Zach’s Mail Stack 11/20


The next month of Florida’s search for its next football coach should be fun for fans and reporters who strictly cover the team, but it will suck for recruiting writers.

There won’t be much going in with the Gators and the recruits they’re pursuing until a new staff is in place. UF’s current assistants will continue to keep the lines of communication open until then, but there’s a lot of uncertainty for both parties.

The coaches don’t know if they’re going to be retained by the incoming coach, and prospects are unsure if they’ll like him. Florida’s 2015 class hinges on this hire.

On to the questions!

Which recruits do you see flipping or going elsewhere with the departure of Will Muschamp? — @tshoemaker2423, @TigerCatZeroZero, @NickStow15, @Bigro94, @jamere8n, @ryan_grimaldi

Of the nine verbal commitments, quarterback Sheriron Jones, wide receiver Derrick Dillon and offensive linemen George Brown and Mike Horton are the ones to watch out for.

Nebraska doesn’t have a quarterback for 2015 and has turned up the heat on Jones, who already wanted to go on visits before Muschamp was fired. Dillon has also wanted to take some trips, and I expect him to follow through with those plans while waiting to see who Jeremy Foley hires.

Horton visited Tennessee last Saturday and Brown will officially visit Mississippi State this weekend. While both linemen have several offers, it’s unclear how many other schools would be willing to take them at this time. They’re more likely to stick with Florida than flip elsewhere, but their recruitments are worth monitoring nonetheless.

As for the uncommitted UF targets, Muschamp personally recruited all of them in some capacity. Defensive prospects will be affected most by his departure.

Five-star defensive ends Byron Cowart and CeCe Jefferson are the obvious names to point out, and both had a close relationship with Muschamp.

In my opinion, the Gators have a better shot at landing Jefferson than Cowart in the aftermath of the coaching change. Jefferson is surprisingly attending the EKU game this weekend, while Cowart told a couple reporters Wednesday that Florida State was his leader before claiming he doesn’t have one Thursday morning on Twitter.

There’s still a good chance both could come, especially if defensive line coach Brad Lawing stays on staff. If he doesn’t, it could get dicey for the Gators. Another factor helping UF with Jefferson is his signing day decision. Cowart will announce at the Under Armour All-America Game and may have just two weeks to meet and/or speak with Florida’s new coach.

Linebacker Roquan Smith is another recruit who’s been impacted by Muschamp’s firing. Unless Smith loves the next guy and the defensive staff he puts together, a commitment from him is unlikely.

Which coaches need to be retained to help this year’s recruiting class the most? — @DevinLamarr, @Jmapus01Clark, @ZonaGator77

Secondary coach Travaris Robinson is a must-have. He’s the lifeblood of South Florida recruiting for UF and has also shown the ability to bring in out-of-state recruits, namely five-star cornerback Jalen Tabor.

Lawing and offensive line coach Mike Summers would be valuable assets to keep because of their coaching experience and relationships with several 2015 linemen prospects.

Defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin was named Rivals’ national recruiter of the year in 2012. Also, tight ends coach Derek Lewis landed Florida its first Louisiana prospect (five-star defensive lineman Gerald Willis III) in more than a decade and has another one committed for 2015 (Dillon).

Does UF gain any recruits on offense with potential hire of offensive-minded coach? Lose any on defense? — @RickDanese

I mentioned Cowart, Jefferson and Smith above. But if they don’t come, it won’t be because an offensive-minded coach scared them away. It’s just difficult to build relationships in less than two months (or two weeks in Cowart’s case).

However, a high-profile coach with a track record of success on offense could entice some recruits — such as Clemson commits Deon Cain and Ray-Ray McCloud III — to take a second look at the Gators.

Cain and McCloud seem solid to the Tigers, but both want to take visits and Florida was their second school of choice. Maybe they’ll reconsider it with a splash hire.

What’s the biggest position of need before losing anyone early to the NFL draft or via transfer? — @mmajosh

The Gators have to come up big at linebacker. They lose senior starters Neiron Ball and Michael Taylor after this season and didn’t sign any LB recruits in their 2014 class. Starting middle linebacker Antonio Morrison, a junior, is expected to forgo his senior season and declare for the draft.

