Harris has recruits excited about future

Treon Harris has sparked Florida's offense as well as its recruiting efforts. (Photo by Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun)

In Florida’s 10-9 win Saturday at Tennessee, recruits got another glimpse of the potential quarterback of the future for UF.

True freshman Treon Harris orchestrated a fourth-quarter comeback for the Gators, completing a couple crucial passes and showing the ability to run the ball.

Where Florida goes from here at quarterback remains to be seen. Coach Will Muschamp said after the game that he’ll evaluate the position and make that decision in the coming days.

But for recruits who think big picture and focus on the years ahead more so than the season at hand, Harris has their attention.

Five-star Seffner Armwood defensive end Byron Cowart attended Florida’s season-opening win against Eastern Michigan and was impressed with Harris then. He threw just two passes for 148 yards and a pair of touchdowns in his college debut.

After seeing Harris excel again in Knoxville, Cowart is excited about him being UF’s quarterback for years to come. Cowart joked that he might try to play tight end if he goes to Florida.

“You have to be the man at that quarterback spot,” he said. “You have to be able to motivate the players around you. When he gets in, you can tell everyone is hyped and ready to play. He breaths life into the offense and the team.

“It’s exciting as a defensive player to know he brings confidence. I know if we get a three-and-out, this guy can make it happen. Knowing Florida has a guy that gets everyone clicking, that’s good.”

Jacksonville Ed White receiver Javarius Davis said Harris is one of the reasons he would choose the Gators, and he thinks a lot of recruits feel that way.

“I love Treon,” Davis said. “He just has that swag, man. He’s a big playmaker, and that’s what you need on offense. He’s going to help in recruiting. Guys want to play with him just like I do. If I went there with him as the quarterback, we would have a very explosive offense.”

Another in-state receiver, Ryan Davis of St. Petersburg Lakewood, has been a fan of Harris since his high school career at Miami Booker T. Washington, noting that he hasn’t lost a game since his sophomore year.

“I’ve known about Treon for a while,” Davis said. “He played well against Tennessee. He managed the game and made plays to get the win. With him just being a true freshman, that’s real big. He’s only going to get better.”

Harris’ reach extends outside of the state Florida. Daniel Imatorbhebhe, a tight end from who Suwanee (Ga.) North Gwinnett who officially visited UF for the Kentucky game, was blown away by Harris in 2013 when his team shutout Georgia powerhouse Norcross, 55-0.

“He’s a fun player to watch,” Imatorbhebhe said. “He’s a winner. He’s a gamer. He’s so dynamic. He has the playmaking qualities that not just me but people across the country want to see for the future.”


  1. The enthusiasm of the recruits is understandable. Driskel has had to many bad moments as quarterback to continue. Harris is next in line so coach him up and let him have his chance.

    I except to see Muschamp play both, but as Harris progresses he will see more playing time and become the starter. There are some real success stories by freshman quarterbacks. Why not Treon Harris?

    So coach him up and let him go!!!!

  2. He’s not the quarterback of the future, he is the quarterback of the present. If Muschamp starts Driskel ever again, he should be run out of town. Driskel should never take a snap, when it’s meaningful, again at UF. If Muschamp starts Driskel again, it will drive away guys like Cowart. They have eyes, and doing so would show that Muschamp doesn’t have a clue. Beating Tennessee is nothing to get excited about, but seeing Driskel finally being benched is. The schedule looks a lot easier, as well. South Carolina and LSU probably won’t even be ranked when Florida faces them. Missouri lost to Indiana and Georgia is vulnerable. FSU? Well they’re like “Ole Man River”, they just keep rolling along. It’s possible for Florida to win the majority of their remaining games, but they could also easily lose most of them. Te East is up for grabs, a major reason is there doesn’t seem to be a single quarterback in the East that is anything above an average player. That being the case, I think Georgia is in the driver’s seat because they do have a great player, Todd Gurley.

