Weekend recap


Over the weekend, Florida coach Jim McElwain and his assistants hosted their first set of official visitors since the contact period started.

Four of the seven recruits were committed to other schools heading into their trips, and UF has caused all of them to rethink their recruitments.

Under Armour All-American Christian Pellage, an offensive tackle committed to South Carolina, is now considering a switch to the in-state Gators.

“It was good meeting the new staff and seeing all the energy that they have,” Pellage said of his Florida visit in a text message to The Sun. “After my South Carolina official (Jan. 23) I will reevaluate the 2 visits and make sure I’m making the best choice for myself.”

Defensive lineman Jabari Zuniga, an N.C. State pledge, appears to be the most likely flip for Florida.

“The biggest highlight was just being on the field in The Swamp and looking around the stadium. It was crazy,” Zuniga said of his visit. “Defensive coordinator Geoff Collins was one of the first people to actually recruit me. So when he got to Florida, I just felt like it was only right to take a visit there. He’s a great guy, and it’s just that good of a program.”

The 6-foot-3, 255-pounder will take an official to Arkansas this weekend and make a final decision Monday. Zuniga said education and the position he’ll play in college are his two biggest factors.

“Florida and Arkansas are recruiting me as an edge rusher,” he said, “N.C. State is recruiting me as a 3-technique. But I’m an edge rusher.”

In a brief conversation with The Sun, Arizona State running back commit Jaason Lewis said he enjoyed his visit to Florida but declined to do a full interview. He’s scheduled to visit Tennessee on Jan. 30 and announce his final decision on signing day.

UF didn’t land a commitment from Jeremiah Dinson or Rashad Fenton, but Dinson told 247Sports he is now a “soft commit” to Kentucky. The Miami cornerbacks both will visit Auburn and Louisville before signing day.

Offensive guard Mike Horton also wants to take a pair of trips to Tennessee (Jan. 23) and Auburn (Jan. 30), but he and fellow Florida commit Tyler Jordan seem solid to the Gators at this time.

A handful of UF’s top targets — defensive ends Byron Cowart and CeCe Jefferson, offensive tackle Martez Ivey, linebacker Jeff Holland and wide receiver Ryan Davis — visited Auburn over the weekend, Ivey unofficially. While the news from those trips were very positive for the Tigers, all five prospects plan to return to Gainesville for a visit before signing day.


  1. Zack……Read on an Auburn site that Cowart told current Auburn players that he is not coming to Gainesville this weekend and will return instead to Auburn that weekend to help recruit others to Auburn. From what you know and have heard/read, do you think Cowart will be in Gainesville this weekend or not? Not looking good for him, Jefferson, Holland, and Ivery at the moment, is it?

    • Tampa Gator,
      He’s very inconsistent with his visit plans and appears to change them a lot. He’s told me twice that he’ll visit UF this coming weekend, so we’ll see. I had him, Jefferson and Holland between 45%-55% for UF heading into their Auburn visits, but I still think chances are high that Ivey ends up in Gainesville.

  2. They should rethink their recruiting. UF is a much better university than Auburn, Alabama and SC. Closer to home for their family and friends to visit and enjoy watching them play. The facilities and fans and Gator Alumni network is second to none. The opportunity to stay home and represent the state at the collegiate level would most likely produce a NT contender. The ability to revisit as an alumni instead driving 8 plus hours for alumni events and games. I hope these guys consider these things before signing with a school based on a coach that’s selling them a load of crap.

  3. Thanks, Zack. Wish the same four were coming together this weekend in Gainesville. But it seems Muschamp arranged a recruiting bonanza last weekend at Auburn. Also, any chance of getting CeCe and Holland back to Gainesville before signing day. Seems that would be necessary to get them to come to Gainesville along with or without Cowart.

  4. Lance…..Cowart stated that Auburn grads take better care of current Auburn players after their playing days are over with jobs and such, and he likes that. And I think his mom will move to Auburn if he goes there.

  5. When I saw Cowart’s post-Auburn comments I felt that he’s made his decision. However, he seems to be a guy that will honestly tell you what he ‘s thinking RIGHT NOW, and he may honestly have a different response this time next week and wind up being a Gator. I agree with Zach that life-long Gator fan Ivey chooses UF. Jefferson essentially can play the same position as Cowart and maybe we get one and Auburn the other. Randy Shannon gives us a shot at Holland. Two weeks to go. A lot will happen no one can entirely foresee.

