Florida recruiting Boykin for B-position

Miles Boykin at Florida with his mother and UF tight ends coach Derek Lewis. (Photo by Core 6 Athletes)

Despite signing three tight ends in the last class and already having one committed for 2015, Florida is still looking for those tall, lean pass catchers to play the B-position in Kurt Roper’s offense.

The position is a mix of tight end, H-back and fullback assignments, and you’ll see a guy line up in the slot, out wide or in the backfield.

One prospect the Gators are targeting for the position is Miles Boykin, a 6-foot-4, 220-pounder from New Lenox (Ill.) Providence Catholic who visited UF for the first time Thursday.

“It’s one of the nicer campuses I’ve seen,” he said of his trip. “It was just beautiful. There’s palm trees everywhere, and my mom liked the warm weather. It’s a great football program and a great school.”

The Florida coaches showed Boykin film of the B-position and what it consists of.

“I got to sit down with them and see a bunch of clips of how they would use me and what routes I would be running,” he said. “I feel confident that I have the athletic ability to play that spot, and they think I would be a perfect fit for it.”

Boykin believes Roper will help the Gators turn things around in 2014.

“I think he has a really nice offense,” he said. “They’re definitely going to be back next season with him as the coordinator.”

The consensus four-star recruit plans to announce five finalists next month and make his decision in August. UF is the only southeastern school in Boykin’s top 10, but distance is not a factor for him.

“If a place feels right, then it’s going to be my home for the next four years,” he said. “I’m going to get homesick no matter where I go, so it doesn’t really matter.”

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  1. Might be a long shot for us but wouldn’t it be nice to get one from that far away. Looks a lot like Goolsby from this years class. It would be pretty sweet to have 2 guys in the 6’5″ range with their versatility to line up in multiple positions at the same time.

  2. His 40 is around 4.5-6 range. Very smooth when running his routes and is a Ballhawk when ball is in air. I currently am on the staff at Providence where Miles attends High School. Just say I Am
    A Gator and I Gator Chomp him everyday to make sure he knows where the best go. I’ll do my best to convince Miles to attend UF

    Go Gators

  3. Ed, there is no issues with Joker…..we gave the NCAA their sacrificial lamb and there will be no more mention of it.
    Mark just tell him to have faith and he could be part of a class more prolific than the 06’s…..Look around people, there are chinks in everybody’s armor right now…The winds of change are blowing in CFB and the Gators are closer to being on an epic roll than most would think.

  4. It will be interesting to see if and when players can start pulling in cash from TV deals and/or Jersey sails. If so, in my estimation, the only schools on the list with fan bases that would give him comparable compensation would be ND, Mich, and OSU. In my estimation, Florida could be second on that list behind ND. Who knows how much of an issue that is for this kid, but having Momma on our side, I like our chances!

  5. Ed, the simple fact that UF fired Joker so soon after the incident was more than enough for the NCAA. They know that it was the coaches mistake and will not pursue it further.
    By the way most of us are thankful for “the up and coming writer” that gives us something to read…..

  6. Drew- you obviously don’t know much about college athletics- UF firing Joker is enough for NCAA? Guess you haven’t followed college athletics for very long. UF is ultimately responsible if any wrongdoing took place.

  7. @ED…Steve Spurrier did have a “B” position and he still does. It was short for Bandit based on his time coaching the Tampa Bay Bandits. If you know about his offense he often had 3 or 4 wide outs on the field. I am not sure why you are trying to take a shot at Zach for accurately reporting what the position is called and how our coaches are recruiting for the position.

  8. What I’d like to know is if Cowart or Jefferson are the real deal when rushing the passer? Bullard has been very disappointing and Fowler has been inconsistent. UF signed five defensive ends in their class and this is their thirs year, so hopefully we’ll see someone blossom this year. UF finished 96th in sacks last year. I bring the question up about Cowart and jefferson since most people seem to think they’ll end up un Gainesville and UF could use a great pass rusher. A true freshman can do it, Joey Bosa at Ohio State is very good and how he got out of the state of Florida is a sign that Urban Meyer is still a threat to get the best players in the state.

  9. ntcrze — “What I’d like to know is if Cowart or Jefferson are the real deal when rushing the passer? Bullard has been very disappointing and Fowler has been inconsistent.”

    ** right on topic, and just as ‘insightful’ as I’ve come to expect from him….. lmao!