Muschamp: Recruits look at total body of work

Florida coach Will Muschamp not concerned about potential recruiting fallout from the Alabama game. (Photo by Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun)

Gator Nation is worried about the state of recruiting following Florida’s loss at Alabama last weekend.

But UF coach Will Muschamp feels one game, whether it be a big win or disappointing defeat, doesn’t define a recruiting class.

“I think guys look at the total body of work, how they’ve been recruited by a school. I think it goes a lot further than wins and losses,” he said.

“Obviously, winning helps. I’m going to say that it doesn’t. But again, I think it’s a total body of work and those sorts of things in recruiting.”

Muschamp’s opinion holds some merit, because Florida wouldn’t have signed a consensus top-10 class in the last recruiting cycle if winning is all that mattered.

However, offensive lineman Tyler Jordan — one of UF’s strongest commitments and most active recruiters — said a few prospects he spoke to after Saturday’s game had concerns.

“I talked to some guys and they told me they’re kind of worried,” Jordan said. “I’m not going to name names, but they just feel uncertainty. They kind of don’t know where this season is headed.”

As for Jordan, he and most of the future Gators in the 2015 class remain confident in Florida. He said he wants to see Muschamp improve the secondary and play the quarterback — no matter who it is — that gives UF the best chance to win.

“I think the season is going in a positive direction,” Jordan said. “Alabama is a really good team, and everybody knew it was going to be tough to beat them.

“Our main commits, I know that they’re solid and they’re looking at the big picture. It was only one game. We’ll be fine in the long run.”

Moving forward, Muschamp said there will be several factors that determine how recruits make their decisions.

“All situations are not the same,” he said. “Some guys are attracted to a school for different reasons, whether it’s by scheme, position, the guy who recruited him, the coach or whatever the situation may be. But I don’t think you can put your finger on one thing and say, ‘This is the reason why guys choose these schools.’ ”


  1. Bottom line for kids with elite talent is they are going to get offers from many elite programs. The University of Florida is without a doubt an elite university. The football program however is far from elite at the moment and a potential student athlete can only hope that coach Muschamp can make it an elite program soon. Elite recruits don’t want to be part of a mediocre program which unfortunately is where we are at at present. As long as the program isn’t putting up the wins against the top programs we face every year the uncertainty is going to be there. If the program isn’t successful this season Jeremy Foley has got to make a change or we are never going to get back to the elite status we have enjoyed and come to expect.

  2. We’ve been through this a few time before, as have all the other schools with big-time programs or big-time aspirations. If Coach Muschamp is turned out later this year we’ll hire a big name coach whose announcement will be splashy. The new coach predictably will “salvage” a good but maybe not exceptional class built by Muschamp and his staff. On the other hand, we’ve got eight games left and if successful will be the foundation for much future success and a stellar incoming 2015 class. This year may be make or break for Coach Muschamp but not for the future of Florida Gator football. We should all ease up, get and stay behind this team and play it all forward. Gator football will rule again soon.

  3. I would like to believe that, Gatormac, but 2 of Foley’s last 3 football hires were NOT splashy, and haven’t worked out. And the consensus is that Meyer was Machen’s hire essentially, and not Foley’s. So I want to believe all will be well even if Muschamp fails, but I’m not convinced.

  4. We are not a mediocre program , unfortunately we are bottom dwellers.
    Barely escaped UK and and had our tails handed to us by a 3 start QB that didn’t even have the starting job until he made UF look like a pop warner team. This WM project has run its course. He is a loser and unfortunately, losing is a habit. Look at his record! Case in point.

    Go Gators

  5. I believe the writing is on the wall. I dont think champ is our coach at the end of this season and neither do the recruits. His stubborn ways and failure to allow his OC to run the offense will be the end of him.

  6. I for one am a bit worried. The only guy that I’m not too worried about is CeCe Jefferson. even though he’s not committed yet I think he’s pretty much a lock. As for Byron Cowart-he’s the one I was concerned about the most but after reading his comments the other day I’m a bit more relieved. He said that it really didn’t matter about the staff but the school & that was refreshing to hear. I’m still confident that he’ll come to UF but it hinges a bit on how the season turns out. If Ole Miss can put a top recruiting class with basically NOTHING going for it I see no reason why UF can’t do it. With all of the guys mentioning the Gators a a leader or co-leader it would be a real disappointement to not grab aby of them. Let’s just hope that wholesale changes are on the way. GO GATORS!!!!

  7. Steve you are correct; Meyer was Machen’s pick and not Foley. Foley’s pick if allowed to hire? It would have been SOS who was not employed at the time and that would have been better than the Drama Queen Meyer.

