Zach’s Mail Stack 1/16


Ah, recruiting is alive and well again!

The contact period resumed Thursday and Florida hit the road about as hard as you would expect a school that only had eight verbal commitments in mid-January.

You can always tell who coaches really want by the visits they make on the first day of the contact period.

Here’s a recap of the recruits they went to see, and I’ll have updates this weekend on the official visitors.

On to the questions!

Out of the big 3 (Byron Cowart, CeCe Jefferson and Martez Ivey), who do we land? — @rdasilva16, @GaGator02, @alexsdrummond

Let me start off by addressing Jefferson since a few of you freaked out when I didn’t mention him in last week’s Mail Stack.

That was (and still is) because he’s not a recruit I’m comfortable saying UF would land if today were signing day, and he’s not the top defensive line target (it’s Cowart, although Jefferson is basically target No. 1B).

The Gators absolutely have a chance with Jefferson still, but it’s not as high as it seemed a month ago. If you’ll remember, I wrote on Dec. 13 that if had to bet on which five-star recruit Florida would most likely get out of Jefferson, Cowart and Ivey, I’d go with Jefferson.

Well, folks, that’s why you don’t bet on recruiting.

So much has changed with Jefferson in a month’s time. Will Muschamp and Travaris Robinson went to Auburn, D.J. Durkin and Brad Lawing were not retained, he named Ole Miss his leader and he decided not to take an official visit to UF this month. I understand that he’s been to Gainesville dozens of times, but passing up an opportunity to spend a whole weekend with Florida’s new staff isn’t exactly a good sign.

All that being said, there’s still a few weeks to go and things could change again in Jefferson’s recruitment. Despite Ole Miss currently being his top school and Auburn trending, it might still come down to his longtime front-runners Florida and Alabama, a school I’m told to watch out for. His dad really likes Nick Saban.

Cowart sent UF fans into panic mode Thursday with his comments in this GatorCountry article, where he expressed how hard it will be for new defensive coach Terrell Williams to win him over and said he may not officially visit Florida. While it definitely wasn’t great news for the Gators, Cowart has made wishy-washy statements throughout his recruitment about his leader, visit plans and decision date(s).

His feelings have gone back and forth about various things, and he’s even contradicted himself at times. Cowart could sing a different tune about Williams and a potential UF trip as soon as next week. For the Gators’ sake, they better hope he does because they need to get him back on campus and Williams has to grow on him in a hurry.

Ivey is currently the one I feel most confident about Florida landing out of the three five-stars. He was set to commit to the Gators at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl but held off so he could take some more visits to be sure of his decision. But right now, that would be UF.

At this time, I think Ivey and at least one of the defensive ends sign with Florida.

Percentage chances on the top 5 most important recruits to land? And who do we have a decent shot of flipping? @ryanponczek, @GatorKen81

Keep in mind that these percentages can and will fluctuate between now and signing day, but here’s where they stand now in my opinion.

1. OT Martez Ivey — 80%
2. DE Byron Cowart — 50%
3. LB Jeff Holland — 55%
4. DE CeCe Jefferson — 45%
5. WR Ryan Davis — 70%

As for flips, I like Florida’s chances with quarterbacks Deondre Francois (FSU) and Lamar Jackson (Louisville), running back Jordan Scarlett (Miami), tight end G.G. Robinson (Louisville), offensive tackle Christian Pellage (South Carolina) and cornerback Jeremiah Dinson (Kentucky). All are officially visiting UF this month.

What’s your feeling on LB Adonis Thomas now with the shake up at Bama? — @DevinLamarr

During the Under Armour All-America media luncheon, Thomas seemed very solid to Alabama and it didn’t sound like he would visit Florida.

But with the Tide losing both of their linebackers coaches, that has opened the door for UF and other schools to try and sway him.

He’s taking his official to Tuscaloosa this weekend and that trip will probably determine what he does moving forward. If he does decide to take visits, I imagine Auburn and Florida are the leading candidates to receive those.

However, in speaking to Thomas, it’s clear that Saban and Kirby Smart are the two Alabama coaches who had the most influence on his recruitment. So while he may take a couple trips, the Tide have the upper hand at this time.

Which DE does Florida have a better shot with, Arden Key or Shareef Miller? @justiwood

Definitely Miller. The Gators offered the Philly pass rusher on Jan. 8 and immediately became his top team, according to 247Sports ($).

He’s scheduled to visit Arizona State, Penn State and Miami before his Feb. 2 decision date, but plans to make it to UF during his trip to the Sunshine State.

