Florida hosting two Rivals100 members Saturday

Tim Irvin is one of two official visitors for UF this weekend. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida will host a pair of Rivals100 members for Saturday’s game against South Carolina.

Five-star defensive end Byron Cowart (Seffner Armwood) is making his fifth trip to Gainesville this fall, while safety Tim Irvin (Miami Westminster Christian) will be on an official visit this weekend.

UF is currently in a battle with Alabama for Cowart, Rivals’ top-ranked overall prospect. The Gators are trying to overcome the hometown Hurricanes for Irvin, who attended the Kentucky game in September.

Florida is also hosting New Bern (N.C.) cornerback Mike Hughes for an official.

UF offensive line commits George Brown, Tyler Jordan and Brandon Sandifer are all scheduled to visit.

Tampa area receivers Ryan Davis and Auden Tate (Florida State commit) will be in Gainesville as well on Saturday.


  1. A big win today before a raucous, booming-loud crowd in the Swamp, then a celebratory scene in the postgame Locke room might launch an avalanche of good recruiting news for the Gators. Cow art seems to be close to a lock, even if he waits until signing day. Winning changes everything.

  2. We keep hearing that Cain and McCloud are solid to Clemson, but they sure show up in Gainesville alot Looks like they want to see a wide open offense, and if Treon gives us the kind of hope for a productive passing game that Watson gives Clemson. Holding out hope that IF we finish strong, we can get these playmakers. Lord knows we need them.

  3. I had supported coach muschamp the entire time. I just can’t do it anymore. After he gets the lead he just tried to coast through the game hoping that is enough. 5 me to go ahead and fire him now so we can try and get ahead of the coaching search and maybe salvage a decent recruiting class.

  4. Wow, this loss really hurts Muschamp and the Gators. I had Fla penciled in at 7-3 going into FSU. And a bowl game somewhere. Now unfortunately I see Fla at possibly 5-5 going into FSU and no bowl game. Maybe Fla can get win 6 next week and that’s not a guarantee. I hate being negative but the way this game ended, I think it is over for Muschamp. Go Gators.

  5. Muschamp needed this win and one next week to be 7-3 going into FSU, with a bowl game regardless of the results of Fla/FSU. I believe in miracles, positive thinking and all that, but enough is enough and this is the way it is. Fla had victory in its grasp and poor play/execution/lack of desire gave it away. I cannot believe how AWFUL they played at the end of the game after Jonathan Bullard could not gather in the batted down pass for a touchdown, to put the game out of reach. To give up 2 blown blocking assignments on the field goal and punt attempts. I really don’t see what Roper really added to the offense. I think change, is due now, so Fla can proceed with whatever they can do with recruiting.

  6. I think announcing a coaching change will be coming after the season is over, might give recruits hope of a positive change is also coming, with the possibility of a big name hire after the season is over. 5-3 coming into todays game gave me hope the players would respond with the effort enough to win the game for themselves and Muschamp and salvage the season for themselves and Muschamp. The Gators proved me wrong.

  7. I can’t see any way Muschamp is retained now. His ultra conservative strategy was more about playing not to lose. He runs a 1980s Georgia offense reminiscent of Vince Dooley and Dooley’s successor, Will’s mentor Ray Goff. Jeremy keeps his word and promised Muschamp this entire season. Obviously Champ is a good, likable man of honor, earning the friendship of Steve Spurrier and others. It’s sad that it didn’t work out for him at Florida. Meantime, Foley’s had time to get his ducks in a row and will be able to name a very credible new coach fairly quickly. That new coach will salvage a decent recruiting class. We’ll be back in a year or more likely two.

  8. The season is over. Muschamp is history. Will anyone show up next week to watch UF play the paid scrub? Forget recruiting, it’s over. The only hope is that the new coach, along with the staff he hires, can bring some recruits with him. Nobody is going to embarrass themselves by saying yes to Florida now.

  9. Hate to see it play out this way for coach Muschamp, but he is not up to this job. I hope that there is some adult supervision with the upcoming search for a new HC. Someone needs to get the concept through Foley’s thick skull that UF is not the place to find out if a rookie HC has what it takes.

  10. If WM is let go, and I know people are looking at Ole Miss and Miss St. Head coaches to replace him. But has anyone considered Lane Kiffin? Excellent offensive mind, look what he has done for Bama and an undermanned USC team. Yes his mouth is a problem, but he can recruit like there is no tomorrow. Again look USC with limited scholarships. I know, their are Kiffin haters and say that will never happen. But he has coached in the SEC (HC at Tenn and OC at Bama), he knows what needs to be done. Plus he will definitely get the offensive recruits excited because they know he is going to truly get the ball moving running and that word WM hates, passing.

  11. ~ Well, that darn incompetent Driskel just lost yet another game for us….

    ~ Muschamp or someone else, guarantees nothing either way…
    Does ‘anyone’ know what ‘after the season is over’ means? (rhetorical) Apparently not…. ;~)

    ~ The usual Ox2 phootball genius bs…

    ~ “Coaches coach,,, >>> players play.” — K.Sumlin (or they don’t)
    * But I would certainly consider hiring or assigning someone new to be the Special Teams coach….

    ~ I’ll become an UGly butt-sniffer fan if UF EVER hires the highly obnoxious Lame Kitten…. ;~)

  12. da-muddler Were you ever a child? Do you even vaguely know the concept of when to say uncle? You have been wildly wrong about UF’s coaches and players all year. It’s time to concede that this season is history. I’m sure you will next tell us about how UF is going to beat FSU, all that needs to be done is put Adam “Wrecking Ball” Lane on the field or someone else that you’ll you’ll list what they did in high school. It’s time to aet a little crow and admit that UF’s football program is a mess, even if they did upset Georgia this year.

  13. GO GET BOBBY PETRINO! – one of the best offensive minds in the game, knows the SEC, known for doing more with less, broke winning records at just about all programs he has coached, QB guru – he will develop ALL of his QBs, has NFL experience, developed NFL players, was highly considered for the UF job in the past, he would be a long term coach, minute risk, has a successful staff (including a major college stand out and NFL veteran at WR coach), his offense is exciting and plays with swagger/confidence, his defense is attacking and a leader for sacks, his name and accomplishments will invigorate recruiting AND there is a VERY high probability he turns UF around in his 1st season! If there are better realistic options out there who match or bring more to the table, please let me know. LUV UF