Sandifer down to three schools


Florida currently has three offensive linemen in its 2015 class after the recent commitments from George Brown and Mike Horton, but the Gators are looking to add at least two more recruits to that group.

Their top in-state targets are Martez Ivey and Jalen Merrick. UF is believed to be leading for them at this time, and both visited for Friday Night Lights.

Florida is also in the running for three out-of-state linemen who attended FNL — Matthew Burrell, Isaiah Prince and Brandon Sandifer.

South Carolina is considered the favorite for Brandon Sandifer. Can UF sway him? (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Sandifer plans to decide some time this month between three schools.

“I’m down to Florida, Alabama and South Carolina,” he said. “They’re all pretty even right now so I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.”

He didn’t work out at Friday Night Lights but still gained an appreciation for UF offensive line coach Mike Summers.

“I like him,” Sandifer said. “He’s an aggressive coach. He coaches hard. But at the same time, he’s easy to talk to and shows love to his players.”

The 6-foot-4, 328-pounder spoke with a handful of Florida’s current linemen about playing for the Gators.

“I finally got a chance to talk to some of the players and I really enjoyed them,” he said. “I talked to like five offensive linemen. They told me it’s tough at Florida and I have to work hard, but if I make it through then I’ll be set for the future. So that was good to hear.”

Sandifer said the deciding factor for him will be figuring out which depth chart gives him the best opportunity to play early.

“It’s a hard decision,” he said. “They’re all very good schools. It’s going to come down to who wants and needs me the most.”


  1. Bamer has OL stacked up like cord wood. His best opportunity is at UF. We lose several starters after this season and he will have the chance to play as a freshman. Plus, when it comes to the quality of education, Bamer and USCe aren’t even close to UF.

  2. UF is better in academics but for what most of these guys major in, Bama and South Carolina are more than adequate( actually for most people they are more than adequate). Sorry but we aren’t winning over guys like this on academics. They have better football programs at this time- that means a lot more than who has the better engineering program

  3. Florida champions having a higher academic element to recruit players. This is a joke because all of these players are taking elementary courses to gain some BS degree which they won’t even achieve. So don’t come at me with the ” Florida is a higher academic school because it does not matter.

  4. Agreed on academics for most recruits, though not all. However, we likely return no more than two starting OL in 2015 and only one likely back-up, Tripp Thurman, returns this season with any playing experience, unless you count the JC transfer Drew Savary. OL seems to be a huge area of need for an offense that otherwise should be loaded. We could land a big punch if our staff can land Ivey, Merrick and one more guy.

  5. And by the way, it’s off the mark and dishonest to broad brush these recruits. There are a number of former Gator players with great jobs including business owners, public servants and other walks of life. A lot of these young guys come to college with high hopes of success in life beyond football.

  6. Generally they were able to become business owners and public people through their athletic achievements. It not dishonest it is the truth. Happens at all schools. When is the last time there has been a doctor / engineer out of the SEC basketball or football. There may have been but I don’t know about it. Academics are a joke and I think it has been this way for a while.

  7. Fisher, just because Free Seafood doesn’t have the academics or enough quality people who played for them doesn’t mean UF doesn’t have a number of players who seek more than just an easy path through football. Yes it’s true a lot of players just come for football and take the easiest classes to do that. but a lot of the quality guys UF attracts want more than just football. A lot of these kids are smart enough to come in and get a good degree. Heck I’ve known players who have left for the NFL, but still completed their degree online

  8. Zach, say we can get Ivey, Merrick, Burrell, Prince, and Sandifer. Do we take 8 linemen or do we tell a few sorry but we’re full. If so would it be first come first served or if not who gets told sorry we’re too full to accept you?

  9. James Fisher, why do you Noles always get your panties in a wad whenever the topic of academics up ??? What makes winning championships at UF so much sweeter is we do it with real student athletes who go to class, not a bunch of big dummies who threaten female professors into giving them passing grades…By the way, those 2 ladies are not going away so quietly…I think your program is going to fall on serious trouble sooner than you think.

  10. Drew, maybe they’ll look into crabgate while they’re at it. I heard there was some fishy (excuse the pun) circumstances there. Sounds like maybe Jameis didn’t actually steal them bur Publix had a deal with FSU players. If so and it does get investigated. FSU could lose that title, Heisman, and be facing serious future troubles. Which would be EXCELLENT


  12. It may be true for a lot of recruits that they do not care which school has the better engineering program, but it sure as heck matters to their parents, Stanley.

    I certainly cared about the quality of education my children would get when they were evaluating colleges, and I do not think the parents of our recruits are any different.

  13. I hope none of you are seriously thinking that ANY action is seriously going to be taken against Jamies or FSU. NOT happening! If you can be EXCUSED for RAPE, stealing crab legs is a JOKE in Tallahassee. GO GATORS!!!!

  14. Considering our history with injuries on O- line, his best chance to play is with the Gators. We might have a two deep on paper, but some of those knees are shaky. Until they prove otherwise, I think we need platoons of guards and tackles.