Jefferson hosts three UF coaches on in-home visit

Florida was the first school to have an in-home visit with CeCe Jefferson in the contact period. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Five-star defensive end CeCe Jefferson hosted three Florida assistants for an in-home visit Monday night.

UF interim coach D.J. Durkin, defensive line coach Brad Lawing and secondary coach Travaris Robinson made the U.S. Army All-American a priority on their first day of recruiting in the contact period.

“It was great,” Jefferson said of the visit. “It made me feel kind of special. With everything going on, they still found time in their day to come see me and my family. It was kind of a big deal.”

Jefferson attended all but one of Florida’s home games this season and has been a top target of the Gators throughout his high school career at Glen Saint Mary Baker County.

Over the course of his UF recruitment, he’s built strong relationship with all three defensive coaches.

“Me and those guys have been going at it for four years now, ever since I was a freshman going to the games,” he said. “We’ve created a bond, and it speaks for itself.”

Jefferson convinced Robinson to try venison for the first time at dinner, and he said the four of them didn’t discuss the upcoming coaching change much.

“We really didn’t talk about that, honestly,” Jefferson said. “We watched TV and had a good time, shared a lot of laughs. They did tell me that they want to stay (at Florida) if they can. But they were saying no matter what happens with them, UF is still a good school to go to.”

The 6-foot-2, 245-pounder has already officially visited Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss, and he’ll take a trip to Cincinnati this weekend. His former high school teammate, Mike Boone, plays running back for the Bearcats.

“I want to see something different,” Jefferson said of his visit to Ohio. “I’ve never seen snow before, so I’m looking forward to that. I got my jacket packed.”

Jefferson is unsure of where he’ll go for his final official visit. He’s making his college choice on signing day (Feb. 4), a decision date he said will give the next Gators coach time to recruit him.

“I’m just going to sit back and observe,” Jefferson of Florida’s coaching search. “I’ll see who they bring in, see what he has to say, see who they keep (on staff). I’m just going to chill, relax, take everything in and go from there.”

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  1. aux2, I once shared the majority of your views on making changes, however I’ve since evaluated and changed my stance. If you bring talents that makes me significantly better and drastically improves the probability of my meeting the bottom line, I’d have to be blindly stubborn and stuck in my ways (like the last guy) to let you get away. I’d suggest evaluating your options vs sticking to an out-dated script or theory that doesn’t change with our modern times. Will any of the staff meet that standard? My meter points more toward ‘that’s to be determined’ vs ‘NO! Guilty by Association!’ There is an Art to War. LUV UF!

  2. What is the conversation like, it must be terribly awkward. All the coaches can say is that UF is a great place, blah, blah, blah… They can’t say what kind of offense or defense will be run. They can’t say who will be the head coach or even if they will be at UF. They can’t even offer a scholarship because it will be up to the new coaching staff to decide who they want. On top of that, this pointless excursion takes place during a time when their main concern is not recruiting but getting another job. All of hem should be fired. UF didn’t become mediocre because of one man, Muschamp. All of the assistants are just as responsible. Perhaps the new head coach will have a relationship with someone and want to keep them, but it’s probably better to get rid of them all. There’s no point in a “transition,” if things were going well there’d be no need to fire anyone. The people who want to retain anyone from this staff that produced an an average of seven wins a year amaze me. I believe in holding someone responsible, but like the myriad of excuses made for Jeff Driskel, that concept is not something that a lot of people adhere to.

  3. Hey aux2-look here…Cece said himself that it speaks volumes that it was great that they took the time to visit with him. In the end I still think he signs with UF. He’s ALWAYS loved the school, regardless of who the coach is or will be. That’s why I think he is a lock no matter what-he has that love that you can’t fake. I mean why else would he come to damn near EVERY SINGLE GAME with that atrocious offense?!?! I just hope Byron Cowart has the same love in his heart for UF that Cece does. If those two come I think the future is bright. Derrick Dillon & George Brown are very solid as well. Brown could come in & start with the departure of Moore (Mr. Holding) and the news aboout Savary. GO GATORS!!

