Zach’s Mail Stack 1/9


After a couple weeks away from this for Christmas break and Under Armour week, it feels good to open the Mail Stack back up and answer your questions again.

Thankfully, we have a lot to talk about now.

McElwain and his assistants have been working the phone lines like crazy this week as they try to get things in order for the contact period, which resumes in less than a week.

It’s about to be a very busy month for UF recruiting. The new coaches will be visiting the homes and schools of dozens of prospects, and already more than 20 total visitors are scheduled to take officials for the last three weekends before signing day.

On to the questions!

How do you think the class will shape out? Any surprises or players you feel comfortable that would sign if today was NSD? — @KB_NinoBrown, @toddmillhouse, @cragg326, @briwash4

Having met with McElwain again this week as well as the defensive assistants (we see the offensive coaches today), I definitely feel like this staff is capable of closing out the 2015 class on a high note.

This is an impressive group of coaches, from their personalities to their track records. I have no doubt that recruits will be attracted to them. Whether they’ll actually take that leap of faith and sign with Florida is the question.

It’s safe to say the Gators won’t sign the maximum number of recruits they can (currently 28) or finish with a consensus top-10 class like they’ve done over the past several years. However, UF will still land a few top-notch recruits and even some surprises. And yes, the coaches might have to “reach” on a couple kids.

As long as each position other than tight end adds at least one more quality prospect and the class has around 20 signees, it will be a win for the Gators.

If today were signing day, I’m comfortable saying Florida would land Byron Cowart, Martez Ivey, Ryan Davis and Rayshard Jackson, who a linebacker from Miami who received an offer from Randy Shannon on Wednesday.

Can Randy Shannon live up to high expectations and are they fair? Does his name/rep REALLY connect with top recruits? @GatorsVino

The answer to your second question is a resounding yes. Shannon is one of the best recruiters not just in the Sunshine State and South Florida, but nationally as well.

He’s a respected, well-known coach who is very personable and knows how to relate with recruits and their families. More importantly, he can identity the talent and character of a high school kid.

He had some great achievements as an assistant at Miami, and while he didn’t produce enough results on the field as the Hurricanes head coach, his recruiting efforts were outstanding. His consensus top-five class in 2008 was a thing of beauty.

He’s expected to accomplish a lot at Florida as a recruiter and linebackers coach, but his resume and reputation suggests he should excel in both roles. And after speaking with him Thursday, I imagine he embraces those expectations, fair or not.

Who are your No. 1 recruits for UF at every position? — @ryantodd2, @gatorsfan1977, @DevinLamarr, @McHarnish

These are the prospects who I believe sit atop each position board. Some of these players said the coaches told them they’re the No. 1 target at their position, while it goes without saying for some others (Cowart, Ivey).

If Florida can land most or all of the recruits listed below, which certainly seems possible, it will give the Gators a very impressive core group for the class.

QB: Deondre Francois (FSU commit) — visits UF Jan. 23, very fond of McElwain

RB: Jordan Scarlett (Miami commit) — visits UF Jan. 23, could be Florida’s best chance at a high-profile flip

WR: Ryan Davis — Rivals100 member who talks to McElwain several times a week, will officially visit

OL: Martez Ivey — almost committed to UF at the Army All-American Bowl, but is now taking his recruitment to NSD

DL: Byron Cowart — visits UF Jan. 23, will also visit Auburn and FSU before his signing day decision

LB: Jeff Holland — battle between Auburn and UF, plans to visit both schools plus Virginia Tech and UCLA before NSD

DB: Da’Vante Davis — committed to Texas buts visits UF Jan. 23, could be a Miami recruit Shannon flips

Crystal ball prediction, who will be the next recruit to pull the trigger? — @ChanDangle_

If the Gators don’t get a commitment before the dead period is over, they might flip one or two defensive backs the first weekend of the contact period.

Ohio State commit Carlton Davis and Kentucky commit Jeremiah Dinson — both recruits from Miami — plan to officially visit Florida on Jan. 16.

Dinson was offered by UF on Monday, while Davis set up his trip to Gainesville this week. Both were recruited by Shannon at Arkansas and have strong relationships with him.

That Miami connection as well as Florida’s closeness to home could work in the Gators’ favor.

How we look at signing receivers Auden Tate, Ryan Davis, Van Jefferson and Antonio Callaway? — @timdjohnson35

The good thing for UF is all of them plan to officially visit this month. Any time you can get a recruit on campus this late in the game, you have a chance.

Tate and likely Davis visit Jan. 23, and Callaway and Jefferson will be in town the following weekend.

