Luginbill likes potential of Florida’s 2015 class

Will Muschamp could have a strong finish in 2015 recruiting if his team rebounds this season. (Photo by Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun)

With the dead period now over, recruiting will begin to pickup for the Florida football program in the coming weeks.

Friday Nights Lights takes place July 25, and the start of fall training camp and football season next month will only bring more prospects to campus.

The Gators have nine verbal commitments and 12 more scholarships available at this time, excluding walk-ons. Potential transfers and early departures could make room for around 25 signees.

UF’s class is not ranked in the top 25 by Rivals, Scout or 247Sports, but ESPN is much higher on the group. The four-letter network ranked the Gators No. 14 prior to Deontai Williams’ decommitment Saturday, and seven of their nine pledges are ESPN300 members.

Florida’s last three commits (Derrick Dillon, Sheriron Jones and Jerome Baker) are big-time prospects in the eyes of every website. ESPN national recruiting director Tom Luginbill isn’t surprised by the recent additions.

“Here’s what people don’t understand: Florida is the type of program that has enough clout and established viability that one down year doesn’t alter their fortunes in recruiting, certainly not long term,” Florida said. “They resurrected the 2014 class in January when they added Jalen Tabor, Thomas Holley and some others, and that momentum I think kicked right into spring football. Then they get on the road, and there’s a lot of enthusiasm.

“You go and get a guy like Derrick Dillon who everybody is real high on. He’s an offensive weapon. I think they need to continue to add offensive firepower at skill positions, and I believe you’re going to see them go after some quality defensive ends. You’re going to lose Dante Fowler early to the NFL draft, so they have to continue reestablishing that depth.”

The Gators are currently considered the team to beat for four ESPN five-star recruits — wide receiver George Campbell, offensive tackle Martez Ivey and defensive ends Byron Cowart and CeCe Jefferson. They won’t be making their decisions anytime soon, but Luginbill thinks that could work out in Florida’s favor.

“You don’t want to lock everybody up too early,” he said. “It’s like having a big marlin on the line. If it’s 500 yards away, then you got all these sharks in the water trying to nip at it. So you want to take things down the stretch and be able to utilize official visit weekends in December and January. That’s not a bad thing because you can gain momentum in recruiting off of positive results on the field.

“I’m one of the people that thinks Florida will have a phenomenal year, and everybody’s been laughing at me. I think if they don’t get injured again from a talent standpoint, they’re going to have a season like they had two years ago with the new offense and a defense that’s going to be outstanding. All that’s going to do is help them close strong in recruiting, which could be pretty dangerous.”


  1. I like that Luginbill is backing us up. I think Florida will do well this season on both offensive, defensive, and special teams sides of the ball. Driskel finally has an offensive scheme that fits his strengths and the wide receiver and running back corps is the best that it’s been in years. Muschamp always gets his defense ready to play. Not to mention that we return a decent amount of talent from our defensive line and our linebackers. The question is that if our young, but talented defensive backs can develop quickly to play SEC ball. Personally speaking, I think our kicking game won’t be as good as it was when Christy and Sturgis were here. That being said, I don’t think our kicking game will cost us wins but it will actually win us games early and late in the season. Our recruiting class will be as good as our season is. 10+ wins and we’ll pretty much get who we want. 8-9 we’ll win some and lose some. Anything lesser than 8 wins will probably be a firing of Muschamp and some loss in our recruiting class.

  2. Not sure why so many thing we’ll be that good on defense? No experience in secondary, rather young at LB, think the DL might be overrated. If we kept the seniors on-board that left early I would feel a whole lot better.
    Think the offense could be the difference maker this year if the OL is any good at all.

  3. Mr. Luginbill, is spot on in his assessments! This will be the year of the Gator in more ways than one. We will win on the field and win on the road! Both playing football and recruiting! Gator Nation, get ready! Go Gators!!

  4. Because we are stacked with talent. VH3 and Tabor are studs on the edges, all the coaches and players have raved about Maye at SS, Gorman is a senior and will be a phenomenal nickel, our LB core is full of talent like Taylor, Davis (who everyone is also raving about), and the inconsistent Morrison (who I think will return to form), and our DL is far from overrated. Fowler is an animal. Bullard is going to man handle people at DT as well as DE and consume multiple blockers for Bryan Cox Jr, who is a monster of an athlete and poised to put up some huge numbers- write that down. Orr & Brantley at nose and FS are the only “weak” spots I am worried about, but with Champ and Durkin coaching up the D again there’s no way they aren’t amazing.

