Recruits react to UF’s upset win over UGA


Florida’s embarrassing homecoming loss was a big blow to UF recruiting.

The Gators lost two of their top commits, and it looked like they could have a hard time putting together a 2015 class with a coaching change seeming inevitable.

But those concerns were not on the minds of recruits, at least for a night, on Saturday.

They thoroughly enjoyed Florida’s upset win over No. 9 Georgia, and many of them (including one of the recent decommits) expressed their excitement on Twitter.


  1. “Them (Gator) boys turnt” – With Treon at the helm I really hope to see this team finally make the turn that we’ve been waiting for under Muschamp. We’ve been so bad for so long with Driskel (offensively) it’s nice to see this team finally play with a spark. If Muschamp can keep it going he should rightfully keep his job.

  2. This game shows the Florida program remains a popular choice among recruits. If Florida improves and finds a cohesive passing game, Muschamp may survive. The big hurdle remains bay bitten South Carolina, reeling right now, and even might F$U appears vulnerable. As improbable as this seemed Saturday morning, Muschamp may have turned a big corner in Jacksonville. It still rests in the hands of Treon and a group of very young receivers. I’m guessing Muschamp and Roper turn it loose in the passing game a bit against Vandy, then play a similar gameplan against the Chickens. Your thoughts?

  3. Treon’s composure and presence could be the formula for this offense. Everyone seems to play well around him. Lets see if Roper will let him take a few more steps vs. Vandy. This could be a turning point for UF. Could you imagine what winning out and beating F$U could do for the Gator Nation? WOW !!!

  4. James Fisher, Keep talking, that giant dark cloud is moving closer to Tallahassee every day. When it finally hits, winning a game is not going to matter anymore. Title IV, NCAA, civil law suits, oh my!

    Have fun, it will be over soon

  5. This goes to show, with talent alone, we can at least compete…the Power play worked all night and should open up the passing game because others on our schedule will overload the box to stop the run, and our WRs will have opportunities to beat their matchup. Great to read about the happiness the recruits are sharing! Gatormac I hope we do open up but history has shown we will stay conservative until the FSU game… LUV UF!

  6. Relax fellows there will be no issues coming our way. aD assured me that we will continue running the program with integrity and honor. Why do you think recruits are begging to come to Tally. Great academics and football. Beautiful place to be in.

  7. One game, even as great as this one was for the Gators, does not make a season great but… It sure does help give hope for the needed turn around to have a successful season and a great close out to the recruiting of future Gator greats.

  8. Well, one thing anyone can see is that we need receivers, tight ends and another quarterback, and UF can readily offer playing time. We need top level linebackers, too. Defensive guys want to play in Muschamp and
    Durkin’s defense. Things might not be as entirely so dark as they looked 48 hours ago. Meantime, Uschamp and his team won a reprieve for the beleaguered coach and perhaps this is the breakthrough turn-around all Gator Nation has desperately desired. Maybe. We’ll handle Vandy because for the first time our guys enjoyed playing and were allowed to turn it a loose. They discovered what they’re capable of doing. Go Gators!

  9. HUGE WIN!!!!! and make no mistake, with our talent, we can beat anyone left on our schedule. That includes the mighty and oh so lucky seminoles who lost to Notre Dame but somehow stole the luck of the Irish just like Winston stole them Crab legs!!!!

  10. Let’s not make too much of a single great performance against a conference peer. Our guys should beat Vandy Saturday night. South Carolina isn’t likely to roll over and play dead and chill bring a much better passing attack from the outset of that game. If, and it’s a big IF, we win out through these next games and go to Tallahassee on a little roll, our Gators would be better tested than the under-chalked Noles from the ACC and may deliver a November shocker with a Florida win. We’re not going to do it without learning to pass the ball downfield. Let’s hope that shows up against Vandy.

