Ivey continues five-star trend at Florida

Martez Ivey is a U.S. Army All-American. (Sun photo)

Martez Ivey, Florida’s top overall target, committed to UF over Auburn at his signing day ceremony Wednesday.

The consecutive five-star offensive tackle from Apopka visited both schools in January and took a cruise to the Bahamas over the weekend to make his decision.

“What I thought about is just where I wanted to be at the next three to four years and what I want to do with my life,” Ivey said on ESPNU. “It’s not all about football … it’s going to come to an end. It’s (about) where I want to be at.

“I don’t want to go and stay in Alabama. I want to stay here in Florida. I figure I can change the lives of people in Florida. That’s what I want to do.”

With the addition of Ivey, the Gators have now signed a five-star recruit for the fourth straight year and nine of the last 10. They currently have 16 members in their 2015 class.

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  1. really overall though this has been a HUGE disappointing day. I was hopeful after Monday, but Muschamp killed us today. Inexcusable to let so much FLORIDA grown talent to get away. No QBs, one WR very bad day. Devastating if CeCe signs elsewhere

  2. relax…i we will be fine…if you havent noticed our last 2 classes we are stacked with talent muschamp never developed talent on the offensive side of the ball. we already have good wr’s and a pretty good d-line depth..the major concern is the o-line and linebackers and 1 class wont hurt…with that said i am disappointed that we didnt get the big dogs in the state and that certainly has to change going forward but UF is in good hands..develop the talent that we already have and get today and we will be fine…GO GATORS!!!

  3. Honestly something would be wrong if Muschamp & T-Robber didn’t steal 1 or 2 guys from us this year, we don’t call him ‘Flipper’ because he looks like a dolphin…
    It won’t go down so smooth in the future for him. We lose Cowart, no biggie, we got a new improved head coach & coaching staff, plus Ivey, Scarlett, etc. Besides, we want guys that want to be Gators, and let’s not forget the doom and gloom everybody was predicting when we were sitting at 8 commits a few days ago. The future is bright!

  4. any player who picks a coach over a school is not showing the confidence of an elite prospect and therefore probably isn’t as good as the newspaper thinks. I like ivey’s answers…those who can start with their belief, that they can will themselves to achieve. coaches are second to player development, some can help but a lot of guys in the nfl come from nowheresville. if signing players the newspaper wanted made you a top coach wed still have zook or champ. coaching is also about scouting, about developing, about scheme, about preparation, about play calling, and about grit. who knows which two star will shine and what 5 star will fall flat in this game.

  5. We’re doing fine considering the circumstances. Don’t worry, stars don’t mean anything – it depends on how well our coaches can coach them up. I’m sure we’ll be better of offensively than we have been. And the defense looks good too. Better times coming. Go Gators!

  6. Primo, you sewage pumping boob, we signed 2 five-star recruits and a four star recruit today, along with a half dozen other respectable prospects. Florida is winning NSD, and you think it’s armageddon. lol.

  7. corey…totally agree..primo is a loser just like fsu..screw him…this turned out to be a great day to be a gator…no one thought we were going to get any 4 or 5 star players and we nailed it.only thing coach mac has to do is coach these kids and the ones we have on the roster up..one thing i hope coach mac does is keep players at the position he recruits instead of throwing de’s that cant catch at te..

  8. The big news is that we finally made in roads into the most fertile recruiting are in the country – South Florida. We got 7 great players from SF and thanks to Coach Shannon we have opened up the pipeline for future recruiting dividends. The success of our football program will be directly tied to the talent we get from South Florida.

    Gator Paul

  9. The big news is that we finally made in roads into the most fertile recruiting area in the country – South Florida. We got 7 great players from SF and thanks to Coach Shannon we have opened up the pipeline for future recruiting dividends. The success of our football program will be directly tied to the talent we get from South Florida.

  10. Primo – Seriously dude – two weeks ago we had 8 kids and we’re ranked like 100 and we finish with 21 and Top 25 rankings – really – stay off this Board
    until the haze your heads in clears – great job Coach Mac and Team Gator – Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I for one am very happy with our class of players today. Must say I am surprised as most who post on this site , at the number of players that signed today, and the quality of the players. Agreat shout out to the new staff of coaches for the job they have done. Think about it for a min. Hire a coach most players dont know, he has to put together a staff of coaches,and hit the road recruiting players and coaches that former coaches have been working for 2 yrs. Then you have a dead period. If Florida staff can do this in a shot period, I am really looking forward to practice time and the job of making real players out of these young men. I belive in coach Mac and his staff to do the job. So looking forward to next season, and a possible 10 wins.GO GATORS////

  12. TO COACH MAC AND THE ENTIRE GATOR STAFF, FOR THE JOB YOU HAVE DONE CONGRATS FROM A DIE HARD GATOR FAN. Keep up the good work. I like coach Macs style at the podium. Beats the hell out muschumps. as always GO GATORS////

  13. s c gator you hit the nail on the head, BigMac and company deserve kudos all around. How anyone can complain about this class is beyond any reason, we went from outside the top 40 to # 20. An amazing turnaround in a very short period of time. We loaded up on playmakers and added depth at our position of greatest need. This is a home run, a grand slam.
    primo you are officially back in the top 3 blog assclown race, aux the semihole is still #1 assclown. Dumb trolls who spent weeks predicting doom and gloom for Florida only to have BigMac show them up and shut them up.
    The Gator brand is shinning once again now that the failed Chump has been dismissed. Happy days are here again.
    Goooooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. In fairness I wrote that way before the finish we had. Very impressive. …still would’ve liked a QB and a few WRs but the 2nd half of the day was phenomenal. Great comeback by the new staff. We obviously go into next year by addressing the glaring hole at QB And WR as well as fill in the holes at DB and LB that will arise after next years team loses most of its defense. Overall I suppose we did as well as we could have afyer a rough morning.