  5. Young at LB? Taylor is a Senior, ball is a Senior, and Morrison is a junior. Plus 2nd year guys AA, Davis, etc. We are young in the CB part of the secondary but better Purifoy and Roberson were terrible last year. Deeper at the DT position makes a big difference. I think we are better in all three parts of the game this year.

  6. I agree Joshua. It’s easy to be skeptical about the defense because most of these people aren’t familiar with. I think we have a chance to be better. I just hope everyone’s mind is right and understand that nobody is going to roll over. There shouldn’t be anymore feelings of entitlement on this team anymore.

  7. The kids that flipped looked decent on tape but I don’t believe he was going to be good enough to beat out any of the safeties we currently have on the roster. Plus with all the db’s ga kicked off this past off season might have been a good idea to go somewhere where he might get to play before he is a senior. We will be fine without him. GO GATORS!!!

  8. We are stocked well at safety but our numbers are so low I hate to lose any….especially to UGA. It was probably a smart move for him as Washington, Maye and Harris will likely be our future there for the next 3 years.

  9. Anyone who thinks we won’t be good defensively just hasn’t been paying attention these past few years. Muschamp’s been here 3 years. We’ve pretty much seen it all in those 3 years. We had an average team, a great team, and a terrible team. but there’s been one constant: DEFENSE. Every year we’ve had a top 10 defense. Heck even last year we had a top 10 defense, which considering the circumstances should be considered a herculean task that should give Muschamp plenty respect. We had most of our defense go down to injuries, including our most dominating player. We were down to playing walk-ons. Our offense forced our defense to stay on the field most of the game and because of the injuries mentioned earlier they didn’t have nearly the depth they needed to last 4 quarters. How does a team going through all that manage a top 10 defense? I tell ya if Muschamp’s not the absolute BEST defensive coach in the country I’d like to see who is. As long as Muschamp is here that defense will be dominant. No doubts about it.

  10. GG….

    Florida is hardly young at LB with Morrison (Jr.), Taylor (Sr.), and Ball (Sr). But they do have some young, very talented LBs on the roster that might step up and challenge the jobs of the before mentioned LBs this year, especially Davis. He will be in the mix at LB a lot this year. And the safeties are bigger, stronger, and just as fast this year. I seriously doubt a 4th string Georgia RB (Douglas) will be running over a Florida safety (Riggs) this year on a critical 3rd down play.

  11. In 2014, even with all of the devastating injuries, UF was:
    #10 in the Nation in Total Defense, (3 straight years).
    #2 in the SEC in Total Defense.
    #1 in the SEC in Pass Defense.

    Healthy, the Gators will be much better on defense for 2014.

    UF’s secondary is loaded, and Lewis is better/higher rated in the 2015 class, so DW was okay going to UGly.

  12. For da-muddler & That_UAT_Guy, There is a doubt about the gator defense. Quoting statistics is not an indication of how UF’s defense played last year. I have seen a great defense at UF, it was in 2012. Last year’s defense was not even close to being a great defense. The defense was also responsible for the terrible season last year. UF only beat some pretty bad teams, Tennessee, Arkansas, Toledo, and Kentucky. When the Gators played good teams, the defense could never stop them. It was a broken record, every week the Gators defense would falter when the going got tough. At Miami, the Gators defense set the tone for the season by doing something they would repeat many times. The Gators scored a touchdown and the defense gave it right back on Miami’s ensuing possession. Do I need to list all the tomes that happened? You saw it. The secondary was very good, but the rest of the defense was not very good. It all start up front they say, and the Gator’s front seven was not up to the task. Losing Easley was huge, but the defense still couldn’t stop Miami with him. It’s like Muschamp said, sometimes your going to face adversity, like when Driskel fumbled near the goal line against Miami, you need to go and make a play to stop them. The Gator’s defense never could. It’s also a farce to say the gators defense was forced to play walkons. The only reason the gators played a walkon linebacker is because the scholarship guy, McMillian, didn’t undersytand what he was supposed to do. From Fowler being steamrolled by La’el Collins of LSU to Bullard never even getting his name called, and on and on, the perception of the Gators defense being great in 2013 is a fantasy. Just look at the tape and review what Muschamp said about the defense. He was bewildered that the defense would have six guys on five, and still the gators couldn’t make a stop. Facts are an unpleasant thing sometime, and the fact is the Gators were great statistically, but when it came to making a play to actually win a game, they failed miserably.