  3. The Treon Harris is underway! I doubt Jeff Driskel has played his very last play as a Gator. He would eventually be an interesting guy to evelop in the slot. For now we need Jeff as an experienced back-up and maybe, without the constant pressure to produce at a superlative level, Jeff can relax a bit and be a solid number two guy. Treon has an easy, natural throwing motion, is quick afoot and hard to find behind those behemoth linemen. Most if all, his cool under pressure and magnetism has rallied his teammates and will positively impact recruits. To this team’s credit, these guys have stood solidly behind Jeff. They respond, however, to Treon. Now go beat LSU and Missouri and watch how recruits respond

  4. Actually, Matty Mauck is an excellent quarterback and the driver for Mizzouri’s win over enigmatic South Carolina. Otherwise, ntcrze, you’re right on spot. It’s easy for me to forget Mizzou is an “east” team in the SEC. I think Driskel now becomes essential for this year’s depth. Why demote him further and burn Will Grier’s redshirt year just because you’re contemptuous of Driskel. Meantime , let’s all hope we don’t need a second QB the rest of the way and that Jeff ‘s only future snaps are in mopping up a decisive Florida win and sometime in the second half against Eastern Kentucky.

  5. Agree ntcrze, Driskel just does not have the goods to be QB and it has been apparent for a long time. He is afraid of contact when throwing among many other poor attributes for QB play. Florida should stop getting QB players of the year in high school; they have been busts. High school equivalent of Heisman. Occasionally you get stud Heisman winners but most are NFL busts. High School QB or player of year seems similar. See John Brantley, Mitch Mustain, Jeff Driskel…?Will Grier. Harris simply has the top qualities for QB play so far: Decision making, accuracy, leadership/poise, then arm. People get enamored with physicial qualities (all the Driskel has) but if you can’t deliver the ball on time and accurately then won’t be successful. Why it took so long to get Harris and choosing Driskel in the first place is an indictment of the coaching staff. Briskett turns out to be better QB, jusy still out on Murphy

  6. Calm down everyone….he’s still a true freshman. You saw what happened to LSU versus Auburn with their True freshman in there. Will be a luxury to have JD sitting the bench ready to come in. We may need him again

  7. Welp. I’ll tell y’all this. If I’d been me, I’d have pulled Jeff back in the Alabama game. Jeff has struggled badly and they’re just not a good football team. Treon is a great leader and they’re gonna go with him most probly next week. You guys in the press think y’all know everything, but let me say this. Out of Jeff, Treon, and Will, definately Will Grier has the best chance at the NFL. I’m sorta glad Will isn’t playing him this year so we’ll have a better chance. Next year look out. I hope coach Muschamp sticks with Treon next year. We’d love to have Grier up here in Columbia. If Boston College, NC State, Auburn and those guys can pick ’em up after they leave Florida, then golly we can too. Go Gators.

  8. I can see UF beating lsu and Missouri. I knew lsu would get smoked & UF should beat them. Driskel is scared to run the ball for fear of injury. Look at how he fiptoes thru holes or cowers wnen contact approaches rather than attacking. Great win-now do it again this week against lswho. Matyy Mauck is an arrogant player & I can’t wait until the Gators get hold of him as well. GO GATORS!!!

  9. The coaches might consider trying Jeff Driskel at WR or TE. Remember, Cris Collinsworth was recruited and played a short time at QB and switched to WR. He played several yrs. in the pros at that position. The Gators can use some additional help at the receiver position and Jeff has better than average speed and elusiveness. He might be a match up problem for the D. can run the end around, double pass, etc.

  10. What,s with the fake Spurrier post? Not too funny!!

    How about some kuddos for the field goal kicker. Without that pressure kick, we wouldn’t be so full of ourselves. Let’s give Harris a lot of slack if he doesn’t set the world on fire immediately.

  11. LOL Steve Spurrier Post, The OBC would have never gone w Driskel in the first place, he likes his QB’s to hit the receiver in stride. Having Harris and Grier is a Awesome problem to have! Next years QB competition will be FIERCE I hope we pick the gamer! Harris sure looks like he has it…GO GATORS

  12. Treon is a WINNER point blank. All he does is win, that’s a quality I love to have on my team as a quarterback. I don’t care about his height or any other propped up measurables, he wins. I was hoping this would be the offense for Driskel to thrive in. Well it isn’t, so put the freshman in and give him a shot. He can do no worse than we have seen already and besides he has something Driskel just doesn’t have….. IT…