I personally think the best bets for Florida are Callaway and Davis because they’re uncommitted and have relationships with UF coaches and players (Treon Harris and Shannon for Callaway, the Tampa products on the team and Kirk Callahan for Davis).

Jefferson seems like a long shot to me, while Michigan may be the biggest threat to FSU for Tate with Jim Harbaugh and D.J. Durkin now there.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.


  1. I don’t agree. I think UF is in about as bad a shape as possible. Ivey not committing is a bad omen, since he certainly knows that UF desperately needs someone who is a high profile recruit to come on board and get the ball rolling. Even a guy like Ryan Davis, who has constantly talked about how much he likes UF won’t pull the trigger. I think that will will see many more names that we had never heard before like Jackson, Dinson, and Carlton Davis because UF is whiffing badly on just about everyone. UF may also lose Dillon and Horton, as well. Cowart, who says he’s a leader and that recruits will want to follow him to where he goes, won’t commit to UF. Anyway, who will be left to follow him? A lot of the top players in the state have already enrolled at FSU. I just don’t share Zach’s optimism because I’ve seen zero reasons to do so. I’ll be optimistic when an actual high profile recruit or two says publicly he’s coming to Gainesville. Until that happens, this class continues to be a disaster that is worse than any in memory.

  2. Yeah, Ox-tu is full of Seminole feces, lol.

    Nobody enrolled early at FSU. In fact the kid that was supposed to enroll early didn’t, and scheduled a visit to UF.

    Noles fans are worried. They see their advantage disappearing quickly. Can’t wait to hear what aux will be saying about Jimbo in 3 years. By then that 8 year contract is going to feel like a weight around your neck. Let’s see if Jimbo can win without a #1 NFL QB. Up to this point he hasn’t been able to do it.

    And Noles fan always talks about Jimbo sending QBs to the NFL. Sure, but they always bust. Do recruits look at these things?

    If Deondre Francois flips, then things get really interesting.

    Keep feeding the fubar machine aux. That’s exactly why everyone hates the Noles.

  3. The Gators will be the talk of the Recruiting season in about 7 days or sooner!!!! This staff is loaded with Talent and Recruiting Savvy!!! Coach Mac is going to build a Monster!!!!! The Gators are going to flip a ton of players that Muschamp turned off or didnt bother to call!! This is the Florida Gators athletic program and stadium vs Miami9Lame duck coach 6-7 and bowl loss and the Seminoles who have had their run!!!!!! Go to UF vs the other two??? The swamp vs anyone else in Florida?!!!!! We are going to get a great class and start kicking ass with a great program quickly!!!!!!!Randy shannon is going to clean up recruiting in s florida with all that Gators can offer vs miami !!!!!
    Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!! My season tickets are ordered!!!! Gator Bob in Jupiter…alum, booster and tik holder!!!!!

  4. What about players like Roquan Smith, Adonis Thomas? Do you think we can flip them our way? Dexter Williams, are we recruiting him? What about other players that seem to be uncommitted, such as Weathersby, Prince, and Merrick?

    If we flip Francois, do we have a shot at Cambell as well?

    Players always crow about early playing time. I can’t remember a better time to sign with UF than this year. What a tremendous opportunity for players that are true blue chip quality to come in and get solid experience as a freshman competing against the best competition week in, week out.

  5. BTW…..We can offer far more than FSU as well with an incredibly talented Coaching staff that is going to give us a total team and one that will be fun to watch!!!!! We have a ton of talent coming back and I cant wait to see the QB situation evolve along with real offensive plays with reverses and sweeps and great passing and stuff we are used to seeing!!!!! The d will continue to play…..Im looking for an SEC east win this year!!!!! We finished 7-5 this year and really would be 8-5 if not for the rain out of game one!!!!! Add the USC game and LSU game we gave away with Driscol and muschamp calling plays and we could have ben as good as 10-3 Go Gators!!!!!!!
    Bob in Jupiter

  6. Take it to the bank!!!!….There is a ton of noise in the system about Coach Mac and getting this staff with Randy Shannon that is one of the nations best recruiters!!!!! You watch his immediate impact on o recruiting and flipping Miami verbals!!!! Miami is in trouble…6-7 team and threat of losing their coach??? Now its our turn to clean up on the recruiting trail!!!!!!!!
    Im telling you ..soon as we start flipping some big recruits we will be talked about on ESPN and then we clean up!!!!
    WE ARE BACK and if you call the ticket office the phones are ringing off the hook with season tik renewals!!!!!
    Cant wait to get to the swamp this fall!!!!!!
    Gator Bob