  11. I agree Gatormac. I hate to be the negative guy for once, but this game changes nothing for me. I’m still on the fire Muschamp bandwagon. I watched the game and I didn’t see a well coached game (well offensively. obviously defense is always a different story under Muschamp). I saw a team of PLAYERS that came out and just dominated the other team. I mean imagine if it was the other way around. How pissed and embarrassed would we be if Georgia only passed 6 times and ran for over 400 yards. I daresay we’d all be calling for Muschamp’s head and be talking about how stupid he was to not be able to stop the run when he knew that was all that’s coming. That’s not good coaching. That’s just and O line and running backs who dominated, This game changes nothing. I hate to say it but I suspect we go back to the same terrible team and everyone is back to calling for Muschamp’s head in no time. NOW IF Muschamp really does turn it around and we win out AND look good doing it then I’ll be the first to jump back on Muschamp’s side. Muschamp is a great guy and I like him so if he gives me good reasons to believe I’ll be the first on his side. But if we don’t look like we’re going to be competing for titles NEXT YEAR, then he still has to go.

  12. by That_UAT_Guy,

    Everything about this game was quality coaching. Champ found the things that this team CAN do well and took the needed chance to give them a spark. Personally I like what he has done off the field and hope this is a sign of things on the field. Have never been prouder of our team AND a UF Coach.

  13. James Fisher= huge douche. Carlos Williams the latest criminoles, bunch of scuba, degenerates in Tallahassee, just a matter of time before something bigger. And there isn’t an ad on the planet that would talk to an asshole like you. Say hi to your gerbil for me you lifeless troll.

  14. Ken, Oh believe me I love what he’s done off the field as well. It truly is amazing. But a good coach has to do it both on and off the field. And on the field it hasn’t been there. I’ve been Muschamp’s biggest supporter, even after last year, but this year is just too much. The Georgia game doesn’t change it. I disagree that every bit of it was quality coaching. I see quality play making the coaches look good. Was it a good decision to keep giving Jones/Taylor the ball when Georgia couldn’t stop them? Yes. Could anyone have figured that out and done it? Yes. But what happens when we face a team who figures out how to stop the run? Believe me we will. Then what does Muschamp has up his sleeve. S far he hasn’t shown he has anything up his sleeve. I watched the game and not until we got up 31-7 did I believe we were actually going to win because I didn’t see great coaching. Even after that when Muschamp stayed his conservative self and tried to milk the clock far too early and Georgia scored again I thought he we go, the comeback. Because that’s what happens when you coach like Muschamp. The biggest problem I had with that game is it showed his lack of killer instinct. You NEED that killer instinct in this league. But when the Gators were up 14-7 and getting the ball with a few minutes left before the half did Muschamp try to score and put the game a little further out of reach? Did Muschamp go for the throat? No he took his foot off the gas and tried to run out the clock. That lack of killer instinct almost allowed Georgia to comeback had it not been for a great defensive stop on the goalline then Kelvin Taylor’s own killer instinct. Trust me I hate being the negative guy right now. I don’t want to be that guy. But I gotta speak the truth and I’m not going to over react to one game like ESPN. Trust me I hope, I PRAY I’m wrong. I hope Muschamp goes on and storms through the rest of the season, stays at UF, and wins us many championships. I like Muschamp and I would love nothing more. I just haven’t seen anything yet to show me that is going to happen

  15. However, Saturday’s game was the first game in a long while I’ve wanted to actually go back and watch. This is the first time in even longer that I’ve wanted to relive a Georgia game. Muschamp did deliver us that and I am extremely grateful. While Muschamp may not have made me a believer again, I am and always will be a supporter! Yesterday he earned the right to have the fans off his back for a little while. So as long as he keeps doing his job, I will not complain and be only positive from here on out. Here’s to Muschamp earning the right to keep his job. Team Muschamp!