  13. Move Jeff to the slot, let him remain back-up QB. Treon to start. Save Grier’s redshirt year. Build on what works. Keep in mind Treon’s going to make freshman mistakes and perhaps big plays, as well. He has a quick release, a natural and easy throwing motion, is quick and nimble. Don’t care about his size. Here ‘s a question someone above raised: had Treon’s errant sideline throw resulted in a dooming pick six, what would our perception be of him right now? And another, if Treon had been at QB at the close of the first half, would Roper have called a Hail Mary? And finally, if Treon struggles as our starter, how long will you go before jumping on his back, or will you give him the time to develop into a consistently good quarterback?

  14. Gatormac, I think the point is that everyone knows the freshman will make some mistakes but it cant be worse than Driskel. At least he may create some points in the process of his development. We must make the change if we want to have a chance.

  15. Gatormac, I think there was a penalty runoff that ended the half before we could try for the HM. At this point, the belief that the TEAM and RECRUITS have in Harris is a step WAY up from JD. They conform and say all the right PC things in public but they are sick and tired of spinning they’re collective wheels on this chosen ‘muddy track’ – and it shows. Do you realize, this team was about ready to lay down AGAIN. You can call it being ‘worn down’ or whatever makes you feel good but truth is, we have laid down SEVERAL times over the past few years and that’s NEVER acceptable… Growing pains are sure to come but so is improvement when all believe and are determined to succeed TOGETHER…we have lost that with JD. Please understand that this is less about Treon, and more so the end of JD as our starter (he can still help us). It is time to find our QB, gain our traction and get this program moving forward…the players, recruits and fans have spoken…no way Muschamp doesn’t listen, is there? LUV UF!

  16. I don’t think people will get upset at Harris if he struggles. don’t think they’d be upset at Driskel if he was a true freshman. But since Driskel is a fourth year junior, it’s not unreasonable to expect him NOT to play like a true freshman. We CAN expect Harris to get better. There is enough data on Driskel to say that the probability of him getting better is minuscule. The Gators need to be a team that gets better. That starts one game at a time. Florida should be in much better shape, psychologically, than LSU right now. UF has just come off a win and has a reason to believe things are changing for the better with a new quarterback. LSU also tried a new quarterback and failed miserably. The team is probably in shock. LSU has been obliterated in it’s last two games. That team doesn’t have anyone that is used to losing badly, it might take a while to recover. Let’s hope that them getting well doesn’t come at the Florida. It will come down to the line of scrimmage. LSU dominated UF on both sides of the ball last year. That needs to change. It would be nice to see Dante Fowler show up. LSU dominated him last year. Let’s hope he has been seething all year for a chance to redeem himself.

  17. Recruits also need to understand that who to start at QB for the next game is a tough decision to make. Not because Harris is a true freshman, but because he has not practiced with the first team. His plays are limited. Muschamp should have learned a big lesson from the Tennessee game. There must be a good reason, if Muschamp decides to start Driskel or to play two QBs for now.

    Recruits should be excited to see that as true freshmen, Tabon and Harris had a great game.

  18. Nice performance by the defense. Holding Tennessee to 9 points with the tough position that were put in a couple times was great. Hopefully a breakout game by Cox.

    I think most of us are willing to go through some growing pains with Harris, if we can see the promise of a better future. I can’t imagine any defense fears the Gators passing game with Driskel at quarterback. It is amazing that the Gators were able to run the ball so well when they threw for only 76 yards. LSU will stack the box and challenge UF qb’s to try and beat them with the pass. Driskel has not shown the ability to penalize teams for stacking the box. Let’s see if Harris can.

  19. If he sticks with Jeff, Champ will ignore the fact that Jeff’s teammates have given up on him. Read the O players quotes after the game. More important, look at the effort they gave with Treon in the game. This team does NOT believe in Jeff.