His departure would leave Florida with five linebackers next year, and only two have playing experience. So it’s important for UF to add depth as well as talent to the position for 2015. Florida had commitments from two of the nation’s top linebackers, Jerome Baker and Adonis Thomas, but they decommitted in October.

Thomas is still considering the Gators, and they’re in good shape with Jeff Holland, an Under Armour All-American. Other targets, including Smith, are waiting to see who UF hires as its next coach.

Which realistic head coaching candidate will be able to bring us the highest possible ranking for the 2015 class? — @WaffleWolf90

My top five coaching candidates for Florida are Bob Stoops, Gary Patterson, Mike Gundy, Hugh Freeze and Jim Mora.

All of those coaches, attainable or not, are household names and would attract recruits. Brian Kelly, Dabo Swinney and … wait for it … Lane Kiffin also would draw a lot of attention, but I think Kelly is the only hire that could happen out of those three.

Who would bring UF the highest ranking for 2015? Foley is not going to make his hire based on that, but my guess would be Freeze. He’s been recruiting defensive guys like Cowart and Jefferson for months and has a strong enough reputation to land some big-time offensive recruits. But again, all the aforementioned coaches would recruit well for Florida.

Do you think we will have a top-10 class even with the coaching change? How many players do think we sign in this class? — @justiwood, @ryan_grimaldi

The Gators might finish with a highly-ranked class on ESPN because they’re currently 32nd on that site, but I doubt they’ll have a consensus top-10 team ranking.

UF just needs to make sure the remaining needs are filled at linebacker, defensive end, offensive line, wide receiver, defensive back and running back. If at least one top-100 recruit and an extra prospect or two is added to the class at all of those positions, Florida will be fine.

Probably 21-23 sign with the Gators on Feb. 4.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.


  1. The chances are very slim for anyone that will announce at the Under Armour game. It’s held Jan. 2. The no contact period is from Dec. 16 until Jan. 15. That means a new coach, along with a new staff will have to be in place sometime between November 30, the day after the FSU game and Dec. !5 to have any opportunity for an early enrollee or someone who announces their decision at that game, and means it. A guy could change his mind from the choice he made at the game, Jalen Tabor did so last year. But Tabor was an early enrollee and UF will be out of luck in a similar situation this year if a new coach or staff member is not in place very quickly after the FSU game. UF had nine early enrollees last year, the timetable looks grim for anywhere close to that number this year. Unless the new coach and the staff he has bring guys with them, this is most assuredly going to be the worst UF class in recent memory. It was already looking grim under Muschamp, with the timetable laid out above, it will be a miracle if UF reels in a class anywhere near the ones UF is accustomed to. I can think of only one guy that may not apply to. That’s Dabo Swinney because he has commitments already from a handful of guys that UF wanted and thought they were going to get. Other than him, I can’t see any reason to be optimistic about this class.

  2. Mullen’s not coming to Florida. He doesn’t want to come, and Foley doesn’t want him. We can just get over that one already. I’m hoping for Hugh freeze. Think he’s exactly what we need right now. I think we get him to! Go gators!

  3. “I’m convinced that aux has taken it upon himself to just try to depress everybody!”

    Just as Foley hired and kept Muschamp around too long just to depress everybody. That is, everybody but those under Muschamps’ desk, like That UAT Guy…

  4. My top preferences are 1) either Hugh Freeze or Dabo Swinney, good guys who have lifted sub- performing programs to national prominence , and 3) Bob Stoops, who I don’t think will leave Oklahoma. Doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m confident we land any of those three. Freeze gave a Spurrier-type answer when asked about his possible interest in our job, meaning he’ll take the time to listen. He brings a similar background of high octane offense that Steve brought home in 1990. Steve also loves great defenses and Freeze matches that quality. He would bring in several high profile recruits. Beyond those three, who else? Maybe Doc Holliday.

  5. And any new coach would be wise to retain a core if the present staff. — Robinson and Lawing, maybe Summers. And you hate to see Durkin move on. Any new coach will bring his own guys and must decide if any of our present staffers can be loyal to the new coach, we’re going to enjoy the search, maybe be frustrated at times if it takes an odd turn , and then be relieved and fired up with the hire, I hope . Who are your preferred candidates and how do you think each might impact recruiting? Who should be retained? Zach got us started. Let’s have some fun kicking the ideas around.

