VIDEO: Jordan talks Under Armour week, recruiting


ORLANDO — Offensive lineman Tyler Jordan is the lone Florida commitment for Friday’s Under Armour All-America Game.

At Wednesday’s media luncheon, the 6-foot-4, 270-pounder discussed practicing at center, who he’s recruiting to UF this week and why he stuck with the Gators through the coaching change.

[youtube Ns_zCX4wZDQ 580]


  1. Something. Just not right. Can’t.understand. why. We can’t. Get. One. Of. Those. Big four to commit. You. Would. Think. Coach. Mac. Would tell one to go ahead and commit. Just to get the. Momentum. Going or maybe we don’t. Have. Anyone. Interest. Enough. To commit. If that’s the. Case were. In BIG TROUBLE

  2. So, after all the speculation about WM getting fired during the 2014 season and now we are getting almost a completely new staff you want the top recruits to drop all the other schools and jump on board when there hasn’t been time to build relationships. The coaching staff isn’t even complete, at least publicly yet. How about giving the new coach and his staff some time to at least meet with the recruits.