Gators get Callaway’s final visit

Antonio Callaway missed most of his senior season with a torn meniscus. (Photo by 247Sports)

Florida is looking to land an offensive weapon from Miami Booker T. Washington for the second consecutive recruiting cycle.

Last February the Gators flipped quarterback Treon Harris from Florida State on signing day. Harris played in nine games as a freshman and started the final six games of the season.

Antonio Callaway, a four-star wide receiver for Harris’ high school, chose to officially visit Florida over Alabama this weekend.

“The trip was really good,” Callaway said. “I enjoyed it. It was good to get back to Gainesville, hang with Treon and get to see how they will use me if I choose them.”

The Gators led for Callaway in the summer but trailed three schools midway through the 2014 season. Last week the UF coaching staff convinced Callaway to make a return trip so he could learn about the new offensive system and spend time with Harris, his host for the weekend.

“The message was clear,” Callaway said. “They need me and want me. They showed me different ways I will get the ball and how the offense will run. Me and Treon can make each other better in this offense.”

The 5-foot-11, 185-pounder visited Miami and West Virginia prior to Florida, and he’ll decide from the three schools on signing day at 9 a.m. ET.

“It definitely helped,” Callaway said of the UF visit. “I will sit down with family and choose on Wednesday.”

[youtube 3lF1qSu2vps 580]


  1. Tampa gator Why do you mention Josh Sweat? That’s just a reminder of the monster over in Tallahassee. He’s the real number one player in the country. I remember him at the”Opening,” and there’s not a better athlete in this class. The only hope is that he doesn’t recover fully from his injury, if not, I pity the fool who tries to block him.

  2. James……he is a project because he has only played football just recently. Has a lot of athletic ability, however. Just depends on how quickly he can learn and if he is willing to work hard to get better at football.

  3. Tampa Gator I wonder if you have any gray matter left. If you don’t realize that a wide receiver almost always has the advantage over a defensive end, you show you know next to nothing about football. Guess what, a receiver against a linebacker is a mismatch as well. Or have you forgot the Alabama game?

  4. Tampa Gator Please stop trying to act like you know anything. Your enthusiasm over a wide receiver beating a defensive end in the open field was embarrassing, but now you continue to add to your ineptness. Your comment to James about Ancrum is also silly. Abdul Bello, an offensive tackle, has only played SIX games, yet UF and many other high profile schools wanted him badly. Unlike Ancrum, they all saw signs of potential greatness, even if he had only played 24 quarters. There’s no way to spin this, it’s another sign of how badly UF is struggling to get players this year. That should change this year, but you’re hurting your brain putting so much lipstick on this pig.

  5. aux2…..I have no interest in getting into an insult war with you. But, obviously, you have no idea how to click and watch a video based on your posts about Sweat being beaten for the TD. He wasn’t even involved in the play other than watching Calloway catch and score repeatedly on Sweat’s high school team……which resulted in him taking a knee and holding his head in disgust. But troll on mighty one.

  6. Zach – It’s time to permanently ban aux2. Simply put, he is a condescending jerk who is critical of what you write and of other commentators who post. Now he’s trying to inflame political passions with his cheap shot at Sarah Palin. I’m a conservative myself and I wouldn’t vote for her. But that’s not the point. The point is that aux2, in his ongoing criticism of another poster, has attempted, like a child, to introduce political rhetoric to insult another poster in a football forum. Do us all a favor and ban this condescending know-it-all from the site. Let him find another venue in which to annoy people.

  7. Aux, have you even watched any tape on these players? You talk about Tampa not knowing anything, yet I’ve seen you criticize a lot of recruits without mentioning anything about their game. can you define what their strengths and weakness are. Can you define what about them makes them what you claim they are? Until you can you have no room to talk about anyone else.

  8. Same goes for you James. Have you even looked at the kid’s tape? What are his strengths and weaknesses? What makes him so bad? Until you can answer these questions you have no right to criticize the kid or the Gators accepting his committment.

  9. I’m feeling good about how UF finishes out this class. Right now a mixture of solid recruits and a few guys longer on potential than immediate readiness, now we’re down to the remaining four- and five-star guys remaining on the board. Guessing we close out with Ivey and St . Louis upfront, Scarlett and Cronkite, Ryan Davis and Calloway, maybe Lamar Jackson. On defense cornerback Williamson, versatile G.G. Robinson, and one to all three of Cowart, Jefferson and Holland, plus a surprise or two. I’m not confident about Holland, Jefferson or Cowart but believe all three have left enough undefined about their decisions to leave room for hope.