There was talk that Florida was trying to get a visit from Key, but nothing has been set up yet and his visit schedule is pretty busy this month (LSU 1/16, Miami 1/19, Louisville 1/23, Auburn 1/30).

Even if Key does squeeze in a trip to UF, it doesn’t appear that the Gators are much of a player for him.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.


  1. thanks Zach. It would be pretty nice to take a TE from Louisville. Tired of watching Christian score TDs and wondering why UF doesn’t have a productive TE.

    Good stuff on the big 4 as well. if we get any/all then great. if not then we’ll be fine. This staff is too good to let a few 17/18 year olds dictate the hopes.

  2. Cowart expressed the importance of trust through relationships and that he did not have that with the new Florida coaches and does have it with Muschamp and perhaps Robinson. He also told ESPN live that he has already made up his mind and his mother has given her blessing on his decision. He is going to Auburn, and I think Jefferson ends up there as well with Holland. Since Ivey changed his schedule to go to Auburn this weekend to be with Cowart and Jefferson, I have a bad feeling about him as well. And the Florida coaches scrambling to offer and get other DEs, OT, and LBs…..fairly much tells you the story about Cowart, Jefferson, Ivey, and Holland….they are gone. Hope I am wrong, but sure seems that way at the moment.

  3. We go through this same ordeal every recruiting cycle lately, and yes these new recruits are important to the future of UF football, but let’s take a moment to acknowledge the fine young men that are already on campus wearing the orange and blue. These men already chose to be Gators. They are the privileged few that get to run out of that tunnel in The Swamp. They have shown fight, resilience, and tenacity through difficult times. They beat the hell out of Georgia this year. They are the pride of the Gator Nation. I welcome any and all recruits that want to be a part of this great tradition, but make no mistake, it is an honor to strap on that helmet with the Gator script.

  4. Oh yeah I’m sure UF will miss out on every recruit we’re after! There’s no hope for us! I’m sure the team will be the worst in the league for years to come! We might as well give up and disband the football team now. Smh. Some people just don’t learn. Yes UF will miss out on some guys we want. But we’ll also get some guys we want and we’ll also have a few good surprises. Happens every cycle. No this won’t be our best class, but we’ll be just fine.

  5. That_UTA_GUY- We will be just fine- in about three more years. This class is shaping up like a mid-eighties UF class, minus the bowl bans, TV bans and scholly limitations. It’s obvious that Muschamp quit recruiting after the Mizzou loss and were going to be paying for it for a while.

  6. Several weeks ago Zach wrote a terrific retrospective on the short-cycle first recruiting classes of coaches Spurrier, Zook, Meyer and Muschamp. None was a stellar group. Even so, Steve was immediately successful working with a so-so team he inherited from Galen Hall. Urban burst through with his second Gator team, while Zook’s and Muschamp’s shortcomings and ceilings became apparent pretty quickly. Great coaches’ success doesn’t depend on a single recruiting class. So far Jim McElwain has made a tremendous initial impression, assembled an amazing staff of assistants with coaching successes demonstrated at their previous stops. The way that Mac turned around Colorado State echoes Spurrier’s work at Duke and Meyer’s with Utah. We can be quite optimistic about Mac’s impact ahead for UF.

  7. RE: this class, the new coach walked into a quagmire left behind by Muschamp. Seven commitments, maybe five or six firm. He needs a class of 25-28 to fully address our 2015 depth chart. Realistically, how many of the remaining top targets do you think Mac should be able to nail down by February 4? I’m guessing landing any of the three of Ivey, Cowart and Jefferson should be celebrated and believe he gets at least one, maybe two. He needs three more OL, a RB, QB, two DEs, at least three LBs, a couple of WRs to go with the eight verbals already heading our way, though we might lose WR Dillon to LSU. I’m optimistic Mac and his staff come up with one or two 5-stars, two to four 4-stars and an otherwise average group longer on potential than immediate impact. Your guesses?

  8. The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Pessimistic about the Gators? About UF’S football team, about Gator recruiting? What about our new coaching staff? You think they’re not working their tails off? You think they’re as pessimistic about their own abilities as some of you seem to be? He’ll no! This is Florida and we have a great new Gator coaching staff! We will miss some, everyone does. But, we will have some good successes also. So, come on Gator Nation get on the positive side with the new staff. Go Gators!!

  9. Coach Mac’s first mistake was not keeping Coach Lawing as DL coach – both Jefferson and Cowart had a long relationships with him and had great things to say about him and the DL performed – they haven’t formed a solid connection with this new DL coach.

