Zach’s Mail Stack 12/19


The dead period is now underway for Florida coach Jim McElwain, but he still had a lively week.

McElwain made his first official hire, landed his first recruit, got good news on Jake McGee and not-so-good about Treon Harris.

McElwain should keep busy moving forward as he continues putting together his staff and recruiting class. We should a see a new addition to each group every week over the next 20-plus days.

On to the questions!

The offensive line is getting very thin. Are Martez Ivey and Jalen Merrick absolute necessities at this point? — @UFgatorsforlife

With D.J. Humphries expected to turn pro, Ivey is an absolute must-get in my opinion.

Currently seven of the 11 big uglies for Florida’s roster in 2015 are interior linemen. Getting Merrick would no doubt be huge for the Gators, but their problems in protection and depth could come at offensive tackle.

Rod Johnson and David Sharpe should do well as the starters, but behind them next season will be redshirt freshmen Kavaris Harkless and Andrew Mike, who were three-stars in high school.

Ivey is a consensus top-five overall prospect — Humphries was ranked that high by some sites but not all of them — and about as close to a can’t-miss tackle as you can get.

He probably won’t see the field right away (at least not early on), but he’ll provide UF with a talented back-up behind Johnson or Sharpe. If Ivey lives up to his five-star billing, it may not take him long to crack the starting lineup.

To read my story on him from earlier this week, click here.

How low do you think the chances drop of getting CeCe Jefferson or Byron Cowart if Lawing leaves? — @Rawsejet, @kennydryden1, @KenFrier

It’ll definitely hurt the Gators some. Both recruits have a great relationship with Lawing and want to play for him.

No one is ever a lock for Florida or any other school, but these two were heavily leaning toward UF for a long time and it wasn’t just because of Lawing.

That being said, Jefferson seems like he would be more affected by him leaving. He’s been more outspoken than Cowart about wanting Lawing to stay. However, Jefferson’s family ties to Florida, the distance factor and his connection to the program could allow the Gators to overcome a coaching change on the defensive line.

Cowart told me after the state championship game he’s learned not to let coaches impact him as much since they come and go so often. He mentioned Florida State losing its defensive coordinator last year and now the staff turnover at Auburn and Florida. Cowart said he just has to make the decision that’s best for his future from a football and academic standpoint.

That includes his desire to be a stand-up defensive end like Dante Fowler Jr., and McElwain told Cowart he’ll like the hire that gets made.

“He promised me that no matter what, I’ll have a good defensive line coach,” Cowart said. “Defensively, I think they’re going to do what they have been doing.”

If we get Alabama’s Billy Napier as OC/WR coach, what are the chances on Calvin Ridley? Any other WR flips in the cards? — @markwag131, @GatorKen81

A few of you asked about potential coaching hires, which I won’t speculate on at great length here because this is a recruiting blog. I expect McElwain to have his staff assembled and announced before the contact period resumes Jan. 15.

One coach I do think you’ll see on staff is Napier, who was McElwain’s assistant head coach at Colorado State in 2012 and worked with him the year before at Alabama as an offensive analyst.

I’m not sure what position Napier would be assigned at Florida because he’s coached quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends in his career, but he could end up as McElwain’s sole or co-offensive coordinator (he was Clemson’s OC from 2009-2010).

Napier won’t be able flip Ridley to UF from Alabama, where he’s the receivers coach right now, but he would sell the fact that he coached Amari Cooper this season to other prospects. Regarded as a great recruiter, Napier could help the Gators close on Antonio Callaway and Ryan Davis as well as keep Derrick Dillon.

Those three along with Kalif Jackson would be a solid WR class.

Do you think the starting QB for 2015 is on the roster, or is Mac going to have to go out and get him? — @NotAPartner, @jeffleyman

McElwain was asked that exact question when he was introduced as Florida’s coach, which produced one of the best quotes of his press conference.

“You got to understand this, I believe I can win with my dog Claire-a-bell (at QB),” he said. “That’s the attitude. There’s good players here. That’s just our responsibility to get that going.”

McElwain said he’ll get an idea of what he has in Will Grier and Treon Harris after watching them go through the bowl practices.

I personally believe he can win with either quarterback. Harris is a dual-threat guy all the way, while Grier is more of pocket passer but can run as well.

McElwain just has to figure which one of their skill sets is better suited for the offensive makeup of the current roster.

