Recruits react to McElwain hire

Jim McElwain will begin recruiting for Florida immediately. (Getty Images)

The uncertainty of who Florida’s football coach would be next season is one of the main reasons UF has struggled in the 2015 recruiting cycle.

Prospects got their answer Thursday.

The Gators hired Colorado State’s Jim McElwain, who has an impressive track record as a coach but isn’t a well-known name in recruiting — at least with the kids being targeted by the Gators in this class.

McElwain hasn’t recruited high-profile prospects in the state of Florida since 2011, his last year as Alabama’s offensive coordinator. But he landed some elite Sunshine State recruits when he was with the Tide, including NFL first-round pick Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix out of Orlando Dr. Phillips.

Five-star defensive end CeCe Jefferson, who hosted three UF assistants on an in-home visit Monday, spoke highly of the hire.

“That’s awesome,” Jefferson said when informed of the McElwain news. “I think it’s a pretty good move. He’s coached under (Nick) Saban, so he has the experience. We’ll see what he’s bringing to the table.”

In-state running backs Jordan Cronkrite, Clemson commit Ray-Ray McCloud III and Miami commit Jordan Scarlett all called McElwain a great choice for Florida, though McCloud said he was solid to the Tigers.

Gators offensive line commit Tyler Jordan said anyone who does research on McElwain will be impressed.

“It’s a good hire,” the Under Armour All-American said. “He’s a good coach who has been at the highest level before and has won championships with his offense.”

While McElwain is liked by recruits who are aware of his previous success, many have yet to do their homework on him.

Gators OL commits George Brown and Brandon Sandifer said they don’t know much about the new UF coach, but they will soon and look forward to meeting him.

Two of Florida’s top targets, five-star defensive end Byron Cowart and Rivals100 receiver Ryan Davis, said they aren’t familiar with McElwain, but both trust the decision by athletics director Jeremy Foley.

“I’m guessing he’s a great hire for the program,” Davis said. “I think Mr. Foley knows what he’s doing and knows what’s best for Florida football. I don’t know about him at all, but I can’t wait to hear from him.”

Fortunately for McElwain, his reputation in Tampa could help his chances with area prospects Cowart and Davis.

“Jim McElwain used to recruit Tampa for Bama,” said 247Sports reporter Josh Newberg, who has covered recruiting in that area for years. “(I’ve) met him several times. Very sharp, calm and well respected by coaches and recruits.”

The Gators currently have nine members in their 2015 class and room for at least 15 more.

McElwain will be on road recruiting Monday for the last week of the contact period, which resumes Jan. 15. Signing day is two months away.

Tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe, who received an in-home visit Thursday from UF assistant Derek Lewis, hopes to hear from McElwain but admits it will be hard getting to know a coach this late in the recruiting process.

“I feel like a lot of prospects in this class across the southeast wanted to go to Florida,” said Imatorbhehe, who officially visited UF in September. “But because of the coaching instability, some guys wouldn’t commit there and some who did eventually decommitted. Potentially this could have been an amazing class for Florida if things didn’t go bad with the season and the staff.

“But it is what it is. It’s just a hard situation now because recruits have to go to Florida based on faith that the new coach will turn the program around. I’m going to start doing my research on him, and if he reaches out to me, I’ll listen.”


  1. it is imperative to decide and announce immediately what assistant coaches are staying and which are not. this will have immediate impact on recruiting. Glad that Foley acted quickly so the coach has at least a chance to communicate with recruits and attempt to assemble a recruiting class that won’t hamstring us moving forward. Please advise on how many early signees we can sign and total signees available. Also what are the odds of any of our recruits being early enrollees. Go Gators, all the best to Muschamp, but this had to be done. If he can learn to let the offense play, he could become a very good head coach. Wish him success in the future just hopefully not in the SEC 🙂 Welcome coach McElwain, please keep the defensive staff together as much as possible. And maybe Offensive line coach also, he clearly improved the O-line play.

  2. Well said gator nation, My speech is identical, especially about the defensive staff. I think 97 -99% of the GATOR NATION wants this defensive staff to stay together as much as possible. But we have to be realistic COACH MAC may want to bring along some of his own defensive people, I just hope not too many. GO GATORS, we are in FULL EFFECT NOW!!