  7. Da Black Andy Capp I don’t know who you are talking about, but I do know facts. According to Rival’s rankings Derwin James, Jacques Patrick, and Josh Sweat are five stars. George Campbell, Da’Vante Phillips, De’Andre Johnson, and Calvin Brewton are four stars. They have all enrolled at FSU. Patrick, Campbell, and Phillips were all, at one time, considered heavily leaning to UF. I bring this up to not toot FSU’s horn, but to bolster my argument that UF is struggling very badly in comparison. I have yet to see any evidence that this trend is changing. We keep hearing about how UF is the favorite school for this or that high profile recruit, but not one has said yes yet. The top three left, that were supposedly locks for UF, has now been reduced to two in this article. Zach no longer mentions Jefferson. I remain skeptical about Ivey and Cowart since they continue to delay their announcement when they know UF desperately needs some momentum to boost this class. Just the facts, not wishing and hoping will convince me.

  8. Thanks for the update, on point as always.
    I especially appreciate the link to Shannon’s 2008 recruiting class. Just a reminder that half of the kids that are highly rated out of HS don’t pan out. Other than Julio Jones, Sean Spence and a handful of others, it shows we shouldn’t get so worked up about where this class ends up. It boils down to the staff coaching them up.

  9. I like Bob’s enthusiasm!! As for ox2-ehhh….back to the basement for him. I didn’t see any news on my man Cece Jefferson. I hope you don’t think Ole Miss is any serious threat, as I think you once reported. I think that’s just a smoke screen to where he really wants to go. Kids know that it’s coming down to the end of recruiting and all of the courting, free trips, & attention will be over once they sign on the dotted line so they all want to get the free visits in now. I still think you can add his name to the guys that will ultimately commit to UF list. He’s a born & bred die hard and it would be a crying shame if he he ended up elsewhere. I like the confidence in the staff and with all of the experience mix of college & pro coaches will definitely help to sway a couple of guys. Good job as usual Zach. GO GATORS!!!

  10. aux2 is worse than Famous Rapist stolen crab legs and is definitely a Semi-hole. I agree with bob; this will approach being a top 10 class and after 2015 on field results, there will be a mad rush to sign in the 2016 class. It is a great time to be a Gator and has not been this exciting since Timmy T left Title-town. I predict Cowart, CeCe and Martez all sign with us as well as Adonis and Holland. Go Gators.

  11. Amazing how some – specifically one -expects recruits to declare for UF with out having a chance to meet with the coaches. If Ivey had declared during this dead period, he would have been more likely to declare elsewhere. The more he gets to meet and talk with the new UF coaches (head coach and offensive coordinator) the better the chance UF signs him. The same for the other recruits.

  12. Oh Mail Stack, how I have missed you!

    fsu is on the brink of collapse. Between all the media exposure on them and the TPD and their 8 starters leaving on offense, 4 starters on defense, expect their coach to have acid reflux at the end of the season.

    This coaching staff will bring in some quality recruits this year and the winning on the field will have everyone wanting to come to Gainesville next year.

  13. Baton Rouge Gator Fan I predict Dillon will flip to LSU and UF will struggle this year in recruiting. I just don’t think recruits with no relationship to the laughing Pillsbury Dough Boy are going to buy what he’s selling. If UF shows some improvement, especially on offense, on the field this year, I can see players wanting to come. But right now, the only “buzz” is in McElwain’s head, the recruits are not falling over themselves to join a no-name coach right now. He’s going to have to show something on the field before that happens. I wonder if I’m not the only one who thinks the new coach looks and laughs like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

  14. we want is a group of kids that are die hard Gators thru and thru that dream of putting on the orange and blue and giving it their best shot and are model student/athletes. I remember one year when Spurrier was coach the day after signing day he remarked I guess we had a bunch that wanted to be Gators because they signed a bunch they weren’t sure about.

  15. I think there is a “buzz” with the Gators & that coaching staff that has been put together. Gators will close strong and end up with a Top 20 class …. which I think will be an excelent job by Coach Mac. If this staff stays together, the 2016 class and future classes will be Top 10 and better. Go Gators!

  16. I’ve been really impressed with the decisions by Cowart, Ivey and a few other key prospects to delay their announcements. Either they are mature, wise young men or are paying attention to advisors who are. They’re giving our HBC and staff opportunity to make the case for UF. Further, we ‘re hearing about others considering Florida who weren’t in the picture before. Every bit of this is good. While you never know about a class being assembled in a short cycle with a coaching change, this coach and staff appear to be heading to building a terrific recruiting success February 4.