  8. Lose to Tennessee and the season and Muschamp are history. Muschamp’s fate will be sealed and I don’t see how the team can recover psychologically. If you remember the SEC media days where both Florida’s coach and players were very cocky. Remember Vernon Hargreaves telling us that Jeff Driskel was the best quarterback in America? Contrast that to Alabama’s posture, which was subdued and humble.I bring that up because it’s one thing to be confident, in fact it’s good to be confident, but if it’s a false confidence that is built on a foundation of sand, it’s very difficult to recover from when it ecomes evident that the confidence you had was an illusion. After the last two games, I’m sure the player’s confidence is teetering on the precipice, one more shock could send them into a state they can’t recover from. They’ll know that when Muschamp says that Florida is a “very good” team like he repeated after the Alabama game, that they can’t even believe in him any more because he’s led them down a primrose path that turned out to be filled with thorns.

  9. I would bet the farm WM is gone this year, then the question of who replaces him is a conundrum? Who’s the hot coach we can get?
    Back in the day we could just about take our pick, who doesn’t want to be the head ball coach at UF?

    Are we now reduced to another DC/OC experiment?

  10. If you look at most of the top programs, the head coach is a former Offensive Coordinator. The ones who weren’t hire an Offensive Coordinator and let them do their jobs. This has been the case at Florida. Spurrier is an offensive genius and started the football program’s successful run. Urban Meyer was only successful here at Florida when Dan Mullen was the Offensive Coordinator. Once Dan Mullen bolted for MSU, the football program began its current decline. I point this out because Muschamp only knows Defense. He has had 3 different Offensive Coordinators during his brief tenure at Florida. Either he needs to cut the Offensive Coordinator loose to do his job or he needs to resign. I would really like to see Dan Mullen come back and possibly keep Coach Roper on staff as the Offensive Coordinator. Any thoughts?

  11. Psycho Gator fans ran off Steve Spurrier, trashed Ron Zook, drove Urban Myer crazy and are undermining the current coach and team. Nobody good will want this job if Muschamp gets fired two years after he was SEC Coach of the Year 4 games into the season. Look in the mirror people, take a deep breath and get a grip.

  12. Maybe, a little perspective is in order….My last year at UF was the 0-10-1 season. I’ve seen the bottom of the barrel and can contrast that with the last 30+ years. The first decade after I graduated were the Pell and Hall years when we were almost happy to go 6-5, 7-4, and virtually ecstatic about 8-3. Then, over the next 12 years, Spurrier spoiled us with six SEC championships, but only one NC – How many of you realize in the six years after the NC year, 1996, we won only one SEC championship? SOS then left us in the lurch with less than a month before NSD. Zook did a yeoman’s job in holding that class together. He could recruit, but couldn’t coach or develop players. In less than four years, Zook ran out of rope. Meyer arrived and arguably wasn’t a great recruiter; we won our second NC with a majority of his team being Zook’s recruits, and I believe Tebow, et. al. were the most effective recruiters for Meyer. However, Meyer had a scheme that enabled him to be very, very successful over the short term. Meyer screwed us in the way he quit, came back, then quit again. Leaving, he told Muschamp, the program is “broken.” So, it’s a miracle that Muschamp has held the program together as well as he has. What we’ve failed to realize is college football is a roller-coaster and you can’t count on being on top all the time.

  13. Thanks, BSJGator! I go back to Ray Graves and suffered through the Doug Dickey years. My first time seeing UF was a Bob Woodruff coached Gator team in 1957. Our long-term and recent history has mostly alternated between hiring an established, successful head coach and hiring an assistant coach, usually a coordinator. Graves was the most respected defensive coordinator in the country when he became our Bull Gator. Then Dickey arrived as a young, winning coach from Tennessee. The pattern holds from Spurrier through Zook to Meyer and now Will. If Muschamp is turned out after this season, you can bet the house someone else’s current head coach will don Gator blue in January. Meantime, I’m hoping for Muschamp to turn his program around in a big way. I like him. However, the last 16 games have proven an abysmal run of dreariness. We ‘ll know in November, not that many weeks away.

  14. Amazing how we’re 2-1 and the sky is falling… I think this season gets better b/c we did lose to a very good Alabama team on their home field. I don’t agree with not holding Driskel more accountable for the lack of success on offense. He hasn’t played well. I love my Gators but the reality is this team is not very good right now, it takes time, we have a bunch of freshmen & sophomores playing all over the place.
    As far as the recruiting goes, if we can pull guys like Harris, Powell, Willis, etc. with last year’s record, we’ll be fine this year with a decent record.

  15. But doubt we get any elite players and thats what we need to get over the hump. All of our rivals are getting them, puts us farther behind. God knows we are not outcoaching anyone so have to win with talent on the field!

    For the most part we have 4* players all over the field, and we are sweating out beating Ky and Tenn?

