Commit of the week: ATH Derrick Dillon

Derrick Dillon has 577 total yards through two games this year. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Derrick Dillon is one of the most explosive athletes in the 2015 recruiting cycle and will play slot receiver for Florida.

But at Franklinton (La.) Pine, most of Dillon’s offensive production is through the air and on the ground.

In Friday’s 44-20 victory over Angie (La.) Varnado, Dillon accounted for 226 yards (125 passing, 101 rushing) and three touchdowns.

The 5-foot-11, 175-pounder with 4.4 speed had a 52-yard scoring run and threw TD passes of 34 and 35 yards. His team scored on four of its first 10 plays from scrimmage.

In Pine’s season opening win last week, Dillon totaled 351 yards (201 passing, 150 rushing) and five scores.

QB Sheriron Jones, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde: Jones only threw 14 passes in Ranco Verde’s 69-21 win over Temecula (Calif.) Great Oak, but 12 of them were completed for 267 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for a score. On the year, Jones is 43-of-63 (68 percent) for 832 yards and 10 touchdowns.

DT Andrew Ivie, Dade City Pasco: Ivie registered three sacks, a safety and a fumble recovery in his team’s 37-13 victory at Wesley Chapel.


  1. Dillon hasn’t even been offered by LSU. Until that happens, there is no chance of him flipping to LSU.
    It is amazing how someone so smart, Winston, can be so dumb at the same time. He was accepted by Stanford, so there’s no doubt that he’s intelligent, but shouting out some meme to impress a bunch of college students is awfully dumb. I know that it’s not normal for a college age male student to have much sense, but he should know that he’s not going to be treated like any other student.

  2. My theory is that he is not a true Seminole fan. The true Seminole fans are on their Seminole message boards talking about their team. He spends too much time on here to be a true Seminole fan. He is either an anti-fan or bandwagon fan.

  3. Shameous Jamius is the PERFECT student/ATHLETE for Clown-U to continue their long standing reputations of putting out plenty of criminole, ‘Deion Rule’ non-students. JW — “I apologize – I apologize – I apologize – I apologize – I apologize….. No problem, cause remember, you’re just another criminole, and twits like little jimmy wisher are still very proud of you…. LMAO!!!

  4. I’m glad that Will and staff seem to focus on good athlete that are also decent people. Anyone who would rather have Heisman JW instead of JD should just go ahead and move their fanship to that SoW. JMOHO of course…. ;~)

  5. You guys just misunderstand Famous Jameis. Hey , boys will be boys.Coach Fish is an excellent disciplinarian. He was the Coach in waiting and learned from the Hall of Famer.

    i think the first half suspension was way to much. Maybe a little community service at that. its not like he hit anybody.

  6. Right, obviously no big deal to shout derogatory remarks to women in Tallahassee. Only problem is that everywhere else on the planet it is inappropriate and unacceptable. Wonder how he’d feel if she was someone he was related to. Jameis will pay come draft day…

    SMH… as for the article, people tend to focus on the recruits that aren’t committed but I get excited about committed guys like Dillon, especially with his speed and versatility.

    GO DOUBLE-D!!!

  7. First of all, a lot of the time the best player on a high school team plays quarterback, so it’s quite common that a receiver or defensive back in college was the quarterback in high school. Second, Stanford isn’t like a most schools that will accept a football player that isn’t up to the academic standards of the university, so, yes, Winston is very intelligent. Third, what Winston did is not a big deal. It’s only news because of him bring a star. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do and he should have known better, because of who he is. But college kids are dumb when it comes to doing stupid things. If you can’t recall how moronic some kids act in college, well, you didn’t go to college. Kids make mistakes, that’s too be expected. If you have children, you should know that. One of my sons, who’s about the same age as Winston, just got a ticket for going 35 miles or so over the speed limit. When I asked him what was he thinking, he said he wasn’t. Winston was dumb, but it’s not like there aren’t thousands of college students shouting out the same meme. He’s been punished, and it’s nothing serious. I suggest taking a chill pill. You have to realize who you’re dealing with. If you think a 20 year old is mature, you’re sadly mistaken.

  8. I’d like to take Jameis up on the offer he made while standing on the table in the student union, but I’m not a girl, I just act like one…lol. I can’t help it. I’m just a tool, uh fool, for the criminole school.

  9. Now compare Shameous to the mature 18-22 year olds serving in the US Military. Winston would likely get his entire platoon slaughtered….
    But that’s probably an unfair comparison, since those are actually responsible men, while he’s just another one of the gud-christian boyz trained by and playing around for the bow-down legacy criminoles….

  10. You can only hope to walk in the real James Fisher. Appreciate that you live thru me vicariously. Go put on your jean shorts, comb that red mullet of yours and start sipping that Busch lite brew. Go gata. Nice life you live ….lol

  11. I believe Winston has a personality defect which requires him to be in the spot light constantly. He doesn’t even try to hide what he has done, except for the rape. I predict the rape problem won’t go away. Why the victim’s lawyer would demand 7 million in settlement before filing suit puzzles me. Threats of filing suit are pretty worthless when everyone knows who is going to be sued.
    Having sex with a woman so drunk she is nearly unconscious may well be rape because the woman could not consent.

  12. I believe Winston has an emotional problem which requires him to be the center of attention. He needs therapy or he will do something that is outrageous again. Jimbo says his team mates love him. I’m not so sure the non-Nole public loves him.
    We need some better QB play so we can give our defense some rest. We need to give our recruits some hope for the future before they start opening their recruiting en mass.