  6. I’m sorry that it depresses people. I’m just giving you the facts. The timetable, with the current de facto dead period and the real dead period are reality, The only realistic time for a new coach to make hay is from Jan. 16 until Jan. 31, the last contact period. I don’t agree that with keeping any of the coaches. Like Charlie Strong did at Texas, the new coach has to clean house, and that means some players as well. I don’t know if he retained anyone from the Mack Brown regime, but the point is that the old regime was a failure, and keeping anyone from it is not changing a culture that engendered losing, it sends a message that things were o.k. I don’t have any idea who the new coach will be, and if he will have previous ties to anyone on the outgoing staff, but the thought of there needing to be someone kept for a “transition” is nonsense, in my opinion.
    There is no one that is not expendable, including Robinson, who people seem to think is this great recruiter. Galen Hall was a great recruiter as well. EVeryone that has been at Florida has been a great recruiter. My point is that UF has had great recruiting, no matter who the coaches were, that’s not going to change. What good has these last few recruiting classes done anyway? Recruiting, even though it is the focus of this blog, should be the last thing on anyone’s mind right now. If a guy can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, he’ll be able to get great players to come to UF.

  7. are so far as the coaching staff, i say we keep t-rob the o and d line coaches and durkin..leak im on the fence about only because he’s a gator and such a great guy..coaching wise i say we go with either hugh freeze or gary patterson..both play in tough conferences and have shown the ability to win with far less talent than uf..all in all i really admire and respect what muschamp has been over the past few years with the player character issues and all but we have become nice guys and we all know nice finish 2nd when it counts..playing in the sec we need to become more like bullies…GO GATORS!!!!

  8. Florida must hire someone who is a STRONG recruiter, my top guy who I doubt we can get is Freeze, after him I argue for a guy like Charlie Strong. Sure many can say Strong is a defensive coach, and he is. But he’s proven while at Louisville that the man goes for high octane offenses that get er done. That dude is a home run.

  9. Do you think Strong’s Texas buy-out would be a hindrance? Do you think Charlie would leave Texas for UF after not getting the opportunity when Meyer left and Muschamp was brought on board? I’m guessing that ship has sailed. I agree with Mushy that a new coach will bring staff who are great recruiters and will be one himself. Immediate recruiting success to me is not a big factor.

  10. Why in the world would Gruden give up a gig where he’s paid to be a supposed “guru” without accountability? The guys an egotistical clown anyway. Have you ever watched one of his shows? I haven’t actually watched but a minute or two, but I did feel sorry for the quarterbacks that actually have to listen to his bullshit. I hope they get paid well because Gruden is an idiot.

  11. Best Recruiting Advice Available: Choose a School, not a coach.
    The UofFL will ALWAYS be there for you, as will the World-Wide Gator Network.
    The Gator Team will ALWAYS be a direct pathway to the NFL for the talented. Those without the required football talent can still get a Top Quality education. I only want those who WANT to be Gators, the gatorbaits are welcome to go elsewhere. Coaches everywhere ALL come and go with the changing wind…..
    IF a recruit is not smart enough to understand these things and make good decisions from good information, then they are likely not ‘smart enough’ to be at UF anyway… ;~)

  12. That all well and good to say but we can’t afford to whiff on this class as we are already behind the curve. Without a big name hire we are in serious trouble, even then we have issues with a new staff going out and getting a good class.

  13. da-muddler As usual, you are wrong. The kid should choose a school because of the coach if his primary interest is football. The reality is, something you should get acquainted with, that most of the best players are athlete-students, not the other way around. I know it’s nice to have the illusion that education is their priority, but that is not true. So, yes, the priority is who will be coaching them. As for the NFL, it makes no difference what school they choose, if you are good enough the NFL will find you, even if you’re at Podunk U. Listen and learn, but, from your history, that’s probably unrealistic. You’ll continue to live in a world where reality is not welcome.
    On another note, any recruit who shows up for this game against a paid scrub is probably a good bet to sign with Florida if the new coach wants them.

