Clemson commit, several future Gators visiting UF

Tonight's visit will be the first Florida game Deon Cain has attended this season. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida’s south end zone bleachers won’t be as packed with recruits tonight as it was last weekend for LSU, but the Gators are still hosting some important visitors for the Missouri game.

The most intriguing name is a wide receiver Deon Cain, a consensus top-50 overall prospect from Tampa Bay Tech.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder committed to Clemson on May 30, but that hasn’t stopped the Gators from pursuing him. This visit will go a long way in facilitating a potential flip for UF.

The Gators will again host Jacksonville Trinity Christian teammates Jeff Holland and Kendrick Norton, two of their top remaining targets at linebacker and defensive tackle.

Holland is believed to be favoring Florida over Auburn, while Norton visited last weekend and sounded like a UF-lean as he left The Swamp.

Florida will also host five of its 2015 commits — defensive tackle Andrew Ivie, wide receiver Kalif Jackson, offensive lineman Tyler Jordan, tight end Camrin Knight and lnebacker Adonis Thomas.

Getting Thomas on campus is big for the Gators. He told this week that UF’s season has been disappointing so far and he’s looking at Alabama, Georgia and LSU “just in case the coaches at Florida do not stick around.”

A good visit along with a UF win over Mizzou could help the Gators solidify Thomas’ commitment and ease his concerns.


  1. We’ve all had enough. Jeremy Foley gave Muschamp a generous opportunity. He needs to fire the coach no later than Monday, hopefully tomorrow morning, and name Roper or Durkin interim head coach. Start the search now for our next coach so he can be announced by early December. The new coach will salvage something of our recruiting class and inherit lots of talented guys eager for improvement. So who’s our next coach? Four names to think over… Hugh Freeze, Dan Mullen, Brian Schottenheimer, Kerwin Bell.

  2. Nothing to worry about here, fellas. Champ will say that we need to fix a few things, Jeff will say we need to fix a few things, we’ll hear more about how Adam Lane is unstoppable (but never sees the field) and so on. Foley will nod approvingly, oblivious to a stadium that is emptying out before the third quarter ends, and to use pat’s favorite phrase, this dumpster fire will blaze on into the night.

  3. Saw Cain at FNL He didn’t always blow guys away but he has the rare ability to go up and high point closely contested balls and make it look like a mix-match- very impressive for a guy who has been playing QB and very little WR! Hope he wants to play closer to home. Right now recruits are REALLY waiting to see who will replace Muschamp and the only things holding their attention are the Gator fan base and the UF Brand. Any time your opponents feels really good about their chance to defeat you and you’re not so sure about yours….YOU’RE IN TROUBLE…and that has been our situation under this staff.. I won’t kick a Gator when he’s down so I’ll simply say I appreciate Will, his staff and their efforts. LUV UF!

  4. TigerCatZero, I think Jeremy Foley keeps a short list of. “Next head coach ” possibilities a the time and will be talking with at least one current head coach ‘a representative by sometime Monday. Hugh Freeze will be a popular name and would make a good fit, if he can be lured from Oxford, Mississippi, where he was born and near the small town where he grew up. Maybe Schottenheimer but I had rather we hire a successful head coach from another program.

  5. Why in the world would Hugh Freeze leave Ole Miss for Florida? And why wasn’t he hired when Foley hired Muschamp? If Muschamp is fired, Florida needs to not let Foley be the only main source for hiring that coach. For Gator greats should be brought in, and even John Gruden to help evaluate who the next coach should be. Maybe even Gruden himself, but I doubt he would want to recruit on the college level.

  6. I have been a muschamp & driscoll supporter, untill last night. All I saw was a very incompetent offense. Defense play was fine, but now I am a fire champ supporter.Give harris the lead more taylor and some of the players that need to get playing time. Its time for a change,,get champs hands foo of the offense and see what roper can do before he gets canned because of champ. I am not sure about c leak as a receivers coach from the dropped ball cant catch air in a jug. DAVID CUTCLIFF,may be a good coach and might be availabe. `love them gators but sick of incompotense.. GO GATORS

  7. Talk around game cock ctry is spur dog will take muschamp in a heartbear when he gets canned. I live in carolina and listen to the gossip, and they need a defense. Might be a good combination….Maybe spur dog can come back dmote champ to defense cord and we will go to winning again???????