  3. Zach any news on any hold overs form our coaching staff many of my Auburn friends seem to think T-Rob is coming to AU. I hope not we have a chance to have the best secondary for the next two seasons. And like most of gatornation I hope we keep most of our defensive coaches.

  4. The Gator Nation is most pleased with Coach McElwain’s decision to accept UF’s offer to coach the Florida Gator football team! Speaking for all alumni and other Gator fans who agree with me, I believe that UF will soon have an offense to be known as THE MAC ATTACK. Combining the spread with some pro-style elements can result in a power offense that when coupled with our already strong defense should put us in contention for the SEC in 1 to 2 years.I see no reason why ANY of our coaches should be replaced, but this is the new HC’s call. As for Coach Champ – he is a champion of a person and I am certain he will find a great DC job (hopefully not Auburn)! GO GATORS – BRING ON THE MAC ATTACK!!!

  5. For those of you not following along it appears as though Foley worked it out to where the coach keeps Durkin & TRob. No word on Summers & Lawinig yet but logic would seem that he would keep those 2 as well. Things are looking up. All recruits so far sounds like they like the hire & even some of the other ones that were wavering like it as well. Stand up, Gator Nation. STAND UP!!! GO GATORS!!!

  6. Remember in the 2009 SEC Championship game when McElwain’s offensive beat Charlie Strong’s defense? Remember in the 2010 National Championship game when McElwain’s offense beat Will Muschamp’s defense? How can anyone not like this hire? Oh wait, he doesn’t spout off about other fan bases or coaches or beak chalk boards in the lockerroom. Listen to his former Bama players talk about him to get an idea what we are getting.

  7. I think the new coach should keep all the current staff. They have done well and recruiting this year so far as been really impressive . Top 45 in the recruiting ranking will get the gates a winning season.

  8. I agree with keeping the majority of the current defensive coaches and Coach Summers, offensive line. For the talent on the offensive-side of the ball the most critical new hires will be an Offensive Coordinator who is in sync with the new Head Ball Coach’s offensive philosophy as well as a top of the line Wide Recievers Coach. The talent is there. They just need to be coached up way better then they have been the last four years and “set free!”

  9. How can anyone in their right mind want to keep the total current staff.
    Keep Durkin and all the defensive coaches. I would ride the Special Teams coach out the door on a rail. I would replace the entire offensive staff except for the Line coach and possibly Leak, if the tight end running back coach stays it should be a crime. HOw many years does it take to teach someone to catch a pass or block..our tight end coach does not know bause he has ever done it! Special teams cost us 2 games and tight ends cost us two games..what more you say!!!!

  10. there are numerous recruits who have had interest in UF all along but have been waiting to see new head coach and staff who they have developed relationships with. Once staffers are announced then the recruits will have opportunity to decide. Unfortunately some may wait until signing day. Best case scenario would be if mac could get a few big time recruits to commit creating some momentum but he has until dec 15 or 16? to try and make that happen before no contact period starts, then its 2 weeks at end. its possible that a few commit early but this is unfortunately going to go down to signing day with us getting a good class but maybe not a great class. it has happened to every new coach at UF for a while now. I think that is why it was so critical to sign him with enough time before the no contact period starts to minimize the damage. I asked in first comment for how many we can sign, I’d guess 28 with early enrollees but doubt we even sign 25.

  11. I don’t understand why everyone keeps pointing out what Coach McElwain did as OC at bama. All OC’s at bama are very much limited by Saban’s philosophy, case in point McElwain ran a much different offence at CSU than was ran at bama during his tenure there. I am impressed at what he did this past season as a HEAD COACH what he did as an OC is irrelevant. We did not hire this man to be an OC he is our Head Coach and he will be a great one hopefully.

  12. Let’s face it, very few assistant coaches are retained from what I’ve seen. At any rate, it is up to him. Relationships are important and we don’t know where his are at. We will find out over the next few weeks. What I’m most curious about is who and how many he will bring from CSU.