  15. For all of you gleefully calling me out, I was wrong. I thought UF would finish in the forties, and to finish in the top 25 is quite an accomplishment. The most satisfying thing is UF can say it doesn’t suck anymore, at least not in recruiting. We’ll see if this translates to the field. Keeping perspective, UF still finished 10th in the SEC in recruiting and failed to address two huge areas of need, quarterback and linebacker. That’s something to think about before visions of Atlanta dance around in anyone’s head.

  16. Anyone know what’s up with mcelewain’s teeth? Seen many boards discussing this. Being in the public limelight think he would have some dental work. The Zoom Procedure is a few hundred bucks and it would make him have a much better presentation when meeting people.

  17. So now that the recruiting cycle is over and BigMac shut up all the blog trolls and assclowns they start harping about the guy’s appearance.
    You guys crack me up. It is becoming obvious that as time passes and more good things come the Gators way you trolls have less and less ammo and have to start reaching for trivial crap to complain about.
    BTW little aux, UF has never sucked in recruiting. We have sucked with coaching and offensive player development under the failed Chump but that is over.

  18. AUX2 was wrong!!!! I’m so tired of your negativity! With you as a fan who needs rival fans or enemies??? Big Mac did his job (YOU PREDICTED WRONG) and we salvaged our class. We will get our QBs and WRs next year! Go cheer for FSU already! Aux 2 was wrong! Aux 2 was wrong! Aux 2 was wrong!

  19. Anyone who calls this a “devastating” day for UF is either completely clueless about recruiting or a troll trying to put down the Gators’ class.

    Almost EVERY school doesn’t get EVERY player they want or fill EVERY position of need in their classes.

    What our coaches did yesterday was move our class that was ranked in the 90’s the week before to a #20 ranking in both the 247Sports and ESPN polls, and to somewhere around a concensus #21 or #22 ranking.

    After Muschamp had basically run our program over a cliff and then left recruiting in ruins, then came back for one last drive-by and tried to systematically gut it for the leftovers, we had an entirely new coaching staff come in and stop the bleeding and actually put together an outstanding recruiting effort considering the circumstances.

    We built vital depth on OL with quality players, vastly improved our DL and our pass rush, and added vital playmakers to the offense.

    This team already has good playmakers on it, we just needed depth for this year, and we did that.

    It is amazing to me how some people can never be pleased.

  20. FOLEY CAUGHT NAPPING WITH CHAMP CONTRACT– I don’t know how athletic director can allow a head coaching contract that pays off departing coach and allows him to immediately coach a competitor and involve himself in recruiting former recruits like Champ did. No criticism of Champ at all, but after Urban took Foley to cleaners on departure, Foley took himself and UF to cleaners with lack of protection in Champ contract. A provision that pay off conditioned on a limited non compete for a few months at a minimum would have helped.Lost a few good ones because of lack of foresight One of main point in contractual foresight is what happens if coach leaves.

    Gator Booster

  21. appears UF not being up front with CeCe Jefferson about defensive line coaching change may come back to haunt them; dad want’s no part of UF, wants his son to get far away from home; wouldn’t be surprised to see him at Auburn now; LOIs are not binding contracts

  22. I don’t get these fans whining about Florida kids going to school outside of the state, has been happening since the beginning of time; Carlos Dunlap was from SC, D. Easley from Staten Island, NY, Ronald Powell from California, Antonio Morrison from Illinois; recruiting is about getting the best talent you can find, if Florida were to limit it’s recruiting to just this state, Gator football would be in a world of hurt. Get over it!!!

  23. Let’s see what you guys have to say now the Jefferson is not coming to FLA….Unreal how they did not disclose the info with Williams as DLine coach leaving. This is unreal….ok go ahead an bash me again, but you tell me how what they did was right. No Cowart and No Jefferson, Yikes!

  24. Everyone is saying the same thing, that CeCe’s father does not want him to go to UF. Whether it’s because the coaching change or something else that is the question. It’s been rumored there is some shady dealings with the Auburn boosters similar to the Cam Newton situation where Cam’s dad got paid.

  25. it looks like good news, however someone get a muzzle for CeCe’s dad….what’s up with that. let’s hope the drama is over. Do we know who the hell the D-Line coach is? I really hope they did not purposely hold back that info from any recruit. That would be disappointing

  26. I’m amazed at my fan club. I was wrong, UF did much better than I expected in recruiting. But, as we all know, recruiting doesn’t win championships and UF still finished 10th in the SEC, which is who they play the majority of their games against. As for Jefferson, the same situation happened last year with Malik McDowell at Michigan State, who also had a parent that wanted their child to not stay close to home because they wanted them away from the kids they grew up with. It took some time, but McDowell did end up at Michigan State, and Jefferson will end up at UF if that’s what he wants to do. We shouldn’t get too caught up in the five stars, as Rival’s recruiting guru, Mike Farrell, says; “Based on history, more than half of the five-stars will bust due to injury, attitude, work ethic or just reaching their ceilings already.” I hope Jefferson comes, if for no other reason than he increase the odds, with Ivey, of UF getting a player that’s not a bust. UF hasn’t fared too well with the five stars recently, the only one that is an unquestionable hit is Hargreaves.