  14. I live in N.MS and know people that grew up with H. Freeze and I can assure Gator Nation that there is 0 chance he leaves Ole Miss. He his a local boy with strong emotional and family ties to the area. I am told he views THBC position at Ole Miss as the realization of a life long dream and plans on retiring as a Rebel.

  15. Actually aux, you are who’s wrong. Anyone in recruiting, especially coaches, will advise you to commit to a school not a coach. A school will always be there. You never know what will happen to a coach. Committing to a coach is just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Of course you take the coach into consideration and it should be a factor when you make your decision, but you should NOT EVER commit to a coach. You commit to a school.

  16. by That_UAT_Guy No I’m not wrong. I know what the advice is that’s given, and it’s good advice. But the fact is that the kids don’t listen to it, the same as they aren’t coming to be students, they all, well mostly all of the top ones, think they are going to the NFL. That’s why you always hear them say when they commit that they are going to so and so for the next three years,. They want to be in “the league” immediately and don’t give a damn about getting a degree. They just want the easiest classes possible to stay eligible. That’s one reason that I think measuring a school’s graduation rate is silly. The best players leave as soon as they can, they could care less about a degree. For example, Fowler has already said he’s gone, does he have his degree?

  17. by That_UAT_Guy P.S. you only have another week to post, don’t you? I remember all the big talk about how great UF and Jeff Driskel were going to be this year and how I would need to hide ny head in shame for the mistake of pointing out that UF’s players had done nothing on the field yet to justify all the grandiose predictions, but in fact, the opposite was true. If UF loses to FSU, will you be ready for the large slice of crow you will richly deserve? It’s time to pay the piper.

  18. Ox2, the recruits that see it the way you do are prime candidates for Clown-U. The Shameous Jameous ‘phootball only’ ATHLETE/student-joke criminoles are also YOUR type of Slobby Bow-down gud-chrishan-boyz. When you’re in tallycrappy, do like a criminole and you’ll fit right in…..
    The NFL is hit or miss no matter where you go to school, but the SEC puts more players in the NFL by far, while your cupcake conference lags further behind in the Big-5 each year. Tell me genius, what percentage of your players go on to the NFL (small minority), cause most of the rest of those Clown-U uneducated recruits will likely be riding on the back of a garbage truck in their future. Accept for the lucky ones that will spend their days asking if you want fries with that order, while the really unlucky ones will be looking out at the world from behind vertical steel blinds….
    There has always been the ‘WIDE road’ and the ‘narrow path’ choices to make. You criminoles have your way of seeing and doing things, and we of the Gator Nation have ours. Viva-la-difference…
    Honor is a long lost concept in tallycrappy, just like getting a good education is a lost concept at ‘Deion Rules’ Clown-U. IF a recruit isn’t good/smart enough to want them both, then you are welcome to him. You get the Shameous Jameous types, while UF gets the players that can win both the Heisman and the Campbell Trophy on their way to being multi-millionaires.
    *Note: You get an Indoor Practice facility for your phootball team, while the Gators are the ONLY school in the Nation to finish in the Top 10 for the Director’s Cup for the last 30 consecutive years.
    The difference is between a joke-U and the S.I. ‘Mountain Top’ of college sports….
    PS – They noles that still have a partially functioning brain remember why it’s called Ron Zook Field, at Joke Shambles Stadium… ROTF LMAO!

  19. Hey Mushy/Ox can you at least protect the turf’s surface at Joke Shampbles this week, by keeping your cheerleaders from over-grazing out there? :~))
    I remember the twits that laughed when FSU got RB Sammy Smith, while UF got the other smaller Smith.
    The other Smith left UF for the NFL Millions after his Jr year, but he kept coming back in the off-seasons until he’d EARNED his UF degree. The whole world knows about UF’s Smith, but where is Sammy now days? Nobody knows or cares, and that’s the difference between a Clown-U and University of Florida.
    Hey recruits, since you were 8 years old, what’s the UF vs reFSUcks W/L record?

  20. Muddler,

    Post after post you take being an idiot to new heights. Just because someone may disagree with you or may actually point out the truth about the sad state of the football program, then they must obviously be fanS of an opposing school.