Traditionally his quarterbacks, regardless of the scheme or school, have been pocket passers who didn’t get many designed runs called for them. However, McElwain is recruiting Louisville commit Lamar Jackson, so he’s not against playing an athletic, mobile QB.

Have you heard what type of offense he is telling recruits he will run? Do you see any more recruits leaving if T-Rob leaves? — @GatorsVino

Here’s what McElwain told tight end Daniel Imatorbhehe, his first commitment, about what he’ll run offensively:

“The offense is predicated on adjusting every week to what the defense is doing and then attacking their weak spot. It’s a pro-style offense that prepares you for the next level, but his scheme has a lot of spread elements to it as well. Everything is based on players’ strength and matchup problems for the defense.”

The Gators won’t lose any of their current commits if Travaris Robinson leaves. It’s the uncommitted targets on their board, such as four-star safety Tim Irvin, that they might miss on with him gone.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.


  1. It’s getting dicey for UF’s chances at running back.Hines committed to N.C State. As for Scarlett, I think it depends on whether FSU loses Johnny Frasier. I think Scarlett wants to go to FSU, but they don’t have a spot for him. That will change if they lose Frasier. Frasier is supposedly leery of coming to FSU with Patrick. I think if you see Frasier change his mind about FSU, you’ll see Scarlett grab his spot at FSU.

  2. I can guarantee that Coach Mac won’t lose any sleep over a recruit leaving just because Laing or T-Rob is no longer on staff. He wants guys that want to be at UF, not guys who try to control who he retains or replaces.

    I think we end up with a pretty good class. But my bigger concern is how the current players are developed because we have a lot of talent that never saw the field on offense last year.

  3. Savage….

    I would assume that players like Thompson, Bailey, Lane, and others see a new head as an opportunity to prove themselves again. I personally think players like the above would be considering transferring more if a head coaching change had not been made.

  4. Zach, if juniors Bullard, Morrison, Poole and Humphries opt out of their senior year along with Tyler Moore, Matt Jones and Dante Fiwler, how many scholarship seniors will be on our roster in 2015? How would this attrition affect our incoming class size in 2915 and especially 2016?

  5. This recruiting class could determine the next 5 years at UF. There are 5 or 6, four stars and five stars that shold and would have been locks for the Gators, Cowart, Jefferson, Campbell, McCloud, Ivey, Holland, etc. Now we may get NONE of these. That we reverberate for years to come. The Gators are very close to spending the 5 years in the SEC cellar. McIllwain needs to sign at least 15 more player with a comb of at least 8-10 four/five stars. It sounds impossible and it probably is. But I swear to you, one devastating recruiting class like the current one we have going can lead to disastrous results. Right now it is looking like he is settling for leftovers. Which may have worked at CSU, but not in the SEC. Look at Ole Miss for example. Hugh Freeze assembled one of the best recruiting classes in the country the last few years and BAM! they are at the top. Look at Vandy. Franklin leaves and they fall apart. It isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE!

  6. Step back from the ledge Primo. Mac has it under control and we DO have talent on this team, especially on the D-side of the ball. If we can get these 3 (because they are the most important for image as well as skills) Jefferson, Ivey and Cowart; then they will cause some momentum and we will end up with a top 15 class at worse.

  7. Florida has amassed plenty of talent already on campus. Coaching them on offense has been a huge problem. You cannot win anymore in the SEC by just playing lock down defense and field position football. The field must be stretched vertically. This was the downfall of our prior staff. Mac will get it done.

  8. Non-Grad D.J. Humphries was a 5 star that usually played like a 3-4,,, jmoho of course.
    Graduated M.Garcia was a 3 star that eventually played like a 4-5 and is now headed to the NFL.
    A kids character and academics are more important imo, than the difference between a ‘rated’ 3-5 star.
    Emmitt Smith was a ‘too small’ 4 star….. DeShawn Wynn was the #2 RB in Ohio, he graduated with a NC and went on to the NFL. Does anyone remember what happened to the 5 star #1 RB that went to tOSU?

    Zook’s 1st class: 2002 – #20 (23 with one 5 star – Rivals)
    Zook’s 2nd class: 2003 – #2 (26 with five 5 stars – Rivals)
    * Lots of ‘athlete’ stars, but not much on character or academics….

