McDuffie lands offer after camping at Florida

Jeremy McDuffie is now up to 14 offers. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

It’s hard for prospects to attend summer camps with the hope of earning an offer.

By this time of year, college coaches have already been through the spring evaluation period and developed their recruiting board.

However, another name was added to Florida’s on Monday. Cornerback Jeremy McDuffie earned an offer from the Gators following his performance at UF camp.

The 5-foot-11, 169-pounder from Snellville (Ga.) Shiloh knew he had his work cut out for him heading into the session, but he was a man on a mission.

“I wasn’t going to drive five hours and not get an offer,” McDuffie said. “I had to put the work in to get it, and I did what I had to do. I came out and executed every drill. It was a good feeling.”

McDuffie worked extensively with UF secondary coach Travaris Robinson, who made an impression on the rising senior.

“He’s a great coach,” McDuffie said. “He’s young and really talks to his players. He can get on that personal level with you and then coach you up, too.”

“He gave me some different techniques I had to adapt to, but I got them right and he liked that. He also liked how I can keep up with receivers with my speed, and he just liked the way I played. He told me I’m a natural.”

His speed surely helps. McDuffie is also a track star and state champion in the 110-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles and triple jump.

He wants be a two-sport athlete in college, and Florida’s track program appeals to him.

“I knew it was a great school for track and football, so it’s definitely a program I’m interested in,” McDuffie said. “But I don’t just pick a school off of football and athletics. I still need the education, too. Florida has great academics.

“Plus I like the environment at UF. It’s a nice place. The Swamp is cool, and it’s warm all year.”

McDuffie said Florida and Duke are his top schools, and he also has offers from Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Tennessee and others.

McDuffie plans to decide before or during his senior season, and the Gators have a family member in their corner — former UF receiver Nafis Karim, his uncle and an assistant coach on his high school football team.

“He’s not that biased towards Florida,” McDuffie said with a laugh. “He tells me all the good stuff about it, but he’s going to let me think on my own and pick the right place for me. He’s not going to pressure me.”


  1. Well at least we wouldn’t have to worry about him qualifying for UF’s strict student athlete standards, unlike most kids trying to decide between UF, FSU, Bama, UGA and about 95% of other schools out there…..No need to worry about “last minute” de commits when they realize they DO have to qualify AND go to class…..

  2. You people who apparently find dreadlocks off-putting need to wake up and enter the 21st century. Hair style neither determines nor reflects one’s character. For example, RG3 is hardly a gangsta. There isn’t a higher character guy in the NFL. This young man sounds like he has his priorities in very good order, and he would make a great addition to the Gator nation.

  3. Gator Drew, You keep harping on this myth that UF has higher standards than the schools they are competing with. I don’t know why, UF accepts the same kid that can get into Alabama, UGA, FSU and about 95% of the kids out there. UF isn’t Stanford, Georgia Tech, Duke and it’s silly of you to keep saying something that isn’t true. UF is not the Harvard of the south. I guess it makes you feel better when a kid chooses to go somewhere else because you can claim they would not be accepted by UF. You are only fooling yourself. There’s not a kid committed to any of the above schools that UF would not take if they thought he was good enough athletically. Even schools like Harvard and Stanford are no better than a school like UNF or UCF when it comes to the quality of education you receive. In fact, you are more likely to have a graduate student teach a class at Harvard that at a less prestigious school because many faculty members are there for who they are, rather than being a good teacher. A professor at UF is just as capable of teaching a course as someone at Harvard. It’s up to the student to apply himself wherever they go. Schools like Yale and Harvard are hypocrites anyway in the way they turn up their noses at athletes and seem to think that a good athletic program is beneath them. What they won’t admit is that much of this huge endowment fund they have is due to having great football programs from a long, long time ago. They didn’t turn up their noses then. But now with so much money that came from having great sports programs, they choose to be snobs. They are no better than any other school, and if the money was gone, you can bet they would revert to giving athletic scholarships and begging kids to play for them just like everyone else. The major prerequisite for getting into the schools like that is money, and I’ve never found that having money equates to being smarter than someone without money.

  4. Snowprint,
    Actually you are the one who is wrong. UF has had several players over the years who were committed but couldn’t qualify, so they had to go to another SEC school. There was one a few years back that really wanted to come to UF badly but couldn’t meet our requirements, so he went to Auburn instead. There was another a few years before that who went to FSU. We may not have the standards of Stanford but our requirements are definitely higher than most of the teams on our schedule…

  5. westflgator don’t waste your time on snowprint. he’s been told by numberous people that it’s common knowledge UF’s standards are higher. He’s been given multiple examples of players who couldn’t qualify academically to get into UF and ended up decommitting and going elsewhere. Heck someone even gave him the numbers of average SAT and ACT test scores of UF compared to thbe others. He still doesn’t listen. he’s one of those guys who no matter what the facts are, no matter what is presented in front of him, no matter the evidence given to him, he’s still going to spout false truths at you no matter how many times he’s been proven wrong.

