Foley, Muschamp discuss recruiting

Jeremy Foley follows UF football recruiting closely. (Photo by Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun)

As Florida athletics director Jeremy Foley begins his search for the next football coach, worrying about recruiting is not high on his priority list.

But given how poorly UF has recruited for 2015, Foley knows that it’s imperative to turn things around as soon as possible.

Recruiting classes usually aren’t good during a transitional year, and it doesn’t help that the Gators were already struggling before Will Muschamp was fired.

“There is no question anytime there is a coaching change, it’s difficult in recruiting,” Foley said. “Signing day is not until February. You can’t rush this. At the end of the day, it’s still the University of Florida. We got a lot to offer up here. I think we have an opportunity here and a new coach will get in here, but recruiting is about relationships. You’ve heard Will talk about it and Urban (Meyer) talk about it. That’s the way it is.

“A new coach coming in here obviously will be a little behind the eight ball, but you’re not going to rush it because of recruiting. Recruiting is important. But we’ll get a coach in here with plenty of time to go visit (recruits) and convince some folks that this is a good place to be, because it is a good place to be. We’ve got a lot to offer, and that has not changed. But right now, there’s an unknown. How do you answer the question, ‘Who’s my new coach?’ You can’t answer that right now.”

Muschamp said he won’t be involved in Florida’s recruiting efforts for the rest of this month and beyond, but he’ll still promote UF to prospects whenever they speak to him.

“The assistant coaches will continue the recruiting process,” Muschamp said. “Certainly, anyone that asks me about Florida, I’m going to tell them that it’s a great place to be. It’s a great situation academically, something that can certainly help you for the rest of your life. My message won’t change as far as those things are concerned.”

Muschamp joked Monday that the next coach can’t come in and say he didn’t inherit good players. Muschamp likes the roster he has put together.

“I think we’ve got a deep, talented team,” he said. “Key positions where we have struggled, hopefully in the future they’ll be able to make those situations better.

“I feel like we’re headed the right direction at quarterback. As far as depth and quality of the guys in the room, we have that on both lines of scrimmage. As talented a secondary as I’ve been around as far as those guys coming back. Linebackers, you got some good players.”

Muschamp also said he’s leaving a locker room full of high-character players who do the right things off the field.

“I think that goes back to recruiting,” he said. “You make decisions in the recruiting process on the type of young men you want in your locker room and the type of person you want on your football team and the type of individuals you want to represent the University of Florida.

“That’s an inexact science from the standpoint of the limited amount of contacts we have off campus, but you do your due diligence as a coach to make sure you have outlined for your assistants the type of young men you want in the program. If a guy has issues as a 10th and 11th grader, he’s probably going to have them as a freshman in college. We have tried to steer clear of that and move forward with the right kind of guy. I think this locker room has got that.”


  1. Much gratitude for Jeremy Foley and Will Muschamp. All anyone has to do is read the news out of Knoxville tonight or consider the environment at F$U to discern the quality of these men. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for Will. As we set our hopes on a new coach, let’s all hope he brings a similar quality of character that Jeremy found in Coach Muschamp. Florida will win often and big again soon and does indeed offer plenty to outstanding athletes who yearn for a complete college opportunity. The best guys will show up on National Signing Day.

  2. Coaches coach — Players play — (or for some rea$on they don’t)
    It’s kinda like some citizens still believing that the President makes the BIG decisions. The SEC is a BIG $$$ business. When UF’s ‘turn’ comes around again, they’ll win again.
    “No matter how cynical I get,,, I just can’t keep up!” — Lilly Tomlin

  3. I’d like to thank Coach Muschamp for his hard work these last 4 years. It’s true the Gator record isn’t what we would like it to be but it’s not for lack of trying. Also, Coach Muschamp has indeed improved the situation “off the field”. Good luck in the future Coach Muschamp.

  4. Classy individual but he’s a coach that couldn’t stay out of the offensive huddle. His first 3 years, he had 3 terrible offenses. Why go and get a new OC if you are going to run the same crappy offense? Sad part is, he just learned the hard way, how to and how not to be a HBC. Some other school will benefit from that.

  5. The latest Russell hustle, “Give Bob Stoops a call.”

    NO FREAKIN’ WAY Stevie ma-boy.