    Meyer’s 1st class: 2005 – #15 (18 with zero 5 stars – Rivals)
    Meyer’s 2nd class: 2006 – #2 (27 with four 5 stars – Rivals) – (#1 ESPN)

    Muschamp’s 1st class: 2011 – #12 (ESPN)
    (FSU had the 2011 #1 class and lost @ tallycrappy in 2012 to the Gators, 37-26)
    Muschamp’s 2nd class: 2012 – #4 (ESPN)

    The last 3 Gator HBC’s 1st class has been ranked in the 12-20 range.
    While their 2nd class has been ranked in the 2-4 range (rivals).

    McElwain’s 1st class 2015 – Look for 18-22 ranked somewhere in the Top 20.
    Currently not in the Rivals Top 40, but still, No Worries Mates…
    So it’s McElwain’s 2nd class in 2016 that will begin to define his tenure, not the 1st.

  9. Primo – You’re right – it’s not rocket science. We were 10-13 the last two years – that’s as bad as we’ve been over a two year period since what, the seventies?

    So a change had to be made, and was finally made, a year too late. So we’re stuck with trying to recover from the Muschamp era. The Gators will be fine regardless of the recruiting class this year.

    The great news is we have a “real” coach again, not a pretender. Next year’s class will be great and so will the team. Sit back, relax and enjoy it.

  10. Un-recruiting…. :~(

    Treon Harris should just go ahead and xfer out, before UF finds itself dealing with a Shameous QB scenario. I know that I’m tired of seeing this guy on the news already….
    Somebody needs to review what happened to 3x Janoris Jenkins, with 2x Jalen Tabor. After all, S-Ala has a limited amount of room on their roster…
    IF redshirt J.C. ever wants to get on the field and be a great Gator player, then maybe he needs to find some better people to hang out with, otherwise he might want to leave with them….

  11. We’ll see what kind of recruiter McElwain is in the coming years; he has his work cut out for him considering the success Jimbo is having bringing in all that talent to Tallahassee; then there is Alabama,Auburn and the rest of the SEC to contend with; gonna be some lean years in Gainesville.

  12. This class will not set any type of course for the classes that follow. More likely it will be a typical group when a new coach arrives late in the cycle. However, there’s so much obvious need for Florida on OL, LB, DE, RB, WR, TE and even QB that any of these recruits can readily see the opportunity for very early, important roles. Many as first or second-year starters. What’s encouraging is that Ivey, Jefferson, Cowart, Marrick and others have maintained interest in UF despite a miserable two years, the unraveling if Muschsmp’s career as our coach and the arrival of Coach Mac. That, my friends, suggests we could finish surprisingly well.

  13. More to our point of immediate need, we likely have zero seniors and only one junior on our OL for 2015. Two guys that actually have started, Thurman and Johnson. No matter how well we recruit, not many offenses soar behind such inexperienced lines. Most of the other SEC staffs will worry about their two-deeps bring adequately manned. Our new coach inherits an offense without a third guy who ‘s played college ball. This is one of the most indicting aspects of Muschamp’s failure. Nice guy but never grasped or executed a cogent philosophy needed in a head coach. We all need to realize that Mac has a big challenge and needs a couple of years to build a productive offense.

  14. We need 6 OL, 2 RBs, another QB, a pair of defensive end, 4 LBs, 3 WRs, 2 TEs, and a couple of DBS. Meantime, with likely underclassmen opting out, we’ll have perhaps the smallest senior class in the country. I believe getting an established head coach who has engineered a big turn-around elsewhere and has such significant SEC experience is a major score for us. McElwain has successfully recruited Florida and elsewhere . And unlike his predecessor, Mac recognizes good offense when he sees it and comprehends how vital offense is. Let’s give him all the encouragement and enthusiastic we can, fellow Gators.

  15. It’s not a disaster if this recruiting class is not great. There are plenty of teams that do very well that aren’t rated highly in recruiting. It’s unrealistic to expect a no-name coach, most recruits have never heard of him, to come in and do great this late in the game. If recruiting rankings really mean anything, there should be plenty of talented players to make up for a one year drop off. Besides Alabama, UF has rated as highly as just about anyone in the recruiting rankings the past five years. The key is to find a good quarterback, if you have a good one you have a chance. A great quarterback can raise the play of the entire tea. There’s no greater example of that that Jameis Winston, who I know everyone hates, but he is one of the best players to ever play college football, and if he wins the next two games, might be the best to ever play the game. UF just needs someone to step up at quarterback, everything will get much better after that happens.

