St. Louis set to decide

Tyree St. Louis visited UF in March. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Four-star offensive lineman Tyree St. Louis is ready to the pull the trigger.

The 6-foot-6, 305-pounder will announce his college choice Tuesday at 2 p.m. at his school, Bradenton IMG Academy.

“Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day for me,” he said. “I’ve been thinking about it for some years now. I feel like it’s time to make my decision.”

His four finalists are Florida, Miami, Mississippi State and Tennessee.

“Each school has great fans, a great offensive line coach and a great program that can make it to the national championship and get me ready for the NFL,” St. Louis said.

The Rivals250 and ESPN300 member won’t shut down his recruiting process once he makes his pledge.

“I’m not sure about any official visits I’ll be taking, but tomorrow my recruitment will come to a pause,” St. Louis. “I’ll still have my options open a little bit in case anything happens.”

Florida currently has the majority of his 247Sports Crystal Ball predictions, but The Sun is picking Miami.


  1. “I’ll still have my options open a little bit in case anything happens.”

    Like…..Florida losing a bunch of games again this year and Muschamp getting fired. Or, Florida wins a bunch this year and he decommits from Miami (or another team) and flips to Florida. We will see.

  2. So….why is he committing on Tuesday, because he really isn’t committing to anything. This commitment business gets more and more laughable every week during the recruiting process. Show me who signs in February and go play ball. Go Gators.

  3. People are talking like Muschamp is a bad recruiter and can’t get quality guys. Come on!! Look he hasn’t been able to get offensive guys because the offense has been pitiful. I understand. I wouldn’t want to play for pease either. He understands that nobody is going to want to play for florida until the offense scores points. Which will translate to winning games. Just about all recruits want to go to the teams that are winning. That’s why the auburns, bamas, clemsons, and fsus will continue to get highly ranked recruits. Until we win and put up points we are were we are. That is treading water.

  4. Tn Gator,
    Dude, why do you think the offemse has been so bad? Read the Dooley article about the offense. We still do not know if he will stay away from Roper’s offense. He is clueless about the offensive side of the ball. Once he leaves it alone and focuses on what he knows, then maybe there will be a turnaround.

    As far as Ray-Ray and this cat, it is all about getting guys you can coach to perform and execute in the system you are running. Yes, these guys may be good players, but there are many more out there. Do not focus on one guy. And by the way, look at Clemson’s offense compared to what ours has been the past few years…..

  5. Mushmouth,

    He has to leave the offense alone or he is gone. I think he has come to the conclusion that he has to let Roper do his job. He took Pease from little ole Boise St and he had only been a OC for a year or 2. He took a chance and got buned. Time will tell. Go Gators!!

  6. Florida AND Florida State have been losing offensive weapons to Clemson for awhile now, even dating back to Urban Meyer’s time. (See CJ Spiller) Clemson has been recruiting well in the state of Florida and this is nothing new. As for Ray Ray, his options were sit behind our backs for 2-3 years or possibly play right away at Clemson. Which would you choose?

  7. Honestly I can see why most skill position players would not choose UF this year. We are loaded at RB, WR, and QB. That being said, if we stink on offense this year you would likely be playing for different coaches next year anyway. We need offensive linemen first and formost in this class followed by LB’s and DE’s…the rest would be icing on the cake. If we do perform well this year the skill position players will be lining up for the class of 2016.

  8. I don’t understand the Clemson fascination for Florida High School players either. That must be one heck of a campus experience because Clemson hasn’t won anything meaningful since 1981. They’ve been a decent ACC team which isn’t really saying much. The win over Ohio State in the Orange Bowl was probably their biggest win in 20 years but after that throttling they took at home in the big hype game against FSU where they showed the whole bus ride around the stadium thing was downright embarrassing and laughable.

  9. I hope and agree that Muschamp should stand by and let Roper, Leak, and the offensive coaches do their thing. I feel good about this season. Even 6-6 is an improvement, hopefully we will do better. I hope Gator Nation will LOUDLY AND POSITIVELY SUPPORT THEIR TEAM. This negativism must stop now and let the season play its course. I have been a Gator Fan since 1966. I don’t think we want a new coaching search. That will set Florida back 5 years. Hopefully Florida will show marked improvement this season, saving Muschamps job. GoGators.

  10. Study the 2014 roster, talent-depth-potential openings.
    Best Openings: OL – LB – DL – TE (3 leaving after 2014)
    Less Open: QB – RB – WR – DB
    Previous 3 recruiting classes 4-2-6 = 4 on average (excellent)
    Earliest date that a class can be reasonably judged = NSD
    Next is when they are all qualified and in class.
    Final verdict is 4 years later, when their eligibility is over.

