havent noticed our last 2 classes we are stacked with talent muschamp never developed talent on the offensive side of the ball. we already have good wr’s and a pretty good d-line depth..the major concern is the o-line and linebackers and 1 class wont hurt…with that said i am disappointed that we didnt get the big dogs in the state and that certainly has to change going forward but UF is in good hands..develop the talent that we already have and get today and we will be fine…GO GATORS!!!

  31. Tampa,

    Dude, you are way off. I am ecstatic. New head coach bringing in players who he wants. My comment was directed absolutely at Muschamp, the only reason Cowart is at AU. Not saying right wrong good or bad – just giving my opinion that what Cowart said was not very “sincere”.

    Give us a bunch of two stars or no stars, at least we MAY have a competent head coach to coach em up………..

  32. Before Gator Nation goes into panick mode. Let’s remember we have a roster of great talent already on the team. Alot of guys who got lost in the mix last year. Add these recruits we have so far, and I don’t think we have a thing to worry about. 10 wins next year!

  33. Tally whose job is it to close? Nuff said until something good happens I will be pessimistic. And by the way we Had a2016 recruit commit to us for a week and then bail , not a good start to next year, I hope this guy can coach us some wins this year.

  34. Some of the posters on here or either trolls or the most bitter, negative “fans” that I have ever seen. McElwain has had little time to wipe the crap stain from the Gators undies that Muschamp left behind. Give him time and it will be gone.

  35. Mush,

    I disagree. You can’t get caught up in the numbers. Rankings come from football camps and etc…so a lot of these guys who may not be rated as 5 star, are often better or just as good. In fact, most kids don’t get a chance to go the high profile camps and that’s why they aren’t rated with all the stars. Often, in a class that’s rated high, some never play, 3rd transfer, and only a few show their deservings. That’s why a good coach is important and why you recruit every year.

  36. Uncle Leo isn’t that the motto? If you build it they will come. After a great season next year to remove some of this medio culture Will Muschamp has settled us in, they recruits will be begging to be Gators!

  37. Suddenly I can’t wait for the day UF destroys Auburn and seeks revenge for ravishing our ranks and harboring the enemy…in all seriousness I think we just need to move in from the Muschamp era and enjoy the ascension that began a month ago.

  38. This signing day is not that big of a deal. It’s just the fact of how these recruits wouldn’t commit with Muschamp as a head coach, but go and sign with him as a coordinator. Man Muschamp really rubbing it in our face . Maybe should have fired him after the 4 and 8 season.We are really paying for it today.

  39. mr smith,

    no offense at all. it is a recruiting blog/board. the other mooks take offense all day long….obviously the guy would want every 5 star he can get, so no, every player who signs is not a player he necessarily wanted. Some he may have had to “settle for”. BUT, not all of them….

  40. Its going to come down to winning again. Until UF can prove its heading in the right direction by winning we wont win the recruiting wars. I read a stat the other day that listed the top 5 schools who have the most ESPN 300 recruits currently on their rosters and UF was in the top 5 with Bama, Ohio State, FSU, and LSU.. 3 playoff teams. UF has the talent now to win games, just need a real coach to coach them and call good plays. If Mac can get the O rolling in 2015 and we win 9 or 9 games or win the east we can have a good class in 2016. Plus by then the indoor practice facility will be complete and kids now a days look for that. Muschamp really screwed UF big time.

  41. Uncle Leo, Mac has been on the job for two months. He has not recruited any of these players. He was coaching and winning in the Mountain West, recruiting west coast 3*s for the past few years. Give the guy a chance. These players have been building relationships for years with many of these other coaches for the past couple of years. We are already a step ahead of the past four years, just by having a competent coach walking the sidelines, rather than having some hothead recruiter yelling at the refs. And, as for T-Rob, I have made my thoughts known on him. He is nothing more than a recruiter, much like Zook was. As a coach, he is terrible. His DBs cannot tackle and and let players run by them and try to strip the ball.

  42. Homer I understand he didn’t recruit them however it is still his job to show them his scheme and how they will fit coming here, don’t know about you but ivey’s commitment today is big as we all know and if he goes elsewhere that is a huge tell take sign of what’s to come for the day and that my friend you cannot deny

  43. Hard to overcome St. Louis’ family wanting him to stay in the Miami area. I hope he enjoys playing in a half empty stadium unless the Noles or Gators come to town to help fill it up. Shannon needs a year to re-establish relationships with families down there. It will happen. Go Gators.