  16. You people who continue to praise Jameis Winston just don’t see the big picture; he and FSU had success last year due to a perhaps one of the softest schedules of any NC team in history, all of their big games were at home, and they were :13 from losing to Auburn in the BCS Championship game; look at Winston’s stats this year and FSU; he has thrown 17 picks, not exactly numbers for one of the players ever to play college football, not even in the discussion. FSU has once again played one of the softest schedules in the country, nearly losing to half a dozen of the competition. In fact, except for a questionable call, they lost to Notre Dame at home. Please get off of this Jameis Winston love fest, the kid is good, but no where near one of the best.

  17. Agree in full, Kevin. F$U won a string of conference titles under Bobby Bowden due to the weak ACC. Noles continue playing in a conference without a worthy peer. Winston’s physically gifted. However, he also is over-rated as a player. Give me Matthews, Wuerffel, Grossman, Leak, Tebow.
    We haven’t necessarily found our QB. Hopefully Treon matures and Will Grier proves a worthy candidate for Mac to develop.

  18. Those of you who say if this or if that about FSU and Winston ignore the fact that Winston has already done what no player in the history of college football has ever done from their freshman season. If he wins the next two games he will have set a record for winning that may never be matched. To compare him to any past gator quarterback is ludicrous. As for his stats this year, they don’t show how he has had to carry the team alone for much of the season. Stats are for losers, he’s actually played better this year than last year. Since the Auburn game, he has not had good protection from his line until the recent change of a tackle to center. He has also had to nurse along a receiving corps that has not been reliable outside of Greene. As for the whining about the Notre dame game, it was a clear penalty, nothing questionable about it except for those who want to see FSU lose. We will see who is the better quarterback between him and the stat boy, Mariota, soon. My bet is on the best play, Jameis Winston. If I’m wrong, you can crow, but if I’m right it’s time for you to take off the orange and blue glasses and give credit where it’s due and not compare Winston to someone like Tebow, who is a great player, that can’t throw the ball a lick which is why he’s on TV now instead of the NFL.

  19. Winning against who? Let him play the schedule that Tebow played.
    The only way that Shameous Jameous looks great is due to his crappy schedules.
    FSUcks played the #69 SoS in 2013. I doubt it’s any better this season.
    Put FSU in the SEC and they might not even play for the SEC-C. (injuries)
    He certainly wouldn’t have put up big numbers vs all of those SEC Defenses (ask S.Bradford).
    However, had he been playing for any SEC school, he would be playing for a Juco or S.Ala by now.
    Heisman sCam Newton got sent to Juco after just 3 incidents, Winston’s already had 8 at Clown-U.
    As to the ND game, they are 7-5 (-3). UF is 6-5 (-5),,,, some ‘quality’ wins right there alright…
    The SEC has an NCAA record 12 Bowl teams, how many does the ACC have?

    The NFL team that takes Shameous will be rolling the QB dice imoho.
    And you can send Treon back to FSUcks to replace Shameous, or back home to the scUM. (rape?, no licence, weed, and taking other players with him, all in just his Fr season)

  20. “Tebow, who is a great player,
    >>> that can’t throw the ball a lick <<>> 2009 Allstate Sugar Bowl’s Most Outstanding Player

    Things that Shameous Jameous will NEVER have include:
    Nominated for the Florida Blue Key Leadership Honorary

    20th Anniversary William V. Campbell Trophy winner (Academic Heisman)
    ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American of the Year x-2.
    NCAA Top VIII Award Winner
    Lowes’ Senior CLASS Award winner
    The Only 3x Heisman Trophy Finalist in NCAA History
    Named to the 2009 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team
    NCAA Top VIII Award Winner
    Named to the 2009 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team
    Tebow in the NFL:
    1st season at Denver, he had the best QB Rating of the Top 4 QB’s taken in the draft.
    Elway’s 1st season as a Bronco gave him a QB Passer rating of 54.9.
    Tebow’s 1st season as a Bronco gave him a QB Passer rating of 82.1.
    But 7 TD to 14 Int El’Dimway, still had the gall to snivel about Tebow’s Accuracy!
    And John traded away their Top 2 WR’s including their only Pro Bowler before starting Tim.
    His first 16 NFL starts were better than both El-Dim-way’s and Peyton’s, go check.
    Denver (El’Dim-way’s and Fox’s) ‘fair 2012 pre-season competition’ for starting QB:
    QB Ratings: Tebow 104 – Orton 102 – Quinn 69, but Orton started anyway with Quinn at #2.
    Orton 1-4 was finally benched. Tebow then went 7-5 + 1-1 Playoffs 8-6.
    Tim’s 2 years at Denver he went 9-7 for an other wise 4-14 team.
    Tebow won an NFL playoff game in his 15th NFL/Bronco start, against the NFL’s #1 Steeler Defense.
    Peyton won an NFL playoff game in his 33 Bronco start, after they’d brought in 30+ new players for him.
    Tebow is the only Heisman QB in the last quarter century to win an NFL Playoff game.
    2012 Preseason Rex Ryan-Rant, “We’ve got to cut down on our TURNOVERS.”