  13. The gators held Miami to 62 yards of total offense over the last 3 quarters. You can’t dominant a team more than that. The late score they gave up was due to the gators offensive mistakes that gave Miami great field position. Gators defense had devastating injuries and had to deal with a offense that constantly put them in bad field position all year. Any defense would wear down as ours did given the circumstances. Lack of depth due to injuries and a offense that kept our defense on the field for most of the game constantly in bad field postion. That’s the Florida season in a nutshell. Defense will be very good this year

  14. our field goal kicking was terrible last year possibly worst in the SEC and our punter after being all SEC year before somehow forgot how to kick a ball 40 yds. I expect both to be much improved.

  15. Your comments are laughable. I thought about addressing them point by point but they are so far off base, I won’t even bother. Bottom line is: TOP TEN defense THREE years in a row. BOTTOM TEN offense three years in a row. Our defense is what allowed us to win the games we won and is the ONLY reason we weren’t blown out in many of the others. Oh, and blaming the defense for not being able to come up with a big play after Driskel fumbled it on the goal line is laughable. O.K. Mrs. Driskel… I mean, REALLY????????

    That wasn’t the fault of the defense. The blame lays squarely on the shoulders of the offense. Our offense has been dreadful!!! I’m proud that the defense kept us in most games and to undervalue their efforts and their brilliant, top 10 performance for three years running despite having little to know help from the offense is ludicrous. I mean, how does one use logic with someone so full of crazy???

  16. Bottom line is when your defense is on the field for as many snaps as they were and the offense can never come up with points you have to believe it’s discouraging and they get worn out. Doesn’t matter if you are the best D in the nation.

  17. Really nc?? The defense is the reason we lost all those games?? Are you kidding me?? Sean is right that us completely laughable. I mean did you watch a single game last year?? I mean is it just coincidental that our defense held most offenses to point totals much lower than what they were used to?? Is it coincidence that we held Miami to only 21 points with the offense giving up FIVE turnovers?? A decent offense wins that game. Is it coincidence we held LSU to only 17 points?? Is it coincidence we held South Carolina to only 19 points? Coincidence that we held the eventual national champions to their lowest point total of the regular season (and kept them from getting a TD)? Is it coincidence that most of our opposing teams points came off turnovers and late in the game where the lack of talent and being on the field all day really start showing? I mean seriously. Come on. A TOP TEN defense cost us all those games but turnovers and terrible offense didn’t have anything to do with it. There was only one game our defense played terribly in and that was the FCS school that must not be named. And STILL they only scored 26 points which is definitely winnable for a decent offense. There are absolutely NO questions about our defense. Muschamp has proven multiple times that a Muschamp defense will always be one of the best in the country. Young secondary? Muschamp has used a young secondary before to great success. And also go back not that far in history and you see the 06 title team started the season with a young unproven but talented secondary. It end the season with one of the best secondaries in the league. Having a young talented secondary is far from a death sentence. The ONLY question this defense has is can it stay healthy. And even then it’s proven it can STILL be a top ten defense using back-ups and walk-ons. This defense needs help from the offense. Not the other way around

  18. 2nd correction. When I was saying where most opponents scored their points that was supposed to say “lack of depth” not lack of talent. I have argued several times there is no lack of talent at Florida. I need to proof read before I post

  19. Key stops were a problem, that’s why we lost 8 games. Hard to complain too much with all the injuries but couldn’t get the other team off the field in the close games.
    A top 10 defense doesn’t let Ga Southern come in and wi!!n at home (or anywhere for that matter) with 0 yards passing, just sayin

  20. ntcrze, you should buy a dog and name him CLUE, so you’ll finally have one… :~))

    All 3 MLB plus 2 other LB’ers were injured. Both CB missed games. Easley was not the only DL’man injured. And that’s to just get the injury list started.

    14-0 FSU, against 5 teams with losing records plus a D2 (#69 SoS)
    gave up 12 pts/gm, or just 1 less TD per game than UF on average.

    13-1 Big Ten Champ MichSt, against 6 loser teams plus a D2 gave
    up 13 pts/gm.