  10. I like your list Mac. I too believe we will get Ivey, St louis, Scarlett, Conkrite, Davis and Calloway. That would be a heck of a strong finish.
    I don’t think we will; get any of the 3 defenders, I see Cowart going with the Chump, Jefferson to Ole Miss and Holland somewhere else.
    Hope I’m wrong about the last 3 but if we get all the offensive players listed that would be very strong.
    Go Gators!

    P.S. aux and James are semihole assclowns, who cares what they say

  11. Someone else raised the question about recruits’ fascination with Muschamp. If they study his Florida program they’ll see three good defensive years and one exceptional year when Dan Quinn ran the defensive show. On offense, disappointment, mistakes, highly rated recruits who didn’t develop, left the program or we’re not given opportunities. His best year defensively came with Urban Meyer’s ‘s former recruits. It’s difficult to clearly identify the genius in a coach who is a very likable guy but never grasped the nuances of the big picture challenges in being a head coach. I hope Muschamp prepares much more for his almost inevitable next opportunity as a head man. Meanwhile, I hope Cowart, Jefferson, Holland look past his salesmanship and grasp the realities of Florida’s erosion under his watch.

  12. Ox-tu is a LOSER Clown-U Criminole version of a bad joke. It’s not the stars, it’s how you coach them and use them that counts!

    BTW, how far did QB Shameous Jameous, or the Gator flips RB Cook and WR Lane, take Clown-U in the 1st College Playoffs? – LMAO! —> Ore 59 – 20 FSUcks
    Clown-U has an all time LOSER record to UF.
    (their only mNC game —–> UF 52 – 20 FSU).
    Clown-U has a LOSER record to UF over the last 10 years.
    Clown-U has always lost to UF more than they win, and that will never change. Besides, friends, don’t let friends, go to FSUcks to become LOSERS….

  13. James nice try my friend. looks like CeCe to Uf per Mike Farrell, Ivey and Scarlett as well and possibly cowart. I hope you are smarter than the real dumbo fisher- how did u guys get smoked by oregon? wow that is hilarioius

  14. Cowart will wise up and go with UF. I hope doesn’t believe Mushchamp will remain at Auburn long. I’ve heard he’s already talking to Quinn and may be heading to the Falcons. Wouldn’t that be some crap if these kids go to Auburn then Mushchamp leaves. Pick the school not the coach.

  15. I am liking what I am seeing with predictions on different websites. If it goes how the prediction are going, may be a pretty decent class. We have to wait and see what happens on signing day, but definitely liking the trend.

  16. There was a reason Muschamp was FIRED!! If he had been any good, he’d still be at UF.

    Who is to say that he will even be at Auburn in a couple years!!

    We have our new head coach, and he Rocks!!

    If I were a recruit out there unsigned, I’d be jumping on board the Gator Train. It’s about to get heated up again in G’ville!!

    Go Gators!!

  17. UF reportedly gets a guy that has never been mentioned. Kaylan Johnson, a three star safety has ben flipped from Kansa state to UF. He’s never been to Gainesville and received an offer over the phone from Randy Shannon. UF is eegtting closer to signing the 27 they have room for, as he is now number 14. Another guy rated about the same as all the others, but maybe UF steps it up a notch in a couple of hours with Scarlett. It’d be nice to see a consensus four star join the class. It’s not against the rules for UF to get a four star.

  18. Edit; It says that Johnson did visit UF this past weekend, but I don’t recall seeing his name. Maybe this is a false report. Has anyone else ever heard of this guy and him visiting Gainesville this past weekend?

  19. I think we will get a couple 4 stars and a couple 5 stars in this class. Its a shame that if muschamp does go to atlanta he would wait until after signing day and any recruit they sign can see him for what he is. Really dont think he will go this year. That would be a huge gift to Florida, who just fired his azz. Gators will end up with a good class of players, and with good coachin we will be proud. Florida has lost too many good players leaving early and re not ready for NFL. They were not coached up,for the job. I dont think matt jones and a couple others are ready, yet they will be gone and 1 more year would make NFL caliber players out of them. The GATORS will be fine. GO GATORS//// WE BE SKRONG hahahahahahahha

  20. Mr. Reality I guess I’m the only one who’s never heard of this guy? He wasn’t listed on Zach’s mock class or by him as someone UF was targeting. If you deal in reality, it probably means that UF is continuing to strike out on players and is still resorting to taking guys that we’ve never heard of out of desperation. When you target guys less than a week before signing day it means that you’re not getting the players you want. This guy is another ‘NR’ guy that makes up the vast majority of this class. Everyone gets players like this, well almost everyone, to fill out your class, but when you have these players make up the bulk of your class, it’s not good, at least not at Florida.

