Important week ahead for McElwain

Jim McElwain is anxious to start recruiting for Florida. (Photo by Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun)

In his introductory press conference Saturday, new UF coach Jim McElwain said he’s wanted to be a Gator since the first time he recruited the Sunshine State.

That was in 2000 with Louisville, his first coaching job in Division I football.

“I recruited Florida when I was at the University of Louisville, when I was at Michigan State, recruited Florida obviously for the University of Alabama,” McElwain said.

“I saw the influence (UF had on recruits), and I saw what it’s all about. This goes a long time.”

This week, McElwain will be out recruiting the state of Florida again. Only this time, he’ll have on the Gator gear he once coveted.

“Being able to go do that, I’m excited,” McElwain said. “I’m going to hit the road on Monday morning. I’ll be back when it becomes dead again, which is the following week.

“Probably what I’m most excited about is rekindling the relationships, getting back involved with the players and having an affect on their lives. That’s really what it’s all about.”

The dead period begins Dec. 15, and McElwain won’t be able to visit prospects at high schools and in their homes again until Jan. 15. So these next seven days are critical for McElwain, who said he’ll get to “as many places as humanly possible.”

He’ll make his first impression on Florida’s recruiting targets and deliver his pitch.

“No. 1, you got an opportunity to win a national championship,” McElwain said when asked what his message will be to recruits. “But first and foremost, it’s about what that is going to do for the rest of your life, what being a Gator is. Then adjusting to that and understanding, look, we’re here to make sure that your experience is going to do nothing but set you apart for the rest of your life. That’s what it is to be a Gator.”

McElwain is scheduled to visit UF’s top priorities — namely five-stars Byron Cowart, CeCe Jefferson and Martez Ivey — and will try to get some recruits to take a second look at the Gators, such as Florida State quarterback commit Deondre Francois and Miami running back commit Jordan Scarlett.

McElwain already spoke to several prospects Sunday, including all of Florida’s pledges.

“It’s recruit daily or die now,” he said. “We’ve got to make sure we secure a great class.”


  1. not sure why he had the presser saturday and said be would be out recruiting monday? most of us if we have work to due , go in on a saturday. Cmon coach you just got a $20 million contract and only have one week to recruit before mid january.

  2. Stan- I was thinking the same thing watching the press conference-seems he is a bit happy with the $20 million and should have already been out recruiting. Looking forward Yale/UF tonight in ODome after huge victory for Yale on Saturday. Always find it amazing lack of hoops coverge by Gville Sun and still every detail about a subpar football team .

  3. Easy, guys. First, Coach Mac was required to be at the Conference by the Athletic Department. Having a splash is important. They obviously wanted to have the press conference on Friday to receive more coverage, but the delay in the buyout made that impossible. And, more importantly, Coach needs time to meet with the staff to evaluate who they have and who they want. He needs a plan, and hitting the ground running on Saturday without much thought on needs and targets would be unproductive. Unlike us, these guys don’t just go down the Rivals list and see which 4 start or 5 star is available. They conduct their own evaluation and assessment of both skills and needs.

  4. Stan- The presser was not his to schedule. Didn’t finalize deal till Thursday. Had to get his family, etc squared away. Said he was already analyzing current players at home prior to announcement so as to determine needs in recruiting. Had to meet with Drew Hughes and coaching staff to coordinate recruiting schedule so no time is wasted (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance). And oh by the way, Coach Mac put down 2 million of his OWN money to close the deal and come and get to work asap. Good grief man- give Mac a break!

  5. Stan and Don….

    FYI….since you seem so clueless about the process.

    1. Saturday……He meet with the current staff and discuss the roster and the recruiting needs. Then he went to the press conference. Then, he met with the staff again to access and begin the recruiting process. P.S. You have to meet with the staff and recruiting coordinators first (on Saturday) before you can go out anywhere and recruit. You have to set up meetings and times with recruits. You just can’t go out on the road and have recruits not even know you are coming.

    2. Sunday……again, meet with the staff, call as many recruits as possible, arrange the weekly recruiting schedule, and discuss objectives and strategies for effective presentations to individual recruits based on needs and recruits’ interests and concerns.

    3. Monday……hit the road organized and ready to run.

    Or… can just hit the road on Saturday, completely unorganized and unprepared, and lose most of the recruits you just happen to locate in between their movements from on class to another.

