UF bucks QB trend with Jones’ commitment

Sheriron Jones at Florida's camp Saturday with Will Muschamp (left) watching. (Photo by GatorCountry.com)

If history had repeated itself in the 2015 recruiting cycle, Florida would not have landed Elite 11 QB invitee Sheriron Jones over the weekend.

In the past 12 years, the Gators have signed two quarterbacks in a class on four occasions. When it happened the first three times, what transpired afterward with UF recruiting was almost textbook.

Florida signed Chris Leak and Justin Midgett in 2003 and did not get a quarterback the following year. Midgett, ranked the state of Florida’s No. 1 QB by Rivals, then transferred to Eastern.

UF signed John Brantley and Cam Newton in 2007 and again came up empty at QB in the next cycle. Newton later left the school and went on to win the Heisman Trophy at Auburn and become the top overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

In Will Muschamp’s first recruiting class, the Gators enrolled Jeff Driskel early and made a late signing of Jacoby Brissett, who transferred to N.C. State after competing two seasons with Driskel.

The Gators weren’t going take a QB for 2012 — mostly because they couldn’t land a quality prospect at the position — until Brent Pease was hired late in the cycle and flipped three-star recruit Skyler Mornhinweg from Penn State just before signing day.

The point of that history lesson? When you sign two really good quarterbacks in the same class, one eventually transfers and you’re not going to get a good one the next year.

At least that’s been the trend at Florida — until now.

Four months removed from signing U.S. Army All-Americans Will Grier and Treon Harris, Muschamp and new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper have done something rarely seen in regards to recruiting quarterbacks, the most important and high-profile position in football.

They landed a consensus four-star QB after taking two studs in the previous class. Jones has been invited to the nation’s premier quarterback competition and will give the Gators a deep and talented depth chart in 2015 with Driskel, Grier and Harris. Mornhinweg sticking around past this season is very unlikely.

And unless UF bucks another trend and somehow keeps both Grier and Harris throughout their eligibility, one of them is going to leave.

If and when that happens, now the Gators have someone who’s talented enough to legitimately compete with Grier or Harris. And should one of them get hurt, Florida’s season won’t become a disaster like it did in 2011 when Brantley went down and last year when Driskel suffered a season-ending injury.

The Twitter reactions from UF director of player personnel Drew Hughes and recruiting coordinator Joker Phillips immediately following Jones’ decision show just how big his commitment is for the football program.


  1. Just hoping McGee is as good as advertised; that Driskel finally figures out that 50 percent of playing QB is mental execution if you are physically talented (and he is); and Robinson, Fulwood, and Bailey have break out years as WRs to go along with the continue development of Dunbar and Pittman. If so, it could be a very exciting year for the Gators.

  2. P.S…..

    Is that Muschamp in the photo? if so, he appears to have been eating way too many sausages and biscuits for breakfast and drinking way too much beer late at night. Getting a little pot bellied there, Will. Time to spend some more time in the gym while talking on the cell to all these great recruits.

  3. I really hope they all find a spot on the team even though, in the long run, it’s obviously not going to be at QB for all of them. The fact that these kids continue committing despite the logjam at their position shows real heart I’m thinking.

  4. Let’s see if he sticks…I know what he says now…But people are going to be in his ear about going across the country to play for a team that has been horrible offensively (I know that could change before signing day) and already has two highly ranked freshman QBs and will likely also return a senior QB.

    I just think it is very unlikely that he sticks.

  5. Gee I want a lot of great o-linemen, QB’s can do little without a high quality line and many lesser QB’s can be very successful with a great line. Nice to have but not that essential.

  6. I agree with everything said except the part about UF’s season becoming a disaster after Brantley and Driskel were injured. Brantley was a disaster anyway and Driskel was not very good before his injury. I do agree that there will be more alternatives now. I also don’t quite get the assumption that Morninhweg will transfer. You predicted that would happen after Spring practice when Grier showed up and what actually happened was that Morninhweg played better that Grier and is still the backup to Driskel going into the preseason. I wouldn’t assume anything with the track record of quarterbacks at UF since Tebow’s departure since the number of stars didn’t translate to the field. Maybe Driskel will live up to the hype this year, but to say he has been anywhere close to living up to the promise of being the number one quarterback out of high school is pretty farfetched. It can’t get any worse, the odds are that at least one of these quarterbacks with all the stars will pan out.

