Davis makes second trip to UF this month

Ryan Davis is a member of the Rivals250 and ESPN300. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

St. Petersburg Lakewood wide receiver Ryan Davis visited Florida Thursday, his second trip to the school this month.

Davis checked out UF in early August with five-stars George Campbell, Byron Cowart and CeCe Jefferson.

This time Davis came to Florida with his father and Donterio Fowler, the younger brother of Gators defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. The three of them are cousins and close friends.

“We came to see Dante, but this visit was really for my dad,” Davis said. “He wanted to see the school and everything it has to offer. He really liked it and thinks it’s a good place for me.”

The 5-foot-10, 167-pounder watched Florida’s practice Thursday and came away impressed with new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper.

“The new offense is way better,” he said. “It’s a lot more explosive. It’s a perfect fit for me and my position (slot receiver). I feel like they’re going to be better this year.”

Davis was going to make his commitment in October but may now decide after the second game (Aug. 29) of his senior season. He expects Campbell and Cowart, who are also deciding sooner than planned, to announce before him.

Davis will name final finalists soon, and Florida will make the cut along with Florida State and Maryland.

“I love the coaches (at Florida),” he said. “It’s just fun talking to all of them. It was great to be around them again (Thursday).”


  1. Maryland is the only competition. Davis is the younger brother of a former Seminole, but I doubt they have room for him. They already have two receivers pledged ad are expected to get Da’Vante Phillips and George Campbell.
    Why hasn’t UF got Jalen Merrick to say yes? You can only guess about offensive linemen, but I think he’s better than any of the ones UF has gotten so far. What is he waiting for and who is the competition?

  2. The Seminoles aren’t getting Campbell. They may get a commitment but UF gets him to sign. I guarantee that. What is Merrick waiting for? What’s half of the country waiting for? To see if we’re any good. I’m really surprised we’ve gotten as many high profile guys as we have. Once the season starts and we wipe 4-8 from everyone’s minds, Merrick, Coney, Campbell and others won’t be able to commit fast enough. And plenty of guys who said they weren’t interested will all of a sudden be interested. Just wait

  3. The only guys that need to be signed before Jan are the early enrollees. Everyone else can wait until the first week in Feb if they want to, and I’m fine with that. We got some pretty good one’s last year on NSD, including some nice flips.

  4. This team will make major advances on offense, especially our passing game, and the defense will resume its place among the SEC’s best. Recruits will follow. Say what you will about Muschamp’s mundane, lackluster offense in 2012, he sure didn’t coax 11 wins out of that team because of a treasure trove of talent left behind by Urban Meyer. It took good leadership on Muschamp’s part. This year we’ll see the return of Florida as a big-time competitor.

  5. I agree with that but not sure about the D, really we don’t know if the secondary will be any good since most haven’t played much or at all. Don’t think we have the quality or depth we are used too, but that remains to be seen, nobody knows till we play Bama.
    Do think the offense more than makes up for any drop in defense, can’t wait to see the new scheme. Get the feeling Treon is going to be a stud for us!

  6. The problem with all these rosy outlooks for the offense being better is that there aren’t any proven players on offense. Even iif Driskel is better, which I doubt, the offensive line is still lousy. If you haven’t heard, they are getting smoked by UF’s defensive line. Uf’s defensive line is nothing special. They were pretty bad last year after Easley went down. Even the supposed star, Fowler, wasn’t very good. That’s not just me talking, that’s what Durkin said. He said that Fowler came close to being a dominating player at times, but there were also games where he disappeared. Bullard, Orr, and Cummings were not good players. Unless they have made a dramatic improvement, you have to wonder why UF’s offensive line can’t block them. It won’t matter if the running backs, receivers, odr Driskel are better if the line can’t block anybody. Now I see that Trip Thurman is a projected starter, he’s awful. I thiought the coaches were blowing smoke when they said Brown could play guard. It turns out I was right, he’s too big to get low enough and move quickly enough to play inside. Humphries is looking like another 5 star bust, he is still bad. Moore is still bad. green hasn’t wowed anyone, maybe his being injured last year didn’t matter. No, I don’t think UF has talent on the offensive line, and UF will get killed by Alabama September 20. Roper and miller are not miracle workers, they still have the same players, and itf the line is what I fear it is, UF won’t even win seven games. Someone tell me I’m wrong, I just can’t see this offense being any better with Driskel and an awful offensive line.;

