Commit of the week: ATH Derrick Dillon

Derrick Dillon is Florida's only selection so far for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. (Photo by 247Sports)

Derrick Dillon had one of his most impressive performances of the season Friday in a nail-bitter at his high school, Franklinton (La.) Pine.

The Florida wide receiver commit scored five touchdowns in his team’s 38-36 loss to Springfield (La.).

Dillon found the end zone on the first play from scrimmage, rushing 70 yards on a quarterback keeper. The 5-foot-11, 175-pounder followed that up with touchdown runs of 73 and 52 yards.

He also had a 72-yard kick return for a score and threw a 32-yard touchdown pass on the last play of the first half.

Dillon, who now has 24 total touchdowns on the season, was selected to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Wednesday.

After his ceremony, Dillon told 247Sports he plans to visit Texas A&M and Georgia in November and wants to see what happens with Florida’s coaching staff.

WR Kalif Jackson, Neptune Beach Fletcher: Jackson caught four passes for 82 yards and one touchdown in a 38-7 win over Buchholz. He now has 21 receptions for 407 yards and nine touchdowns this year.

QB Sheriron Jones, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde: Jones threw a pair of touchdowns in a 59-45 loss to Riverside (Calif.) Poly, his team’s second loss of the season.


  1. Two of the guys listed, Dillon and Jones, are guys I’d like to hear more about. Jackson is a guy that I think will come to Florida regardless of who the new coach is. As for the other two, I’m sure the sharks are circling them now with renewed intensity with all the blood in the water coming from the UF program. What teams, if any are in hot pursuit of them now? Has LSU offered Dillon yet? Jones is the most important recruit with the iffy quarterback situation at UF. Is Roper the reason he chose UF, and does the possible, certain if UF loses to Georgia, firing of the staff mean that he is a possible casualty? Usually out of state guys choose a school due to a relationship with the coaches, not because they have any loyalty to the school. We’ve already seen UF’s top recruits from out of state bolt. What are the chances Dillon and Jones follow suit?

  2. Cmon aux. Just because a guy lives in Louisiana doesnt mean that they ALL go to lsu or that they want to go there. He obviously chose UF because he feels it’s a better fit and a better school. Lsu lost 4 or 5 guys last year including Gerald Willis to the Gators. I’ve said all along that I think Derrick will be the sleeper recruit that will be the best when its all said & done. GO GATORS!!

  3. Not real sure, aux2 but I’m sure if they haven’t they probably will. Thing is that he’s never publicly said whether or not he even likes lsu or not. He might just want to be like Gerald and experience life outside of LA. I think he and Sherion will be the 2 cogs that could potentially jumpstart the program. If UF can get a couple of the teetering 5 stars then the class could be really special. I think a good performance by Treon will go a long way in trying to see what the recruits think about the direction of the program. GO GATORS!!!

  4. Since other schools are using Muschamp’s possible firing as ammunition to recruit these young men, then someone should bring up the fact that Hoke is probably gone in Michigan. If this happens, the Les Miles to Michigan rumor should deter these guys from LSU for the time being.

  5. BRGF — just wanted to say that I love your reading your comments. Your insights are usually right on and you always try and remain positive about the gators (as hard as that has been the last 2 yrs). I know I am in the minority here, but if the Treon and the offense both show promise, then I hope the Gators can win 4 of the next 5 and retain Will & Co. If that happens they will sign a top 6-7 class. You simple cannot win in the SEC with a QB like Driskel. He is Will’s biggest mistake but there were a lot of factors working against Will when it comes to the QB position. His first year they only had 3 Scholarship QBs, two of whom were true freshman. Once Brantley got hurt (not that he was much good), then the season was over. As bad as Driskel is, he somehow beat out Jacoby and the rest is history. Biggest mistake was not going the guy that signed with UCLA a few years ago.

  6. Hey GFIP-thanks for the kind comments . Look-trust me-I’m as down about our season as you are but I try to make lemons out of lemonade. Yeah the season is pretty much in shambles but look at it like this-UF is a dropped pass, a 3rd & 25 conversion, and an outright dumb pass across the middle from beating overrated lsu. Win that game & the season looks totally different. If they play defense like they did against Missouri then they have a chance. Shore up the special teams & cut out the turnovers and they can hang with Georgia. Their QB cant throw all that well & if the run game isn’t there I dont think he can win it. Stay positive & GO GATORS!!