  6. Stan-WHAT THE HELL DOES INVOKING THE PRESIDENT’S NAME HAVE ANYTHNG AT ALL TO DO WITH RECRUITING?!?!? If you want to vent about the politics in this country go to I’m sure they’re busy reporting on how much air the President is breathing in & complaining about that! And have a litle more respect for the position and address him as President Obama, sir. Now on to the business at hand…the news of the weekend was the decommittments of Jones & Brown. Brown was the absolute stunner because ls-who was not even mentioned as a possibility of him going there & all of a sudden on one weekend trip he flips?!?!? Something in the water does not compute. I think Coach Mac needs to head out to Cali for an in home with Jones & then to Cincy to meet w/ Brown. He (Jones) had stated that his reason was that noone from Florida has kept in contact with him. We’re losing guys left & right and at this pace there won’t be a class to speak of. GO GATORS!!!

  7. I am already hearing people blame Muschamp for everything sort of like what we heard about Meyer when he left- Muschamp got a free pass for a few years and I expect the same for Mcelwein-the concerning aspect is all the guys decomitting- do they know something we don’t? You gotta love the liberal fan in Baton Rouge- hope he enjoys MSNBC.

  8. As a matter of fact Don my political views matter not on this forum. See above & go hang out w/ Stan. Looking to add Cowart, Holland, Jefferson, and possibly one of the comitted RB’s to the fold. I think that maybe McCloud flips to UF from Clemson now that he sees that the offense will be clicking or at least changing somwhat. He’s gotta get some more O-linemen on board as well. GO GATORS!!

  9. This is a football recruiting thread. Please leave the politics out of this and stay on topic. I think that Coach Mac will do great with recruiting, remember in Muschamp’s first year he flipped Fowler from FSU to UF. I expect some big flips to happen on Signing Day. GO GATORS.

  10. I agree with what Muschamp said on his way out. The new coach cannot use the excuse that he doesn’t have a talented team. Talent was not an issue this year, coaching was. And Mac won’t be coming into the same mess that Champ did. The 2011 team had some bad influence from years past and did not want to buy in. Say what you will about Muschamp, he cleaned the locker room from what Meyer left him.

  11. Zach,
    What is the status Martez Ivey recruitment? Do we still even have a shot or has some other team made a lot of head way with him? This guy is a complete stud and hope he is our number one target as you mentioned above.

    Martez, Hoka Hey! Go beat Columbus!

  12. Didn’t know too many people still support Obama- talk about creating a trainwreck. Homer I agree, but unfortunately the Gainesville media is soft- compared to folks down here in Miami- they are calling for Al Golden’s job on a daily basis on tv and radio. Ultimately the job in gainesville has more pressure but not until three or four years down the road.

  13. Stan I feel bad for you. It’s been TWO days since he had his press release, he’s busy. I can’t believe how pathetic some of you are already crying about him “losing” recruits or not doing this and not doing that. None of you have a clue what he’s done so far and who he’s talked to. If he hasn’t talked to some of the players it’s because he’s trying to get this class back on track. He didn’t go out Saturday because he needs insight on the kids he’s going to be recruiting. WHICH MEANS HE NEEDS TO TALK WITH HIS STAFF. He will need some time so if that’s to hard for you to understand then get a different hobby instead of being a whiny little b!$&#.

  14. I think he was hired earlier in the week- amazing some posters know he spent the entire day saturday talking to staff. George Brown was one of our solid commits- losing him is not a good sign, and losing others is not a good sign- this happened after he was named coach.

  15. I agree that it’s an important week. If UF is still sitting at seven pledges on December 15, it will be an even tougher climb with a month of zero momentum. As for thinking that offensive recruits are going to flock to UF because, as one of you put it, “he see’s the offense will be clicking…” is nonsense. This is the same exact thing that was said last year when Roper was hired. It takes more than words, and, unfortunately for UF, that’s all that UF has to offer. The offense has been horrible for years now and every year we hear the same refrain about how the new wonder boy is going to change that. Perhaps McElwain does have the solution, but we won’t know by words. If More than one member of Muschamp’s staff is retained, the perception will be that the only thing that has really changed is that the latest offensive coordinator has a more lofty title, after all McElwain has zero ties to the present staff. I’ll be VERY impressed if McElwain gets even one of the guys that everyone thinks is coming to UF, Ivey, Cowart, Jefferson, etc., to say yes in the coming week. Otherwise I’ll be expecting the normal thing, UF is going to struggle recruiting this year. Next year is the time for McElwain to sell his magic elixir when he has time to develop relationships.