  16. It’s one game. It’s great o see UF win, but you must have perspective. UF looked great for the FIRST time this year. The schedule that remains consists of bad teams and FSU. If Winston is on the field, I don’t see UF beating FSU. I also didn’t think UF would beat Georgia, but the team that beat Georgia has no resemblance to the one seen all year previously.
    The win over UGA may actually be a bad thing for UF in the long run. It’s a given thaqt Foley wants to retain Muschamp, and barring an upset, a 7-4 record with a win over Georgia may be enough for him to justify keeping him. That would mean that the average record under Muschamp, seven wins, is o.k. No trip to Atalanta and another minor bowl is acceptable. Let’s remember that the win over UGA is something rare. You don’t normally win over a good team with the complete absence of a passing game.
    If the recruits are so excited, why doesn’t at least one of them step up and say yes to UF?

  17. It’s one game… exactly.

    You know, watching Foley and Muschamp having hug-sex on the sidelines Saturday made me think of when we EXPECTED to beat UGA every year and DID. It was a rivalry, but it was still business, but Saturday we treated it like our soldiers were coming home from WW II.

    Needless to say, I firmly believe that the decision to fire Muschamp was already made after the embarrassing Mizzou Homecoming loss and that will still be the result at the end of this season.

    He’s had four years to beat UGA and he finally does it against what is a veroverrated UGA team. Muschamp has earned the right to coach out the season but he should still be released at season’s end and I still believe he will be.

    Any AD would be a FOOL to retain a coach like him for another year, whether he won a few more games or not.

  18. That_UAT_Guy, you are absolutely correct (in my opinion) We’re all thankful for the win and supportive of our team and staff BUT Muschamp has not earned the right to keep his job…and looking at the BIG picture, there is nothing he can do in the remainder of this season to change that. Nothing personal, he just hasn’t measured up to the modern UF standard – to the contrary, he has fallen markedly short. Reverting back to this Jekyll and Hyde/ Hide and Seek offense won’t win many important games and does NOTHING to develop your true freshman QB nor your weakest offensive areas (pass protection and a passing game) – yet another wasted opportunity to get better! I know many say “a win is a win”…I say don’t patch it up when I am paying you to FIX IT. I prefer we show an improved well balanced and potent offense and lose vs winning while hiding our ineptness…and if he says he’s doing it out of necessity – he’s arguing our case for us. Over the past 4 years there have been just too many bad decisions that continue to bite us in the butt, set us back even further and he doesn’t seem to adjust to things that he hasn’t scripted in his How to be a Head Coach manual. Hire Bobby Petrino ASAP! LUV UF!

  19. Seriously… What game did some of you watch on Saturday? 40-50 mile an hour winds and you have a freshman QB. Georgia with Richt as a HC for 13 years did not realize that until it was too late. Of course you run the ball. Muschamp has done more for the U of F off the field then his last 6 predecessors. On the field he will work the miracles that we have become accustomed to. So to all of you I say one thing…Go Gators

  20. Gator Rob, UGA didn’t have much trouble throwing the ball in the 40-50 mph winds. If they could have held on to two passes, that would have given them 8-10 more points in the game. Oh, and as for our freshman QB, he was a 3 year starter in high school, won back to back state titles in the highest classification in FLA and is running the same offense he did in high school. I’m not buying the excuses on why he’s not throwing the ball. Muschamp reverted back to his coaching scared mentality and ran the ball, controlled the clock and played defense. Yes it worked but we have seen several times in the last four years where this gameplan has not worked. For evidence, please rewatch the GA Southern game.

  21. Hopefully, these new Gators (recruits) will TAKE EVERY GAME as seriously as the present Gators took U.G.A. this weekend by beating them at their own game (rushing).
    If Florida beat Missourion Homecoming and taken them seriously, then the Gatos would presently be S.E.C. East Div. leaders, and ONLY ‘2’ conf. games away from Atlanta, and a shot at the S.E.C. Championship!
    So I hope that burn so badly, that ‘it’ never happens again!
    After 4 1/2 years, I think they should know, ”what it takes”, to get to Atlanta!

  22. Again…what game did you watch. Georgia had trouble with throwing the ball the first half. When the winds died down and their backs to the wall they managed to complete some passes. By then any coach leading the way we were stays on the ground. At what point do you congratulate a team and a man on a great game and move on? The nay sayers on this recruiting site just don’t get it. We are the Florida Gators..Teams go after us with everything they got. Just thank the Lord you are not a Texas fan right now.

