Lewis talks commitment status, official visit plans

Marcus Lewis attended Florida's spring practice on March 21. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

The status of Marcus Lewis’ pledge to the Gators has been in question recently with reports surfacing that he wants to take all five of his allotted official visits.

The Rivals100 cornerback was also one of only two Florida commits that didn’t attend a summer camp session at UF last month.

However, Lewis hasn’t been to any schools since his trip to Florida and said his plans to visit others are nothing new.

“This is what I’ve wanted to do all along. You never know what can happen between now and February. They could have another bad season and then the staff is gone. Obviously I hope that doesn’t happen, and I think they can win the SEC this year,” said Lewis, who committed to the Gators in April.

The other schools being considered by Lewis for his officials are Miami, Michigan, Ole Miss, Oregon and UCLA. He’s also shown interest in Clemson, Maryland and Ohio State in the past.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder chose not to transfer to IMG Academy in Bradenton and will stay at Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga for his senior season.

“I probably won’t be able to get back Florida again until my official, unfortunately, but my relationship has been great with the coaches,” he said. “We talk on a consistent basis, and I love the staff and what they’re trying to do.”

Lewis, who will compete at The Opening this week, said his visit plans have been blown out of proportion, but he’s not letting it get to him.

“I just ignore it. A few fans on Twitter have sent me direct messages saying, ‘I heard you’re decommitting.’ I want to say something back so bad, but I just keep to myself and mind my own business,” Lewis said.

“People are trying to make stuff what it’s not. I’m solid to Florida, and I’ve been saying that. I just want to see a few other schools and have some backup options. A lot of committed recruits are doing it, not just me. So I’m just taking the visits I can.”

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  1. Nothing wrong with what he’s doing imoho. It’s nice for the fans when a recruit KNOWS where he’s going, but to not have a backup plan in place it a bit risky for a kid in an uncertain world. So, he’s a Gator in my book, until and unless HE says different. :~)

  2. Sounds like a well grounded person who knows himself and what he desires to do. Just as I want players who are not afraid of competition, I am not afraid of other schools competing (fairly) with us for their pledge. We have a great education available and first class opportunities to become all that you can be as a player.

  3. Ta least he’s being honest,”They could have another bad season and then the staff is gone.” That about sums it up for all the high profile guys that UF is seeking. Everything hinges on the upcoming season. If there is any position that the Gators could possibly afford to miss on, it’s corner. At least on paper, the Gators have plenty of them already. It will be interesting to see if J.C. Jackson remains a corner. It’s been said that the reason he picked UF over who he first committed to, FSU, is because they wanted him at wide receiver. It’s going to be a very competitive preseason with all the freshmen fighting for a position. Maybe more than one will emerge. Brian Poole has been less than stellar, otherwise he would have the corner opposite Hargreaves locked up since he’s a Junior. Maybe Jackson, Tabor, Wilson, or someone else can bite into his playing time, he was picked on quite a bit last year.

  4. naw this is a immature kid who just want to go on these trips because it’s exciting for him…that’s what most of them do because i’ve been in the same position too….they already know where they’re going but they want to go have fun…they don’t care about what these coaches are telling them…they just like the attention and etc…you have to remember for a lot of these guys they’ve only been at one school (high school) and maybe in one city or state, so a chance to get out and travel is awesome for them.

  5. @ GOTTAPROVEME, what makes him “immature” about wanting to take the trips that he is allowed. you said “thats what most of THEM do, because i’ve been in the same position too..”. DID you take all of your trips? I believe MOST recruits will or would take advantage of the trips and the attention, with their one high school experience, it seems that they have earned the opportunity. I think the word “immature” is not appropriate considering the rest of your statement. GO GATORS!!!!