  13. I wish that other guy claiming to be me would stop posting over my name. He tries to be sarcastic and totally misses the mark. UF made the best hire they could given the shallow pool of candidates they have to work with. You’re not going to beat FSU any time soon, so enjoy your little victory while you can while we go for 31 in a row and another national championship.

  14. Derek, Go watch the 09 SEC title game and you’ll understand. They had so much success on offense BECAUSE of McElwain. He came out and outsmarted Strong (a dang good Co in his right) and outplayed an AMAZING D. He came out keeping us off balance with formations and plays we weren’t expecting. He came out swinging, throwing the ball all over the field and had success with it, which is impressive considering He had McElroy as a QB and was playing against Joe Haden, Janoris Jenkins, and Major Wright. He kept us off balance all game and showed a lot we’d love to see here at UF. Research Jim McElwain and there’s little if anything not to like.

  15. Fisher is a douche, fsu criminoles well get stomped by bama, in the semi final Jane is to the nfl and will be out of the league soon after when he runs his mouth and a defensive tackle smears him, next criminole casher wait he already is, Darby nope he is too. Fisher as always say hi to your gerbil for me

  16. If you research Jim McElwain ‘s staff at Colorado State, you’ll be really impressed by the quality of his wide receivers coach, former NC State star and Jacksonville Jaguar Alvis Whitted ( pronounced ‘wittid’), as well as the OL coach and the OC/QB coach. Those three have developed big producers over their years. Hopefully we retain our three best: Durkin, Lawing and TRob. Recruiting just got a big shot in the arm. That Jefferson and some other well regarded prospects kept their sights onUF through the last two seasons says plenty about the appeal of our school and about those young men, in particular. Recruiting will improve from today through signing day in February.

  17. I think he will keep the defensive coaches and possibly summers. Everyone else needs to go. Start fresh with a new strength coach that fits your style, get a better special teams coach, and overhaul the rb/wr/te coaching situation. Sounds like he is a solid qb coach so get the areas of concern cleaned up, hit both lines hard this year on the recruiting trail, and let’s go win some games next year! Excited about the hire and also for this bowl game. Go Gators!!!

  18. Zach, does the JUCO TE who was being recruited by CSU plan to visit UF? His father made comments 2 nights ago about his son being told JM was leaving for UF and they’d contact him after the deal went down. We need TE’s badly….even if it’s a JUCO being recruited by CSU. If he can play he can play.

  19. Did many of you and Foley forget Muschamp was one of the best Defensive Coordinators? He shut Tebow down in the Swamp. What Mcelwain did at Bama is meaningless. Coaching Colorado St is also not the same level. To pay the highest buyout in NCAA history is foolish. We could have gotten anyone for the money paid. Foley has had his better days and ultimately will step down in a few years. I said the same thing about Muschamp and how these recruiting blogs for last year meant nothing since he would lose his job and that is what happened.

  20. Mike – So, by your logic, Muschamp shut down Tebow in the Swamp and because of that is one of the best DC’s. But, it’s meaningless what McElwain did at bammer? You forget his players put forth an offensive effort in the 2009 SECCG that the best defense in the country (UF’s) couldn’t stop. His game plan is the reason we didn’t beat bammer that day, and the reason Tebow didn’t get a third national championship…

  21. Um he was a coordinator then and so was Muschamp when he beat Tebow as well. being a head coach and a coordinator is quite different as Muschamp has shown us. Not sure how Foley pulled this off, but this is a hire that is shocking gatornation.

  22. when do we start hating this guy? that’s what we do, right? no way he has enough success to satisfy the idiots in Gator ‘nation’, because there is no such thing as satisfaction in this wilderness. what a joke we are.
    this fan base is an embarrassment.

  23. douggator questioning foley is being a true fan. take off your orange and blue glasses. He has already made two horrendous hires and this is another risky one. The amount of money to get Mcelwain is mind boggling considering his best win as a head coach is ???

  24. I agree this is a shaky hire. With all the possibilities out there and the money that Foley and UF had, not sure why another risky hire took place. How he did at Bama means very little. Muschamp was awesome as a coordinator at Auburn and LSU- it did nothing for him at UF.

