Zach’s Mail Stack 10/23


After going a few weeks with hardly any questions, you guys came through this week.

I guess that’s what happens when there’s something to talk about recruiting wise. Unforunatley, it’s not the discussion most hoped we would be having.

Following Florida’s embarrassing loss to Missouri last Saturday, Will Muschamp’s seat is scorching hot and some prospects are starting to cool on the Gators.

The majority of you asked about the future of Florida’s heading coaching position and how it relates to recruiting.

On to the questions!

Zach, the implication from Jalen Merrick and several other top recruits is that they would commit if they knew this staff was safe. In other words, they want to play for Muschamp. It seems to suggest that regardless of the win-loss record, these big recruits believe in the staff and program, right? — BC

To a degree, that is true.

In my story yesterday with Mike Farrell, I included tweets from three five-star recruits who still support Muschamp and don’t want to see him fired. Now, that doesn’t mean they would come to UF if he stays, but it shows how much they want to play for him.

Merrick told me last week that he and a few five-star recruits won’t consider committing to Florida until they know the fate of this staff for 2015. So, yes, some top-tier prospects hope the coaches return next year, but they won’t discount the win-loss record.

Let’s say, hypothetically, the Gators lose to Georgia and Florida State in the coming month but Jeremy Foley decides to keep the staff. The elite recruits who are in Muschamp’s corner now may change their tune if Florida finishes 6-5. At the end of day, especially in this recruiting cycle, prospects want to see wins after last year’s 4-8 season.

How is Muschamp able to recruit after the homecoming loss? Don’t players want to be recruited by someone they KNOW will be there? — @Sebastienlg

Muschamp is one of the best recruiters in the country. I’m sure he still has talking points with prospects and reasons for why they should come to UF. However, his sales pitch is probably falling on deaf ears.

This is something Farrell touched on with me. He thinks the Gators should pull the plug as soon as possible and send their best assistants out on the road who have a chance to stay on with the next staff.

“With Muschamp, there’s zero percent chance he’s going to be retained. So you might as well send somebody out on the recruiting trail who has a chance to be retained,” Farrell said.

He makes a good point, although Florida would have to watch who it had representing the school if that scenario happened. You don’t want to rely on assistants who might be putting more time and energy into finding their next job than doing their current one.

Assuming Muschamp is gone, what kind of coach needs to be hired to salvage class and maintain chances with top players? — @DustinUselton, @MichaelMichuda, @Bigro94

Well, his reputation must precede him.

If a change is made, the new coach has to meet these five criteria in my opinion.

1.        Head coaching experience
2.       Offensive coach
3.       Previous success against elite teams, particularly from the SEC
4.       Has shown the ability to recruit and develop players from Florida’s recruiting base
5.       Ties to UF

Outside of an NFL guy, the big names from the SEC and ACC meet most of those qualifications.

Who are some in-state, lower-ranked guys who tend to fill a transitional class that we’ll begin to see on UF’s radar? — @dctownsend15

Even though there’s a strong possibility this will be a transitional class for the Gators, they could fare better this year than in the past when a coaching change occurred.

Most of the top targets on Florida’s board don’t plan on deciding until signing day, so a high-profile coach (and it’s safe to assume it would be) is going to have time to make an impression on recruits.

Muschamp would almost certainly be replaced by an offensive coach, and that should help UF close strong on that side of the ball.

As for defense, where the Gators still have needs at defensive end, linebacker and safety, they may have to expand their board at those positions.

Here are some names to keep tabs on moving forward: Houshun Gaines, linebackers Victor Alexander (UCLA commit), Derrick Graham, Darrien McNair (Mississippi State commit), Sherrod Pittman (South Carolina commit), Zedrick Woods (Ole Miss commit) and safeties Ben Edwards and Hunter Dale.


  1. Zach – Has anyone given thought to what it’d take to buy out Muschamp’s contract? I heard from a past UFAA president Muschamp’s deal is guaranteed through 2017 and that a buyout would cost somewhere on the order of $10 million. I don’t care who you are, that kind of money is nothing to be sneezed at. I think it’s unlikely the UAA wants to expend it unless they see a huge loss of big donors demanding that Muschamp’s head….

  2. Georgia tix used to be almost impossible to get your hands on. Now, a week from the game, I just got an email from Gator Boosters trying to unload unsold tickets from UF’s allotment. The best marketing in the world couldn’t drum up interest in more seasons of Muschamp ball. There is a cost for firing Muschamp. But there also is a cost associated with doing nothing as interest in your program continues to evaporate.

