Zach’s Mail Stack 11/7


I apologize for posting this a day late.

Yesterday my son had a high-grade fever and it was an all-day affair.

He’s feeling better this morning and finally eating some food.

Here’s to hoping I washed my hands enough this week.

On to the questions!

How did the Georgia win affect recruiting?David Huntsman

It definitely helped the Gators in recruiting. More than a dozen recruits celebrated the win on their Twitter accounts, including Under Armour All-American linebacker Adonis Thomas — who decommitted from Florida late last month — and five-star defensive ends Byron Cowart and CeCe Jefferson.

Four-star wide receiver Antonio Callaway told The Sun that UF made a statement against Georgia and “shocked the world.” While the reaction from recruits was all positive for the Gators, it’s important for them to sustain this momentum with the team’s play on the field.

If Will Muschamp is retained, will it hurt with recruits because they will still see him as being on the hot seat entering next year? — @WilbertVancol, @DevinLamarr

It potentially could, because that’s what kept several prospects in this recruiting cycle from committing to Florida in the spring and summer, and many of them are still waiting to pull the trigger due to the uncertainty of Muschamp’s future.

Program stability — especially concerning coaches — matters a lot to some kids.

Now, Muschamp being retained will require him to win the next three games at the very least. It’s hard to view Florida State as a must-win for Muschamp. The programs are just on different levels right now.

It is important for the Gators to be competitive for the majority of that game, kind of like they were against Alabama.

Most people viewed Florida as a three- to four-loss team before the season, but Muschamp had to finally beat UGA.

Not only did he do it, but it happened in the most unexpected fashion. If UF can finish 7-4 and the offense shows marked improvement as well as potential with Treon Harris, there’s a good chance Muschamp keeps his job.

He’ll have pressure to win next year like he does this season, but I think he can convince recruits that he found his formula for winning again and they shouldn’t be worried about 2015.

If I was Muschamp and ended 2014 with four straight wins and an admirable performance against FSU, I would tell recruits bluntly that Jeff Driskel’s play in the first half of the year gave my team no chance to win one game (Missouri), contributed to the other two losses and almost resulted in a fourth one (Tennessee).

But I made the change at quarterback, I have my guy for the future and the offense is headed in the right direction.

Obviously, that sales pitch will hinge on Harris playing well, the offense improving and Florida winning games.

Is Cowart and Jefferson going to be this year’s version of Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane? — @gatorb896, @DustinUselton, @Odessagator

They’re definitely not like them.

Cook and Lane were both committed to the Gators and then “trolled” them before flipping to the Seminoles. Cowart and Jefferson have done neither of those things.

If they chose UF it’s going to be late in the recruiting cycle, so they’ll have no time for the Cook and Lane shenanigans. I also don’t view them as those type of kids.

But I do think Cowart and Jefferson are comparable to Nelson Agholor and Stefon Diggs.

When Muschamp missed on both of those five-star prospects for 2012, it was a major setback for Florida’s offense. With Dante Fowler Jr. likely leaving early, failing to land at least one of those defensive ends could have a similar impact on Florida’s defense.

Who are some under the radar wide receivers that UF may look to go after if they miss on some of the big-time prospects? — @justiwood

Callaway and Ryan Davis are two of Florida’s top uncommitted targets remaining at receiver. Javarius Davis is also in the mix, but Georgia is recruiting him as a cornerback and he now prefers to play that position in college.

The Gators will continue trying to flip a few receivers, but it doesn’t look promising as of now.

A new prospect on the board is JUCO WR Dominique Reed out of Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College. He was offered by UF on Oct. 29 and plans to visit the school.

Rivals250 member Stanley Morgan from New Orleans St. Augustine has a Florida offer and received a visit from the Gators in late September.

Some in-state wideouts who have some notable offers except for UF are Trevill Holcy, Tavares Martin and Florida State commit Nyqwan Murray.

Out-of-state receivers Jalen McCleskey (Oklahoma State commit) and Cameron Stewart (UCF commit) both camped at Florida in the summer.

UF’s class is currently ranked No. 72 on Rivals. Has a class been this lowly regarded in the modern day history of the program? Dustin

Not at all.

I’m not able to look back and see where Florida’s previous classes ranked in the middle of a recruiting cycle, but I doubt it’s ever been that low and definitely not on signing day.

However, as I’ve mentioned on here before, several of the Gators’ top targets are still uncommitted. They have chance to close very strong in the 2015 class if UF plays well down the stretch and Muschamp stays.

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  1. Thanks Zack.

    “Now, Muschamp being retained will require him to win the next three games at the very least. It’s hard to view Florida State as a must-win for Muschamp. The programs are just on different levels right now.”

    Sad but true and very scary on multiple levels.

  2. The University of Florida and the Gator Nation, and all these prospects have been in this holding pattern for WEEKS now! Recruiting is our bread and butter…sorry but I don’t think I’d have the required patience or discipline at their age to ‘flirt with others’ while ‘loyally waiting on Her.’ – LUV UF!

  3. Zach, assuming Muschamp closes out the season strong (winning 3 out of the last 4 and possibly a bowl game) and is retained, who would you pick as a surprise commit to jump onboard? Any chance of luring Baker back?

  4. Zach, a lot of recruits seem to really analyze the coaching staff these days. What effect on recruiting WRs does having a recently promoted (by default) grad assistant (who wasn’t a wide receiver himself) as WRs coach? Love Leak and all he’s done for UF, but if Muschamp stays, does he have to consider replacing Leak?

