Florida selling Scarlett on opportunity

Miami commit Jordan Scarlett visited Florida last weekend. (Photo by 247Sports)

With the departures of Mack Brown and junior Matt Jones, the Gators are in need of a running back for their 2015 class.

Jim McElwain made the position a priority as soon as he became Florida’s coach, and one prospect he zeroed in on was Miami commit Jordan Scarlett.

The previous staff tried recruit the U.S. Army All-American but to no avail. However, McElwain and offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier’s history with running backs, specifically at Alabama, sparked Scarlett’s interest.

“It’s attractive,” he said. “That definitely was appealing. The type of backs they’ve used on their championship teams are similar to my style, so that’s a good thing for me.”

The Gators pitched that to Scarlett last month in a graphic that he posted on his Twitter account.

The 5-foot-11, 207-pounder from Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas officially visited UF last weekend, where McElwain, Nussmeier and running backs coach Tim Skipper sold him on the opportunity he has in Gainesville.

“They’re telling me I’m the guy they want and I can come and change the program,” Scarlett said. “With the coaching staff being new, they want players like me to build the team around.”

It wasn’t just the coaches trying to flip Scarlett. Two UF players from South Florida, running back Brandon Powell and cornerback Quincy Wilson, joined in on the action. Powell hosted Scarlett on his visit, and Wilson was teammates with him at University School in 2013.

“They both told me just look at what they did last season,” Scarlett said. “They both played as freshmen, so Florida isn’t afraid to use young guys on the team if they can have an impact.”

Scarlett will officially visit Florida State this weekend and make a final decision afterward, likely on signing day.

“I’m just looking,” he said, “for the best opportunity for me.”

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  1. Zach,

    Usually around this time you publish what your final guess is, relating to the class UF brings in. Do you have a final “mock” recruiting class? I know it is impossible to be accurate, it is just fun to hear your thoughts. Also, is there any silent commits that you are aware of?

  2. Miami lost their #1 RB to the draft but they have another highly rated RB recruit to go along with Scarlett. Having said that, the situation at Miami is very negative with most fans and lots of former players calling for the HC to be fired while the school seems to be content with the current coaching staff. The situation at UF is much more positive now that a new coaching staff is in place, on this point alone Scarlett would do better coming to UF. But these are 18 year old kids and who knows what they are thinking about.

  3. I think this another player that will not pick UF. I think he will pick FSU because they now have room for him with the loss of Johnny Frasier. The big problem for UF this year is that the best players like to go where other great players are going, and that’s not happening at UF. I do think UF will get Jordan Cronkite at running back. I’d be surprised if he picks West Virginia. But again, there’s no lock for UF this year when you have players choosiong Central Florida and vandy over the Gators.

  4. I think that Ox-tu is an ever bigger TOOL that usual with that BS post.
    The only recruits that go to Clown-U are the one’s with little to no character, and/or weak academics. They like it that FSU will always cover for them to keep them playing, instead of helping them grow into decent citizens and become College Grads with a solid future.
    Kids will go to the place that FITS them. I just want the one’s that can become solid Gator’s with a solid future in the Gator’s World Wide Network.

  5. He didnt say he wanted to be a Gator, he said Iwant the best opportunity for me. Would like to have heard, it would be great to be a gator,or their are some great opportunites for me academ here. Sounded like maybe just a pit stop, if he stays out of trouble. GO GATORS////

  6. s c gator – Have seen where Scarlett is predicted to end up at FSU and Cronkite at UF. Will see what happens on signing day there. Another busy weekend at UF with about dozen more recruits coming in. Should be an exciting last week and a half.

  7. Once again, folks like da-muddler get bent out of shape over a rational prediction. In a week, we will find out who is right. UF coaches only have, including today, four more days to make their pitch. I just don’t think that is enough time to make a difference with guys like Scarlett. UF can sell playing time, but the kids know that already, they know the reason UF has a new coach is because the current roster is bereft of good players. I don’t think any one of you pumpers would say, if you were being honest, that you thought UF would still be last in recruiting in the SEC going into the last weekend. I’ve just seen Scarlett talk, and he sounded like he was waiting for an offer from FSU, which didn’t happen until another running back flipped to N.C. State. By the way, UF has already flipped one player from N.C. State, is trying to flip a quarterback from them if Jackson falls through. I wonder if UF has a chance to flip another player from N.C. State, Nyheim Hines, that they were trying to get. Maybe Frasier’s commitment will reopen the door fro him. Another sign of how badly UF is struggling, is trying to flip N.C. State commitments and N.C. State having a pair of backs that UF would die for.