  21. Only aux would try to spin flipping a Texas athlete into a bad thing. This new coaching staff has done in a couple months what the former coach in waiting at Texas couldn’t do in 4 years! This staff is doing great And will reel in a good class. Meyer, who was a successful recruiter and winner and had a better situation his first year, had zero 5 stars. We will definitely end with 1 and could end with 2 or 3. Not to mention the fact that the coaches are filling up with talent they like (which the haters tali about being low stars but can’t say what their strengths and weaknesses are or break down film). Also not to mention the only thing this class NEEDS to do is add depth at oline and linebacker and add offensive play makers if necessary. With most likely 6 olinemen, including Ivey, the first box is checked. With only 1 linebacker the 2nd box isn’t checked, but I’d be surprised if that’s how we finish. With the possibility of having Dillon, Callaway, Scarlett, Cronkite, Francois or Jackson, Daniel I, Davis, and others I’d say that bonus is checked. This class is gonna be good and I can’t wait to hear the haters on Wednesday

  22. What a get by the BIG MAC! Scarlett I had my doubts about until I found out his girlfriend is enrolled at Florida. Figured if she was a major hottie he might want to be around that in close proximity. This young man is a beast! I saw one of the experts think this kid should be rated #1 in the country.

  23. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I think it’s very good news that Scarlett picked UF. He fills a position of need and is UF’s first four star recruit. I am surprised because UF was doing so horribly up until his commitment. I hope this is a sign of things to come later this evening and into signing day. This might be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, and signals a change in the caliber of recruits UF is able to attract this year. He is a big back with speed and that will only help UF’s offense. Let’s see if some other four or five stars take his commitment as a sign that it’s o.k. to pick Florida. Like other animals that are afraid to be the first to go into unknown waters, maybe some others will now follow.

  24. So much sunshine on this board it’s sickining. You get one player . Cowart to FSU, Ce Ce to Ole miss, holland War Eagle, Ivey to Auburn. Scarlett is already considering flipping according to my South Fla people.. To FSU

  25. If you are not careful james fisher you may dethrone aux as the #1 assclown of the blog.
    Scarlett knew he was a Gator before his trip to Tally but once he got there he couldn’t wait to commit. To the Gators of course. So falls the first of many big time players to come our way like dominoes.
    The Big Mac Attack is on.
    Go Gators!

  26. I am uping my 4 star count from 2 to 5 and add 1 more 5 star to the count. A good day for GATORS, and it is going to get better next 2 days. Hopefully no decommits in this class and a really good qb would be great. Havent had a chance to see Will Grier work yet , hope he has the stuff. Qb is the one we are going to need for this class no later than next year. Aux2 James fisher suck on them oranges troll azz”s. GO GATORS/////// We be GATOR SKRONG….

  27. Between the verbal commits yesterday and those predicted to commit tomorrow, could turn out to be a pretty good recruiting class after all. Will have wait and see how things go tomorrow, but you have to like the momentum going in to signing day. Of course won’t know how good a class for a couple years.

  28. Not afraid to admit when I am wrong….we have been on an awesome streak. If we can get at least Cowart, Ivey and Davis this will be a HUGE turnaround. Very impressed…does this get me out of the top three 305Gator?

  29. Yes it does primo. It takes a real man to admit he is wrong, something a semihole assclown is not able to do. Welcome back on the Big Mac Express. Here in the 305 everyone is bummed that Scarlett is a Gator and they are afraid that Tyree St Louis the big OL will follow his lead and that so will Antonio Callaway the WR. The writing is on the wall, the momentum is building, this will be a sweet class after all.
    Go Gators!

  30. We are Finishing strong this past 10 days!!!!! Notice how the Gators are in the News in Recruiting now!!!!!!! We have gone from 6 to 16 and the 4 and 5 stars are now coming out!!!!! I love these flips from FSU and Miami!!!!!!!! NSD we will rock!!!!!! I think we sign 7-8 more and end up in the top 25!!!!!!!! This is the beginning of the Gators being back!!!!! 7-5!!! A bowl win!!!!! Muschamp gone!!!!! Coach Mac and a great staff working their tails off!!!!! The swamp. The Gator program!!!! No more negative news!!!! Even Billy is chipping in with some nice PR from the team starting to come together!!!!!! A win tonight on ESPN the night before NSD by the Gators over Vandy would be nice!!!!Prediction…23 recruits by end of day Tomorrow and some 5 stars and top 25!!!!!!!! We are coming back strong!!!! Go gators! Bob in Jupiter-Alum-Ticket holder and Booster!!!!!!

