Brown talks UF visit, Friday’s decision

George Brown is ranked the nation's No. 13 offensive tackle and 118th overall prospect by Rivals. (Photo by Rivals)

Offensive lineman George Brown is down to two finalists after a pair of visits over the past week.

The Rivals250 member from Cincinnati (Ohio) Winton Woods took a trip to Kentucky last weekend and then visited Florida on Monday.

Brown was up early in Gainesville watching the Gators go through their 6 a.m. runs.

“Florida was a good visit,” he said. “I liked it a lot. I got a chance to see them work out. I like (strength) coach Jeff Dillman a lot. He’s real hard on the players, but he gets them stronger and faster.”

The 6-foot-6, 264-pounder will choose between UF and UK on Friday at 1:30 p.m. ET. He also considered Alabama, Georgia and LSU in addition to more than 50 other offers.

What stood out about those two schools?

Florida: “I definitely like all the coaches. I talk to a lot of players there like Duke Dawson, David Sharpe and some others. And I’ve been talking to a lot of the commits.”

Kentucky: “It’s close to home. I know a lot of players there. My cousin signed there, Mike Edwards. We went to the same school last year.”

Relationships were the deciding factors for Brown.

“Just the people overall,” he said. “The coaches have a part in it, the players that are there already and some of the commits.

“I’m ready to play college ball with them. It’s definitely a blessing to have this opportunity. Sometimes the recruiting process does get a little stressful. I can’t wait to be done with it.”


  1. I think the ones that get on board early are going to be the die heard recruits. Seeing what we went through last year and hopefully the year we are about to have should only solidify their commitment.
    Go Gators

  2. I like that they moved this camp back a couple of weeks from previous years. It seemed like guys would be all excited about UF and then go to other camps a week or two later and commit to the last camp they went to. There won’t be any more schools having camps this year because fall practice starts after next weekend I believe. Seems like a good move and to get any commitments now would be HUGE…

  3. I think Homer hit the nail on the head. Then again he is supposedly best friends with Baker…..Who knows for sure. The only thing I can say is we really need a couple of quality offensive line recruits. I’m not holding my breath for Ivey, I hope the coaches aren’t either…Again it’s back to waiting how the season plays out.

  4. One school doesn’t beat out another school for a recruit. For their own personal and individual reasons, a recruit will ‘choose’ one school over all the rest of the available offers. It’s up to each school to supply the best possible reasons for choosing them, but it will still depend on what the student/athlete WANTS to get out of the experience. Florida has, does, and will continue to get enough of the needed players to continue to be a Top school, in the SEC and in the Nation. As to the individual choices, you win some and you lose some…

  5. The first thing he likes about Kentucky is that it is close to home. Nothing UF can do about that. So you shouldn’t get too upset if UF misses out on him.

    I am really looking forward to seeing how the offensive line does with new line coach.

  6. I’m thinking offensive line is the most important position of need for this years class. We lose 4 with experience this year and not many of the remain will have that much experience unless there is a lot of injuries or a major shake up of the depth chart. Some of the reserves may never develop into more than scout team players either. We need at least 4 quality olinemen IMO.

  7. Drew – I am hoping that the Gators will make sure that some of the younger offensive lineman get some experience this year. They signed 6 or 7 in the last class and I think 5 the previous year. They should have a few of them develop in to good offensive linemen. I do agree that they should sign at least 4, but should not have to count on them for next year.

  8. Gator863, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. We have got to keep the offensive line numbers up because most of them take 2 or 3 years to reach their full potential. Our numbers were so low in 2010-2012 that it left no margin for error…..which we had plenty of with coaching changes and player transfers, not to mention some just never seem to become as good as we believe they will when they come here. I just hope Muschamp has learned from that experience.

  9. I dont care which position a player plays, if they are ranked in the ESPN 300 or Rivals 250 then i want them. They obviously play at a high level already. Offensive line is a position of need right now and the way that this class is stacking up it could be MusChamp’s best class when it comes to OL. If we can land Martez Ivey then Tyler Jordan and this kid would be a great core to build around. Especially since David Clark is going to get plenty of experience this year at tackle.

  10. Wow, I thought we would get at least 1 or 2 more guys from FNL as it seems we always get a couple of 3 stars during this event…I think we are really shooting for the stars with this class as it will be make it or break it for the recruits and the coaches….I still think we have a decent team on the field and end up with a top 10 class in February. Go Gators

  11. Zach, what in the WORLD is going in with Florida??? I stay as optimistic as can be in the off season and I’ve always said the real recruiting battle begins in September and recruits committing elsewhere or not favoring us won’t be a problem after we get in the field, but something is up! 3 rapid fire decommitments is not a coincidence!! Are we about to hear some bad news soon? Is our team looking worse than we hoped? Are the coaches thinking they got bigger fish on the line and releasing the smaller ones? What’s going on??

  12. Now Julius is gone ? Could be depth in the defensive backfield. Hope we got some good news regarding other prospects recently because right now it looks like we are trending downward. Other than the elite prospects at the top of the boards most others have already committed elsewhere…what gives ?

  13. The Gates are also going to lose Lewis.. Do you guys think you will have 10 in this class… Gonna be a long decade of misery and humility to a fan base that needs it. Nice job on your ” Friday nite Lights’. You only had 3 decommits from that. I believe FSU has not lost any. Maybe Jimbo will go pluck Brown away from UF, although he is a little low on the board.

  14. “Commit Day” is any day of the year. So is “De-Commit Day.” But there only one “Signing Day” and it is in February. And that is the only day that matters between now and then.

    But Lewis must have looked at talented and young depth chart at DB for Florida and figured Michigan or some other team would give him a better chance of getting on the field early. If he does not want to compete to become a starter based on his skill set, then de-commit and go play for some team that will just put him in the lineup, or at least promise to do so.

  15. James – No worries the Gators will be fine. There is still almost 6 months to signing day. The Gators have 9 under classmen and 1 senior in the defensive backfield, so it is not surprising that they will have some defensive backs that want to go where they might have a chance to play early.

    So are you showing off the humility of FSU fans?