  27. Haven’t we had enough drama for one year! Why was this kept a secret? we may have lost a kid or two but we would have come across looking a lot cleaner. With that being said why are we not holding this coach to his contract ? Has Foley lost it? Amends need to be made to such agood kid like CeCe. Give this kid a lot of credit. He will make a great addition to the Gator Nation. Now let’s seriously look at Foley’s contract

    Cannot understand what it is with some of these recruits, yesterday was no the first day for a decision. They have had a lot of time to dicuss with family, friends and coaches, about what they wanted to do. I understand a coaching change can have a bearing on the players decision, but if you want to be a gator then be a gator.Auburn didnt have a coaching change and look at cowart. Play the game and get more espn air time, maybe good he went to Auburn he and champ can air it all out. Champ showed his true colors in the process and cowart may follow in his shadow. I dont beleive I could do what he did and feel good about it. GO GATORS//////

  29. Gator 863. These Silents will eventually transfer to FSU. DIDNT I SAY THAT EARLIER.? Is Uncle Leo CeCe’s dad who posts here? I told you guys FSU WOULD KILL IT ON SIGNING DAY. Look at those receivers ?? Wow. How in the world will the 5-9 secondary guys from UF gonna cover? Plus you don’t have Will Mushchamp, defensive extroinaire coaching them. or that defensive guru T rob .it was interesting watching other teams receivers catching balls on tv without a UF defender in the screen .. That’s good coaching. Overrated D . brad Lawing loving Tally and all the beauty it brings. He will have some serious talent to work with.
    Good luck with your search for receiver and dl coaches. Ge’ez zee. When is cece gonna sign with Ole Miss?

  30. james fisher…who in the uf secondary is 5’9…hargreaves 5’11, tabor 6’0 wilson 6’0 keanu neal 6’0 duke dawson 5’11..all of our dbs are are 5’11 and taller..uf problem for the past 4years has been offense..muschamp and t-rob are great at what they do but i be honest they didnt have to develop the talent that much becuz those guys in the secondary are all 4 and 5 star players..just tell all your little wr’s to focus on catching the ball and not fumbling

  31. Does it matter who’s catching and defending? It depends on having a quarterback that can throw. Even though UF returns it’s starting quarterback, I think it’s fair to say that both UF and FSU have major questions at quarterback. It’ a no-brainer that FSU will have a major drop off, Winston was a once in a generation quarterback. At UF, there hasn’t been a good quarterback since Tebow left, that’s five years ago. McElwain was hired to change that, but we don’t know if UF has a good quarterback on campus already. UF will either sink or swim with Harris or Grier, since there is no other viable option. Who knows who will come out of the race at FSU, but whoever it is will be a huge drop off from Winston.

  32. National Signing Day was HUGE for the Gator Program!!!! Muschump didnt even work his last year, yet we paid him a fortune! He left with 6 recruits and Coach Mac and the staff made HUGE Headlines on ESPN and newpapers by moving from 77th to 20th all in the last week!!!!! I think Coach Mac is doing a phenominal job…We are the Gators/SEC/ won 3 National Champs in the 06 08 period and almost a 3rd in 2009. add to that 2 B ball N Championships!!! and a zillion in the other stports!!!!!
    Tim Tebow ethics vs Winston!!!!! the best overall program in the country and we win the SEC all sports trophy almost every year!!!! Great University and….We recruited against every coach using our transition against us!!!!!! Honestly Muschamp has NO ethics and he took us for $18 million!!!!!!!! He is nothing but a loud mouthed D Co-ordinator and I think what he tried to do to Florida while spending our money during the recruiting will hurt him in the long run….WE DID GREAT!!!!!! Cant wait to see a real Offense in the Swamp this fall…..Prediction…Great year….We were really an 8-5 team with the rainout sure thing and could have been 10-3 if NOT for muschamp horrible calls in the LSU and USC games!!!! Watch Coach Mac recruit next year!!!!!! Miami is toast!!!! FSU is NOT on the upswing and my prediction is they lose a few close ones next year and we kick their ass in the Swamp next year!!!!! Go gators
    Bob in Jupiter…Im an alum and season ticker holder and Booster

  33. Fisher – what were Winston’s stats against that overrated UF defense. So you have gone from all these guys were silently committed to FSU to they will eventually transfer. In other words, you had absolutely no inside information.

    You also might want to check out UF’s new defensive coordinator.

    Aux2 – IMO you are exaggerating how good Winston was. He was a very good college quarterback. He was one the best in college football last year.

  34. Will Grier 6-2 200 rsFr ***** National HS PoY
    Passing – 14,565 yds, 195 TD’s, 27 Ints.
    Rushing – 2,955 yds, 31 TD’s, 7 LPF’s.
    3 Year HS Career Offense: 17,520 yards, 226 TD’s, 34 Turnovers.

    QB-PP Jacob Guy 6-5 209 rsJr SQ *** Dade City, FL
    2011 Tampa Bay Times’ All-Suncoast First-Team. Set Pasco County passing records:
    TD’s (42) and yds (2,672). He led his team to the Florida Class 5A state semifinals.

    And there are several other Gator players that were quality QB’s in HS. Here’s another example:

    QB-DT Deiondre Porter 6-0 170 *** — Like Adam.Lame, judged by his size, not on his ability/production).
    6-A 1st Team All State QB. Tampa Bay PoY. Led ALL FL HS divisions, 4,698 yds, 53 TD’s.
    Senior season: P – 150 of 263, 57% for 3,199 yds, 33 TD’s, 8 Ints — R – 1,499 yds, 20 TD’s.

    Better than Harris imoho, and similar to Will Grier’s skill set.
    Harris to RB/WR/xfer. Then Porter/Guy/Mornhinweg to battle for the 2-3-clipboard QB spots.

    QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 190 **** A 2x FL 4-A State Champ. 2014: GP 9, 6 Starts (150 yds/gm)

    P – 55 of 111, 49.5% for 1,019 yds, 6 TD’s, 3 Ints — R – 75 for 332 yds, 4.4 ypc 3 TD’s.

  35. Love your hs stats Mud. They are so applicable to the college game. Did you check the league Grier played in at HS???
    Hey 813. FSU Receivers are 6-3 6-4 6-5.. can you say mismatch, then “scoreboard. I thought you were better than that 813. You better try to bring it if you want to deal with my knowledge. I am the truth teller.