  8. Spivey has Conkrite to Florida while FSU has the edge on Scarlett. Even though Lewis has gone silent the staff is still pursuing him hard. I would like to see at least one of them sign with the Gators. They all look like studs on the field.

  9. Poor aux2. He ‘a that on National Signing Day, when the dust settles, UF will have no one willing to come play for the Gators. Probably we ‘ll be dismissing all our coaches and plowing under the entirety of Ben Hill Griffith Stadium to covert the land for a research center where people in white coats can study how graduates of Florida State eventually learned to pay for groceries at check-out lines. Onto real matters..,

  10. Jordan Scarlett has good reasons to choose UF, including early playing time in an offense geared for success. Mark Ingram and Trent a Richardson were the best if a thundering herd of Bama back Mac and Coach Nussmeier featured over those years. It appears we could land both Scarlett and Jordan Cronkite. The other one to watch appears to be big Jaasen Lewis.
    Zach, how do you rate our chances now with each if those three? And are there any sleepers who might be on the Florida board at running back ?

  11. He keeps me laughing. Nyheim Hines has offers from: Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Arkansas, Clemson, Duke, Georgia, Lousiville, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia – and other schools that recruited him including FSU. He is a 4 star recruit. Johnny Frasier is also a 4 star recruit with a slightly longer list. I guess there are a lot of schools struggling as there are a lot of schools that would like to have these two backs. You are the king of hyperbole – UF would die for – it is a disaster if they sign a qb – etc. – lighten up a little. This is a sport that we fans follow for fun. This is not life and death. You always sound so depressed. The Gator team is not bereft of good players. That have a new coaching staff that will hopefully get things turned around.

  12. Another linebacker bites the dust. Richard McBryde, an Auburn commit, cancelled his visit to Gainesville. UF desperately needed linebackers after failing to sign any last year. Now, going into the final weekend before signing day, only one is committed, Rayshard Jackson. If UF whiffs on Holland, it may mean UF will get only one player at a position of need. I hope the new staff isn’t as secretive as the last, but we still have no idea of the status of Antonio Morrison. If he had a severe injury, he may not be able to play in 2015. I don’t understand why UF has not given an update on his status. It may be the case that the reporters at the Sun have not bothered to ask what his status is, though, and UF is just waiting to be asked. If he’s unable to play, the failure to recruit linebackers this year becomes more acute.

  13. aux two the silly semihole keeps running his dirty trap as if anyone around here cared.
    The Gator program is trending up, no matter what this recruiting class turns out to be, Gators are on the way up and the criminoles have had their peak and have no where but down to go.

  14. Aux again your lack of knowledge betrays you. There’s no news on Morrison’s injury because the family asked to keep it secret. Nothing to do with the coaching staff. But who takes anything thus gut says seriously. This is the guy who tries to convince us the only reason we went after Jackson is because no other linebacker wants to come. He conveniently skips over the fact that Shannon wanted this kid from the very beginning when he was at Arkansas. I doubt Shannon was recruiting this kid at Arkansas because Florida was having trouble. Shannon sees something in this kid he likes and THAT’S why he got recruited. And if Shannon likes a lineb Acker s

  15. Aux again your lack of knowledge betrays you. There’s no news on Morrison’s injury because the family asked to keep it secret. Nothing to do with the coaching staff. But who takes anything thus gut says seriously. This is the guy who tries to convince us the only reason we went after Jackson is because no other linebacker wants to come. He conveniently skips over the fact that Shannon wanted this kid from the very beginning when he was at Arkansas. I doubt Shannon was recruiting this kid at Arkansas because Florida was having trouble. Shannon sees something in this kid he likes and THAT’S why he got recruited. And if Shannon likes a linebacker so do I. This is also the guy who’s only reason for attacking guts were recruiting is stars. Tell me how many 5 stars are in the Super Bowl? He hasn’t watched 1 second of tape. Can’t tell you any recruits strengths or weaknesses. Just a troll a sad lonely little troll

  16. Hey Stan there is finally hope in Hogtown a competent and cohesive staff is in place. A HC and an OC that can work together and are not oblivious to offensive production. A far cry from the past 4 years.
    So yes we are trending up. All we need is the right coach and it seems we now have him. It doesn’t matter how this recruiting cycle ends up, that is all on the failed Chump, we have no where but up to go.
    If that is being delusional then so be it but that is the wrong word to use, optimistic is more like it.
    Go Gators!