  5. ZACH,
    I enjoy your posts, but, you seemed to see upside in Treon Harris that I just don’t see. Granted, he’s quick, and he’s a proven winner, but he just looks small to me, too light to withstand an entire SEC season. And, is he that far ahead of Grier that you automatically proclaim him “the future”.
    Really? I like Harris a lot, I just don’t see him as that much better than Grier.

  6. Most people viewed Florida as a three- to four-loss team before the season, but Muschamp had to finally beat UGA. (right on schedule and in record fashion, despite the nay-sayers) UF doesn’t have the advantage of playing a pack of chumps SoS like FSUcks, Choke-la-homa, and ND play around with.

    The WLOCP ‘Game Ball’ went to Champ. The players presented Muschamp with a game ball in the locker room after the win over Georgia. — That’s the player’s vote on who the HBC should be. But of course you outside whiney know-it-all fans are so much more informed about the team than the players ever will be…..

    C Max Garcia – “It’s just fun, fun knocking people back,” he said. “I played against some of those guys, I knew some of those guys, Lorenzo Carter he’s from my high school, so it’s just fun to win the game in that fashion knowing that we just physically took it to them. As an offensive lineman that’s what we want to do, especially me.”

    Yep, the entire UGly front 7 looked like they were playing on roller skates. iG
    * I wonder where that UGly mutt fan is that told me how bad UF’s OL was, especially LT Humphries.

    Recruiting Reality:

    Since Muschamp arrived at UF in January of 2011, he has brought in to the Gator program:
    41 ESPN Top 300’s and he has led the Nation with 21 4-5 Star Flips.

    Now, you show me what your HBC has done in those to critical areas since 2011 and we can compare them to decide…. (crickets)

    Most people viewed Florida as a 3-4 loss team before the season, but Muschamp had to finally beat UGA. (right on schedule and in record fashion, despite the nay-sayers) UF doesn’t have the advantage of playing a pack of chumps SoS like FSUcks, Choke-la-homa, and ND play around with every year.

    Chris Leak will stay or go based on the opinions of the coaching staff, with the final decision being in Roper’s and Muschamp’s hands. The players like him and several have said that he knows his stuff. Coaches can do their stuff, but the players still have to get it done in the games, just ask SOS…

    Since Jan 2011, Muschamp has brought in 41 ESPN Top 300 List recruits. He has also led the Nation in 4-5 star (21) Flips. No other 1st time HBC in the span has even come close to that level. In fact, Spurrier is not close to that level of recruiting success in that span. Tennessee’s B.Jones is a joke in comparison.

    Jeff Driskel will be a Grad-xfer in 2015 imoho, similar to T.Murphy. That, or he leaves football for his Pro Baseball contract. 2015 Spring will be between W.Grier, T.Harris, and S.Jones. The Harris/Grier loser will likely xfer. Both are too good to sit on the bench in waiting imoho. Like Brissett and so many others before him, they will be starters elsewhere. The ONLY way they keep both (maybe) is if they go to a 2 QB system, which I don’t see as likely.

    IF I was A.Lane, I’d be looking at MsSt, where they know how to use a RB like him. If I was a 5 star RB, I’d also be looking elsewhere, unless I wanted to sit on the bench and wait for 2-3 years.

  7. We have been in this position before only to be let down on signing day.
    Don’t hold your breath, WM isn’t all that of a recruiter .
    Don’t let the win fool you folks, even a blind squirrel finds a nut, WM is a flat out Loser…..

    Go Gators

  8. If you are a 5 star player you do not run from competition. Bama has more 5 stars than they can play and Georgia has more 5 star running backs than Bama. You choose a school that fits your needs, a coach that you have built a strong relationship with, and most of all a school that you will be happy attending. Competition brings out the best of most athletes. Florida is a great school, with a coaching staff the players love, and there should be playing time for young players. Go Gators!

  9. I know the company line when Joker resigned/was shown the door was that it was no big deal, but given our WRs performance and the way this recruiting class is looking, is it possible that it is having more of an effect than previously predicted?

  10. “It’s hard to view Florida State as a must-win for Muschamp. The programs are just on different levels right now.”

    But it’s on Muschamp that they are on different levels. Last time in Tallahassee UF won by double digits with Driskel.
    I had never been one about firing Muschamp until we had 1st and goal at the 2 yard line at home against LSU and we didn’t take 4 plays to punch it in. At that point I said, you deserve whatever you get. Les Miles went for it on 4th and 1 in the same game and got the td. UF goes for the tie on 4th down.
    And the Missouri debacle, to be losing 42-0 at home.

    There is not much that Muschamp hasn’t accomplished in terms of lows at UF.
    First losing season since 70’s.
    First time not going to a bowl game since 80’s.
    Losing to Vandy at home. Losing to Georgia Southern at home. Most yards given up in program history. Holding two teams to 120 yards or less and still losing by double digits…

  11. Zack,

    Do you think beating Georgia last week vaults us into the conversation of being in the final 4 at the end of the year? My son who is 10 is starting to get letters and he isn’t very good on his pop warner team, however I am hearing he might be one of our best targets left in this recruiting cycle. His friend Tyler (who is 11) also is getting bombarded with mail but he is telling my son that he is leaning more towards Wofford unless Champ gets his act together.

  12. @ Mike, ONE WIN over Ga. has REALLY clouded the minds of many in Gator Nation. If this TEAM runs the table, I don’t think Muschamp should be back. If you pit “his body of work” together and look at the total package, recruiting, game planning, on field adjustments (more LACK OF), NO improvement in the offense among others, this guy should be gone at the end of the year. He will do somethings next year that people will be saying we should have gotten rid of this …… last year. I hate to think this but many of the GATOR NATION has become willing to settle for mediocrity. That’s really poor, he has change the WINNING CULTURE that WAS at this university. SHAME! GO GATORS!!!!