    Tebow – On 8 passes (75%) and 32 runs, 141 yds, 3.5 yds/play zero turnovers.

    Tebow converted both 4th down fake punts, 1 passing, 1 running. But Fatamous-Rex kept 13 TD – 18 Int Sanchize in as starter. Rex will finally be fired after this season, several season late imo.
    Tim ‘pre-season’ out-performed Ryan Mallet with the Pats, but the Pats couldn’t trade Mallet (they tried) and had him under a guaranteed contract, so they let Tebow go to ESPN/SEC-Network. The NFL/Pats loss imoho. Mallet has since gone elsewhere from the Pats.

    Even with the Total Crap that Tim had to deal with in his 3 NFL seasons:
    2010 Passing – 41 of 82, 50% for 654 yds, 15.4 yds/comp, 5 TD’s, 3 Ints, PER 82.1
    2011 Passing – 126 of 271, 46.5% for 1,729 yds, 13.7 yds/comp, 12 TD’s, 6 Int’s PER 72.9
    * 2011 Playoffs Passing – 19 of 47, 40.4% for 452 yds, 23.8 yds/comp, 3 TD’s 0 Ints, PER 90.0
    2012 Passing – 6 of 8, 75% for 39 yds, 6.5 yds/comp. 0 TD’s, 0 Ints, PER 75.3
    NFL Career Passing – 192 of 408, 47.1% for 2,874 yards, 20 TD’s, 9 Ints, PER 77.8
    Yards per attempt = 7.04 — Yards per completion = 15.97 <<<<
    When you throw 5-6 yard dink & dunk JUNK, you'll get a much higher % completion. TD to turnover ratio is way more inportant imo.

    And that's actually just the tip of the Tebow Award Iceberg!!!

  21. da-muddler Obviously you know nothing about waht makes a great quarterback. Tebow was a great college quarterback, but his ability to read defenses and throw the ball accurately is why he’s now a commentator and not in the NFL. He can’t throw the ball, plain and simple. It’s nonsense to mock schedules, didn’t the ACC go 4-0 against the SEC a couple of weeks ago? Winston has never lost a game, and has been an all tome great the moment he stepped on the field. Let’s see if he plays four years like Tebow, after all he’s just a sophomore, then you could compare their records and you’d be ludicrous to think Tebow was a better player. Winston will be the first player picked in the draft whenever he comes out, don’t kid yourself about someone like Mariota being picked before him. He’s a once in a lifetime talent, on par with the Mannings and Elways. It’s comical to compare him with Tebow, but I guess someone that knows nothing about football would do so.

  22. da-muddler, It’s all DOOM & GLOOM with you. It appears that you only see in the negative. Keep in mind these are kids that are freshly away from home, and all kids are not going to be like Tim Tebow. Because we are in a losing attitude everything is magnfied. We have had kids to make mistakes before and they changed, matured and have gone on to live and develop into productive citizens. Ease Up!!GO GATORS!!!!

  23. ntcrze, Speaking of comical, it is hilarious to compare Winston to Peyton Manning and John Elway. You are comparing two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history to a guy who has not thrown his first pass in the NFL. If you think he is an all time great compare what Winston has done – including stats – to some of the all time great college quarterbacks. No one knows how good Winston will be in the NFL.

  24. ntcrze/James Fisher – I am curious as to why you would be on a Gator recruiting blog. I would think that true Nole fans would be discussing their upcoming game against Oregon and not spending time on another team’s recruiting blog page. Noles continue to play like they have recently and they will lose to Oregon.

  25. Fisher – Again, why are you here? When was Winston not free? That is a perfect comment to post on a thread about the upcoming Oregon-FSU game. You can explain why an FSU team that struggled to get by Miami (6-6), Boston College (7-5) and Florida (6-5), can’t be beaten.