  44. Shocked that Cowart signed with AU over the Noles. uF was 3rd choice. As I said before it is going to be a bad day for da Gators. You guys seriously thought you were goin to flip Francois??? Lol. We will pound you for a long time. The Gator era is over , you will now be Purdue and Iowa State.

    I hope to talk with you guys next recruiting year. I hope my insight was appreciated , especially by 863, da maud and Tampa. My respect to Aux for his amazing insight .. Thanks

  45. Homer,

    I agree. Muschamp and TRob coached DBs and looked what was happening. They can recruit but can’t coach. As a result, Muschamp brought in high ranked classes, but look at the results the last 4 years. The head coach is very important and can turn a program around quickly. Ask Urban Meyer and Nick Saban who both have won with the previous coach recruits. I wouldn’t get caught up in all this rah rah.

  46. Fisher……yeah……you really pounded the Gators this year. Newsflash…..Muschamp is gone. McElwain has arrived, and he knows offense…which just a little of would have undone your Noles this year. So, go crawl back in your Crime n’ Noles hole with Aux2.

  47. All of you people criticizing Muschamp for recruiting players to his current school are fools. That type of delusion is what gives a lot of fanbases bad names. Of coarse he is going to try to recruit every good player he can whether he recruited them at Florida or not. Thats what hes paid to do!!!! Hello!

  48. The more of you Negative Nancy’s that jump off a high ledge the better for Gator Nation, imo.

    Good Christ. Every single one of you do NOTHING but ruin it for the rest of us proud Gator fans who are actually trying to enjoy the awesome new direction McElwain is taking us.

    Ugh. 😛

  49. Gotta feel good so far. Callaway a BIG deal. If Martez chooses to join Gator nation and I believe he will, too have to say the new staff did a solid job. They were way way behind when they came on board, they put together a bunch of solid guys, mostly good students that want to be gators AND they grabbed a few unexpected stars in Callaway, Scarlett and flipped. 4 star DB from Texas away from K State. Pretty good work in my book. If jefferson ends up coming to the swamp this staff has to be hailed for doing a great job.

  50. Some of you guys, and few trolls, talk as if you expected us to flip every big name out there. You can’t expect a new staff to walk in just before the dead period, build relationships with every kid and coach in the state and steal away a bunch of 5 stars from people that have had multi year relationships with some of these kids.

    Staff is doing a heck of a job, especially with Messchump and Trob doing everything in their power to undercut us with kids from Florida that they have been on for a couple of years.

  51. You all will be happily surprised at how many wins we will have this season. This staff knows college level and pro football inside out. The have eaten, drank it and slept it for many years.
    Most these recruits will add 40 pounds to there frames and pick up speed.
    Remember what the old coach said about Spurrier. He can takes his and beat yorn, then he can take yorn and beat his.
    Give these guys the time to develop these kids. All the rankings don’t mean squat!
    Oh, yea…….one more thing……..just ask Willy Boy! 🙂

  52. Well said Apples pie. Anyone who criticizes the new staff is simply a fool. They came in here with no time and had to fight all the negativity left by the last crew led by the worst head coach in the history of football. McElwain and his guys are doing the best they can and by getting Scarlett/Ivey/TBD they’ve exceeded what should have been expected. Good for them, and in the end these kids that chose Auburn because of Muschamp will regret that decision when they see what McElwain will do, someone who will actually take the same offensive players, the same roster as 2014, and win. Goodbye Will and enjoy the extra $7-million that you suckered out of us.

  53. Loved what Ivey had to say…….that is not about his relationship with coaches but about having an influence on the state in which his family lives…….and that it is more than just about football. Big time character kid. Welcome to GatorNation……Mr. Ivey.

  54. Hey this is a good class!!!Keep them coming this afternoon! What coach did and is in the process of is outstanding!!!!! We will be a fun and exciting team this next year and I am sure we will be on top of the recruiting world next year….This afternoon we may add another 6or 7 more…..The guys that went to Auburn didnt realize what a guy Muschamp really is!!!!! He was working on the Auburn Job for months while being paid by us…He failed miserably coaching in the year we gave him as a damned gift and I am sure he was working on Auburn recruits……What a Jerk!!!!!! Its OK…..Go Gators…lets finish up with a good afternoon!!!!! Lots of guys out there left!!! Bob in Jupiter!

  55. Jefferson, Buchanon, and Cronkite are the ones I expect to finish off this class.

    We also have the two EE’s yet to send their LOI’s in but they will.