  25. Mike are you serious right now? You’re already taking shots? Seems kind of rediculous. Being a fan means you keep the glasses on even when the times get tough. I for one am glad we found someone that can handle the O and will keep the D coaches in tact (per reports). I’m ready for a change and am glad we found someone that will be super motivated to prove his critics, you included wrong.

  26. Why don’t all of the negative people just become permanent fair-weather Seminole Fans. Give the coach a chance and realize that Foley didn’t have a lot of great options that didn’t come with a lot of baggage or other risks. Like it or not, Foley is a good athletic director and that had Mushchamp ever had a decent QB, he would likely still be here. Soon these fair-weather fans will start bashing Billy Donovan because he isn’t winning with his young group, after four years of being in the final 8 of the tournament with no true NBA prospects in his core 4 players from last year. I don’t know a lot about the new football coach, but give him a chance to see how he can recruit and coach before your start being negative. IF you can’t, then you aren’t a true Gator Fan. Go Gators!!!!!!!!!l

  27. Mike is the perfect example of a stupid Gator fan. Ignorant, hateful, did I say stupid already? Stupid. Mike is stupid. Get in line, Mike. There are thousands of stupid Gator fans out there just like you. Question everything, Mike. Hate everything, Mike. Foley sucks, Mike. So does Muschamp.
    You’re stupid, Mike. It’s GATOR FANS who suck, Mike. Not the coaches.

  28. A lot of “fans” on these sites arent the most knowledegable- yes Muschamp wasnt very good to say the least. Foley has developed a big ego and took another huge risk hire. Obviously he could have chosen a lot of coaches with more big game experience as a head coach. This guy has zero wins against top 25 team as head coach. Not exactly what you expect at UF

  29. As I posted a month ago, I am a huge Jeremy Foley fan and said we could trust him to get the right man- HE DID .In the changed atmosphere of College Football everyone has money. Foley made all the right moves to get a great Coach. I predict Coach Mac’s hire will be seen as a Donovan type triumph 5 years and more down the road.

  30. Mike, the time at Alabama has nothing to do with how good he is as a head coach. i don’t think anyone is saying that. The majority at least isn’t. What it does show is how good he is on offense and what he can do to our offense. That’s why it’s worthwhile to bring up Bama. There’s something he has that Muschamp didn’t: head. Coaching. Experience. Not only that but winning head coaching experience. CSU may not be the big time, but don’t downgrade what he’s done there. He’s shown he has ability to win as a head coach and has ability to turn a program around. Head coaching experience doesn’t have to be at the highest level to prove what a coach can do.

  31. I have no idea if McElwain will be a great coach. If you UF isn’t in position to contend for the East after his third year, then I’ll become critical. I am of the opinion that, at this present time, he’s a weak coach. No big time coach would accept their staff being dictated to them by the A.D., which is apparently what has happened with McElwain. That may be part of the reason he was hired, Foley wanted someone who knew clearly who was the boss. The reports, if true, that Foley’s office is beside the coach and Foley likes to pop in and watch film is very troubling. For Foley to set a condition of getting the job that McElwain had to retain any members of a failed regime shows an arrogance and and power hungry fool. Do you think any big time coach would have agreed to such nonsense? UF would have never got Urban Meyer if Foley had tried that crap with him. Yes I know Meyer kept Strong, but that was his choice, not Foley’s. Now McElwain, apparently, is being forced to have on his staff people he doesn’t know who are part of the reason he was hired in the first place. That’s not the way to run a railroad.
    I think it’s ludicrous to want to keep anyone on the present staff in the first place. It’s just more evidence that Foley doesn’t have a clue. He still thinks Muschamp was a great coach and him wanting to keep his staff is proof that he really doesn’t think anything is wrong with UF’s football program. Instead of asking McElwain to please consider keeping some of the present staff, he makes doing so a condition of being hired.
    What is so stupid about that is that the members of the staff are just as responsible as Muschamp for UF becoming mediocre. UF has a good defense. But UF’s defense has not been close to being great since 2012. A common, very common, refrain is that UF’s defense falters in the past two years when it matters. I won’t go into a game by game recap, but UF’s defense constantly failed to stop someone when it mattered. The last two losses were perfect examples. South Carolina got the ball with 34 yards needed for a touchdown and only 39 seconds left, the defense didn’t stop them. Then in overtime , USC went through UF’s defense like soft butter. Some of you think the defense did great against FSU, but the defense again faltered when it mattered. Along with scoring earlier, FSU got the ball with over nine minutes left in the game. Uf didn’t get the ball back until there was a little over three minutes left and needed a touchdown because UF’s defense allowed FSU to score. The sign of a great defense is not statistics, it’s making plays to win a game. UF looks great on paper, the stats look fine. But when it comes to being a defense that makes winning plays, it’s sorely lacking. As for Summers. what’s so special about him? FSU destroyed UF’s line, that’s the reason UF couldn’t run a lick.
    I hope McElwain does well, but it’s not a good sign that he is forced to retain coaches who are the reason UF is mediocre right now. You know the mantra of if you keep doing the same thing you’re going to get the same results. It’s a illusion that UF became mediocre only because of the offense, it was the whole team. The move being made now sounds like it’s the same one that has failed before. UF is just hiring another offensive coordinator, but giving him the title of head coach, but has anything else really changed?