    Bama, with the #12 SoS in the SEC and a 40 something SoS, gave up 14 pts/gm

    UF’s injury depleted defense, against a Top 10 SoS, only gave
    up 19 pts/gm in 2013. And as to not stopping any good teams:
    -3 UF 20 – 23 UGly 8-5
    -5 UF 16 – 21 Miami 9-4
    -11 UF 6 – 17 LSU 10-3
    – 5 UF 14 – 19 SCa 11-2

    Pac 12 Champ Stanford, against 5 teams that didn’t finish with a
    winning record game up the same 19 pts/gm that UF did.

    LSU gave up 20 pts/gm.

    Okla played 6 teams that didn’t finish with a winning record and still
    gave up 22 pts/gm.

    tOSU, with 5 loser opponents plus a D2 and gave up 22 pts/gm.

    SECe-C Mizzou gave up 23 pts/gm.

    SEC-C Auburn game up 25 pts/gm

    IF they remain healthy, the Gators will likely have a Top 5 in the Nation defense again.

  21. Going on the record to say that Florida is going to beat Bama in Bama! Call me crazy but UF is going to be pumped up out of their minds for that game! They will look at it like a National Championship game. I bet that Roper is not going to show some things until that game too. Our defense is going to show out and their FSU quarterback is going to be chased all day by Fowler and Company. If I am right then recruits are going to flock to UF. Even if we do not win but make it close kids are going to want to check Florida…but I betting on the upset!

  22. It’s easy to say that our defense didn’t make some key stops last year, but the real question should be WOULD they have made those same stops if they had not been put on the field time after time by an unserviceable offense ???? I think we all knew they wouldn’t be as good as the 2012 defense, but they were still better than most defenses that would have been under the same circumstances.
    Bottom line is they will be atop 10 defense if they play to their potential. One other concern is not really one for me but nobody is talking about how Muschamp will condition the defense to play opposite of the no huddle hurry up offense scoring too fast at times… I think last years 3 and out fiasco should have hem ready to get back on the field plenty fast.
    Bottom line is there are no more complete stonewall defenses in CFB with all of the spread hurry up offenses out there.

  23. Matt I like your thinking about the Bama game and I think our defense can and will hold its own against their offense. For the most part our defense played well against conventional offenses that like to establish to run and work off play action.
    The real question will be if the offense is far enough along to core at least 24-28 points.

  24. As a FSU fan im also unbiased and try to call things like I see it. I live here in Gainesville and try to keep up with the Big Three in the state of Florida. I don’t believe the Gators defense will be as good as years past and it has nothing to do with players or Will Muschamp coaching. For his first 3 years the emphasis was on controlling the time of possession which keeps his defense from being on the field. Last year The Gators led in Time of Possession 9 out of the 12 games they played last year and almost doubled the Time of Possession of their opponents the 1st five games. Offense will be on the field a lot less and will be focused on getting those scoring drives under 2 minutes in Roper’s offense. It will allow the defense to be on the field more and give up more plays. This will be a good defense but I don’t think it will be Top 10 worthy like the 3 years before.

  25. Now Payton has decommited… What’s up with that ??? I know we are not signing a huge class this year but unless the coaches told him something I don’t get this, Zach what do you know ????

  26. Key stops is why we lost 8 games?? Really?? You mean it had nothing to do with all the turnovers? Nothing to do with an offense who couldn’t score on a bunch of middle schoolers? nothing to do with our special teams uncharacteristically being pretty bad? Nothing to do with 30 injuries? Nothing to do getting tired late in games because you don’t have the depth other teams due (again injuries)? Nothing to do with the defense being on the field about 75% of the game? Nope? Just had a terrible defense? A terrible defense ranked in the top 10?? Wow… just wow..

  27. Those all valid excuses, just think we’ll take a step back on D and a step forward on Offense this season. As far as last season, how do you lose at home to Ga Southern with a top 10 D? You know all they do is run, still didn’t stop it.

  28. i have agree with Tn Gator..Looks like Ray Ray is on his way to California..And we missed out on Abdul Bello..Recruiting is looking very shaky at this point..Lets hope this season can change things around.