  20. Zach, what I want in this years class: Quality/smart OL’men. Also, I don’t want lightening fast WR’s. I don’t want 6’5″ 220 WR’s. What I want are Wes Welker (659 NFL catches) type receivers. Specifically, guys that can run correct routes, get open and then if needed, adjust to an open spot, and then actually CATCH the darn ball when it’s thrown to them. Being at least an adequate down-field blocker is a nice bonus. Are any of those available or already in the class Zach???
    Reporter to Gator WR Chris Doering – Does not having great speed bother you much as a WR?
    Doering’s reply – I may be slow, but somehow I keep on getting behind all those fast DB’s.
    Me – ROTF – LMAO!!! Walk-on Doering still holds the SEC Career TD Reception Record (33).
    WR Travis McGriff 5-8 185 couldn’t start until his rsSr year, to slow and short, but he owns the UF Season Reception Yardage Record with 1,357 yards. He was at UF at the same time as I.Hillard, R.Anthony, J.Green, D.Jackson, T.Jackson, J.Richardson, T.Taylor, among others, but Travis has the season receiving yards record. Gawd what I’d give for Driskel to have a T.McGriff and a C.Doering on the team right now, along with a consistently healthy OL….. :~((

    Driskel 11 of 23 (48%) plus 6+ ypc, while getting pounded all day.
    Harris 2 of 4 for (50%), plus 6+ ypc, coming in fresh off the bench with their D tired.
    CB Tabor – RB Jones – K Hardin, pulled it out for UF. Driskel and Harris were both okay, with what they have to work with. But hey, don’t let the factual reality get in the way of another good anti-Jeff rant.

    PS – The only QB that should never take another snap is Clown-U’s Shameous Jameous.
    He should already have been tarred, feathered, and run outta town on a rail imoho.
    But at Deion Rule, Warrick, Dockett, etc, etc, criminole FSU, that’s not ever likely to happen.
    Why does criminole Ox want Driskel out at UF so bad? 2012 – Driskel 37 – 26 @ FSUcks
    Or is anyone here dumb enough to think that the Ox wishes UF well???

    PSS – Harris may be in trouble, being investigated at UF, not ignored or covered up like elsewhere.

  21. If it’s true He should be GONE, that kind of behavior should never be tolerated by ANYONE. You know I’m a BIG Treon Harris Fan , Well at least I was. This CAN NOT be tolerated, and I’m glad the PRESIDENT stepped up immediately, not like FSU’s people waiting to see what the temperature would be to make a decision. If he’s innocent then he comes back, if not NOT AT THIS

  22. da-muddler what’s the weather like on your planet. You call 11-23 for 57 YDS ok are you kidding, or have you never seen any QB other than JD play. Oh tried really hard to forget the three INT’S. I regressed my lunch at work today was not so good and I think we all know why hope that Treon is innocent and the truth will prove that beyond the shadow of doubt, however if he is guilty good bye young man from the wearing the gator uniform, and I hope you get your life right. Still cant believe it!!!!

  23. If Harris is charged, it should change the Gator’s recruiting plan. UF needs to get another quarterback to go along with the Jones kid from California. Perhaps they could get one of the three that are currently committed to FSU. But getting another quarterback better become a top priority. Look at the depth chart. Driskel is awful, Harris may never suit up again, Mornhinweg is awful, and the only one left is Grier, who has yet to play a down. The only problem is that a win over Tennessee doesn’t do anything but give Muschamp a little more time, there’s still a lot of work to be done to assure that this coaching staff is still here in 2015. Also, most all of the better quarterbacks are taken. But whoever is the coach, they better get another quarterback.

  24. Derek – Are you reading impaired, of comprehension impaired? Driskel was 11 of 23 (48%) for only 57 yds plus 6+ ypc running it. Harris was 2 of 4 (50%) for only 17 yards plus 6+ ypc running it. >>> “Driskel and Harris were both okay (zero Ints), with what they had to work with. <<< But I should probably qualify that it with Harris threw an INT that was dropped by the Tn defender. Had that INT happened, this conversation would be very different right now.
    Add in Jeff being hammered all day long, including a 'late hit' and/or 'unnecessary roughness' (he was already sliding and down) that was not called when they reversed the 'targeting' call. Harris came in clean and fresh off the bench late in the game and facing their now slow/tired defense. Not apples to apples at all.
    IMOHO (my first game at old Florida Field was when SOS was the QB, not the HBC) Tabor, Jones, and Hardin won that game for us. Harris, like Driskel, just played okay, as the game stats indicate.
    The weather is just fine on my planet, how's the view from that warm dark place your heads in? ;~))