  3. Foley needs to publicly state his intention to keep Muschamp right now. The administration needs to make a long term commitment to the program, not the fans. keep Muschamp and in 5 years we’ll have 2 SEC championships and, perhaps, one NC. In ten years you can double those totals. Fire this coach and staff and you set the program back six years, minimum. Mark my words. The problem right now is that Gator “fans” suck. They are the worst collection of front-runners in the history of sport. It is shameful.

  4. Douggator You don’t have anything to support your hypothesis, in fact there is plenty of evidence to refute it. Muschamp should be fired based on his own words. He told us that Jeff Driskel was going to have a “great” year. This, along with him saying this was the most talented team on offense since he’s been the coach, is enough to to prove that he is a very bad judge of what a talented player looks like. He also said, even after the Alabama game, that UF is a “very good” team. Again, a very good team doesn’t finish 6-5, which is, in my opinion, the best record to hope for with this team. Muschamp also says you are what your record says you are. No need to regurgitate what everyone knows about his record, except that it is a poor one. Muschamp’s own words are an indictment of his ineptness, and you say it would hurt Florida to fire him because of imagined victories down the road? The recruits that showed support for Muschamp staying are almost a cinch to not choose UF, even they know that. I’m sure Jimbo Fisher and Mark Richt are totally with you. They’d love to see Muschamp retained.

  5. The only shameful part of this is that there are some Gator fans that are learning to accept losing.

    I don’t think the coach needs UF ties. Requiring that would eliminate the majority of candidates. Did Meyer have SEC or UF ties?

  6. Late 80’s all over again! Make the changes NOW and we will attract recruits who see a great university with everything to offer; guys that are non-bandwagon types who want to bring our program back to prominence….stay the course and we’ll continue to fall YEARS behind everyone else. LUV UF!

  7. Yea Douggator firing Champ will set the program back 6 years my ankle…

    Like Spurrier did in his 1st year winning the SEC Championship and Myer wining a National Championship in his second year… Get it!!!
    Go Gators!!!!!

  8. Radical idea….. Since we have to pay Muschamp retain him as recruiting coordinator and defensive consultant through 2017. Treons relative who coaches the large Miami high school (Booker T Washington) where Treon comes from has a record of 47 wins and 4 loses, 2 state championships ad I believe a National number one rating. This year he is again 8-0. Look at what Malzahn did at Auburn coming from the same envirnoment. We could get a coach that could bring some Booker T Washington talent with him (#1 tight end great corner back ++), and definitely is a winner. Muschamp could be very useful in his job as recruiting and defensive consultant, and could guide the new coach around the SEC rules and environment..we have to pay him anyway, and we could put together a great recruiting class with minimum disruption. What do we have to lose!!! Without this approach the next three years are going to be a rebuilding disaster we will all not want to watch. Go Gators!!

  9. Douggator I bet you thought the same thing when it was time to cut the Zooker lose. And he never had a season under .500 that on e really set us back ( 2 championships and a Heisman winner). Aux you said it best and you gave evidence to back your statements. I said it last yr even with all the injuries last yr we still had more talent than Vandy and GSU should haave gone 6-6 and that wont cut it around here. And Doug we are front runners because for the las 20+ yrs we’ve mostly been in the front where we belong the Univ, facilities, and the state that produces talent like no other. instead I got to watch a Miami kid like Cooper catch passes at bama, and his high school QB become a star at Louisville (bridgewater) get the Dawg out now and lets get back to where we belong.

  10. I think Florida should open the playbook and hold nothing back against Georgia. Let Treon fire away. Let’s play up tempo like we were told we would do. Play Powell and Lane some. Let’s see what they can do. Jones and Taylor with Powell and Lane. All we heard during the spring was how hard it is to tackle Lane. Give him the ball. Rotate those guys with the best receivers we have. Drob, Fullwood, Debose, and a Bailey or Thompson. Spread out the field and play like you have nothing to lose. Kick the ball into and out of the endzone like everyone else. Special teams hurt us bad against Missouri.