    Slob Swoops of CHOKE-la-homa is the BIGGEST LOSER in BCS Era, 1-3.
    I don’t think UF fans want or need the college version of the Bills Marv Levy.

    Lame Kitten, Jelly-Belly-Kelly, Slob Swoops, Chucky — Just say NO!

  6. To me Stoops is a loser in the since he has been at OK for what 10 years not with some great players at times and what has he produced??? He does enough each year to keep a job, one day the people of OK will wake up and realize that he has really brought them nothing of significant. We should want someone here who will not give his eye tooth to win a CHAMPIONSHIP. By saying eye tooth i’m not saying at all cost. GO GATORS!!!!

  7. I don’t think Foley understands the gravity of the recruiting situation. Right now assembled is pretty pathetic class. There may be defections. Dead period is 12/15 – 1/14. Assuming a coach comes on board in Dec – by the time he assembles a staff the Gators will only have THREE WEEKS to recruit till signing day. Most kids do not wait until signing day to decide.

    Hopefully the new coach respects the recruiting base in the state and brings on more FL kids that appreciates UF rivalries and tradition.

  8. Da Muddler you remind me of that punk in elementary school calling people name while hiding behind your moms skirt. Grow up !
    Now , what is the problem Gator fans have with the Florida State Seminoles concerning player behavior? There is no evidence of anything substantial. You made fun of the Head Coach a few years back but now he kind of owns you.

    The dude can recruit and it is sendin UF farther down the bowl. Guys make the switch into some Garnet and Gold gear. Get out of orange and blue and feel good , you will be a winner!.

  9. BRGF, thanks for holding us down out there on the Bayou! I can respect your objection to Bobby Petrino but can you educate me on what character issues you have with him. I am aware of his public fall at Arkansas; I am wondering if there is more. I don’t agree with the behavior at all however I would be willing to AT LEAST examine his moral character and all else involved in being a successful coach (BEFORE and AFTER the transgression) vs blindly accepting the notion that because another guy has no documented issues, he is automatically the better option or morally superior. Guess I am too liberal in comparison to the majority of society. I don’t know Coach Petrino personally but I’ve always come away impressed by his coaching abilities and play calling. I once emailed him but never heard back from him. 🙂 Foley keeps dropping hints as if he has his guy(s) on a very short list – ‘high character, championship background’… Phil Fulmer someone mentioned?? Creek Gator, thanks for the objection Brother. I reviewed my thoughts on the coaching situation vs the business model shortly after my original post and changed my position (reposted the change shortly thereafter). My evaluation was swift and my change of heart/mind was decisive… If you make me SIGNIFIGANTLY better, I need you! LUV UF!

  10. As a 30 year season ticket holder, I think we should consider a coach who has humility and has some results to judge him by. How about Doc Holliday? Coached here a few years ago and certainly done some great things with the Thundering Herd. The last coach we lured away from Marshall turned out to be AWESOME!! Billy Donovan has given us Gators a lot of excitement during the winter months and into spring. Thinking about long term success and not looking for a flash in the pan that may burn out like Petrino, Freeze, and others. Give Holliday the chance to make a difference like Foley did with Donovan

  11. I would not pay much attention to recruiting right now; I compare our situation to a controlled burn. Once the coach is named those who have remained will become stronger, limp ones will prop back up and others that we never knew were there will enthusiastically sprout up all around us. Those that are too weak are going to eventually die out regardless. The burn is ugly right now but the end result is a harvest of talent we will all enjoy in the very near future and I will finally have my GATOR SATURDAYS back! Let the burning begin!! LUV UF!

  12. TigerCat, my best friend from High School lives in Fayetteville. Word is Petrino didn’t wreck his motorcycle. If he did why wasn’t the young lady hurt? The word is he got woodshedded by her fiance. Cheating would be a character flaw that could turn into something that we do NOT want to deal with at UF.

  13. The fact is we are a rain out, a dropped wide open TD pass against LSU and a blocked punt away from being 8-2. We paid a high price to teach this young 44yr old coach how to be a head coach. Now that he is finally starting to come together, we fire him. Muschamp will have the last laugh for sure. Now we need a great hire, who can come in and build on what has been put together. But be prepared for not contending again next year.