  10. Zach. People want to talk about the “high character ” of Coach Muschamp. He doesn’t get the job done at Florida (he admitted so several times), Florida lines his pockets with cash as he leaves, and he turns to immediately recruiting players to Auburn that he’d been telling for a year or so that Florida would be the best place for them. Is it just me, or isn’t there something ethically wrong with that?

  11. Coaches Meyer and Muschamp embrace the values of the Crosby, Stills & Nash hit, “Love the One You’re With”. It’s worth wondering if you are a high profile prospect being lured to Auburn by Muschamp and T-Rob, “A few weeks ago they told me Florida was the best place to be. Now it’s Auburn. How believable are these guys?” But all’s fair in love and big-time recruiting. Maybe we ‘ll land some guys Randy Shannon and Kirk Callahan had been recruiting for Arkansas and UCF.

  12. st, MAYBE keeping Lawing allows us to get Cowart and Jefferson, maybe not. But McElwain has to hire the guys HE feels comfortable with. Williams’ resume is stellar, he’s known to be a good recruiter, let’s see what he can do. First classes for new coaches almost always are lousy, not much you can do about it, b/c recruiting is about established relationships. Muschamp is the guy to blame for “losing” elite recruits this year(and last year, too), and Foley for hiring Muschamp in the first place, not McElwain. If Mac has a bad class NEXT year(doubtful), THEN it’s on him.

  13. I always get nervous when HS kids are telling us that they are coming to school for 3 yrs and then heading for the pros. You might be the best on the team or conference where you currently play, but everyone coming in has the same credentials. You are welcome to feel that way, but keep it to yourself until you prove you can do it at the next level. As for these guys running after Muschamp to Auburn, he believes he is HC material and will be a one and done at Auburn. Someone will come calling and for sure he will be dragging Trob with him. Be smart and go where there is stability. UF is the future and the coaches here will give you the training needed if you are able to make that next step.

  14. We fired Muschamp, so all bets are off. It’s not his job to worry about UF any longer. Some of you guys take it so personal when a coach leaves here, whether they quit, got fired or otherwise, and go to another school have some success and seem to like their new gig. Please get over it. The moment Muschamp walked off Zook field, UF was no longer his problem. Let it go.

  15. I think even the pumpers are starting to come to the realization that UF is in very dire straits this year in recruiting. But the answer is that there should have never been expectations for a great class. UF has had two mediocre seasons in a row, has, basically, an entire new coaching staff, and the new head coach has no name recognition with recruits. If UF shows improvement on the field in 2015, I think UF will get it’s share of great players in 2016. One hing I’m curious about is why UF wants another tight end. UF signed three last year, has two this year, possibly three since Kalif Jackson may not have the speed to be wideout. That just seems like a lot of tight ends in a two year span. Maybe that’s a hint that McElwain may intend to have two tight ends on the field. Also, since UF is going back to a pro-style offense, they need to get a fullback. Has UF been in contact with Chandler Cox, a onetime UF lean and pal of Ivey? Lewis seems to be big enough to be a fullback, too. As for Jordan Scarlett, I maintain that he wants to go to FSU. They don’t have a space for him, but if Johnny Frasier flips, I think they’ll offer him. I don’t know where UF will go for a running back if that happens.

  16. Maybe Clairebell can play RB as well as QB. The way this class is trending, we may need her for a year or two. Nobody needs to jump off a bridge. This is what happens when you have a couple of bad seasons, fire your coach, and hire a new one that doesn’t have a marquee name ( like Harbough ) It is to be expected. Don’t mean nothing! If Mcelwain is the coach we hope he is, he will win with whats in the cubbard until he can recruit the ones he wants…Nothing greater than a gator!

  17. Well, well, well. The naysayers & negative Nancy’s are out in full force today, and surprisingly that includes you too, Zach. Where is that old Gator pride, confidence, & SWAG that we all have?!? I am not down with all of this negativity! I’m confident that UF gets ALL 3!!! Just because a kid doesn’t visit means jack!! All of these dudes have been to the campus more times than you can count and they have that longtime lifetime Gator love in them. I really believe they all know where they’re going but want to be wined & dined till the end. I believe Adonis flips back to UF & the Mac Attack gets Francois to flip as well. This is the silly season called recruiting so lets all sit back & watch!! GO GATORS!!