    • snowprint,
      I covered every spring practice. Mornhinweg did not play better than Grier, he just got more reps. It’s obvious they want him to redshirt. But by the end of spring, Grier was clearly the second best QB. And I don’t think anyone can say Driskel has lived up to his hype from high school yet. He has a chance to in this offense, though.
      As for the 2011 and 2013 seasons, they weren’t disasters because of Brantley or Driskel’s talent or lack thereof. They were disasters because UF had no chance to win once they were injured. That’s not meant to be a complement toward either player. When you sign two good QBs and don’t get a QB the next year, then one transfers and the other who stays gets hurt, you’re forced to rely on first-year players in most cases (Driskel and Brissett in 2011, Mornhinweg and to an extent Murphy in 2013). That’s a recipe for disaster, especially for an offense that’s already struggling. The Gators won’t have that problem in the future thanks to Jones’ commitment.

  7. I like Jones’ video highlights. Like Treon Harris, he sees the field well and throws darts. Harris looks like the stronger rusher, but Jones throws a better deep ball which is very accurate and does not flutter like many of Harris’s throws seem to do.

  8. Thank you Zach! And as far as how our season’s would’ve gone had they not gotten injured there’s no proof the season’s still would’ve been a disaster had both guys stayed healthy. Driskel is 11-3 as a starter, so saying we’re doomed to a terrible season with him is clearly false. Alse when Driskel went down Pease got scared and started calling the offense differently which hurt us. Driskel stays healthy and I guarantee a better season. As for Brantley, he was playing very well early in the season, even against Bama. Then he got injured and even when he came back he was too timid and wasn’t nearly as effective. If Brantley doesn’t get injured, I guarantee you Gatornation would’ve remembered him for more than just John Cantley.

  9. Zach, thanks for staying on top of recruiting. Your persistence is remarkable and we’re all beneficiaries. Re: past and present QBs, I agree entirely about Brantley and Driskel. Neither guy had a great package of surrounding talent and both got wiped out by injuries. This offense can fly high and Jeff likely soars with it. Some people, though, spend their energy looking in the rear view mirror and griping about things no one can change. Muschamp has done the opposite, looking to the future and doing what he can control and leverage for great success. His response to adversity is another indication to me that he’s going to be imminently successful at UF, the naysayers be damned.

  10. Hey, That! You nailed it on both JB and JD. Gotta keep their jerseys clean and give these QBs quality receivers. See what happened with Rex Grossman once Mike Pearson, Reche Caldwell and Jabari Gaffney left early. From the most deserving Heisman candidate to a struggling QB with a mediocre offense. Jeff will be vastly improved with the better cast of talent we’ll field this fall.

  11. I ffor one am not inclined to believe in “if”. I don’t think the offense would have been any better with a healthy Jeff Driskel based on the two plus games he played. 24 points against Toledo, which was his best game, is not much to get excited about. When you say the offense had to be turned down a notch because of Driskel’s injury, I say turned down from what? It was pretty obvious that the Gators were still going to be as conservative as possible on offense in 2013. Why? Because the coaches could not trust Driskel’s decision making ability. Pease had saw how Driskel performed when more of the offense was put in his hands in the Sugar Bowl, where the Gators did try to run the spread. After that performance, it’s no wonder that the coaches pulled back on trying to open up the offense. Muschamp apparently feels he has no choice but to put his fate in Driskel’s hands this season, that’s the only reason I think he hired Roper. It could work. The offensive line has been a weakness, but they won’t need to be great in Roper’s offense since it’s predicated on getting the ball out of the quarterback’s hands within three seconds. Driskel is also fairly accurate on short passes, which is also what you’ll see be featured in the passing attack. The offense will not have much margin for error, Driskel can’t throw a pass like he started the Sugar Bowl, because teams will crowd the line of scrimmage and this offense is designed to nickel and dime you to death all the way down the field. The offense runs through the quarterback. He has to make quick reads and be very accurate. Driskel is not accurate throwing the ball downfield. The biggest question about Jeff Driskel is if he can handle the mental aspect of being a quarterback. He’s now being given the keys to a car and will have to learn how to read a defense and change a play call if needed. He has not yet shown he can read a defense, he almost exclusively has his mind made up where he’s throwing the ball before the snap. That’s why it was news when he went to a different play than the one called on one occasion in the spring game.That shouldn’t be noteworthy, for most quarterbacks it’s not, but in his case it was so surprising that he wa praised for it. As for Grier outplaying Morninhweg, I didn’t have the benefit of watching practice, I can only go on the Spring game and that’s where I base my opinion that Morninhweg was better than Grier.