  6. Cowart wants to go into Journalism. I think that if UF gets the message across clearly then he’ll understand that UF alum do their part to support UF alumni. But at UF it is very easy for Alumni to support Alumni because UF does such a good job preparing students with skills to make it in the real world. And UF Journalists are EVERYWHERE! Writing or working for ESPN/SEC network, News stations all over the place, ect. The UF name sells and the real world is buying. And that message goes to the other recruits as well. That UF name covers so many degree fields. If you want to work in Florida, nationally, D.C., or any major city in the world. UF’s name on that degree/CV carries heavy weight.

  7. Didn’t know of Cowart’s interest in journalism. If he cares about academics and a post football career in the field why would he choose Auburn over UF? It wouldn’t be hard to walk across Stadium Drive to Weimar Hall for a tour and to meet someone there.

  8. Maybe in Alabama Tampa Gator, however I work and travel all over the country and it seems like Gator Nation is everywhere and based on my experience in the corporate world, UF is extremely respected and that has opened many doors for me. I believe Auburn understands the power of Gator nation, hence the comment. He should review the academic rankings before he buys that beach front property Auburn’s selling. LOL
    The Swamp Will Rise Again. Hopefully these young men join our family on signing day.

  9. following cece and Cowart on twitter, I’m not liking UF’s chances. if cece wanted to go to UF, why wouldn’t he visit during one of the final weekends (one of the 3 weekends new recruits are coming to town after the dead period and after the entire staff was assembled) to try and sway recruits to UF? I like the Coach Mac hire but we will be settling for 3-star talent in ’15 with ’16 recruits playing another year of “show me results” this fall.

    I don’t understand top talent like Cowart and cece waiting until signing day….they have such sway with other recruits that they could announce early and others would follow. ..

  10. Zach, you need to talk to the person who makes the headline. In the upper portion it says that “some recruits switching in favor of UF.” I got a little excited and thought UF had actually got some new commitments, only to find out the news was the same as it has been for months now, just the same story of recruits saying how much they like UF, but still not pulling the trigger. I know it’s not your fault, but someone should know better than to put up something that isn’t true. No one has switched yet, when they do, please let us know. As for the recruits “thinking hard” abut UF, I’m sick of it since it’s like a barren tree that bears no fruit. It’s time for the next article about recruiting to have an actual commitment to announce. This teasing is getting very old.

  11. If Byron wants to get a journalism degree in 3 years then maybe he should go to Auburn cause I don’t see that happening with a pretty tough major at a school like Florida unless it’s a phony-ish asterisk athlete degree. I’m not sure how much “help” they get at florida or other schools but that seems like an intangible workload if they were held to the same standards as other journalism degree holders.

  12. Lance, Cowart has only lived in Florida for a short while, and he has no real connection to the state (he’s said as much). As for driving to alumni events, none of these guys have any thought that they will have to drive anywhere after their big NFL careers. The facilities at UF are nice, but there is no denying that other schools are building football shrines, while the Gators continue to operate out of the basement of a stadium built in the 1950s.

    Tampa, someone needs to explain to these kids that it’s great that the alumni network at Auburn is so supportive, but it’s out of necessity. If they weren’t Auburn grads would never find work. The Gator alumni network is strong and supportive, but Gators are perfectly capable of making it on their own without having to rely on the charity of their alumni network.

  13. I thought cece and cowart were coming to town this weekend? Also martez has stated he’s coming back before commuting so everyone needs to chill out. All still have plenty of time to come to UF and holland has said he really likes Shannon. Either way one class doesn’t make the sky fall. And for the clown wanting commitment only articles, following recruits isn’t for you…

  14. These young men remember that the Swamp was full of Boos during the season and was half empty for Senior Day…Auburn did not act so bad during their removal of a Head Coach. The athletes were treated poorly and these kids were there o watched it unfold in the media. You reap what you sow, very bad impression made by “Gator Nation”. It will take time to repair our mage.