  31. Bob Let’s not get carried away. Yes, UF did get a huge recruit in Jordan Scarlett at a position of need and beat big, bad FSU for him. But the rest of the players they got, with the exception of Williamson, are the same kind of players that are the vast majority of this class. Scarlett was the exception, not the norm. We’ll see tomorrow if UF gets into the top 25 in recruiting, and more importantly, fills their needs. Scarlett is a huge get, and I think it’s possible he is UF’s starter at tailback by the end of next year since UF doesn’t return any great backs, but there are other needs for this team. UF desperately needs a quarterback, Francois or Jackson would do nicely. UF desperately needs more than one linebacker, the depth chart is thin and Morrison may not be able to play this year. UF needs a couple more offensive linemen. Unlike most schools who already know what they are getting, UF is still a mystery. Being a mystery is not what you want to have on signing day.

  32. I remember one year Spurrier said I guess we have a bunch of kids that wanted to be Gators in the end because so many ended up signing and the staff was not sure which way they would go. Max Starks was one in that class.

  33. James Fisher, as in Dumbo the Crooked Criminole, you need to get a life dude and go to the University of Idiots message boards. That would be the school of outlaws, thugs, rapist, guns, and Crablegs. Oh yeah also the Two faced lying coach, Police dept., with the gutless Administration that hides everthing. That would be your FSU.

  34. Bob in Jupiter I like your attitude man, keep it up. In Miami they are scared that Scarlett was just the beginning of the flips. Look out for big bad Tyree St Louis to be the next one to jump ship followed closely by Antonio Callaway.
    It’s looking very good for the Gators right now we are the ones adding new recruits while Miami, FSU and others are having trouble hanging on to those they thought they had.
    Silly aux it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. Right now you and james fisher are neck to neck for the biggest assclown crown. We will find out tomorrow after the dust settles.

  35. 305Gator You are right about one thing. UF is adding recruits, but the reason for that is that they are so far behind. The majority of commits that UF has, on Rivals, are ‘NR.’ If you don’t know, that means they are not considered to be among the top players at their position. It’s fine to have some of those in your class, but it’s not good to have the majority of your class not even rated, at least not at UF. You are also right that we will find out tomorrow what will be the outcome. I’d love to see UF get all of the top uncommitted players from the state, but I know it’s probably not going to happen. It’s just reality, and I’m sorry that you feel the need to castigate those of us who “keep it real.” Fantasies are nice, but that’s why they are called fantasies, the real world is quite different.

  36. All players cant be 4s &5s, so give me some hard working 3s and some solid coaching. They will get the job done. Not all 4&5s pan out. It is how hard do you want to work. We will be fine, and a lot better than it looked 1 week ago. Coach mac is bringing in some need position players. GO GATORS////

  37. Cowart, Jefferson and Ryan Davis all indicated evidence they will choose same school, then deleted twitter, announcing they will be off-line until after signing day. Sounds like either Aw-burn or we Gators will be celebrating. I think it’s UF for all three along with Ivey.

  38. Aux – It is fun looking at the recruiting rankings, but it is just that. Florida was ranked high in the recruiting rankings under Muschamp and it did them very little good. You exclaim how you knew about Driskell. If I remember correctly he was ranked high among qb recruits. Giving a star ranking to high school recruits is not a very exact science. There are too many factors that play in to the equation. How good the high school coach is – how good the competition is – how good the players are around them, etc. There is a difference between being real and just being negative. If all you post is negative and you ignore the positive, that is not keeping it real.

  39. Aux you’re still avoiding talking about tape like the plague. Come on aux I’ve been begging you to back up your cap with some tale break down! Why are you ignoring me? Too scared to show how ignorant you really are??

  40. Azalus – wonder how much tape of all the high school recruits the “experts” have seen. How do you compare offensive linemen well enough to determine who ranks 50th and who ranks 150th. It is a guessing game. It is fun for us fans to see the ranking, but does not determine who succeeds and who doesn’t.

  41. Azalus Unlike you, I’m smart enough to know that I’m not qualified to watch “tape.” If I was, I’d be a coach, and I’m not. It’s amazing how fans think they know anything by watching “tape.” It’s akin to someone watching a heart procedure and thinking they are a surgeon. Dirty harry said: “A mans got to know his limitations.” I don’t think you’ve learned that. As for the rankings, they do matter. If they didn’t, why would coaches, who actually do know what to look for on tape, be fighting each other over the guys with the “stars?” Soetimes they don’t agree with the assessment of others and don’t want some five star. That’s where you see the separation between the best coaches, like saban, Meyer, and Fisher, and the poorer coaches, like Muschamp. We don’t know where McElwain raes yet, but we do know that he has not been able to get the players he wants and has had to take lower rated players. If the stars don’t matter, then why is everyone excited over getting Scarlett and boasting about how this turns around UF’s class?