  13. @ astral swamp, I don’t think that Zach necessarily means that Treon is the future (although he might be, some rare small QBs have found success even at the more competitive NFL level, so why not the SEC?), but he is certainly the right now. Muschamp showing that “I have my guy for the future and the offense is headed in the right direction” does not mean that the guy for the future cannot become the guy from the past (i.e. Jeff Driskel) if surpassed during the offseason. But, with Grier not playing this season, Muschamp has to project Treon as the QB going forward and the QB that will improve the offense for at least the remainder of the season. Not to mention, Treon seems to have a good bit of star factor to him with in-state recruits, so it’s also a good move for selling recruits on coming to UF for next season if they want to play with him.

  14. I see that you list Nyqwan Murray now as a possibility. Does that mean that FSU is cooling on him like they did Sousa and Worton last year? Does that mean they would rather take Ryan Davis, whose brother played at FSU? I didn’t see FSU having room for Ryan Davis, but the possible flip of Murray may change that. Between Murray and Davis, who do you think is the better receiver? I know Davis is rated higher, but I take recruiting rankings with a grain of salt, the coaches know who the best players are, and t doesn’t necessarily match up with the amount of “stars” they have. I would think Tavares Martin is a keeper.

  15. I would say that muschamp not only has to win out but the passing offense has to improve from 13th in the SEC with 174 yds/ game to something like the 8th ranked team that is getting 220 yds/game. Thast how bad things have gotten. we would accept being in the upper bottom half in passing offense. for reference Kentucky and Tennessee with freshman are getting 254 and 235 yds/game respectively. if this number does not improve what receiver will want to come to UF to be complimented on their blocking. muschamp, let roper coach.

  16. Zach,
    Martez Ivey told ESPN that he had not discussed the coaching situation with Muschamp because the coaching situation will make no difference in his decision whether or not to attend UF. Do you believe that?

  17. Astral, People said Drew Brees was too small to play in the NFL. They were wrong. If Treon canot play then he can play and size has nothing to do with it. I’ve been impressed with him so far. I liked Grier too but he had a whole spring anday summer head start and Treon still won the job. Now Grier could win the starting job in the future but it’s not likely. Harris is our QB of the future unless Sheriron Jones comes in as a freshmen and just blows the competition away.

  18. I think you guys on both sides are missing what should be the point. To the Muschamp haters: I hear a lot of you have to look at his whole body of work and his whole body of work says he sucks. That is false though. His first year was a mulligan year. No excuses but we all knew that year was gonna be bad with how badly Liar tore down the program before he left. On his second year he led us to an improbable, unbelievable, seemingly impossible, over achieving 11-2 season. His 3rd season was a disastrous failure but even so you can’t just overlook all the injuries. If you think a healthy 2013 Gator team is 4-8, you don’t understand football much. If you think a healthy Gator team that hasn’t lost all hope loses to that team that must not be named or vanderbilt, then I gotta believe you’ve been smoking a little too much something. And so no that leaves us with where he takes us this year. His whole body of work isn’t horrible. His defenses are always among the top in the league, special teams are usually great under him, he’s a top notch recruiter, and his off the field coaching has been the best we’ve had since Spurrier and probably better. I understand that 8 win seasonsome aren’t enough at UF. I understand that anything less than championship contention isn’t enough. But it’s not right to take away from what he HAS done. And evenow though you can’t just over react to one game, stop being so negative in everything and think about this. Saturday was the first time thar many of us have wanted to watch highlights from a Gator game in a long time. It’s the first time in even longer that we’ve wanted to rewatch and relive a Georgia game. For all he hasn’t done, you can’t take away from that. He on this Saturday brought back the fun in Gator nation. For the first time in 4 years we stuck it to Georgia, AND in the best way imaginable. For that he has my thanks. Don’t overlook the importance of that. Instead of having a woe is us attitude, maybe we should try enjoying this for a change.
    To those already on the save Muschamp’a job bandwagon. You have to understand that while Muschamp is a great and likeable guy, UF has no time to waste on a guy who’s not going to get the job done. 8 wins and hoping to back into East contention or creep into the top 25. We NEED a coach who is going to win titles. That Georgia win was amazing but we can’t overreact to it. We SHOULD be undefeated right now. All 3 of those losses were unacceptable. Winning 1 game does not make you a good coach.
    Now to both: I think you’re all putting too much emphasis on the record at the end of the season. That sounds weird because usually that should be where the focus should be. But not this year. We all knew Muschamp’s inexperience was his biggest downfal . We all should also know those early losses were more due to keeping Driskel in. This year the record actually doesn’t tell the tale. If we go 9-4 that shouldn’t be a good enough record to keep him, HOWEVER if through these next games he comes out and shows that he truly turned the corner, that the offense under Treon is instantly better and will be good next season, and starts reeling in the recruits again, then maybe firing him will do more bad than good. However if we win out but we look sorry limping through the rest of the seasons beating a horrible Vandy team, bad SC team, EKU team that we should beat in our sleep, then obviously get lucky against a vastly over rated FSU team, followed by getting an below average bowl game and beat a very mediocre team, then I can’t say I’d be able to support keeping him. The decision to keep Muschamp shouldn’t be based on 2013, shouldn’t be based on 2012, shouldn’t be based on how we did before the Georgia game. It shouldn’t be based on the past at all. It should be based on the future. At the end of the season as “Do I believe we can win a title next yeae?” If you answer yes then he should stay. If you answer no then he must go.
    Person I don’t believe it’s gonna happen. I just don’t believe hell show what he needs to to keep his job. BUT after that Georgia game, how good that felt, and all he did in that game, along with the fact that he is such a great guy and has done amazing with keeping our program clean, I’d say he has more than earned my and all of our support. I may not be a believer but I am definitely a Muschamp supporter. I may doubt but I’ll still hope and pray and root for him to do what it takes to earn the right to keep his job and win us many titles in the future. I am definitely on team muschamp and I believe if you’re a Gator it is your duty to join team Muschamp and root and support this man regardless of what you believe. If at the end of the season you want him gone that’s ok, but until then you should put your full support behind Muschamp. Because that’s the Gator thing to do.