  36. da-muddler You are once again posting high school statistics. They are TOTALLY meaningless. This is college, not high school. A walk on and a defensive back are listed. Brantley was also Player of the Year, he was an awful quarterback. Harris is not moving to any other position, regardless of your view of him, because he is one of only two viable options at quarterback. The other players you list are NEVER going to be the quarterback unless something happens to Grier and Harris. As for the comment about Winston, if you don’t realize he’s a once in a generation quarterback, on the level of a Luck, Manning, Elway, etc.then I think you know nothing about football. He’ll be the first pick in the draft because Mariota is nothing compared to him. We’ll see in April, but the film doesn’t lie, and the film is more impressive than anyone, and he’s only twenty years old with just a couple of years in college. he’s not even reached his ceiling yet. For those of you that dispute this, I think you can’t see because of your orange and blue hatred, but reality will rear it’s head and spoil your delusions in April. I would not be surprised to see Tampa Bay get a lot of offers for the first pick because teams know you are very rarely going to get an opportunity to get a quarterback the caliber of Winston.

  37. Great finish by the new Coaching staff! I hope CeCe sticks with his commitment in spite of his Dad. I see the whole ‘Marinovich-Dad’ thing, but I also see a kid who is signing a ridiculously one-sided contract with an institution in which there are not many remedies available to him if the institution mis-represents itself. Tough thing for Coach Mac to have to deal with right out of the gate.

    Regardless, I still (and always will) bleed Orange and Blue!!!

  38. Looks like we got a better Dl coach than the one who just left. Very impressive how BigMac can pluck a coach from a national power on such short notice. Says a lot about the many good relationships he has in the college football world.
    For all you dumb trolls, CeCe will be a Gator. The one saying he will transfer to FSU just supplanted aux as the #1 blog assclown.
    Sorry aux but james fisher has proven to be more delusional and a bigger moron than you.

  39. james fisher…the only wr’s that are over 6’0 that fsu has that got any playing time are e.lane and t.rudolph…k.whitfield, j.wilson and r.green are all under 6’0…uf has the best secondary in the country lead by the best cornerback in the country v. hargreaves..fsu could not throw the ball against uf..i do remember your qb throwing 3..no wait 4 ints to all of our so call small dbs..our dbs have an average height of 6’0..da muddler…im from tampa and graduated from jefferson hs the same hs d.porter went to and i can tell you i think he’s better suited for the offensive side of the ball..stop hating on treon..he is a complete baller jus has to stay out of trouble. w. grier would have crapped himself if he played in the same class as treon or d.porter (6 and 7A FLA BALL) if he had it trust me someone would have pulled the trigger on him to play early…cant compare 2A north carolina ball to 6&7A FLA ball..get right know your stuff gentlemen!!

  40. Aux – just because I do not agree that Winston is a once in a generation player does not make me a hater. I said he was among the best last year. Mariota had the better year last year. The mock drafts go back and forth whether Mariota or Winston will be drafted first. Being drafted first would not mine that either of them is a once in a generation. Quarterbacks are drafted first overall more than any position by far. The fact that you say he is on level with Luck would mean he is not a once in a generation as they are in the same generation. Saw plenty of times that Winston did not look that great last year. You need to watch the Gator game again.

  41. “Winston is the best quarterback I have ever seen in college football.” Ed Cunningham yesterday on ESPN. I agree. Mariota was not as good as Winston last year, regardless of the statistics. That is why it’s total nonsense that anyone would choose Mariota over Winston. No quarterback, not Luck, Manning, Elway, etc. has performed as well as Winston in college in two years on the field. He will instantly make a team better in the NFL. I wish the Jaguars were smart enough to offer Bortles and their 1st rounder to get him. Bortles is nothing compared to Winston, but I doubt anyone in the Jag’s front office is smart enough to figure that out.

  42. No 305 , I haven’t realized it. Why so mad and frustrated? You gut made a great comeback to get to 32 rank in recruiting. That is the new ranking after Cece goes to Ole miss. Still,a respectable class. Next year I perdict top 25 for UF .

  43. Tell me something Little Jimmy Wisher; What is the talent level of the defenders that get invited to Nike’s ‘Opening’ in Oregon, where Grier finished as the #2 QB-DT? And where did BCS-NC Chris Leak play his HS football at, and what were his college results? I also watched Grier last Spring at UF vs the SEC’s #3 Defense, the one that Shameous Jameous managed to score 24 pts against in his own house. As usual, your knowledge is tainted by your obvious criminole history and your Clown-U excuse of an education.

    Ox-tu, the only thing that’s meaningless here is your constant spew of BS. Next you’ll be telling me that college stats mean nothing at the Pro level, but because of what Shameous did VS Almost Competitive Conference chumps, he deserves to be the #1 NFL draft pick. I just love that criminole consistency….. And Shameous is more on the level of a combination of Ryan Leaf and Johnny Football imo (having the worst of them both plus an uncharged rape).

    What a player does in HS doesn’t matter, that why on NSD the college coaches just draw names out of a hat to offer their $100,000 dollar ships to. And what a player does in college also doesn’t matter, and that’s why on NFL draft day they also just draw names out of a hat, and then pay them all on the same pay scale…. FSUcks is obviously ate up with idiots and moe-rons…..
    LMAO at you dweeb-schmucks….

  44. Will Grier 6-2 200 rsFr ***** National HS PoY
    Passing – 14,565 yds, 195 TD’s, 27 Ints.
    Rushing – 2,955 yds, 31 TD’s, 7 LPF’s.
    3 Year HS Career Offense: 17,520 yards, 226 TD’s, 34 Turnovers.

    QB-PP Jacob Guy 6-5 209 rsJr SQ *** Dade City, FL
    2011 Tampa Bay Times’ All-Suncoast First-Team. Set Pasco County passing records:
    TD’s (42) and yds (2,672). He led his team to the Florida Class 5A state semifinals.

    And there are several other Gator players that were quality QB’s in HS. Here’s another example:

    QB-DT Deiondre Porter 6-0 170 *** — Like Adam.Lame, judged by his size, not on his ability/production).
    6-A 1st Team All State QB. Tampa Bay PoY. Led ALL FL HS divisions, 4,698 yds, 53 TD’s.
    Senior season: P – 150 of 263, 57% for 3,199 yds, 33 TD’s, 8 Ints — R – 1,499 yds, 20 TD’s.