  42. Silly little aux don’t get all upset thinking I’m “castigating” you. As a matter of fact I am the one who is keeping it real and calling you what you are. Too funny you sneak Jumbo’s name in the same sentence as Saban and Meyer, you only wish he were half as good as those two. FYI he ain’t.
    Big Mac is already getting kids that Jumbo is going after and he has only been at it for a few weeks compared to several years head start for Jumbo. Imagine what Big Mac will be able to do next year. And the following one. Scary thought for a poor silly semihole.
    Reality is that FSU has peaked and has no where but down to go, good for you that you are still getting some talented kids. You will need all of them and more just to avoid a complete crash and burn.
    Good thing you play in the weak ACC where you will still find a way to lose to one of those typical ACC patseys. Just like every year before Shameous Jameus showed up.
    Gators are trending up, Clown U is trending down.
    You are still in the lead for the #1 assclown prize.

  43. 305Gator Once again, in your quaint crude way, you display your fleeting grasp on reality and your tendency to live in a fantasy world. Fisher is in the company of Saban and Meyer because his record is similar. The ACC had a winning record against the SEC. The reason they keep score is to determine winners and losers, and Fisher is 4-1 against UF. As for McElwain winning the recruiting battle, it’s too early to know since it’s unfair to judge him with such a short time on the job, but I would not crow too much over getting Scarlett over FSU. Both Miami and FSU already have backs pledged to them that they had higher on their board than Scarlett. What will really impress me is if McElwain can get Francois to flip from FSU. Unlike you, who lives in a fantasy world, I know FSU is not trending down and I hope UF can get even with them soon. Right now FSU is as dominant over UF as UF was over FSU when Fisher took over, so it can change in a hurry. But I don’t see Fisher leaving FSU like Meyer did and I don’t have a clue if McElwain is a good coach. It takes empirical evidence, not crude name calling or nonsensical gibberish to win an argument. If you have a degree, and it’s from UF, it’s rather embarrassing to see the lack of logical thinking or reasoning. What will be interesting is to see the spin set forth by you and others tomorrow when the fantasy is dashed and there’s nothing but the cold reality of the worst class in memory at UF.

  44. If you’re not qualified to watch tape then what makes you think you’re anywhere near qualified to say a recruit the coaches wanted isn’t good??? So basically what you just admitted is you’re clueless and have no right criticizing and recruit or any coach. If stars matter so much why was Driskel a 5 star recruit yet failed so epically as “you knew would happen”? Why wasn’t Debose a star. You’re just so full of comtradictions! And still you think anyone takes you seriously?? Wow

  45. I have to think we get at least one of the big 3….if that happens along with at least one or 2 surprises (St Louis & Francois). Callaway and Davis at WR. Cronkite to add with Scarlett. That will salvage what just last week looked horrible. I mean that will put us back in the top 20. I would consider that a HUGE turnaround for Coach Mac….I always say a good O-LINE is the MOST important thing. Adding Ivey, St Louis and Buchanan to what we already have would be a great O-Line class….one of the best!

  46. Wow – what a horrible analogy. Big difference between being able to judge whether a high school player is good and performing heart surgery. I doubt very many of the recruiting experts have been 10+ years of college to be able to do their job.

    Fisher is not yet in the class of Saban and Meyer. Saban and Meyer have proven they can be great in a few different colleges and each have won more than one championship. Let’s see if Fisher can maintain that level for a while.

    There is that negative spin on the Scarlett verbal. Even when something good happens you have to spin it in a negative way. Wonder how you will the negative spin on it if the Gators get few of the bigger names out there.

  47. Jumbo is not in the same class as Saban and Meyer.
    Not by a long shot.
    So call me crude, clueless and living in fantasyland while at the same time posting delusional drivel. Seems like a psychological problem to me.
    It is obvious BigMac is at a disadvantage this year since he came into the fray at such a late hour. Yet he is getting kids that are sought after by many others, including the Jumbo led criminoles.
    What is the logic of a criminole fan to camp out 24/7 on a Gator site continually posting negative comments and plain drivel? The reasonable thing to do would be to nominate said person for the blog assclown award. I believe you have it hands down.