Zach’s Mail Stack 10/9


Florida took care of business at Tennessee and will now reap the recruiting benefits of that must-win this weekend.

Despite the Treon Harris investigation taking place (more on that below), prospects are still going to show up in droves for Saturday’s game against LSU.

It is the biggest home game of the year and will give recruits a chance to see if UF can compete with one of the premier programs in the SEC.

Florida’s upset of LSU in 2012 has been Will Muschamp’s biggest win at home to date, and that victory did wonders for recruiting.

The same could happen this year, especially with last season’s 4-8 record and the future of Harris and Muschamp in doubt.

On to the questions!

Considering how popular Treon is with recruits, regardless of the outcome of his investigation, is the damage done permanent? — @heyitsme0o

First and foremost, the most important thing for recruits, fans and everyone else who is involved and/or has interest in this investigation is to let it play out.

This is a very serious situation, but there has yet be an arrest made, charges filed and an uncensored police report released. Until those things do or don’t happen, it’s premature to presume that Harris is innocent or guilty of what he’s been accused of.

That’s why I’ve yet to take down or change the title of my Harris story from Sunday morning, as some of you asked me to do. Despite his university suspension, he’s still under scholarship and a member of the football team.

Hopefully the truth comes to light as soon as possible and justice gets served.

As far as Harris’ popularity with recruits, that’s in limbo right now. Whether he’s convicted or exonerated, I think his situation won’t cause many (if any) recruits to eliminate UF as a school.

This is an isolated incident, and Muschamp has had admirable disciplinary approach during his tenure.

Harris will obviously be dismissed if he is charged and convicted, and for any prospects/parents who have concerns about the players in Florida’s program and the punishment it administers, Muschamp can point to his track record.

If Harris is not prosecuted and even exonerated, that shouldn’t affect UF much like it didn’t Florida State, which signed a consensus top-five 2014 class and added 10 recruits to the 28-member class after Jameis Winston was not charged following his investigation into an alleged sexual battery.

Are there any other quarterbacks the Gators can target for 2015?@mmajosh

Florida currently has one QB committed in consensus four-star recruit Sheriron Jones, an Elite 11 finalist who has 1,338 passing yards and 16 total touchdowns (14 through the air) in five games played this season.

With the possibility of Driskel losing his job and maybe not returning next season, and/or the Gators losing one of their true freshmen quarterbacks in the future (either by transfer or dismissal in Harris’ case), UF may try to sign a second prospect at the position in the 2015 class.

Florida coach Will Muschamp offered Louisville commit Lamar Jackson of Boynton Beach last week and is trying to get him on campus for a visit. He’s rated a four-star QB by Rivals and 247Sports.

Anybody on commit watch this weekend? — @RobLou56

As I wrote last week, this isn’t the time of year where you see a lot of commitments happening.

Typically you see recruits pulling the trigger before or after their senior season. That being said, visitors who witness a school win a big game can sometimes pop.

A few to keep an eye on this weekend are receivers Javarius Davis and Ryan Davis, offensive lineman Jalen Merrick, linebacker Derrick Graham and cornerback Jeremy McDuffie.

Another recruit to watch out for is Devonaire Clarington. The four-star tight end from Miami Booker T. Washington is considered a heavy lean to the Hurricanes, but the Gators are very much in the picture for Clarington and could win him over with an impressive atmosphere and a win Saturday.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.


    • No, Jones is not wavering. As I wrote in the response, Driskel may not return for 2015 if he’s permanently benched, and Grier/Harris staying at UF for their entire college careers is unlikely. Whoever doesn’t win the starting job down the road will probably transfer. Skyler Mornhinweg could also transfer since he’s been passed on the depth chart by a pair of true freshmen.

  1. Well to put it bluntly Sklyer can go ahead & leave now because he stinks. He proved to us last year that he can’t play in this league. Dude can’t throw or run and I hope that Driskel doesn’t get nicked up because he seems to be the next man up. I think the future is bright with Grier & Jones. I would look for them to add at least 1 other QB as insurance. Also why are those really big QB’s on the roster not utilized? I think one was a minor league baaseball player. Seems like he could be serviceable in some capacity, right??!!

  2. May as well give em a chance. I mean look at Shane Matthews & Kerwin Bell. When practice started Shane was like 6th on the depth chart & Kerwin was far down as well. One of those guys could be a diamond in the rough. GO GATORS!!

  3. Gator Guy I wouldn’t worry about rumors. Florida will be fine if hey win games. If they don’t, maybe the new coach will be able to bring some players with him. The next three games will determine both recruiting and the coaches’ fate. UF is exactly where it was expected to be before the season began. Granted, they have looked awful, but no one will remember that if they win. The schedule has become much easier than foreseen a few weeks ago. LSU is miserable, Missouri lost to Indiana at home, and Georgia may not have Todd Gurley. Win the next three and guys like Jefferson will come, lose the next three, the season and the coaching staff are history and its time to bring out the old refrain: “Wait until next year.”

  4. “May as well give em a chance. I mean look at Shane Matthews & Kerwin Bell. When practice started Shane was like 6th on the depth chart & Kerwin was far down as well. One of those guys could be a diamond in the rough. GO GATORS!!”

    Baton Rouge guy,
    They had coaching. This staff cannot coach up players and it is obvious…..

  5. unless Driskel makes a drastic turn around, he’s done at UF for next season, would expect him to transfer to a smaller program like USF, UCF where he can give NFL scouts one final look; both Harris and Grier can play in this league, would expect one of them to transfer for a starting position somewhere, neither should be content to be the others backup; Murphy and Brissett both made good choices and are now starting at BC and NC St. Gotta believe Grier is the future of UF football, has a Tebow feel about him.

  6. I am trying to stay positive, thus I’ve added minimal post thus far. Each time I read about our team I silently stare off into space and another 10 minutes of my life passes me by – there has to be an ‘exit.’ LUV UF!

  7. You guys are understanding now that Florida is in dire straits with recruiting and developing players. This, my gator friends is a death warren to the program. 25 four and five star prospects in this state and the Gators have zero committed. Think about this for a moment and continue your search for anti depressants.

    I’m , I mean Jimbo controls this state. We pick who we want and then will allow you to battle, UGA , Bama, and Auburn for the rest