  4. A late incoming new HBC would be wise to keep most of the current staff, unless he has very good reasons to replace someone. Coaching continunity is very important, especially in the beginning. IF he wants to replace current staff, it would be much better/smarter to do so in his 2nd year, not in his first. JMOHO of course….

  5. I see no issue with holding onto assistants from this staff if they’ve shown competency at coaching up their position(s) or recruiting. Trob, Summers, Lawing, and Durkin would all be fine IMO. At the end of the day it comes down to hiring a head coach with good enough judgment to make the right call on who to keep like Meyer did with Strong.

  6. aux2, we have some good coaches in place that can be a plus factor for a new hbc and an offense cord that can put together an offense plan. We have some good ball players on this team.. Why have we not seen results the last coach and all the off cord.. Coach lawing trob,durkin summers are good coachs,and with the recruits waiting to see who is the next coach,, Ithink they can be a positive for this team. The right head coach can profit from them. Chris leak as receivers coach, no way. He was a qb. He needs to go as a coach, with a few others, but not the aforemention staff

  7. I will be shocked if he goes any place else, I would be even more shocked if McElwain does not keep the Defensive team together for the most part. He may bring in one or two guys of his own but those three and Summers will probably stay. Summers is well respected throughout the country so he knows what he gets with Summers. GO GATORS!!!!

  8. If you can’t see what T Rob, Brad Lawing, and Mike Summers have done in developing players at this program, then I just can’t even take you seriously enough to read your posts… I mean do you even football?

  9. And anyone who thinks we have a long rebuilding process or that we can’t immediately be successful after switching coaches or Muschamp’s lack of success mean all our players must have been overrated, remember this: Meyer won a National title here in year 2 with Zook’s recruits. We’ve been comparing Muschamp and Zook all along, why should those comparisons stop now? Muschamp has done an OUTSTANDING job recruiting. He just wasn’t able to get it done. The right coach will though, and he has the talent to. If we get the right coach (and it looks like we will) and he keeps all the current talent from jumping ships and pieces together a decent recruiting class, then there’s no reason it should take longer than a year or 2 to be where we need to be. Go Gators

  10. As much as CeCe and family love UF,and wants to be a gator ( this is a fact, I live in GSM and know them ) I’m not sure he stays in the fold if the new coach cleans house. As he himself stated, he has been building the relationships with the defensive coaches for 4 years now and cleaning the slate doesn’t necessarily put us back on an even level with everyone because of his love of the school, but would certainly give him doubts about how well he would fit as far as personalities, schemes, etc and rightfully so. As Dustin stated, whomever our new HC is, he would do well to evaluate these guys and keep as many in place as possible to have any hopes of salvaging a nice 2014 class of frosh. Also, T-rob has succeeded in opening up a pipeline from south florida of late that we were getting our brains beat out in for years and there’s no denying that we need to keep gleaning prospects from that area to be successful in our own state. I would also like to see the new HBC concentrate more in our own back yard as we have been getting beat out by free shoes U for several years in places like Lake City, Live Oak, Madison, etc for some high quality players. JMHO. ” nothing greater than a Gator! “

  11. Why keep anyone because of recruiting? What good has all of these highly ranked classes done for UF? When is the last time UF even won the division? Missouri, a team that was denigrated when they joined the SEC, has now won the East the last two years. According to the recruiting rankings they should finish well behind UF , Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, etc. They’ve easily whipped UF’s ass the last two years in games that weren’t as close as the final score. A guy who can speak in syllables can do fine recruiting in this state, Robinson and anyone else aren’t anything special. Someone else can do just as good, or better , job than them within a couple of years. Forget about 2014, the class is going to suck, and keeping retreads from a losing regime will not make it better. The fact is that UF is in a rebuilding mode, there are no quick answers. It’s going to take more than one or two years to turn this current train wreck around and keeping some of the present crew will only make it take longer. Recruits need to know that there is a complete change at UF, not just a tinkering here or there. If some of them can’t stomach it and want to go elsewhere, so what? As stated above, it’s not like recruiting has made a bit of difference anyway.