  7. Ntwhatever, you’re an idiot. I’d love to argue but there’s really nothing else to say to such an idiotic post. Hey anyone wanna do an over under for how long into the season ntblahblah disappears out of embarrassment? I say week 4

  8. csdk, Just because Alabama’s line is big doesn’t mean they’re great players. As we saw in the Sugar Bowl, a quick guy like Eric Striker can a huge guy. UF’s offensive line is having a hard time blocking UF’s defensive line in practice. We don’t know if that is because UF’s defensive line is great or if UF’s offensive line sucks. If it is the former, UF has a chance against Alabama. WE have seen that Alabama has had trouble with a mobile quarterback that can throw, against Oklahoma, Texaa A&M, and Auburn. Can Driskel do the same? If he can, UF has a chance. If Driskel is the same quarterback we’ve seen before, Alabam will rout the Gators.

  9. Ok. Either ncblahblahblah is channeling multiple personalities or multiple people are posting. Regardless I wouldn’t worry about our D line. If there’s one thing Muschamp knows it’s defense. Heck even with a million injuries, playing walk ons, and being on the field all game we managed a top 10 D. With Muschamp and Lawing taking over that D lone is going to kill it. To say Fowler isn’t very good is just laughable. His only problems were consistency. Even so this is the guy projected by EVERYONE to be a high first round pick THIS YEAR. Just look at the type of games he had against tennessee, kentucky, missouri, etc and look at the dedication and work he’s put in to being better and consistent and you know he’s going to be special. Anyone who claims Bullard isn’t good just clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He’s not the pass rushing special fowler is but he’s obviously a great player. And anyone who laughs at Orr, Cummings, or Cox is just a fool. And this year we reap the benefits of injuries forcing us to throw our young guys in the fire. All that SEC playing time does wonders for developing players. Our line is going to be one of the best in the nation. And I wouldn’t worry about how big Bama’s line is. Have you checked our our line?? Checked out 6’8″ 350 pound Brown? That’s big. Trust me well get plenty used to going against huge linemen and great running backs. Our defense will he well prepared for Bamer and we WILL win.

  10. Not sure how a thread about Ryan Davis became a discussion about how good or bad our d-line and o-line are. But the d-line is solidly good and one of the top lines in the SEC. Fowler is hands down the best pass rusher in the SEC and will possibly be the top pass rusher drafted. The o-line is experienced and looks to be pretty solid if healthy. Chaz Green brings a lot back that we missed last season. The one good thing about injuries is that you get a lot of playing time for the guys next year, which we’ll now be reaping.

    That being said, I’m really liking Ryan Davis more and more. I’m not sure if it’s just sour grapes, but I kind of see Davis as a better fit for our new offense than Campbell (who I’d still love to see as a gator too).

  11. by That_UAT_Guy It’s not laughable to say that Fowler is not a great player. His own coach, Durkin, said so. Durkin said that Fowler came CLOSE to being a dominant player at times last year, but there were also games where he failed to show up. If you are not consistent, you are not a good player, an attribute the staring quarterback shares. It’s amazing that you bring up the Missouri game to bolster your argument about Fowler. In case you missed it, Missouri destroyed the Gator defense to the tune of over 500 yards. I didn’t see Maty Mauk having a hard time with the pass rush of Fowler and Bullard. The Gators were soft up the middle after Easley went down, that’s due to Orr and Cummings not being good players. In fact, Cummings is just as likely to draw a roughing the passer penalty as making a good play. IF you want to tell me how great Fowler is, I suggest you watch him against LSU last year. He looked like some high school kid that was playing out of his league. I mean they pushed him ten yards off the line.
    As for Trenton Brown, he may be big, but he has feet of stone, which is the reason that an awful player like Trip Thurman will probably start. I deal in reality, not fantasy, and you sir, need to take off your rose colored glasses and join us in the real world.

  12. Daylon Mack to Florida? I thought he was still committed to Texas A&M. Maybe his parents wonder what kind of program Sumlin is running. They have had a lot of off season problems in College Station this year.