    Just remember the keep your elbows up as you jockey for position under the new coaches’ desk. (Do not worry about that guy, all you need to do is talk bad about him and he starts pouting like a little girl)

  21. Mushmouth, IF you claim to be a Gator fan, then that’s really sad for the rest of us. “I actually point out the truth about the sad state of the football program,” — Mush-4-brains

    5 Star DE Dante Fowler 6-3 261 Jr – 4.5 sacks is probably NFL gone early.
    5 Star DE Alex McCalister 6-6 246 rsSo – 5 sacks is certainly coming back.
    5 Star DE/DT Jon Bullard 6-3 270 Jr – is probably NFL gone early, (maybe not).
    5 Star DE/DT Gerald Willis 6-2 255 So – is certainly coming back.
    4 Star DT Leon Orr 6-5 305 Sr – is gone, likely on to the NFL.
    5 Star DT Thomas Holley 6-3 312 rsFr – is certainly back.

    All 7 of UF scholarship DE’s (minus Jr Buck/DE Fowler) will be back.
    IMOHO, UF’s front 4 will be fine in 2015 regardless of recruiting.
    And I see a final NSD class in at least ESPN’s Top 25, likely higher.

    3 MLB Antonio Morrison Jr 6-1 222 – SimperFi AA, Academic AA – Early NFL?? Maybe.
    34 MLB Alex Anzalone So 6-3 236 ***** – UA-AA, Nike ‘Opening’
    28 LB Jeremi Powell rsSo 6-0 215
    40 LB Jarrad Davis So 6-2 225 – tFr starter at LB, ST’s MVP
    13 LB Daniel McMillian So 6-1 225 – Army AA
    9 LB Matt Rolin rsFr 6-3 223 – UA-AA, Nike ‘Opening’
    56 LB Andre Palmer rsFr 6-2 205
    46 LB LeAndre Rembert rsFr 5-8 236
    52 LB Steven Stipe rsFr 5-11 210
    0 LB R.J. Raymond Fr 6-2 215

    *Lay-O-ded with youth and experienced talent in the secondary.

    The Gator 2015 Offense has just as good of a talent level.
    The mostly clueless doom & gloomers notwithstanding, (that’s U).
    And I’m not impressed by your school yard bully desk bs either….

  22. da-muddler Why do keep listing players and how many stars they have? Yhe only thing that matters is what happens on the field at Florida. If FSU beats UF, the record will be 6-5. That’s all that matters. Now you have started listing walkons as well. I fail to get the logic behind your continual listing of players. You did it before the season , I guess, to some of us who questioned the rosy predictions made for the team. It’s no longer speculation, the data is in. Those of us that said the rosy predictions were baseless were proved right, while you with your ongoing list and colorful nicknames was proven to be wrong, unless you think a probable 6-5 record means UF is a great team. Now you’re doing the same for next year, didn’t you learn anything? By the way, McCalister is not a five star, he’s just a guy UF took a chance on.

  23. “And I’m not impressed by your school yard bully desk bs either….”

    Just as NOBODY was impressed with ole Willie Boy. Perhaps your view of the program has been better from under the desk. Stand up, dust of your knees, and get ready for a better coach to arrive on campus. (Yes, that is more bully tactics).

  24. I’m still laughing at both of you chumps. Snivelers are almost always good for a laugh, just not much else.
    Moving on to better things. I’m speaking to those who are not brain-dead or haters, so that leaves you snivelers out. But thanks for telling me what to do and how to do it. I’ll give your advice every bit of the respect and attention that it deserves…. lmao

    Zach, recruiting now includes recruiting the HBC job, correct?

    The last 4 Years in Review: Opinions will vary, but at least I have my factual reasons.
    With only a month to go, Will still got a Top 15 recruiting class, + 2 flips.