  23. ~ Relax fellows there will be no issues coming our way. aD assured me that we will continue running the program with integrity and honor. Why do you think recruits are begging to come to Tally. Great academics and football. Beautiful place to be in. — JF
    * My response to that smelly pile is Tallycrappy and Clown-U with Deion Rules and Shameous Jameous… ROTF-LFAO
    (JF must be one of their infamous ‘Glitter-Boyz’ on game day)
    ~ The #2 Ox now wants to see some freakin’ PERSPECTIVE???? LOL
    * Hey Todd, are you the one to pick up that 8+ Mill payout if they fired WM? (didn’t think so)
    ~ Oh, and as for our freshman QB, he was a 3 year starter in high school, won back to back state titles in the highest classification in FLA and is running the same offense he did in high school. HomerJ
    * Nope, TH was in a 4A school, not an 8A school. QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 178 Fr **** Sr season: P – 126 of 213, 59% for 2,113 yds, 16.8 yds/comp, 28 TD’s, 4 Ints. — R – 633 yds with 9 TD’s
    Grier Sr: Had 4,989 yards with a National-best 77 TD’s + R- 1,251 yds, 13 TD.

    Grier gets put down for playing in a small program in NC, but that’s not the competition level that he went against when he was the #2 DT-QB at Elite 11, and he was also the Parade HS PoY.
    #2 QB-DT Will Grier 6-2 190 4.5/40 ***** Davidson, N.C. (Davidson Day) Parade National PoY, Maxwell PoY, and 2x N.C. Gatorade PoY.
    247 Sports 1st Team All-American and MaxPreps 1st Team All-American. U.S. Army All-American Bowl. – His 51 yard pass was longest play of Bowl. Tom Lemming Offensive Player of the Year…Named Mr. Football USA.
    Set a National HS Record for single-game passing yardage as a junior in 2012 with an 837-yard, 10 TD performance in the N.C. State HS Playoffs. HS Career Offense – P – 14,565 yds 195 TD’s – R – 2,955 yds with 31 TD’s.

    IF what some here claim, “that the team will ONLY play for TH,” then Driskel/Mornhinweg/Grier need to be packing their bags to get the heck outta G’ville. Very sad IF true. I’m not buying into that kind of crap.
    And if certain recruits will only come if TH is the QB, then I’d just as soon they go elsewhere to play. Nothing at all against TH on my part, IF he wins the starting job then it should be his, but I haven’t seen that happen yet. Passing for 3 of 6, 50% for 27 yds is about as bad as it can get. And he had a miss-cue fumble with Matt Jones, just like Driskel did. So was it the QB or the RB’s fault? It was quickly blamed on Jeff the 1st time around, just like all of the dropped balls go against Jeff’s completion rating/accuracy.

    IMOHO, only the bandwagon clueless and/or rival fans wanted to see Driskel benched or Muschamp fired. You are of course entitled to a different opinion, even if it’s WRONG! ;~))