  12. Driskel three it around pretty well out in the open field against the Canes, just couldn’t get it done in the red zone, where his poor execution proved disastrous. All the same, consider the receiving core he had: Patton, with seven career receptions through his junior year; converted H-back/wildcat QB Trey Burton; one experienced WR in Dunbar and two true, raw freshmen. And NO TEs who could catch. A pair of sophomore tackles with four career starts as freshmen. Missing the starting RG and RT, as well as the starting RB. Be fair when you want to pin blame on a single player.

  13. The other trend is that one of those two QB’s signed in the same year will eventually transfer.

    Glad to see this kid take a chance and show he’s not afraid of competition. Actually it’s a surprise, being that he’s from California and our O has been a complete disaster. I’d suspect that most of these higher rated kids (unless they were “born a Gator”) would take a wait and see approach and see how our O performs during the season….and wait to see if this coaching staff will even be here in 2015.

  14. OMG, Snowprint…

    I usually don’t comment but I don’t understand why you are so negative about everything. Somehow you’ve turned awesome recruiting news into a gripe session about the offense once again.

    At least wait until the season starts and we actually see what we’re working with.

  15. For those looking for offensive line help, they signed 7 last year and 5 the previous year. So far they one verbal commitment, but are in running for several other top line prospects including Ivey.

  16. If the new TE is as good as advertised and the OL is somewhat improved, this could be a fun year for the offense.

    I do think it’s funny Florida has the toughest schedule because we play Bama this rotation. It’s always D@MN hard… Bama just makes it harder.


  17. 4* QB, a 4* slot receiver (with speed to burn), a 4* receiver invited to the opening, # 8 TE (Y) and the #8 OG. Not a bad start for the offense. Now if we can pick up a few more Lineman and a RB, we’ll be good on offense.

  18. Driskel made two bad throws against Miami, but before that, he was shredding them for the most part, and made several great throws while being hit. So I think if the line can play even just a little better this year, Driskel has a chance to be All-SEC with the weapons and offense he’ll have this year. I could be wrong, but won’t surprised if I’m right.
    I, too, am glad to see Jones is not scared of the competition, but again, commitments mean nothing til they sign the paper. No offense to Zach, or any other reporter (they’re just doing what the recruitniks want), but I think we give these people too much press which is part of what causes the problem of so many decommitments, and blown up egos before they’ve done anything at the college level.

  19. Unless you’re putting points on the board, you’re not “shredding” anyone. I’ll say UF is “shredding” someone when we actually see the first team come off the field. It’s been a long time since that happened. I’d be curious if anyone can remember the last time UF was winning handily enough that the starters were pulled. If it doesn’t happen in the opener against Idaho, a really awful team , at least last year, then it may be a very long season. If UF doesn’t put up at least a half a hundred, there will some “noise in the system” unless the first team scored 35 or so in the first half. Another big question, which no one can answer, is how deft will Driskel be running the read option? We didn’t see it in the Spring game because he was in a no contact jersey, so he wasn’t ever a running threat. Perhaps that will be a strength of Driskel’s, he may be very good at making the right decision and deceiving the defense when it comes to identifying the ball carrier. If he has that ability, it should be apparent very early in the season. Everyone is hoping for a turnaround like Auburn demonstrated last year and the biggest reason was the play of nick Marshall. He was a master at making the right read and not giving the defense a clue at who actually had the ball. I hope that is also a hidden talent that that Driskel is ready to unleash. Running the read option relies on athleticism and stealth. Driskel is very athletic, if he’s also deceptive, UF is in business. It also helps the offensive line, they can just zone block in one direction.

  20. Watch Driskel put up decent numbers this year now that he has an OC that knows how to use his skill set. His legs will open up the passing game downfield once defenses get tired of giving up 15,20 and 25 yard gashes when he runs. He probably will still make some mistakes but I think he leads us back to being a top 15-20 team.
    Jones, the coaches and anyone with any sense knows that either Harris or Grier will be gone if they are not the starter by their 3rd year here. One thing for sure is these coaches are not giving any positions to anyone without earning it.
    By the way, I thought Morninweg showed a lot of improvement in the spring game and could probably transfer to a smaller school and start.

