Commit of the week: ATH Derrick Dillon

Derrick Dillon is having a dominant senior campaign. (Photo by Bogalusa Daily News)

Win or lose, Franklinton (La.) Pine athlete Derrick Dillon continues to carry his high school football team this season with his offensive production.

The four-star recruit accounted for 353 total yards (233 passing, 120 rushing) and five touchdowns in Friday’s 42-34 loss Hammond (La.) Aquinas.

Dillon threw touchdown passes of 65 and 36 yards while scoring three times on the ground. He also had a 70-yard run in the game.

Dillon, who will play slot receiver for Florida, now has 1,318 offensive yards in five games played (3-2 record). He has scored 16 of Pine’s 25 touchdowns on the year.

Dillon will officially visit UF this weekend for the LSU game.

WR Kalif Jackson, Neptune Fletcher: Jackson caught two passes for 87 yards and a touchdown in a 29-16 win over Jacksonville Atlantic Coast. He has scored in each of the last three games, all wins for Fletcher.

LB Adonis Thomas, Lawrenceville (Ga.) Central Gwinnett: Thomas recorded 11 tackles in his team’s 20-10 loss to Dacula (Ga.). He has a team-high 55 tackles as well as three sacks and a fumble recovery through five games this season.


  1. As I’ve said many times before, this young man will be the steal of this class. I think he can & will make an immediate impact. He seems to be a perfect fit for the offense. GO GATORS!!

  2. Since you’re in the neighborhood, how are his academics and his off the field character? Both of those are equally important for a Gator recruit.===================
    In a related recruiting opinion of mine. My belief in what Muschamp & staff can do to aid their recruiting is this:

    Note on the RB situation: Jones has missed 2 days of practice due to swelling on the (L) knee that he’s injured twice previously. This is a DIRECT result of NOT using the COMMITTEE RB approach in the games, (and it pisses me off).
    33 Mack Brown 5-11 209 rsSr **** 3L (UA-AA)
    24 RB Matt Jones Jr 6-2 235 **** 2L (lone starter)
    21 RB Kelvin Taylor So 5-10 209 ***** 1L (4.6 ypc, Fr All SEC)
    22 RB Adam Lane rsFr 5-7 222 SQ **** (toughest to tackle, best blocking RB imo, excellent on picking up the blitz)
    20 RB Brandon Powell Fr 5-9 177 **** HS (FL 1st Team 8A, Dade Co Off. PoY & 6-7-8A 1st team)
    41 FB Hunter Joyer Sr 5-11 232 *** 3L (#1 HS FB, run-catch-block)
    To run a guy that’s had 2 previous L-knee injuries into the ground (23 for 114 yds) and then to bring him back after missing at least 2 days of practice (L-knee swelling) to START the following week is using poor coaching judgment imoho. IF you had an otherwise empty backfield, then I might at least understand it, but….. The Committee RB approach has many good points, with ZERO bad points. SO Wake-TF-UP Will. Doing it your way, just to say you’ve got a 1,000 yard rusher, is (IMO) a disservice to everyone involved.
    In the past, UF has twice had a 3 man committee with over 500 rushing yard each, and once they had a 4 man committee that rushed for over 600 yards each. ALL 10 of those players went on to play in the NFL.
    To me, having 3 healthy RB’s with 1,500+ yards, or 4 healthy players with 2,400+ yards, beats the snot outta having ONE 1,000+ yard RB.

    Coach Champ, using as much of your roster as possible in games will help you in ‘team’ building in many ways, plus it’s a HUGE BONUS when you’re recruiting more of the same high quality at any position. TEAM!!!

  3. Excellent muddler.. I agree with you totally. Get champ out of the offense and let Roper do his job.. I smell ATLANTA, its in the air. Just as soon as Harris is cleared and I think he will be,,GO GATORS..

  4. Great points, muddler. I’ve been screaming from the rafters about that very thing. Why on earth is he not playing Lane?!?! If he’s the hardest to tackle then it would make sense that he should be hard for the other teams to tackle as well. The way to beat lsu (if the coaches have been paying attention) is to spread them out & run the QB up the gut. Miss State & Auburn did it & UF can do it as well. It’s the only thing that Drisk-awful can do these days without having it picked off. Let’s hope for a Driskel game circa 2012 at Tennessee when he played fairly well & led UF to a TD in the waning minutes. GO GATORS!!!

  5. IF the offense can get by the OL’s inconsistency and missed assignments, the RB’s missed blocks on blitz pickups, and the freakin’ 15 receiver drops (causing over 1/2 of the QB’s Ints), then the Gator’s (Driskel) might be able to finally put together a complete game offensively.
    A better game day game plan and play calling would be a tremendous help with that, including using the roster to keep EVERYONE fresh and engaged in the game, instead of daydreaming on the sidelines about what/who they are going to be doing after the game is over…..

    Note: Matt Jones ‘swollen knee’ should definitely result in limited to no playing time for him. Protect his future, instead of worrying about his output in one game, because he’s not the only RB on the roster. Then when he’s needed later on, he’ll be 100% again and ready/hungry to contribute fully to the offensive output. RB by committee protects the health and welfare of the players, not making the Gator offense a one man/RB show.
    Adam Lane is a shorter version of Matt Jones. It’s time to give the rsFr ‘Wrecking Ball’ some game reps.
    “You talk about a hard guy to tackle and a low center of gravity,’’ Muschamp said. “I have tremendous confidence in him as well.” — Yeah, and talk it cheap where I come from…. Put Powell in the slot with Worton and run Lane.