    IF Harris is guilty and wanted to keep playing, then he should have stayed at FSUcks where that's okay and accepted.
    Gator roster QB's: (minus Harris IF guilty, which I begin to doubt)
    1. Jeff Driskel #1 QB-DT ***** rsJr – 15-4 as a starter, including 37 – 26 @ 12-2 ACC-C FSUcks.
    2. Will Grier #2 QB-DT ***** Fr – Parade's HS PoY with National HS Records.
    3. Skyler Mornhinweg *** rsSo 1L – He's serviceable as a backup, but not yet an SEC starter imo.
    4. Christian Provancha 6-6 219 *** rsSr 1L – 2013: Served as the backup QB for the final 3 games of the season, but did not see game action. Dressed for every game. In HS, he set several Cocoa Beach, FL High School passing records including most TD;s in a career with 33 and 2,864 passing yards (3 years).
    5. Jacob Guy 6-5 209 *** rsSo 'Scout Offensse' – Named to the 2011 Tampa Bay Times’ All-Suncoast 1st-Team. Set the Pasco County FL passing records in TD's (42) and yards (2,672). Led his team to the FL Class 5A state semifinals. Could be ready by next season, but not likely until later this season. Any of them could be ready by next year.
    The only problems with 3-4-5 QB's is the fact that they are QB-PP types and so not really suited for the Roper offense.

    UF rarely needs to recruit more than 1 QB per class, with 2 at the most. When taking 2 in one class, if both are 4-5 star rated, one of them will usually xfer within a year or two. Jones alone will be just fine in the 2015 class. Like most other criminoles, you're either clueless or a liar, as is expected of you.

  25. This was a setup……..all of a sudden these allegations are made……wow driskwl back the starter,…anyone that believe this is crazy…,the man gets all the hype and they can’tstand it….smh,….i Guess its true alumni rules

  26. da-muddler I wonder if you actually watch any games or just look at statistics. To not realize that UF is in shambles right now at quarterback is delusional. Driskel is awful and so is Mornhinweg, both of whom can hand the ball of proficiently, and not even do that sometimes. Remember Driskel’s handoff to Jones in the Alabama game. That leaves Grier, since Harris’s status is in limbo. Maybe Grier is going to be a good quarterback, but citing his high school stats doesn’t mean he can play. You should ahve learned that by seeing Brantley and Driskel, both had all the stars you could ask for but couldn’t play a lick. I say couldn’t because Driskel is a bust, we don’t have to wait any longer to know that. He’s not getting any better. So, yes Florida does need to recruit another quarterback for this year to have more than Grier anfd jones competing for the position in 2015 if Harris is history. I doubt Muscham will be around in 2015, and the new coach wouldn’t dare trot out Jeff Driskel again, he’d lose his job before the second game played.

  27. Heaven sent, I know many people will destroy the lives of others for little of nothing but this is something that I would never imagine even an evil genie would do to a child or really two children. Many people forget about the “VICTIM” if this thing is true, she has many adjustments to make in her life as well.
    Please don’t say things like you have stated, it would appear that you are taking a very serious situation too lightly. Forget about football, think of the kids lives and the “Family” lives that will be and are affected.
    I would hope that its all a misunderstanding but with bags of evidence being removed from the room its not likely. GO GATORS!!!!

  28. Zach, maybe it’s time to put something else up that doesn’t have the current title. I don’t think Harris is currently a lure for potential recruits. I’m beginning to wonder if UF is cursed, it seems to a case of one step forward, two steps back for the football program.

