Weather delay doesn’t damper Jefferson’s UF trip

CeCe Jefferson is a U.S. Army All-American. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

CeCe Jefferson has visited Florida more than a half dozen times since the spring, so there isn’t much in Gainesville he hasn’t seen.

“I know this place like the back of my hand,” Jefferson said. “I’m here for almost every game.”

However, Saturday’s season opener against Idaho offered a new experience for him. The game had almost a three-hour weather delay before being suspended due to unsafe field conditions.

“I’ve never seen a game canceled. That was a first,” he said. “I was looking forward to seeing them play, but it was still great getting back down here again. I had a good time.”

The 6-foot-2, 245-pounder from Glen Saint Mary Baker County conversed with UF coach Will Muschamp and defensive line coach Brad Lawing during his visit.

“I talked to them for a little bit,” he said. “Their message was the same. They’re looking forward to recruiting me this season and hopefully coaching me in the future.”

Jefferson also spent time with Byron Cowart of Seffner Armwood. The close friends and five-star defensive ends would like to attend the same college.

Cowart named Oregon, Florida State and Florida his top three schools Friday, but most believe the Gators are truly his favorite heading into his Sept. 28 decision.

Jefferson laughed when informed of Cowart’s leaderboard.

“If he says that’s what it is, then that’s it,” he said. “Byron is a character. I don’t know what to think about that. I’ll pick his brain about it, but I won’t let anybody know.”

As for Jefferson’s recruitment, he plans to be back at UF for the Kentucky game and also wants to visit LSU and Georgia this fall.

“I don’t think I’ll come out with a top group of schools,” he said. “I think I’m just going to ride it out and enjoy the recruiting process. I’ll make my decision on signing day.”

Not if Florida offensive line commit Tyler Jordan has his way.

Last month he posted a picture on Twitter of his Gator socks, and Jefferson immediately wanted a pair.

“I’ve never seen any socks like that,” Jefferson said. “He told me his girlfriend got them customized for him. So they’re exclusive. He’s trying to bribe me for my commitment.”

Jordan asked Jefferson on Twitter if he was attending Saturday’s game, and then dropped the hammer.

“It’s turned into a little joke now,” Jordan said. “He saw me come into the Gator room last night and told me, ‘Why do you have the socks on! You’re supposed to give them to me.’ We got a good laugh out of that.”

Jefferson walked away from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium undecided and sockless.

“I did not get the socks, so therefore I did not commit,” he said smiling. “That’s the deal he’s trying to make with me. He told me if I commit to coach Muschamp, he’ll give me the socks. So we’ll see.”

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  1. Im as big a gator fan as anybody but im also realistic! I love this kid and no doubt in my mind hes a Gator! Unfortunately he is the only one of the “big five” instate prospects we get. IMO. Boy o boy do I hope im way off base on this one, but every day it looks more like im right.

  2. Would have been awesome if Jefferson, Cowart, Holland, and Ivey would have stepped up to the media and announced all together for the Gators. Then proceed to convince Ray Ray, Cain, Campbell, Norton, Davis, Mack, Smith, Burrel, and Davis that it will be better to be Gators than Gatorbait.

  3. James Fisher, you can’t even spell “Jimbo” and you’re here predicting the future that’s a decade away. You truly are “delusion-nole.” Btw, if kids think it’s all about the facilities, like a well-made trophy case and an indoor practice field, then they should go to halfassu. But, if they want a great education and a secure job when they graduate, one that doesn’t involve asking, “Do you want fries with that?” then UF is the place they need to attend.

  4. BSJGator, I agree with your comments but you must look at other factors such as: If he goes to FSU he knows he will have protection from the Tally police dept. if he ever gets into trouble. In addition, regardless of their comments, the vast majority of these guys talk academics but they truly don’t care.

    I could name 100 recruits who made bold academic statements during the recruiting process and then selected a school that does not represent academics or in some cases does not even offer the major the recruit states as essential.

    We like to tell ourselves that academics matter, and these kids tell their parents it is important, but at the end of the day it is about football.

  5. BSJ it sounds like you are actually saying UF athletes get a diploma ? If they do ….it sounds like you are inferring it weighs more than an FSU diploma. I hope you are not serious. You are aren’t you? Have you listened to your “student athletes ” give interviews. UF academics is way overrated. Your school is no better than anyone else. Pure azz Gator arrogance.