  15. Agree y’all relax your dealing with 18 year olds, do you remember 18? Not the greatest decision making skills easily swayed. These kids are going to make the best choice for themselves. We will be fine in the long run.

  16. Again, I remain optimistic that we land at least two if the top four, maybe a coup and secure all. UF’s going higher and, regardless if whether or not this short-cycle class is chocked with 5-star targets Cowart, Jefferson and Ivie, next year will be the foundational one. Meanwhile, Mac has “recruited ” a very strong, impressive staff and has kept our program in the picture for those top-rung prospects. He’s regained the attention of others who had turned away from Muschamp’s weak offense and expanded our horizons to other prospects, including some 4-stars. All of us want to see verbal commitments to reassure us. Once the dust settles February 4, we’ll be pleased with the solid start to the Mac Attack Era.

  17. Ivey is quiet and does his own thinking. Jefferson appears to be a follower and is influenced by others around him and will make his decision after everything is said and done. Cowart appears to be arrogant and not as intelligent (especially if he is buying all of Champ’s nonsense) and appears to love the limelight. Why would anyone want to play for someone is just been fired. And if his mom mysteriously moves to Auburn then there needs to be an immediate investigation.

  18. While I get the desperate push for these highly recruited guys, & then add to that Coach Mac’s short time here; I’d push for some JUCO greats that have or had some interest in Florida. One time only, just to get some bodies out there for Summer/Fall camp. I believe Coach Mac’s going get some real excitement back in the Florida ‘O’, and the next few years in recruiting will improve! Keep the faith!
    ”…we get knocked down, but get up again, no they’re NEVER gonna’ keep us down!”

  19. I for the life of me can’t figure out that if Florida is/was yoUR favorite team growing up, you’ve always dreamed of playing there-WHY would you NOT want to go there REGARDLESS of record???! You should want to be part of the reason that they get back on top. Be a main cog in the rebuilding of the mystique & greatness of The Swamp. Why not want to have that mentality that hey-this is MY school and I want to be a part of turning this thing around! I mean why even look around if this is ‘supposedly’ your dream school?!? Can’t figure that one out but as Tim stated-we’re dealing with 18 yr olds. Let’s see how this thing pans out in the end. Still holding out hope that they all sign with UF. GO GATORS!!

  20. What I do not understand is that there are plenty of kids that would love to play at Florida if only given a chance. Therefore, these coaches should be going after players that actually want to be Gators and not flip-flopping between Florida and other schools….just sayin

  21. Oh for God’s sake… lets stop with the “dark days” comments.

    These melodramatic reactions are almost laughable. LOL We have a talented, albeit depth-shy roster at some spots, but even is we had only 10 commits this year, this team could compete and still win 9, perhaps 10 games next season.

    We’re going to get some good players and we’re going to miss out on some, but our main object this season is to put the Billy Donovan full court press on the big recruits and try to snap a couple of them and just fill areas of need with depth.

    It’s not the end of the world. Every season there’s a #1 player in the country, a #1 DE or #1 RB, and in the next recruiting cycle we’ll get our fair share, but lets desist with the gloom and doom talk, shall we folks?

    Peace out…

  22. Could there a recruiting curveball with both of our former DC’s after the Super Bowl. It appears Dan Quinn will be the Falcons new HC but they can’t announce that officially till after the super bowl. I saw on 3 different sites a mention of Muschamp as the Falcons DC joining Quinn. What would that do to Cowart and the trio if Mushcamp pulls the Saban and leaves for the NFL?

  23. Wow!! This is shaping up to be one of the worst recruiting classes in UF history. Right now rated 94 in the nation. By the looks of this article, it doesn’t seem Mac is going to get much this year and a couple of de-commits happening as well. The biggest recruit weekend and he doesn’t land one commit? Foley and Musty did a smackdown to the program. I too thought this was going to be a positive article for UF recruiting, but the truth has come out….Mac can’t recruit. Guess the Buck Owens, Hee Haw persona doesn’t work in Florida

  24. The pessimists and/or rivals will continue to rag on UF’s current class ranking.
    The optimists and/or Gator fans will continue to see good things on the horizon.
    NSD, and not before, is when we will ALL KNOW what reality is, so until then, rag or hope away….
    Some of these recruits will make a choice between playing on a cold, hard, loser Rocky-Top, or playing in the SWAMP on Turf Mags 2015 ‘Best Athletic Field (any sport) in the World.’ It’s up to them to make the ‘smart’ pick, and then live with it…. UF 10-0 Tn, with 11-0 coming up in the SWAMP this fall. Tn’s Head-BJ is already 0-2 vs fired Muschamp. And anyone who chooses Ron Zook field in tallycrappy over the SWAMP deserves whatever happens to them afterwards…. ;~) — And lasty, if you were born in a barn, then it’s okay to go to the Allbarn for your schooliing.