  11. gatortracker You never keep an old boss around, it doesn’t matter what the business is.That’s crazy idea. The whole staff needs to be fired. If the new coach wants to hire one or more of them, fine. To develop a winning culture, you need to get rid of everything associate with a losing one. That includes players, if they don’t buy in to the new regime. Driskel’s expiration date has expired. He needs to be told to hit the road, he can’t help Florida anymore. It doesn’t need to be mean, buy it does need to be clear to all that don’t fully buy into the new regime. Something akin to what Beatrix Kiddo said to the woman before she plucked her eye out in “Kill Bill”; “Bitch, you don’t have a future.”

  12. Sorry NTCRZE I have seen it work on a number of occasions when the existing manager had something to offer but not the complete skill set to win. It is particularly important when you are paying the person 10 million dollars..try to recover something valuable if you can. I fully believe Muschamp has to be replaced but he is probably the best human being we have in that position for a long time, his judgement of offensive talent appears to be in error and his time to make a decision to replace or punish a player who miscues over and over is poor. He can recruit and he can help on defense..if he interferes throw him out, what do you have to lose? It allows him to save some face, the players feel good about his treatment and I believe he would contribute and know his place.

  13. Sorry gatortracker but ntcrze is right. Think back, it was getting a little uncomfortable having Urban around for a month or so after Muschamp was trying to get started. I know, he was waiting for his bonus, yada yada, but he was in the way.

  14. “oley needs to publicly state his intention to keep Muschamp right now. The administration needs to make a long term commitment to the program, not the fans. keep Muschamp and in 5 years we’ll have 2 SEC championships and, perhaps, one NC.”

    Cue up Little Feat;
    Don’t bogart that joint my friend
    Pass it over to me…

  15. GATOR TRACKER MOST KNOW i’M DEFINITELY NOT A MUSCHAMP FAN BUT , YOU MAKE A GOOD POINT. I’d hate to see him walk away with all that cash and knowing he didnt deserve it. I would agree with demoting him and making him the chief recruiter and co-defensive coordinator or consultant. But you would have to have a STRONG MINDED coach that will not be intimidated by his presence, some one like Jon Gruden. I like the Gruden Idea also, if he would be interested or not is another thing and the Foley pulling it off is another question. GO GATORS!!!!

  16. James, how many times have we heard “open up the playbook” by this staff. Pease said it almost every single week for the last 3 years. “We plan to open up the playbook”…”Gator fans will be surprised when we open up the playbook”. Yada, yada. Hell, we even heard it in the last disaster year w/ Meyer and Addazio. I agree, we should do that vs UGA, but don’t celebrate if you read an article about an interview w/ Roper or Muschamp that says we’re gonna do it. Celebrate when you see it happen for the first time since the Meyer/Mullen days (not the Meyer/Addazio days).

  17. I’m sorry, but it is an insane idea to keep Muschamp around. Who will the players look to for guidance? The new head coach or the one they cam to Florida to play for? That’s why you NEVER see what you’re suggesting because it is an unworkable proposition. Forget about the money, that’s Foley’s headache. Think about the health of the program. Talk about dysfunctional, keeping Muschamp around in any capacity would guarantee it. Anyway, it’s not going to happen, Foley already screwed up hiring Muschamp in the first place, he’s not going to make UF the subject of ridicule by doing something that is never done. You don’t halfway fire someone, you tell them to get out and don’t let the door hit them in the ass.

  18. Thanks for answering my question, Zach! Farrell says there is “zero percent chance” that Muschamp stays. I’ve never heard of a HC accepting a demotion but that could end up being a good situation for both sides. Muschamp is a Gainesville native and, for the most part, he has had success at UF defensively. It doesn’t seem like he’s meant to be a head coach so he would probably accept a defensive position somewhere else anyways.

  19. Doug”gator” you are either 23 or 93 years old…please just be quiet you sound like an incompetent idiot. Muschamp, despite his foolish rants on the sidelines which have calmed down a bit over the year, is a great guy but so am I (and from what I understand Driskel too) but being a “good” guy doesn’t equate to a great leader/head coach. Keep the right perspective oh young one…senile one.

  20. Why would a current successful Power 5 Conference Head Coach leave a school where he has built a solid foundation to come and coach Florida? Answer: Most wouldn’t and those that would are not the ones the Gator fans have listed as their favorites! All that having been said, here are my choices that we might have a chance to hire, if the job opens up:

    Dana Holgarson, West Virginia
    Gary Patterson, TCU
    Klieg Kingsbury, Texas Tech
    Mike Leach, Washington State
    David Cutclife, Duke
    Art Briles, Baylor

    Have fun and discuss!