  18. During Mac’s first recruiting class, no one expect him to get a Top 5 class. During Mac’s first assembly of a complete homogenous coaching staff, everyone should expect him to build for the future. If DL coach Williams is the right guy for this staffs future, then giving up a recruit or two in the 1st class to get him is the better long term plan it seems to me, and so it’s just fine with me. I like what I’ve seen of Terrell so far btw.

    Those that WANT to be Gators, will be, and the rest are just more Gator-bait anyway….. Not every HS recruit has what it takes to be a Gator, and that’s always been true. With only ONE LOSING SEASON since 1980, 8 SEC-C’s, 4 NC’s, 2 more Heisman winners, and 2 Draddy/Campbell winners, I’ve been pretty happy with the ones that have wanted to be Gators.

    A team is made up of it’s last 5 classes.
    Per ESPN Gator Recruit Class Rankings:

    2011 – #12 – rsSr’s

    2012 – #4 – Sr’s

    2013 – #2 – Jr’s

    2014 – #6 – Soph’s

    Four Year Class Average = 24/4 = #6 Class/Team

    2015 – ?? – Fr (I think the team can easily survive having a 2015 Top 20 class)

    Chris Doering and Louis Oliver were walkon’s, just like BillyD’s SF Jacob Kurtz is.

    While ‘can’t miss’ Bobby Sablehause and Tim Olmstead were 5 star recruits, just to name a couple….

    The Gator’s Future is looking bright to me, and the smarter recruits will see that too.

  19. We’ll get a good core of productive guys out of this class, maybe some top drawer leaders. But you’re right in saying the shortcomings of this class belong to Muschamp. Thankful his tenure is in the past. Every day will be brighter as we move ahead. And don’t give up on this group bring assembled now.

  20. Ivey will be the gem of this class, and even though I;m disappointed about Cowart, I never thought we had Jefferson after lawing was dismissed. But I think Zach is on to something that Cowart is still 50-50.

    We’ll still get some four stars in this class but will have to supplement a decent portion of this class with a number of three stars that have good ceilings on them to address depth.

    We have a good core roster of very talented players, but numbers is what we have to concentrate on mostly this season.

  21. If Mushchamp takes sweeps 3 or 4 of these Florida five stars, we need to declare war with the War Eagles and there should be an NCAA investigation. Some booster must be promising the parents a private jet to all the auburn games. No way all these parents would let these kids play this far from home otherwise.

  22. I could understand losing recruits to Muschamp, since relationships are important in the recruiting business, but where are the favorable offsets, such as getting recruits that had been recruited by Coach Mac and his coaches, from their previous employers?

  23. We may not get any of these kids and that’s OK. This coaching staff will make FL special again. They are not going to let a kid dictate the direction of this program. We may have to fill needs with other kids for now, and that’s OK, cause once this thing starts to turn around, kids will come. I could not disagree more that we should have kept Lawing. Clowney is basically a bust and he has nothing else. Williams led the SEC in sacks his last yr at A&M, and Von Miller and Michael Bennett have both been Pro Bowlers. Besides this guy has a passion for the game that is enviable, as do the other coaches. I would put this staff up against anyone’s in terms of production. Once we start producing, we’ll have to tourn kids away… Go Gators!

  24. As for the big 3 (and a few other top targets) I think we get all 3. If signing day was today, maybe not, but signing day ISN’The today. Zach has me convinced that Ivey is ours and the coaches will stay on him hard to keep it that way. Things might not be looking great for us with Cowart and Jefferson now but I believe they both heavily favored us early on, and Coach Mac is smart, and he hired a dynamite staff. They’re going to stay on these 2 and in the end they’ll remember why they loved Florida in the first place and remember that Florida is far more than coaches Muschamp and The Rob

  25. As for the big 3 (and a few other top targets) I think we get all 3. If signing day was today, maybe not, but signing day ISN’The today. Zach has me convinced that Ivey is ours and the coaches will stay on him hard to keep it that way. Things might not be looking great for us with Cowart and Jefferson now but I believe they both heavily favored us early on, and Coach Mac is smart, and he hired a dynamite staff. They’re going to stay on these 2 and in the end they’ll remember why they loved Florida in the first place and remember that Florida is far more than coaches Muschamp and T Rob. As for Holland I wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to where he’s going. Adonis Thomes may be a surprise flip. I have a feeling that’s not over yet. And yes there WILL be a few good surprises out there. And finally I think Francois is a Gator.