  32. THAT- I think Urban won a nice bowl game lol. Urban’s record at Utah was also a lot more impressive. Aux I agree with your very good post, can you imagine if we told Stoops or other big name guys who is assistants would be? Foley had developed a big time ego, he is 62 years old, he is hoping this hire shows he is amazing and if it turns out to be he will go down as a great AD. If it is another botched hire, he will go down as someone who made 3 terrible football hires.

  33. I did answer your question. He won a BCS bowl game- not sure if Pitt was ranked or not but Urban’s winning percentage and winning a bcs bowl is a bit more impressive. Mcelwain cant even beat an unranked boise team every year. Not sure how you are comparing his record at csu to what urban did at Utah. Anything is better than Muschamp but lets be honest the football program is a train wreck. Unless Mcelwain pulls a miracle we will be lucky to finish in top 30 in recruiting

  34. Wow. Lots of Negative Nancy’s on the board…why is it that everyone is hating on the new coach? Did Urban Liar win any bigtime games before he came to UF? I don’t think so. Anyway-let’s just be supportive of Coach Mac & pray that he overhauls the offense in a way that befits the Gators. I think he will open up the QB competition with Grier, Treon, & Jones ( ’15 commit) and the RB’s will be Taylor & Lane. Hopefully he can flip one or two of the RB commits to come and solidify that group. I’m hopeful that he can have a great turnaround and compete right away. GO GATORS!!!

  35. Mike,
    The last up & comer (small program HB) that Foley brought in here lead us to two national titles in football. The same can be said about basketball as well. To give him all the blame for the bad hires and not give credit for the good ones is crazy. Welcome aboard Coach Mac! The more I hear from former players and colleages about him, the more I am getting excited about the hire and the future of Gator football. GO GATORS!!

  36. Wow, a day later and the honeymoon is over. I can’t tell if people are upset that Foley didn’t hire a coach with a Super Bowl Ring and two National Championships or because Jim McElwain hasn’t led the Gators to the National Championship already.

  37. Like is said in earlier posts I am impressed with coach Mac did at CSU, and glad he is now a gator hopes he becomes a gator and national legend. However to all that insist about bring up his OC days at bama and what he did to us in ATL in 09. Well why don’t yall talk about how bama put up more pts and yds on a very good Muschamp D with a OC that has HC experience, yet I herd none of yall screaming for Lame Kiffin. Like I said Nick Saban is Bama football. Love what Coach Mac did at CSU in 2014