  19. da-muddler, I have a hard time reading/following your post; most are too long, but thanks for contributing. Amature players are conditioned to be loyal, and before that, most are naturally loyal to their coaches – that person/people become family. Wonder who suggested Muschamp be given the game ball…I’d guess staff gave the idea to the players. Those that are not happy with this staff won’t express it until there is a new regime and even then the new staff will demand they not publicly discuss the previous staff. Mike (the facts) & Creek Gator (the bottom line) – couldn’t agree with you two more. You know my pick – NEW UNIS and BOBBY PETRINO. LUV UF!

  20. That UAT Guy….Championship? CHAMPIONSHIP??? Its not going to happen. 4 years and the majority of our enjoyable moments have been FOOL’S GOLD. Ok, the FSU game, we looked like a team on the rise (then came the Sugar Bowl)…Other than that…what??? I support Muschamp the same way I support Driskel – ‘hope for the best and expect the worst.’ That alone is why change can’t come soon enough. Nothing personal, just not a good enough fit. LUV UF!

  21. TCZZ, as I previously stated I don’t believe it either. but are you seriously saying if we take this momentum and turn around the season/Muschamp era ny storming through the rest of the season, dismantling Vandy and EKU by like 70 points, destroying South Carolina by 20 or more, then go to Tally and beat FSU (not just a got lucky game), and followed it up by completely taking out a Georgia Tech or Rutgers by like 50 in a bowl game, and along the way Taylor and Jones are making huge games a habit and Treon is throwing more and more and looking good getting the passing game rolling THEN with the momentum reel in a top 5 recruiting class, are you really saying that that team wouldn’t have a shot at a championship next year?? Whether you believe it’s going to happen or not take that scenario and honestly tell me that team has no shot next year. If that happens who’s to say Muschamp should be fired?? If that happens I’d feel pretty good about next year. That’s why the talk is futile right now. We don’t know what’s going to happen. Muschamp could screw up and we could go back to our old ways, get upset by Vandy, lose to SC and FSU and not even make a bowl game, OR we could steam roll through the rest of the season and look like a title team. Whether you or I believe it’s going to happen is irrelevant. After the Missouri game I would’ve argued there was everything to be gained by firing Muschamp midseason, but after Georgia there is NOTHING to be gained by firing him midseason. We’ve just got to let the rest of the season play out and see what happens. And until then Muschamp is STILL a Gator. In all kinds of weather right? It’s ok to want to fire a coach if you believe it’s best for the program. But until that happens he’s still a Gator and the Gators need our support now more than every. TEAM MUSCHAMP. Rooting for that scenario where Muschamp proves he deserves to stick around and then ends up winning us championships for years to come.

  22. Zach, I think we’d have to do MUCH better vs. F$U than we did vs. Bama. We WERE “competitive” vs. Bama due to TOs early, but had unbelieveable coverage breakdowns(what position does Muschamp coach again?), then were out of gas again defensively and unable to stop the run late due to offensive ineptness(sound familiar?), and ultimately got blown out.
    Most of us saw the Bama game for what it was, a portend of another long season to come.
    I think Muschamp HAS TO win the next 3. showing continued hope(including some forward passes) in the offensive game, and be TRULY competitive(stand toe-to-toe) vs. half-ass-U. Obviously if we “win” the East, he stays.

  23. That UAT Guy, the dreamy scenario is what we’ve all EXPECTED all along…but it hasn’t come close to happening and based off that alone is how I have to judge the situation. Do you know how many teams can project the same bright future for themselves based on IFs… I support our team thus I call for change…allowing things to go on only welcomes clouding of the BIG picture – we have been setback YEARS in on the field development and offensive production and worst of all recruiting, consequently we cannot continue to ignore the damage and chase the gambler’s IFs… LUV UF!

  24. FSU IS a vastly superior team to UF right now. They have he nation’s best player, so thinking they’re overrated is just wishful thinking. Winston alone makes them better than any other team. One player CAN make a huge difference. UF got Driskel as their number one quarterback recruit, FSU got Winston as their number one quarterback recruit. Driskel sucks and Winston is maybe the best player in college football history. That is what separates the programs right now and until UF gets a decent quarterback it’s not going to change. WE now know that 2012 was an outlier, this season is the norm for UF. Maybe Harris is a good quarterback, we don’t know yet. But I do know Muschamp has to go, his record speaks for itself. I don’t care about the excuses made for him, it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that he doesn’t get it done, unless you think a Gator Bowl championship is the only championship that befits Florida.

  25. That UAT GUY, This team would have had that same opportunity this year “IF” we had a coach. This eally is a talented team, I truely believe if after one or two of those early loses, MUSchamp would have said” Roper, go ahead do your job use Treon as your QB, this TEAM would be in a vastly different positiontoday. These kids have been practicing with both QB’s and they know JD does not have what it takes. Many of them have been with him for 4 years, but they perform at a MUCH HIGHER LEVEL when HARRIS is in the ball game.GO GATORS!!!!