  29. ntcrze,

    Where was the one step forward? By beating Tennessee – give us a break. As far as the program being “cursed”, it starts at the top. The head coach is lost, and the program is on a downward spiral…

  30. I understand but from what I’m getting its he say she say…..man if this the case hell every last student can get kicked off for an allegation and I’m not charged…if evidence there then charge him that’s more formidle….but like I said and say this was a setup and I don’t care who like it……he say she say and he get the brunt end wow……hey creek what would you say if it were you and you knew you were innocent,lost your job but not charged huh…….good luck driskel…smh

  31. Ox, I don’t wonder at all about you, watching or not, you’re still clueless or a liar in analysis.

    I watched the Bama game play by play, frame by frame, did you? This is a regular thing for me, several times each season, especially for the critical games. You claim that Driskel is horrible. Now analyze the 2012 UF 37 – 26 FSU game for us, explaining how the crims lost to ‘can’t play a lick’ Jeff @ home in tallycrappy, (I won’t be holding by breath while waiting for it). BTW, Bust Driskel is 15-4 as a starter against Top 5 SoS’s, not playing the #69 SoS chumps that the crims play every year. However, your idiot claims and projections are pretty entertaining, :~)) in an off-kilter sort of criminole way….

  32. Thanks for that mush-brain opinion on ‘the state of the onion’…. ;~)

    The police (UFPD & GPD) are in the investigation process and are collecting physical evidence and interviewing witnesses, but have not yet made an arrest. However, the UAA (based on the accusation) has already suspended Treon Harris from all team activities pending the outcome of the police investigation.

    “You don’t want someone to be raped, but you also don’t want anyone to be falsely accused. I hope the truth comes out.” UF freshman Rebecca Campbell . And Gator fans everywhere can certainly agree with that Rebecca.

    h-sent, the only way for a student/athlete to be safe from accusations is to keep it in his pants, or have a single long term relationship with a girlfriend-fiance. Leak-Tebow-Brantley-Driskel never had this problem. Guilty or innocent, Treon’s own poor decision making has put himself in the position to be accused. JMOHO of course.

    “We have no tolerance for sexual assault on our campus,” UF President Bernie Machen said. “The university is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for every member of the UF community. We must strive to protect all of our students from sexual harassment and assault, and do everything in our power to promote a safe learning environment.” (unlike ND or FSU imo)

    UF continues to provide a wide variety of support services and resources. The university continually enhance its campus efforts to address issues of sexual assault and harassment. As this process unfolds and is resolved, UF is committed to addressing this serious matter >>> with integrity, fairness and compassion. <<<

    At UF, (unlike FSUcks) it doesn't take a Title 15 Federal Investigation after 2 years to even look into an accusation of rape. AT UF, a 5x loser like Shameous would already have been long outta town, not still on campus screaming vulgar insults from a table top in the student union….

  33. HEAVEN SENT, I have not heard anything about he said she said, and I hope that is the case. And if you have seen many of my article I’m “NEVER” for injustice. I live in South Carolina, so I don’t have the pulse of what maybe someone living in G’ville. I can only go by media accounts and these reports here. when you first wrote you statement you never mentioned the he said, she said stuff. I really hope what you are saying is true and they find out what is insinuated is at all not true. but until then it has to be treated as a SERIOUS incident. I know you don’t care who likes what you post but read my post and you will see that I thought that you took the situation too lightly. IF IT HE SAID, SHE SAID or not this is very serious an d lives hang in the balance. I (see what I wrote,I) think its very serious and hope that no one especially an Alumni would pull something so serious to endanger someone life and future to see JD continue as QB for this institution> GO GATORS!!!!

  34. Mr creek gator I live 5 minutes away… It’s he say she say…….its terrible because a mans life is at stake…….I’m born and raised here at 40…..,I also understand the significance of the matter but to not be charged or prosecuted but kicked off is mind boggling….I mean all of a sudden after all the cries to bench driskel……then he wins now quarterback controversy now look…..I mean he is free until proven guilty damn…….makes you wonder setup…….he was good as long as driskel stunk it up right………

  35. I say if you seriously wanna really get back to the good ole days of playing in the big games with the big boys then throw $6 million a season at Guz Malzahn he knows the SEC, gives Saban fits, is an offensive Guru plus I honestly think after Nick Marshall is gone that he’d just love to get out of the group of death being the SEC West also the state of Florida is full of talent just waiting to be recruited. We are still & will always be the Flagship University in the state……