  25. UF’s lack of great facilities also hampers the recruiting process. The SEC has the best facilities in the NCAA except for UF , which doesn’t even have an indoor practice facility. You can have a great field in the swamp, but most of your time is on the practice field or indoor when inclement weather is in play. As for “schooliing”, you might want to get a refund for yours.

  26. Robert……Muschamp is not going to go work as a DC for someone who used to work for him as a DC……in Atlanta or anywhere else. Anyone promoting that needs their heads examined. Plus, the Falcons are not going to pay Muschamp 1.6 mil to be their DC, which is what Auburn is paying him.

  27. orange60…….
    You have no idea how this class will end up. It could be very bad. It could be a very good one. We will know more the first Wednesday in February. But, one thing is for sure, I am not worried about the long term recruiting abilities of this Florida Gators football coaching staff. And I have no concerns about Florida not making major improvements to its football facilities in the near future. After all, it is Florida……which is the blue and orange.

  28. Tampa:…..

    Glad to hear you have no worries. Not even sure why you are reading these articles if you’re not worried..and since you have no concerns, I think you should go on a long vacation and come back in September when your “no worries” recruiting class hits the field. Maybe then you’ll start to worry. Then you might concern yourself about being worried about the 4th week of the season or earlier. BTW, Mac has already said there needs to be an indoor facility at UF. At least he was worried about it. And you’re right I have no idea how this class will end up, but at 94 now, it don’t take a rocket scientist to see that it’s not going to be good or even par for a UF class.

  29. Zach, good info. I hope our chances improve.

    Lance, I’m a 95 UF grad and I work in DC. Yes, “Gator” Nation is everywhere…and so is “Fill In The Blank” Nation (big schools). UF is in fact a great academic public school, but let’s not go overboard. There isn’t much difference in a Chemistry class at UF, Auburn, or Harvard. Also, what do you think most of these kids are majoring in? I’d guess they are majoring in “The Easiest Classes I Can Take and Still be Eligible” (at UF, Auburn, UGA and any other major D1 school). Sure, there’s the Kevin Carter’s and Michael Gilmore’s. But for the most part academics are not a big part of these kids thought process.

  30. I’m going to start with the first comment, “dark days”, because this is what is headed our way in the short-term. College football in the SEC is all about recruiting, and not recruiting 3 star players, except to fill specific needs at the end of the class. During all of the hay-days at Florida, when we were on top, it was “mainly” because of 4 and 5 star players on board. I cannot get excited when we are battling with a NC St or Gamecocks for a 3-star player. If we are this level of the battle, then we have fallen off further than we even know. This was happening the past 2 years and needs to turn around very soon.

  31. Oh, my! We have Tennessee orange and Nolies worried to death because Florida’s going to be roaring back. Why else do they waste their time and ours on a website focusing on the Gators? Just bored, I guess. Meanwhile, this is a pretty exciting time to be Gators. Can’t wait to see the Mac Era unfold. Next up February 4.

  32. latest predictions hot off the press

    Trending Up

    3-star OLB Rayshad Jackson – 100% (7)
    4-star WR Ryan Davis – 56% (32)
    3-star TE Jared Pinkney – 50% (4)
    3-star DE Shareef Miller – 26% (15)
    4-star RB Jordan Cronkrite – 26% (23)
    3-star OL Trey Derouen – 17% (12)

    Holding Steady

    5-star OT Martez Ivey – 81% (60)
    3-star ATH Jaylin Hayward – 50% (2)
    4-star WR Antonio Callaway – 35% (14)
    4-star OT Isaiah Prince – 6% (29)

    Trending Down

    5-star DE CeCe Jefferson – 78% (52)
    4-star OL Kendrick Norton – 70% (10)
    5-star DL Byron Cowart – 67% (52)
    3-star RB Javarius Davis – 65% (20)
    4-star LB Jeffery Holland – 35% (40)
    4-star LB Roquan Smith – 6% (32)

  33. 8 3-stars so far, we need the 4s and 5s to get onboard. I have lots of hope for the future, 3-4 years away, just not in the 1-2 year. I don’t like to hear that we are competing with a mid-major school for a player, and yes, the ACC is full of them.