  14. GatorMike88; I see. Tebow with the staff he needs would be the ultimate ‘shot to deep centerfield!’ The recruits he’d attract starting THIS YEAR would suplement the coaching curve and the Gator Nation would be revived INSANTLY! LUV UF!

  15. Art Briles, coach of Baylor for the Florida Gator position. He seems like such a logical fit yet I haven’t heard his name mentioned to any degree. He would bring “The Fun and Gun” on steroids, And he’s a little crazy as well; 4th and 10 from their own 30 yard line type of stuff. If you think about teams like Alabama, they have these huge 250+lb. linebackers that are great against the typical run heavy SEC, yet struggled against Texas A&M when they spread it out. Baylor is not a recruiting powerhouse type of school and look at Briles’ performance. The energy and passion from the days of Spurrier and Meyer would finally be returned to the Orange and Blue.

  16. Tebow? Let’s not be crazy, shall we? One of the reasons he’s not in the NFL is, besides his inaccuracy, is his failure to read defenses. That could be due to his lack of training in college, Meyer’s offense does not prepare you for the NFL, or something else. Anyway, that’s as ludicrous as Muschamp staying as defensive coordinator.

  17. aux2, Learning to coach is a never ending process and Tim is a dedicated student of the game. Performing the act yourself vs coaching someone else who has the talent to do so are totally different. To coaching boils down to repetition, studying other coaches and individual players, learn opponent’s tendencies, you anticipate, understand hidden opportunities, strategize, learn from your mistakes, etc. – very similar to Chess – biggest difference is you recruit and train your pieces. I think he would be a great coach! Pair him with an experienced OC/head coach/mentor type (always surround yourself with great support) and he’d come along very quickly. I admit, it would be a stretch to have him come in as the HBC but I can see him entering and becoming a major player in the FBS coaching/recruiting arena…what better place to start than UF? Hope he does so soon, while his star power is still very bright. LUV UF!

  18. Jimmy Wisher, you remind me of any typical and hypocritical reFSUcks criminole. Come to think of it, you’re probably the president of the Richard Simmons fan club. IF not, then you’re one of those ‘glitter boyz’ that we all see in tallycrappy and laugh at.
    Oh BTW, your opinions on me or anything else are much like that warm dark place where you usually keep your head. (Clown-U Deion Rules, Donnell Dockett, Shamous Jameous just to name a few) Friends, don’t let friends, end up in tallycrappy at reFSUcks.
    * I’m at least on my own schools board, unlike you dweeb….

    * I judge recruiting on NSD. Anything before then is just for fireside conversations purposes.

    * Ox2 is just as ignorant about Tebow as he is about virtually everything else. I’d show him all of the stats/facts, but I’m tired of proving the ignorant moe-rons wrong. However, for a QB that supposedly can’t read a defense, how about this:
    During an SEC 7 Consecutive NC ERA, Tebow set the SEC’s All Time Career QB Pass Efficiency Rating at 170.79 with 88 TD’s to just 16 Ints (5.5 to 1 ratio). Peyton Manning at Tenn. threw 89 TD’s to 34 Ints (2.6 to 1 ratio). Peyton’s first 16 NFL starts, 24 TD’s to 28 Ints while going 3-13. Tebow’s first 16 NFL starts 19 TD’s to 9 Ints, 9-7 including a Playoff win vs the NFL’s #1 Defense.
    WoW! I wonder how Tim would have done IF he could read a defense….. lmfao

  19. da-muddler Are you ever going to figure out that stats are meaningless much of the time. Your incessant listing of high school stats is particularly boring. Guys that go to UF, Georgia, Fsu, etc. ALL have great high school stats. Tebow was a great college quarterback that succeeded, in part, due to the great coaching of Urban Meyer. It was painful to watch him in the NFL, he couldn’t throw a lick. That’s why John Elway, who does know what a quarterback looks like, couldn’t take it anymore, even if they won a playoff game with Tebow, and got rid of him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quarterback look as pathetic as Tebow did in the NFL. It was embarrassing and I felt sorry for him. There is a reason he’s not on an NFL roster, it’s because he can’t hit the side of a barn.