    When was the last time you went to a debate competition? It’s all about recruiting the best players and the Noles do it better than anyone.

  6. Fisher, so they can play in a nothing league. The ACC is a joke in football. You play 4 games and claim to be great. You played Auburn who was not the best team in the SEC. They were very lucky. Free Shoes or Seafood U was lucky to win that game.

  7. I sure wish I could get banned from this blog so I could go rub one out to the FSU fight song. I just love the semenholes since they have been #1 for fifty years, and never had a down year. Oh wait, I guess the average 4 losses a year from 2001-2011 don’t count. Time to get back on the bandwagon.

  8. Which high school teams are better than Eastern Michigan? Im pretty sure many of the big HS teams could beat them. Idaho could’ve competed with UF if the offense is not better, but eastern michigan has absolutely no chance. Their characteristics are the exact type of team this UF group can defeat like 80 – 0. They have no defense and no passing game. UFs better athletes will dominate!

  9. What does a ‘Deion Rule’ reFSUcks edge-jew-ma-cation get you?
    ” You are aren’t you?” — James Fisher
    Translation: Your are are not you? — WTF???

    “UF academics is way overrated. Your school is no better than anyone else.”

    So, I must have missed when the AAU invited FSU into their prestigious academic organization?

    UF also has to turn away over 10,000 fully qualified student ever year. FSUcks has to beg to even get their quota, even with lower standards. USF and UCF are fast gaining on FSU, already have larger enrollments.
    Buy a dog and name him clue, so’s you’ll finally have one…..

    PS — There’s a real reason why most call the ACC the Almost Competitive Conf.

  10. Jerermy, mighty FSUcks played the lowest ranked SoS of the last 10 BCS-NC winners. It was a totally dismal #69 SoS.
    Fully half of their 2013 opponents finished with losing records.
    While 1/3 (4) finished at a mediocre 7-6. FSUcks played 10 teams that won less than 8 freakin’ games!

    UF’s 2014 schedule includes half of their schedule against preseason Top 25 teams, with 5 of them in the Top 13. Those will include the 2 teams that have won the last 3 BCS-NC’s, in AWAY games. That kind of schedule will never happen for FSUcks playing around in the Almost Competitive Conference. And that’s also why the NFL gets most of their players every year from the SEC.
    Low academic standard criminoles, playing against mostly chumps. Sorry, but that’s the true legacy of the over-rated team that lives in tallycrappy. You want to be a Clown-U type, then that’s just fine with me. Not every college student, athlete or not, can qualify to be a Florida Gator. But everyone who attends UF can come away with a Top Quality Degree, IF the want one bad enough and work to get it.

  11. Basically all diplomas are created equal. Florida is no better nor worse than anyone else. Gator Nation tends to overrate themselves. A touch of humility would help once in a while. Wonder why UF is the most despised fan base in the country. da muddler ( well deserved name I might add) is a classic example. Yes UF turns away a lot of Florida kids.. Now look what you have roaming your campus. Students that do not look like they belong in this country. They get their diploma and leave the state or country. Basically these student do not enhance the workforce of this state. Florida used to have a rabid fan base who upon graduation contribute to the university. Now these graduates are gone. And what happened to the Florida kids that got turned away? They are going to FSU , UCF ,FAU and all the other state schools. Florida’s loss in my opinion. The job of the Universities is to enhance your future workforce and UF aint getting it done.

  12. I muddle along, but you don’t. Instead, you are just another idiot criminole chest beater. Fabrications and outright lies is what you post as your rebuttal? LMAO
    (you really do need to buy or steal that dog, and name him clue)

    Do you even know what a ‘Public Ivy’ is over in Tallycrappy? (doubtful)
    But I’m pretty sure you are very familiar with what a Clown-U is…. lmao

    FYI —
    Universities that provide an Ivy League collegiate experience, at a
    public school price. Public Ivies are considered, according to the
    Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, to be capable of
    “successfully competing with the Ivy League schools in academic rigor, while attracting superstar faculty and in competing for the best and brightest students of all races.”