  38. “He has a proven track record on the offensive side of the ball, has coached in the SEC where he won 2 BCS-NC’s as the UA OC, and has had success as a MWC CoY head coach. He has very successfully recruited the South and was the primary recruiter in Florida (for UA) and has spent time coaching at the highest level (NFL (QB’s/Raiders), Foley said.”
    McElwain came to a ColoSt program what was 3-9 for the last 3 seasons. He went 4-8, 8-6, 10-2, while improving their over-all team every year. His 3 star QB is now the MWC PoY and #7 in the Nation in passing efficiency. ColoSt finished the regular season 10-2, including signature victories over state rival Colo and BC, the same BC which beat the USCw toejams earlier in the season.
    This hire is already paying off for the Gators. Five Star DE CeCe Jefferson is now all but a lock! Others soon to follow as McElwain goes on the recruiting trail for UF starting as early as next week.
    A Home-Run hire imoho…

  39. My Wish-List of coaches to retain, at least initially (first year).
    DC D.J. Durkin
    DB’s/recruiting Travaris Robinson (#1 secondary in the Nation)
    DL Brad Lawing
    Why? The Gator Defense was 3-3-2-2 in the SEC in the last 4 years. — Continuity and Recruiting.

    OL Kurt Summers – Gator’s need a new C and K/P LS’s. Summers turned OG Garcia into an NFL draftable Center.
    WR’s/recruiiting Chris Leak, to continue learning the WR/QB coaching trade under excellent teacher McElwain. Chris has 4.0 character and strong Gator loyalty. He is also intelligent, a quick learner, and he’s a very likeable and stable family man. In short, he’s the kind of young coach that can help a program moving forward. Of course and as always, JMOHO’s…..

  40. Opinions, by definition, are never right or wrong, just different.
    To me, keeping about 1/2 of the previous staff during a HBC change is a good idea for the continuity alone, unless there are other compelling reasons to clean house. In the current case, recruiting is also a major factor. McElwain will do whatever makes the most sense to him, keeping in mind that he’d like to get a fast start and keep his job long term at UF. His ‘opinions’ and mine might, or might not coincide. We’ll see.
    IF you look at Jim’s entire playing and coaching resume’ he is FULLY qualified to be a successful HBC for the Gators. Played QB. Coached QB/WR’s. Finally OC for a 2x BCS-NC program. Small D1 CoY as HBC in just 3 years.
    Lame Kitten is a dismal chump in comparison, besides being a total A-hole imo. Satan can have him and welcome to him. (btw, I’m not seeking your’s or anyone else’s approval here, just stating my OHO’s. Agree or disagree as you see fit, or just throw a fit…. ;~)

  41. I would keep the entire D-Staff and O-line coach. The rest including Dillman need to be shown the door. I also hope all of the negative Nancy’s give Coach Mac at least 3 years of steady improvement without wanting him fired. I would also look to add some JUCO OL help since we are woefully short of depth there. Go GATORS!!

  42. Not counting the obvious FSU people on here, but some of you guys would not be satisfied or give anyone a chance to SHOW what they can dowhen the time comes. Many of you just NEED to argue. you don’t have any fact just conjecture and take the smallest things out of context. If Saban himself were hired tomorrow and he brought Gus Malzan from Auburn Charlie Strong from Texas and a few Pro coaching staff members with him, MANY of you would not be satisfied. I’m not talking about the FSU drones on here, I’m talking about legitimate die hard members of the GATOR NATION. Try for once this year to seek something positive before DECEMBER 31, Man some of you need to take a CHILL PILL!!! GO GATORS!!!!

  43. Keeping the entire defensive staff isn’t necessarily a great thing. Keeping T-Rob is, because he’s the best recruiter on staff.

    I’m not so big on Durkin, though he’s part of the deal. Durkin had no DC experience prior to Muschamp. Not sure he’s ready to take on this defense on his own. Muschamp was the real DC, not Durkin.

    I think Durkin ends up leaving within 2 years.

  44. I think Durkin has learned from his predecessors Mush and San Quinn. He also has good ties to recruits. McElwain will probably bring in an offensive coordinator. I’m really excited to see how this all works out.

  45. Mac will keep Robinson, Durkin and Lawing only if he thinks a) they’re better than anyone he could bring in; b) they are guys that can shed their loyalties to the past and embrace him as their leader. Each guy has proven his ability to coach well enough. Durkin and Robinson have excelled as recruiters. Lawing has worked well with so many head coaches that he should be a good fit. But what Mac needs more than anything else ste two incoming freshmen linemen who can start right away. He’s got enormous challenges in 2015 because Muschamp neglected our offense for do long. This is a different situation than the one Meyer entered.