  8. If Muschamp beats Georgia, yeah I know… Not likely, he survives thru the end of the season, which would make things worse for long term recruiting whether or not he gets let go. Thus it almost makes a die hard Gator fan hope that The Dogs beat our butts, that is ALMOST… Might happen anyway.

  9. Jon Gruden makes plenty of sense. Apparently wanted the job when we hired Meyer but was tied up with the Bucs on a play-off run. Family ties in Tampa , wife is Southern from Knoxville, is available when we ‘ll need him to come.

  10. Jon Gruden is NOT coming to Gainesville. Nobody is waiting to see who the Gators hire. Recruiting is over for this year. The only hope is that the new guy can bring some players with him, but nobody is going to say yea to the dumpster fire in Gainesville right now. Expect the two highest rated, Baker and Thomas to bail pretty soon.

  11. My honest opinion right now is that every team lays an egg at least once in a season, we should’ve seen this coming. One of two things will happen – he gets the team to rally together and play physical for him (and Treon hopefully) to salvage the season and his job. Or they stumble along the rest of the way while Muschamp brushes up his resume for a D-coordinator job elsewhere. Mark Richt has used up most of his 9 lives in GA over the years so it’s possible. I think people don’t realize that a new coaching staff means 2-3 years of struggling while he brings in his own players, guys transferring, etc. If Muschamp can get ANYTHING on offense then we’ll be fine, the defense always holds its own.

  12. we’ve had 3 different offensive coordinators. the only constant has been muschamp. I’m a true blue gator but Mr. Foley I will not attend another game until you hire a coach that can coach. our special teams suck for a few years now, all we have is debose. our offense is a pile of putrid sticking crap. the other team needs to shower after playing us. our defense is good but they cannot cover for the absolute stank of the rest of the team. you better be interviewing people now and have a list of accomplished coaches not coaches “in-training”. The future of Florida Football will be decided by your next choice. Not to mention your future. I’m for backing the players but you are failing them and if we all need to leave the stadium after the first play to get you to make a change then that’s what we are going to resort to. Do your @#$%^&* job, because Muschamp cannot do his. enough, make the horror movie stop.

  13. Savage Gator This team has “laid an egg,” as you put it, for two years now. Last year the excuse was injuries and a couple of coaches. We now see that it was neither. It doesn’t matter who’s coaching or if the team is healthy. You keep hearing the mantra that FSU keeps finding a way to win, well Florida keeps finding a way to lose. The defense doesn’t always hold it’s own. It’s been as responsible as the offense, to a lesser degree, for the losses. It never stops anyone when it’s needed. I wouldn’t crow about stopping Missouri. Maty Mauk was as bad as Driskel, but didn’t give the ball away. If you know the other team is going to give you points, there isn’t a need to do anything on offense, which Missouri was smart enough to do. It’s time for even a diehard like you to accept that Muschamp is gone after this game. No miracle is going to happen, Florida is a bad team. Is there even one player on this team that is a great player? Even Hargreaves, Florida’s best player hasn’t been great. It’s time to fire everyone. Let the new coach come in and rebuild the program. Maybe Florida has talented players, but they have not shown it on the field. The best record possible for this team, I feel, is 6-5. I see no chance of this team beating UGA or FSU. Will Muschamp said UF is a “very good” team this year. That’s obviously wrong and he should be fired for that alone. It proves that he doesn’t evaluate talent very well, with the biggest example of his choice of Jeff Driskel to be the quarterback. Is there any doubt Driskel starts the Georgia game?

  14. You know what. I say limit Matt Jones’s carries for the rest of the season. Give that poor kid’s knees a rest and let him have a chance at a monster season next year. Play that stable of ours that’s been locked up.. in the stable.. all year.

    Oh and, has Muschamp been fired yet? Nope? K, will check again in a few hours.

  15. Aux2 > Since Driskel is so shell shocked maybe he starts Harris, Skylar would be a better option at this point. Its gonna be UGly in Jax, don’t think it matters who is back there lobbing int’s, defense can only hold out for so long with so little depth with or without Gurley man.
    Seems like Foley is going to give him a chance to beat Ga, haha, right.