    Better than Harris imoho, and similar to Will Grier’s skill set.
    Harris to RB///WR/xfer. Then Porter/Guy/Mornhinweg to battle for the 2-3-clipboard QB spots.

    QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 190 **** A 2x FL 4-A State Champ.
    2014: GP 9, 6 Starts (150 yds/gm)
    P – 55 of 111, 49.5% for 1,019 yds, 6 TD’s, 3 Ints — R – 75 for 332 yds, 4.4 ypc 3 TD’s.

    He’s a pretty good RB, but just an average or below QB, >>> going by his UF stats.

    QB Treon Harris – Accused of rape, charge withdrawn but still held as a future possibility by the girl.

    IMOHO, the girl shares some of the responsibility for what happened by putting herself in that situation. She was not drugged or drunk, and she went to his room and got into his bed willingly. What the heck did she think was going to happen??? However, NO still means NO, even if she is a tease. He should have ordered her out of his bed, out of his room, and out of his life, instead of going ahead with anything.

    Harris – Speeding on campus got him pulled over.

    Harris – After being pulled for speeding (in someone else’s car), he was unable to produce a drivers licence.

    Both charges (speeding and driving without a licence) were dropped when Harris later went and got a drivers licence. * Had that been me or you, we’d have been paying the hefty fine instead, so I’m calling BS on that.

    To make matters much worse, in that same speeding traffic stop:

    Harris (driver) – Jalan Tabor & J.C.Jackson (passengers) – A heavy smell of pot was coming from the car. The Police searched and 2 little bags of pot were found in the ‘borrowed’ cars floorboard that none of them owned up to. So no charges were filed due to a lack of ‘proof of possession.’ (that much smoke means there was fire imo) So tell me, would ANY of you LOAN Harris your car now, or want him dating your daughter???

    Harris’s list is already long and growing, and only the questionable circumstances have kept him from being in deep chit so far. So, while ‘he didn’t kill the president,’ does anyone really want this
    kind of person representing the University of Florida to the world???

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by >the content of their character.”< — MLK

    The choices made, not the excuses given, make the character differences plain. When things go bad, many will focus on the 1st part of that MLK quote (color), but few want to address the 2nd and important part of that quote (character). Your 'CHARACTER' is determined by your 'CHOICES.'

    Not by the 'EXCUSES' that you give for your own 'CHOICES.'

    PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CHARACTER. — You either have them,,, or you don't.

    Please keep in mind that our 18 year old Military MEN are judged by much harsher standards, with much harsher 'life & death' results and penalties, when they are the same age and have the same mixed backgrounds and educations as our incoming college football players.

  45. To fellow Gator, 813 (Jefferson). I went to Hillsborough, when Steve Kiner (an AA MLB at Tenn for Dig Ducky) was our freakin’ QB, and Andy Owens (Gator AA) was our B-Ball center.

    My first game at Old Florida Field was when SOS was our QB, not our HBC. I’ve seen a good bit of ‘football’ water pass under the bridge through the years, so your claimed superior ‘ phootbal nowledge’ is just more arrogant ignorance in my book, but no insult is intended, jmo…. ;~)

    In 2003, Gator tFr QB Chris Leak 6-1 205, from little 2A Independence HS in N.C. became the first tFr in NCAA history to beat 3 consecutive Top 11 teams on the road: @ 2003 BCS-NC LSU, their only loss, then @ Ark and UGA in the WLOCP. Leak, like Grier, was also the Parade and Tom Lemming HS PoY. Leak and Grier 6-2 200 share many other N.C. HS Awards and Records in athletics, academics, and leadership. Not just ‘foot-ballers’ but well rounded students and solid citizens. Talent level was not why Grier took a tFr redshirt year. If you don’t know why, then it’s your own football knowledge and understanding that’s the problem, not mine. Gooooooooooooo-GATORS!

  46. Ignorance or a lying bass-tad? You make the call: “UF hasn’t fared too well with the five stars recently, the only one that is an unquestionable hit is Hargreaves.” — Ox-tu

    I suppose the 1st question would be to >year define< 'recently' so we know what/when we are judging.

    Gator 5 Stars,,, by one service or another:

    2015 – #1 OT Ivey & #2 DE Jefferson (yet to be seen/proven)

    2014 – #2 CB Jalen Tabor, a starter and made Freshman All SEC, like Hargreaves.

    #2 OT David Sharpe 6-6 330 redshirted, yet to be determined. (rsJr LT Humphries and rsSr RT Green)

    #2 DT Gerald Willis III, started, good player, no discipline, off team, xfer – scUM thugs of Mi-Am-I.

    #2 QB-DT Grier redshirted, yet to be determined. (rsJr Driskel)

    #3 DT Thomas Holley redshirted, yet to be determined. (loaded with DT's)

    #4 DT Khari Clark redshirted yet to be determined. (loaded with DT's)

    2013 – #1 CB Vernon Hargreaves III – Freshman All SEC, AA.

    #1 RB Kelvin Taylor 4.6 ypc, 6 TD's, Fr All SEC, co-starter with rsJr Jones.

    #2 MLB Alex Anzalone injured initally, but moving up for playing time, a likely starter now.

    2012 – #1 OT Humphries – Jr All SEC, early departure to NFL

    #1 DE/DT – Jon Bullard Sr – All SEC

    #3 DE Dante Fowler Jr, All SEC, AA, early departure to 1st Rnd NFL

    #3 CB Brian Poole Jr – Playing mostly Nickle, led the team with 4 Ints.

    Looks to me like all of them panned out, except for the ones that were redshirted for one reason or another and the 1 that has self-control issues and was dismissed to xfer.

    As the Sundance Kid said to Butch Cassidy; "Don't you ever get tired of being WRONG!!!"