  13. Wow! You deal in reality! What a hilarious joke!! Yeah Dante Fowler is obviously no good even though I mean he is projected to be a high first round Draft pick by everyone. And I mean he is picked by everyone to be one of the top 10 or 15 best SEC players this season. I mean he did take a guy who’s playing in the NFL right now in Antonio Richardson and make him look like a little leaguer. Heck Fowler’s probably half the reason he went undrafted. Did you even watch the Missouri game or just look up stats. I bet it’s the 2nd one. Because from someone who actually watched the game I admit I’m surprised that 500 yards is actually correct. Because as anyone who watched the game would tell for a defense giving up 500 yards they sure didn’t look it. Heck it took our offense giving up 3 turnovers for them to score that 36. Our defense kept us in that game much longer than we should’ve been. We were in that game in the 4th quarter until the lack of depth (as it always did last year with all those injuries). Even not doing a bit of analysis and just assuming our defense was terrible that doesn’t mean 1 player can’t play well despite the play of his teammates. And after actually watching that game I can assure you Mauk never wants to see Fowler again. There was nothing “almost” about how dominant he was in that game and many others. You say you live in reality not in fantasy land. I think you mistyped and got it backwards. Because everyone else here in reality land (coaches, players, fans, journalists, broadcasters, everyone) can’t stop saying great things about Fowler. And I assure you no one else would call Orr or Cummings soft either. Our defensive problems were depth and wearing out in games? Is it any coincidence that we would always play well in the first half (even against national champions FSU) and falter late in games?? Brown has feet of stone?? What a joke you are!! Anyone whos seen Brown (again coaches, fans, media, players, etc) raves about how well he moves and how athletic he is. I think you need to watch some more football man. A lot more

  14. The good news is only 11 days till we starting getting answers. Hopefully the Gators will prove ntcrze’s overly pessimistic view of things wrong. I think the offensive line and defensive line will be good as long as they stay away from all the injuries they had last year. The key will be the quarterback play.

  15. Only a twit would try to bag on 5 Star Fowler imoho.
    2013: Named to the All-SEC Second Team by the media…Selected to the College Football News All-Sophomore team…Named the Athlon Sports National Defensive Player of the Week and the SEC Defensive Player of the Week following the Tennessee game, in which he had three tackles-for-loss, one sack, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery…Named to the Phil Steele Midseason All-SEC First Team…Fifth on the team in total tackles, leading all defensive linemen…Led the team with 10.5 tackles-for-loss and ranked second with 3.5 sacks…

    Jake – UAT, what I’m seeing is that ntcrze has likely come down with Opti-recti-mortis. That’s when the little tube that connects the eyes with the butt get’s packed solid with smelly brown stuff,,, and you end up with a chitty outlook on life, or in this case, on Gator football…. ;~))

    Roto-router should be able to cure his problem, if someone is willing to hold him down for the operation…. lol

  16. @ da-muddler, can’t you see that ntcrze say most of the stuff he says just to get you angry and fired up. I don’t believe He believes all the negative things he says about Gator players. You know he can not believe what he’s stated about Dante Fowler. Maybe most of the stuff he says about Driskel he could mean, because up to now it has been EASY to pick on Jeff. I’m hopeful Jeff will come through in a BIG way this year, it will be great for the TEAM. Don’t get me wrong I have been VERY critical of Driskel myself, but I let it go, he’s had plenty of time to be ready and actually think he is ready and this will be a GREAT year for the TEAM. I think we have most of the pieces to the puzzle, I hope they can all be put together by our staff and we show the TIDE and the SEC how to really ROLL. GO GATORS!!!!

  17. Creek Gator I did mean what I said. I just pointed out that it’s not laughable to think Fowler is not a great player. I related what D.J. Durkin said about Fowler’s play last year.In case you don’t know, he’s UF’s defensive coordinator, so it’s not true that every coach etc. thinks Fowler is a great player. He said Fowler came CLOSE at times but also failed to show up some games. As for him being a projected first round draft pick, the same thing was said before last season about Purifoy and Roberson. Guys like McShay and Kiper don’t know what they are talking about. When the NFL evaluates your tape, then a projection can be made. Fowler has the POTENTIAL to become a great player, a common theme among Gator players, but he has yet to fulfill it. I hope he does become a great player this year, but to do so, he has to show up for every game, not look great against Tennessee and then look awful against LSU. Consistency is the key, which can be said for a lot of players.