  16. When changing HBC’s, you generally have 3 options:
    1. Take an up and coming 2nd tier head coach, Utah (Meyer), BSU (Hawkins), GaSo, ECa, etc.
    2. Take a 1st tier OC/DC like Muschamp (Tx-DC) or a Roper (Dk-OC).
    3. The least likely is to hire away a successful HBC from a slightly less Elite School,
    (Wis to Ark) or (MichSt to LSU)
    ====== And any one of those involves rolling the dice on the short and long term outcomes. Were it me, unless something drastic happens, like totally losing the team, or letting the patients run the asylum, or the HBC having a huge character break-down (Harley crash), I’d keep the coach for 5 years. In that time, he recruits ALL of the players and is TOTALLY responsible for their performance on the field. =========
    Now, nobody needs to be benched to play 60 players instead of 30-40 players. T.Harris, A.Lane, R.Sousa, D.Goolsby, M.Stephens, D.Powell, 2 full lines of OL’men. And the same for DL’men, D.Dawson, M.Harris, N.Washington, M.Rolin, A.Anzalone, G.Willis, T.Bryan. Just to name a few…. Telling me that the defense got to tired (it’s their job to go 3 and out if they want a rest) is bs when they have 20+ defensive players on the bench in clean uniforms. And if all of those guys are not ready to play, then we are wasting both ship $$ and coaching salary $$. You recruited them, so coach them up and then PLAY them! A young fresh guy is way better than a worn-out starter, on several levels imoho. * Recruiting – Play 60+ a game and watch what happens with your recruiting, (win or lose)….

  17. Dear hs; Driskel threw for 32% @ Bama. Add back the drops, WR incorrect routes, and the bad out of bounds call on Pittman and it would have been 61%, sustained drives, more scoring. At times the OL left gaping holes with 1-2 guys just standing around looking lost. But the Gator’s offensive woes are ALL Driskel’s fault? I think not my friend. I went back and watched the game play for play in stop action. Do so and Jeff looks a lot better than just the raw passing stats show. I’d still play 60+ per game, including the backup QB/s, but that’s me…

  18. GG “But doubt we get any elite players and thats what we need to get over the hump. All of our rivals are getting them, puts us farther behind.”

    The Best (imo) of Will Muschamp’s Recruiting at Florida: (* = 5 Stars) His first 3 classes per ESPN: 4-2-6 for a #4 average class.

    * #1 CB Vernon Hargreaves III 5-11 194 – Tampa, FL (#2 Overall – Fr Def PoY)
    * #4 CB Jalen Tabor 6-0 193 – Wash. DC (#11 Overall)
    * #7 CB/Nic Brian Poole 5-10 206 – (#82 Overall)

    #5 S/Nic Marcus Maye 6-0 203 4.49/40 – Melbourne, FL (#70 Overall)
    #7 FS Keanu ‘Freakazoid’ Neal 6-1 203 4.59/40 – Bushnell, FL (#64 Overall)
    #8 SS Marcel ‘Mud’ Harris 6-1 208 4.58/40 – Orlando, FL (#67 Overall)

    * #2 MLB Alex Anzalone 6-3 236 – Wyomissing, Pa (#28 Overall)
    #3 OLB Daniel McMillian 6-1 225 – Jacksonville, FL (#31 Overall)
    #5 OLB Matt Rolin – 6-3 223 – Ashburn, Va (#80 Overall)

    * #2 DE Dante Fowler Jr 6-3 261 – St. Petersburg, FL (#16 Overall)
    * #2 DE/DT Gerald Willis III 6-2 255 – N.O. La (ESPN #42 Overall)

    * #1 DT/DE Jonathan Bullard 6-3 270 – Shelby, N.C. (#6 Overall)
    * #3 DT Thomas Holley 6-4 299 – Brooklyn, NY (rivals #56 Overall)
    #6 DT Caleb Brantley 6-2 295 – Crescent City, FL (#132 Overall)

    * #2 QB-DT Will Grier 6-2 190 4.6/40 – Davidson N.C. (Parade AA – PoY)
    #7 QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 188 4.48/40 – Miami, FL (2x 4A FL Champ)

    * #1 OT D.J. Humphries 6-5 290 – Union, N.C. (#7 Overall)
    * #2 OT David Sharpe 6-6 288 – Jacksonville, FL (#20 Overall)
    #2 OT Trenton ‘Bigfoot’ Brown 6-8 350 – Albany, Ga (JuCo Top 50)

    #5 WR Demarcus Robinson 6-1 205 – Fort Valley, Ga (#52 Overall)
    #7 WR Alvin Bailey 5-11 187 – Seffner, FL (#63 Overall)
    #16 WR Ahmad Fulwood 6-4 202 – Jacksonville, FL (# 136 Overall)

    * #1 RB Kelvin Taylor 5-10 209 – Belle Glades, FL (#8 Overall)
    #11 RB/FB Matt Jones 6-2 235 – Seffner, FL (#190)
    #15 RB Adam Lane 5-7 222 – Winter Haven, FL (underrated, wrecking-ball)
    334 Ath/RB Brandon Powell 5-9 185 Fr **** FL 8-A 1st Team, Dade County 6-7-8A PoY

    #16 TE DeAndre Goolsby 6-4 230 – Derby, Kan (see offer list)
    Offers: FL, Ark, Mizz, KSt, tOSU, Ore, Tx, USC, etc.
    TE/QB Jake McGee 6-6 255 – Richmond, Va (Grad xfer, #1 receiver)
    * Recruited as QB, switched to TE — HS – QB-DT, S, KR, also B-Ball.
    (Broken leg in 1st game,,, jus-damn)
    ~ Not including Meyer recruited 5 Star QB Driskel & WR/KR A.Debose

    That’s 12 players that were 5 star rated by at least one recruiting service. Nor does that include the Groza & Guy Award candidate kickers. Do any of you realize that the vast majority of teams never get a single 5 star recruit? To me, the biggest problem so far in Will’s time is the lack of coaching staff stability. Hopefully, that’s now been taken care of and they can all begin to move forward together.