  29. I don’t think anyone is saying the defense is totally responsible for the Gators being horrible. I think the point is that the Gators defense ws not blameless, they were pretty bad as well. The excuse made are not valid for why they failed to stop other teams. One point is that UF was second in the nation in time of possession. For those of you who need it spelled out, that means that only one other team in the country had a defense as well rested as Florida’s. Another point is about turnovers. UF was on the plus side in turnovers against LSU, Georgia, and Georgia Southern. They lost each of those games. Turnovers were not a factor in either the South Carolina game, unless you think UF’s prayer not being answered in the end was a difference maker. Also, the FSU game was not even close to being decided by turnovers. Just some facts, don’t let them spoil your preconceived ideas, though.

  30. Go back two season’s and watch what we did at Vanderbilt. Driskel rushed for over 100 yds in the game and offensively we looked great. Dont know why we didnt run more of that, but I think thats what we will look like this year.

  31. Not worried about Ray ray or Abdul just yet. You think muschamp will quit recruiting them? Heck no. He’s already shown he’s an excellent flipper. Heck might actually be better at flipping than he is at recruiting non committed recruits. Haha. It’s far from over and when we get on that field and start winning his job will be a lot easier. It’ll be nice to get recruits now but the real war starts in September. And it will be far from over until NSD makes it final. Go Gators

  32. Not worried about Williams but 8 at this point makes me a little nervous. Campbell is no lock and LSU and OSU aren’t done with Dillon and Baker. Nearly two thirds of the top 300 are already committed and none of the 5 stars will commit until NSD….That being said we better come out of the gate blazing once the season starts.

  33. Drew don’t worry about 8 at this point or who’s committed where. Coming off 4-8 we knew we weren’t likely to see very many high talent guys commit to us before they saw us on the field. Muschamp is the master flipper and once we start winning games it won’t take long for the class to fill up.

  34. You’re probably right on the money there. Maybe we can get Brown and Thomas before the season starts. That would make me feel a little better. On a related note what’s up with Clemson just raking the Tampa area…shouldn’t we own that area ????

  35. I don’t know. That puzzles me as well. I’ve heard rumors of foul play by Clemson but I won’t pretend to know enough about it to agree or disagree with the rumors. maybe some of the staff just has really good Tampa connections. whatever it is hopefully Muschamp is able to assert Gator dominance back there and the rest of Florida.

  36. I just want to point out that I didn’t say UF’s defense was responsible, totally, for the debacle of 2013. I pointed out that the defense was not blameless, they did not play winning football. I also will point out that UF was second in the nation in time of possession. That means the gator defense was better rested than all but one school. Also, the Gators did not lose the turnover battle against LSU, Georgia, and Georgia Southern. At South Carolina, the Gators only turned the ball over in the last minute when they were hoping for a prayer. The gators lost the turnover battle against FSU only because Morninhweg fumbled on a play that UF would have turned the ball over anyway on downs. I bring this up because it wasn’t that the gators were on the field 75% of the time and the gators did not lose the majority of their games because of turnovers. The Gators lost because every phase of the game, offense, defense, and special teams did not play well enough to win.

  37. I think that FSUGenius is actually right. With this new uptempo offense that we are running the defense may actually see more time on the field. I read somewhere that Roper wants to only use half of the play clock for each play and essentially run a two minute offense every possession. If that is what happens then our defense will be on the field for at least 30-40 minutes a game. We cant use the tired excuse because we lead time of possession in nearly every game. The injuries and lack of heart and competition hurt us the most. Going into that Georgia Southern game we were riding a 6 game losing streak and many starters were gone for the season. The players just gave up on the season. There was no leadership. The minute Easley went down his leadership disappeared. With that being said I still feel like our defense will easily be top 15-20 and with an improved offense getting around 400 ypg and scoring 25+ we will easily be able to get to 8-9 wins. The fact that the first team defense play the first team offense at practice will also help the conditioning of the defense. Last year they practiced against slugs.

  38. Just a thought, but if the offense keeps the ball for 2-3 minutes and scores, the defense will be under less pressure and spend less time on the field than if the offense constantly goes 3 and out….