  26. In my opinion the momentum for this class is to little, to late. I don’t see us landing any of our big targets, which may not seem like a big deal in the next year or two, but three to four years down the line it will definitely come back to bite us… Especially if they end up at other SEC schools or, God forbid, FSU. Let’s just hope that they can scrap together some kind of class so that we can hopefully get in the mid teens. We need to do what we can to keep up with other SEC teams and FSU. Especially with the past two recruit cycles for Tennessee.

  27. Gator Todd…..Cowart stated on ESPN that he has made his choice and he said so right after saying he had no relationship with the Florida coaches and did with Muschamp. Not sure how that communication translates into 50/50 unless the kid is just flat out fibbing about it all.

  28. I am not really sure what these kids are doing.. but i know that there is somethiIng about an 17-18 or 19 year old when given this much attention. Lane and cook did it last year and I knwo that many will cont to do it every year. As for Cowart.. if he has made up his mind to go to Auburn, why would he waste a weekend up there with Auburn. I mean if I were a recruit and I were trying to take some free trips before signing day, I would prob go see something new and different. Definately not something i will see for the next 3-4 yrs.

    Keep that in though.

  29. da-muddler Are you starting to go senile? I know you are big on te number of stars and nicknames, but four NC’s? Wht are you referring to? By the way, Adan Lane has a new nickname, and it’s not “Wrecking Ball.” He’s now known as Adam “I crapped my pants” Lane. I doubt you watch South Park, right?

  30. Cowart has a way of saying what he feels and thinks. He ‘s being honest. That doesn’t mean he ‘s going to feel the same way tomorrow or three weeks from now. Smoke and mirrors are part of the intrigue of college football recruiting. It’s way too early to write epitaphs on Coach Mac ‘s first effort , as disadvantaged as it may be. UF is still Florida–great university, climate, campus, football tradition and success. I’m expecting a strong close, some disappointments along with some happy surprises. I say we get Francois, Ivey, Pellagra, Holland and maybe Thomas. And I agree that Cowart is a 50/50 proposition. Let’s enjoy this adventure .

  31. Gatormac I hope no one gets Pellegra, get some niacin in your diet, and you won’t get it. As for Francois, he’s visiting the school he’s committed to this weekend, I’ll feel more confident if he keeps his visit to UF after that. The others, I wouldn’t feel confident about anyone after what has happened so far. Face it, not one “big name” has said yes to UF yet, there is still no compelling reason that is going to change.

  32. Zach,
    We all read recruits thinking of Auburn in their lists now that is where Muschamp and Robinson are. What recruits were the new coaches at Florida recruiting prior to their new jobs they may bring in this class?

  33. Another one bites the dust. Jeremy McDuffie, supposedly a heavy lean to UF for a long time, has piked Duke. Quartez Boulware, an offensive lineman who UF hoped to get, has picked Maryland. No wonder it seems like every dau we hear a name that we’ve never heard of before, it seems like everyone that was once a Florida prospect is saying no. I’m getting the same feeling about this class that Hitler had when the Bismarck went out in the Atlantic. This class is not going to turn out well. Let’s hope I’m wrong, but UF is running out of time.

  34. Aux, make sure you’re brave enough to go down with your ship. As much as you’ve cried about taking on water, it’s the least you can do. As for Gator recruiting, as I recall our school is planning to field a football team come fall and maybe a pretty good one. I imagine our poor, beleaguered, inept coach and staff, as they all seem to be per your estimation, will find a few fellas willing to be Gators. Goodness gracious, mercy me!

  35. Gatormac I, and I don’t think anyone else, has demeaned this staff. They haven’t coached a single game yet, so it’s too early to criticize or heap praise upon them. We won’t know for a few years whether they are great coaches, and really the only one that matters is McElwain. Assistant coaches come and go, it’s the boss who matters, as seen at Alabama. If UF continues to get clobbered in recruiting this year, it’s not the fault of the new coach. The reason he was hired in the first place is because UF was struggling. I also don’t forecast UF to be a “pretty good” team in the Fall. Again, I don’t think that McElwain could be blamed for that, as well. Unlike some of you, I don’t think UF is a talented team, aat least when compared to the competition. We don’t have a clue if UF has a decent quarterback, the running backs are average at best, the wide receivers are mediocre, the offensive line is a huge question mark, the defensive line is full of talented, yet unproven players, the linebackers are a big question mark,we still have no idea if Antonio Morrison will even play next year. That leaves only one area of the team that can be considered “talented”, the secondary. UF needs, and in a big way, some of the top recruits in the nation to play immediately, and, as of now, UF hasn’t been able to get even one. The clock s ticking, and that’s not good for UF.