  19. I am surprise no one has mentioned how average our defense has been. Part of Champ’s problem is allowing DJ Durkin to run the defense. The defense is okay. The defensive calls are so vanilla. There is no defensive attack and aggression from his play calls, compared to our past DC’s (Strong, Teryl Austin and Dan Quinn). Champ should have reached out to a more experienced DC from the NFL, rather than promote DJ. He is too inexperienced IMO….hell of a recruiter though.

  20. I keep seeing the recruiting rankings put out like it’s supposed to mean something. Keanu “freakazoid” Neal? What is is a freak at, not being able to cover anybody? The number of astars don’t matter if you are getting the players you want. Is Oklahoma ever rated highly in recruiting? How about Missouri? They were a middle of the road Big 12 team until they got to the SEC and now they might win the East again, and they are never ranked high in recruiting. With all the top rated classes Florida has had, who are you going tp pick to win when Missouri comes to town? Gary Pinkel has a plan and knows the kind of players he wants, hence he’s pretty successful. Does Muschamp have a plan and know what kind of [layers he wants? Or is he just worried about how many stars they have and he’ll figure out what he wants to do with them later? Do you think Muschamp has a plan? Three offensive coordinators in four years doesn’t seem like it.
    Speaking of the “freakazoid’, remember how many of you were saying that it was not a loss when Cody Riggs transferred? That despite him being a starter, he knew that he couldn’t hang with all the “talent” Florida had? I bet you wish he was still at Florida now.

  21. I hope Coach Muschamp realize that it is the “BODY OF WORK” that the prospect will judge the program on, it’s not the BAMA game. Our program and it’s body of work (please include the !!-2 season) to be fair and honest is Poor at best. It’s been one excuse after the next “and we have got to get that taken care of” is always the response. But we are not getting very much taken care of. This all goes back to the Coaching, coaching up, recruiting, making adjustments and sound decisions DURING the GAME. NOW it appears that the 11 – 2 season was an anomaly and not someting that is sustainable for the program. This just my opinion and I hope like Hell I’m wrong. I sincerely hope we come out in TENN. and play and coach our Ass of and finally Look like a True GATOR TEAM. GOGATORS!!!!

  22. I noticed that COACH NEVER mentioned “WINNING” when he was talking about reasons recruits chose schools. Tell him to look at BAMA, they have All Americans and 5Star players at EVERY position because they “WIN”, that other small talk is for paper filler. GOGATORS!!!!

  23. Muddler….I get all that but with a 4-8 last year, a shaky start this year, all the hot seat talk, don’t see any elite guys headed our way. Winning cures everything but from what I’ve seen so far we’re looking at 6-6, not the 8-9 wins I expected that would put us back in contention, recruiting, etc.

  24. Even with a 6-6 I now get the feeling that Mushchamp gets year 5. With a 5-7 think we’s got no chance, with all the empty seats Foley has to do something.
    Sad thing is the East is winnable this year, GA/SC down but the team I’ve seen on the field won’t win either of those games!

  25. Giving them what they want……

    Due to the Vo’ls (moral victory @ UGly, and UF’s slaughter loss @ UA, there’s no way that UF’s 9 consecutive win streak continues @ rocky top.

    The Gator coaches couldn’t put together a successful game play against a decent team, much less make any adjustments during a game, even if their lives depended on it, and they don’t. That BJ guy will end their careers this week in No-knox.

    The Gators have a QB that’s so weak and inaccurate he can barely
    complete a 3 yard shovel pass 20% of the time. While the Mighty Vols have the Worthy 2nd coming of Peyton at QB.

    The Gators have no RB’s, just a couple of slow, fumbleitis weaklings. That ‘Wrecking Ball’ Lane guy isn’t even good enought to get an occasional carry. The Gator receivers couldn’t hold on to a ball if you super-glued it and then handed it to them. They couldn’t get open if you blindfolded the opponents DB’s. Their OL’men are to dumb to learn the most basic blocking assignments and they get tired after the 1st 2 plays are run.

    The Gators secondary are so lost and clueless that the Vol WR’s will
    be running wide open all day, and catching everything that Peyton the 2nd throws anywhere in their direction. The Gator’s front seven look like a sieve and are bunch of no talent sissies.
    (doom, despair, pain & ag-go-knee)

  26. da-muddler, your first post was a great one. I completely agree with you we have all these players use them as platoons and keep fresh players in the game it give them more confidence they learn faster and the next set of recruits see that they will get a chance to play at UF if they can perform. Muschamp and his staff always talking about this kid is doing some great things and we NEED to get them on the field, BUT they are not getting them on the field. We already have cheerleaders and fans on the sideline, we don’t need players on the sideline with pretty clean uniforms on, get them in the game. If you don’t you FAIL to coach them up and you are not good to them the recruits or the university, your salary is a waste.GOGATORS!!!!