  17. Shannon is the only one who wanted Jackson, nobody else did and no toher linebacker has wanted to come to Florida, so far. As for Morrison’s injury, if what you say is true, it’s a ridiculous thing for his family to do. I’ve never heard of anyone being that ridiculous. he’s not going in this year’s draft, and even if he was, you can’t hide an injury from the NFL. It’s pathetic, and what is McElwain’s to say when asked about Morrison? Something like that it’s a state secret and we won’t tell you if he’ll be ready to play in the Fall? Again it’s pathetic if the family is hiding his injury, no one else does such nonsense.

  18. @ sc gator, do you know something that we haven’t been privy to? You made the statement “IF HE STAYS OUT OF TROUBLE”. Does he have a history of being a trouble maker, or is this one of those “HE’S FROM MIAMI, HE’S BLACK, he must be a problem child?” If you know something let the rest of us in on it, otherwise don’t go around sputtering , character assasinating remarks about kids for whatever your reason may be if they are not “FACT”. GO GATORS!!!!

  19. Now to get back to Scarlett, this kid has speed, he’s quick, strong and great moves in close spaces. get to the line (north and South)very quickly. He looks great, and would be a great addition to the TEAM. GO GATORS!!!!

  20. So FSU and Jimbo Fisher are to be commended for trying to cover up Winston being accused of sexual assault, but Morrison’s family (if true ) is being ridiculous for not letting you know the extent of his injury. I don’t why they would, but do think it should be their choice to share or not. I think it is ridiculous you calling the family out for not disclosing it to the public.

  21. Nothing is clear on the Francois angle yet. Got a coach saying he did, a player saying he didn’t, but nothing from Deondre. We’ll just have to wait and see. As far as Aux’s ridiculous comments, the family has every right to their privacy. The only thing ridiculous here is you acting like you have a right to know this guy’s business even if he doesn’t want you to know. And as for the Shannon is the only one that wants Rayshard, that doesn’t matter one bit. If Shannon likes what he sees then I trust that. The man coach Ray freaking Lewis for goodness sakes. I think he knows what it takes to be a good linebacker. Still Aux can’t tell you why a guy is good or bad based on anything other than stars which everyone with any little clue will tell you is a joke. I bet he still hasn’t watched 1 second of game tape on any recruit

  22. Morrison is part of a team, and the media and fans do have the right to know who is going to play. It’s like the clown, Romney, not disclosing his tax returns because “the democrats will attack them.” If you’re not smart enough to realize that your employers, the people of the United States, have a right to see your tax returns if you are applying for the most important public job in the land, you’re just stupid. It’s just stupid to not say what your injury is and the prognosis for recovery and when that should be complete. Also I wouldn’t get too hyped up about Francois, he seemed pretty clear that he wasn’t coming to Gainesville, and if there was a chance of it happening, I doubt UF would be offering a two star quarterback from N.C. State. It’s not official until next Thursday, but I think you are fooling yourself about Francois.

  23. Trey Derouen, an offensive lineman that cancelled his trip to UF this weekend, committed to South Carolina. UF may have not offered him before his scheduled visit, and he might have been upset about that and decided to end his recruitment now. He is a teammate of G.G. Robinson, a Louisville defensive end commit that UF is trying to flip and is supposed to visit this weekend. Along with an Oregon defensive end commit that’s also visiting, and a defensive end from Sebring, Fl, it seems UF is trying to load up on defensive ends. That may mean they don’t feel confident about jefferson or Cowart. It does appear that defensive end prospects that we’ve never heard of before have suddenly popped up very recently.