  36. I think we have plenty of talent, they just need some time under mac to get it together. There are coaches who take a lot of 3 stars and win. Being able to evaluate talent and coach them up is where it’s at.uschamp took 3 years to decide that drizzle couldn’t handle it, the qbs that transferred were obviously better

  37. Aux2…..why don’t you focus all your time on your team’s recruiting efforts…..FSU. Florida will close with a good class and that will be excellent given the little time this staff has had to put together a class, with no help from Muschamp. But from reading the feedback from Cowart, Jefferson, Holland, and Ivey on other recruiting sites and after their visit to Auburn, it sure seems like those four will be going to the Plains and not Gainesville.

  38. Tampa Gator I’m just making an honest and realistic assessment. If UF was going to have an “excellent” class, it would behoove some “excellent’ recruits to say yes. It appears that UF didn’t get a single commitment from this weekend, and there are only two more left. You have to start getting an ‘excellent” class sometime, and getting only one player to say yes in months, Daniel Imatorbehbe, is reason enough to wonder if this class is beyond salvaging. I just can’t see a reason to be optimistic, nothing has happened to change that. I think it’s huge blow to not even get one commitment out of this weekend.

  39. aux2- the same people calling you out predicted Muschamp would win the East this year. They also wanted the perennial 6-6 coach retained if he beat South Carolina. They are now predicting a ten win season next year. I support Coach Mac 100% but this gig is a three year rebuilding job.

  40. Listen we need to get who we can get start spring training then kick off the new season score at will win some championships then we’ll have to turn recruits away. Then just worry about winning s.e.c. @ national championships like the gator nation should only worry about

  41. This is what happens when you retain a lame duck coach after a 4-8 season, then replace him with a mid major coach no recruit has ever heard with a 22-16 lifetime head coaching record.

    For all the success with low budget sports, foley has either been too cheap or tried to get too cute with the head ball coach hires

  42. I didn’t like Muschamp in particular, do like Mac a great deal. Entirely different demeanor than Muschamp’s. I agree with the writer on another site who said replacing Muschamp is worth ten 5-star recruits. We were only digging ourselves deeper in a hole, a 7-5 level program at a place that is capable of annually competing for titles. Muschamp’s inability to grasp the concept of quality offense reflected his ineptness as a head coach. I think he gets another opportunity someday. But McElwain brings more maturity, experience, balance and substance to the responsibilities of a head coach. He ‘s already won the first big recruiting challenge by hiring a great staff. In time, but not right away, he’ll be turning out stellar recruiting classes of players, as well.

  43. RE: our 2015 class and outlook, we ‘re not now favored to win for Ivey, Cowart, Jefferson or Holland. Those guys are coming off a BIG summer camp type weekend with Auburn. However, visits to Florida await. Our staff hasn’t had it’s at-bat. That might salvage a class for us at the top. This won’t be a class up to our usual expectations, but this is an unusual year. Meantime, our 2015 schedule is rated by some the hardest in the SEC to successfully navigate. I think the new crew develops a good enough QB and WRs, benefits by McGee’s return at TE, has solid talent at RB but a real soup on the OL, too much to entirely overcome. Probably another 7-5 level season awaits, maybe 8-4, followed by a Top Five 2016 recruiting class and a 10-2 level outcome in 2016 and on from there.

  44. Ivey, Cowart, Jefferson, and Holland want to play together. No School offers a better opportunity than Flordia for them. New exciting coaching staff with hungry players at a University with a strong academic tradition. Not to mention they are Florida kids, with families here. Close to home so the family can see everygame. They are defensive players and Florida has a strong defensive tradition even before Muschamp. The truth is Auburn will not win the West. They will be 3rd at best behind BAMA and LSU.

  45. Read on an Auburn site that several current Auburn players are saying that Cowart is going to cancel his visit to Florida this coming weekend and return back to Auburn next weekend. If that happens, forget Holland and Jefferson because both of them have clearly stated that they will play football with Cowart next year. Ivey may also now be leaning to Auburn. The big story this week in recruiting will be……does Cowart show up in Gainesville this weekend or does he go back to Auburn for an unofficial to help recruit additional recruits to Auburn.