  12. CeCe is a great kid with a good head on his shoulders, very humble and a complete team guy. Didn’t let all the hoopla about being a 5 star, etc go to his head, instead of big timing it with an entourage like some of these kids I see, he did things like staying after practice to work with the young guys on technique and focused on being a leader, even after a season ending injury. I just hate it that he gave up his secret to success so easily ( deer meat and collard greens before every game )..
    “nothing greater than a Gator”

  13. The new coach retains the three assistants that have recruited, developed and game-planned the defensive unit at Florida into an elite outfit. And during a period when the pressure and weight of success rested much more on the shoulders of the defense than offense. You keep Robinson, a Muschamp product who has at last opened a door into south Florida, something Florida has been mostly unable to crack since Red Anderson was on Spurrier’s first staff. And it may be easy to forget than Durkin turned around a bad special teams unit when Meyer brought him in, then started developing top notch LBs. Lawing’s career privation speaks for itself. If they’re men who can work for a new coach, McElwaine keeps them. It’s easy.

  14. Our offense needs serious attention. Under-achieving, lacking an identity and now suffering significant attrition. We ‘ll face the same questions this spring and next August we have four five years: Do we have a good QB? Do we have the talent and quality for depth upfront? Can we develop a productive tight end ? Do we have SEC calibre wide receivers? These were all issues Will Muschamp never successfully resolved. A coach with the acumen of Jim McElwaine will change that picture drastically. It may take two years. If we maintain our high quality on defense and get the kind if production we would expect on offense our program will produce a contending team annually and mostly dominate the SEC East.

  15. I think one receiver has already answered the question about whether or not he’s SEC caliber. Demarcus Robinson is a resounding yes! The rest still have to prove themselves, though I completely confident Ahmad Fulwood, CJ Worton, Chris Thompson and Alvin Bailey are yeses given a good coach and good QB play. Add in Jake McGhee (if he comes back), Deandre Goolsby and the rest of the freshmen tight ends developing under competent offensive coaching and I think our receiving game will be good. We’ll see

  16. Baffles me why Goolsby never played along with a bunch of other players. Lots of headscratching decisions while Champ was there regarding playing time. Lots of lip service coming out of 2 a days but then there was none of that to be found once fall arrived. I think if McElwaine is the guy he will see that there’s definitely some under utilized talent on the team on offense. His first job after securing his coaching staff should be to permanently move Westbrook back to defensive end & never EVER let him see the offensive side of the ball. Don’t know if he even has eligibility left but hey-stay on defense. GO GATORS!!

  17. Well Westbrook is a senior so we don’t have to worry about that. definitely agree with you about under utilized talent though. Where was Lane?? The “toughest guy on the team to tackle”?? Seems to me the toughest to tackle should be the first in line for short yardage situations!

  18. Gee Ox2, using your own recruiting reasoning, it looks to me like reFSUcks should fire ole incompetent Jimblow and hire the Mizzou HBC, right???
    2012 – UF 14 – 7 Mizz (-7) — UF 37 – 26 reFSUcks (-11)
    2013 – UF 17 – 36 Mizz (+19) — UF 7 – 21 reFSUcks (+14)
    2014 – UF 13 – 42 Mizz (+29) — UF 19 – 24 reFSUcks (+5)
    It’s easy to tell this Ox intellect was developed at Clown-U…. lmao!

  19. Shameouw Jameous = 8 criminole incidents and counting….

    “I believe in holding someone responsible,” Ox2

    Of course unless he’s the Criminole QB for Clown-U….. LMAO!!!

    * Looks like another example that the Ox just wants to duck, dodge, and ignore the facts vs his own quoteable bs. Seems to me that he doesn’t like to be held ‘responsible’ for his constant BS.

    Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of flaming rival Clown-U moe-rons posting bs, but this guy takes the cake for twittery…. ROTF-LMAO!!!

  20. A five star def ed, I see no reason he can not be an impact player early, and thats what most players want. With fowler going pro a large hole to be filled and I think he can fill it. Jones may be leaving to early, I dont think he will be a top 4 pick, may have to run and beg for a spot on any team. Two many juniors leave to early and lose a lot , when 1 more season could make them better. GO GATORS GET US A COACH…..