    Greene’s List (a list of approximately 30 schools) had but one focus alone: ‘public schools with academic quality comparable to an Ivy League institution.’

    Southern Region:
    University of Florida (Gainesville)
    University of Georgia (Athens)
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    University of Texas at Austin

    So it’s very apparent that ALL schools are not equal, nor is FSUcks on the list.

    Now consider that UF is the ONLY school to have had a Final Top 10 Ranking for the last 28 consecutive years, in the National All Sport category. SoW = hine-tit

  13. James Fisher obviously enjoys trying to upset Gator fans. He has no inside information at to where high school players will end up. Cowart (not Coward), Ivey and Holland have not silently committed to Auburn. He is just saying to try an anger Gator fans. The Gators have a decent year and they will end up with a top 10 recruiting class.

  14. I am just trying to bring you guys the truth. Congrats on the Ivy League designation.. albeit the southern region. But tell me one thing; how many of the football players are considered elite student on the campus? Tell Mr. Greene to look up that data and get back with you de muddler.

    Gator 863 , you are not really sure what info I have..sorry about the typo Gatr . Good luck with Eastern Mich this Saturday in that beautiful stadium in Gville…

  15. Name him Mud and you’ll be a match, cause around here, your names been Mud for quite a while…. lmao

    In the SEC, UF not Vandy has the most athletes on the SEC Academic Honor Roll. Just like UF has the most total SEC Championships in sports. Just like FSUcks is known as Clown-U. Live with it…. ;~p


    lmao does not equal, mad at this twit. I enjoy and appreciate the many belly laughs! :~))

  16. James Fisher – Yes Cowart, Ivey, Holland and Auburn officials are keeping it quiet about their committing to Auburn, but they told you about it. Read the article above and you will see that Cowart does not list Auburn among the schools he is choosing from. You might want to check your sources/imagination. Thank you for wishing the Gators luck. I am sure it is a heart felt sentiment. I also agree with you that UF has a beautiful stadium.

  17. Wow James Fisher,

    It’s blatantly obvious that you have a deep seeded jealously towards UF. It’s sad that you have nothing better to do than come on a UF website and give your “facts”.

    Here is a FACT for you: Gator Nation does not give a crap on what you have to say and what your “facts” are. FSU fans like you make me smile….commenting on our website is the best compliment you can give Gator Nation.

  18. Not turned away by UF.
    127 Semester Hrs with a 3.67 final GPA.
    A Gator Alumni Association member for many years. :~p
    Also many other family members that are UF grads.

    The Sundance Kid to Butch Cassidy – “Don’t you get ever get tired of being WRONG! ROTF :~ )) LMAO

  19. I think your family members who received diplomas are the ones with the good sense. What happend to you…??? Didn’t take you for a 3.7 kind of guy.
    Congrats.. Ivy Leagueish you are.

    Good luck with Southeastern Michigan Tech , I mean State, I mean????

  20. George Campbell announcing Friday, probably for FSU. We’ll have to see if he sticks with whoever he chooses, he’s already not kept his pledge to Michigan. Alabama looked very vulnerable to the pass against West Virginia, if Driskel actually is improved like the coaches say, UF should have a very good shot at upsetting the Tide in Tuscaloosa. If that happens, Cowart, Ivey, Jefferson, and Holland will probably jump on board. The rumor is that Holland is iffy on qualifying, but the other three would be a huge boost to a year that has seen the gators struggle so far in getting kids from Florida to say yes.

  21. My life history would bore most I suspect. However, my most recent offspring to attend UF, did so on a Full Academic Scholarship, graduated in 3 1/2 years with 2 degrees and a minor, on the President’s List and with Highest Honors in both degrees. So I’m prolly the dummy in the house…

    ~ You aren’t likely to need any luck with Clown-U’s usual SoS (69), just show up and take your usual undeserved Almost Competitive Conference bows. Slobby Bow-down knew to stay out of the SEC, and that’s why FSUcks is where they are,,, mostly over-rated. :~p)


    I couldn’t care any less about where a kid comes from. I care about his athletic talent, his character, and his ability to stay qualified academically. And if he fills a position of need on the current team, then it’s a home run no matter where he’s from. I only divide the recruits into 2 categories, Gators,,, and Gatorbait! :~))