    Hope we can still find another QB and LB for this class though.

  56. Chompchomp starts with C C. Take that as sign CeCe.
    Get on board the Mac train. And let’s go whip some Leg humping bulldog butt. And put the Semi-holes back in their place. Which has alway been looking up to the THE University of Florida.

    Run out of the tunnel into the swamp. Feel the energy of 90,000 Gators all pulling for you. We’re all your Florida neighbors. And we want to welcome you yo your Florida family.

    Heck we might start calling it the CECE Chomp.

  57. Camrin knight is a 6’4″ 225lb. TE/OLB from Tally. Wants to be gator. He is a good TE and a a playmaker at OLB. He can redshirt at TE behind McGhee or jump over to D and let Randy coach him up from day 1. Time will tell. Gotta love a kid and family that is smart enough to see the moral dumpster fire going on at the school out west and decide to leave home to attend The University of Florida. Go Gators!

  58. Apple Pie, I don’t think he should reshirt he can gain alot from the live game experience. Not only that we want to develop someone and get them sme experience because McGhee is only with us for a year. 2 is better than one in my opinion. He seems to have the body to play as a recieving TE rather than blocking.

  59. Tampa I don’t want to quibble. Their getting plenty of talented guys. But please note. I did say the MORAL dumpster fire. Camrin’s family can’t abide by the scandalous behavior that Jimbo and his staff condone and cover up. He’s a Gator. We welcome him and all the new Gators.
    Chompchomp let’s welcome the knight family to Gator nation.

  60. Tampa Gator- Are you the same Tampa Gator I see all over the AJC’s message boards? Also, I think Apples is referring to Jameis Winston and company what with his legal goings on as well as the litany of others on their team facing legal issues that all seem to have been swept under the rug at FSU.

  61. Fredrick or do you prefer to be called Fred. Thank you for having the brains and the guts to make the move to Gainesville. Most of the folks down here seem to think that South Florida kids owe it to Miami to go to Coral Gables. It’s like they wish their coach’ silly little ties on game day can rope everyone into his bag of hot air. You are going to love playing in front of a packed house at the Swamp every Saturday. It’s the best game day experience in all of football. 90,000 thousand screaming Gator fans pulling for you. Go Gators!

  62. Apples. I do not believe Fisher is immoral or FSU for that matter. They just have lower standards of operation than the University of Florida, as well as lower academic entrance requirements than Florida.

  63. A special welcome to all the new Gators from South Florida who understand they don’t owe anything to the crew in Coral Gables just because they were born within an hour and a half drive. You understand that younowe it to yourself and your families to follow your hearts and minds. Attend THE best University in the state of Florida, compete with the best in the SEC and expand your horizons. Believe me the 305, 954, 561 are teeming with Gators and now you’re part of our extended family. Welcome to the family.

  64. Brad…..Yes. I lived and worked in the Atlanta area for over 20 years (moved there from Chicago after grad school). Moved to Clearwater Beach and then, due to health reasons, moved closer to family in the Nature Coast area. Graduated initially from Florida and then Northwestern’s marketing graduate program. Retired now. Was a Georgia fan growing up and still follow them. Lots of trolls on the AJC site….and only a few on here.

  65. Lord Byron. It’s not too late to personally bring Chucky back to Gainesville and join the Gator Nation. Just step up to that fax machine and do the wise thing. Remember what’s it’s like on game day when you here the announcer say HEEEEEerreee come the Gators and 90,000 of your Florida neighbors erupt into a frenzy!

  66. Bud…..you are correct. His high school coach, Callahan’s father, said he stlll has not decided and is very torn. He is currently in possession of LOI for Auburn and Florida. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. But they seldom change their minds after committing. I am sure Muschamp is calling and talking to him now and not letting him off the phone to talk to McElwain.

  67. Come on Momma help Byron make the wise decision. Neither of you will regret it. We know Muschamp’s been around you guys a few years but he might just be moving on to a new gig in a year or two. He does seem to like to chase the money. Come to Gainesville and let us welcome you into our Gator family.

  68. Bud: Hope he does, but don’t think he can cut the cord to WM??? Sad to see him leave his state when he grew up a Gator Fan. Wish him the best either way….think Coach Mac has done a fantastic job in such a short period of time. Look forward to many fruitful year’s with him at the helm. Hope CeCe gets on the Gator Mac Train…go Gator’s

  69. like the class so far given the circumstances, hope cece, buchanan, and cronkite all sign….
    any thoughts re QB as mcelwain indicated this position as a priority
    this year…..were they that certain of a francois flip? anyone out there they might still be hoping for?