  26. @ntgfqrz$@!#*–, Thinking FSU is overrated is “wishful thinking”?? What else would you call the “number 2 team in the country” who has along the season only beat Oklahoma State by 6 points (They are now unranked and have been blown out by TCU, WVU, and K State), went to overtime with Clemson and needed Clemson to choke (Clemson is only the number 22 team in the country and got blown out by Georgia), almost lost to NC State (another unranked team that may I remind you beat GaSo by only 1 point, was shut out by Clemson, and destroyed by BC and Louisville), should’ve lost to Notre Dame (who just got dismanteled by ASU), had to come back against Louisville (who lost to Virginia and Clemson and is ranked 25 right now), then let Virginia hang around far too long (they’re unranked at 4-6). Does that sound like the number 2 team in the country to you?? It doesn’t to me. No they are certainly vastly overrated. Spotting your opponents a 21 point first half lead may work in the ACC (and against a lucky Auburn team), but if they try that against this year’s playoff caliber teams, it’s be bye bye semis. See what happens if they spot Miss St, TCU, Baylor, Oregon, or Alabama 21 points.

  27. @ Creek actually we would’ve had a chance had we not had Driskel. It’s easy to say a good coach wouldn’t have started Driskel now with hindsight 20/20, but it’s a different story in real time. Muschamp’s job was on the line this fall. Would you want to risk your job on a true freshmen? Driskel looked good in spring and camp. I was there I saw it. No one could’ve predicted Driskel would self destruct this badly. He’s never done it before. Yeah he’s had his bad games, but mostly he took care of the ball and delivered wins. He looked good against EMU, started bad against Kentucky, but finished well (which plenty of good QBs have). he played terribly against Bama and maybe another coach would’ve benched him then, but as I said one bad game doesn’t mean he’s going to do it again. Do you want to risk your job on a true freshmen off of a knee jerk reaction. Then Tennessee happened and Muschamp made the call and put in Driskel saving that game. Probably would’ve stuck with him but then the whole scandal happened. Do you really want a true freshmen who hasn’t practiced at all that week to lead your team against LSU?? After LSU he shpuld’ve benched him, but Driskel did enough and the receivers had enough drops where you can understand why he might still not want to trust the true freshmen with his job. And you’ve got to take into account all through practice Driskel is probably outplaying Treon in practice. Wouldn’t be the first time a QB has practiced well and played poorly. Then Driskel completely sucked against Missouri and he got benched. I’m not making excuses. As I said I’m not a believer yet. But with Treon in at QB, that may be the turn around we needed. The missing ingredient. Especially after Treon showed he can throw the ball like he did today (I know it’s Vandy but can’t take away from Treon). With Treon at QB, next year could be completely different. If throughout the rest of the season, Muschamp proves the difference has been made and we’re turned around and can win a title next season, then why would we fire a guy who could win a title? Again I don’t believe we’ll see that, but if he proves it in these last 4 games, then that’s good for me. It would be much more beneficial for Gator Nation if Muschamp proves he’s got it handled, stays, reels in a top recruiting class, and goes to work next year, rather than the turmoil ANOTHER coaching turnover would cause not to mention the effect on recruiting. Again if at the end of the season we look at the team and coaches coming back and don’t believe we’ll win a title then he should be gone. But until that time I’m giving Muschamp my full support and rooting for him to do what he needs to do. Team Muschamp and Go gators!

  28. by That_UAT_Guy Your refrain about FSU is common, I wish I could agree with you, but it’s wrong. It’s very hard to win all your games, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing, that’s why no one has won as many games in a row, as FSU has, since 2000-02. If this and if that don’t count in the record book. I don’t think you realize how hard it is. Maybe Miami can knock them off, they are starting to come around with their true freshman quarterback, Kayaa. I just don’t see Miss State, Alabama, or any of the teams you listed as beating FSU. None of them have the game’s ultimate gamer, Winston. I was surprised Alabama beat LSU, I predicted them to lose because their quarterback is a fraud. But he showed me something by bring them into position for the game tying kick to send into overtime. No, I just don’t think you recognize how special a player Winston is, and all the ifs this and ifs that have not translated into anyone beating him. Let me know when Winston walks off the field a loser, until then you have zero data to back up your claim that this or that team would beat him.

  29. @ UAT-GUY YOU MAKE A VERY GOOD CASE FOR mUSCHAMP AND IT IS ACTUALLY logical and I applaud you for sticking by him with the logic you presented. I think that Muschamp is like Driskell, neither of them have what it takes (RIGHT NOW) to accomplish what is needed at UF. If you base this entire year on Muschamp’s career depending on a “TRUE FRESHMAN” being the reason he didn’t pull the trigger, WHY NOW? The Driskell being a great practice player may be true, but we can’t take film to the game and say we should have won this game because Jeff did this very well in practice! I know you must think I’m an idiot for making these comments, BUT I’M REALLY NOT, you were at practice and you could see the difference, could you not tell that this kid (Treon) desrves a chance because we are horrible on the PLAYING FIELD? With both Jeff and Muschamp, this is not just about the last six or eight games. Both of them have proven over their careers that neither has what it takes (AT THIS TIME) to lead this TEAM to a new era. Their era has been a TRUE disaster for this program, these are just my opinions and believe me after I read your logic for standing behind Muschap and his decision making, I have an even greater respect for you. I just don’t believe in either one to get tgeir jobs done. I really want us to run the table but not if it saves Muschamps job. GO GATORS!!!!