  16. Of course let’s support the new coach whoever it is- but let’s also be realistic- this is a questinable hire by Foley and being the head coach at UF is quite different than Colorado State. Let’s not be foolish and compare him to Urban Meyer- one of the best college coaches whether you like him or not.

  17. Baton Rouge Gator sounds a little bitter over the election.

    All we heard for eight years was Bush this and Bush that to include being blamed for everything to include weather.But don’t call the current president by his name or Baton Rouge Gator will be offended.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t feel very good.

  18. To BRGF: You must be a resident of the Democratic Plantation – slavery through dependency – so much so that you’ve evidently lost your mind, politically speaking. Anyway, Coach Mac needs to recruit hard while he is allowed to. He’ll still have some time to evaluate players and staff during their bowl preparations. The Gators may be going to a low-level bowl but it’s important to the future of this team because it allows more practice time and observation by our new coach to decide who he may retain on the coaching staff and what impressions his new players present. I am looking forward to the next season which hopefully gets us back on track to re-capturing the SEC East within a couple of years and even better times ahead for Gator Nation.

  19. Wow! Lookit all the internet tough guys coming out of the woodworks. Stan, Gatorjay, Mark T., & Don must be card carrying members of the good ‘ol boy party ERRRRRRRR the republicans. Get a grip dudes! We’re all Gator fans here & don’t need your idiotic statements about the POTUS. Go elsewhere, please! You need to concentrate on if Driskel or Harris can throw a 15 yard deep out or not instead of the crap y’all are talking about. BRGF keep doing ur thing brotha! Love it!! Now go get some recruits, Coach Mac!!

  20. Just wonder what kind of class we would have if Champ had survived another year? Lots of these recruits really seemed to want to play for him on the defensive side.
    Gonna be tough if we end up with a bad class with all the talent leaving early this year. Can’t expect Mac to work miracles.

  21. We got off on a political rant because one poster called the president by last name and didn’t use his title, while another poster got all up in arms about respecting the office. Well, that’s true, we should respect the office, if we can’t respect the man. Ok, enough of the political crap. For those of you who say Mac should’ve been on the road Saturday, you don’t have any idea of the logistics of getting around Florida, or you’d prefer he just go off half-cocked. It’s highly unlikely he knows much about any of the kids UF’s been recruiting, so he needed time with his assistants to tell him about who’s on the roster now, which positions need an upgrade, and which of the recruits on the board can provide said upgrade. For the poster who said he needs to get commitments this week, you’re dreaming. None of the young men are going to commit this week. They want to “feel the love” over the next few weeks, they’ll want to hear what other recruits are saying, and they’re going to wait until the last minute to commit to UF. I suspect all of the good things his former players at bammer and CSU have said about Mac are going to help some of them decide, while others will decide as we get closer to NSD and they find out better what the roster looks like. Chill people!

  22. Do they still have Macy’s at the Oaks Mall. All of these videos of Dooley and Adreau are hilarious. It looks like they get their clothes at the flea market. Cmon Robbie your from South Florida- what happened?

  23. Goodness. New coach arrives without knowing then ten assistant coaches, plans a recruiting strategy with his interim staff, speaks on ESPN, is featured at an introductory presser for an hour. Two recruits de commit before ever giving the new coach to give them a call. And suddenly three or four of you guys have decided McElwain is a disastrous hire. Go figure. My expectations include a class of 15-19, a handful of gems like Jefferson, Cowart, Ivey, Merrick, Holland. This will be a typical transitional class. By this time next year we ‘ll be rockin’ and rollin’.

  24. Hey James-your moms likes it. Now go ‘wacko’ that…idiot. Try posting something worth substance about the state of the program, recruits, etc. Use that thing inside of your skull for some positives about Gators instead of being ignorant. Goofball…GO GATORS!

  25. Wow. Some people…Are you IDIOTS really going to blame McElwain for a press conference?? Do you guys know how football works at all?? And I take it you’ve never had bosses. You really think McElwain set up that press conference?? You believe any coach sets up their own press appearances???How desperate do you have to get to try to bash your own team! I wish there was a way to ban the haters so the REAL GATORS could have a nice discussion

  26. Stan no doubt most people on a free blog like this are general fans who don’t know the ins and outs- evaluating the pro’s and con’s of an issue is not allowed but that is what discussions are about. The hiring of mcelwain is iffy to say the least- said the said thing when muschamp was hired and people on this board including the author of this blog didn’t buy into that until this past year- it was inevitable.