  17. Also, re: the incessant nattering by aux and a couple other little people posting on our site, I fully appreciate their negativity and jibes, insults of Coach Mac and so forth. They’re watching a new coach whose optimism and confidence echo the outlook of a previous offensively thriving head ball coach at UF. Aux et al are threatened and afraid. Gator fans are having more fun and feeling more optimistic about Mac than any new coach since Steve Spurrier came home. All of them know what we Gators do, that UF is the top tier university in the state and in the conference Bobby Bowden prudently avoided lest his Noles be rendered also-rans on an annual basis.

  18. Gatormac It’s not negativity to not drink the Kool-Aid. Nothing has yet happened since McElwain’s hire to get excited about. For instance, him visiting a guy who was once considered a lock to attend UF, George Campbell, did not bring any result. Campbell is now enrolled at FSU. When he does something, I’ll jump on the bandwagon, but right now there has been no change in the gator’s ability to get any of thetop rated players in the state. That’s not being negative, that’s just stating a fact. Teams are still getting players right and left, for instance Alabama got Damien Harris today, one of the top running backs in the country and UF desperately needs a running back.

  19. I love it, I love it, aux 2 you semine hole, sweat. Your time gloating on a gator site is coming to an end. All of you naysayers, get ready, THE MIGHTY GATOR are on the rebound to kick azz status. I hope you have enjoyed your ride with Dumbo and rapist, Its all over now. Always order the BIG MAC, its a winner any way you get it. GO GATORS //////

  20. Absolutely love this coaching staff. And can’t imagine what kid would want to pay for Free Shoes U after they gave up and quit in the second half of a playoff game. At least give them this: They are consistent: Jimbo Fisher is identical to Bobby Bowden when it comes to lack of discipline. We will be humiliating them again regularly soon enough.

  21. And by the way, the fact that kids are now delaying until NSD is a positive for Florida. These kids would have already committed to other schools were it not for the allstar coaching staff the Gators have put together. Combine the new coaching staff with the huge favorable odds for early playing time–especially at OL, LB and WR–and I am very optimistic.

  22. Bobby Bowden indeed ran a program that permitted some miscreant behavior. His reputation was so aligned with his professed faith and folksy charm. He produced big win football teams, ACC titles when the Noles enjoyed annual cakewalks. They typically had two or three tough match-ups a year and a relatively easier path to national titles. Bowden had a career winning record against our Steve Spurrier, who had to rebuild our program and catch up with F$U. But…
    One suspects Bowden’s folksy demeanor and image gave the Noles the NCAA’s benefit of doubt re: the program’s ethical shortcomings. I don’t think, given what we’ve seen so far from Jimbo Fisher, that the NCAA will be so kind to the “School Out West” going forward. Fisher has demonstrated a cavalier attitude that will sooner or later be brought to bear on his program. His “look the other way” handling of Winston and others won’t wear well long-term.

  23. And, for what it’s worth, I’ve heard more than once, including comments from friends who are Florida State alumni, that the majority of Nole fans have been disappointed and embarrassed about their university. As much as we “hate” the Noles, we know also there are a whole lot a relly good people associated with that university who are not happy with their current administration and coach. They have a terrible problem , wanting to support their football team yet ashamed of the defense and preferential treatment of star athletes, one in particular. And their posters on this site have good reason to fear the arrival of Jim McElwain and company at UF. It might take a couple of years, but the momentum will turn more and more the Gators’ way again.

  24. Gatormac Once again you have fantasies, your grasp of facts is fleeting. Winston did not get away with anything. He stole some crab legs and shouted out a vulgar meme. He was punished for the first one and treated like anyone else, he does not even have a criminal record. As for the second, he did nothing wrong except exhibit bad taste, and he was unjustly punished for that. He is an outstanding young man. He is very smart, is charismatic, a born leader, and the best player in college football. He will be the first pick in the upcoming draft because he is a once in a lifetime player. he’s a in class with the Mannings, Lucks, and Elways. The difference is that he was far superior to any of them in college. Some people forget that he’s just a sophomore, no one in the history of college football, with the possible exception of Herschel Walker, has been as good as Winston from the first time they stepped on the field. Keep living in dreamland, reality is a foreign concept to you. I do know one thing, UF’s chances of beating FSU are much higher with him gone, you need to be celebrating that instead of posting fantasies that have no basis in fact.