  21. snowprit, I have to wonder what games you’re watching when I read your comments. You wouldn’t say he was shredding anybody unless he scores. So all of a sudden it’s his fault Trey Burton or Matt Jones fumbles?? Like John S said he made 2all of TWO oh my how terrible!) bad throws against Miami and he DID shred them the rest of the game. 22/33 for 291 yards and 2 total TDs proves that. Also what’s this questionn about IF Driskel can run the read option. he’s done it plenty of times here and he’s done it to perfection! That’s one thing not even the biggest hater should doubt! What do you think that play was when he scored against Miami?? What do you think half od the 2012 Vandy game was?? I just seriously don’t know what you’ve been watching. But I do know Driskel is a good QB who, with better O line play and more offensive weapons around him than ever before, could become one of the elite QBs in the SEC. Remember even Danny, Chris, and Tim needed help.

  22. I watched several teams last year, who had a back-up Q.B. come in and lead their teams to W’s. Mizzou, if my memory serves me correctly, had a great back-up Q.B., and even beat Florida handily. That’s all I am looking for out of the ‘Muschamp-era’ Q.B. situation. To date, when Florida’s starting Q.B. goes down, so does the entire football team!
    Hope that changes soon…the mighty Florida Gators can’t win ANYTHING like that!

  23. I think what That UAT Guy is trying to say is that Driskel was awesome when he was throwing to wide open receivers but when he got in to the red zone, where the field tightens up, he was horrible. Therefore, he “shredded” Miami. Wait………………

  24. I do wish people would quit including Chris Leak with the best QBs we have had at Florida. Chris never won anything until Tebow showed up and took the pressure off Chris by replacing Leak on the field and converting critical 3rd and 4th down conversions. Without Tebow, not only would Chris Leak never have won a championship, he never would have even played for one. For the people old enough to remember, Leak was unfairly handed the job over Ingle Martin, who was a better player than Chris and went on to have a better pro career than Chris. Leak was handed the keys to a loaded team because he was a highly recruited QB.

  25. It all comes down to the O line with this team. Line of scrimmage baby, is where it will begin and end. The past few years , however, it has mostly ended. Looking forward to some big leaps there this season.

  26. Hat guy , I have never seen a guy with more excuses and reasons that UF is a 4-8 school? You are really overrating the roster at UF . Looks like a middle of the pack team. Florida does not even have an indoor facility like the other schools. Recruits look at that. Your AD is killing the football program. Facilities vs other SEC schools are just very average. UF is back to the 50’s 60’s and 70’s..

  27. Do you know if there is any interest from Florida in Brandon Kennedy? He is currently ranked 98th on ESPN 300. He is also considered the top Center in the country by Rivals. He has several offers already, but I think he would seriously consider Florida if offered.

  28. Remember the Diskel we saw in Knoxville and Clowntown in 2012? He was polished, poised and looked very much in command. I am hoping he regains that form.

    And to keep on topic, excellent get coaches! 4-8 lingers like a bad hangover but I have to believe we are in for good times.

  29. Is that what happened ??? I noticed that the Dingleberryism had been on the rise the last few days….. It was nice over here where all you had to do was smoke out an occasional troll such as yourself, Sid, Thomas, Snowprint, most likely all the same person, with a quick comment about UF’s outstanding student athletes. Now we will have to sift through all sorts of useless drivel. What a shame.

  30. Haha Fisher. Your comments were literally laughable. our AD is killing the program? You mean the same AD who has built up ALL of our sports to be some of the best in the country. The sae AD who has led our athletics to more SEC All sport trophies than any other team? Hahaha. Wow. Just wow. And hey, I may have excuses but at least i’m not worried about next year> More than I can say about a certain FSU trll who is so worried he has to come check up and troll us. Stay scared my Nolies.