  27. Zach,

    Your recruiting blog is being ruined by a bunch of clowns talking politics with ultra critical views on how the new coach is spending his time, etc. etc. when they have no clue what’s going on. These people are driving away the reasonable people who just want to know the latest on recruiting. You may want to clear out the riff raff.

  28. Gee talent on the offensive side of the ball is lacking. We have almost no TE talent, short of talent on the offensive line, short of talent (perhaps) at QB. Now on D there is plenty of talent and some might have to be moved to O. We are solid in kicking game and I think we have sufficient special teams talent.

    Now everyone talks about Bama coaches, and that is great. That said without great players coaching only goes so far.

  29. I am wondering about when the new staff will be chosen. It’s also hard to get a recruit if he doesn’t know who his position coach will be. From the moment Foley showed up, McElwain’s first item of business was choosing a staff, recruiting doesn’t happen without one. Muschamp’s assistants are going to be more worried about getting a job than recruiting, as well. He’s interviewed the outgoing staff by now, if he wants to keep any of them, he needs to say it soon. Some recruits decisions may be based on it. Maybe he can hire someone who will bring some recruits with them. I know Jeremy Pruitt brought at least a couple of recruits with him when he was hired by FSU.

  30. Zach,
    What is the status Martez Ivey recruitment? Do we still even have a shot or has some other team made a lot of head way with him? This guy is a complete stud and hope he is our number one target as you mentioned above.

    Martez, Hoka Hey! Go beat Columbus!

  31. Stan and Don are what is wrong with Gator Nation. They are the type of people that keep us from getting coaches like Hugh Freeze. All the constant criticism is what turns coaches off to UF. Too many Gator fans criticize the coaches for things that they know nothing about. If the “fans” were so smart, then it begs the question of why they arent making $20 million dollars to coach football themselves. Moron fans with their over the top criticism and outrageous expectations are ruining our program. Regardless of how you felt about him as a coach, the way Will Muschamp was treated by a lot of our “fans” was a disgrace and an embarrassment to Gator Nation. Muschamp was right when he said fans need to “get a grip”. And if anyone thinks fan expectation and criticism dont steer coaches away from UF, just ask Steve Spurrier.

  32. Good thing is McElwain doesn’t have to worry about bowl prep. At least he can focus on recruiting until the deadline.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what the offense looks like without any influence from Muschamp. Is Roper auditioning to keep his job, or his next job?

    It’s going to be a fun off-season.

  33. Why can’t people just relax, enjoy all the new hire, some new asst coaches, the recruiting process, be positive and cut this negative crap and let Fla and Mc Elwain take care of business. I think I’m gonna quit reading all this negative rhetoric, its insane and seems like it will never stop. Are people like this on every schools websites?

  34. Great coaches “coach up” good players to play the game…a locker room full of 5 Starr guys doesn’t necessarily translate to wins…Spurrier won his first National Championship with 3 star guys at best…recruiting works itself out with “results”…

  35. Recovering from losing SEC-C/mNC, ‘The Fun & Gun Genius’ Spurrier was a two step process.
    From the Zookster’s recruiting and energy to Urban’s Spread/Option offense.

    Recovering from losing SEC-C/BCS-NC Meyer was a two step process.
    From Muschamp’s house cleaning, recruiting, and defense, to McElwain’s adaptable offense.

    McElwain is Meyer, but with way better character and balance, and he thrives on pressure!
    * Of course, that’s just my perception of he situation, and the proof will be in the pudding….

    As to losing > 3 star #61 OT Brown, maybe he just wants to play early and looked at UF’s roster:

    LT D.J. Humphries 6-5 295 Sr 3L *****
    RT Roderick Johnson 6-6 310 rsSo 1L ****
    I’m not sure who among all of these Fr played or redshirted?
    OT Kavaris Harkless 6-5 282 rsFr/So? ****
    OT Nolan Kelleher 6-5 311 rsFr/So? ****
    OT Andrew Mike 6-6 276 rsFr/So? ****
    OT David Shape 6-6 330 rsFr/So? *****
    2015 Verbals:
    #10 OG/OT Tyler Jordan 6-4 270 **** ESPN 300
    #24 OG/OT Mike Horton 6-5 318 **** ESPN 300
    #36 OG Brandon Sandifer 6-4 348 ***
    So with 5 star OT Ivey also a real possibility, maybe Brown made the right decision (for him)…