    Recently, two 3 stars de-committed, while 2 new 4 stars committed. Recruiting fluidity,,, and NSD is still a long way off. Since Muschamp arrived, he’s had 41 ESPN Top 300’s, and his last 3 classes have averaged a #4. Also, Will leads the Nation with 21 flips in the past 3 years. After the 2015 LOI arrive and NSD passes, then I’ll look to see how the recruiting is going. Till then,,, ‘No Worries Mate.’ :~))

    Flash Back, I started just looking, but ended up scratching my head and wondering…

    QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 178 Fr ****
    2013 HS Sr – Was the 4A State Champion, also in 2012.
    P – 126 of 213, 59% for 2,113 yds, 16.8 yds/comp, 28 TD’s, 4 Ints.
    R – 633 yds with 9 TD’s.

    SAK-CB/QB/RB/WR/KR Deiondre Porter 6-0 165 4.4/40 Fr ***
    Initially listed on UF’s roster at DB (CB)
    He was named the state of Florida 6A 1st Team QB.
    Tampa Bay All-Sun Coast PoY – Tampa Bay ‘Iron Man’ Award.
    HS Sr: He led all Florida HS’s with 4,698 Total Yards, with 53 TD’s.
    P – 150 of 263, 57% for 3,199 yds, 21.3 yds/comp, 33 TD’s, 8 Int.
    R – 1,499 yds, with 20 TD’s

    Now, which of those two looks to have the better potential as a QB-DT?

  39. Here’s the bottom line, as much as everyone wants to be optimistic, they hate to be realists. FSU and Alabama are embarrassing everyone when it come to recruiting right now in this part of the country. Even our ole buddy Urban is pillaging our cupboard. Recruits are going to be very uneasy when some or all of our coaching staff could be gone next year. These early commits mean NOTHING. half of them will be gone (as I write this I believe 3 have flipped just this week. So we will get a few here and there, but mostly 2nd rate recruits that the Alabama and FSUs of the world don’t want, and until UF stabilizes the coaching staff and starts winning, we need to get used to it.

  40. Sorry, there is no ‘BOTTOM LINE’ to see, just another opinion (your’s). What’s real is what has already happened: 41 ESPN Top 300’s – 21 Flips – Average #4 Calss, that what’s real. As to Urban, so what, Muschamp just did what Urban never did while he was at UF, took two 4 star Top 250/300’s out of Ohio. And who cares where they come from anyway? I don’t really care that Percy Harvin was from, Va or Chris Leak was from NC,,, or that Sheriron Jones is from Cal for that matter.
    Also, Muschamp took 24 in the last class, 13 were ESPN Top 300’s and >ALL 24< were cleared and are currently enrolled at UF. Pay attention to who else offered:
    Rivals: #3 Ath Jerome Baker 6-1 206 **** RR 6.0 36/250
    ESPN: #8 OLB 68/300 6-1 202 **** RR 84
    Offers: UF – FSU, Tn, Ark, UGA, Mia, Mich, MichSt, tOSU, PSU, ND, etc.

    Rivals: #13 OL George Brown 6-6 264 **** RR 5.9 118/250
    ESPN: #63 OT 6-6 255 *** RR 78
    Offers: UF – UA, Ark, AU, UGA, LSU, Miz, UL, Ok, PSU, Tx, UCLA, etc

    Rivals: #10 QB-DT Sheriron Jones 6-2 189 **** RR 5.8 243/250
    ESPN: #8 QB-DT 216/300 6-3 184 **** RR 81
    Offers: UF – Tn, UGA, Neb, Az, AzSt, Colo, Ind, Maryland, etc

    Rivals: #45 WR Derrick Dillon 5-11 175 *** RR 5.7
    ESPN: #9 Ath 145/300 6-0 174 4.4/40 **** RR 82
    Offers: UF – Tn, MsSt, aTm, Tx, Neb, ND, UCLA, AzSt, Colo, etc.

    Rivals: #8 C Tyler Jordan 6-5 270 *** RR 5.6
    ESPN: #8 OG 107/300 6-4 270 **** RR 83
    Offers: UF – UGA, UK, Miss, MsSt, SCa, Mich, Neb, tOSU, PSU, Cal, etc.

    What's important in recruiting imoho is:
    Do they fit UF's offence/defense and do they fill a team need? – Can they qualify and stay eligible? – Are they of solid character? Where they are from and what other school has offered them are the least of my concerns. The coaching is now settled and stable, the HBC is fully supported by the AD, and Will was 18 – 7 (.720) with an SEC CoY award before the INJURY plagued 2013 season. Any recruit not smart enough to see and understand all of that probably won't be able to stay academically eligible at UF anyway….