  34. Foley needs to take the heat for this mess. Let’s face it. If Foley had fired Chump in 2013 when he should have, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.
    Chump was a waste of a hire just like with Zook. UF keeps getting further and further in the hole because of horrendous HC hires by Foley.
    Maybe Foley should join his pal Chump at Auburn.

  35. I think we are going to have to have a great class!!!!!! We are like a Nascar race with a great car and unfortunately starting in the back of the grid!!!!!! We have a great program!!!! Check this out!!! The Florida Gator football and basketball are ranked number 1 over any other school in the last 20 years!!!! What other school has 5 N Championships in football and b ball? Nobody…Add all the sports and it is NO contest!!!! Coach Mac knows what he is doing and I think that the next 10 days are going to be great…..I bet we move from 75the to 20 or better by the end of the period…I think we get some Miami and other SEC flips with some from ACC as wll…Look at the swamp and its better than 95% of stadiums anywhere!!!! Gp Gators Bob in Jupiter-Alum and booster and Tik holder

  36. Wow! I amazed at some of the negative comments especially from Orange60. Name calling concerning coach Mac is really uncalled for. First, no coach taking over a program has made a big splash in the first year. Urban Meyer of recent had to hold a Zook class of 17 together and I think he added 6 more for a total of 23. Mac had 8 from the previous coach, which I don’t recall ever seeing at this time of year from a Florida staff, to try and hold together save one. In addition, this is the first year they implemented a month long dead period. This staff has a monument of recruiting to climb as would any new staff. Meyer only added 6 whereas Mac needs that on the offensive line alone. As for those predicting doomsday rebuilding for the next 3 to 4 years, there seems to be decent athleticism on the current roster. IMO the last staff did a poor job of player development which is something this current staff has a history of succeeding. Since I don’t have a crystal ball like some of you I will wait and see what the team will look like in the fall before flipping out and crying the sky is falling….smfh! There are too many facets to this sport to focus on a few aspects.

  37. LOL ORANGE, talking smack when UT couldn’t beat perhaps the worst coach in UF history on your own home field? LMAO! Every year it’s the same from the Vols fans and every year it’s the same, UT gets beat by UF and they will get beat again this season too in The Swamp. Buh-bye now!

  38. How does Foley give Mushchamp a guaranteed contract without a non compete clause of any kind? To bring him back last year, he should have at least insisted he agree he doesn’t take a job in the SEC or Florida for a year and not be able to touch our staff or recruits if he’s fired at end of season. Not to much to ask for the money we are obligated to pay the guy.

  39. gator Rob Get with today’s news. Your list is pathetic. I know that Kendrick Norton, for example, has eliminated UF. Your percentages are either old or ridiculous. Things have changed a lotand UF is in serious trouble this recruiting year. No reason to despair, though, if UF is as “talented” as some people profess, there should be enough players to have a good team this year. I think that’s not true, I think UF has mediocre talent in comparison with the competition, and we’ll find out that it wasn’t coaching that was the reason for the sorry teams of the past couple of years. We’ll see in a few months if I’m right or wrong.

  40. Earlier comments that Great UF Coaches had sub par first year recruiting classes is spot on. The fact that UF has been down makes me and other Gator recruiting nuts impatient and wanting it all this year so as to start the road back. But the odds are against us. With that, what I really want is for this new group of coaches to “coach ’em up” as Spurrier used to say. Historically great coaching can make a team great and overcome a single down recruiting class. So cheer up and hope this new group of coaches can COACH!

  41. Muschamp can recruit anyone he likes, provided Gus Malzahn agrees. Some of our potential flips are with guys Collins, Shannon and Callahan were recruiting for their former employers. It’s normal in college football.

