Commit of the week: OL Tyler Jordan

Tyler Jordan will attend UF's next home game against South Carolina on Nov. 15. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Two days after watching his future school win its biggest game in years, Florida offensive line commitment Tyler Jordan helped his team capture its third district championship in four years.

In the first District 3-5A tiebreaker in seven years, Jordan and Jacksonville Bishop Kenny competed Monday night in a three-way tie for two playoff spots.

After Westside defeated Ribault in one quarter, 6-0, Bishop Kenny handled the Wolverines 22-0 to win the district.

“It felt great,” Jordan said. “They beat us earlier this season, so they came over to us before we started playing and talked trash. But we took care of business.”

Bishop Kenny was district champs in Jordan’s freshman and junior year, but the loss of record-setting quarterback John Wolford (now at Wake Forest) caused many to doubt the Crusaders this season.

“People thought we weren’t going to do much without him,” Jordan said. “We play in a tough district, so winning it meant a lot. I think this momentum will carry us pretty far. We’re really confident right now, and that win made a big statement to other teams.”

The Gators were in Jordan’s hometown Saturday to face Georgia, but he decided against going to the game.

“I could’ve had tickets,” he said, “but they were on the Georgia side. I didn’t want to sit there.”

Jordan, one of UF’s strongest commitments, enjoyed watching Florida’s upset win over UGA.

“I loved it,” he said. “I loved the running game and the holes that the offensive line made. Coach (Mike) Summers has done a great job with them.

“I’m always going to be solid no matter what, but that game made me feel even happier about my choice.”


  1. Our staff needs to take a look at one of Jordan’s teammates — WR Chuck Wade. I played football at Kenny and graduated in ’11 so I stay pretty close with the program. I’ve seen Wade play a lot, he’s only a 3* but this kid has a ton of raw talent and some really soft hands. He’s committed to Wake Forest but Florida needs to take a look at this guy.

  2. Best of luck to a unwavering commit. …..won’t be many of them this year. This class won’t crack the top 50. They are going to wait too long to fire Muschamp and lose out on all the recruits. Unless there is a miracle coach signing (Harbaugh, Gruden, Spurrier. …good luck!) The Gators recruiting class will suck. It’s too bad to, we had a chance for a historic one with Cowart, Ivey, Campbell, Jefferson. …now we won’t get any of them!

  3. Here we go again with the noles jumping into our sites. Don’t you have enough to worry about with shamus being brought up on charges on the 17th. Oh wait we are talking noles…just find a carpet to sweep that one under too. Go back to the nole hole you came out of primo.

  4. Primo – most of the big name recruits that are left are going to wait till signing day to declare. If the Gators decide to replace Muschamp, the coaches they would want to replace him with are most likely currently employed at another university. They would have to wait till after the year to pursue them anyways. The Gators won’t need a miracle coach signing. They will just need to get a known commodity.

  5. I hope the Gators finish up at 8-3 or realistically 7-4 and they keep Muschamp. I’ve been going to Gator games since 1966 and driven back to Orlando from Gainesville many times after a loss and I know how it hurts after a loss. I’m sick of Gator fans calling for the firing of Muschamp. back in the day I never heard all this “noise in the system” fans calling for the resignation of a coach. Back in the day it was the school’s president and the AD who made such decisions.

  6. I wish “GatorNation”???? would take the time to read Carlos Alvarez column from last year about supporting your team, coaches and players. I’m sure there were plenty of so called Gator fans who were pulling for Fla to lose against Ga and the same idiots are probably hoping Fla will lose out the rest of the season, so Muschamp becomes the fall guy for all of this. I plan on cheering on my Gators no matter what happens the rest of the season. These negative “Gator fans” make me sick.

  7. GoGator I hope you become more ill if you think everything is hunky dory. It’s not negative to expect more than a 7-4 season, Muschamp’s average record is 7-5, if UF beats the bad teams left and loses to FSU. It’s not negative to be upset that UF hasn’t went to Atlanta since Tim Tebow left, while watching Missouri, probably, go there again this year. It’s not negative to see no reason that anything has changed, the offense still sucks and UF’s best chance to win still depends on running over people because the forward pass is a foreign concept in Gainesville. If you think that is the ticket to Atlanta, I think you’re wrong. It’s not negative to expect more than an occasional upset of your main rivals, FSU and Georgia.
    So while the upset of Georgia is nice, it’s not negative to be aware that it was an upset, and one that shocked everyone because UF is so pathetic now.UF is also getting clobbered in recruiting, it’s not negative to be concerned about that,as well.

  8. “so Muschamp becomes the fall guy for all of this.”

    GoGator, he created “all of this” so why should he not take the fall for it. You are a raving idiot. I do support the program, with my wallet. Why would I want to keep this turd as a head coach. He is making millions and the team stinks. He is in his fouth year, and they are not even rated in the top 25?

    This is Florida. Other programs should be comparing themselves to us. Now others just make fun of us.

  9. GoGator, I understand your thought process and conformity, however I don’t agree with you or Carlos, or anyone who takes the stance that you all share. There are many players, coaches, fans, boosters, staff, parents, etc., who trained, studied, practiced, cared for, prepared and worked their butts off in order to play a contributing role in the creation of the winning UF program we’ve enjoyed in the past. VERY FEW are willing to blindly and silently watch it continue to crumble. We have afforded Muschamp more than enough time and opportunity. And the very low point in all of this was watching King Jeremy celebrate as if we’d blown out a heavy favorite and won another National Championship! LUV UF!