  16. aux2, you are such a positive ray of sunshine… ha ha. I see you have the crystal ball that we all have been looking for. Obviously the problem has been the QB. Change the QB, change the season. Keep going with Driskel and keep losing. It’s the University of Florida, the recruits will come – they came before Muschamp, they will come after he leaves. I want to see him gone, but my point was that IF he can rally the troops after the bye week then he has a shot. But we haven’t seen anything yet to show that he can.

  17. Aux2, there is NO WAY this team ends up 6-5. I see only one game on our schedule that we have a chance to win. I see this team ending 4-7, at best.
    The problem, as always with chump, is lack of good coaching. This team has no chance to win, much less compete. I sincerely hope chump is fired as soon as possible, so the suspense is over, and Gator Nation can see something positive is being done. Right now, this program is in TOTAL disarray. It lacks direction, and why would any recruit take a chance on coming here with such chaos?

  18. Foley has reinterated that the job will be evaluated at seasons end, and not before then. A mid-season zooker is not going to happen.

    I can remember these same types were looking to replace BillyD after an slight non-Dance off season.

    That type is always around, the mouth-shooters are never far away.
    And the rival dweebs will always play to their snivelings.

    UF far and away now leads the SEC in Dropped Passes, so benching Jeff will certainly solve that problem, get to it. While you’re at it, don’t play or even consider Grier at all, allowing him to xfer as soon as possible. His mistake was in coming here instead of going to SOS/SCa in the first place. With T.Harris, we won’t need him anyway.

    (rolls eyes and heads for the lazy-boy…)

  19. muddler,
    you are showing what a goob you are. The problem is obvious. Muschamp has been horrible and this team and program goes farther into the toilet week by week. It looks like they did not even practice last week. All you ever refernce are dropped passes. 3-10 in the last 13. Yep – all due to dropped passes. Muschamop is basically stealing money while we get to watch pure garbage week after week……..

  20. The only coach on Foley’s list that should receive a call is Kerwin Bell. Bring him back home (aka Spurrier) and let him run the show. He has experience and is offensive minded. Keep the defensive staff together, give DJ full control of that side of the ball and let Kerwin run the offense. Keep Tavaris Jackson as recruiting coordinator and keep the class together. Agree with another post that when Muschamp is fired, he’ll be the next defensive coordinator at South Carolina and if we’re lucky, he’ll also be their “head coach in waiting” too.

  21. We have so many dropped passes because JD does not through a catchable ball! everything he throws is hard or harder, and before y’all go all Farve, Elway, & Marino and rocket arm QB’s etc they all new when to put touch on the ball. When you throw as hard as possible you must have pin point accuracy something the above mentioned had and JD as we all know does not. Also will be the first to say Westbrook should have caught the pass Vs LSU JD put it right there. However the majority of drops have came from not throwing a catchable ball.

  22. Muddler, count the DROPPED passes and compare them to the INTERCEPTIONS and the HORRIBLE THROWS, then tell me the ratio. I see more than just dropped passes and poor throws, Jeff is not a good QB because his decision making faculties are poor and he looks LOST at all times (so do Muschamp, for that matter). I believe that if Treon is given full reign of the offense and know that he is not going to be pulled for any quick mistake AND THE TEAM KNOWS the same thing, this team will rally and play hard and win games. My thought is they have just given up on ?Driskel and Muschamp. GO GATORS!!!!

  23. One more thing, in regards to Will Grier, he should be REDSHIRTED. There is no need in wasting a year of eligibility for this year, let Treon finish this year as the starter and Morningwig as the back up. Grier can use some weigh and strength to play in this league. He will be ready for the SEC next year, IF he doesn’t transfer and I don’t think he will.GO GATORS!!!!

  24. The exodus has started. Baker has flipped to Ohio State. Expect more to follow, although I don’t see any of the in-state recruits changing their mind. I expect Thomas to be next. I don’t know how enamored the quarterback, Jones, is with the present staff, but it’s important that the Gators get a quarterback, or two. Maybe the new coach will bring someone with him.