Davis meets Nussmeier for first time

Ryan Davis made a few trip to Florida in the fall and may return for an official visit this month. (Photo courtesy of Davis)

Florida sent a pair of coaches to St. Petersburg on Wednesday night to meet with four-star wide receiver Ryan Davis.

The Rivals100 member received an in-home visit from UF offensive coordiantor Doug Nussmeier and defensive backs coach Kirk Callahan, who recruits the Tampa area for the Gators.

“It went well,” Davis said of the visit. “First time meeting coach Nussmeier, so it was real nice. He told me all about his plan.”

UF coach Jim McElwain visited Davis last month and told him how he would be a crowd favorite at Florida. On Wednesday night, Nussmeier talked to Davis about their offense and how he’ll stand out in it.

“He’s got a great track record,” Davis said of Nussmeier. “He’s had some big-time playmakers, (Alabama’s) Amari Cooper and Christion Jones. Those are just the recent guys I know off the top of my head.

“But he knows how to get guys in space and give them the right amount of touches. He likes my size and my quarterback mind because that’s what I played in high school. He thinks I can make something happen at all the receiver positions.”

Callahan recruited Davis while he was at UCF last year, and the connection they’ve built could benefit the Gators.

“We have a funny relationship,” Davis said. “He’s real goofy, we’re almost like brothers. It helps Florida, even though he coaches the other side of the ball. We’ve always been cool.”

The 5-foot-10, 167-pounder will announce his decision on signing day. Davis has three official visits left after visiting Auburn last weekend and Maryland in September.

His tentative plan is to go to Alabama this weekend, then figure out if he’ll take one or both of his remaining officials with a midweek visit being a possibility. He’s considering trips to Florida, Michigan, Miami and UCLA.

“There’s a chance I do,” Davis said when asked if he needs to visit UF again. “I probably need to. If I do, I don’t know when it will be. But as of now, I’m going to Alabama this weekend.”

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  1. He might be more amenable to a visit if UF had his position coach hired. I don’t know why the deal with Oregon’s receiver coach fell through, but it has to be a handicap to not have a receiver coach when you’re trying to lure a receiver. The possibility of flipping Auden Tate from FSU becomes more difficult for the same reason. Also I’d like to hear if UF is still at the top of Javarius Davis’s list. I don’t know where he is wanted by UF, but he could even be a running back if UF strikes out on the other running backs they are after. As a side note, is Callahan really that short? Davis is not a big guy, but he towers over Callahan.

  2. The Florida Gator Program is the most successful program in Football and basketball combined than ANY other programs in the nation!!! check it out 5 N championships in last 18 years!!!!!! 11 SEC championships!!!!!! IF a kid does not see or be told this then the effects of the last 2 years have gone over everyones head…..This is the Swamp!!!!! This is living in Florida not Alabama…..We just won a bowl game and have a great program with solid team coming back….I think we will sign big time in the last 7 days we will flip a bunch of grea players!!!!! I definitely see a top 20 or higher ranked class Feb 6th!!
    Go Gators-Bob in Jupiter

  3. I agree Bob, and have been saying ‘No Worries Mates’ for some time now.

    The Gator’s new coaches are complete unknowns that the recruits have never heard of, right ox-tu? (that’s known as ox-babble)

    “He’s got a great track record,” Davis said of Nussmeier. “He’s had some big-time playmakers, (Alabama’s) Amari Cooper and Christion Jones. Those are just the recent guys I know off the top of my head.” — Ryan Davis

    So nope ox, you’re WRONG yet again!

    Both McElwain and Nussmeier can coach WR’s and will probably do so a little bit, even when/after Mac hires a WR’s ‘specific’ coach. While the ‘right’ WR’s coach could be a help in recruiting, I doubt that not having one at the moment is that big of a deal for a guy meeting with the HBC and OC. I don’t know who my Sgt. is going to be yet, but I’ve met and talked to the Division Officer and the General so I know the specific direction of my position and the overall plan.
    See what I mean?

