Seven UF commits in updated ESPN300


ESPN apparently thinks very highly of Florida’s 2015 class thus far.

Seven of the Gators’ nine verbal commitments were in the updated ESPN300 Wednesday. UF had just three commits in the rankings when they were first released in April.

Florida still has a small class size at this point relative to past years. However, the quality of recruits is making up for the insufficient quantity, according to ESPN.

The Gators currently rank No. 14 in the site’s class rankings, but they’re one of only two teams in the top 15 with less than 10 commits. The other school is Southern Cal, which ranks No. 12 with eight pledges.

UF commits in ESPN300:

No. 107 — Tyler Jordan (No. 8 offensive guard, committed to Florida as a center)
No. 125 — Tristan Payton (No. 12 wide receiver)
No. 145 — Derrick Dillon (No. 9 athlete, committed to Florida as a wide receiver)
No. 150 — Marcus Lewis (No. 9 safety, committed to Florida as a cornerback)
No. 181 — Jalen Julius (No. 15 athlete, committed to Florida as a corner/receiver)
No. 192 — Deontai Williams (No. 15 safety)
No. 216 — Sherion Jones (No. 8 dual-threat quarterback)

The Gators are also in contention for 12 uncommitted prospects in the top 100 of the ESPN300: wide receiver George Campbell, offensive lineman Abdul Bello, Martez Ivey, Javon Patterson and Christian Pellage, defensive lineman Byron Cowart, CeCe Jefferson and Kendrick Norton, and linebackers Jerome Baker, Jeff Holland, Roquan Smith and Adonis Thomas.

Florida’s class is currently ranked No. 22 by 247Sports with three Top247 members, No. 22 by Rivals with two Rivals250 members and No. 24 by Scout with three Scout300 members.


  1. It is a given that UF will do well in getting players. That is why I thought Foley was not very smart when he said that it would hurt recruiting if Muschamp was fired. Muschamp is not a great recruiter, or I’ll put it this way, he’s not anything special when it comes to getting players. I say that because he hasn’t did anything different from the coaches that came before him. Even Galen Hall and Ron Zook did as well, or better. This is good news but I’d rather hear about UF beating a good team. Think about it, who has Muschamp beat? I think the upset over FSU is the only win that gets fans excited. I’m just saying that a coach other than Muschamp could have done his well in recruiting this year, possibly much better.

  2. I would argue that Muschamp also beat a good Texas A&M team and a good LSU team in 2012. More important than rankings though, is are you recruiting positions of need? To that end, both so far this year and last year, Muschamp has hit on the players that fill our needs. That’s something that Urban Meyer, as great a recruiter as he was, failed to do in his last two seasons. Hence the gigantic issues at WR the past 5 years.

  3. constant negative carping comments are just so tiring…. :~(

    Why do I follow the coaches and ESPN in recruiting?
    No. 14 by ESPN with 7 Top 300’s.
    No. 22 by 247Sports with 3 Top 247’s.
    No. 22 by Rivals with 2 Rivals 250’s.
    No. 24 by Scout with 3 Scout 300’s.

    Showboat Exuberance — Or — Quite Competence

    What do you really want from your corp of Gator WR’s in 2014?
    A ‘great receiver’ or a TEAM orientated group of receivers, WR/TE/RB?

    I’ll take the ‘quite competence’ any day, and with Leak as the WR’s coach, that’s what you’re more likely to see out of them this year. We don’t need a single jive-dancin’ super star, we need a rock solid ‘TEAM’ effort out of the group. We need the entire team ‘down-field’ blocking for each other. We need to see our football team working and playing for each other like the B-Ball team does. And that starts with a coaching staff that’s doing the same kinds of things,,, working as a coaching team, not screaming at each
    other in the halls, and fighting each other on ‘HOW’ to get there.

    JMOHO’s of course, and I’m open for a ‘fan-team’ discussion on how to do it.

    Oh BTW, the same goes for our RB’s. Instead of 1 RB with over 1,200 yards, I’d much rather see 3-4 RB’s with 500+ each and 2,000+ for TEAM rushing yards. Just like I’d want to see the #2 QB get at least a little bit of ‘real’ playing time, so the #3 QB could get the ‘clean-up’ minutes at the end of any blow-outs.

    Some go for ‘players’ and ‘scrubs,’ while the truly successful go for ‘TEAM’ building. As a very long time Gator fan, I’ve seen both and I know which is ‘long term’ best. And I also know which the ‘power$brokers’ and their media-morons use to
    screw the pooch for the fans,,, ah well…

  4. Mike Misconi, Meyer did get Andre Debose, the “next Percy Harvin,” along with the original Harvin. The jury is still out whether Muscamp has “hit on the players” such as wide receiver. Robinson, Fulwood, etc. have not done anything yet. The jury is still out on that score. Not many receivers play great as freshmen. One guy that did play well as a freshman was Sammie Watkins, I still don’t know the story of why he chose Clemson when his brother was at UF.

