Decision looming for Irvin

Tim Irvin also attended Friday Night Lights and Florida's game against Kentucky this year. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Perhaps no recruit has felt the impact of Florida’s coaching change more than Tim Irvin.

The 5-foot-9, 190-pounder from Miami Westminster Christian was officially visiting UF the weekend Will Muschamp got fired.

“That was hard to see,” Irvin said of the trip. “I still had a great visit. The (South Carolina) game was crazy.”

Now Irvin, who is being recruited by the Gators as a defensive back, is trying to build a relationship with the new coaches in Gainesville.

Jim McElwain visited him last Wednesday at his high school with Florida secondary coach Travaris Robinson, Irvin’s primary recruiter.

“He’s a pretty cool dude,” Irvin said of McElwain. “When I met him, he sounded like a great coach and he knows what he’s talking about. I feel like he’s going to rebuild the Gator team.

“He said he needs someone like me to do it. He told me that I could have an impact next year on defense and special teams. I could come in the game at the nickel (position) and have a chance to dominate as a true freshman.”

Irvin doesn’t know much about UF defensive coordinator Geoff Collins, but plans to reach out to him this week.

“I think it was a good hire,” Irvin said. “We haven’t met yet because it’s a dead period, but I’ll talk to him soon and get to know him before my decision.”

The consensus four-star recruit and early enrollee will make his commitment at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Jan. 3.

Irvin will decide between Florida, Miami and Texas, but the Gators may have difficulty landing him if they lose Robinson.

“He’ll have a big impact on my decision,” Irvin said. “Me and coach T-Rob have a great chemistry and I want to get coached by him. That means a lot to me.”

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  1. Zach,
    To be an early enrollee how late can you wait to make a decision? He seems to be cutting it very close, and I am thinking because of this there should be some indication prior to his decision. Filing some paper work, etc.. So I guess I am asking do you think you will see any indication prior to Jan 3rd?

  2. really hope we have a great class..with humphries turning pro that should swing the door wide open for Ivey..not sure if irvin is a gator in the spring with the type of talent we have at db..tabor,wilson,hargreaves,dawson,neal,washington,harris,jackson,porter thats alot of competition for a freshman but if he does come to uf, he will be getting coached by the best and thats wat i think is important to him. i really hope we get more oline help and coach summers and lawing stay.seems like the only one that with be out of the loop is durkin or he maybe retained to coach linbackers..with that being said i really like wat the new hc his doing i just hope the players buy in and we beat ga and fsu every year hes there…GO GATORS

  3. How much longer before the lack of a decision by Cosch Mac and T-Rob as to T-Rob’s status with the Gators has an irrevocable negative impact on this year’s recruiting class? Hope this decision is made sooner than later!

  4. @Stan, he’s 5’9 and Ahmad Black, Chris Rainey, and Jeff Demps would disagree with you. Last I checked, those guys played significant minutes in the 31-20 win over the undefeated #1 Alabama team in the SEC championship. Height doesn’t have much to do with it, its more about heart and will than anything.

  5. Really Stan I’ve seen teams beat bama with guys like that, and I’ve seen bama win with guys like that (Javier Arenas). A player is a player regardless of size. Heck Auburn beat “mighty bama” with a DB playing QB, and he also rung up more than 650 yds in a loss this yr. And the game clinching Int for ole miss on bama came from a 5’8″ DB over a 6’5″ TE. Forgive me yall I know bama has been on a good run but I am sick and tired of everyone acting as if we got to be the next bama lets get back to being florida and we wont have to worry about bama and anyone else that wants a beatdown.

  6. there are exceptions but he is very short- other sites list him as 5″8. If there is one knock on Hargraves it is his slender build/short stature- unless he gets a lot stronger he will have difficulty in the NFL.

  7. 5-9, 190 is not that small. I’m sure if he has that many offers, he can contribute…bigger DB’s sometimes have more problems anticipating WR cuts and patterns. Only the big ones with blazing speed can usually overcome this… The comments about Hargreaves being undersized are off a bit. He is nearly 6 foot tall (5‘11″), and nearly 200 pounds (196). Today, he would be bigger than average at corner in the NFL. 25 of the last 29 corners drafted in the NFL were under 6 feet tall. Not everyone can be a Richard Sherman or Patrick Peterson. Hargreaves will be great. He reminds me of Joe Haden coming out with that 40-inch vertical, but he is a little taller than Haden… Aside from that, we really need lineman on both sides of the ball, and LB’s above DB’s anyway… Go Gators!

  8. There’s an old saying that a good big man is better than a good small man. Probably true most of the time, but that doesn’t diminish the feats of many great “small” athletes. Anybody remember Doug Flute…..and Russell Wilson is not exactly a giant.