  27. Creek, I’ve been advocating using the roster (team vs starters & scrubs) for 20-30 years now, for all the good it’s done me. (sigh)
    GG – “Muddler….I get all that but with a 4-8 last year, a shaky start this year, all the hot seat talk (not from Foley), don’t see any elite guys headed our way.” — WTF???
    We are still 4 plus months away from NSD. Muschamp already has 1/2 of the coming class committed. Per ESPN Recruiting, that class includes 6 ESPN Top 300’s: #5 OLB – #7 OLB – #7 TE-H – #8 C/OG – #10 Ath/WR – #8 QB-DT – #20 OG – #34 OG Sandifer **** – plus 3 (DT-OT-WR) that are currently 3 stars. When NSD finally gets here, THEN we can all judge this years recruiting. Until then, speculate away, just don’t act like you know what the recruiting class outcome will be. The highly rated 4-5 stars usually wait until closer to NSD to commit.

  28. Speaking of recruits, LSU has announced that true freshman Brandon Harris es is smart enough to try something different when will start at quarterback against Auburn. Les Miles is smart enough to see when something isn’t working and try something different. UF will again start Jeff Driskel, and even if UF loses to Tennessee, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Harris of LSU will be the only freshman staring quarterback when LSU comes to Gainesville? Let’s see, Miami, Clemson, and LSU are now starting true freshmen at quarterback. Maybe their’s are just better than UF’s.

  29. The failure of Muschamp’s recruiting is the offensive and defensive lines. The top teams in the SEC are getting outstanding offensive/defensive linemen each and every year in recruiting. We are not. We have a converted offensive lineman trying to play defensive tackle (Leon Orr) and a JUCO transfer (Darious Cummings) that was not that highly rated as a JUCO player. That’s our starters. Our backups are even worse. On the offensive line we have 1, 5* player (D.J. Humphries) who is hurt. The rest are 3 or 4 stars at best. Our 2015 class has not one 5 star offensive or defensive lineman yet (Tennessee has two of the top 5 defensive lineman committed already!). For those who say recruiting ratings don’t matter, they are simply sticking their heads in the sand.

  30. aux2, this is the weekend JD will shut both me and you up. He’s going to perform at the level of Jacoby Brissett this weekend , not going to be scared, make good decisions and be accurate. So get ready to come on her Saturday night and let all of the GATOR NATION know that for 3-4 years now we have been badgering a good QB for nothing. If things continue the way they are and UF’s HARRIS doesn’t get a FAIR shot like they said Brissett got he’s gone as well. Just My Opinion. I know this may irritate many but again it’s just my opinion. GOGATORS!!!!

  31. Creek Gator I disagree with you. Harris is not going anywhere. The next coach would have a mutiny by he fans if he came in and started his new regime with the announcement that Jeff Driskel is the starter at quarterback. I say new coach because I don’t see how even Foley, who has the same fondness for Mushamp as Muschamp has for Driskel, can justify retaining Muschamp after what will transpire over the rest of the season. It would be nice of Muschamp, when even his thick skull absorbs that he won’t be the coach in 2015, to let Harris play so he at least has some meaningful minutes. But I don’t know, Muschamp seems pretty oblivious to anything going on around him. He just said that the vast majority of the Gatornation is still behind Jeff Driskel, you just hear from the vocal few. I think he’s one of the few that actually believes that.

  32. Muddler…..True, it is early but recruiting classes are coming together earlier each year. There are always those 5* guys that wait until NSD to choose but we haven’t gotten many of those in the past 4 years. To his credit Muschamp has been able to flip some guys on signing day.
    This weekend will go a long way to determining where our season is going. Driskel has a good game, Gators win and we are back on track. Still think Treon should get some PT this week no matter what..