  42. Dan, you are so right, I feel double violated if you know what I mean.
    You shouldn’t be able to raid your former employers recruits, coaches, etc. What he is doing now might be almost as bad as his tenure as head coach, setting UF back 4-5 years.

  43. With at least 25-30 visitors expected in Gainesville these next two weekends, we’ll see February 4 if Mac and his staff can successfully sell his vision for Florida’s future to a host of recruits. Many have made prior commitments elsewhere. Others are considered leans to other schools. A number will be prospects who only started appearing on UF’s radar in the last two to six weeks, some only days ago. How large will this class be? Who’s most likely to flip? If Summers can develop a sufficiently capable OL, there is enough talent for Mac and Nuss to improve on Muschamp’s and Roper’s lackluster output of 2014. How much immediate and future help will this next incoming class provide? Your well-reasoned thoughts?

  44. Gatormac I suppose you are referring to an improved offense under McElwain since you refer to Roper. You start with the premise that “there is enough talent,” which is not been proved by anything on the field, so that’s a questionable hypothesis. We have o idea if UF has a good quarterback on campus, and that’s the most important position. Treon Harris has not yet shown he is a proficient passer, something you need to have to run a pro-style offense that McElwain says he will deploy. Grier has not played a down and Morninhweg is probably not physically talented enough from what we have seen. So quarterback is a big question mark. The running backs are only average. Despite the hype, Kelvin Taylor has done nothing to be called anything other than average. Adam Lane has played ONE game, let’s not get carried away with him. Brandon Powell has shown some ability, but most of that has not come from any traditional running plays. As for receivers, they have been mediocre. Robinson has shown flashes, but he has not been consistent, and the other receivers have all been forgettable. Tight end? What’s that? McGee is back, but he hasn’t done anything at UF yet, so he’s also a big question mark. As for the offensive line, Trip Thurman is the top returning player. The rest of the projected line played sparingly, or not at all. I think that it’s up to debate if UF has “enough talent” on offense. “Talent” is relative anyway, it depends on who it’s compared with, and, right now, I wonder if UF has a single player on offense that would even be honorable mention All-SEC. After all, the bulk of the schedule is played against the SEC, not the Easterns that UF pays to be drubbed.

  45. SEC football is all about recruiting, and it means beating the big boys of Bama, UGA, and now the vols for those 4 and 5 stars. I believe coach Mac will get it turned around but not this year. We cannot keep competing for the same recruits as ECU, WKU, and the like. If you recruit mediocrity, you will get mediocrity in this conference. 3-stars work for the Boise States of the world, the SEC is THE BEST CONFERENCE BAR NONE. We need to recruit and bring into the fold the very best. Period.

  46. Once again Aux2 is thinking like a Nole. Looking back at the last three years of recruiting says the talent is definitely there to work with. Do we have the coaching staff in place to bring out the talent remains to be seen. The real question is not IF we are going to be good this year but HOW good we will be. 9-4 is not out of the question. As far as the Easterns that you refer to I must say that they are usually better competition then most of the ACC schools.
    This is the first year in over 8 seasons that we have purchased season tickets. We can not wait for the season to start. GO GATORS

  47. And about Muschamp, a good defensive coordinator at TX but lets face it, the longhorns are the biggest under-achievers with the talent they have had in college football history. Muschamp can coach D but had no idea about what it takes to motivate a team to the highest levels of play. The longhorns ought to be thanking Florida for the experiment of hiring Champ, esp since he was “the coach in waiting”.

  48. I must agree with Jaxgator. We need to appreciate Muschamp for what he did as far as the team Integrity issues go but in the end he could not motivate the players on the field. We are in a much better place when it comes to the level of coaching. Now we sit back and offer our fan support. Again, GO GATORS!

  49. I agree that transitional classes are generally going to be down. That said, the hole that Foley dug for this program, and the fact that he hasn’t really been called out on it, is astounding. Bringing him back after 4-8 and then not terminating him after a second consecutive embarrassing loss at homecoming.