    2011 – Took over a dwindling cupboard plus had to dump over a dozen more that were problems.
    With rsSr QB J.Brantley getting injured vs Bama, then Driskel also going down injured, then Brissett
    going down the following week, he still managed to go 7-6 with a season ending Bowl win over the tOSU schmuckeyes. They finished up with the #4 recruiting class, + 4 flips

    2012 – With a new starting Soph at QB, he went 11-1, only missing SECe-C by an 8 pt loss to UGly when TE Reed coughed up a fumble going into the endzone for a game winning TD. A play away again.
    Will brought in the #2 Recruiting class, + 6 flips

    2013 – An NCAA Record 15 lost starters with 72 lost starts across the season.
    Even with the MASSIVE injuries, the difference between going 4-8 and 8-4 was 4 losses by 6 pts or less. Only lost to UGly by 3 pts after missing 2 FG’s of their own. (season FG’s, 12 of 22, KEE-rist!)
    While the W/L record was terrible, the team was so close. When they lost to a very credible D2 in their last game before moving up to D1, they were playing the 3 stringer at both QB and at MLB. I’ve been watching Gator football since Spurrier was the QB and nothing else even comes close to this.

    2014 – They are again bowl eligible. They missed being the SECe-C by 2 bad plays. One by a TE with an endzone dropped ball vs LSU, and a WR’s bad block on a TD run vs SCa. ST’s giving up 2 blocked kicks to end the game also killed them vs SCa when they had it won, not Will’s game plan or coaching.
    Kevin Sumlin — “Coaches coach, >>> players play.” (or the PLAYERS can screw the HBC pooch)
    Muschamp Recruiting History = 41 ESPN Top 300’s with 21 Flips.

    The Best (imo) of Will Muschamp’s Recruiting at Florida: * = 5 Star Rated
    His first 3 complete classes per ESPN: 4-2-6 for a #4 average class.
    And if recruit rankings, i.e. stars don’t matter, what are you twits doing here on a Gator recruiting blog? (rhetorical – I know what haters and/or idiot flaming rivals do)

    * #1 CB Vernon Hargreaves III 5-11 194 – Tampa, FL (#2 Overall – Fr Def PoY)
    * #4 CB Jalen Tabor 6-0 193 – Wash. DC (#11 Overall)
    * #7 CB/Nic Brian Poole 5-10 206 – (#82 Overall)

    #5 S/Nic Marcus Maye 6-0 203 4.49/40 – Melbourne, FL (#70 Overall)
    #7 FS Keanu ‘Freakazoid’ Neal 6-1 203 4.59/40 – Bushnell, FL (#64 Overall)
    #8 SS Marcel ‘Mud’ Harris 6-1 208 4.58/40 – Orlando, FL (#67 Overall)

    * #2 MLB Alex Anzalone 6-3 236 – Wyomissing, Pa (#28 Overall)
    #3 OLB Daniel McMillian 6-1 225 – Jacksonville, FL (#31 Overall)
    #5 OLB Matt Rolin – 6-3 223 – Ashburn, Va (#80 Overall)

    * #2 DE/BUCK Dante Fowler Jr 6-3 261 – St. Petersburg, FL (#16 Overall)
    * #2 DE/DT Gerald Willis III 6-2 255 – N.O. La (ESPN #42 Overall)

    * #1 DT/DE Jonathan Bullard 6-3 270 – Shelby, N.C. (#6 Overall)
    * #3 DT Thomas Holley 6-4 299 – Brooklyn, NY (rivals #56 Overall)
    #6 DT Caleb Brantley 6-2 295 – Crescent City, FL (#132 Overall)

    * #2 QB-DT Will Grier 6-2 190 4.6/40 – Davidson N.C. (Parade AA – PoY)
    #7 QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 188 4.48/40 – Miami, FL (2x 4A FL Champ)

    * #1 OT D.J. Humphries 6-5 290 – Union, N.C. (#7 Overall)
    * #2 OT David Sharpe 6-6 288 – Jacksonville, FL (#20 Overall)
    #2 OT Trenton ‘Bigfoot’ Brown 6-8 350 – Albany, Ga (JuCo Top 50)

    #5 WR Demarcus Robinson 6-1 205 – Fort Valley, Ga (#52 Overall)
    #7 WR Alvin Bailey 5-11 187 – Seffner, FL (#63 Overall)
    #16 WR Ahmad Fulwood 6-4 202 – Jacksonville, FL (# 136 Overall)