  21. NTCRZE, I agree with you and “The 48 Laws of Power.” The extension was a HUGE mistake; should have ‘offered’ a performance based restructuring after last season. Probably should share a copy of that book with Foley and his consultants. 4 miserable years (yes 4) and still NO EXIT! I want my GATOR SATURDAYS BACK!!! LUV UF!

  22. I will cop to being more than a little desperate. I don’t think a supper sexy hire (Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly, or similar) is very likely. I also don’t think there is much chance of prying Mullen out of Starkville and it probably gets slimmer with every game MSU wins this season. With that being said, if an offensive minded guy with prior head coaching experience is the prescription, what about Rich Rod? Arizona is a shanked chip shot field goal away from being undefeated and has beaten the Ducks the last two seasons, this year with a (redshirt) freshman quarterback. People will slam him for his time at Messhigan, but he wasn’t given enough time to recruit guys more suited to his offense and was ultimately run out of town a least in part due to a lack a patience and the fact that he wasn’t a “Meeshigan Man.”

    His teams generally don’t have a problem putting up points and defense isn’t really our problem.

    Just my $0.02. Take it for what it’s worth…

  23. Zach, I respect your opinions but totally disagree about your criteria for a new coach. First off Foley is a moron for not having fired WM yet. However he has not fired him b/c Foley is trying to prove himself correct and save his own job. But when both Foley and WM exit stage door left, I don’t give a rat’s A$$ if the new coach has ties to UF or is an offensive minded. Plenty of defensive minded coaches have decent offenses. Being a head coach is totally innate and can’t be taught or learned. Either you have it or you don’t. I don’t care if our new coach has ever stepped foot on the UF campus or knows where UF is. All I care about is can he be a head coach, can he manage a program, can he manage the game? And the fact is Foley is ZERO for TWO in his sole 2 head coaching hires. Everyone knows he was just errand boy and fill in the blanks on the contract boy when Meyer was hired!. Goodbye WM and goodbye Foley. Neither of you will be missed.

  24. I wouldn’t discount Mullen if UF wants him. Mississippi State is a fraud. The SEC West is highly overrated, and they are just a part of that. I don’t see Mississippi State making the playoff, so why would Mullen stay? The question should be if he is really that good a coach, not if UF can get him.

  25. JaxGator, All of those names are a joke, except for Gary Patterson who is a excellent head football coach. Mullen is also joke as a head coach. Just as Freeze mismanaged the end of the LSU game, Mullen can’t manage game. Game management is simple, yet so few can d it.

  26. florida football facilities are average. Foley has not kept up with the elite SEC schools or The National Champions. Remember when UF was considered the flagship university?? Kids want to see a nice indoor facility and academic support systems. UF has lingered behind. UF has become Purdue , Iowa St., Minn, Indiana, Wash State.ect…

  27. The new coach will not come out of Mississippi – you can take that to the bank. There are credible sources who claim that Muschamp has already been told that he will not be retained and is in negotiations for a buy-out. Those of you who think there is no chance of us getting Harbaugh or Kelly may be surprised. I believe Foley has gotten his hook in someone that will make Gator Nation pretty happy. There is a chance, however, that it could be a hire that will not be supported overwhelmingly. Rich Rod, for example, is one of the top names being kicked around. Personally, I hope we can do better than that. I’m going to hold out hope for Harbaugh, Kelly or another homerun hire. It will be crucial that the new coach hire a dynamic defensive coaching staff. I would like to see him retain the staff that is in place now. I believe Durkin has learned from some of the best and would do a great job. Plus, the players like Durkin and the other defensive coaches and there would be no transition. The new HBC could concentrate on the offense. Any coach in the country would love to have UF’s defense.

  28. Maybe the new coach can keep all of them around and continue with the great success that gator football is might want to think about a move to conference USA. You would at least , I think, finish in the upper echelon.

  29. Gary Patterson or Jim Harbaugh? I agree that Foley most likely has already laid the groundwork for Muschamp’s dismissal. I really don’t think he was ready immediately after the Missouri debacle. Muschamp’s contract is a big loss to swallow and needs support from others for Foley to act. A big, embarrassing loss to Georgia likely will lead directly to a cut bait announcement. Getting Harbaugh might have to wait until after NFL play-offs. Keep an eye on Hugh Freeze , Patterson and Jon Gruden. Agree that we would do well to retain Durkin, Lawing and maybe Robinson.