  31. At sea hag marina regarding Leak vs Tebow. Quarterbacks throw the football.

    Name Yards
    Chris Leak 11213
    Danny Wuerffel 10875
    Shane Matthews 9287
    Tim Tebow 9285
    Rex Grossman 9164
    Kerwin Bell 7585
    Wayne Peace

  32. James Fisher, I had nothing to do with GSMB shutdown. I see you’re still bitter about me banning you for being a worthless FSU troll. It seems odd a Nole would want to hang around us Gators all the time. Just proves that no matter how successful your program is, deep down all you Noles just want to be Gators.

    Don’t spread anymore lies about me or the forum.

  33. What happened to GSMB? It still says to check back on Tuesday for more information, yet this is Wednesday afternoon. I was off it for a few days and then it’s just gone. What the heck happened? Was there an epic meltdown where the President’s life was threatened or something???

  34. That guy , please have a little more respect for the national champs who represent this state in the highest degree. Oh by the way the Gators do come to Bowden … Soon to be Fisher Stadium this year. What will be the Vegas line ? 26-28??

  35. Vulcan Alex, exactly what I’m saying. Gators need offensive linemen. When is that going to become a priority? — by JB3


    #8 OG/C Tyler Jordan 6-4 280 *** – Jax, FL (UA-AA, ESPN 4 star & 103/300)
    Offers: UF, UGA, SCa, Miss, Mia, Neb, PSU, tOSU, Stanford, etc.
    ~ UF verbal OG Tyler Jordan was at camp Saturday and he is recruiting fellow
    FL campers OL’men Jalen Merrick and Abdul Bello to come join him at UF.

    #2 OT David Sharpe 6-6 315 ***** Jacksonville, Fla. (Providence)
    U.S. Army All-American – Max Preps 1st Team AA, plus B-Ball.
    Helped Providence average 227.3 rushing yards per game in 2013

    #19 OT Drew Sarvary 6-6 310 Jr **** Tallahassee, Fla. (N.Fla. Christian) JuCo
    Named to the 1st Team All-SW JuCo Football Conference – 278 rushing yds/gm.

    #20 OG Nolan Kelleher 6-5 311 **** Mount Pleasant, S.C. (Wando)
    Semper Fidelis All-American. Named to the 2013 All-USA S.C. Football Team.

    #21 OT Kavaris Harkless 6-5 282 **** Jacksonville, Fla. (Trinity Christian)
    Fla. 3A 1st Team and 3A State Champions going 34-7 in the Championship game.

    #32 OT Andrew Mike 6-7 280 Tucson, Ariz (Sabino) (also played some on DL)
    Semper Fi All-American. Ariz. Div-3 HS 1st Team Offense in 2012-13 (VU flip)

    #9 TE-H/KR DeAndre Goolsby 6-4 230 **** Derby, Kan. (Derby)
    Won Championship, then named Offensive Co-captain of the 2013 Kansas All-State team.
    ?? Travis Dorsey ?? 6-3 314 from Raines in Jax.

    OL Tyler Moore 6-5 325 rsJr 1L Clearwater, FL (Neb xfer)
    OL Trenton Brown 6-8 350 Sr 1L Juco Ga.
    OL Camron Dillard 6-4 297 rsFr Canton, Mi
    OL Roderick Johnson 6-5 308 rsFr Delray, Bch
    OL Antonio Riles 6-4 288 rsFr Ga.

  36. You have what SB QB and Elite 11 Director Trent Dilfer has said about Elite 11 MVP Driskel, and what Roper says about Driskel, to compare with the football genius snowball says. I know who I’m gonna believe! Them, and of course my own lying eyes…. ;~))

  37. AT Mi-Am-I, Driskel was 22 of 32, 67% for 297 yards.
    The first Int was a tip-drill off the receivers hands if I remember correctly. The 2nd Int was on a timing route to Trey Burton. Trey said after the game to not blame Jeff for that one. He (Trey) turned the WRONG WAY, and that Jeff had thrown the ball exactly were he was supposed to be. That pick-6cost the Gator’s the game.

    Driskel’s Career numbers at UF, with 3 different OC’s.
    P – 214 of 340, 63% for 2.271 yes, 14 TD’s, 10 Ints, Long 75 yds.
    R – 151 for 469 yds, 6.9 ypc, 5 TD’s, Long 70 yds.

    Jeff threw a 75-yard TD to Frankie Hammond at Tenn for the longest pass of his career…Had a passer rating of 195.0 in Knoxville, the highest for a UF QB on the road in a conference game since Tim Tebow had a 202.7 rating at UK in 2007 and Jeff was named the SEC PoW.
    UF’s single game rushing record for a QB:
    * Jeff rushed 11 times for a career-high 177 yards and 3 TD’s at Vandy, breaking Tebow’s (168 yds) record.