  33. What do consider ‘many’ GG? How many teams get even a single 5 star recruit on a yearly basis? How many have one in a 2015 class?
    Because Texas was in a Bowl, Will only had a month to retain & top-off Meyer’s 2011 class.
    12. 2011 Class: 19, 7 ESPN Top 150’s, 1 *****, 10 ****, 6 *** (only using Top 150 List)
    4. 2012 Class: 23, 12 ESPN Top 300’s, 0 *****, 14 ****, 8 ***
    (9 of 12 were Top 150’s)
    2. 2013 Class: 30, 16 ESPN Top 300’s, 2 *****, 20 ****, 7 *** (now using Top 300’s List)
    6. 2014 Class: 24, 13 ESPN Top 300’s, 1 *****, 16 ****, 7 ***
    4 *****, 60 ****, 28 ***, 48 Top 150/300’s while averaging a #4 class. Note: All 24 in 2014 qualified and enrolled, with only one (non-felony) team arrest in the last 15 months.
    So far, 70% of his classes have been 4-5 star (quality) recruits.
    ESPN also did a story calling Muschamp the ‘Flipper’ due to him getting 21 recruit flips, 9 of them coming in his last class, 2 on NSD from FSU. (2-4-6-9 = 21 – number of flips increasing yearly)
    20. 2015 Class: 11, 6 ESPN Top 300’s, 0 *****, 7 ****, 4 ***
    Current Team:
    * #1 CB Vernon Hargreaves III 5-11 194 – Tampa, FL (#2 Overall – Fr Def PoY)
    * #4 CB Jalen Tabor 6-0 193 – Wash. DC (#11 Overall)
    * #7 CB/Nic Brian Poole 5-10 206 – (#82 Overall)
    * #2 MLB Alex Anzalone 6-3 236 – Wyomissing, Pa (#28 Overall)
    * #2 DE Dante Fowler Jr 6-3 261 – St. Petersburg, FL (#16 Overall)
    * #2 DE/DT Gerald Willis III 6-2 255 – N.O. La (ESPN #42 Overall)
    * #1 DT/DE Jonathan Bullard 6-3 270 – Shelby, N.C. (#6 Overall)
    * #3 DT Thomas Holley 6-4 299 – Brooklyn, NY (rivals #56 Overall)
    * #2 QB-DT Will Grier 6-2 190 4.6/40 – Davidson N.C.
    (Parade AA – HS PoY)
    * #1 OT D.J. Humphries 6-5 290 – Union, N.C. (#7 Overall)
    * #2 OT David Sharpe 6-6 288 – Jacksonville, FL (#20 Overall)
    * #1 RB Kelvin Taylor 5-10 209 – Belle Glades, FL (#8 Overall)
    >>> That’s 12 that were 5 stars by at least 1 service.
    ** Plus 2 Kickers that are 5 star rated by a kicking services.
    Looks like a pretty ‘ELITE’ list to me….
    It’s not just all of the 5 stars that he’s brought in, it’s his high percentage of top quality 4 stars that are making up his classes.
    It’s mostly ‘what you want to believe.’
    Recruit rankings, individual or class, don’t matter,,, i.e. Mizzou
    Recruit rankings, individual and class really matter,,, i.e. Alabama
    Examples of both: FL/GA HoF Louis Oliver was a walkon, Tebow was a 5 Star.
    Most walkons don’t make star status, most 5 stars do, there are exceptions for both. Either way, one class doesn’t make a team, 5 classes and good coaching do. Choices to make:
    A. Loading up early with mostly 3 star recruits.
    B. Waiting till late with plenty of room for the best 4-5 star rated.
    Take your choice and then live with it….

    (Oh btw, I smell rats in UA’s and FSU’s recruiting woodpiles, here’s to hoping they eventually get caught with their $$ in the recruit jar)

  34. I’m fine with playing Harris and/or Grier in the games, along with 50-60 others on the team. Benching Jeff is not appropriate imoho, at this time. Where the heck is Adam Lane??? When the DL is getting tired, throw T.Bryan and G.Willis out there. Did Marcell Harris lose his helmet? Miss the bus??? How about N.Washington? My theory is that if you’re not ULTILIZING all of your weapons, then you ARE wasting them. The receivers don’t run the route at the correct distance, so they don’t arrive at the correct position, which throws off the timing and the throw. Result, incomplete pass. The receivers don’t run full out at 100% and the ball sails 1-2 yards over their head. Result, incomplete pass. The receivers make an unneeded ‘show-off’ leap when they should have simply continued to run through the ball for a catch. The receivers don’t run full out and then don’t lay-out and leap for a ball that would have otherwise had at least a chance of being caught. The OL makes a good pocket, picks up their checks, the QB makes a good throw, it bounces off the receivers hands or helmet for yet another incomplete pass.
    The OL looks lost, 1-2 left standing around looking at noting but green grass while 2-3 D’s are in the QB’s face forcing either a sack or an errant early throw.

    Over-All Results: The HBC, the OC, and the QB all SUCK,,,
    (while the 10 other responsible ‘team’ players get a pass from the fans & media-morons).

    The passing game requires the correct play call, the correct checks or changes, and then 11 guys working together to pull of a good play. Blaming one guy for a bad result is usually ignorant, unless the QB makes a horrible throw, or the receiver lets an easily catchable ball bounce off him. Everybody misses occasionally.

    It’s like IF the defense went 3 and out, then they wouldn’t get so tired, but that’s somehow the offense’s fault??? And especially while the coach in charge of subbing on defense has 20-30 clean uniforms on the bench behind him. Such is life…..