  10. Question Does our chances of having a better recruiting class improve or go down if Muschamp is let go after this season or kept after this season? Question If a coaching change is made after this season, Who would actually come here, realistically knowing that after 4 years, he like Muschamp could possibly be let go? What real names are out there who would be an improvement? What about asking the players to have to adjust to a new set of coaches with new offensive and defensive schemes?

  11. I think you guys on both sides are missing what should be the point. To the Muschamp haters: I hear a lot of you have to look at his whole body of work and his whole body of work says he sucks. That is false though. His first year was a mulligan year. No excuses but we all knew that year was gonna be bad with how badly Liar tore down the program before he left. On his second year he led us to an improbable, unbelievable, seemingly impossible, over achieving 11-2 season. His 3rd season was a disastrous failure but even so you can’t just overlook all the injuries. If you think a healthy 2013 Gator team is 4-8, you don’t understand football much. If you think a healthy Gator team that hasn’t lost all hope loses to that team that must not be named or vanderbilt, then I gotta believe you’ve been smoking a little too much something. And so no that leaves us with where he takes us this year. His whole body of work isn’t horrible. His defenses are always among the top in the league, special teams are usually great under him, he’s a top notch recruiter, and his off the field coaching has been the best we’ve had since Spurrier and probably better. I understand that 8 win seasonsome aren’t enough at UF. I understand that anything less than championship contention isn’t enough. But it’s not right to take away from what he HAS done. And evenow though you can’t just over react to one game, stop being so negative in everything and think about this. Saturday was the first time thar many of us have wanted to watch highlights from a Gator game in a long time. It’s the first time in even longer that we’ve wanted to rewatch and relive a Georgia game. For all he hasn’t done, you can’t take away from that. He on this Saturday brought back the fun in Gator nation. For the first time in 4 years we stuck it to Georgia, AND in the best way imaginable. For that he has my thanks. Don’t overlook the importance of that. Instead of having a woe is us attitude, maybe we should try enjoying this for a change.

    To those already on the save Muschamp’a job bandwagon. You have to understand that while Muschamp is a great and likeable guy, UF has no time to waste on a guy who’s not going to get the job done. 8 wins and hoping to back into East contention or creep into the top 25. We NEED a coach who is going to win titles. That Georgia win was amazing but we can’t overreact to it. We SHOULD be undefeated right now. All 3 of those losses were unacceptable. Winning 1 game does not make you a good coach.

    Now to both: I think you’re all putting too much emphasis on the record at the end of the season. That sounds weird because usually that should be where the focus should be. But not this year. We all knew Muschamp’s inexperience was his biggest downfal . We all should also know those early losses were more due to keeping Driskel in. This year the record actually doesn’t tell the tale. If we go 9-4 that shouldn’t be a good enough record to keep him, HOWEVER if through these next games he comes out and shows that he truly turned the corner, that the offense under Treon is instantly better and will be good next season, and starts reeling in the recruits again, then maybe firing him will do more bad than good. However if we win out but we look sorry limping through the rest of the seasons beating a horrible Vandy team, bad SC team, EKU team that we should beat in our sleep, then obviously get lucky against a vastly over rated FSU team, followed by getting an below average bowl game and beat a very mediocre team, then I can’t say I’d be able to support keeping him. The decision to keep Muschamp shouldn’t be based on 2013, shouldn’t be based on 2012, shouldn’t be based on how we did before the Georgia game. It shouldn’t be based on the past at all. It should be based on the future. At the end of the season as “Do I believe we can win a title next yeae?” If you answer yes then he should stay. If you answer no then he must go.

    Person I don’t believe it’s gonna happen. I just don’t believe hell show what he needs to to keep his job. BUT after that Georgia game, how good that felt, and all he did in that game, along with the fact that he is such a great guy and has done amazing with keeping our program clean, I’d say he has more than earned my and all of our support. I may not be a believer but I am definitely a Muschamp supporter. I may doubt but I’ll still hope and pray and root for him to do what it takes to earn the right to keep his job and win us many titles in the future. I am definitely on team muschamp and I believe if you’re a Gator it is your duty to join team Muschamp and root and support this man regardless of what you believe. If at the end of the season you want him gone that’s ok, but until then you should put your full support behind Muschamp. Because that’s the Gator thing to do.

  12. @TigerCatZeroZero, That Foley “THING” really shook me. This guy was out there hugging on anyone who would let him put his arms around them, and showing all 46 teeth in his mouth. Foley has done an excellent job at this university building the best athletic program in the SEC. But to act like his choice for HBC had done an impossible feat was ridiculous. Was that him saying “I did make the right choice” or “man, I’m glad we couldn’t go any lower”?I think even Foley has begun to except being mediocre in football. Shame!! GOGATORS!!!!

  13. I think you guys are looking for anyone and everyone to crucify and overthinking things. If anything I think Foley was so happy for Muschamp. Despite what you think of him as a coach, you know he’s a great guy. It was a great win and night for him. Foley was happy for Muschamp.