  36. Of course he’d be my personal 1st choice, in the event of Coach Muschamp being fired with all due respect. Also everyone is hollering for Dan Mullen, look I love his style of Offense, I just think since both ESPN & Bleecher Report both did a study based on certain criteria, taking into account things such as weather, Name Recognition as well as access to probably the largest talent pool of highschool players in all the land, after the study they both came up with the University of Florida as the top place in all of America to be a Head College Football Coach. So lets never sale ourselves short or make any knee jerk reaction hire based on one very good season when Mississippi had 16 Senior returning starters, my fellow Gators. I see Dan Mullen as more of a safety choice incase we can’t “hit a home run hire” I say hey why not? you’re still the University of Florida you can shoot for the stars………

  37. Also incase Treon Harris does get out of this mess, it sure it funny how similar both Treon Harris & Nick Marshall are as far as build, speed, & quickness. Now I know Treon Harris the true freshman can’t pass as well as Nick Marshall right now but hey Marshall was a converted defensive back from UGA, just imagine what Gucz Malzahn could do with a sophmore QB who will be much improved in the passing department especially under Malzahn’s tutelage…hmnnn just simply imagine it. He’d have us in the SEC Championship Game by his 1st season & win it by his 2nd season & we all know where you go after you win the SEC Championship don’t we, yes my friends the Final 4.

  38. Thanks Heaven sent for the update, I really appreciate the update. I’m really feeling better about this now because someone else posted that it was an old girlfriend situation. Maybe there is HOPE for the KID after all. I just hope that if its Bulls…. it doesn’t ruin a kids life. GO GATORS!!!

  39. From the reports so far:
    Treon’s old girlfriend (that he’d supposedly been sleeping with all along) reported a sexual assault early Sunday morning. UFPD responded immediately, then called in outside experts (GPD) to assist first thing Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, Treon had been suspended indefinitely from all team activities pending the results of the police investigation. INSTANT ACTION BY UF & UAA.

    That’s the DIFFERENCE between what schools like ND and FSU do,,, and what UF does. >>> Their school ‘mission statements’ claim one thing, while doing the exact opposite.

    UF Campus Rumor Mill: Treon had recently broken up with his girlfriend. On Sat. night, Sunday morning, he hooked up with another girl for some diddling. Afterwards, he encountered his old girl friend and they reportedly made up, reconnected, and then went back up to a room for some more diddling. Immediately after Harris left, (around 2:15 AM) she called the police claiming that she had been raped. Since it was behind closed doors, only the two of them know what really happened. And as always, the rumor mill might be 100% correct, or 100% wrong, or anywhere in between.

    IMOHO, rape or not, Treon has shown incredibly POOR judgment for putting himself in this situation. IMO, that’s typical 18-19 year old hormone loaded male college kids behavior – but that’s no excuse. IF he wanted to be ‘typical,’ then he should not be a star athlete on a ship at Florida. He should have gone where that kind of stuff is apparently acceptable. (Mia-FSU-ND)

    Were I in charge, (glad I’m not), I would ask them both to submit to a lie detector test and then go from there. If only one agrees and passes, while the other refuses and/or fails the test, then authorities would have a much better idea about what really happened. She said – He said – won’t get it resolved.
    I’m not posting this to accuse or to dismiss anything. It’s very ugly either way and I’m sorry for the victim, whichever one of them that turns out to be, IF we in fact ever find out who the victim is…. :~(

  40. da muddler” Gawd what I’d give for Driskel to have a T.McGriff and a C.Doering on the team right now.” I would love to have those two SEC greats on any of my gator teams anytime, but I found it interesting how you seem to prop those two up while downing other gator greats. Also you want a Wes Welker type me too but Percy Harvin would also do just fine. I think you forgot to tell us how great “easy” Ed McCaffrey, Chris Collinsworth, and Jordy Nelson is. How are things on your planet man.

  41. Examples can be made with many former Gator greats. You missed the point entirely while yapping about my choice in examples. Typical of-U.
    My choiced did however have ‘reasons’ behind them, they both hold UF and/or SEC receiving records.
    Travis McGriff – UF’s All Time Season Receiving Yard Record. (1,300+)
    Chris Doering – SEC All Time Career Receiving TD’s Record. (33 TD’s)
    Those two needed no ‘propping-up’ from me, NOR did I down any other Gator Great in my post. You are welcome to choose you own Gator Greats for examples, IF you ever have a cogent point to make.