Payton impresses at Florida camp

Tristan Payton is Florida's second-highest ranked commit in the ESPN300. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

UF receiver commit Tristan Payton had no intentions of participating in Florida’s summer camp when he visited the school Tuesday.

That changed after spending some time on campus.

“When I got here, I just felt good,” Payton said. “I felt like I was home. So I just wanted to get some work in, and it felt pretty good.”

The 6-foot, 182-pounder from Jacksonville First Coast displayed deep-threat ability and great hands, as seen in this play from his workout.

“You know I had to take it to the end zone,” he said smiling.

Payton enjoyed his interactions with future position coach Chris Leak, who threw him passes during his workout and advised him to improve on his route running and mental approach to the game.

“He’s a good coach,” Payton said of Leak. “Young guy, so we got a lot in common.”

Payton told The Sun last week that he was still solid to the Gators after Joker Phillips’ resignation. He explained Tuesday why it didn’t affect him.

“Things don’t always go right in your life,” Payton said. “One mistake, you can’t run from it. I got to stick with it and just work hard. (Starting) positions are not promised. Wherever you go, you got to work for what you get.”

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[youtube oW0AJuC9mrk 580]


  1. Leak is an excellent, young prior-QB, WR’s coach for the Gators. He is the perfect guy to play pitch with the HS receivers. He is knowledgeable and talented, with support from both Roper and Muschamp. He looks like a win-win-win hire to me, so I’m thrilled for us all….

    • Brian,
      I personally feel he’s real good, especially after watching him yesterday. And I haven’t seen the Gators push kids out for better recruits during Muschamp’s tenure. They have stopped recruiting kids for making bad grades, character concerns, etc., but not because they wanted someone else.

  2. I couldn’t think of as better position to coach WR’s than a former QB…..Of course, don’t bother telling the guys on here that were sure we are getting the death penalty over the framing of Joker Phillips by scum AND ONE OF THEIR RECRUITS………….were doomed and all of our recruits will be leaving soon….SMH

  3. Don, not sure what you’re looking at or what your expectations are but 6′, 182 lbs is pretty good size for a WR who just finished his Jr. year in HS. The kid should be close to 200 by the time he starts his freshman year. Not sure you want a 6 foot WR any heavier than that.