    Haters gonna hate….

  38. “Remember even Danny, Chris, and Tim needed help.”
    They had competent head coaches. Time will tell with the current one…. by Mushmouth

    I wonder if mushbrains knows who the SEC HBC’s voted as the SEC’s 2012 CoY? hint: he was a never before HBC, in his 2nd year.

  39. Chris never won anything — by sea hag marina

    What true Fr QB went into death Valley and gave the 2003 BCS-NC’s their only loss on the season? What true Fr QB was the first ever in the NCAA to beat 3 consecutive Top 11 Ranked teams on the road. (with the zookster as his HBC)

    8-5 UF 19 – 7 LSU 13-1 BCS-NC
    8-5 UF 33 – 28 Ark 9-4
    8-5 UF 16 – 13 UGA 11-3 SECe-C
    Leak was the SEC Freshman of the Year in 2003, (without Tebow).
    Leak was 3-1 vs UGA — 3-1 vs FSU — 2-2 vs Tenn
    Chris Leak still holds the UF Career passing yards record.

    Chris was the Offensive Most Valuable Player of the 2007 Tostitos BCS-NC Game. He was also named the UF Outstanding Senior Leader.

    Without Leak in 2007, Tebow went 9-4 losing to AU, Ga, LSU, and the Cap 1 bowl to Mich. As much as I liked Tebow, he only got 1 SEC-C and 1 BCS-NC in his 3 years as the lone starter without Chris.
    Do try to be at least fair to Chris in the future, he’s currently a Gator coach…

  40. Hat guy , I have never seen a guy with more excuses and reasons that reFSUcks is 3-7 with UF over the last 10 years. You are really overrating everything about Clown-U in good ole tallycrappy. reFSUcks looks like a middle of the pack Almost Competitive Conference team. They won a BCS-NC by the hair on their chinny-chin-chins with a TD in the final seconds, after playing their usual #69 SoS. Let me know when UF or reFSUcks plays their football games indoors. Only wussies down south, or teams above the Mason-Dixon line need indoor practice facilities. Recruits look at how your school is under a Federal Investigation for the decades long Violence against Women. The lack of action by your AD and your Admin are killing your program with it’s gud-ole-chrishan-boyz. And UF has owned the criminoles since way back in the 1950’s-60’s and that will continue.

    Muschamp’s first 3 recruiting classes have averaged a 4 ranking, (4-2-6). So much for your middle of the pack bs. — by James da Wisher

  41. Florida did not offer a reason for Phillips’ sudden resignation.

    However – Gator receivers didn’t find much success in Phillips’ lone season in Gainesville and finished 12th in the SEC in passing offense (170.9 yards a game). It could be just the last of the offensive coaching changes by Will. Leak was with the Gators this spring as the Gator players and coaches worked to install Roper’s offense. “Chris is a bright young coach,” Muschamp said in a statement. “He is one of the all-time Gator greats and being at Florida is very important to him. He has been working with coach Roper and our offensive staff and is very familiar with our players and new system.”

    Total speculation on my part Drew, much like Sgt Shultz, I know noth-thing! Joker wants to take time off,,, and/or look for another HBC job.

    Chris was brought in to learn the coaching job and if all went well, to take a spot as soon as one opened. Chris is a very smart guy, on and off the field, and a great role model imoho. He is also young and so maybe able to connect better with the young guys??? I know that he’s always been a hard worker, so welcome aboard Chris!

  42. Fisher I’ll have respect for FSWho when you give me something to respect. FSWho fans who are so worried about the Gators that they have to keep checking in on them and trying to troll them after your team just won a natty and ours went 4-8 doesn’t give me much to respect. Just a lot to laugh at. If you want me to respect FSU you gotta stop becoming the joke of college football. I mean how is it that we went 4-8, lost to you 37-7, blocked our own players, AND you won the natty and yet somehow FSWho is STILL the butt of everyone’s jokes. You’re still the laughingstock. I don’t hear anyone talk about Gators blocking each other anymore. I dailey hear about and see new jokes for Free Seafood university, “We scrong den”, and FSU in general.