  25. To NTCRZE:

    Say what you want.. We had him beat this year on Ron Zook Field. All Brian Poole had to do is trot towards the sidelines with his pic.

    As bad a team as we had this year… we had you with any kind of an offense and a head coach with any kind of offensive idea.


  26. NTCZE Dream on !!! You mark my words . The crab leg rapist will be, or will have been in jail before the clock srtikes midnite 2016. He is a mentally challenged boy who will never grow up and thinks he’s entitled to anything he wants. He is headed for the slammer & will be completly OUT of football by jan 2017… The NFL cannot tolerate the thug of HIS level.

  27. @ntcrze: Winston is smart?

    “It hurts badder than whatever you can imagine,” Winston said of his first loss after 26 consecutive college victories, “but the good thing is we live to fight another day. No one likes to lose, man. I mean, losing is really not in my vocabulary, to be honest with you, but we fell short today.”

    “Everyone in this room, let’s be real. This game could have gone either way,” said Winston, the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner who suffered his first college loss in 27 career starts. Florida State’s winning streak ended at 29.

    “We turned the ball over a lot. We beat our self.”

    Tallahassee smart I guess, which almost anywhere else would be referred to as “dumber than a box of rocks.”

  28. ntcrze & that james fisher blowhard are idiots. Please go to your nole sites and post there. I’m sure the comments will be much more inviting. Hurling insults at how the coach looks & sounds is rather juvenile but what would you expect from nolefan??? Recruits will flock to UF once this thing gets rolling and the guys from this class will get it going. Ivey, Cowart, Dillon, Jefferson, & Holland will get things headed in the right direction. And didn’t one of you morons state that Winston is in the same class as Luck, Manning, & Brady?? Give me some of that crap that ur smokin’!!! GO GATORS!!!

  29. Shameous Jameous is just fine, that’s why many NFL scouts have said that they want no part of him and will not recommend him as a top draft pick. Some desperate team will take a chance on him, but that’s what it is, a roll of the dice chance….

    “According to Rival’s rankings” — Ox-Tu
    According to rivals recruiting??? Those putz-brains don’t know Jack-S!
    Look at the Gator rivals recruit rankings, and then compare that to the recruits OFFER list.
    There are a lot of coaching staffs around the SEC and nation that know they’re FoS.
    ESPN has 3 of those rivals 3 stars on their Top 300 list, and 4 of 8 are 4 stars.
    What’s that mush in his mouth consist of I wonder? Prolly matches the mush inside his skull….
    nutcase claims that UF is all talk. “Gatormac It’s not negativity to not drink the Kool-Aid. Nothing has yet happened since McElwain’s hire to get excited about.” Wrong nutcase, that Top Quality coaching staff has happened. And there is no room for your type on any Gator bandwagon,,,, walk or crawl away. “UF desperately needs a RB'” is more bs. UF needs a RB in every class, just like every other team, but with Taylor and Lane here, they are not ‘desperate’ at all.
    “Recruits love FSU for the great quality (Deion Rules / Academic Fraud / Clown-U) education and (criminole cover-up) support” — by little Jimmy Wisher – ROTF-LMFAO!!!

  30. Yes, Winston is very smart. He had a high GPA in college and was accepted to Stanford. One reason he is so great a quarterback is because of his intelligence. There are plenty of players that have Winston’s physical tools, height,size, arm strength, etc. But there are very few, if any, that are as smart as Winston on the field.

  31. well said ntcrze. Not only is he smart , he is beloved by the Nole Nation. I don’t think UF will get Cowart, CeCe, Martez nor Holland. They will look good in Garnet and Gold. fSU in a signing day shocker gets them all. There is a reason they have not committed

  32. As usual the truth lies somewhere in between. Winston had a great year last year and a good year this year. He will be among the top selections in the draft, but will probably end up drafted behind Mariota. From what I have heard about him, he is intelligent. He obviously has made some very poor decisions off the field – shooting out windows, stealing soda, incident with the girl, shop lifting and yelling out what he did while still under investigation. He did not win all those games on his own, but was part of a very good team that won. Winston is not – as one poster was saying – the greatest college football player ever. He is not even the best ever from FSU.

    As already stated UF is not in desperate need for running back. Most top football players going to school they think will help them get to the NFL. If they were selecting because of academics, they would choose UF over FSU. FSU will not be signing all of Ivie, Holland, Cowart and Jefferson.

  33. Fisher – Please explain why if Ivie, Cowart, Jefferson and Holland knew they were signing with FSU, they would not have done so already. Certainly understand why they would wait to get to meet and talk personally with the all the new coaches at UF, before making a decision.