  24. da muddler, that is the most RIDICULOUS comment I have EVER read on here, and that’s saying something. Really?? We’re going back to Driskel?? Seriously let it go! Admit you were wrong! Seriously, I was a Driskel believer too! I was telling everyone how stupid they were gonna look when Driskel dominated. Guess what I was wrong. Sometimes you have to admit you’re wrong and move on. It takes a serious lack of football knowledge to think Driskel has played even as well to say he’s poor this season. He has been completely horrible! It’s time to stop blaming everyone else and look at who was actually messing up: DRISKEL! Wanna complain about dropped passes? How come the receivers are catching Treon’s passes?? How come they can all of a sudden catch when Treon throws the ball? Obviously there’s gotta be something Driskel is doing leading to these drops. Maybe he’s throwing it in some funky way that makes it tougher to catch. Maybe he’s so inconsistent with the ball that the receivers never know where to look and that delays them getting eyes on the ball long enough to cause drops. Maybe they’ve just lost all faith in Driskel causing them to inadvertently give up. Whatever it is, it is CLEAR that it is time to stop blaiming everyone else for Driskel’s failures. And you wanna criticize Treon for his completion percentage and 1 fumble?? First of all that’s much better than Driskel’s usual stat line this season. Second, he didn’t get a chance to have a great game passing did he. I’ve seen plenty of great QBs start worse the 3/6 and end up with huge games and great percentages. And third, why don’t you look at the passes. the first was a catch but just a toe out of bounds. Not a bad play, just unfortunate, and if anything Robinson needs to show more sideline awareness. One pass was a deep ball that was over thrown, which if memory serves me correctly wasn’t going to be completed anyways. If anything it might have been a thorw away and at the very least it wasn’t intercepted like Driskel’s probably would have been. The last incompletion was an obvious throw away, which I’ll take that over an interception or sack any day. Then he completed a swing pass and a screen pass. Not hard pass, but can you fault him for NOT screwing up easy passes (something Driskel had a hard time doing). His last pass was a beautiful perfectly thrown ball to Pittman setting up a first and goal that we punched in for a touchdown. You also conveniently left out his running stats which were pretty good considering he only got 6 carries. Some of those runs were big first downs in big situations.
    And are you really trying to put in a plug for Grier?? I admit I thought he’d be better from day 1 and be the Gators next starter and possibly Heisman levels. But are you really comparing small time North Carolina football to big time Florida football?? No comparison at all! Come on Grier had an extra spring and summer on Harris, and Harris still won the job! Get over it! Grier may come back and win the starting job in a later season, but for right now Harris is the better QB.
    And last, no one is saying the team will ONLY play for Treon. They are saying that brings something to the team Driskel didn’t. It’s called leadership. We’re saying that when Treon gets in the game something changes. Everyone starts playing better. He makes things happen. It’s called leadership. The same thing Tebgow brought to the table that made everyone better around him. It’s not about the players deciding to play for one guy. it’s about one guy making the rest better by just being there. No one is saying they only want to come to Florida is Harris is the QB, but recruits DO want to play with great QBs and Harris is showing he could be that great QB for Florida. That gets recruits excited. They don’t only want to come for Harris, but Harris does give them an extra reason to want to come.

  25. @ TigerCatZeroZero, I agree even if we runthe table I don’t think Muschamp deserves his job. He hasn’t earned it , this guy has been here for 4 years and the program is so far down most of the people supporting him are satis fied with wins over Kentucky , Georgia who really is not a great team, we have great players as we can see but these kids are not being led by a quality HBC. Many are willing to settle for mediocrity. It he was smart enough to allow Roper to do the job that everyone was told he could do, this in my opinion would have been a much better season. He chose to DIE with Driskell, so bury him and lets move on with a REAL HBC. GO GATORS!!!!

  26. That UAT Guy you are SO RIGHT, its hard to believe people CAN’T move on from Driskell, he just doesn’t have it and the players know that. These guy are at the practices and they want to play with a winner, they see that in Treon. Grier in my opinion should want to red shirt this year build some body mass and learn the game(SEC) he will not be able to sustain the pounding in this league with his body mass (my opinion). All thos e statistic Da muddler can up with has not produced a winning QB, its on the field , the action that counts. This is not a video game and the statistic will give you an edge. GO GATORS!!!

  27. Ok, someone please tell me where did our power run game suddenly come from? Why didn’t we take it to Bama? Very curious as to why UGA did not overload the box and run blitz because all we did was run Power Right and Power Left. Gary Danielson said “sooner or later they’re (UGA) safeties are going to come down in the box and start blowing it up.” That never happened…makes no sense (watch how often Vandy loads the box and brings pressure). Judging from Foley’s sideline celebration, I’d guess Muschamp will survive the season and possibly more – courtesy of UGA…his alma mater. Conspiracy?? Nah, what does UGA have to gain if Muschamp is retained? LUV UF!