  26. Why shouldn’t I be here.? I have every right to be here. I can give you Gator fans some objective opinions to neutralize that arrogance that Gator Nation is born with. After the beating Nole basketball is going to distribute on UF and the crowning of top recruiting school it will be a happy holiday season.

    You guys ever gonna get some coaches? Falling way behind I might add.

  27. James,

    it is truly sad that we never heard of you until the noles had what they consider two good years. You are what is known as a fair weather fan. If you have to go on our website to crow it just shows how sad it is. good luck to you and the noles. you will need it

  28. Gator863 I think you miss the point about Winston being compared to Manning and Elway. I think the point is that Winston has the same type of tools that they had coming out of college , the kind of player that only comes along very rarely. Teams had a good idea that both Manning and Elway would be special before they ever set foot in the NFL. Winston has been far better in college than either one of them, so far. If he comes back for another year, it would just add to hie legacy, but would not make him any more coveted. I predict he will be the first pick whenever he comes out, you don’t pass on a guy that may be a Hall of Fame quarterback.

  29. Fisher – I did not say you did not have a right to be here. I asked why you are here. It is obviously not to provide an objective opinion. Your posts are far from objective. It is also funny to see you post that UF fans are arrogant with the arrogance that is showing in your posts. It seems that you are here because FSU won a championship last year and you want to trash talk about it. FSU has been far from dominant this year as they have struggled with some fairly average teams (including the Gators). They play like that against Oregon and they will lose big.

    Wouldn’t your time be wiser spent talking with others about the team you supposedly love.

  30. Re: Harris and friends. They’re all first semester college freshmen. Read “immature” young people. I remember a lifetime friend from home arriving as a transfer sophomore from a JUCO. He was as wide-eyed as we had been the year before as UF freshmen. In other words, away from home for the first time he did some dumb things. He grew up, like the rest if us. We weren’t into drugs or drinking, which derail anyone into excesses and poor judgment. These three young football guys may just have a bad case of being 18. Give them a chance to grow up and let’s see how it goes. No one needs to give any of them a boot out of school or off the team. At least not yet.

  31. aux2 – I am not an NFL scout, but I think of Elway and Manning as being two different style quarterbacks. I would disagree that Winston has been far better in college than either of them. Winston has had a good, but not spectacular sophomore year. His touchdown to interception rate is not that great. The Gator game he was bad against a good defense. If I remember right he 12 of 25 for 125 yards and 4 interceptions. There were a couple more passes that should have been intercepted. He may become a Hall of Fame quarterback and he could be a bust.

    Predicting a quarterback going #1 in the NFL draft is a pretty good bet. Over the last 15 years a quarterback has been picked #1 10 times. Of those 10 quarterbacks most of them will never even be close to a Hall of Fame unless they pay their way there. Many are not predicting that Winston will be the first quarterback taken in the draft next year.

  32. Well said Gatormac, they deserve some growing room. I know many of the critics have done the samethings or worst but were not caught. They need a little room to grow just as they did, this is a big stage and an even larger MICROSCOPE the are living in. GO GATORS!!!!

  33. Gator863 Winston has a record that is unmatched in the history of college football. No other quarterback has won at the level he has since their freshman season. As for stats, they mean little, as Vince Lombardi said: “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?” Winston has actually been better this season than last year. Since the Auburn game he has had many games of poor protection from his offensive line and has been hobbling around on a bad ankle the latter part of the season. Some of the interceptions are due to the receivers, not Winston. There are many examples of that, but since you brought it up, the first one in the Florida game is one. Mario Pender didn’t get to where he was supposed to be, after that he was never seen again in the game. Winston throws to a spot, he expects his receiver to be there. Winston is not perfect, but he is the most accurate passer in college football. IF Winston wins the next two games, it’d be hard to argue against him being the best player in the history of college football. I know what some pundits say, but watch him and the stat boy, Mariota, play Jan. 1. I predict Winston will again be the winner, and isn’t that the reason you play?

  34. aux2 – Football is a team sport. FSU – not Winston – has won all those games. Stats are not everything, but they do mean a lot. Like every other qb in college football, some of the interceptions are the receiver’s fault – some are the qbs. You mention one in the Florida game and he should have had at least six. He is the most accurate passer in your opinion. Statistically he is 18th in college football in completion percentage. I am sure you will blame the rest of the team for this.