  34. Because those guys are silent and we are going to sign 2 others. I will not tell you who they are but signing day will send Gator Nation into a depressed state. I know UF will pick it up next year , but Gata is not the program it used to be. In fact UF is a long way off.

  35. Fisher – you amuse me! Acting like you have information about recruiting that no one else has. I only know what I have read. What I have read leads me to believe that the chances of them signing all four is extremely slim. The Gators would have a better chance of that happening and I am certain they will not. You did not answer the question. If these 6 players you speak of are definitely signing with FSU, why would they not verbally commit. More likely you are just making stuff up. So what will your excuse be when they don’t sign all 4. Oh I do agree that FSU will sign some other two players that you can then claim you knew that they were going to. Easy to claim you know something when you do not share what you supposedly know. Thanks for the laugh.

  36. Never , ever underestimate my connections 8 6 3. You will see and then will ask”how did you know that”. When will the campus at UF start looking like an American university? Went over there one day and I thought I was in the Middle East and Asia. You are just not southern anymore and recruits don’t like that. Ugliest student body in the South.

  37. Fisher – still did not answer the question. Like you never answered the question why you are here. Wouldn’t your time be better spent on an FSU recruiting blog where someone actually might believe you. As far as your opinion about the UF campus, check how UF has done in the recruiting rankings the last 10 years.

  38. I grew up in the Panhandle in Fort Walton Beach. Though I’m a Florida alumnus, I confess that I’m really proud that my home state has an institution as fine as Florida State for all the high school grads who couldn’t get into the high quality universities. It’s a good remedial option for them. And, of course, there is one thing ALL University of Florida and FSU students have in common: they all applied to UF.
    GO GATORS!!!!!

  39. I don’t believe there’s a chance in hell of Ivey signing with FSU. He is a lifelong gator fan, and while that hasn’t stopped players before from going to FSU, I sense that FSU is the very last place he would go. That’s not to say he’s going to Florida, I also feel if he had decided to do that, he would have done so long ago. Of the folks someone has listed as going to FSU, I think the only possibility is Cowart. What will be a clue is if he takes his visit to UF and still goes to FSU on the final week. I just think it’s very shaky for UF at this time. We are already seeing the gators offer guys that they had ignored previously, that tells me that the players that they had higher on their board they don’t feel good about getting. UF needs a big name from the state to say yes, momentum in recruiting is as important as in a game, and right now UF has none.

  40. Not many new coaches with short cycle classes to recruit hit the ball out of the park until the first full year of recruiting and the second class is assembled. Even so, there are encouraging signs for Coach Mac and this initial group. Ivey and Cowart have held off on final decisions, giving Mac and his staff an opportunity to state their case. Seems like a few flips will go Florida’s way.a handful of four star guys who weren’t on the previous staff’s radar are giving us consideration. Some of the new staff have been actively recruiting the state and the larger region for some time. Ultimately the outcome will include some disappointments and some happy upsets that go our way. And about 20-22 guys that really want to be Florida Gators.

  41. What will be interesting is comparing Michigan and UF. both are in miserable shape right now in recruiting. Michigan has the big name, Florida has the players in close proximity. As for flips, the only one i feel pretty certain about is Dillon ditching UF. Other than that, I don’t know. As for Ivey and Cowart holding off announcing, I think that is a big negative for UF since they have been considered locks for UF for a long, long time, yet still won’t pull the trigger when they know how badly UF needs some good news. They are certainly aware that them saying yes to UF would boost the chances of getting other good players. I think it’s a very bad sign that they keep putting off their decision.

  42. Ntcrze – Of course you think it is a bad sign. You have a negative spin on everything about UF. Top recruits are not likely to verbally commit to a new coaching staff without getting to know them. If they had verbally committed during non visitation period, they probably would committed to another school where they knew the coaching staff. The fact that they waited gives UF better chance of signing. It only makes sense.

  43. No one knows exactly what will happen in recruiting this year, but one thing is undeniable, there has not been this much excitement in G-ville in a long time. The list of assistant coaches is as impressive as any team in the country. We will win more games and we will get back to winning like FL is used to. Kids will want to be here, it is only a matter of time. The difference between here and the cow field capital to the west is striking in our favor… The fact that we have FSU clowns trolling our sites shows you they are nervous and there isn’t much too talk about in the cow capital, other than law violations, embarassments both on the field and off, and decommitments… We will close strong that is for sure. Will we get everyone we want, no, but I really think there will be some surprise flips and transfers as well… Meanwhile, Winston had a terrible year, 17 picks against ACC competition, and all the embarassment that goes with him. He will likely be a 2nd or 3rd round pick at this point, and end up the next Jamarcus Russell, and a single digit Wonderlic… The future looks bright in God’s country, can’t say the same for the cow capital. I think it is the beginning of the end for them… Go Gators!

