Gators in great shape for Bello

Abdul Bello is ranked a top-100 overall prospect by ESPN and 247Sports. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Montverde Academy offensive tackle Abdul Bello camped Saturday at Florida, marking his fourth visit to the school.

He is not your average in-state lineman. Bello, a former boxer, moved from Nigeria to the United States in 2013 to pursue a football career.

His recruitment took off in late January and hasn’t slowed since, with several elite programs making the 6-foot-6, 297-pounder a top priority.

The Gators were the first team to offer Bello as well as host him for a game and an unofficial visit, and this weekend they were the first to get him in a summer camp session.

Bello enjoyed working with UF offensive line coach Mike Summers.

“It’s so great,” he said. “He gives you exactly what you need for the competition. It’s really good to work with him. He liked my feet, my arm movement, the way I move and the way I punch.”

Up next for Bello are camps at Florida State, Georgia and South Carolina.

“It’s exciting,” he said. “I want to compete and learn. The more I play, the more I get better. So I just try to get as much reps as possible to correct my mistakes. I want to get ready for my season.”

Bello plans to take five official visits and make a decision after his senior season. The Florida coaches are doing everything they can to land his services.

“They just tell me they really need me,” Bello said. “They want me to be a Gator, and they’re pretty nice to me. The offensive line coach is really good. I think it’s a cool school for me to be in some day. I just want to be in a good place.”


  1. Why would anyone be not thrilled with getting a quarterback? He seems to be the type of quarterback that fits the spread. The question is whether Roper will still have a job when signing day rolls around. Let’s hope this guy is better than the last guy from his school.

  2. We’re building the calibre of offensive talent that will take us back to the highest level. Glad to have Harris, Grier and, hopefully, Jones. Plus the lineman Belo as a strong possibility. Good days are ahead.

    • Ted,
      This is, and you’re reading a blog about “the latest buzz on UF recruiting.” And it’s the most viewed on our site. If you want to read about the Finals or the French Open, go somewhere else and stop commenting here. We don’t cover either of those things.

  3. I hope we get this guy! I like the look I see in his eyes in the picture. He looks flat out mean. I know I wouldn’t want to line up against him if he had that look in his eye! Come to gainesville!

  4. Watched this years Spring game where Montverde Academy played The First Academy. Mr. Bello towered above the competition but had a really bad habit of holding (which wasn’t called) and he needed a rest on the sideline between every offensive snap. If he is a diamond in the rough it will take a lot of polish. Florida, FSU, and Clemson were on the sidelines watching.

  5. Is UF holding another camp this Summer? Many of the top prospects were at the 5 Star challenge this past weekend. I think it would be a great benefit to get a high profile guy from the state of Florida to commit early since most of the players targeted by Florida don’t even know Jones. He is a great pickup, but in-state is where UF has to make hay.

  6. James, scared of FSU? Ha not in your lifetime. You seem scaredof us though seeing as you can’t help yourself from checking in and trolling. Worried your time on top of the mountain is gonna come to a sudden end as the Gators rise and everyone realizes last yearwas a fluke for both teams? haha Stay scared my Nolies.

  7. Mr. Hat guy,
    Florida State University will win 3 out of the next 5 Championships… What has encouraged your thought process that UF is going to make some sort of comeback? Remember when the Gator faithful were making fun of FSU about the “we back” statements? Well, we back and you aint.
    Also Bello is going to USC, he wants to leave the state.

  8. Gators are back……watch!!!!!!!! Tabor and heargraves,harris at safety……bring it…..we loaded……..winston and free shoes u in trouble……we got a top notch te…….roper gonna move the ball…..TRUST