  5. Looks like they might have identified some under the radar talent this year. Not so sure in past years, guys not living up to rankings etc. always takes 2-3 years to tell who really pans out and who the studs are.

  6. da-muddler I’ll take one great receiver.It’d be nice to have someone the defense is worried about for a change.A Sammie Watkins that catches everything and does something with it afterwards would be great. But I’d settle for a guy that drops passes as well, if they make big plays, Kelvin Benjamin comes to mind in that regard. Give me one, that’s enough for me.

  7. Well, that’s 7 for UF and…….wait for it ……4 for FSUX coming off a NC. I just hope the bandwagon fans and trolls come back on here after the season starts…..When it’s all said and done this might end up being one of the best recruiting classes of all time.

  8. nctze, you’re asking for a big time wide receiver. 2011 was Muschamp’s first year and a transition year. It’s kind of unfair to expect a home run on the first at-bat. Year 2, he missed on Diggs and Agholor. Year 3, it is way too early to rule on Robinson an Fulwood. So basically, you are basing your negativity on Muschamp missing on Diggs and Agholor. And even if we had Diggs and Agholor, you could say hat they haven’t done anything yet either. Why don’t we wait to see if Robinson or Fulwood develop before w make an assessment?

  9. Despite having a 4-8 season, Muschamp just signed one of the top classes in the country. What has been lacking is an OC that can coach and recruit. If Roper turns it around on the field we will see our class fill up with top offensive talent, like George Campbell. Muschamp has assemble what has the making of a great d-line and DB’s and LB’s as well. Our time is coming and it starts this Fall!

  10. Please don’t blame Meyer for our lack of WR productivity. The man has been gone for 100 years and he’s still the “CRUTCH” that many are leaning on, give it up! We have missed on “GREAT ” receivers from right in the state o FLORIDA as mentioned Watkins, Agholor and out of state Diggs who chose the university of MARYLAND!! Sure is his home state but those guys haven’t been competitive in ANY sport in the last 5 years. Our coaches Just have to do better, blaming some one that’s BEEN gone is poor and shameful. Let’s get better! GO GATORS!!!!

  11. ntcrze, sorry, but in the SEC that just won’t work for the most part imoho and experience.

    1. Ike Hilliard – 2. Reidel Anthony – 3. Jacquez Green – 4. Chris Doering – 5. Travis McGriff. The #4 WR still holds the SEC Career Receiving TD record (31). The #5 guy (Travis) couldn’t get on the field much until the others were gone, but as a Sr he broke the UF/SEC season receiving yard record with 1,300+ yards. The #4 guy never won a NC. The #5 guy didn’t win the NC in his record breaking Sr year.

    With the quality of the defenses, especially the secondary’s in the SEC, they can take one guy away if that’s all you’ve got. Just like only having one big time RB, if he goesdown your running games over.

    Muschamp has average a #4 class in his first 3 full classes (4-2-6). Right now he has a #14 class with only 9 total, but 7 are ESPN 300’s. His first 3 classes averages 13 ESPN Top 300’s per class, (39 total). It don’t get much better than that my friends.

    Some of you seem to forget that his fellow SEC coaches voted him the 2012 SEC CoY. That was a brand new HBC in just his 2nd year. That’s pretty rare company, that is….

    4 WR Andre Debose 6-0 187 rs-rsSr 3L ***** (6th yr-injury)
    1 WR Quinton Dunbar 6-1 194 rsSr 3L
    30 WR Michael McNeely 5-8 175 rsSr 3L
    10 WR Valdez Showers 5-11 190 rsJr 2L Mich Gatorade PoY – (RB 8.6 ypc)
    9 WR Latroy Pittman 6-0 210 Jr 2L
    86 WR Raphael Andrades 6-0 198 Jr 1L
    5 WR Ahmad Fulwood 6-5 196 So 1L
    11 WR Demarcus Robinson 6-2 201 So 1L

    89 WR Alvin Bailey 5-11 185 rsFr SQ
    34 WR Case Harrison 6-0 183 rsFr SQ
    32 WR D.L. Powell 6-1 178 rsFr SQ (HS QB-DT)
    ?? WR Ryan Sousa 6-0 177 Fr (#47 WR)
    ?? WR C.J. Worton 6-0 170 Fr (#70 WR-slot)
    * Remember that Chris Doering was a 2-3 star walkon….

    Plus positions to be determined at Fall practice in Aug.
    SAK Deiondre Porter 6-1 170 Fr (10.7 100-M – #30 Ath) – QB/RB/WR/CB
    SAK J.C. Jackson 6-0 185 Fr **** (#11 CB) – WR//KR/CB