  46. It’s very unusual for incoming freshmen to start right away at any position, even more rare to start on either line. To expect that to happen is not showing much confidence in what is on the present roster. UF will have to do with what is has now and hope that players that are high draft picks aren’t as foolish as Jones and Moore. McElwain’s biggest recruiting job will be convincing the players on the current roster to not transfer or leave early for the draft. Even if they have a marginal chance at being drafted, they are still better right now than any incoming freshman.
    What would really impress me is he can convince one of the top recruits that, supposedly, have been waiting to see who are the coaches at UF to say yes before the dead period begins December 16. If an Ivey, Cowart, etc. said he wanted to come to UF before then it might help gain some momentum going into mid January when the last contact period begins before signing day. Maybe an early enrollee would nice as well. But if it doesn’t happen that way, it’s not a big deal. No one should expect much anyway since it’s very late to salvage a class, and I doubt there were any guys that UF would want that he recruited for Colorado State.

  47. Stan, still avoiding the Spurrier part of that question. And yes Meyer did beat a few ranked teams. I didn’t ask if he had, I asked how many. But I knew the answer to that before I asked the question. I do my research. He beat a couple but not one ranked higher than 19th. Would you call that, let’s see how did you put it, “what you expect at UF”?? Also if you do your research, Meyer, while he didn’t inherit a team nearly as good as the team he turned it into, did inherit a MUCH better team than McElwain did. Utah was 15-15 leading up to Meyer. CSU was 9-27 leading up to McElwain. Do any of us KNOW that McElwain will be a success at UF? No. Heck we don’t know if Hugh Freeze, Jim Harbaugh, or even Nick Saban would be a success at Florida. Anything could happen. But you can look at a body of work and tell when a coach is a good one and has a good shot to succeed. Jim McElwain has shown he’s a great offensive coach who is versatile and can outscheme some of the best defensive minds. He has shown to be a great recruiter in his time at Bama and CSU. he has shown to have head coaching experience, and the ability to not only win as a head coach, but turn a program around. He has shown he can instill the love and loyalty of his players. And above all, he has shown he WANTS to be a Gator. Put all that together and Gator nation should be ECSTATIC to have Jim McElwain lead us into the future. (Oh and unlike Meyer he’s shown he has morals and does things the right way). If you’re not excited to have Jim McElwain as a Gator then all I got to say is there’s the door.

  48. I don’t think that the OL is as bad off as some here seem to think.

    OG Trip Thurman 6-5 310 rsSr 2L
    LT D.J. Humphries 6-5 295 Sr 3L *****
    OG Drew Sarvary 6-6 305 Sr – JuCo 1L (injuries-withdrawn?)
    RT Roderick Johnson 6-6 310 rsSo 1L
    C/OG Cameron Dillard 6-4 297 rsSo 1L (likely replace C Garcia)
    OG Matthew Fuchs 6-2 248 rsJr SQ
    OG Antonio Riles 6-4 295 1L rsSo
    OG Nick Davis 6-3 251 rsSo SQ
    OG Travis Dorsey 6-2 333 So/rsFr?
    OT Kavaris Harkless 6-5 282 rsFr/So?
    OT Nolan Kelleher 6-5 311 rsFr (injuries-withdrawn?)
    OT Andrew Mike 6-6 276 rsFr/So?
    OT David Shape 6-6 330 rsFr/So? *****
    OG Zach Shinn 6-2 283 rsFr
    Sarvary & Kelleher are still listed on the Gator roster, so until they are ‘officially’ removed I’ll still list them. Anyone know for sure?
    2015 Verbal Commits: (so far)
    #10 OG Tyler Jordan 6-4 270 **** ESPN 300
    #24 OG Mike Horton 6-5 318 **** ESPN 300
    #36 OG Brandon Sandifer 6-4 348 ***
    And any others that commit this cycle….