  30. You don’t keep any of the present staff. The defense has NEVER stopped anyone in the last couple of years when it mattered, unless you are happy with beating Kentucky and Tennessee. It’s like saying you want to kick the bums out of Washington, all of them except your bum. The whole staff has contributed to a losing culture in Gainesville, they all have to go. Folks keep saying that UF can lure a top flight coach, but no coach worth anything is going to come to Gainesville with any preset conditions, like keeping anyone from a losing regime. Maybe the new guy knows a member or two of the present staff and wants to keep them, but it shouldn’t be expected. Just like at Texas, another school that was under performing in relation to it’s potential, some severe housecleaning is in order. That means not only coaches, but players also. UF is probably going to have it’s second straight losing season, and some of you want to keep any part of the crew that was a part of it? It’s time for the entire staff to be fired and some players to either shape up or hit the road as well. The new coach needs to make it clear to guys that have not played well, like Jeff Driskel, that they have no future at Florida. They’re welcome to stay, but don’t expect to ever see the field again. It’s the same thing as when you get a divorce, it’s OVER for this staff.

  31. Bored to tears….
    None of you could do Muschamp’s job.
    None of you could do Foley’s job.
    But without a doubt, you all think that you could do things better.
    Instead of attempting to tell your betters how it should be done, why don’t you put in your own resume’ and try doing it for a change….

  32. Well, muddler, maybe YOU should do the job. I know I cannot. But, kinda like when the Titanic sunk, I know I cannot run a ship like that, but I can certainly recognize that there were horrible mistakes made on its maiden voyage. The same is true with Florida football. Not that long ago, I asked a very simple question on this very blog: since chump took over, is this program better off since he became head coach? I should think the answer is painfully, exceedingly obvious. This program is in complete disarray: horrible coaching, horrible play-calling, horrible quarterbacking, no hope, etc., etc., etc. Players look lost. I think Foley needs to pull the plug NOW, today, without delay. Put in an interim coach, and get about the process of composing a list of the best coaches out there, and then go hire someone WHO KNOWS HOW TO COACH, and who knows how to hire good assistants WHO ALSO KNOW HOW TO COACH. UF is one of the absolute premier jobs in the country, hands down. It may be THE top job. So, getting a top-tier coach should not be hard to do. Foley, we need a “name” coach, someone recruits will recognize. Just GET ON WITH IT, NOW………….

  33. Well, one of the guys that tweeted that Muschamp should keep his job, Jacques patrick, has pledged to FSU. I expect the other prominent one, Damien Harris, to choose to also go elsewhere. That leaves da-muddler, Jmbo Fisher, and Mark Richt leading the campaign yo retain Muschamp.

  34. Here’s the deal…and it’s really VERY, VERY simple.

    Georgia Southern had two 3 star recruits on their roster I believe. We have 5 stars, 4 stars, and 3 stars. It’s all coaching…period. From mental mindset, to execution of plays, to workout regimen.

    I very much like that Muschamp has cleaned up the off-the-field stuff…no thanks to Treon “I can’t keep it in my pants for 3 hours after a big win” Harris. Maybe he’s just lucky that these guys aren’t getting caught doing stuff. Maybe he’s recruited good kids, and not just athletes that are above the law.
    Whatever the case is…Urban Meyer had a bunch of criminals on our team and did very little about it. We won two National Titles with criminals.

    I want my cake, and I want to eat it too.

    Give me a good coach, and athletes that obey the law.

    I want both. Muschamp has only one of those qualities.

  35. Ntcrze I agree, all staff should be let go, its a necessary evil. SOME players can be salvaged but many are damaged beyond repair (whether they realize it or not). I believed our OC hire needed to be more “Offensive Head Coach,” because without such a powerful proclamation – the staff and player performance levels would be the same as previous years. Game 1 looked like Roper was that guy but the lack of up-tempo worried me…now it is obvious Roper is not the authoritative figure I had hoped for. In a not so subtle comment about replacing Driskel, Roper pointed his finger directly at Muschamp. I said it before (aux2 disagreed) and I am still convinced recruits are waiting to see who our new coach will be. Finally, I was reading an articles where former players were asked to voice their opinions on the state of our football…many were reluctant to be named and some were even unwilling to do so anonymously; my point is WHY are some reporters asking CURRENT players to voice their opinions…DON’T DO THAT!!!! God bless Big Mo and his family – wish we had more like him. RIP Gator. LUV UF!

