Robinson after another South Florida star


Since Miami native Travaris Robinson joined Florida’s staff as defensive backs coach late in the 2011 recruiting cycle, the Gators have signed a South Florida prospect in every recruiting class.

He has targeted a few prospects again for 2015, one of whom is Tim Irvin of Palmetto Westminster Christian.

Tim Irvin is a member of the Rivals100 and an Army All-American. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

The consensus four-star athlete visited UF for Friday Night Lights, where he spent time with Robinson.

“I like him a lot,” Irvin said. “We have a bond that other coaches don’t have with me. Every time I talk to him, we just have a good bond. He’s a really good coach.”

Irvin said Robinson’s Miami upbringing has helped develop their relationship. UF players Quinton Dunbar, Treon Harris and C.J. Worton — all South Florida products — are also recruiting him to Gainesville.

“I see he has a lot of down-south talent out there playing for him now,” Irvin said. “That really is going to help me a lot on my decision.

“I have a lot of players I played with down south who go (to Florida). They tell me a lot about the campus and how the football structure is. So I get a lot of different advice from different players and I just run with it.”

Rivals ranks the 5-foot-9, 190-pounder No. 91 overall in the nation but lists him as an all-purpose running back.

Robinson wants Irvin on the defensive side of the ball.

“He says I can come down and play in the box,” Irvin said. “I’m very aggressive, so as of right now he likes me at strong safety.”

Irvin plans to return to UF for a couple games this fall — and take trips to Clemson, Florida State, Georgia and Ohio State — before he makes his decision at the Army All-American Bowl.

“Florida is a really good program,” he said. “I feel like they’re rebuilding it. They have a great education, so that’s a plus for me and my family.”

One notable member of Irvin’s family is his uncle, Michael Irvin, a former Miami receiver who had a Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys.

Irvin named the Hurricanes his leader in June followed by LSU and Florida, but he insists that his recruitment is wide open.

“As of right now, I’m open to everyone,” he said. “People ask me if I have a favorite school, but no. I’m open to every school.”

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  1. George Relax! Roper will get kids to come. Many kids are waiting to see it on the field first. Florida has shown it on the defensive side so we can get studs to come play but he has to show it on the offense. There are still several big prospects that have Florida high on the offensive side of the ball. I also believe that when the season is over there are going to be several kids who have committed to other schools right now flip back to UF after they see what we have going on. Muschamp has repeatedly stated that this year is the most talented team he has had on Offense since he became our coach and following recruiting closely I would agree. I also agree with what others have stated that if Roper did what he did with Duke Athletes then standby for some fun with ours. I know I know we haven’t seen anything yet…and I would say your right but neither have all the negative folks who feel better about themselves when they criticize. I chose my educated reasoning for a bright future rather than that of negative people who live in the past. So knock off all the negative crap and be happy football season starts in just a few days if that can’t make you happy nothing will!
    By the way I am putting it out there right now that I believe Florida is going to upset Bama at Bama. Yeah, I know I’m crazy but I think Florida is going to look at this game like the national championship. They are going to be freaking pumped up and Fowler is going to chase that skinny QB all day long! I am calling my shot now. And if I am proved right or even if it is close don’t think those recruits won’t want in on the action.
    Go Gators!

  2. first weis then Pease now roper – the season and muschamps job depend on this guy, what roper cant change is at fsu and at alabama. anyone think we we can win those games? at least 20 point underdogs. I think muschamp can only lose one other game. as we have seen with many recruits recently all of this means little as far as recrutin updates since many are expecting muschamp to struggle to keep his job

  3. Jason, there have been times, in the past, when FSU was ranked #1 and we busted their bubble. They even had better teams than what they have now. There’s a reason the games are played and not decided by the odds makers. No one can pick any game, that we will play, with certainty. Last year was a fluke, due to injuries and Roper wasn’t the OC. It’s a new year and believe it or not, FL is a very talented team. This is Florida, not Vandy. We can play with anyone.

  4. I think we can win at FSU and Alabama. I suspect a whole lot of kids on our team think they can win as well. There is something to be said for being unranked and overlooked. Helps motivate. If I’m not supposed to beat you I’ll try twice as hard to do it. We weren’t supposed to beat FSU or LSU in 2012….or FSU in 96…or OSU in 2006. You come out swinging, punch the bully square in the nose and stay on him. He can fall. We’ve done it before.

  5. I don’t understand why some people stay so negative, especially when the season hasn’t even started yet. Florida made some necessary changes during the off season. Why can’t these people give it a chance? I wish these negative posters would find another hobby or something, instead of spreading their negativism like a cancer. GoGators.

  6. A old Cherokee proverb says each of us has two wolves living inside, one being Fear, the other Faith. Fear creates cynicism, lost confidence, inability to see hope, tears down and so on. Faith leads to optimism, decision and action, builds up. The wolf that wins inside each of us is the one you choose to feed. Some Gator fans simply awake each day believing the worst. But all you have to do is recount the depletion by injuries of each position area in 2013 to see that last year was an aberration, not a pattern. We have every reason to be optimistic about our team’s present outlook.

  7. 2012 – 11-2 Muschamp SEC CoY

    2013 – 4-8 – NCAA Record 72 injury lost starts.

    2014 – Neither of those two previous years will affect what happens this season. This ‘new team’ will preform at it’s own level, and for it’s own reasons. We shall see, but we’re starting undefeated, just like everyone else. I have faith in them, and from everything I’m hearing from them, they have faith in each other and in themselves.

  8. @ Jason:, “anyone think we we can win those (Alabama and FSU) games? at least 20 point underdogs”

    Dude go “we we” and root for another team, maybe that band of frontrunners out west. You’ll fit right in…

    The Gators don’t need your sorry azz…

  9. Matt, I have said the same damn thing. Florida will have to do a little proving and then guys will take a look back at Florida which only makes sense. I too picked Florida to upset Bama. Yes, I’ve been high on the fact that Roper can take Duke that far then he should have a lot more fun with these upgraded athlete’s. Your not going to stop the belly aching but what the hell we’ll see. I agree with your thoughts Matt.

  10. We gotta get this kid…I was sold after the 20 second mark when he made 40 people miss in a phone booth and still scored….I rarely fall in love with recruits but it would be sick to have descendants of more NFL greats to go along with Cox jr and KT……