  46. snowsplint, I said 4 NC’s just to mess with twits like you’ve always been. In 1984, 7 organizations including the N.Y.Times and Sagarin awarded UF the mNC. So if Bama can claim all the NC’s that they do, why not. I feel much the same about the SEC-C’s that the corrupt bass-tads stole from UF in 1984 and 1990. As to senility, it takes no special age to develop a deficient thought processes, you yourself are proof of that! ;~)
    As to Lane, he’s certainly not the 1st football player to have that happen to him. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ was also the game MVP, but a twit will try to overlook the important stuff while concentrating on the irrelevant chit….

  47. Ox-tu is a broken record, putting out the same rickety-scratchy song every day. He’s boring. Just like these new Gator coaches have no history to look at, they’ve never done a thing. (i-d-i-o-t) Just like his BS theory that assistant coaches don’t matter. (moe-ron) A further proof of his BS is UF struggling in recruiting, (4-2-6) the last 3 years. Ox-tu exhibits the conditions of ‘constipation of the brain’, with ‘diarrhea of the mouth’.
    11-1 FSUcks 24 – 19 UF 6-5 (UF’s recruits vs Clown-U recruits @ tallycrappy)
    11-2 FSUcks 20 – 59 Oregon 12-1 (this is why Ox-tu wants to focus on UF recruiting instead)
    7-5 UF 28 – 20 ECa (Okla then hired away ECa’s OC)
    Now, how did they finish out the season, and what is the direction those 2 programs are heading?

  48. We’ve got a genuine shot at those Big Four, if our coaches can get them on campus. Cowart indeed sounds as though he’s made his choice by his words about Florida before his Auburn weekend and his words about the Tigers since. Hopefully, he’s still willing to see into our future before closing the door. Strange twists and turns abound the last weeks, days and hours of recruiting seasons and this will have its share. There’s much concern on this site about who the Gators might not get rather than who we likely will get, including flippers. Interesting how about three negative thinkers have been able to set the tone for the rest of us who are excited about the future and undeniably hopeful about the present.

  49. Part of the problem for F$U fans is their 2013 national championship will be forever tainted by the Jameis Winston “student ” legacy as a campus and town miscreant. It’s hard for them to extoll the virtues of their star. That stain hangs on the Noles forever. At Auburn caution should linger for Malzhan. AU repaid his three predecessors (Bowden, Tuberville, Chizik) with covert plots and dismissals soon after each coach had led his team to great success. Stumble and you’re quickly deposed. Maybe Foley and Machen stayed a year too long with Muschamp, but to their credit they gave him a fair opportunity to succeed. There’s been a high ethical standard at UF where the mess created by Meyer was addressed and the program is moving ahead and upward.

  50. Ox-tu, anyone that could really make an HONEST & REALISTIC assessment would never be a criminole at Clown-U to start with. You are drowning in BS now…. With your head in that warm-dark place, you are never going to see much of anything optimistic. (I think) now that’s pretty funny, coming from a Clown-U fan. ==========
    Being a Realist, who thought that the Utah coach would be 9-3 beating Iowa in a bowl, and then win a NC in his 2nd year, playing an SEC schedule?
    And nobody wins the SEC-C every year. How many SEC-C’s has Saban won in all his years there, even with Bama’s #1 recruits? OC (HBC) McElwain = 2 BCS-NC’s and AFCA Region 5 CoY, OC Nussmeier = 1 BCS-NC.
    Yep, both are completely anonymous and have never won a thing, just like the Gator defensive coaches…. (heavy roll of eyes)
    While UF is the ONLY school in the Nation to finish in the Top 10 for the Directors Cup for 31 consecutive years, #2 finishes the past 3 years, making Foley a bum, right? Muschamp was a 4.0 HBC everywhere but W/L record, and there he is probably the ‘unluckest’ HBC in UF history (close losses & injuries). IF McElwain can maintain the good things in Will’s program, and win more games, he has a chance to be the best HBC in UF history. Remains to be seen, but I’m looking forward to seeing him do it.
    Gatormac, ditto.

  51. Gatormac You sound reasonable in an earlier post hen you realize that this year’s recruiting class is not going to be great this year, them you spew nonsense in your next one. It’s a telling sign that you and da-muddler can only spit out venom about a rival because there’s nothing good to say about UF at the present time. UF can’t even get a commitment from one of the less than stellar visitors this past weekend, that’s how bad things are. You’re much better off to be reasonable and look to better things in the future, like you did earlier. If McElwain is the right hire, UF will improve on the field, maybe not much record wise, that recruits will see that and UF will have a great recruiting class in 2016. That’s what I expect to happen, but until then you and I will just have to grin and bear the fact that FSU is the superior team right now, but that can change fairly quickly, just not instantly. It may take a couple of years, or more, but I feel confident it will happen if McElwain is the right coach. We’ll know in three to four years.