  30. @Creek I’m not trying to make a case for Muschamp. I’m not saying he should sTay or go. Personally right now I don’t believe he has what it takes. The point I’ve been making is its possible he might show these last few games that he truly has turned it around and will win us championshipa in the future. IF he does that he should sta . I don’t believe he will. BUT until I know he didn’t prove it I’m going to support him and hope and root for him to do it

  31. Winston is the ultimate gamer?? You watch ESPN don’t you. Is that why he has a 17-11 TD to interception ratio. Certainly not horrible but not ultimate gamer status. 11 interceptions is high. That’s more than Driskel has this season! Now if Driskel started the last 2 games his number would probably be up to 14 or 15 but still Winston is right up there with Driskel on interceptions. That’s you ultimate Gator? Heck watching the game I’ve noticed Winston is the one usually putting them in these situations where they have to come back because of his interceptions. It’s more to the defense that they’ve kept winning than Winston. Actually it’s more due to the sorry teams they face. Remember ND would’ve won that game if not for a penalty and a defensive stop after the penalty. If the defense falters or the penalty isn’t called then ol crabby pants would’ve tasted defeat. But I guess that was more of his heroism. Oh and remember when Winston was suspended and Sean Maguire toak over. The team pretty much looked the same. If you looked at the stat lines without seeing the names you’d assume Jameis playe . But Jameis is just this all powerful reason they’re winning right? Who they’re playing doesn’t matter?? So my old high school is undefeated against our little country school schedule. Would we do just as well in the SEC? Who your playing most certainly matters! Oh and I love how winning is so hard against anybody and clearly makes you a good team until it’s Miss St. Muss St is undefeared in the toughest divisision in the country. Oh and they’ve actually looked good doing it unlike another undefeated team. Miss St would destroy FSU. FSU and you are the real frauds

  32. OK, let’s clear this up. Harris is going to be your QB next season if the coaching staff stays intact.

    Harris is a better QB. Grier had the advantage of the spring and still couldn’t beat out Harris for the back-up spot. What don’t you people understand?

    Not sure why people seem to think this kid is the second coming of Tebow. He’s not. His only advantage over Harris is height.

    Even football coaches agree he’s better than Grier. Look at the schools that offered to both recruits.

    North Carolina
    Wake Forest
    East Carolina
    La. Lafayette

    Boston College
    Miss State
    Ole Miss

    Notice the difference in programs that offered these two. Harris was also offered by FSU, but I don’t count them because they wanted him to play receiver.

    Let it go. Tebow is gone. We’re moving forward. Harris is the future.

  33. by_That_UAT_Guy There’s only one stat that anyone cars about, that’s wins and losses. Saying this or that team would “destroy” FSU is not based on anything but wishful thinking. FSU could lose this week, but could is a long way from will. The stats say that Brad Kayaa, the freshman quarterback at Miami, is a better quarterback than Winston based on his QBR rating. Only a fool would actually think he’s a better quarterback. As for interceptions, yer Winston throws them, he’s not perfect. Some of them are due to the receivers they are breaking in a couple of true freshmen and a sophomore, not being in the right place. Winston is one of the most accurate passers ever, rarely does the ball not go where he intends it to go. I, unlike you, can recognize greatness, even if it’s not something I like to see, and Winston is the best I’ve ever seen throw the football on the college level. It’s not just his accuracy, it’s his leadership, toughness, football intelligence, and refusal to lose that make him the best. Every week he adds to his unparalleled record that no one in the history of college football has matched from the start of their freshman year. The SEC is not as great as you imagine, Mississippi State struggled at home against Arkansas, a bad team, for instance, but they won, which is what matters. If you want to play the”if” game, you could say Arkansas would have won if they had a halfway competent quarterback. We’ll see how the season plays out, it is now in it’s last quarter, but I would not pick any team I’ve seen this year to beat FSU as long as Winston is on the field. There’s only one team I would choose, last year’s FSU team, and they’re not going to be scheduled.

  34. Creek Gator, Muschamp and Driskel are all but synonymous. Muschamp even admitted he was attached at the hip to Driskel and I personally believe he feared benching Jeff would be his admission of failure. Their attachment has created an undesirable reputation at UF amongst QBS/QB recruits and has resulted in the stagnation in QB development and the success of the program. For this we can’t blame Jeff, he did and continues to do what he does…how come the HBC was the last one to see the difference in the practice player and the game day guy. Roper told us all in one interview – 2 things have not allowed his offense to be utilized, ‘turnovers (Driskel) and a poor passing game (Driskel).’ In another interview he pointed out it would be Muschamps call on when to replace Jeff at QB…@ That UAT Guy, If we had a veteran QB with the on the field leadership of Winston, we’d be much better off. I’ve said before there is NOTHING Muschamp can do in the remainder of this season to save his job (IMO) and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING he can do to show he can or will win a championship next season…if there was, it would be happening NOW, consistently, week after week, game after game. Happy we won, but the Vandy game was BORING! Championship caliber teams would have put up a minimum of 60 on Vandy; but we can’t expect that when we’re using an abbreviated playbook right….and who’s fault is that??? Glad we agree; change is soon to come. LUV UF!