    Right now, all we have is rampant speculation and fan-yapping,
    whichis okay for this time of year, just don’t go getting your
    panties all in a wad over the flips and flops of HS kids….
    Come NSD, UF is likely to have yet another Top 5 class.
    I have spoken! — :~))

  11. @GoGator, 6 wins will not save Muschamps job nor should it. Minimum wins needed will probably be 8 or more depending on who you ask. I believe they are going to win at least 9 and probably 10 with a bowl win. I hate to say it but if Jimbo can win a championship after 3 years at FSUX then a good coach should be able to do the same at UF. Even Muschamp said when he came here that it wasn’t going to be a 5 year plan…that being said I stand fully behind him as a longtime Gator fan.

  12. One thing I agree with Gator Drew is 6 games will not cut it, on the other note I will not stand behind him if he can produce only 6 wins. If thats the best he can do he needs to go back to being JUST a defensive coordinator somewhere. Chris Leak can pilot the team to six wins. I also agree with the Jimbo Fisher story, but he did produce some fine talent, not that we have garbage, but we have lost some pretty fine players over Muschamps tenure. Not counting the Skill positions, we have lost the main things we needed and had plenty of O-line talent right here in this state. I can see why we are losing RB’s and QB’s and even WR’s and DB’s, but O-line and D-line and LB’s, come on man!! GO GATORS!!!!

  13. 10-4 Creek Gator, I do think that a lot of the offensive linemen out there are genuinely interested in UF because of Coach Summers, however you can’t blame them or any other recruits for having a wait and see attitude this year. It’s gonna be a make it or break it year for the coaches and recruits…..I can’t wait. Go Gators.

  14. Kalif Jackson pick-up is a nice solid get. These are the kind of players the staff needs to concentrate on. The 5-star players do not want to come here right now because of the instability. These high 3-star are ecstatic to be here, they won’t have other teams recruiters in their ears every 5 minutes trying to flip them. The state of Florida is loaded with talent, the Gators staff needs to keep the push on more of these 2nd tier talents, because quite frankly the 5-star studs are not as interested right now. It will continue that way until they start winning and also shore up the coaching staff for the long haul. 90 percent of these 5-star guys are ego driven who know their “committment” right now isn’t worth a damn thing anyway. It is mind games and just their extreme lack of maturity (which really isn’t their fault, they are 17 years old and immature!) that drive them to make ridiculous decisions and twitter, facebook, 247, rivals, etcis to blame…..actually it is US the FANS to blame as we sit here and freaking comment on this stuff all the time. oh well, gotta bitch and moan about something!

  15. No loss on losing this kid. He knows we are in the hunt for bigger fish and probably doesn’t think he could compete. As for Champ keeping his job. he MUST go no worse than 8-4 AND one of those wins has to be Georgia.

  16. I agree….5star recruits are overrated……..its the system and guys trying to prove they want it more imean look at the guys that mske the nfl….most are guys that got past up…..but play with a chip on their shoulder……..anybody can try and predict whos beter

  17. Hard work and determination……..and wanting it more wins everytime stop with the stars…….and wait and all this commit decommit wiil stop…….sick of it…..a nr ends up better than a 5star……..HARDWORK

  18. It’s more probable that a 5 star will be better than a lower rated player. UF has had such a high percentage of them do poorly lately that it’s easy to get discouraged. After all, when 5 stars like Driskel, Debose, Bullard, and Humphries are average at best, it makes you wonder. But Hargreaves looks like he will become a great player. These ar tough times right now on the recruiting front. The only cure is winning on the field. I’m sure that’s what guys like Ivey, Cowart, Jefferson, Campbell, and Holland are waiting to see. If the gators don’t win, well We’ll have to see what the new staff can salvage and the 2015 class won’t be anything to write home about. Anyway, having highly rated classes haven’t got the gators to Atlanta in a long time, so it may not matter.

  19. Gator Drew, I can accept 10 -4 easily. We have the talent, now we have to see if the chemistry and coaching can bring us home. We have good coaches on paper, lets see if we have good coaches on the field. Don’t anyone take this as doubtfulness on my part, I really think we can win the East if we put the three together(good coaches ,good chemistry and good players that want to win). Go GATORS!!!!

  20. 10 wins? Be realistic. We would have to upset 4 of 6 teams that we will be heavy underdogs against – Bama, LSU, FSU, GA, SC, and Mizzoy – AND sweep everyone else including Tenn, KY, and Vandy. I would be thrilled with 8-4 given our schedule and 7-5 seems more realistic and is ok asking as one if the wins is against GA.

  21. Bottom line is this, if we have solid play from the guys in the trenches on both sides of the ball we will win 10 games. I believe that with solid D-line play our defense will be top notch once again, this alone will keep us in most games. If the O-line is solid, we will have a steller running game, and I believe Roper can get the most out of our passing game, even with Driskell at the helm. You put a decent offense on the field with a steller defense, and we will be back to 10 wins once again.

  22. Dabo Swinney makes Mark Richt look like a Unitarian when it comes to the religious experience at Clemson. Dabo, like Bobby, gets to the family and then he has the kids. If he was a TV Evangelist he would be making more money there then in coaching. I am NOT saying he is not sincere. I am saying NOBODY currently does it as well as Dabo.