  21. Oh yeah Foley is a joke. I mean he’s only made our sports programs the best in the SEC. He’s only brought up ALL our sports to the highest level. But yeah he’s a terrible AD… smh Some people.

    We’d be lucky to have McElwain. offensive genius. Versatile on offense (can change to the scheme to fit his players), successful head coaching experience, SEC experience. 2 national titles, great recruiter, widely respected, great guy. Yeah it’d be so ridiculous to hire a guy that all he does is win! smh

  22. No one cares about the other sports. Foley has made UF a laughingstock again with the way he has screwed up hiring McElwa. How stupid is it to go hop on a plane and offer a job to someone when you won’t, or won’t pay the price to get him? He knew before he even got on the plane what the buyout was, but he completely ignored it because he’s stupid or arrogant enough to think it didn’t apply to him. A smart person would have already negotiated the buyout before ever leaving Gainesville, but Foley is a not a smart person. Now UF looks cheap and stupid. Worried about recruiting? How does this latest fiasco look to a recruit? Not only is UF mediocre on the field, they can’t even hire a new coach without looking ridiculous. Every hour that passes without a new coach makes UF look more ridiculous. Who knows if McElwain as the first choice, but we, and everyone else, now knows that whoever is picked now was, definitely, not. The problem with Foey is analogous to the oceanographer in “Jaws” who the Captain rightfully pointed out wasn’t even smart enough to admit he was wrong. Foley still thinks Muschamp was a great hire and now he’s screwing up again, but not a hint of humility or admission of his ineptness. Either he’s arrogant or stupid, maybe both. But if you don’t see UF being humiliated on the national stage by this latest disaster, you aren’t paying attention. Foley being cheap is much more costly than the the money he’s saving by being cheap.

  23. More of his clueless bs, but no response to my above points. Typical

    “No one (at Clown-U) cares about the other sports.” — Ox-brains

    You are obviously ignorant on what sports the SEC Network puts out nationwide.

    This is all obvious to anyone that knows what the nationwide Directors Cup is.

    However, the attendance numbers for other Gator Sports proves that you’re FoS about what’s important to Gator fans. If you believe that Gator Fans aren’t aware of and proud of being theONLY school to ever hold the Football and Basketball NC’s in the same year and in the same season, then you’re twice as stupid as you claim Foley is.

    2005 – UF was #2 in Baseball in a close loss to TX.

    2006 – UF won the Big Dance beating tOSU.

    2006 – UF won the BCS-NC beating tOSU.

    2007 – UF won the Big Dance beating UCLA.

    2008 UF won the BCS-NC beating Okla.

    Plus, the ‘Best Football Conference in the Nation’ set an All Time NCAA Record (more than doubling the previous best) by winning 7 Consecutive NC’s, and 2 of those 7 NC’s were won by UF. Both of UF’s opponents were History & Tradition rich programs (tOSU & OK) that were #1 Ranked and had Heisman QB’s. UF beat both by double digits.

    Gator fans everywhere understand that the former all girls school in tallycrappy, Clown-U, can only compete in phootball, and only because they play in the Almost Competitive Conference using a majority of joke student/ATHLETES, or criminoles that would have already been dismissed twice over at a quality school like UF.

    3x Loser, Heisman sCam Newton vs Shameous Jameous Heisman, 8 criminole incidents and counting, being the prime and most recent example. You obviously haven’t a clue about what makes a ‘Deion Rule’ University a nation-wide laughing stock…..

    Clown-U will never be called the ‘Mountain Top’ of college sports by Sports Illustrated.

    The NCAA will never send the Criminoles a letter praising them for being a ‘Model of Compliance,’ that also said that IF other schools ran as clean of a program as UF, then they could shut down their Rules Compliance office. You’re truly CLUELESS,,, besides being a twit.