    Kerwin Bell was a 5th stringer and/or a walk-on. As were Chris Doering and Louis Oliver.

    Shane Matthews was also a 5th-6th stringer. With 2 real QB coaches (Mc-Nuss) some of those other QB's might just get a look now. We'll see, but I fully expect that Grier's the man…

  47. james fisher to say Jefferson will go to Ole Miss is pure unfounded speculation, to state it as fact is just stupid.
    aux to put Winston in the same sentence as Luck, Manning and Elway is asinine at this juncture. Winston was a very good college QB, who knows how he will turn out in the pros.
    The #1 and #2 blog assclowns are trying to top each other.


  49. Da muddler..sorry try again..Chris leak was not 6’1.. If he was he would be in the league..that was the knock on him coming out of college…uf was calling for his head before the 06 cn and he had a lot of help doing it thx to tebow…leak was simply not ready for the sec type of play coming out of high school jus like Grier..there’s no way you can compare North Carolina ball to Florida ball big difference…like I said if Grier had anything he would have played this year but he was simply not ready…freon played with and against guys that came in and contributed as true freshman just as he did…just facts old school not being ignorant IMO..

  50. da muddler…sorry try again..chris leak is not 6’1..if he was then he would be playing in the league right now…that was the only knock on him coming out of college was him being to short…until his senior year fans were calling for his head and got much needed help from tebow in 06…it seems you think you know a lot about hs football so you should know that here is no comparing fla hs football to nc hs football..if grier was ready to play in the sec trust me he would have but as a true freshman treon was more prepared to play than grier was due to the higher quality of opponents and theres no doubting that…not being ignorant..IMO.. just stating facts ol school!! GO GATORS!!!

  51. What the heck do Leak’s Ht. have to do with the point of the debate? 813, I listed his bio stats from gatorzone.com, so agrue with them. And how tall was: Tarkenton to Wilson, the list is loooog. Who still owns the Gator Career Passing Yards Record? (CL)
    Tebow was a key (17%) part in 2006, but no BCS-NC without Leak.
    What ‘some’ fans call for is not realevant to the stat realities. I’ll take Tebow’s judgment on Leak’s value over your’s btw. Go check it.
    As to ‘Trust You’ —- LM’-freakin’-AO!!!!!
    Your FL vs NC claim is both sophomoric and assinine. It might have value as a group, but it has ZERO value on an individual case by case basis. I won’t bother to list all of the GREAT Gator players that were from other states.
    News Flash: Your ‘OPINIONS’ are not ‘FACTS’,,,, no matter your bogus claims. But have a nice day anyway dude…. ;~))

  52. cat-trick, Driskel went 11-2 without much help before getting a broken leg the next season.
    Driskel would have been on his 4th OC in 5 years had he stayed. Driskel’s WR’s had a new WR’s coach every single year he was here. Jeff got chit-on, and then he got unfairly blamed for the resulting smell imoho. —————
    I remember when UF got the #1 Class in 2006, they went 13-1, 9-4, 13-1, 13-1 with 2 BCS-NC’s and that Sr class (06-09) set the SEC All Time 4 Year W/L Record at 48-6.
    How many of the four 2014 Playoff teams had #1 Classes in the last 4 years? Sorry, but getting top ranked recruits does count/matter. While cherry picked facts or stats don’t always lead to solid overall conclusions,,, but we’re cool, and GoooooGATORS!

  53. da muddler…tebow won a nc without chris leak..i doubt chris leak can say the same…my reference to leaks height was only to clarify that he is not 6’1 as you suggested or reported…tarkenton..now your going way back…it doesnt matter about passing records…who has more rings? tebow..who got drafted? tebow who had a better w-l record? tebow…i love chris leak just as much as the next gator but the level of competition that leak and grier played at cant compare to what tebow and treon had to play against..their are many great players that come from that state but we all know florida has been at the top for a while now wen it comes to prep football and those my little gator friend are facts that cant be argued and research is not needed unless you dont know highschool football..imo..so thx but please try again

  54. da muddler..you say jd didnt have much help wen he went 11-2..i beg to differ..the defense is playing in the nfl now..reed, burton and gillisee are in the league now…in my best chris carter voice, “COME ON MAN!!!” how did he not have much help…our defense was one of the best that year and our then d coor is now the head coach for the falcons…you can make excuses for him but i wont that 11-2 season goes to the defense and the run game not jeff and his passing ability…sorry try again

  55. 813, you argue like a little girl, and that’s being hard on the little girls.

    Leak (6-1) still has the UF Career Passing Yards Record.

    Wuerffel (6-2) still has the UF Career Passing TD’s Record.

    (And 6-2 Danny has more rings, since you asked)

    Tebow (6-3) still has the UF Career Total TD’s Record.

    All three have 1 NC each as a Gator starting QB.

    How important was Leak? Tebow went 9-4 and lost the bowl in 07.

    With the Elite 11 – ‘Opening’ results to look at for Grier, your spurious argument about HS competition levels is BS. Here’s another example for ya. Where did NFL HoF WR Jerry Rice play his HS and college ball at? Did his competition level hold him back?

    As to JD’s help,,, how many passes did UF’s defense catch from him? How many times did they keep him from being sacked or harrassed? How many of them rushed for 1,000 yards to take some pressure off him? How many great offensive game plans did they put together for him? How many great game day play calls did they make? You’re a,,,, ahh, never-mind…. (and yes you’re sorry,,, now apologize) lol

  56. So, what will Shameous Jameous be remember for?

    1) Accusation – Academic Fraud.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it, I’d never cheat, how can you believe that I would?

    2) Accusation – BB gun war, dozens of broken windows.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it. And besides, windows don’t cost that much.

    3) Accusation – Stealing Soda at Burger King.
    Shameous – Yeah, but I did bring my own cup to put it in over and over, what’s the big deal?

    4) Accuastion – Date (drug/alcohol?) Rape.
    Shameous – Yeah I did it, and yeah she was unconscious, but I KNOW she wanted it.