  28. MUDDLER, the buy-out is $6 mil btw.

    Secondly, yeah, I am picking up the tab, as is most of Gator Nation who invest their hard-earned money and time in this program and have for years, unlike many like you I’ll wager, who watch the game on a flat-screen sitting on the sofa. LOL

    It’s also amazing all the newbies I’ve been watching appearing on Gator boards since the big win who are all for Muschamp staying, and you can tell many are rivals. LOL

    First win over a ranke team in three of four years?

    Twenty-seven 4 and 5 star recruits in this state are committed to colleges and NOT ONE sommitted to UF?

    Where are we ranked btw? Where were these big wins in three of the last four years?

    You didn’t learn from last year? You want more meltdown football next year? Keep Muschamp then.

    Myself, our players and fans deserve better than 6 or 7 win seasons.

  29. Gator Todd , you made mention of the 4/5 stars in the state. FSU cant get them all, so you should be able to get a couple anyway. There is nothing wrong with getting 2 and 3 stars from this state. They are still serviceable.
    Foley will be ok with the 7 wins this year. You look for improvement every year and i think UF will show that. Why would you run of a coaching for making improvements.
    You played FSU pretty tough for a half last year. Burton went down and things kind of crumbled. That is not Muschamps fault. Hey GA Southern wetter than advertised. Vandy with their best year,a fired up Mizzou and UGA .. thats tough to overcome. A trip to Baton Rouge is never easy. Be happy in your improvement. You went 4th in the state to 3rd behind the 2 ACC teams.

    Good luck in Nashville my Gator friends.Noles have another tough one coming up.Jameious will pull us thru . He just needs a little seafood for pregame.. tsk tsk

  30. Gator Todd , you made mention of the 4/5 stars in the state. FSU cant get them all, so you should be able to get a couple anyway. There is nothing wrong with getting 2 and 3 stars from this state. They are still serviceable.
    Foley will be ok with the 7 wins this year. You look for improvement every year and i think UF will show that. Why would you run of a coaching for making improvements.
    You played FSU pretty tough for a half last year. Burton went down and things kind of crumbled. That is not Muschamps fault. Hey GA Southern better than advertised. Vandy with their best year they had taking your homecoming queen ,a fired up Mizzou and UGA .. thats tough to overcome. A trip to Baton Rouge is never easy. Be happy in your improvement. You went 4th in the state to 3rd behind the 2 ACC teams.

    Good luck in Nashville my Gator friends.Noles have another tough one coming up.Jameious will pull us thru . He just needs a little seafood for pregame.. tsk tsk

  31. “Wanna complain about dropped passes? How come the receivers are catching Treon’s passes??”
    * Yep, 3 of 6 (50%) for 27 yds, 0 TD’s,,,,, so I see what you mean, and how QB smart you really are….
    I can think of other reasons for dropped balls, other than bad throws by a certain QB. Your rather large stack of MAYBE’S tells me very little, like MAYBE you don’t KNOW chit?
    Oh btw, I never said to put Jeff back in, I actually said that he, Skyler, and Grier should get outta G’ville as soon as possible. Do you agree with that,,, MAYBE?
    Good luck to TH and SJ, they are UF’s apparent future at QB. (I’ve also already said that.) Grier to SOS at SCa. Happy Now? Jeff’s already got his UF degree, so he can go anywhere and play. (and talk about my excuses, look at your list of EXCUSES for TH, are you his invisible girlfriend?) And the pass to Pittman was thrown behind him, the WR made a good adjustment to catch it and go down on the 2, instead of into the endzone for a TD.
    Are you really comparing 4A FL football HS defense to the defensive competition level at Elite 11 in Oregon? LMAO – Chris Leak also came from small time NC football, and he’s still UF’s all time career passing yards record holder. Your own interpretations of what recruits have said are bs imo. Go back and actually read what was said and quoted by THEM. And one last thing, go back and read what the TEAM has constantly said about Driskel. That’s from them, not me. Lastly, how many games has Driskel been suspended for, for his off the field actions? Personlly, I don’t care how good a QB he is, I wouldn’t want a Shameous Jameous as UF’s QB….
    Creek – Grier should build some body mass? WTH??? Per Gatorzone Bio info:
    Will Grier 6-2 200 — Sr Rushing – 1,251 yds, 13 TD’s
    Treon Harris 5-11 190 — Sr Rushing – 633 yds, 9 TD’s
    I would have been playing all 3 QB’s from the start, just like I’d have been playing 4-5 RB’s all season, but that’s me. I’m a TEAM kind of guy, not a Stars & scrubs kind of guy….
    Claiming that Harris is more physically developed than Grier is about as STUPID and this bs:
    Adam Lane 5-7 222 rsFr (Spring: 6.5 ypc, 3/3 receptions, 3/3 on picking up blitz)
    Brandon Powell 5-9 177 Fr — He plays while Lane sits and rots on the bench…. Looks like BP needs development to me, play Lane.