  36. List in detail exactly what is wrong with the team.
    List in detail what was done wrong by the HBC and/or his staff.
    List in detail what you would have done differently,,, like how you’d have prevented all of the injuries, or how you would have dealt with the injuries differently?
    List the coaches that you would have hired. Those available and willing, not just your own speculative ‘wish-list’ of coaches.
    I’ll wait, listen, and learn from the vast experience and knowledge available here, to improve my own fanship…. ;~)

  37. da-muddler Muschamp’s record is 25-19. His record against ranked teams is 4-13. He was the coach when UF lost to an FCS school for the first time in school history, lost to Vanderbilt at home for the first time since 1945, he is 15-14 in SEC games, and UF lost consecutive Homecoming games for the first time since 1947-48. You only need one hand to count the good wins he has had in four years. His win record is inflated with wins over teams like Eastern Michigan and eight wins over Kentucky and Tennessee. Take away Tennessee, he has one win over UF’s rivals, Miami, FSU, and Georgia. We have seen this year that injuries were not the reason Florida was a bad team last year. In fact, they lost to the only good tam they played last year, Miami, before the injuries to Driskel and Easley.
    It doesn’t make a hill of beans who anyone picks to be the new coach. Muschamp’s record is proof that he doesn’t deserve to remain to be the coach. It makes no difference what excuses are made for him. The bottom line is that his record is bad, about to get worse. I don’t know why you seem to have so much invested in seeing Muschamp continue, but it’s time to wake up and realize that the record is what matters, not the reason for the record. The odds favor UF having a second consecutive losing season. Isn’t that enough for even you? I know you are really impressed with how many stars a recruit has and such. Do you see any of those players saying yes to Florida right now? How many recruits, that were locks to attend UF, saying yes to FSU, Miami, Clemson, or any other school does it take for you to realize that Muschamp has created a dumpster fire at UF?

  38. Well, that’s exactly what I expected from the #2 Ox, more mindless sniveling with little constructive content. While totally ignoring the critical ‘List’ information that I need to be a better fan. Typical…

    GR8R_G8R — Even less info, with more advice for his betters….

    Mush4brains — No real answers, just more smelly crappola leaking from his mouth.

    Exactly what I expected from this boards phootball genius types….

  39. Staring Reality in the Face: (muddling & just being honest)

    Max Staver – Tyler, Tx JC
    Jacoby Brissett – NCSt – Starter
    Tyler Murphy – BC – Starter

    It’s time,,, better to go sooner (in Dec), rather than later…..
    Jeff Driskel rsJr
    Skyler Mornhinweg rsSo
    Will Grier rsFr — (SCa ??)
    P – 195 TD’s to 27 Ints
    R – 2,995 yds, 31 TD’s, 6 LPF’s

    For better (hopefully) or for worse, Treon Harris and Sheriron Jones are apparently UF’s future at QB.

  40. I think a STRONG minded coach like Jon Gruden or Harbough could put this program on the map again NEXT year and it wouldn’t take three years as most coaches need. The recruits will come and they know they will be PROPERLY coached up and prepared for the next level. Either could retain any of the coaches (if desired) and not have a problem with respect or command.
    GO GATORS!!!!

  41. More ‘just muddling along’….

    Muschamps current 2014-17 contract has a buy-out price tag of 11.712 Mil. That’s 2,928,000.00 per year. So the 15-16-17 buy-out would seemingly be $8,784,000.00

    I hear some say that Will with unranked UFshould have been fired after the low offensive output vs #1 Bama. UF 21 – 42 UA (+21)

    With Spurrier’s Fun & Gun Offense, UF gained only 114 yards against UA in the 1999 SEC-C Game. That was a game where the Gators came in as the 9-2 SECe Champs. __IT Happens ———-
    UF 7 – 34 UA (+27)

  42. Mush4brains, you’re obviously to stupid to understand what my post implies, so you instead fall back on your usual immature, vulgar personal attack bs. Maybe you should remove that smellu shtick from your ugly butt, throw it away, and go buy a new one with some class on it.

  43. muddler,

    I get what you were saying. But apparently you cannot get that basically I am calling you a d o u c h e b a g…..

    What will you do when willie boy is finally gone? I guess you will find another’s desk to perform under……