  24. Creek gator
    I only made a comment about staying out of trouble, keeping your nose clean and getting good rades,to be a success. Did not mention his color, bhis home area school are anything. PUT A SOCK IN LOOKING FOR RACE ISSUE. I as well as others want good decent kids at GATOR TOWN, THAT WANT TO BE GATORS. Here they have an opportunity to excell…..I did not sputter or try to assinate anyone. GO GATORS////

  25. Thank GOD for nsd and 99% of all this what if will be over and we can wait till the season starts and as the good ole boys say RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG..
    Gator skrong hahahahaha. Look out semenholes the party is over, now it is u r screwed with the f word. GATORS will be fine with what we get, with good coaching and development. GO GATORS//////

  26. The media should take aux on how to hand pick the news you want to talk about. Let’s completely skipthe Oregone State DE taking his OV to Florida. Let’s talk about the one guy who canceled his visit.Let’s forget about the staff keeping DIllon, who most assumed was going to flip, let’s just talk George Campbell, who’s been long decided way before Mac got here. I’m surprised you’re not trying to blame the coaching staff for not getting Da’Vante Phillips. smh. Just sad

  27. A two star DE commit to Oregon State (from the Miami area) is now coming to Gainesville this weekend. All the signs are indicating that Cowart and Jefferson are not going to be Gators. Too bad. And the 2-star OL/DL said no to the Gators tonight and is sticking with Syracuse. This is getting seriously depressing. I just hope NSD brings a lot of positive surprises.

  28. It’s truly the apocalypse. UF is now chasing FIU and South Florida commits. Maybe UF should have told Clark he could play defensive line. I don’t know why, but a lot of players think defensive line is more glamorous than offensive line. They should listen to the coaches, though. The Gator’s board is expanding, not shrinking, which is not a good sign this late in the game. Maybe some good news will come with Pellage picking UF over South Carolina tomorrow. I guess UF can no longer be choosy if they want more bodies to fill the class.

  29. I’m not depressed in the least about Florida recruiting. Haven’t been, won’t be. Instead I’m excited and fascinated as we get to watch a fine coach with an excellent staff begin the work of rebuilding one of the nation’s elite programs. We’ve been badly damaged by four years if football that largely ranged from average to mediocrity to despair. Jim McElwain has a huge job to do and I’m not pinning on him any of the recruiting decline created by Muschamp. As for next Wednesday, I can’t wait. No matter who ‘s on that list, I’m going to be happy that they’re joining my favorite team and my alma mater, the school I love. And I think there will be some happy surprises, as well as a few disappointments Wednesday. Not worried. A great future awaits.

  30. I am with you, Gatormac. I am excited about Mac and his coaching staff. Whatever happens come signing day I will be happy that the Gators made the change. We will truly see how good they are at recruiting next year.

  31. This is it. Only this weekend left. UF better have a high closing rate this weekend. When the dead period starts Monday, UF better have more commits than presently or ESPN’s broadcast from Gainesville may be more of a wake than a celebration.

  32. Per tweet to Kevin Brockway, over 20 players in Super Bowl were 2-stars or less coming out of high school and J.J. Watt was a two-star tight end. We’ve had a head coach and his staff with highly ranked recruits yielding mediocre results. The best coaches have learned how to draw out the best from their players. The most important recruiting this winter is already a success: hiring Jim McElwain and the staff he’s built. This is a better staff than Mac could build at Colorado State. We ‘ll be excellent on defense and special teams and will improve enough to field a good enough offense. No doubt that Mac’s offense will be a good bit better than anything we’ve had the last four to five years. Can’t wait!

  33. Gatormac If you bother to look, the same exact things were being said last year about the offense being better and Driskel being the perfect fit for the new offense under Roper. Roper was the answer to all the problems, now the only thing that’s changed is the names of the coaches. There is a doubt whether the gators will be better on offense, the same players are there, and ultimately it comes down to players. Does UF have a decent quarterback is more important than who is the coach. No coach can win with a lousy quarterback, although Muschamp proved that wrong when he won eleven games with Driskel. Coaches don’t have a magic wand, and UF is not going to suddenly become a great offense or team. It’s going to take years, how many I don’t know, but as seen in recruiting this year, it’s not a situation where there is “no doubt.”

  34. aux2……You would make a good propagandist for the German and Japanese war machines in the 1940s. Pure likes and nonsense foaming out of you on a daily basis. While Florida is currently struggling trying to put together just a decent class, I would not trade a single coach currently doing that recruiting for Florida for one coach from coaching and recruiting for FSU in Tallahassee, and that is the honest truth, something you seldom if ever post on here.