  18. One more thing you should know about Fowler. It was him, not Antonio Morrison, that blew his assignment against Georgia on the play that Gurley scored on a short dump off pass. He was supposed to drop off the line into coverage. No wonder Muschamp was so frustrated, the Gators were in the right defnsive call, but someone didn’t do their job. By the way, UF lost by three points. So, don’t tell me how great Dante Fowler is, I know different.

    • Zach’s Mail Stack returns this Thursday. Apologize for the delay. I would have brought it back sooner but I had to do six high school football previews for The Sun this month. Finished my last one this past Friday.

  19. Creek, I don’t get mad, I get even, and I usually do it while lmao.
    This is a game played by boys on Saturday afternoon, not
    something serious. I’ve been neck deep in serious, so I do know the difference. I have fun with the debate, discussion, buddy raggin’, whatever….. I will also beat-down any rival flammers, to the limit of the site. But I DON’T GET ANGRY/MAD etc, I save that for the importantthings in life, and this stuff ain’t one of them.

    As to Driskel, he’s been better than his coaching and he’s been
    better than most of this teammates so far. This will be the first
    time since he arrived at UF where I believe that those around him
    are as competent as he is, but we’ll see….
    We all have our opinions, which is fine wid-me. Yawl express your’s
    and I’ll come back with mine. Those reading can decide for themselves who’s FoS and who ain’t.

    Speaking of FoS, I like the way that some want to use one out of contextcomment by the DC to backup a spurious opinion, while thatsame person ignores the comments of Dilfer, Roper, and Muschamp combined about Driskel’s abilities…. ROTF – LMAO!

  20. Nothing is taken out of context,you just don’t like to hear the truth, do you? Oh well. you can lead a horse to water…
    On another note, Trinity Christian laid an egg last night considering all the talent they have. The best player on the field was probably the tight end who played for Buford. Now that’s a guy to go after.

  21. P.S. one other note. The freshman for Trinity, Johnson, was impressive. He’s the younger brother of the First Coast quarterback that is pledged to FSU. Maybe he decides to go elsewhere since FSU has two other highly rated quarterbacks as well and Florida can get him, if for no other reason than to get a leg up on the younger brother. He might be one of the top players in the country if he’s already this good as a freshman.

  22. Ntblahblah, Have you ever heard DJ talk about Dante thus season?? Obviously not! Haha. He not only has made it very clear he thinks Dante is great, but he thinks he’s the best! So yes, EVERY coach would disagree with you about Fowler, but what would they know compared to your infinite wisdom? Haha. Again bro, you gotta go watch some more football.

  23. So let me get this straight: several great plays doesn’t make him a great player, but one bad play makes him a bad player?? Bro I hate to break it to you, but every great player has had their bad plays, especially as an underclassman. Tebow had his bad plays, Wuerrful had his bad plays, Spikes had his, Major Wright had gis, LAwrence Wright had his, Joe Haden had his, percy Harvin had his, Derrick Harvey had his. That’s just how football goes. Sometimes great players screw up. Seriously I wish you would take a good long time actually watching and learning some college football before your next comment.

  24. It’s amazing to me that someone is gullible enough to believe anything a coach says about a player before the season. On every campus around the country you’ll hear the same refrain, “so and so is going to great, we have a great team, blah, blah, blah. Some folks eat that up and think it’s gospel, but when a coach talks about how someone played in a real game, they don’t want to hear it. Sure every player makes bad plays sometimes. Easley roughed Miami’s quarterback last year on their first scoring drive, but that didn’t take away the fact that he was a great player. He was consistently a great player, but he was the only guy on the whole team you could say that about. It’s only a few weeks until September 20, we’ll find out hen if the coaches are just blowing smoke up our rears, until then we won’t know if the gators are better or not. There is one thing that will be illustrative of whether the gators are going to be better when they play he three “exhibition” games. UF has been a very undisciplined team and it shows in the large amount of stupid penalties they get. If UF can show they get through a game without a bunch of penalties, that will be a very good sign. It doesn’t mean that they’ll beat Alabama, but it may mean they’ll play more intelligently this year.

  25. So Durkin is a liar yet you can trust what he says when it (modified and out of context) supports your point? Wow. OK. Haha. It would amaze me if anyone was gullible enough to believe you! Seriously man spend so serious time watching and learning football before you make any more comments