  6. snowprint ivy league schools and many others like stanford northwestern offer quite a bit- the ivy leagues dont even offer athletic scolarships. Yes i agree however Uf is middle of pack when it comes to academics for its athletes. Has always been this way and not really an issue to make of it. Anyone who looks at our roster would laugh by Drew’s comments about academics for UF athletes. Same as LSU, UGA etc which is fine

  7. When do you have to look pretty to play football….clean cut guys grow tons of facial hair all the time……dreadlocks are a nice trend…..if he comes in we are playing fsu and gets a pick youll jump for joy……..quick to judge…..wheres this world headed….smh

  8. With quotes like, “Even schools like Harvard and Stanford are no better than a school like UNF or UCF when it comes to the quality of education you receive,” it’s obvious Snowprint has no brain and wouldn’t know a quality education if someone served it to him on a silver platter….

  9. Tyrone are you serious? Your comment makes you sound like an idiot if so. This is a VERY good kid. Never had any problems and Grades are not a concern. The whole family is high on academics. Older brother just finished his first year in college with all A’s.

  10. I see some of you don’t have a clue about a university education. The fact is that the same textbooks and material is taught at a state university as Stanford or Harvard. The fact is that you are more likely to be taught by a graduate student at one of the elite schools as well. The fact is that Snowprint is correct that UF is no different than the schools they compete with when it comes to accepting athletes. Just like academics are only part of being accepted at any school, the same holds true at the Harvards of the world that you have been brainwashed into thinking are full of the academic stars, they accept people of lesser academic standards as well because of who their parents are and the money they possess. All you people out there need to back up your nonsense and say who is committed to Alabama, FSU , or Georgia that has the athletic talent that UF wants but can’t be accepted by the university because their standards are higher than the other schools. Don’t quote me the average scores or what is stated as the minimun requirement because it can easily be waived and happens all the time. Only the most academically challenge are turned away to JUCO like Dontae Angus and I didn’t see him signing with any other major school either. Some of you are clueless.

  11. ntcre, UF signed a DL two years ago who was denied admission to the university. Tennessee gladly took him and he took his talents to Knoxville. Dating all the way back to Steve Spurrier, he was quoted numerous times complaining that he was losing players to FSU and others because UF did in fact, have higher standards for athletes. Although the standards are still significantly lowered for athletes…Every couple of years there is a player who can’t get into UF and then ends up playing for the competition. Coaches have been complaining about this for 25 years. You don’t have to believe it. You can chose to ignore the facts if you want to.

  12. Stricter academic requirements??? LOL. Have you listened to a Florida football player interview??? Florida is no better nor worse than most. UF is not Stanford , Harvard and for that matter UM.

  13. where do Flo-grown students go when they are denied by UF….FSU….this is common knowledge and happens every semester…..FSU is the bastard step child of academics in Florida….live with it you butt hurt trolls….

  14. @James Fisher…..”UF academics be too sccroongg for me” – Kelvin Benjamin, James Wilder jr., Demarcus Walker, Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane…and over 20 others that I know of in the last 6 years…..
    No, the playing field is not the same. UF student athletes are held to a higher entrance requirement than even FSU students…..sorry but it’s true.

  15. As to McDuffie, 40 years ago we had a saying that’s as true now as it was back then; “The hair don’t make the head.”

    Spurrier couldn’t get life long Gator fan, RB Travis Henry, on campus for an official visit, much less a ship. However, tUTor got him right in at no-Knox and kept him eligible to play, right up until he left for the NFL.

    Clown-U with their Deion Rules will always be the criminoles, and nothing is ever going to change that…. :~p)

  16. How about the 2 female professors who were intimidated into giving passing grades to 5 starters on the last 2 years football team……Now it seems that coaches were also involved.
    Never heard of UF student athletes or coaches involved with threatening professors…..

  17. Some of the comments that were posted are extremely disrespectful, biased, ignorant, and all out racist. Judging this young man by his race, appearance, and the environment that he may or may not live in is just absurd. He clearly is an outstanding athlete and student; his talents are what people should be focusing on and not the way he looks after training camp or his hair. Last time I checked football was not a beauty contest. So people like Lebron, Tyrone, and Sea Hag Marina who are so disturbed by his appearance and where he comes from, need to take their negative and stereotypical comments and disappear.

  18. The comments from some of you are rude an ignorant. Ya’ll focusing on the wrong things he’s talented regardless of his appearance. Football is NOT the Grammy’s, so what he looks like shouldn’t matter if he’s that talented.

  19. Susan, Maria, and others. The comments “judging” these guys are from people who have been on these boards before race baiting. They don’t actually believe what they’re saying either. They’re just trying to bait people into another racial argument because they have this idea in their head that UF is racist and that’s why Brissett didn’t beat out Driskel. they’re still just bitter that their boy Brissett couldn’t actujally win the QB competition with Driskel. Their comments do not reflect the opinions of Gatornation.

  20. See they do it just like that. I say their boy meaning the guy they liked and they jump straight to insinuating racism. It’s kinda like the “What do you mean you people?” Scene from Tropic Thunder. It’s quite sad really. But don’t be fooled into thinking those poor attempts at race baiting reflect Gatornation at all.

  21. I look forward to the day when people are
    ‘judged by the content of their character,’
    and not by the color of their skin.
    And when I judge someone by the ‘content of their character’
    that I’m not called a racist because of the color of their skin….