  35. aux too the little silly semihole hurry and get your jabs in while you can soon enough you won’t be able to say anything else negative about The Mighty Gators.
    The failed Chump screwed up this recruiting class good thing he is gone.
    Like my man said before, BigMac and his staff are the best recruits we can have, thank God for that.
    The next best thing is Jake MaGee coming back next season.
    Gooooooooooooo Gators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Tampa Gators “pure lies and nonsense.” I think you have gone off the deep end and this poor recruiting class has fogged your mind. It’s not a lie that the same exact things that are being said this year about the Gators being better on offense due to new coaches and the “talent” currently at UF. McElwain has no idea if UF is “talented,” but he does know there is a roster imbalance that needs to be corrected.We also don’t have a clue if McElwain and the rest of the new coaches are the answer. UF has yet to play a game. It also matters who a game is played against. Many fans were excited and thought the offense was “fixed” after the game with Eastern whatever. It’s not nonsense to have empirical evidence, not just hope and faith, empirical evidence at UF. not Duke or Colorado State is what matters. Maybe McElwain is the answer and UF will become a good team again, but right now, we don’t have a clue. The earliest returns, from recruiting, is not promising. But that’s just the start, since you liken me to a Japanese or German propagandist, they both started off in WWII like gangbusters, but finished badly. It’s not how you start, but how you finish that counts. That’s why I’m hopeful for UF, but I’m smart enough to believe in results, not words. By the way, you’re a fool if you disparage FSU’s coaches. You are what your record says you are, and their record is very good. By the same token, Muschamp’s record is why he is no longer at UF. Get a grip on reality, it’s not that bad.

  37. aux2…..You are like a bad record that keeps being played while one is trying to enjoy a fine wine in a 5-star restaurant. Fortunately, one can tune the bad music out and enjoy the taste of the fruits of grape while knowing delicious dinner is to follow. Enjoy your Bud on ice and your stale crackerjacks.

  38. Gators will be just fine with whoever they sign. They will do better than the past 4 years with what we already have , especially on offense. Next year the recruits will take note and they will come in droves. This year can be written off thanks to the failed Chump.
    The piggy semihole troll will soon disappear it’s just a matter of time.

  39. Christian Pellage, an offensive lineman who was a priority for UF, has decided to stick with South Carolina. It’s looking very bleak for UF since he’s just the latest to spurn UF. I wonder if something is going on we don’t know about. It’s incredible that UF is losing out on so many recruits.

  40. ntscrze……..Florida did not lose out on Pellage. He was committed to SC. If he had flipped to Florida, SC would have lost out on him. If you want to blame someone for Florida not getting Pellage, blame Muschamp. He was the one who decided early not to recruit the kid. The current Florida coaches made a valiant effort to get him late. That is a hard thing to do when you did not have a relationship with someone until just a couple of weeks ago. The fact that Pellage gave serious consideration to Florida at this point says a lot of positive things about the recruiting efforts of the current Florida coaches.

  41. Tampa Gator It doesn’t say anything positive for the recruiting efforts of Florida coaches to fail again. You seem to always make excuses for failure. UF’s commits since McEllwain was hired are two that were committed to other schools and one that UF didn’t want, but is someone Shannon wanted. You can’t have it both ways. Pellage was not thought highly of by not just the former UF coaches, but FSU also didn’t want him because they thought he was “soft.” You seem to want to spin the horrible results, so far, of this recruiting class at UF. We can all read,and it doesn’t matter what the reason is, UF is getting turned down at an astonishing rate. I guess we’ll hear more excuses from you on signing day, you seem to not grasp reality.

  42. it snowed here yesterday. i blame Muschamp…
    the pathetic need to continue insulting a man who gave 100% of his energy and effort to UF should be beneath us, but it obviously is not. face it: the recruits are not coming to UF because they wanted to play for Muschamp. y’all may not like that fact, but i don’t think it’s disputable at this point.
    you got what you asked for, now deal with it.

  43. Richard Desir-Jones, an offensive lineman, has flipped from FIU to UF. He is a three star. UF has a need for offensive linemen, they got another one, so that’s good news. It may not bode well that UF is chasing after FIU commits, but it is what it is. The alternative of not getting anyone is less appetizing.

