Ivie gets workout, advice from Lawing

Andrew Ivie plans to return to Florida for a game this fall. (Photo courtesy of Ivie)

Two years after his brother Joey camped at Florida and committed to the Gators, Dade City Pasco defensive lineman Andrew Ivie was in Gainesville over the weekend getting a summer workout in with UF.

The 6-foot-1, 275-pound rising senior participated in both camp sessions Saturday.

“It went pretty well,” he said. “I like the way coach (Brad) Lawing does everything.┬áHe’s very straightforward with you. If you mess up, he lets you know and helps you fix it. It made me realize even more that Florida is the place I want to be.”

Ivie, who pledged to Florida in late May, is looking to put on more than 20 pounds so he can play defensive tackle at the next level.

Lawing advised him to stay active while in the process of adding weight so it doesn’t slow him down.

“He said I did good at camp, and he likes my motor and the way I work,” Ivie said. “He just told me to keep running while I’m in the weight room and lifting at the same time. He’s looking forward to seeing how I develop next year.”

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  1. This kid reminds me of Jason Odom. If he stays healthy he will be a contributor on what’s building up to be one of the best D-lines that we have had at UF. Just this what the group of D-linemen will look like, with the addition of Ivey, Jefferson and Cowart to the group we signed last year.

  2. Don…

    His brother has not been a bust at all. Muschamp raved about Ivie’s development last year and he is penciled in to play on the DL rotation this year. He is just a sophomore. Not sure from where you get your information. The other DE recruit from the Tampa area has been somewhat of a bust. Can’t remember his name at the moment, but it is not Ivie.

  3. The 4-star DE recruit from the Tampa area that has struggled so far is Jordan Sherit, who I think might have been moved to TE in the spring….yes, another former DE playing TE for the Gators. Bad trend if you ask me.

  4. Tampa Sherit is also a sophomore who didn’t play last year due to med redshirt( acl I think ) and no , he’s hasn’t been moved to te he’s still dl. Riles moved to the ol and from all reports he’s doing well

  5. Pasco High School is an “asylum run by inmates” of a high school. He should get an award just for making it out of that school. I have heard horror stories of what that school is like. But they have a good football team.

  6. Sherit is a RS freshman(injury) and ivie was good enought to not get redshirted on the DLine in the SEC. Neither are bust. In fact they’ve been cross training Ivie to play DT and DE to get him on thefeild.

  7. The guy Andrew Ivie most resembles, to me, is Gator great Brad Culpepper. They’re similar in size and Andrew looks abut similar. His big brother made a splash last year, getting on the depth chart, and Jordan Sherrit redshirted with medical issue. Some people on these sites either naturally fasten onto anything negative they can imagine or perhaps are Noles, Canes or someone similar just trying to rattle the chains. Our recruiting is going extremely well with a long way to go.

  8. Ivey will get playing time this year and become a better play every year he is here. Sherit would have been 5th or so on the DE/Buck depth chart last year so the redshirt will benefit him in a couple of years when Fowler and Cox are gone. He was also too small,240#, last year to be a 4-3 DE.
    The younger Ivey looks physically strong like his older brother and a few of the so called recruiting experts have stated that he is very underated at this point……you can’t coach speed and you can’t coach natural physical strength like he and his brother have. Good get Gators.

  9. It is true you can’t compare brothers- Trey much better than Clay for example. I wouldn’t say older Ivie has shown anything yet- Meyer would have said he hasn’t earned his scholly so far- I miss Urban for more than the wins and national championships- he sometimes told the truth in regards to player development- maybe not other things such as his health

  10. Ed, 70% or so of offensive and defensive linemen don’t play any meaningful downs of football their first year. They earn their schollies by getting bigger, stronger and learning the system they will hopefully be playing in the future. There are other things to like being part of the scout team, going to class, keeping up with their grades and staying out of problem…..seems like Ivey is doing all of those unless somebody has heard differently.
    Yeah, Urban was right on his evaluation with guys like Robey, Koehne, Lemmens and many more who he proclaimed to be future starters at their positions.
    I do agree though that if a guy is not ready for playing time by his 3rd year it is better to suggest a transfer.

  11. Don >
    DT/DE Joey Ivie 6-3 271 So 1L (he lettered on the #10 defense in the nation as a tFr) That certainly makes him a BUST alright…. And he chose UF over offers from 23 other schools, including FSU, Miami and Tenn.
    proving that he had no talent to begin with…. Keee-rist! And maybe they are recruiting him because his HS
    coach has told the brother that the younger has more talent and maturity at this stage of his HS career. He is currently an underrated 3 star that will be a 4 star before NSD.

  12. The coach that I no longer mention had ways of motivating players that our current coach does not use. Like saying they have not earned their scolly when if they do the right things is incorrect. I would prefer a coach that focuses on improving their players in all aspects not just their play on the field. Seems like we are finally getting decent assistants after having poor ones. Time will tell.