  4. It’s well documented that Coach Mac has coached WRs for many years… I think he’ll do a better job recruiting WRs than any coach that gets hired right now. I think fans forget that he stated that he will hire the right fit, regardless of how long it takes. If I was a recruit, that would excite me more than if we just hire a guy just to say the staff is complete.
    As far as everybody criticizing it, stick to the day job, lol.

  5. Maxx – Please share what top recruits only want to be Gators. Pretty much all recruits check out multiple universities to see what university best fits them. It is only smart to do so when making such a big decision. It is not like being a fan of a college. This is a decision that will effect them for the rest of their life. I hope they continue to wine and dine and bring in some recruits who can help them win games.

  6. I really hope it’s not a WR coach that is waiting to finish a signing class before leaving. It doesn’t make sense. Why would UF give up recruiting points so some other team could retain a misleading recruiting advantage? So I doubt and really hope it is not the case but you never know with this world.

  7. Brad Lawing has been hired as the new DL coach at FSU. So Muschamp is now pulling Jefferson and Cowart towards Auburn and now Lawing (who has an even closer relationship with those two) will be working to pull them towards Tallahassee. Williams and McElwain have a very difficult job trying to salvage those to for Florida. And I still don’t get why Lawing was not retained by McElwain.

  8. Yeah Tampa, I saw that too. Seems like it would have been best to keep Lawing given his experience and success. Mac ended up keeping Summers. Cowart is either going back to Auburn or to UF this weekend. Maybe he ends up at FSU instead.

  9. Actually, Lawing will coach defensive ends. What a turnaround for Lawing, now he’s coaching for the team that was the enemy less than two months ago. We’ll see how Cowart’s head spins now, since he, only today, said that he was down to Auburn and Florida and might not even keep his scheduled visit to FSU on Jan. 30. One thing he should keep in mind, though, is that he should choose a school for reasons other than an assistant coach. They come and go, and their loyalty to a school or player is very fickle. FSU already has Josh Sweat enrolled, the number one player before he was injured, if Lawing can get Cowart too, it might be rough on opposing quarterbacks. Will Cowart now change his mind again and visit FSU?

  10. Franz Beard wrote a great piece this week on Urban Meyer’s first Florida recruiting class as well as Scout’s national rankings of 2005 prospects. Except for Reggie Nelson, that 12th ranked recruiting class produced no Gator stars. The other successful members of our class that year were Louis Murphy and under-utilized David Nelson, both NFL receivers now. Beard’s recollection underscores the high percentage of national 5-star busts. It is a reminder that high school hoopla doesn’t translate into stardom at the collegiate level. Coaching, personal and skill development, hard work and good health with solid enough academics and living right mean much more for whether or not prospects turn into productive players and stars. The most important recruit in our current “class” is named Jim McElwain. The other top recruits so far are named Nussmeier, Collins, Summers, Shannon… you get the idea. The rest will follow.

  11. This is it. I know there’s one more visit weekend before the dead period and signing day, but this weekend will determine if UF will have a respectable class or a a bad class of historic proportions. Hopefully Zach will soon provide a list of who showed up and we should know Monday if anyone is buying what UF is selling. UF has room for nineteen more players, a very high number to fill in the next couple of weeks. UF is offering guys we’ve never heard of because they are whiffing so badly on the players at the top of their board. Will these Plan B, C, or D choices say yes?

  12. aux2 – You must be a lot of fun to be around. Everything is negative with you. Are you on Michigan’s recruiting boards spewing your doom and gloom. Most of the top recruits are now going to wait till signing day to announce. We all knew that this would be an uphill battle for the new coaching staff. Some of these players have been building a relationship with coaches for a couple years. We will see on signing day how much of that disadvantage they were able to make up. Gators are most likely not going to sign as many players as they could. They will save a few for next year when they have had a chance to recruit for a full year. Some of the new names they are going after is because you have a new coaching staff – new offensive system – and they are interested in different players. Yes, some of it is they are going to reach on a few players.