    IF Florida State wins the next two games, it will prove that they were the best team this year. It certainly would not prove that Winston was the best player ever in college football. Winston is a very good player and may be the best qb in college football now. There is a big step going from there to the best ever at any position. Personally I don’t think he would be the best ever from Florida State – let alone college football.

    That is the end of my discussion on Florida State football as this a UF recruiting blog. Any news on any of the coaching positions? Hoping clearing up some of the coaching positions will have some recruits committing.

  35. did Florida ever go after this Cobb County kicker. He wore Gators gear all through high school.

    Rodrigo, 17, is a record-setting rising senior at Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Ga. and plays for varsity coach Billy Shackelford. In January of 2014 he was named’s 2013 first team All-American kicker. In January of 2013 Rodrigo was chosen as the third team kicker. Rodrigo’s excellence in all areas was demonstrated in the 2013 season as he was named All-American as a kicker and was also named first team all-state as a punter.

    A telephone call from Georgia coach Mark Richt in early December resulted in an SEC walk-on offer for Rodrigo, who accepted the opportunity to become a Southeastern Conference kicker.

    Rodrigo will join the Bulldogs as a preferred walk-on in the fall of 2015.

  36. let FSU have the big head or count their chics before they hatch….

    my question is who was McElwain recruiting at CSU that he may try to flip to Florida? Is that something he would do or is it bad taste to not only leave a program, but take recruits away with you when you move on?


  38. Tebow Awards/Credits that Shameous Jameous will NEVER have include:
    1. Nominated for the Florida Blue Key Leadership Honorary
    2. 20th Anniversary William V. Campbell Trophy winner
    3. ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American of the Year x-2.
    4. NCAA Top VIII Award Winner
    5. Lowes’ Senior CLASS Award winner
    6. The Only 3x Heisman Trophy Finalist in NCAA History
    7. Named to the 2009 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team
    8. NCAA Top VIII Award Winner
    9. Named to the 2009 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team
    10. Voted by his fellow 1,700+ NFL players to ‘their’ Top 100 Players of 2011 List.
    (his complete list is pages long)

    So, what will Shameous Jameous be remember for?
    1) Accusation – Academic Fraud.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it, I’d never cheat, how can you believe that I would?

    2) Accusation – BB gun war, dozens of broken windows.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it. And besides, windows don’t cost that much.

    3) Accusation – Stealing Soda at Burger King.
    Shameous – Yeah, but I did bring my own cup to put it in over and over, what’s the big deal?

    4) Accuastion – Date (drug/alcohol?) Rape.
    Shameous – Yeah I did it, and yeah she was unconscious, but I KNOW she wanted it.

    5) Accuastion – Blatantly stealing Crabs+ from Publix.
    Shameous – I did it, but I just forgot to pay as I hurried directly out the front door. (wink-wink)

    6) Accusation – Standing on a table to scream out vulgar obscenities about women.
    Shameous – But I thought that it was funny and that nobody would notice or care.

    7) Accusation – THOUSANDS of $igned autographs on the authentication web site.
    Shameous – Yeah, I did it, but it was all for free, cause I’m such a charitable-giving guy.

    8) Demonstrated on the field bumping/pushing of ACC official.
    ~ Not even flag from the All Corrupt Conference’s excuse for refs.

    9) Winning against the weakest overall SoS in BCS-NC History.

    10) Shameous is more on a par with a Michael Vick type QB.

    Jimblow – BUT YAWL DON’T KNOW ALL OF THE FACTS! (idiot or liar?)
    FSU Admin – Why can’t we just talk about something else? (R-U-chittin-me?)
    The phrase THREE-TIME LOSER, has NO meaning at tallacrappy for the criminoles of Clown-U.
    But with their academics, maybe they just can’t count higher than 3…. ;~)

    I hope that Shameous Jameous stays there forever. He looks like the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what it means to be a Criminole at Clown-U. And with his 2,000+ $ignatures, he might also help FSUcks back onto NCAA Probation, where they rightly belong. (Jimblow is certainly lookin’ pretty stupid about now — LOL!!!)

  39. Hey Zach, I just saw an interview with Derrick Dillon where he says Muschamp messaged him and wants to recruit him to Auburn.. Can you clarify exactly what the recruiting stipulations in Muschamp’s contract were? I thought I read that he couldn’t recruit guys who Auburn hadn’t previously recruited who were Florida targets.. I don’t think they offered him but maybe that’s not the only thing that constitutes him being targeted by them. Also, what would the consequences be if he broke the terms of the contract anyway? Void the buyout or what?