Clarington sees opportunity with Gators


Tevin Westbrook’s dropped touchdown pass late against LSU for the go-ahead score was a huge blow to Gator Nation.

But if it’s any consolation, Devonaire Clarington — ranked the nation’s No. 1 tight end by ESPN — shares your agony.

“The tight end dropping a pass, that right there was heartbreaking to me,” said Clarington, who attended the game. “I can’t watch a tight end drop a pass. That hurt my heart. It was an easy catch. He was too open. But hey, that just showed me my opportunity.”

Devonaire Clarington previously visited Florida for Junior Day and plans to return later this fall. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

The 6-foot-6, 230-pounder from Miami Booker T. Washington was not a fan of the officiating Saturday night.

“Personally, I think the refs were horrible,” he said. “They basically gave LSU two first downs and set them up for that (final) field goal. It was just crazy how the refs threw away the game like that. It should have been over and they put for seconds on the clock. Florida should have won. I was rooting for them.”

Clarington said his recruitment is open right now and he doesn’t have any leaders, but his visit over the weekend helped Florida’s chances.

“It helped a lot,” he said. “I had to come up here and show them love. They thought otherwise, that I wasn’t interested.

“I’ve always liked Florida. I was a bandwagon fan when they had Tebow, and then from there I’ve just seen how they produce tight ends. I feel like I could be that next one.”

Clarington spoke to UF coaches Will Muschamp, Derek Lewis and Travaris Robinson during his trip, and he took their message well.

“They told me, ‘If you come here, be prepared to work hard.’ I accept that. It doesn’t scare me. Anywhere you go, you have to work hard,” he said.

LSU, Southern Cal and Texas are schools Clarington hopes to visit before he makes his decision at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

As for the Gators, there’s one thing Clarington still wants to see from them.

“Play Treon,” he said. “That’s basically it. Hopefully when I get here, I play my cards right and I’ll be on the field with him.”


  1. Most fans agree on this as a likelihood, one of them will xfer by the Fall of 2015. Now, the question is, which would be better for UF? So here’s my take the Grier/Harris question.
    I would rather see Treon Harris go to Auburn, than see 195 TD passes to 27 Ints Grier go to SOS at SCa. Also, if Harris leaves, Sheriron Jones is a similar type of QB and is on his way to UF.
    This would leave UF with Elite 11 Grier and Elite 11 Jones as the 1-2 after Driskel leaves, with FL 5A runner-up Guy as the #3/ST QB, (Skyler also likely to go, unless he’s studying to be a coach). Somebody spoke about Shane and Kerwin both being low on the QB depth chart, but I never hear Jacob Guy mentioned at all…. (Wilkes was a 1 year walkon, he’s no long on the team)
    IF DC worked With Grier a little, I’m guessing that he’d also be fine with the Gator QB-DT National HS Record holder.

  2. BTW, I was watching a ‘Great Catches’ segment on ESPN – SEC-Net. The funny thing is, I NEVER see any Gator receivers featured on those shows. However, IF they ever wanted to do a segment on CRAPPY DROPS, then they could do the whole show just using the Gator’s (20+ season drops) receivers.
    And I suppose that would also be all Jeff’s fault….. sigh :~(

  3. “Now, the question is, which would be better for UF?”
    “And I suppose that would also be all Jeff’s fault….. sigh :~(”

    Dude, the players play like they are coached. I personally have not blamed any player – it starts and ends at the top.

    A different head coach would be best for all………..

  4. I saw and chatted with Devonaire Clarington at FNL ’13…his length was very impressive then, he also worked out well. I asked him his name and school and been watching since. Despite his reaction in an interview to the ’13 UF/UM game “I told you UM would win!” – he seems to be opening up to the idea of UF as a future home…although UM will be VERY tough to beat, their continued program struggle, Treon, and obvious opportunity to contribute DAY 1 helps our case. LUV UF!

  5. Old football saying: “It’s not the X’s and O’s, it’s the Jessie’s and the Joe’s.”
    Even older saying: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.”