  44. The recruits did not want to play for the failed Chump.
    First of all, not many of them were even committed while he was HC, only had about 8 of them
    Secondly those few started decommitting well before he was fired.
    The failed Chump is to blame for this recruiting cycle he was in charge. The new guys have only been around a few weeks.
    Maybe you want to blame Foley for not getting rid of the guy last year that would make a little more sense.

  45. These big recruits may have that relationship with muschamp but they didn’t seem to like him enough to commit while he was in charge at florida and they haven’t committed to him at auburn either. Hopefully these kids are smart enough to realize muschamp was full of shit and won’t be at auburn for more than a year or two at most. I mean you can’t preach for years this is the best place for a recruit to come then flip it and be like oh no auburn is the best place to be. Hopefully they all sign with the good guys. Hopefully they all sign with florida. If not oh well. Go gators.

  46. Virtually all the key prospects we’ve been recruiting were either committed elsewhere or leaning to schools besides Florida. We’re not gonna win a high percentage of those guys. This rodeo isn’t over. Give it four days and then start caterwauling or rejoicing.

  47. UF gets another offensive lineman, Frederick Johnson, who picked UF over an offer from Miami and others. Depending on Horton not flipping, UF is now only a player or two from meeting their needs on the offensive line. If Ivey is one of those added, it will mean a pretty good haul on the offensive line. Offensive linemen is the hardest position to project, so it’s not a stretch to say that a two star will turn out to be better than a much higher ranked player.

  48. Hey aux, i have no problem with u trash talking, thats just all in good fun and fsu was on top last year while the gators were down, so we just have 2 listen to u fsu fans, no problem. I really dont even mind the trolling that much either, every1 knows what u r doing and u arent really accomplishing anything. What i dont like is, as trolls go, u arent a good 1. U just keep saying the same thing over and over again. We know we dont have a good class, its no secret, can u come up with a different area to troll 4 awhile. Make something up, i dont care, use your imagination, make it your own. Please, just something different. At this point you are just the loud irritating drunk guy who just keeps shouting the same thing repeatedly louder and louder until he gets a response. He thinks he is a part of the conversion, but is bother and bore. Just saying…

  49. My thoughts exactly Tampa Gator. “Losing” the Pellage kis, as Ox so aptly states, is disappointing. Coach Spurrier broke his fellow Gators hearts in the 4th quarter once again. He’s rated a 4-star, which is pure conjecture at this point. Who’s to say the two South Florida kids (2 or 3 stars) don’t turn out better? I’ll take a kid with a great work ethic and a proven coach (Summers) pushing him to succeed any day of the week and twice on Sundays! Welcome to the Gator family Mr. Desir-Jones and Mr. Johnson. Don’t forget to bring your lunch pails and your hard hats along with boulders on your shoulders and show these so-called experts what they missed out on!

  50. I think Scarlett’s de-committing from Miami well planned. Now he can open his choices back up and Miami can’t hassle him with only a few hours left until the dead period starts.

    His gf goes to UF, and his HS teammate OL Desir-Jones just committed to UF, fsu already has 4* RB Patrick in their class and another good redshirt coming in behind Cook from last year.

    And you know both his gf and HS teammate are are in his ear today and will be throughout the dead period.

  51. I predict Scarlett goes to FSU. Why? Because everyone else is going to FSU among the top players in the state of Florida and no one is going to UF. I also saw him speak a few weeks ago and it sounded like he was just waiting for an offer from FSU, which didn’t happen until johnny Frasier decommitted from FSU last week. I hope I’m wrong, but nothing has went the gator’s way with the top recruits yet, why is that going to change now? Hopefully the gators secure Cronkite’s pledge. He’s a four star and might be better anyway. Who knows? Like quarterback, UF needs to get at least one, it’s too late to find a backup plan.

  52. Reality is this class is a huge disappointment. We could should and would have had 3 of the top 10 recruits in the country (Cowar, Jefferson and Ivey) without a doubt in any other year. Those recruits should have been paramount. we now will be lucky to get any. We are settling for 0 star “sleeper” recruits….embarrassing. It will not be pretty when we take the field next year. Hopefully the staff makes 2016s class the top priority. But it’s a catch22, our 6-6 seasons will keep recruiting difficult.