UF still after Cain despite his Clemson commitment

The Gators aren't giving up on Deon Cain. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida is trying to flip a receiver committed to Clemson for the third consecutive year.

The Gators were able to do it in the 2013 cycle with Demarcus Robinson, but they couldn’t change the mind of Artavis Scott in the last class.

Now UF will try its luck with Deon Cain, a U.S. Army All-American who pledged to the Tigers on May 30.

One week removed from that decision, he was back on Florida’s campus Friday for the Will Muschamp 7-on-7 tournament for high school teams. Afterward, Cain and his mother walked up to the UF football offices and meet with the coaches for almost an hour.

“Mostly, they were pretty much being generous, just telling me congratulations on the commit,” Cain said. “They’re still going to recruit me hard until signing day. He mostly just kept saying, ‘It’s a long way until signing day.’ So they are going to keep coming hard at me.”

Florida finished No. 2 for Cain followed by Miami, another school remaining in contact. Cain said something would have to go wrong with Clemson for him back off his commitment, but he doubts that will happen.

“It’s good that Florida still has interest in me,” he said. “But I committed to a school, so I’m 100 percent to Clemson.”

The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder goes on a bus tour next week that will make stops at Clemson, N.C. State and Wake Forest. Cain would like to take official visits in the fall if the Tigers give him permission, but he knows taking those kind of trips could be difficult.

“It’s kind of hard because, you know, the coaches … they don’t take no for an answer,” he said. “They just keep coming harder, so it’s kind of complicated because they are always on my back.”

The Gators are one of the teams still hanging on from behind, but they don’t have┬ámalicious intent in Cain’s eyes.

“They’re not trying to pressure me or anything,” he said. “They’re just going to keep recruiting me, and I really respect Florida for how they’re coming at me and treating me. They’re not stabbing me in the back from (the Clemson commitment).”


  1. A man will always be remembered on how will he keeps his word. Your word is one of those things that no one but yourself can get it smeared. Men can walk tall around other men that KNOW his word is better than gold!!! That’s the way I was taught, and that’s the way I have always lived. There will be alot of men that reads this and know that its the truth, because they also live by their word to whom ever they give it to. Its actually like this. A mans word is his bond, and he isn’t very much of a man without it!!!

  2. This is one of the reasons I think there should be an early signing day or an option for a recruit have himself put on a list where other coaches are not allowed to contact the kid. If a kid has committed to someone, he shouldn’t have to put up with other coaches bugging him. It will benefit the school and the player. Nothing against Muschamp continuing to pursue someone, that’s just the way the game is played now and he’s just doing what everyone else is. I just think that once a kid commits to a school it should be the kid that initiates any contact with another school. I just think it would make life easier for the players and the coaches. Maybe a Dalvin Cook stays with Florida if he doesn’t have FSU whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Perhaps a school gets a player they want because they can devote more resources than wasting their time begging someone to flip, like UF chasing Travis Rudolph last year. Some kids probably love the attention and are fickle anyway, but I think it would be better if there was an early signing day or a do not contact list or both.

  3. We’ll see how 100% that committment is when our team comes out and plays to the level they’re capable of. Recruits will be forced to take notice when fall rolls around. Mark my words.

  4. I think paw power would have a different approach if he was committed to uf and Clemson was going after him! I will agree though, a mans word is his bond and these young people need to realize that.

  5. If the kid spent an hour with the coaches, AND his parents were there, either someone is not 100% or someone involved in the decision making process was not happy…
    And as That_UAT_Guy said, this class will absolutely blow up after UF shows that it is back to top 20 form.In fact I’m predicting this class goes down as one of the most prolific classes in the history of recruiting tracking.

  6. It would be nice if some of you that have such an optimistic outlook were right. But before you can run, you need to learn how to walk and the Gators are not doing anything to make such lofty predictions. It would help if even one of the guys that are predicted to choose Florida because the fact is that the Gators are struggling. I think it’s pretty significant when a guy like Cox from Apopka chooses Auburn. He’s another of these guys that were supposedly going to Gainesville. Hopefully a high profile recruit from the state will commit to UF during football camp. Right now it seems that UF is getting scorched in the state of Florida. Just like a football game, momentum means a lot, and getting a guy from Louisiana that hasn’t been offered by LSU yet is not enough.

  7. One recruit decides that he likes a team that just went to the National Championship game and you think that’s a sure sign the program is free falling?? Well how about all the high profile guys who are very high on us (Cece Jefferson, Byron Cowart, Adonis Thomas, Roquan Smith, Tevon Coney, George Campbell, Sheirion Jones, etc). Or how about the guys who favor (and are committing) to us over FSU despite them being the defending National champs, despite them beating us 37-7n in the Swamp, despite us being 4-8?? How about a big time play making tight end deciding he wanted to play his last year in gainesville (despite you saying there was no way he was coming)?? How about all the former players and opposing coaches who say we’ll be fine? But one recruit committing to Auburn is a sure sign we’re doomed right? Stop being a troll.

  8. The truth is somewhere between Snowprint’s negativity and UAT’s positivity. There is a long way to go, our season WILL determine much of whether this class is awesome or a dud. But it IS of concern that no “big dogs” will pull the trigger for us, and be the pied piper we need. Maybe Sherion Jones will. An in-state guy like Jefferson, Cowart or Ivey would be better, but it seems they are all “waiting and seeing”.

  9. Personally Dillon looks better than this guy anyway if you ask me, at least on film. We already have a ton of guys who can play in the slot. Bailey, Porter, Thompson and Now Dillon and most likely McCloud also. What we MUST have is Campbell or another 6’3″ 4.4 WR. Also we must have at least 4 4 or 5 star OL.