  35. Keep posting gentlemen, I enjoy your thoughts and opinions. Here are a few random thoughts of my own:

    Disappointed we haven’t shown more creativity offensively nor defensively. I thought for sure we’d use the additional tackle in place of the TE in short yardage (vs Bama) and put their guys in unfamiliar situations…first play they did it to us. Put a speedy safety outside Fowler, to rush the passer

    Hook and Lateral early in the Bama game would have been perfect to slow them down – why not teach and practice trailing and using the lateral or presenting the THREAT of the lateral

    We need to play like every game is a MUST win, every possession is a MUST score – coaches, where is your sense of urgency

    Why no Adam Lane, Alvin Bailey, Raphael Andrades, and very little Valdez Showers and Andre Debose

    Get the young guys some valuable playing time, despite our coach’s predicament, its the honorable thing to do

    LUV UF

  36. I agree with giving young guys playing time if the older players are not playing well. But you can’t expect true freshmen, for the most part, to be able to play well immediately. In fact, you should expect them to struggle. Veronon Hargreaves is an exception. I think we can see that part of the reason the secondary is struggling is that guys Tabor and Wilson aren’t ready yet, and the lack of the upperclassmen like Poole and Gorman leave Florida without any good options. I’m sure you’ll start to see some freshmen get more playing time if they are ready. We saw FSU give several a chance to play in Raleigh. Dalvin Cook and Lorenzo Featherston made big plays and Travis Rudolph, who was the supposed big flip that was hinted at last year, made his first catch.
    But throwing out names doesn’t mean they can actually play, regardless of the number of stars they had. I still see Andre Debose’s name being mentioned, for example. Shouldn’t it be apparent by now that he can’t play? Sometimes a five star is a bust, and Debose has certainly earned that moniker, along with a few other five stars on Florida.

  37. Aux2 giving them some game experience is not necessarily starting them or replacing the upperclassmen. Debose is a speed weapon that can be used in various ways – ex: stretch the field, hold a safety…we said the same things about D. Thompson and his NFL career is doing just fine. Andrades wasn’t given a red-shirt, now he’s not good enough to see the field? I like the way FSU plays their young ones…pisses me off to see so many that courted us playing for them now! And someone please explain to me what are defenses doing to us (that they’re not doing to others) that prevent us from going up-tempo? LUV UF!

  38. Jus-great….
    We get Gary Laurel and Vern Hardy on rocky-top for the high-noon showdown’s game call. While Laurel is usually at least marginal, Hardy needed to have retired years ago imo. So I’ll just mute the TV sound and listen to Mick call the game on the radio instead. With the radio call a few seconds ahead of there TV, I know where the play is going beforeI watch it, and that’s actually a nice advantage.

    Gator positive keys to the game: Running Game & Special Teams play.
    Gator negative keys to the game: Missed (26) Tackles and Dropped (13) Passes.
    Big Plays: Making them,,, or giving them up.
    As to picking the game: Homer’s choice, or just flip a coin. (Los-Wages favors tn @ home)
    As to ox2’s usual bs….
    In an unbroken string of Fr CB starters:
    CB Vernon Hargreaves III (a sure-thing NFL 1st rounder)
    CB Janoris Jenkins (1st year ‘rookie’ NFL starter)
    CB Joe Haden (#7 NFL draft pick, Pro Bowler)
    (not uncommon at UF)
    #10 S Jabari Gorman 5-10 184 Sr 3L **** UA-AA
    #7 CB Brian Poole 5-10 206 Jr 2L ***** ESPN Top 150 List
    IMOHO, Gorman needs to return to backup status, and Poole should play Nickle.
    N.Washington – M.Harris – Wilson – Tabor – Dawson – need to play more.
    WR/KR Andre Debose is in a 4 way tie for the SEC All Time Record for KO’s returned for TD’s (4). His only bust is that he has been (unlucky) injured through much of his UF career. In his rs-rsSr season, and he’s never date-raped anyone, brazenly stolen crabs, had BB gun wars breaking windowns, screamed vulgar sexist crap at other students, cheated on his school work, etc…

    Speaking of ‘earning’ their moniker’s, how’s Shameous Jameous carrying forward the ‘criminoles’ moniker?

    The only Fr that have a really difficult time are QB’s and OL’men. And even there, many have played as tFr. After 4-5 games, they are all veterans. Many on UF’s current team either played or even started as Fr. You play the one’s that can, and you continue to work with the one’s that are not quite ready. The word ‘SCRUB’ should be burned out of the Gator’s ‘TEAM’ dictionary.

    My own #1 recruiting desire is WR’s that can run correct routes, get open, and then catch the darn ball!!! (#2 is more quality OL’men)

  39. tigercatzerozero Who cares what a player like Thompson does in the NFL? He sucked at Florida, just like Debose sucks at receiver for Florida. I don’t care about the NFL, it doesn’t win any games for UF.

  40. Some will always only care about their own predictions and their betting and/or bragging. Others will care about the student/athletes and their futures. This is unfortunately not a new thing for fans.