  24. Yeah aux2 this hire has gone as poorly ‘planned.’ NOW we’re all in to prevent a total eclipse…if we miss (oh, wow!), we will have damaged the next guy in line (and the real search will begin) or (to prevent scenario 1) we go way over budget to get another home run with ‘high character, integrity, and championship’ experience’. I cringed when Foley said those words and immediately stopped advocating for BOBBY PETRINO and resigned to the assumption that had his man. He’d better clean this up QUICK…and I’d guess he will, but that’s what I said about Muschamp when he made obvious mistake and now after what should have been YEARS of preparation for this moment, the lights are on and Foley is Muschamp’s offense personified…and that is the TRUTH. Great Post aux2! LUV UF!

  25. da-muddler Why are you so jealous of FSU that you continually try to denigrate them without any facts to back you up? UF has went 10-13 the past two years, FSU hasn’t lost a game and you’re bragging about UF? Shakespeare said it best: “The lady doth protest too much.” Why do you even mention FSU? I’ll mention them when UF wins a game over them, until then I can only hope.

  26. Oh yeah nobody cares about the other sports. I’m sure Machen and the new UF pres would really agree with you. I’m sure the trophy case would really agree with you. Or more importantly all the players and families and fans of said sports. What an idiot!! Yes this is a football school and football is a top dog, but don’t be such an @ss about it! I love football more than any other sport and I don’t watch much of the other sports, but I’m not arrogant piece of trash enough to say they don’t matter!! I’m so tired of IDIOTS who don’t understand the job of an AD.

    And Foley has NOT made us a laughingstock. I don’t see hardly ANYONE talking about Foley. Everyone is talking about how it reflects on Frank. how he said he’d deal then apparently went back on that. The repercussions for CSU, etc etc. Foley can’t control a prez who said he’d negotiate then went back on his word. Unless you’re suggesting he can see into the future?? THESE are the types of fans who wanted Saban fired after an 11 win season. The type of fans that are just plain toxic to the sport. I’m tired of it!

  27. These are the types of toxic fans who will find something to complain about no matter what you are or are not doing. If Foley had taken more time getting a coach these idiots would be complaining that he didn’t care about recruiting and took too long getting a coach in place and permanently doomed our recruiting! SMDH

  28. The Buy-Out story: (vs the hateful rival flaming of an Ox-brain)
    1. ColoSt demands the entire 7.5 Mill in cash up front from UF.
    2. Negotiations occur. (Tx paid a 4.4 Mil buyout to UL for C.Strong)
    3. UF will pay ColoSt 3 Mill, but spread out over a 6 year period.
    4. McElwain will put up 2 Mill of his buy-out (salary was 1.5M/Yr), over an unspecified time.
    5. UF will give ColoSt a game in the SWAMP sometime in the 2017-20 span, with a 2 Mill guarantee pay-out.
    ~ Approximate SWAMP Gate – 90,000 x $35 = 3.15 Mill
    Finally – Muschamp’s salary was 2.7 M/Yr. UF gives McElwain a 6 year contract worth 3.5 Mill per year, which is the current market for an already established up-and-coming (D1 CoY) HBC with his demonstrated level of experience and success.

    UF plays in the most POWERFUL sports conference in the Nation.
    FSUcks play’s around in the All Cupcake Conference. Their 2013 BCS-NC was vs the far weakest season SoS of any team playing for the championship over the past 10 years (#69 joke).

    UF has won the most total SEC Championships in SEC History.
    FSUcks owns the chumps that make up the Almost Competitive Conference.

    UF has had more ALL SEC Academic Award STUDENT/athletes than Vanderbilt, and was nominated, and then elected into the prestigious AAU.
    FSUcks had to be forced by the FL state legislature to insure that their student/ATHLETES at least attend their classes, even if they remain mostly illiterate, (see Deion Rule).

    Over the past 10 years, UF 7 – 3 FSUcks (shameous come lately)
    2014 @ 11-0 #4 FSUcks 24 – 19 (+5) unranked 6-5 UF.

    Same for the All Time W/L record that UF has owned since being forced to play the criminoles.

    Ox-brains, when FSUcks stops suckin’ hine-tit across the board, let us know…. :~P