    Published Contract Buyout for 14-15-16-17 was around 11.7 Mill. I just divided by 4, and then multiplied back by 3 (15-16-17) to get the 8.7 number. Muschamp was voted by the other SEC coaches as the 11-1 2012 CoY, 2 seasons ago. He has led the nation with 21 flips, and he’s brought in 41 recruits on the ESPN Top 300 List while he has restored team off-the-field discipline. I don’t GaS where they come from, I only care if they are quality student/athletes with good character.
    I was at Old Florida Field when SOS was our QB, not the ole HBC. I was at the Sugar Bowl for his MVP 18 – 20 loss to Mizzou. I was at every game for Pell’s 0-9-1 season in 1979. I was at every home game for the 1996 mNC season. I’ve long ago earned my right to no longer fight the traffic, crowd, heat/cold, lines to the restroom or concession stands, and I usually have a Gurkha and a Bass ale on my porch at halftime. I’m also still a member of the UF Alumni Assoc. Your assumed BTT snobbery amuses me.

  32. Hey muddler you do know that when at the elite 11 that’s not live game action right, just guys for the most part doing passing drills with no pads. Also when guys like Aaron Rogers and Big Ben get an invite to the E-11 wake me up about the E-11.

  33. Da-muddler You are getting a little better, at least you don’t put down monikers like “wrecking ball” about a guy who has yet to play at all. I’m sure Jeremy Foley agrees with you, so you’ll probably get your wish if Florida beats the three remaining bad teams on the schedule. If Foley didn’t fire Muschamp after losing to Georgia Southern and going 4-8, I doubt he’ll fire him for going 7-4 and beating Georgia, unless there is a revolt by the boosters who pay for their influence that the checkbook will be closed unless Muschamp is fired.
    I’m sure you’ll be happy. I think that Florida should expect more than a seven win season with five losses, which is the average under Muschamp, and winning more games against ranked team than losses. I guess I’m just crazy, after all Muschamp did have one shining year, 2012, but even then, UF didn’t go to Atlanta or win a major bowl game.

  34. muddler… HAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously?? Really?? Really?? REALLY!?
    You wanna try to say I don’t know anything but use 3/6 passing for 27 yards as a response why aren’t the receiver’s dropping Treon’s passes? WHAT!? Maybe you should go back and watch that game, or have someone explain it to you! ZERO of those passes were drops! 1 incompletion was actually caught, just a toe out of bounds, and 1 was thrown away, which I’m sure you’ve never seen any good QB do that! hahaha. The other pass was a deep ball overthrown which looking at the coverage wouldn’t have been caught anyways. I’ll take the over throw over a Driskel interception all day.

    You wanna bring up the Latroy Pittman catch?? Why don’t you go watch the game again! There was a defender in front of him who would’ve picked it off had Treon led Pittman, which makes the pass that was a little behind a perfect pass. He put it where only his guy could get it and guess what, he got it. And that just further proves my point about dropped passes. Pittman adjusted and caught that pass. Tevin Westbrook caught a really difficult pass in the endzone againast Missouri. So again I ask you, why don’t the receivers have any trouble catching treon’s passing if none of it is Driskel’s fault??