  52. I thought we had a good chance for Cowart, but after readinan article on his auburn visit,today ,he may be auburn bound with jefferson and holland . He sounded real happy to be reunited with champ and robinson.He said they have a good program laid out for his 3 yrs for a degree and the nfl. I hope somebody in gator town has a plan to bring all 3 to g-ville. I am looking forward to next season, we have some good players.. 10–3 after atlanta//////GO GATORS.

  53. just doesn’t make sense, if they wanted to be Gators, knowing how badly we need to get momentum going, why wouldn’t they come out and start lobbying others. here’s hoping that they want to make a dramatic push at end. if not we are looking at a moderate recruiting day when we really need to fill lots of depth issues.

    What pisses me off about Muschamp is when he came from Texas he didn’t touch any Texas recruits, now he leaves UF and he is doing everything he can to take as many as possible of UF’s recruits. Mr Muschamp you used up all your good will with me. Wondering why you showed class leaving Texas but not UF?

  54. I’m guessing Cowart goes all Auburn, that Jefferson opts for Florida since both are top prospects for the same position on defenses that will be simar. I believe Holland will finally decide being close to home and playing for Randy Shannon outweighs the relationship built with Muschamp. He’ll join Jefferson at UF. Lifelong Gator fan Martez Ivey will choose UF, as will Christian Pellage. We’ll get Shareef Miller and the raw prospect Zuniga, both cornerbacks. Jordan Scarlett and Jaasen Lewis join us ing with Ryn Davis. I think we lose Derrick Dillin to LSU but snage either QB Francois or Jackson, maybe both. The rest of the class will be guys longer on potential. Mac will hold back two to five spots for summer arrivals on OL from JCs and maybe a fifth-year transfer or two for O-line and elsewhere.

  55. So apparently Byron Cowart has publicly stated that himself, Jefferson, and Holland are a package deal. Jefferson confirmed this by tweeting “In order to change a program , you have to have guys come in and do it with you @holland_jeffery @ByronHawkStar99” Now personally “change a program” doesn’t sound like something you’d say right now about Auburn, Alabama, or FSU. It is something you’d say Florida though (sadly enough but not for long). Also Holland tweeted today “IF YOU AINT A GATOR THEN YOUR GATOR BAIT”. Then Cece retweeted that saying “I second thst”. What does that mean? Tbh absolutely nothing. Recruits say and do a lot and a lot can change between now and then. But if you think we’re out of the race for these guys, you’re very mistaken. In fact the more time Mac has to recruit them, the more our chances grow. If the truly are a package deal then I think on signing day they’ll be giving chomps and a lot of “fans” on here will mysteriously disappear.

  56. If you are hanging on evry word a teenager says, you’re going to be disappointed. It wasn’t long ago that Cowart said that he and Jefferson were’nt tied together. Like a teenage girl changes boyfriends, it’s not certain what any of these kids will do. Cowart says he knows where he’s going, so why not come out and say it? It appears that he’s getting a thrill from seeing middle-aged men get excited over tweets. He must be laughing at some people.

  57. lets just keep out fingers crossed and hope for the best. I have no idea if Coach Mac will turn out better than Chump..hopefully he does or its 4 more years of misery. Still in shock that we jus refuse to open up the checkbook and offer a big name that 7 million dollar a year deal…

  58. Aux if that’s a reply to my comment, then you should go back and finish some high school reading courses. I clearly that those tweets and talks mean absolutely nothing. I said recruits say and do a lot and plenty changes with time. All I said was that the Gators are certainly not out of it yet. And that’s a fact.

  59. It’s amazing to me there are still three coveted 5-star guys and a handful of high 4-stars considering Florida and not all seen up elsewhere. It reflects the status of the University of Florida. Even though the program has fallen a bit UF remains an attractive competitor for top recruits. I think Mac and staff turn in a better class than the cynics here expect. Not sure how highly ranked it will finish. I do believe better days are ahead and that some outstanding young guys will see the same and buy in with Florida ‘s new coach’s vision February 4.

  60. Tampa Gator….you’re so defeatist!! There’s NO way that Jefferson and Cowart will be on the same team. If Cowart takes his whiny self to Auburn, we get a pretty great consolation prize. Holland is on record as loving Randy Shannon, so I think we have a real shot there. Zach lists Ivey at 80%. Three out of four ain’t bad….stop the negative nancy routine.