  70. ESPNU just reported that he’s only signed ONE LOI and that’s Auburn. Just waiting to be sure he’s made the right decision. Just don’t think a change is in the ‘wind’. But, what the heck, hopeful. Truly believe he’d be a better fit and happier at UF. GO GATORS!

  71. Cowart waffling? I said before I don’t think he will be a great player and I get bad vibes from him. I think this is just an example of him continuing to be a drama queen seeking attention. Ivey is a huge pickup for UF and I hope Jefferson follows him to UF. As for Cowart, I think this latest drama is the kind of thing you can expect from him, wherever he goes. UF has done as well as can be expected, but, unless something unexpected happens, has missed out on two critical needs. The absence of a quarterback in this class is glaring and signing only one two star linebacker in two years is bad. McElwain talked about correcting the “roster imbalance” he inherited fro Muschamp. It looks like UF has taken care of that on the offensive line, but the above areas may bite UF’s ass in the future.

  72. No doubt Coach Mac and new staff had done a remarkable job in just 60 days. Recruiting is a 12 month, every month relationship building with not only the player, but especially the parents, and the H.S. coach as well. Coach Mac was on the road from the gitgo and then the dead period hit. So, with all that and with those signed thus far he’s done a great job and OH, by the way, he’s an offensive guy. NOTE to CeCe! The GATOR NATION is not only an opportunity for your FB future, but LIFE as well. Sign on and become the best you can be as a GATOR!

  73. aux2….Please go back to your FSU blog. ESPN just reported that Cowart has signed his LOI to Auburn but is waiting to see what CeCe Jefferson does. Seems maybe like he thought he and CeCe were a package deal to Auburn and maybe CeCe is thinking more about Florida now. Cowart told the ESPN reporter that is has nothing to do with seeking publicity.

  74. Bottom line is that he is still an 18 year old making a huge decision. give the kid a break. We are having an exceptional class considering the circumstances. K. Davis is a huge pick up for those that watch film.
    Never thought we would get him.

  75. Submarine, nice to see that only your opinion matters you can leave this thread just like Fisher, I am a pessimist until I see results Florida is still the team I riot for but like I said I will wait to see results first before saying wow this is great Florida back on top. I do want them to be just not having a ticket tape parade yet, like you and others who think like you.

  76. Come on Cowart let’s get it in!! Keep the Chucky tradition in Florida!! You can never regret being a Gator!! Plz represent for Florida!! Dont believe the lies it’s gonna take some time for Auburn to get that defense stable!! The Gator Nation is second to none!!! Go Gators!!

  77. keivonnis,
    Welcome to the Gator nation and your new extended family. It’s great to be a Florida Gator and it’s great to have a Central Rocket on board the Mac Express. Glad to see you recognize that people like us from the 305 don’t owe anything to the crew in Coral Gables. You are making the right move for you and your family’s future. Welcome aboard.

  78. As a child psychologist I really wonder what is going on with Byron. Evidence suggest he is very torn and I think it has been that way along time. That explains the wishing-washing and supposed trolling. Although he has a better relationships with the AU coaches than UF coaches, his closest relationship is to his mother. We all know how close they are and where she lives. Does he really want to be that far from the woman that has loved him so much? We’ll see.

  79. Cece is on board the J & J backfield is on board. Callaway is on board. Scarlett, Ivey, Jackson. OMG. The Gators did it! They pulled it off! Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp!!!!!

    Let’s go Byron get Chcuky over to the Swamp with you!

  80. It’s obvious Cowart wants to be a Gator even though he has a good relationship with Mushchamp. He needs to go to Florida. That’s where his heart is and Mushchamp has no ties to Auburn really. He’ll be moving on soon, and leaving all the kids from the state of Florida he recruited behind with a long drive to get to school.

  81. Could you imagine offenses trying to block both Jefferson and Cowart at the same time? Kind of reminds me of an old movie…hit by Jefferson, tackled by Jefferson, F’d up by Jefferson. Now we need to add Cowart to that mix and we’ll be in Bidness; right James Fisher and Aux2?

  82. I think Jefferson will be able to contribute right away and become a starter ar defensive end very quickly. UF has done much better than I expected, I thought they would finish in the forties with this class and now they make crack the top 25. Most of the needs were met. UF has met their needs on the offensive line, and that was the most pressing problem. Hopefully UF has a decent quarterback on campus already and the failure to secure a quarterback won’t matter. Also the failure to adequately address the next most urgent area on the team, after offensive line, is troubling. UF needs to covert some of the tight ends they have an abundance of to linebacker to address this roster imbalance.