    “I can think of a lot of reasons for dropped balls other than bad throws by a certain QB.” Yet you didn’t give one. You know it’s easy to say you can give reasons. Harder to actually come up with reasons. Acting like you have more info than you actually do is not a logical argument… NEXT!

    Really you’re going to bring up Treon’s sexual assault charge? You’re going to compare him to Winston How CLASSLESS are you!?? Treon got accused of something awful by a woman looking to take advantage of him. There was absolutely no evidence he did anything wrong and all the evidence that he was innoncent. The evidence for him was so overwhelming the case was dropped in less than a week! You’re going to hold it against Treon for having some disgusting woman try to take advantage of him. Hold his innoncence against him! You, sir, disgust me!

    As far as Will Grier and Chris Leak, you show your lack of knowledge once again. Chris Leak came from a 4A school in North Carolina, Grier came from Davidson Day who just recently moved from 1A to 2A. Davidson Day has only had a varsity football team since 2011. Yeah I’m sure Will grier had the exact same experience as Chris Leak… Smh

    As for Grier’s body, are you really gonna compare that to Adam Lane and Brandon Powell?? And you say I don’t know football?? What are you smoking?? You really gonna compare different positions for body size!? Let me share a secret with you (Shh): Different positions have different ideal body sizes! You don’t want a receiver as big as a linemen. And you don’t want a linemen the size of a back. I have wanted to see more Adam Lane and I’m disappointed they haven’t used him, but I can admit it’s a different scenario. We already have older more experienced back who bring his kind of game to the table. We have backs who can be the power runners. Brandon Powell is the only running back on our roster who can bring that electric home run threat ability he has. THAT’S why he plays over Lane.

  35. aux 2 couldn’t agree more. It’s hard to watch gator football from 1990-2011 and be fine with the last four yrs. Or be too pleased about 2012, because we had a squad epically on defense that was good enough to win it all. Just look at Bama Vs A&M, LSU, and UGA that yr and look at us against those same teams. LSU & UGA could have and should have beat them and A&M did in Tuscaloosa. Also so tired of the Meyer left him a mess excuse, how many of the main guys from 2012 were Meyer’s, and most of those guys starting at the next level.

  36. You people just can’t be happy with a win. Yes we have had some bad games but so has every other team in the nation. We knew we weren’t going to beat Bama. Yeah we should have brat LSU. But the dropped pass wasn’t the coaches fault. Missouri I just can’t even explain that one. But the gators have a really good chance to win the rest of the other SEC games plus I have a really good feeling that Missouri is going to lose at least 2 more games if not all three of their remaining games. Georgia still has to beat Kentucky which may or may not be that hard but will most likely lose to Auburn. So we still have a chance to go to Atlanta. Just chill and let’s finish out the season. Or hell at least enjoy a win for once.
    Go Gators.

  37. If one speaks up for a great win, then one must speack up for turd games as well. Under Muschamp, there have been far too many turd games….

    This fan base has been brought to looking for other teams to lose multiple games to have a shot at an SEC title….

    The UGA game was a good win, I will give him that. But beating UGA once in four years should not give him one more year….

  38. Mushmouth??? Is the rest of your life so filled with doom and gloom that you can’t take one week and enjoy it? I feel sorry for those of you that have to continually have such sorrow in your lives. Enjoy the day

  39. The ‘Game Ball’ went to Champ. >>> The players presented Muschamp with a game ball in the locker room after the win over Georgia. — That’s the player’s vote on who the HBC should be. But of course you outside whiney know-it-all fans are so much more informed about the team than the players ever will be….. lmao

  40. I’m in full support mode of Will Muschamp. I’m rooting for him, but muddler that logis is flawed to the t (or f??? I don’t know. haha). Players usually love their coach, are loyal to their coach, would give the coach their vote. Zook was loved and supported by the players, want him back?