UF visit opens Frasier’s eyes

247Sports ranks Johnny Frasier as the nation's top running back. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Consensus four-star running back Johnny Frasier committed to Florida State two months ago, but that hasn’t stopped other schools from pursuing him.

The Gators have turned up the heat on Frasier recently, and he decided to reward their efforts by attending Saturday’s game against LSU.

“They’ve picked up my recruitment,” he said. “I want to give them a chance. I like the team atmosphere and how the coaches treat the players.”

Last weekend’s visit was his first to Gainesville, and it exceeded his expectations.

“I enjoyed it,” Frasier said. “I like seeing new things, and this trip really opened my eyes. It was a great atmosphere, much better than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t know The Swamp got like that.”

The 5-foot-11, 210-pounder from Princeton, N.C., said he will consider taking an official visit to UF, and there are a couple other trips he has in mind.

“I’m going to go home and give some thought about it. If I feel like I should come back to Florida, I will,” he said. “Time will tell. I still want to visit Alabama and LSU.”

Frasier wants to see the Gators show some offensive improvement moving forward, particular with the production at his position. Florida’s running backs had just 10 carries for 17 yards in the loss to LSU.

“I think they can move the ball when they want to,” he said. “They have a lot of young guys out there. I think they can do more creative things with the ball and get players out in space. Coach (Will) Muschamp told me they could use a big playmaker like me, and I can see that.”

Even with the need UF has for Frasier and a possible return trip by him in the future, the Gators will have a hard time shaking his commitment to the Seminoles.

“It’s still pretty rock solid,” he said. “It’s going to take a whole lot to change my mind about Florida State.”

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  1. Competition, Johnny! At FSU you go on the road to Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia, NC State, averaging about 43,000 in their ballparks. Not to mention Duke and Wake Forest with 24-26,000, or Miami in an empty stadium. Those places fill up when the Noles visit, but there’s nothing in the ACC that matches the fervor at Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia… or Gators vs Dawgs in Jacksonville. Get the better education at UF, study and live in a state you will love forever. Join a university where the word “integrity” actually carries weight . It’s a lifetime decision and only yours. Best wishes in making your choice a far- sighted and wise one.

  2. Perspective. A goodly portion of Gator fans see a broken football program. Will Muschamp and almost certainly Jeremy Foley see a program being rebuilt from the ground up. I believe most recruits reflect the latter point of view. They are hopeful, optimistic and eager to seize opportunities where they see it. They are well aware that a program of Florida’s national stature (tradition, financial wherewithal and facilities) is not going to languish too long in the shadows of the SEC. These recruits have a positive outlook that those vocal critics can’t, or refuse to, share about the future of Florida football. Things aren’t nearly so bleak as many claim. We’re maybe five or six really good young players breaking through to be right back.

  3. “He wants to see better production on offense going forward…..lord dont we all!!”

    Easy there Mr. Dixon, that sounds like complaining. Around here people do not like the truth being told. It upsets them. They will defend willie boy until the end……….

  4. I hear ya gatormac…I agree. Everytime I watch a national show UF is never mentioned except negatively. Recruits see it as opportunity. I think if the guys that we all think choose UF it will only be a matter of time before they’re competing for titles once again. if Ole Miss can have the #1 class there’s no reason why Florida can’t. That class is now paying dividends for the Rebs. Lets all get behind the guys for the remainder of the season & have a positive outlook going forward. GO GATORS!!

  5. Seriously this is a no brainer. FSU is where he is going. Who wouldn’t? Next .
    It’s pretty bad when the backs can’t get their carries because the rush plays are for the freekin QB. So what running back wants to deal with that.?
    Gators are going to lose Lane and Taylor to UCF and Miami respectively. I’m sure Muddler will find another rb out there with great stats that show they rushed for 200 yards vs Mulberry and Dixie county.

  6. And FSU players can be themselves. They aren’t burdened by difficult classes and rules like they are at UF. These recruits want to play football, not study all the time.

    At UF, Jameis probably wouldn’t even be on the team anymore. That’s ludicrous.

  7. ”Coach (Will) Muschamp told me they could use a big playmaker like me, and I can see that.” Says the not-so-humble F.S.U. commit.
    And yet the last time I saw a High school kid turn into an instant ”playmaker” as a true freshman as a R.B., Q.B., W.R. at Florida was Tebow and Harvin. Before that… very few, only E. Smith comes to mind. So he really thinks he’s ”all that”. I wish him the best at F.S.U., and hope they don’t get investigated by the N.C.A.A. soon! Go get the kids who ”want to be Gators”, like Coach Spurrier once said! Not those who want to be ‘Noles!

  8. “Things aren’t nearly so bleak as many claim. We’re maybe five or six really good young players breaking through to be right back.

    by Gatormac”

    Unfortunately Gatormac, we are also short one good head coach as well………..

  9. IF what a kid did in HS doesn’t matter, then why even bother with recruiting? Just draw HS names from and hat and moce on…..
    I mean what Lane and Taylor did in HS doesn’t matter, but what Fraiser is doing does??? The forked tongue stupidity is pretty funny to me…

  10. Of course recruiting matters. It’s why FSU has been ranked #1 for two years in a row. It’s why they have the best player in all of college football. Jimbo knows how to identify talent and keep them eligible. Muschamp does not. Muschamp kicks guys out or suspends them for little mistakes. UF is reduced to trying to get girls to claim rape by Jameis. As if Jameis would ever have to rape anyone. I’m sure he gets what he wants.

  11. CB/Nic Brian Poole BLOWS a critical coverage yet again and then refuses to talk about it post game. (nobody behind him on the bench?)

    TE Tevin Westbrook admits ‘lack of focus,’ on his 4th quarter dropped TD pass in the endzone, while saying that ‘Driskel put it in a great spot’ I just didn’t focus hard enough. A Sr TE admitting that “I didn’t look the ball in.” — HOLY SHE-ITE!!! “I took it for granted thinking that it was such an easy pass. And then when it hit my hands I was so excited to go celebrate with the team that I forgot that I had to secure the ball.” — So leave Fr Goolsby **** and Stephens **** Top 300, on the bench, because everyone knows that tFr can’t play at this level…. (kee-rist!)
    Joe Haden – Janoris Jenkins – Vernon Hargreaves III

    Of course, both of those critical, other player game changing screw-ups, are also obviously QB Jeff Driskel’s fault……
    And had Harris been the starter instead, neither of those thing would have happened? lmao

  12. Steve Spurrier – Danny Wuerffel – Tim Tebow
    You and Clown-U are welcome to the Shameous Jameous types….
    Deion Rules showed for all time what’s most important at Clown-U.
    Jimblow and have all of the criminoles, I just want the Gators at UF.

  13. Hey J.Wisher: Free Crabs Shameous Jameous signed over 900 items (6+ hours worth) for free. And because he is such a generous high character guy, he did all that $igning for free……
    He also got on a table to scream vulgar insults because he is such a gentleman around women. IMOHO – Only the girls that graze on Ron Zook field at Joke Shambles stadium would be willing to be seen in public with him. ROTFL!!! (yet another NCAA probation on the way for Clown-U and any recruits dumb enough or criminole enough to go there?)