  36. Hey, da-muddler! Thanks for your thoughts on Brown ‘s decommitment. Since he was visiting at LSU and announced for the Tigers the same day our new coach was being introduced, I don’t think Jim McElwain or our depth chart had anything to do with his decision. Les Miles simply snookered him out if our potential class. Thanks for listing our likely returnees. Add center Cameron Dillard, rated 3 and 4 stars, and guards Antonio Riles, a 4 star defensive end recruit, and 3-star Tavares Dorsey. We need five or six new guys to fill our pipeline including a couple who can compete for plenty of early playing time. Maybe a JUCO transfer, too, in the overall incoming group. Woefully short on experience, even if Humphries returns.

  37. Any idea what the JC market looks like, we could use some help at both defensive and offensive line NOW, experienced JC transfers could really help save next season; wonder if coach Mac would be interested in going after Braxton Miller

  38. Zach-

    Do you know if there are some guys we could get from UAB, since they shutdown football? I understand if they transfer, they don’t have to sit for a year. A lot of programs might not have room for these guys with a full class. One thing we have is room and they have some talent on that team. Not sure about their academic eligibility. It’s not exactly Harvard, but I am sure they have standards.

  39. LMAO These posts really make me giggle. I like the one, “couldn’t find positive in a proton.” At any rate, relax. We have loads of talent, undeveloped, but still talent. A correction here and a tweak there and we are playing in Atlanta next year and beyond after that. Remember I said that. Be good.

  40. Yeah, I agree, these people just don’t let up. I sorta doubt their sincerities to the program. I just think they enjoy stirring up a lot of dissension and trouble. It’s the way they probably are in every area of their life, causing and creating drama and controversy.

  41. oh man I road tripped to Allen Fieldhouse for the Friday night game. Man I was right in the middle of the student section in the corner, first row in top section. I was real quite the first half then the wheels fell off. I started to whistle during Kansas’ free throws. Man, I was getting some stares.

  42. There’s a percentage of people who get their kicks from creating conflict. It’s well documented by conflict management research. There is a slightly larger percentage of people who don’t start trouble but if they see or hear if a fight somewhere they’ll show up and join in if they can. They are effectively “ambulance chasers.” Then there are the rest of us who either put up with them or simply hive up and walk away. Tolerating them or conceding ground only encourages them . They wake up every morning eager for a fight. Those folks will disparage anyone, including a new coach with a disarming personality and a winning spirit. I hope all of us standing in support of our excellent athletic director and outstanding new coach will do the best thing we can: ignore these whiners. We’ve got a great thing going again and the future for Gator football is filled with promise.

  43. Did the gainesville sun writers see something in Fowler that most of us didnt? Good year and solid player but never lived up to hid hype. Now they ste complaining about him not getting post season awards? Never lived up to his potential

  44. “Mcelwain is Meyer- yeah ok minus two national championships but he is nicer lol- sounds like muschamp”
    Stan, another thing others see that you apparently can’t. The 2 national title rings McElwain has from his time at Bama.

  45. That not so fast my friend he was an assistant coach at bama, urbie wss head coach- i thiught we all learned not to get caught up in achievments as asst coach- muschamp is an amazing asst for many years- i was in the swamp when he led auburn over tebow in an amazing game. Yes he has done well at colorado state but no he has not won national championships, could he at uf- possibly but until he does he is no urban meyer. Unless he picks up recruting , no chance for a national title for several years

  46. Stan you are correct Meyer is an amazing coach whether or not some gator fans can get over him leaving. It does’ help all the bad mouthing of Meyer since he left, coaches around the country see that- partially why we got the Colorado State Coach, Foley has had his better years to say the least- should have left when Meyer left

  47. And Stand how many National Titles did Meyer have at Utah or Bowling Green? How many National Titles did Steve Spurrier win at Duke? How many National Championships did Jim Harbaugh win at U of San Diego? how about Saban st Michigan State or Toledo? How about Hugh Freeze at Arkansas State? Was it a mistake for us to hire Spurrier or Meyer (ok Meyer was a mistake but he did win even if he was a douche and dirty cheating scum)? Was it a mistake for Stanford to hire Harbaugh? Was it a mistake for LSU to hire Saban? Was it a bad decision for Ole Miss to hire Freeze? See how stupid you sound? You’re comparing Meyer post Florida to McElwain pre Florida. That’s not even apples and oranges. more like apples and lightsabers. Your logic is beyond flawed and you are making this far too easy for me. Come on. Do some research and step up your game.