  83. I might be late saying this forByron, but the scenarios are this: go to Auburn and if momma moves with you then she is an environment of not knowing anyone. Any parent in their situation would do it for their kid but there is more to think about here for Byron! If he goes to Florida, then he has the space needed to mature as a man but yet so close to the home cooking and momma is amongst family and friends. She has looked after you Byron all this time, now it’s your first step towards responsibility and look after hearing!

  84. Gator Rob…..Now ranked #20 by ESPN. What a job McElwain and staff have done…..and it might not be over. Imagine what this staff will do with a full year to recruit……and coach. It is great to be a Florida Gator!

  85. I am impressed! In just a short time, Mac and company put together a top 25 class. While Champ was still coach having 8 commits and trending down. If this is what this staff can do plus having a successful season, I can only imagine what next years class is going to look like. This is pretty exciting. Now for development and x’s and o’s.

  86. Well done Coach Mac and staff…I think once he develops our current QBs, we will have them begging to come to UF.

    So much for the Chump…either Pat or Robbie wrote a good article on Urban being the ex-girlfriend who won Miss America. Well the Chump is the psycho ex-girlfriend who wrecked our house and stole the credit card.


  87. Rivals now ranks FLORIDA @ #20 on National Signing Day! Great job to Coach Mac and staff. Thanks for a super effort in a very short time to work. Giddy for 2016 signing day! Now let’s go win some games! GO GATORS!!

  88. primo…if that was the case he would have had it in already right after. He will most likely land there but why the wait if he was firm. Id take him for sure but i would not want to be on the auburn side if he keeps his commit. How would you feel at practice every day knowing this guy would really rather be a Gator?

  89. If these guys could just grow up and learn that they should never follow a coach, or sign because of the coach. Sign because of the program and what it has to offer. Easier said because Champ was like a father to Cowart, but his heart all along was to be a Gator. Oh well, Congrats all Gators and the Gator Football Staff, a job well done!!!

  90. If anyone said 3 weeks ago when the dead period ended that they expected this kind of finish (or better), they’re lying. After listening to the “drive by” followers of recruiting bitch, moan and bad mouth Mac for not holding onto Lawing and Trob…some of you guys must be really embarrassed. And you should be! Mac worked these closing days perfectl, lots of stuff went on behind the scenes and the staff was very deliberate in what they went after. Turns out he did a better job closing the last week than WM ever did. A great class when you consider the circumstances.

  91. Who are these fsux inbreeding trolls, and what are they doing here? If I were them, I would be worrying about their own class and what jumbo is going to do now that the rapist is gone. Geez, the Gators came VERY close to beating fsux this year, with chump as our coach! What does THAT say about jumbo’s coaching?? Of course, jumbo is not known for his coaching. He is a very good recruiter, but as a coach he is limited. And, he knows it, because he kept the rapist on the team when he should have been kicked out of school long ago.

  92. IMHO this is one of the more impressive recruiting classes at Florida in the last 15, 20 years. A week ago Florida was ranked #73 with one 4-star kid in the fold. Seven days later Florida has two of the premier recruits in the country, four 4-stars and sits at 23. What Mac and Co. were able to accomplish in 60 days is nothing short of remarkable.

  93. Zach did a great job leading up to and on signing day. Robbie – befuddled. Zach nice enough to carry him and try to make him seem relevant.

    Fat Doolittle what did you have for lunch while all this wss going on? We know you were eating crow when you played your dull, old negative question game with coach Mac. See Phat he’s not slow and dumb like miss chump so he doesn’t have time to blunder around with your inane Bullstuff.

  94. Zach! You ROCK!!!!! I compared your Feb. 3, 205 Predictions against those of Robbie Andreu. Zach you had 9 correct predictions, missing on 3.
    Robbie had 6 correct predictions, missing on 6. How you knew in advance or were more in the “know” is beyond me, but once again, you proved you ARE the man to listen too! Go Gators! Overall, a GOOD year of recruiting given a short time table!!!!

  95. not only is he holding off on sending the LOI….they are trying to get out of it altogether apparently. Something to do with the D-Line coach mess. Now go ahead and bash me like you always do, but how is that the right thing to do, if it is true they didn’t disclose the change?