  13. Ox-tu is a criminole nay-sayer. He is so afraid of UF that he spends many of his off hours attempting to slant any Gator news into bad news instead of good news. He makes Clown-U idiot statements constantly. He twists facts, and he’s not even above the outright lie to try and force things in the directions that will help his joke of a Clown-U. As soon as their crab stealing date rapist is gone, he’s afraid that (UF 6-4 FSUcks) things will continue on down their long standing path of 2nd or 3rd best in Florida.
    He knows that his team plays in the Almost Competitive Conference, not the SEC. He knows that his school is an academic joke for the most part, with Deion Rules that had to be forced on them. He knows that they are most known for their PW Dillards Heistman specialists, their Darnell Dockett hand stomping, knee twisting thugs, and now for their Shameous Jameous (school protected) no pride tarnished stars.
    Ox-tu is only here so that Gator fans will be sure to have something to LOL about daily. So thanks Ox….
    PS =========== NSD is when we will know, and not before.

  14. I agree that Florida should sign guys that want to be Gators, over the guys who are shopping and waffling back and forth. I can understand the hype over the 5 star athletes and all that, but a young man that’s talented and hungry and wants to be a Gator is a big plus also to the program.

  15. I appreciate the fan club, but it’s no secret that UF is struggling mightily to get recruits this year. It also isn’t true that most pf the top players are waiting to announce, most of them have already announced where they are going or are already enrolled. You don’t ‘save” scholarships in this age of so many players leaving after three years and transfers.. The only reason to not use every scholarship available is because you can’t get the guys you think can help your program. UF is now down to courting two stars, I don’t recall that happening before, even when new coaches took over. It’s not gloom and doom I’m peddling, it’s just reality. Things can change next year, but right now it seems that recruits are buying what McElwain is selling, and there’s very little time to change that.

  16. Ok so snowprint is aux2? What I was saying is that the top recruits that have not announced are waiting till signing day to announce. Please look at Michigan – when you replace your coaching staff you are going to struggle that year recruiting. McElwain is not to blame for this. I have been following Gator football for 40 years. They have brought in some 2 star players before. The Gators are in the running for a few 5 star – quite a few 4 stars and a lot of 3 stars. Why not wait a couple weeks to see how things turn out. If the Gators get 1 of the 5 star – a few 4 stars – and a bunch of 3 stars – it is a decent class. It is not the usual, but you do not get the usual when you change coaches.

  17. need to show a better product on the field in 2015. If the team shows improvement and the coaches demonstrate that they can coach and teach the game, recruits will follow. New coaches need time to make connections and build rapport with recruits and their families.

  18. I’ve never had a desire to troll rival teams blogs just to make them sound bad but pretending to blend in as a negative fan. I guess they feel like they are helping their team and they are likely getting nervous about the coming resurgence of the chomp. Pathetic is what it is. Go home trolls.

  19. This class will be fine enough, maybe even a pretty good outcome for a time of coaching transition. Think about the young men already in the program who chose Florida to play for championships. It surely hasn’t been much fun the past couple of years. The relief in resolving the issue of Muschamp ‘s future and the excitement about launching a new coaching era have to exhilarating for them. It’s gonna be fun again. Go Gators!

  20. Our best recruit, Dillon, is a lock to flip to LSU…..Cowart, Jefferson, Holland and Ivey are all about to sign with Auburn….Muschamp is having the last laugh. This recruiting class isnot even going to crack the top 50. We don’t have a legitimate starting QB (please if someone thinks Treon is the answer they need to have their head examined ) ….I know I know I am overreacting….well listen Gator football is pretty damn important to me and we are a laughing stock right now with no light at the end of the tunnel. So you tell me, what the heck is there to be happy about? I know Urban winning the National championship, no FSU winning it the year before, maybe Clemson and Auburn raiding all our recruits….this quite frankly sucks. Sorry to be a realist but get ready for about 3 or 4 losing seasons in a row. And just cause AUX2 is telling it like it is you dolt who live in this fantasy world can all just make fun of him….he’s a realist. And he’s right!

  21. Da-muddler too really? Are we as Gator fans in any shape to put down Criminoles? Listen I hate FSU but these kids at our school there school all schools make mistakes….remember a fella name Aaron Hernandez…..please shut up