    We are two weeks out from NSD and ranked 99th by Rivals. That is unbelievable. Moreover, you left a guy in place to poison the well and create an us v. them mentality in the locker-room at the height recruiting season. Now Muschamp is collecting 2 million per year to host our top 5 targets in Auburn where they can hang out with our former top recruiter who 3 weeks ago was visiting them with our new head coach.

    This isn’t McElwain’s fault, but man he better be special, this is one tough row to hoe. Here’s hoping. Go Gators.

  50. Swamp Colonel:
    Who’s calling Mac names? You might learn to read a post before you get busted to private. Unless you think him calling him Buck Owens is name calling. Guess you are really sensitive that way. If you think that is name calling, wait til the UF faithful hear what Musty was being called in the swamp last year. Then you will understand. As far as recruiting, Mac is behind the 8 ball

  51. “No reason to despair, though, if UF is as “talented” as some people profess, there should be enough players to have a good team this year. I think that’s not true, I think UF has mediocre talent in comparison with the competition, and we’ll find out that it wasn’t coaching that was the reason for the sorry teams of the past couple of years. We’ll see in a few months if I’m right or wrong.” — Ox-tu

    Well, how talented are the criminoles in their own house? >2014 10-1 FSUcks 24 – 19 UF 6-4<
    That sure looks to me like UF is talented, or FSUcks was/is VASTLY over-rated yet again. Apparently, stomping on one's own member is an art-form in tallycrappy…. lmao!!!!

    But wait, after watching what Oregon did to those over-rated shameous-jameous chumps, maybe the Gator's weren't all that good afterall? (snicker)
    Gator season in review: 7-5, 4-4 SEC, one win (8-5) rained out.
    Two of UF's 4 SEC losses were by a combined 6 pts (LSU & SCa).
    UF beat #9 UGly by +18.
    UF lost @ tallycrappy to Playoff FSUcks by only 5 pts.
    UF was 11 pts and a rainout away from being 10-2 in the regular season. That was the talent level at UF, for anyone that's not a rival tiwt hypocrite.

  52. Who do you ‘choose’ to believe?

    Rivals – UF 8 – 0 – 0 – 8

    ESPN — UF 8 – 0 – 4 – 4 – 3 are ESPN Top 300’s

    For an idea of what other coaches think about a 3 star rated recruit, just look at his OFFER list.
    When a recruit has ship offers from some grouping of these kinds of schools: UF, UA, AU, LSU, UGly, FSU, Mia, USCw, ND, tOSU, Mich, OK, etc, then you can forget about what the twits at rivals recruiting are listing him at.

    I stopped paying attention to what gator-hater rivals lists our recruits at a couple of years ago. Some of you should do the same.

  53. da-muddler, I agree with you. These coaches obviously see an upside and coach ability with these 3 star athletes. I see schools like BYU and TCU to name a couple that I never see in the top 10 recruiting but their player development has been well documented on the field. Rivals never seems to rate a Gator class very high.

  54. Um, we’re not in the top 60 in any recruiting rankings, it’s not a Rivals issue, it’s the lack of commitments issue. It has to turn around and I think/hope it will, but sticking our head in the sand and pretending it’s fine got us 4 years of Muschamp, so let’s not do that. K?

  55. da-muddler
    It’s fine with me when we recruit a 3-star guy to fill a need, but I am more concerned with who else is recruiting this guy, these guys. We need to be recruiting and getting the same guys as the teams on top of the SEC, not the teams at the middle to lower end (well, this is us right now) or ECU, WKU, USF, Duke. To stay on top you MUST recruit the top, at least as a general rule. Coachem up, yes, but remember, Tebow, Harvin, and Spikes were all 5-stars and there were many 4 stars right there, as well.

  56. The most most optimistic among us observed that we had enough talent and excellence on defense to win 11 games in 2012, despite a moribund offense. The thought was that even modest improvement on offense could lift the team higher in 2013. Of course, an onslaught of injuries, an unimaginative and poorly coached offense under a head coach who never grasped or applied a cogent offensive philosophy condemned our 2023 and ’14 teams. However, there’s still plenty of defensive and special teams talent to compete in 2025 in the SEC. And McElwain’s offense will be better than any if Muschamp’s mediocre to poor results that, yes, we’re going to be better in 2015, even with a young QB and new offensive line. A 9-4 outcome isn’t far-fetched.