  48. The important thing is that we don’t have any idea if McElwain will be a great coach or a poor one. We’ll have to wait at least a couple of years to make any judgement. Even after a couple of years it may be too soo. Remember that Muschamp was the SEC coach of the year after his second year. We now know that year was an anomaly since he has been fired after his fourth year. Now we’re going to hear some people saying the same things that were said last year after Roper was hired. Remember how Jeff Driskel was going to become a great quarterback because he now had a coach and system that were perfect for him? How before then when Weis was hired how everyone was saying how great UF’s offense was going to be with the guy who coached Tom Brady? It’s time to realize that it takes more than words to win games. It takes players, and discounting the person who will post the high school accolades of UF players, the talent level at UF is not high. A few of you, for instance, told us how Brandon Powell was going to be a better player than Dalvin Cook. UF needs to get better players at every area of offense, starting with quarterback. Maybe a good quarterback is on campus now, but we have to see it on the field in a real game, nit in practice or his high school accolades. Let’s be realistic. A coaching change isn’t made because a team is super talented.

  49. I’d much rather Brown and Jones announce their intentions early rather than late in the process. Didn’t like the way we were intentionally strung along by Cook and Lane practically all the way until signing day last year.

  50. To those of you hating on the new coach and criticizing his every move, give him a break! Are your expectations really so unrealistic that you would have expected all of our top targets to flock to the program the day after we hired a new coach? You sound ignorant of all things football when you make stupid comments like “He isn’t the next Urban Meyer, Urban has two NCs.” Meyer had exactly 0 NCs when he got to UF, as did Steve Spurrier. UF has made its name off of bringing in the next big name in coaching, not taking some washed up has been. Billy Donovan had 0 NCs when he was hired as well.

    Give the new coach some time to assemble his staff, do his best to salvage the recruiting class, and start coaching some games before you foolishly cast judgement.

    Also, Muschamp has NOT left the cupboard more bare than Meyer did. More of Urban’s players needed to be kicked off than retained. The locker room was a mess, and we were no better than the CrimiNoles are now with legal troubles. There was still no good QB or WRs on the roster then, the defense had only a couple of good players. Now, We have a defense loaded with talent, and a few bright spots and potential future stars on offense. McElwain does have his work cut out for him, as he needs to sift through the QB situation, find anyone to compliment Robinson at WR and TE, and fill a ton of holes on the O-Line (That said, the returning O-Lineman have plenty of talent. Talent on the line is not the issue. The issue among this group is depth). But that is still much less of a chore than what Muschamp faced when he got here.

  51. Also, here are some stats for you anti-Jim McElwain idiots. Take a look at the marked improvement each of the teams he has coached made by the second year under him. He will get the offense turned around and UF will be an elite program again soon enough.

    2014 CSU #12 in Total Offense, #20 in Scoring Offense
    2013 CSU #25 in Total Offense, #23 in Scoring Offense
    2012 CSU #102 in Total Offense, #102 in Scoring Offense
    2011 (Pre J-Mac) CSU #87 in Total Offense, #101 in Scoring Offense

    2011 Bama #31 in Total Offense, #20 in Scoring Offense
    2010 Bama #22 in Total Offense, #18 in Scoring Offense
    2009 Bama #42 in Total Offense, #22 in Scoring Offense
    2008 Bama #63 in Total Offense, #35 in Scoring Offense
    2007 (Pre J-Mac) Bama #75 in Total Offense, #64 in Scoring Offense

    2005 MSU #5 in Total Offense, #18 in Scoring Offense
    2004 MSU #10 in Total Offense, #38 in Scoring Offense
    2003 MSU #73 in Total Offense, #49 in Scoring Offense
    2002 (Pre J-Mac) MSU #65 in Total Offense, #68 in Scoring Offense

  52. I AGREE WITH YOU MIKE, I think that if we really wanted Jones and coach Mac sees promise in him he will be contacted again and pulled back in the fold. If it was intentional that they didn’t really want him then let it go. But those are two positions of need O-line and another good QB. I hated what Cook and Lane did and HOW they did it more so. GO GATORS!!!!