  44. Gatorman You are deranged. Just because a player plays for a rival, it doesn’t mean you get to be stupid. Winston will be the first player chosen because he is, by far, the best player and is a once in a generation player that you would look foolish for not picking. No one is even close to him, the only concern is off the field, and he has been cleared of the only serious charge three times. I speak up for him because I know that he has been the victim of a with hunt and also have eyes to see that he’s the best quarterback I’ve ever seen in college football. No one has been as good as him from their first step on the field in the history of college football. He’s just a sophomore, it’s hard to imagine how good he would be as a senior. When you see him picked first, I hope you’ll then admit how dumb you and most of the rest of the posters have been about him. Like John Lennon said: “Living is easy with eyes closed. Misunderstanding all you see.” That’s quite appropriate for most of you. You are probably part of the same crowd that thought Jeff Driskel was going to be great this year under a system made for him. Again you were so blind that you didn’t realize that it wasn’t the system. Jeff Driskel sucks because he’s Jeff Driskel, plain and simple. It’s not that complicated.

  45. Most mock drafts I have seen have Winston being drafted behind Mariota. Mariota by far had the better year and has not been in the trouble that Winston has. As long as Winston stays out of trouble he will probably be a top 5 pick. He was not the best player this year. He is not a once in a generation player. He was a very good college quarterback.

    So who is scheduled to visit UF?

  46. It’s funny how everyone hangs on this particular guy or that one, as though some high school teenager is the make or break factor for the entire future of a major college program. I recall well how Florida State beat everyone for the best quarterback in the Southeast. Yep, F$U landed Danny Kanell. We got Eric Kresser and a little known prospect from the Panhandle named Wuerffel. What was the “buzz” back then three and a half weeks ahead of National Signing Day? Coach Mac and staff are in it for the long-term in rebuilding the Florida program which, on its worst days, still out draws it’s upstate rival. Getting really excited about this class and much, much more about what lies ahead.

  47. Gator fans do not worry about this class, we are going to get a good class with some really good players, with some coaches that know how to coach and bring these kids along.. Gator nation will grow back to national prominence where we belong. WE WILL BE GATOR SKRONG/////. Winston is a wreck waiting to happen, aka johnny football//////. I am a bleed blue and orange gator, and I beleive in GATOR NATION.. Fisher and his nole trolls are in for a long sad day. All fsu alum should be sick of fisher and winston,and all the cover up crap. I know I would be if that crap was at U F. GO GATORS////

  48. Gator nation will sign some good commits with some small school transfers and the flipped players and we come out ahead. Real gator commits not primo donna h s kids that dont know shizzam. Love the new staff we have. Coach Mac picked some good hire and most are Fl. trained recruiters. We will own the Fl base again. ntrze, james fisher, and all you semen holes, crawl back under the rock… GATOR RULES, GO GATORS////

  49. We will son see if UF does well in recruiting, there’s only three weeks left. As for Winston, we will have to wait until April, but I’ve seen Mariota and Winston play, and except for running, Winston is a much better player. Even in the loss to Oregon, Winston was much more accurate than Mariota. I’m sure the NFL realizes that, even if many of you don’t.

  50. I see that Jalen Merrick has committed to Arkansas. Along with Tim Irvin,Pertile, and others recently. it’s hard to understand why the pumpers keep saying UF is going to have a great class. It wouldn’t be a surprise if UF lost two guys, Dillon and Horton, from the small list of recruits currently pledged. I think we are going to start hearing a lot of names that we’ve never heard of before because UF is striking out badly on the the top targets on their board. It’s one thing to talk, but sooner or later you have to back it up. I think even Zach, who has been optimistic, is starting to read the tea leaves now.

  51. Merrick had been predicted to sign with FSU as of recent. It is not unusual for players that verbally commit to the previous coaching staff to change their commit. Don’t think it will be great class as when you completely change the coaching staff with less than 2 months to recruit, you rarely if ever end up with a great recruiting class. Now I believe they will sign some good players. Also disagree with about them possibly not being able to get to double digits in commits. I don’t think this staff has missed on any players yet that they were predicted to get. The previous staff had already missed out on some. Yes this staff will go after some different names because they are interested in different players and they will have to reach on some.