    Gator Roster TE’s for 2015:
    Jake McGee 6-6 245 ?rs-rsSr? (broke leg in 1st game)
    #9 TE-H DeAndre Goolsby 6-4 230 (? Soph/rsFr) HS ****
    #27 WR/Slot-TE Moral Stephens 6-3 247 rsFr HS – **** Top 300
    #15 TE-H C’yontai Lewis 6-4 224 rsFr HS ***
    W-O Bair Diamond 6-4 228 rsSo SQ/ST’s
    W-O Ryan Ferguson 6-3 210 (? Soph/rsFr) HS

    UF Verbal 2015 HS TE’s: (ESPN)
    #7 TE-H Camrin Knight 6-4 213 **** Tallahassee, FL

    UF Ship Offers 2015 HS TE’s: (as listed by ESPN)
    #1 TE-H Devonaire Clarington 6-6 230 **** 300 (List)
    #2 TE-Y Hale hentges 6-4 230 **** 300, (UA)
    #2 TE-H Garrett Williams 6-4 225 **** 300 (Clem)
    #3 TE-Y Chris Clark 6-6 247 **** 300 (Mich)
    #5 TE-Y Bowman Archibald 6-5 240 **** 300 (WF)
    #6 TE-Y Jackson Harris 6-6 250 **** 300 (UGA)
    #10 TE-H Chandler Cox 6-1 227 *** (AU)
    #12 TE-Y T.J. Wheatley Jr 6-6 250 *** (List)
    #19 TE-Y Daniel Imatorbhebhe 6-4 220 *** (List)

    PS – I hope this kid gets lucky and chooses UF… ;~)

  6. I hope neither Harris or Grier transfer but that Grier is redshirted this year and waits for his opportunity however it may arrive. Harris is both a key to whatever success this year’s team may yet have and the future, which includes improved recruiting in the greater Miami/South Florida area as indicated by the prospect in this article.

  7. da muddler everybody wants to blame jeff for all the problems on our offense. Why not think about the receivers. I have been saying all season we need some body to catch a football. Chumps run right run left run up the middle game will never work with out a passing game.. Jeff with 20 rushes in a game is fn joke where is taylor joyer jones…. We have a problem but jeff is not all of it , only a part..

  8. Well said s c gator. Only one deep route was a bad pass. DR needs to just Run the go route. He through off the timing. JD tried to under throw the ball on purpose to give his WR the best chance at a 50/50 ball. Its taught that you throw to the back of the DB’s head on a go route. It sets up the Pass Inter./Catch over the top of the DB’s head. The next one was just late and a bad under thrown ball. Then DR tried to double move a go route. It looked like an overthrown ball because the timing was off again. The one that they hit, DR didn’t do anything extra. The timing was on point. JD worst pass was to Pittman in the quick slant. Not as bad of a choice as it looks if its to a TE. Just should have played the outside only in that situation.

  9. Old football saying: “It’s not the X’s and O’s, it’s the Jessie’s and the Joe’s.”
    Even older saying: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.”

    Mr. Muddler,

    Some cooaches can take average “Jessies and Joes” and make them fit into their system of X’s and O’s. They can even take pigs ears and make silk purses. Muschamp seems to take silk purses and give us all pigs ears…………

  10. kool aide vs bitter dregs

    You are welcome to your’s and I’ll just be happy with mine….

    While Will is far from perfect, he’s still a proven CoY football coach.
    Coming in to Top 5 SoS’s is a pretty tough row to hoe in my world.

    My gripe with Will is his failure to play the roster, and his overall slant on the offense, which is why I’d like him to leave the offense entirely to Roper and stay completely out of it.

    Then IF Roper can’t get it done, then maybe it’s time for an entire coaching turnover. I’d give them both one more year to get it done. In 2015, back to 10+ wins or it’s clean house time.

    As to Lane, (my pet-peeve) in the Spring game, he ran for 6+ ypc, caught all 3 passes that were throw to him, and did an EXCELLENT job at picking up the blitz, blocking guys off their feet. That’s bought him ZERO playing time. :~(

  11. Jax, we all hope that, but it’s just not the likely outcome, to much talent to sit. Long history at UF and elsewhere.
    s c gator, I’ve been saying the same, including use the roster, not the stars vs scrubs attitude. And with that thought in mind, if it’s the passing game they are worried about and needs improving, then play the 2014 HS National Record Holder and Parade PoY:
    38 Games Passing –
    14,565 yds, 70.2%, 195 TD’s, 27 Ints, a 7.2 to 1 TD/Int Ratio.
    A Dual Threat that can also run (4.6/40) the ball when it’s needed.
    Rushing – 331 for 2,955 yds, 8.9 ypc, 31 TD’s.
    He only had 7 lost possession fumbles in his 38 games, with just 1 in his Sr season.
    Does anyone here really want this kid to xfer to SCa and Spurrier’s offense? Unless of course what a kid did in HS doesn’t matter…..