  35. @aux, Winning is the goal, but you HAVE to take into account who they’re playing! Saying the caliber of competition doesn’t matter is just laughable. With that line of thinking I could argue my old 1A-6 high school is better than the Dallas Cowboys because we’re undefeated while the Cowboys have 3 losses. Yet that’s ludicrous! If my high school played the Cowboys schedule they’d be winless! If the Cowboys played my high school’s schedule they’d be undefeated! I can recognize greatness. Last year I gave Winston all the props he deserved. he deserved to win the Heisman as he truly was the best player in the country. This year he’s clearly not. He’s taken a huge step back, making poorer and poorer decisions, misreading defenses, and being careless with the ball. Is he a bad QB? No that’s not what I’m saying. Is he the “ultimate gamer”? the best ever? unbeatable? the reason FSU is undefeated? NO! If you look at the facts they show that he is clearly not. Just look at his numbers last year compared to this year. Last year he was the number 1 QB in QBR with a 184.4 rating. He threw for over 4000 yards, and had a 40:10 TD to INT ration. This year his QBR is down to 150.8 and has a TD:Int ration of 17:11. 17:11 is not very good. Now the rest of his numbers are still great, and he is a great QB, but not everything you seem to want him to be. Those “ultimate gamer” QBs don’t put their teams in a bad position game after game, making mistake after mistake. Against he’s good, but not top dog. There are plenty of QBs playing better than he is right now. As far as Arkansas, they’re not a bad team. They’re nowhere near a great team and probably not even good, but they’re not bad. I’d like to remind you that Arkansas too TAMU to overtime, lost to Bama by only 1, and kept the Georgia game within 2 scores. I guarantee Arkansas would run through most on FSU’s schedule. In fact I’d say there’s a good chance they could be sitting at 1 or 2 losses right now with FSU’s schedule. Miss State is a very good team. There resume is much more impressive than FSU’s. There’s a reason they’re number 1 and FSU is number 2 and it’s not SEC bias. They have 3 wins over then top 10 teams and in a much tougher schedule are undefeated with aan average margin of victory at 20.1 over FSU’s 15.6. Saying one team would destroy another isn’t “wishful thinking”, it’s observation and predicting. To try to put down another person’s predictions as “wishful thinking” with no more proof than that he’s making a prediction is pretty sad. Saying 1 team would beat another is what happens all the time in sports. That’s what they’re doing when they come out with a top 25. That’s what Vegas does when they set their odds. And that’s what analysts and commentators do when they make their picks. “Wishful thinking” has nothing to do with it. Just takes actually having some knowledge and observational skills.

  36. @TCZZ I wouldn’t put down the Vandy game as a failure just yet. I mean I admit I was disappointed with the slow start, some of the calls, the run blocking, and the fact that we didn’t put more up, but let’s not forget Vandy always plays us tough especially in Nashville. I’ve seen better teams play closer games with the same caliber Vandy teams. In 09 at home we only beat them 27-3, In 06 we only beat them 25-19. There was plenty of good from that game. We showed we have a passing game that can play now that Treon Harris is at QB, Dunbar emerged for the first time all season, we caused 4 turnovers and didn’t turn the ball over ourselves at all. I think South carolina and onward will show how we will really look with Treon. Vandy sold out to stop the run and that contributed to our slow start and our running game not being as dominant. But Treon showed he can win with his arm and he can hit the deep ball. Defenses will have to prepare for that now. That’ll open up Jones and Taylor a lot more. Again still not sold, but next week should be interesting.

  37. by That_UAT_Guy I deal with facts. The fact is that stats are for losers. The fact is that Winston has an unmatched record in the history of college football. No player has ever won at the same level as Winston from starting at quarterback in their freshman season. Until Winston actually loses, he continues to build on that record. The closest to him was Herschel Walker, but even he was unable to sustain the success that Winston has done so far. As for your comments about Arkansas and any other team, it’s silly to say they would do this or that if they haven’t actually done it. Arkansas is a bad team, even you should know that you are what your record says you are. If this and if that are just the thoughts of dreamers, they aren’t real. Let’s deal in reality, let me know when Winston loses a game, until then you have not one fact to substantiate your opinion. No one cares how someone wins, they just care who won.

  38. For you that automatically say that if UF wins the next 3 out of 4 games Muschamp will keep his job. I like the way you all have ordained FSU to beat my Gators. Well, as Texas A&M showed anyone can be beat. I think we are more than capable of beating them as we are the last team to do so. In Tallahassee mind you.

  39. You deal in facts?? HAHAHA Wow good one man. Wait you were serious? Oh.. wow… The only fact you’ve brought up is his record. May I remind you that it takes 11 players to win, not 1. There are plenty of great teams with QBs who aren’t. There are also plenty of great QBs on teams who aren’t great. Just look at 07 Tebow. He was clearly the best player in the country, but he was not on nearly the best team. That team was merely and average 9-4. Would you say that’s because Tebow was average in 07? if you do then there’s just no point in arguing with someone like that. Look at the 2012 Gators. Truly a great team. But I KNOW you wouldn’t call Driskel great. A Qb’s number 1 job is to win, but sometimes is despite the QB rather than because of. Would you say Alabama won 3/4 National titles BECAUSE of their QBs?? I wouldn’t. I’d say more due to a strong running game and great defense. You haven’t brought up any facts to PROVE Winiston is the reason FSU is winning. I on the other hand have brought up the FACTS that Winston has thrown 11 interceptions with only 17 TDS (not great at all) and has a QBR well down from last year and behind 21 other QBs. There’s also the point that you apparently think my old High School would beat the Dallas Cowboys because level of competition doesn’t matter when you’re undefeated right? smh. Here I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you know when Jameis loses if you let me know when you start using actual facts instead of just telling me your using facts while only really talking about dreams and telling me that you’re right rather than proving it.