  52. Gator863 No has predicted that UF won’t get to double digits in recruiting. I think you misunderstood. The point is that UF is continuing to whiff on the guys at the top of their board, and Merrick is just the latest. Now, for instance, they’re trying desperately to get two guys they didn’t even want a couple of months ago, St. Louis and Pellage. We are starting to hear names that we’ve never heard before because UF is struggling so badly. Yes, UF will get bodies, but it’s lokking more and more like they will be guys that were second, third, or even lower choices than who they really wanted. Even a blind man can see that.

  53. aux2 – taken straight from your post – “I’m still waiting to see UF get to double digits. We’ll see, but right now it’s looking pretty grim. ” Just like you saying you did not predict FSU/ Winston would beat Oregon/ stat boy Mariota. You denied you said but you did.

    Merrick has been predicted for weeks to be going elsewhere, Many had predicted it would be FSU. That happens when you change coaching staffs. Obviously the Gators are not going to have a top class with the new coaching staff having such a short time to recruit. You talk about the Gators going after guys they did not want a couple months ago, but that was a different coaching staff. Pellage is a 4 star recruit that has 30 schools interested him including Alabama and Florida State. Does not sound like it is a bad idea to check him out. Obviously they will end up having to get some guys that were lower choices, but they will also get some guys that many other schools wanted. The real test of how good this staff recruits will be next year.

  54. Zach…How real is the possibility of UF losing out on atleast 2/3 of the big three (Ivey, Jefferson, Cowart) and missing on some others and ending up with a class under 15 signees? Would that be a major blow to the “McElwain momentum” that has been building the last few weeks?

  55. Funny how the FSU clowns are still ringing in… Winston this or Winston that, FSU this or that. Well here you go… Winston did not put up half the numbers Mariota did. Plus he had 17 picks to Mariota’s 3. I know FSU math is fuzzy, but that is not more accurate. Secondly, Merrick was FSU’s top O-line target, not ours, and they whiffed. As long as we are talking about classes, 34 more kids have listed UF as a finalist since the coaching change, hardly a sign of desperation. Since then, FSU gave up a Rose Bowl record 59 pts. On Nat’l TV, quit on Nat’l TV, and in the most classless move walked off the field and refused to shake hands… Since that time 14 FSU verbals are now taking visits, including your top commit, Francois, who by the way is visiting who? You guessed it UF. Now I’m not saying we flip him, but considering the changes listed above who appears to be in trouble? Not God’s country, but the cow capital to the west… Go Gators!

  56. Zach…How real is the possibility of UF losing out on atleast 2/3 of the big three (Ivey, Jefferson, Cowart) and missing on some others and ending up with a class under 15 signees? Would that be a major blow to the “McElwain momentum” that has been building the last few weeks?

  57. Look guys, as youve probably heard or read by now, we ARE NOT getting Byron Cowart. He even canceled his official visit. For the rest of the “big 3,” I think we are almost a lock to land Ivey, but I feel less and less sure about CeCe as well. My best guess: We lose both Cowart and CeCe, but Ivey commits on NSD.

  58. NTCRZE:
    Honestly, you might be the most pathetic noles homer I have ever heard in my entire life. Twice you have said Winston is a ONCE IN A GENERATION TALENT. Do you even understand what that. means? It just makes you sound like a complete dumbass. THEN, to go on saying he is the SMARTEST in game QB in all of football made me realize that your not a dumbass, youre actually retarded. NOW TO YOUR RECRUITING INSITE, The dead period literalky JUST ENDED. Coach Mac hasnt been able to talk to any recruits, let alone meet them. Did you really expect kids to just start flipping to UF before ever meeting their position coach, let alone their head coach? Any big name recruit seriously considering UF probably won’t commit until NSD in order to maximize the time they have to get to familiar with our new staff and coaching philosphies. FINALLY, saying winston in thr same sentence as Luck, Manning, Brady is just hilarious. Next time try Jamarcus Russel, RG3, Warren Moon. etc. Winston will NEVER BE A GREAT NFL QB. HE WONT EVEN BE A “GOOD” ONE. LAST THING REAL. You insinuating that everyone in Tallahassee was out to get Jameis is pathetic. He was one of the most pampered and protected athletes I have ever seen. He would have been kicked out of UF his freshman year. The allahassee and FSU judicial departments bent over backwards to protect jameis and keep his name out of the criminal record files. Why dont you go read up on the FSU and Tallahassee police departments handling of his raoe case, then maybe your dumbass will see how protected his dumbass really was.