    Debose has been working through several injuries and has had to deal with 3 OC’s and 4-5 WR coaches in his 6 years at UF. That’s some tough sledding for any player. Andre has shown both loyalty and persistence, while not stealing any crabs or committing date rape. Calling him a bust or saying that he sucks on a forum like this is uncalled for imoho. Poor form for a Gator fan, and something that only a flaming rival should be seen doing, as it’s expected from them. (jmoho of course)

  41. My mistake, (thank gawd) Laurel & Hardy (CBS) won’t be doing our game, as it’s the SEC Network 12:00 game.

    BTW, I also don’t care about (or watch) the Nefarious Felony Losers (NFL) much anymore. IF Tebow is not good enough for the NFL, then the NFL is not good enough for me. Judging by their recent front page splashes, they might have unintentionally done Tim a favor…. ;~)

  42. da-muddler We judge players by their performance on the field. Thompson and Debose HAVE sucked. They don’t play well. To call someone a rapist when there is any basis to do do is something to criticize. It’s in poo taste to slander Winston, even if he does play for a rival. I was brought up in America where the state, not an individual determines if a transgression happened. At least I have data that shows that Thompson and Debose suck at receiver for UF. You don’t have the same and still slander someone when you know absolutely nothing about what happened. You don’t have to be a fan to know wrong from right, and calling someone a name for no reason is beneath you, I would hope.

  43. nutcraze (unsaid slurs on you intelligence here)
    My pre-take on the UF vs UT game was:
    Gator positive keys to the game: Running Game & Special Teams play. (Running game 156 yards with a TD. A 50 yd FG and great punting w/coverage.)
    Gator negative keys to the game: Missed (26) Tackles and Dropped (13) Passes. Big Plays: Making them,,, or giving them up.
    (Missed tackles were for the most part fixed. The dropped passes continues unabated. As to picking the game: Homer’s choice, or just flip a coin. (Los-Wages favors tn @ home)
    (flip of the coin confirmed at UF 10 – 9 UT, except that they were favored and @ home, making it a BIG win for the Gators)

    Nits to pick,,,,
    The ‘Freakizoiod’ does his part (VH III’s class) to save the game with his interception to basically END the game.
    Freshmen can’t play, just ask Tabor, Dawson, or Harris, among the others about that. Stats wise, Driskel and Harris played the same game, running and passing. (50% passing and 6+ ypc running)
    Harris got a Tabor created short field and then the Jones 30+ yard run setting up the Austin 50 yd FG, but does he really deserve the credit for those 10 pts? I wanted Harris and/or Grier to play some, but looking at Harris as the sole reason the win was pulled out would be a mistake imoho.
    ~ Last Chance Boom, oversee and help DJ with your speciality, the defense and ST’s, while getting yourself and everyone else completely out of Ropers way. (jmoho of course)
    Yeah nutcraze, and I can’t personally prove that O.J. killed anyone either…. (but even those that supported him for racist reason believe he really did it)

    Did Shamous join in or lead a BB gun war that resulted in a dozen or more window being shot out?
    Did Shamous get caught in more of the usual clown-U academic fraud?
    Did Shamous get caught brazingly STEALING Crabs+ from a Publix?
    Did Shamous get up on a table and scream out nasty sexist BS at his fellow (primarily female) students?
    So I guess it’s out of line for me to believe the female accuser instead of solid citizen Shamous? ROTF – LMAO!!!

    All I know is that a future Heisman NC (sCam) was dismissed from UF after 3 lesser offenses.
    What I strongly suspect is that Shamous Jameous has yet to get what he has earned or what he truly deserves.
    But of course, that’s just my own honest opinion on yet another proven criminole, which I have expressed on a Gator site, not on a stinking criminole site. Were I posting on the Tallacrappy Democrat’s web site, then you could at least snivel about that…

    WR/KR Andre Debose 6-0 195 rs-rsSr 3L
    Career Highs:
    80 yards, longest reception.
    4 catches in a game.
    151 yards in a game.
    2 receiving TD’s in a game.
    Total – 29 for 543 yds, 18.7 yds/rec, 4 TD’s.
    KR’s – 58 for 1,592 yards, 27.4 yds/return, 4 TD’s, Long 100 yds.
    Total Offense – 2,135 yds, 8 TD’s.
    Considering his many injuries, 2,135 Total yards is pretty good imoho.
    He is the UF Career Record Holder for KO’s returned for TD’s (4).
    That has him tied with 3 others for the SEC’s All Time Record. That stat alone removes ‘bust’ from the equation imoho.

    WR Deonte Thompson 6-0 200 rsSr 3L ***** (now doing well in the NFL)
    He is the former Gator WR that Debose was being compared to, not Chris.
    Total Offense 1,446 yards, 9 TD’s.
    He was another 5 star that was decent while at UF, but probably below ‘expectations’ as a WR.

    WR Chris Thompson 6-0 170 Soph *** has played mostly ST’s at UF so far.
    2013: Played in seven games as a tFr and started the final game against FSUcks at WR. He saw time as a backup in the WR rotation and on ST’s on the punt block unit. He caught 2 passes for 13 yards on the season and he earned the Most Valuable Special Teams Scout Team Award. He is a possible replacement for Debose next year, and if he does well in the return game, he won’t be a bust either.

    PS – Cody wanted to play CB, he was playing S at UF so he went to a 2nd tier In-Depends where they’d let him play CB. I would have been fine with Cody as a Gator S, but not playing CB at an SEC level.
    So it should be apparent, even to you, that I know a whole lot more than you do…..