    5) Accuastion – Blatantly stealing Crabs+ from Publix.
    Shameous – I did it, but I just forgot to pay as I hurried directly out the front door. (wink-wink)

    6) Accusation – Standing on a table to scream out vulgar obscenities about women.
    Shameous – But I thought that it was funny and that nobody would notice or care.

    7) Accusation – THOUSANDS of $igned autographs on the authentication web site.
    Shameous – Yeah, I did it, but it was all for free, cause I’m such a charitable-giving guy.

    8) Demonstrated on the field bumping/pushing of ACC official.
    ~ Not even flag from the All Corrupt Conference’s excuse for refs.

    9) Winning against the weakest overall SoS in BCS-NC History.

    Shameous is more on a par with a Michael Vick type QB.

    Jimblow – BUT YAWL DON’T KNOW ALL OF THE FACTS!!!! (idiot or liar?)
    FSU Admin – Why can’t we just talk about something else…… (R-U-chittin-me?)
    The phrase THREE-TIME LOSER, has NO meaning at tallacrappy for the criminoles at Clown-U.
    But with their academics, maybe they just can’t count higher than 3….

    I hope that Shameous Jameous stays there forever. He looks like the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what it means to be a Criminole at Clown-U. And with his 2,000+ $ignatures, he might also help FSUcks back onto NCAA Probation, where they rightly belong. (bet Jimblow is feeling pretty stupid about now — LOL!!!)

  57. da muddler the arguement that you keep trying to make has no sense..in reference to leak and tebow yeah tebow lost a year after leak left but also rebounded with a nc in 08…passing records and passing tds dont matter..plenty of qbs light it up and end up losing the game every saturday…i see i have to break it down since your a bit slow…no one is talking about an indivdual player when i speak of the players talent level he played against in highschool..with jd again in my michael irvin voice,” COME ON MAN”…you must have missed that season..muschamp was scared as hell to throw the ball…mike gillislee rushed for over a thousand yards that year the first to do so in years..how many times did the defense catch a pass for him? LOL…the d lead the sec in ints that year with jd taking the most sacks in the sec.how many times did jd kill a drive with a sack or a turnover..oline was good that year but no one can block a guy for 10-15 seconds..everyone knowns jd holds the ball to long and cant read defenses…so muddler go do your research because everthing you post is mostly one sided and inaccurate..no apologies needed..but please try again and hopefully you will get it right this time…cant believe you said he didnt have a 1000 yard rusher that year…man your clueless and funny!!!!

  58. da muddler..for crying out loud please stop stating that leak is 6’1…you like to google and research..check out his nfl combine player report..he measured in at 5’11 3/4 and they were friendly listing him “ON PAPER”at 6’0 for nfl scouts..ARE YOU EVEN A GATOR FAN? or jus a troll like primo, aux, and fisher because you have zero knowlegde of the Florida Gators!!!

  59. 8-13, your IQ and your age apparently, and you still debate like a little girl, (sorry girls).
    Your only point is the one on the top of your head.
    Leak’s height (apparently the only thing that you read in my post) is not relevant.
    I notice that you didn’t list all of the successful NFL QB’s that were 6-0 or less. I never put a tape measure on Chris, but I’ll take gatorzones bio of 6.0′ as correct, not that it matters, he could be 5-10 for all I care.
    But oh BTW, that surely DOOMS Treon Harris, who is listed as 5-11 with nothing like the arm that Leak has. You CLAIMED that’s the ONLY reason that Leak isn’t playing in the NFL, and again, that’s also not true imo nor relevant.You desperately need a Logic course, and then a Debating course. You can’t follow a train of thought or make a cogent argument in a debate. You just keep on randomly firing your wordy shotgun, then declaring yourself the winner. Are you sure you aren’t a cum-loudly grad from Clown-U???
    That OL was inconsistent at best. 10-15 seconds??? LMAO!!! Sacks are the QB’s fault? Int’s while running for your life with no WR’s open is also the QB’s fault? Tip-drill Ints and Int’s that happen because the WR ran the wrong route on a ‘timing’ pass play is the QB’s fault? Inadequate Game Planning is the QB’s fault? STUPID play calling is the QB’s fault? You really are a football ignorant moe-ron aren’t you? (rhetorical)
    You are the perfect example of the people that chit on JD’s head, and then blamed him for the smell. And I was a Gator fan when Spurrier was our QB, it’s the young and ignorant like yourself that DKS….

  60. 2014
    Driskel – P – 114 of 212, 53.8% for 1,140 yds, 9 TD’s, 10 Ints. (UK-UA-UT-LSU-Mizz)
    Harris — P – 55 of 111, 49.5% for 1,019 yds, 9 TD’s, 4 Ints. (UGa-VU-SCa-FSU)
    The difference in the opponents that they faced certainly makes a difference in their output,
    as does the amount of running (UGa – 3 of 6 passing) that they did as a team.
    Vs EKy Harris was 4 of 12 passing, @ FSU he was 13 of 32, 1 TD, 2 Int.

    8-13 Logic Trail:
    Grier can’t be good because he played QB in NC. (6-2, #2 QB-DT at Elite 11)
    Driskel 6-4 230 played in central Florida and he’s 6-4, but he’s still no good.
    Leak was no good because he played QB in NC and he’s only 6.0′ tall.
    Harris is GREAT because he’s 5-11 and threw for 49.5% as the Gator QB in 2014.

    Tebow 6-3 230 threw for 9,285 yds and 88 TD’s, 1 NC as the starter
    Tebow had Meyer, Mullen, and OL coach Addazio as OC for his Sr year.
    Leak 6-0 207 threw for 11,213 yds, 88 TD’s, 1 NC as the starter.
    Leak had 3 years with the Zookster, 1 with Meyer and 3 OC’s.
    Are you going to try and tell me that their W/L records aren’t affected by their HC & OC?
    As bad as it was for Leak, it was twice as bad for Driskel imo.

