More than a dozen recruits can join UF’s class


Prior this past week, Florida had room for 12 more additions to its current 2015 recruiting class of nine verbal commitments.

With 17 seniors and 81 scholarship players excluding former walk-ons, the Gators are able to sign 21 recruits before attrition.

But following the early departure news from juniors Dante Fowler Jr. and Tyler Moore, and with more expected to follow suit, UF will likely have the ability to bring in a full class of 25.

Jon Bullard, D.J. Humphries, Matt Jones and Antonio Morrison are also thinking about forgoing their senior seasons for the NFL draft, and Jeff Driskel may not return to Florida next year.

If two of those five players go, UF would have 25 scholarships available for 2015. If more than two leave or there’s any transfers after the season, the Gators could sign over 25 and count their early enrollees in January toward the 2014 class (depending on how much extra room they have and how many midyear recruits they enroll).

The likelihood of the new coach signing the maximum number of prospects he can is doubtful, but not being strapped for scholarships should help his recruiting efforts in the last month and a half before signing day.

He won’t have to be as selective about expanding Florida’s recruiting board, handing out new offers and taking commitments. That being said, a couple spots will probably be saved for 2016 and the full year of recruiting ahead for that cycle.

But it’s important for the new coach and his staff to salvage the 2015 class, and it looks like the numbers will be there to do it.


  1. I don’t disagree, but to have started at Nebraska as a frosh, will impress many pro scouts. Not sure where, or if, he’ll be drafted, but I wish him the best and thank him for his service to Gator football.

  2. I wish Moore the best as he leaves. However, I would advise each of the underclass men to seek objective assessment of the likelihood of being drafted at all, and if probable rounds. Then each guy needs to add two rounds to that projection and ask himself, “can I live with being a fifth or sixth rounder or not being drafted?” And, “Could I improve my prospectus by returning for another year?” Fowler makes sense, maybe first or second round. But do any of you see an Emmitt Smith, Jason Odom, Percy Harvin or Kevin Carter in this group? Or off the #84 to 88 ranked offense which would be last in the SEC were it not for the talent bereft team from Nashville? Most of these Gators are kidding themselves.

  3. It MAY be that Moore KNOWS he will possibly go undrafted. The article about his declaring mentions that he needs the money for his family, and will have graduated, so he can go out and work, even if he DOESN’T play pro ball.
    Having said that, I’d think another year of college ball(plus grad school) could provide some great memories, and maybe a better job one day.

  4. It is almost certain that UF will be able to sign as many as they want, but 25 is probably the limit. Are any of the current commits early enrollees? If not, it’s going to be very difficult to have any. The calendar doesn’t allow for it. The current contact period ends December 15. There is a dead period until Jan. !5. That means that the only time the new coach can get an early enrollee is before Dec. 16. November 30 is the earliest possible date to hire a new coach. If it’s true that Foley will not contact anyone until their season is over, it’s hard to imagine a new coach being named in the first week of December. Let’s also not be so naive to think that the current commits are all coming to Florida. The sharks are hovering around the ones they want as we speak. The best hope is that the new coach brings some recruits with him. Other than that, it’s not looking promising. Maybe the criteria for the new coach will be if he can bring some linebackers with him, UF has none right now and needs some desperately.

  5. My hunch is we get a class ranging from 15 to 19. The new coach would seemingly be a big name hire and will grab the attention of some key recruits. I like Muschamp plenty. But four years in, how many of our splashy recruits have developed into All SEC calibre players? On defense, a few. On offense, who can you name? While I think Humphries and Moore would benefit by another year at UF, it’s fine if they move on. We need a coach who can close this chapter for our program and write the next one.

  6. As long as we keep the current commits, add 2-4 LBs, a few WRs/TEs, and DL & DB we should be good. That’s only 6-10 more. I agree w/ Mac that we’ll only sign 15-19 (that was what Meyer got his first class). I think CeCe and Cowart are holding out to see who we get…and if we can get both of those guys we’re in good shape. The 4 OLs we have committed need to stick. I’m curious if they add any JUCOs.

  7. Moore hasn’t been bad this season. In fact, the interior of the Oline has been pretty solid for the most part. There is just nothing that Moore can do to up his stock by coming back, and I think he knows that. He’s a marginal talent, who is pretty much topped out. Why come back and play another (unpaid) year of college football?

  8. I’m hoping that the 9 that are currently committed are willing to stay on board. The one that I’m worried about is Sheiron Jones from Rancho Verde. He’s been solid throughout the process but with the recent developments he’s now thinking otherwise. He states that he wants to see who the new coach is but still sounds like he will remain committed. I also think that Cece and Byron really REALLY want to pull the trigger for UF but the coaching carousel is making them wait. Let’s just hope the class is not lost because the longer the wait means the less chance there is of signing a meaningful class. GO GATORS!!

  9. fISHER, YOU WILL GET THE SURPRISE OF YOUR LIFE SATURDAY, even with Muschamp at the helm, we beat the noles. Don’t show up next week with some “Cock & Bull” story when the #4 ranked (FLORIDA) school take out the # 2 ranked (FLORIDA) school (By my account). GO GATORS!!!!

  10. Things have now got tougher for UF. LSU has finally offered Dillon. It’s tough to get kids out of Louisiana that LSU wants. I know about Willis last year, but as of now, UF can’t even tell him who will be the coach or what type of offense will be run.

  11. Actually I heard that because of how well Muschamp coached against Eastern Kentucky and how funny he’s been in his press conferences since being let go, the SEC is considering allowing UF to automatically play in the championship game for the next 10 years if he stays on. People need to shut up. He is the worst coach in the modern history of the program. No good humored press conference (and I mean I’d grin and crack a couple jokes if you paid me 6 million dollars to go away), win against a cupcake, picture of his mother, or revisionist history will EVER change that. Turn the page.

  12. Dustin , seriously foley needs to reconsider and allow Will to reapply for his job.considering the recruiting job this year it makes total sense. UF is in the top 55 in recruiting so he is battling. Look you guys have scored at least 30 points in every win the last few victories.

  13. Dustin, Please allow the Muschamp lovers to have their day. It’s all over by 7:00Pm EST. and a NEW ERA of FLORIDA FOOTBALL begins. They are saying those things just to piss u off. He’s gone and they know it, we do beat FSU though but there will be NO RETUN of WILL MUSCHAMP, even he knows that. It’s the die hards that didn’t get the memo. GO GATORS!!!! BEAT the NOLES!!!!