  40. by That_UAT_Guy The fact that you bring up QBR rating shows that you don’t have a clue. Hutson Mason, for example, has a higher QBR than Winston. and you would look foolish to say he’s a better quarterback than Winston. QBR is just another stat, it doesn’t prove anything. Let’s take the leader, Marcus Mariota as an example. This year he got the ball with almost three minutes left trailing an unranked 24 point underdog at home and was unable to lead his team to victory, in fact he fumbled the ball away. Contrast that to Winston’s performance on the biggest stage possible in the National Championship game with a little over a minute left. We all saw what he did. The excuse for Mariota is that his offensive line played poorly, but beginning with the National Championship game, when has FSU’s line done a god job protecting Winston? Mariota wasn’t smart enough to get the ball out of his hands quickly, Winston knew he didn’t have time and adjusted his game accordingly. That’s why Mariota is a loser with all his great stats and Winston is an unparalleled winner, because Winston understands the ultimate stat is wins and losses. No one has done it better, that’s a fact.

  41. both aux2 & uat guy make great points and its obvious both of yall are knowledgeable fans, however being that I am the most knowledgeable one here JK, I gotta go with aux. Some players in all sports just transcend stats. And the starting QB in Tally is one of them. That being said I fully believe if we beat S.C. this Saturday we will beat FSU. But even though you’re right on this one stats aren’t for losers big stat guy here, it was stats that were my main argument for a QB change in 2012 we could have been national champs, anyway spilt milk and I digress man we had a DEFENSE good TE & RB…. I digress GOOOOO GATORS 9-3 or 10-3 (ATL maybe)

  42. What would really be nice is, instead of having a pissing match about a rival player, to actually have something to talk about in recruiting. Can someone, anyone, please say they want to be a Gator? It’s very difficult to even imagine that UF is still in single digits and all we hear is that someone is still leaning to UF. It’s time fot someone like Cowart, who has said he isn’t making a decision based on the coaches, to say yes.

  43. Well I guess by this reasoning Muschamp will be retained because i see Fl winning out, including FSU. Ive watched FSU and except for Winston the rest of the team isnt elite and I believe Fl will take care of them like Ga!

  44. I too would love some positive recruiting news, however, the holding pattern continues – ‘please return to your seats.’ It really worries me when Coward, Ivey and others say our coaching situation will not factor into their decision…how can it not? Offensively I think a deeper rotation will benefit us in recruiting, especially at WR, RB, SLOT and TE. This should have been a top class already. FSU is off in the distance, we have to take it 1 at a time…but as a spectator, if we continue to develop and show the ability to sustain drives, convert 3rd downs and make closely contested plays on a regular basis the FSU game could be competitive…right now I only like us to not be embarrassed. BTW, Orr screwed up, but I think Muschamp could have won over some fans had he allowed the team captains to have a say in the decision. Not to say his decision was wrong or that theirs would have been any different, just that he comes across as heartless toward his own (to some), especially when he has dealt with others like D. Robinson with more compassion and understanding. LUV UF!

  45. BTW, The goal line stands in the Vandy game were disappointing…why put Treon in at WR in that situation…put Fullwood and Robinson in as potential threats to rub/fade/jump ball or back shoulder if the match up favors us LUV UF!

  46. Here’s an idea – roll Treon out and give him a run / pass option rather then being stubburn and running up the middle 4 straight times. How about a play action pass? I hate to rag on Champ after two impressive wins, but that is his call and he has said in the past, that he wanted to establish the inside run. A good coach puts his players in the best position to use their talent.

  47. Here’s my thought. Why not give Adam Lane a chance?? All the coaches and players have said he’s the hardest guy on the team to tackle! Why would he not get the ball on the goalline. Or a package with both Lane and Powell and read it at the line! If the defense is stacked up on the inside give Powell a chance to use his speed to get the edge and get a yard that way. If they protect the edge let Lane bully his way in. How about bring back the shovel pass option? There’s so many options behind fail up the middle 4 times in a row! That’s my biggest frustration with this staff!

  48. Great observation Homer, but when you said”A GOOD COACH” well, you answered your own question about why some of the BETTER OPTIONS were not taken. Champ is not a “GOOD COACH” so he’s doing the best thing HE knows how. He’s just stubborn with his lack of “offensive strategy. If ONLY he would allow someone with some imagination to perform their job, we would be so much better off. Why do we WASTE good money on an OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, when MUSCHUMP is going to follow his distructive pattern anyway? GO GATORS!!!!

  49. G2 I can name several reasons to support the assumption but the bottom line is, Muschamp is the common denominator. I know Coach Spurrier and I can assure you he wants the best for UF but there is NO WAY he supports what we has been our offense – NO WAY…and that’s being PC and kind. Zach I wanted to toss a question for the Stack but unfortunately I’ve got nothing…oh, here is one: Can you tell us which recruits Muschamp is or was (prospect drop us or committed elsewhere) personally recruiting? Thanks.

  50. G2, we have had 3 OCs and the offense looks the same. Champ has said he doesn’t call plays but he tells the OC what he wants to do (run the clock). Our offense looks nothing like what we ran in the spring or what Duke runs. Our offense looks exactly like what Pease ran last year and what Cheeseburger Charlie ran in 2011.

    Common denominator – Will Muschamp

  51. Keep your fingers crossed. Today could be a horrendous day for UF. Malik Henry, the top quarterback recruit for 2016, announces today, and FSU is a finalist. This kid looks like the real deal, as much as Winston did, just pray he doesn’t choose FSU.

  52. Zach, for your 11/14 recruiting article. Could you address the linebacker situation? I was thinking we needed 4 this cycle after getting none last year but I am concerned about numbers now after losing two. Jeffrey Holland and Roquan Smith are still out there but I am not sure beyond that. Thoughts?

  53. Homer J could not agree with you more, champ , chump his print is all over this offense… Jeff Driscoll does not mix well with the bros on this team and for that reason he cannot succed in any form or fashion. THEY will not perform or work as hard as they do for a player that mixes it up with the boys.