    * #1 RB Kelvin Taylor 5-10 209 – Belle Glades, FL (#8 Overall)
    #11 RB/FB Matt Jones 6-2 235 – Seffner, FL (#190)
    #15 RB Adam Lane 5-7 222 – Winter Haven, FL (underrated, wrecking-ball)
    #34 Ath/RB Brandon Powell 5-9 185 Fr **** FL 8-A 1st Team, Dade County 6-7-8A PoY

    #16 TE DeAndre Goolsby 6-4 230 – Derby, Kan (see offer list)
    Offers: FL, Ark, Mizz, KSt, tOSU, Ore, Tx, USC, etc.
    TE/QB Jake McGee 6-6 255 – Richmond, Va (Grad xfer, Va’s #1 receiver)
    Broken leg in 1st game,,, jus-damn, definitely missed him vs LSU!!!

    Those are NOT excuses, except to those haters that always refuse to see the facts.
    Muschamp should have been given one more year. He was fired to soon because
    of the hateful ‘Noise in the System’ and a lack of patients on the part of some people.

    Now somebody else will get all of the benefit of Muschamp’s 4 years of learning at UF.
    He did his training here, and now because of the haters, some other school or NFL team
    will benefit. Seems like some real BAD ‘coaching merry-go-round’ planning to me.

    Muschamp Recruiting = A+
    Muschamp Discipline = A+
    Muschamp Classroom = A+
    Muschamp Defense = A+ Top 10 in the Nation, #3 SEC every year.
    Muschamp Offense = D Stubborn to begin with, but finally was learning and adjusting.
    Muschamp W/L Record = C- / Could never seem to get a single break!

    IF he pulls off the win @ FSU, maybe Foley should just give Will a conditional 1 year contract.
    That would give him and his staff another full year to find/get a Top Quality replacement, IF it’s needed.

  25. I’m all for Dabo Swinney. He has some drawbacks, chiefly not winning against SCar & FSU much, but I think he will give the best chance to retain both line coaches and possibly a few others. He is young and energetic. His offenses are just fine. He may very likely bring McCloud and Cain with him. And this may break this IDIOTIC recruiting pipeline that Clemson seems to have to Florida.

    Plus he did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge =)/

  26. (dark-brown-smelly) Mush-4-brains = Critical analysis with In-depth reasoning…. LMAO!!!

    Just in case you missed this the first time around:
    “I’m still laughing at both of you chumps. Snivelers are almost always good for a laugh, just not much else. I’m speaking to those who are not brain-dead or haters, so that leaves you snivelers out. I’ll give your advice (and/or opinions) every bit of the respect and attention that it deserves…. lmao”

    IMOHO, when you go out and hire a HBC and then only keep him for 3-4 years, IT PROVES to me that you didn’t know what you were doing with the hire. With the Zookster, I can see where he needed to go for multiple ‘off the field’ reasons. With Will, that’s just NOT THE FACTUAL CASE. Poor decision by Foley? Or forced by $THEY$ to fire Will? (us little folks out here will never see the behind the scenes bs)

    But then $THEY$ have never cared about us ‘no-air conditioning, no Scotch drinking menials’, or what we want or think….. We slowly help to built the program up over 100 years, and then they just step in and BUY it out from under us. The Golden Rule = Those with the Gold make the Rules (that the rest of us >not them< have to live by). They might end up with full Sky -Scotch Drinking- Boxes overlooking a mostly EMPTY stadium…. (would serve them right)
    THEY = The same people that brought you $Admission$ for the formally FREE Gator Growl and Spring game.
    Venting is occasionally necessary,,, huff, huff, huff,,,, I'm all better now….. l;~))

    PS — Money is not the root of all evil, but arrogant selfish greed is, no matter how you try to 'dress' it up…

  27. In case you missed it,

    da-muddler’s logic and reasoning = IDIOTIC

    By the way, I sit out in the open as well and I do not drink Scotch. And I get a kick of how you take things so personally, especially things said in truth regarding a turd of a head coach….

  28. Mush-4-brains, your opinion on what I take personally amuses me no end.
    Your opinion of the quality of Will Muschamp is that of a turds, imoho.

    Shameous Jameous is more than a ‘fair’ rep of what it means to be a Criminole.
    FSU’s response to his (8 and counting) actions tells you all you need to know about Clown-U.