  61. da muddler…sacks can be put on the offense as a whole but jd is to blame for 90% of his with holding on to the ball to long and reading the defense faster than he should..you should be a shamed of your self old man for trying to insult someone that tries to enlighten you very childish..im starting to see your true colors (garnet and gold)..as i stated all of your post are one sided..what happened to uf not having a 1000 yard rusher that year? jd leading the sec in picks…the outstanding d we’ve had every year he was under center? you’ve failed to mention that in your debate so i suggest you take your own advise and take a online course in gator football and debating..you make no sense..first you say treon cant play and say his size is one reason but then turn around and mention wilson and tarkenton..also you mention how guys like d.porter and a.lane were over looked becuz of their lack of size and yet you do the same with treon…you mention grier being #2 dt qb..news flash..jd was #1 dt qb coming out and look at him..your all over the place…i for never said grier cant play nor did i say leak wasnt good becuz of his size..i simply said the competition that tebow and treon played against in hs better prepared them for the sec as opposed to leak and grier…wen you assume you make a ass out of you so try reading, comprehending and understand wat im sayin..

  62. da muddler for petes sake!! stop posting hs stats because it has nothing to do with college football..you make yourself look more and more foolish with all the hs player stats…if your a true gator their is no need to post hs recruits stats because we all follow them..stay on fsu’s page becuz you are clueless wen it comes to uf..GO GATORS!!!! and for your elite 11 guest wat? mark sanchez, matt barkley, mike glennon, terrell pryor and the list goes on, all attended elite 11 and blow it out of the water and where are they now…riding the bench praying not to get cut or watching the games on the couch..so stop posting hs stuff it has nothing to do with college..it makes grier look even worst wen you say he was the #2dt qb at elite11 and was out played by someone who didnt even attend and was ranked lower than him coming out of hs..now is my mike ditka voice, COME ON, OLD MAN”

  63. LMFAO at the 8-13. You argue in circles. You’re tiring and boring, so I’ll just let everyone else judge who is making sense and who is chasing their own tail in circles here. And your butt must be really hurting, with you pulling those wild 90% claims out of it so often. Do you even realize that’s just your own warped opinion and not a fact, like so much else from your steady stream of moronic drivel? When a healthy Jeff had a 1,000 yard rusher, he was 11-2, when he didn’t, the results were what they were, sub-standard by the offense, and imo, coaching takes the major blame. His #1 in the SEC sacks goes to his OL’s inconsistent blocking, and his WR’s inability to run a proper route and/or get open. What do you attribute the Gator WR’s being #1 in the SEC for dropped balls? Is that also Jeff’s fault, or the tip-drill Int for that matter?
    1. Height of a QB is not a make or break thing, (as you’ve claimed) in both history and on the field stats/results. I’ve always believed that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. A.Lane 7.5 ypc, Bowl MVP, when they finally put him in the game. I’ve been an Adam Lane advocate since last season.
    2. Leak and Driskel both suffered from a lack of good coaching and coaching staff stability imo.
    3. I’m not spewing mindless crap about Gator players (Jeff & Chris), you are. They were both solid players, but more important to me was their academics, their character, and their lead by example off the field citizenship. I judge Harris by his performance on and off the field, not by his color, or where he’s from, or how short he is, or who he played his HS football for or against. I find him lacking as a Gator QB, both on and especially off the field. Others are free to form their own opinions and for their own reasons. What’s important to me may not be important to some of the other Gator fans.
    4. Attempting to call me a criminole is the funniest (stupidest) thing yet from you.
    5. Make up your mind, am I young and ignorant, or old and stupid? lmao

    HS stats mean nothing??? >>> Well, I suppose that’s why coaches just draw names out of a hat on NSD. What a complete idiot that statement makes you! (your vs YOU’RE, learn the difference) If you’re claiming that Harris beat out Grier for the backup job in 2014, then you really are as dumb/ignorant as you sound here daily…..

  64. da muddler..you must be jd father or mother…i love all my gators, with that being said i hold them accountable for their actions on and off the field…jd is a great guy great teammate very smart but he still sucks as a qb..you have all these stats about how great grier was in hs and how he has so much ability but yes he did get beat out in the summer by treon even though grier enrolled early in the spring..so example why he was redshirted? dont say becuz he needed to add bulk to his body becuz kid come in and play as skinny true freshman all the time…b.harris 6’2 184 from lsu, b. kaaya from mia 6’3 190 even c. hackenburg from penn state played as a true freshman at 6’3 190..dont say he couldnt grasp the offense becuz he enrolled earlier than treon..so wat else can you think of..you act like 18 years kids dont get into trouble..its call inmaturity..tons of 18 year olds have hick ups through college as they try to become mature adults..he hasnt been the only uf player in history to get into trouble..i value character jus as much as the next gator but i also believe in second chances and leaving wat happened in the past stay in the past…a few of jds ints were result of a tipped ball or two he threw 9tds-10ints..treon threw 7tds-3ints and 2 of his ints were tipped balls 1 should have been a td in the fsu game…you keep proving me right..treon is the smallest qb we have with the biggest heart and the most fight of all our qbs..if hes not that good then why wasnt he redshirted or switched to another position if grier was that much better than him..im too educated to call someone outside of their name or resort to name calling but you have no knowledge..you only think you do..

  65. da muddler..hs stats dont mean anything once that hs player gets into college…plenty of 5star players make it to college and become bust and plenty of 2 star or nr players enter college and leave a first round pick…hs stats only help college coach evaluate a players talent and potential..for example jeff driskel 5star player coming out of hs and now look at him..he will never she a football field in the nfl…clay matthews nr walk on at usc and a first round pick..like i said and the proof is in the pudding hs stats dont mean squat, it only helps coaches gauge a players potential..so wat other excuse do you have for jd and grier becuz your running out of them..fellow gator fans be my guess in judging whos making the most sense!! GO GATORS